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  • colinfurze
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    Thanks for your support, spread the word so we can reach 8 million.

    • TSM Savage
      TSM Savage Dag siden

      Next do a firework napalm strikes

    • jerry kidjo
      jerry kidjo Dag siden +1

      Waiste of time and money

    • spadgm
      spadgm Dag siden

      You are a legend mate!

    • Treasure Geo
      Treasure Geo Dag siden

      7 Million idiots in the world watching you.

    • Wagdi Iraqi
      Wagdi Iraqi Dag siden

      ًgive me milion usd or i will kil my silfe

  • Azad Shah
    Azad Shah Dag siden

    That was completely Shitttt mate

    NAJ THE BEAST! Dag siden

    5:40 wow!

  • LJ Prep
    LJ Prep Dag siden

    You're absolutely stark raving BONKERS, Colin! SUBSCRIBED!

  • FearIess1221
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  • 7_Elvis.Bruh_7
    7_Elvis.Bruh_7 Dag siden

    You just made an artillery truck 🚀

  • Tyler Bidiman
    Tyler Bidiman Dag siden

    The light the fuses at 5:04

  • ohm9917
    ohm9917 Dag siden

    Now wonder why greenhouse gases are increasing! Because of idiot like this guy! *Thumbs down* for stupidity

  • Fayaz Valani
    Fayaz Valani Dag siden

    damn thats alot of dildos

  • Brian Dickinson
    Brian Dickinson Dag siden

    Idiots at work.

  • orawal
    orawal Dag siden

    That drone was the best!!! LOVED THE WHOLE VID! SUBSCRIBED !!!

  • Johnny Mejia
    Johnny Mejia Dag siden

    I was waiting for the trucks to explode

  • Юра Гетьман

    Круто))охуєнні кадри

  • Marcos Chaves
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  • Wayne Palmar
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  • John Davies
    John Davies Dag siden

    Waste of money.

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V Dag siden

    Leaked new gen Russian military tech

  • With0utHeart
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  • Pablo Parra
    Pablo Parra Dag siden

    I like,

  • Vikas Sharma
    Vikas Sharma Dag siden

    Wtf is this

  • tchictoulaco gaia
    tchictoulaco gaia Dag siden

    6.39😂😂😂😂😂 vous êtes des malades 😂😂😂

  • Akshay Patil
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    he's the risk taker

  • MD Fish Tanks
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    At 8 million....we make a rocket to take rockets into space!!!!

  • Dozer
    Dozer Dag siden

    Congratz dude! keep up the good work! your stunts,ideas and builds are awsome! :)

  • Madhav shinde
    Madhav shinde Dag siden +1

    Insane 😑

  • Mean Green
    Mean Green Dag siden

    Yeah, but who cleans up the mess?

  • Gregg Whyte
    Gregg Whyte Dag siden

    hahaha epic, almost got one in the face though, im sure you have heard this before but are you related to Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) from the Sex Pistols because you are a spitting image of him and have the same maniacal laugh :-D

  • sazan 110
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  • Hyrum Webb
    Hyrum Webb Dag siden

    This is the video the government doesn’t want terrorists to see. They don’t need any more ideas

  • YoBoi GeneralMike
    YoBoi GeneralMike Dag siden +1

    USSR Launching missiles at berlin colorized

  • RC Empire
    RC Empire Dag siden

    That's the best video I've ever seen 😂😂

  • Crimsonsky
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  • Black Homer Simpson
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    Poor environment.

  • Mr. Pickles
    Mr. Pickles Dag siden

    American Mamix

  • shape shifter
    shape shifter Dag siden

    Fuck yes mate, fuck yes

  • The Angom Gaming
    The Angom Gaming Dag siden

    The truck's almost got fire to be blown away!!!

  • MOPAR 300
    MOPAR 300 Dag siden

    How much did 2k rockets cost?

  • steven hale
    steven hale Dag siden

    have to say that was cool as hell

  • Seth Benton
    Seth Benton Dag siden

    That was awesome!

  • buck3366
    buck3366 Dag siden

    USA v Russia.

    SUPER T Dag siden

    Holly shit

  • Sunny Day
    Sunny Day Dag siden

    what if you ,Do this at night

  • Dante Dante
    Dante Dante Dag siden

    I wanna get rich like this guy using youtube. Will you guys be my scrubscribers? Shall I quit my job now or after you start donating me?

  • Khris Shultz
    Khris Shultz Dag siden

    Looks like a a10 just rolled through lol

  • Jansky
    Jansky Dag siden

    Amazing dude

  • Николай Воронин

    I from Donbass(Ukraine) and see this everyweek, hope u live in peace, i'm tired...

  • jayson cardenas
    jayson cardenas Dag siden

    That was great i like it..
    And youre not leaving without cleaning your mess right?

  • Matthew Herd
    Matthew Herd Dag siden

    Roses are red voilets are blue, rocket firing starts at 2:52

  • Nadav Ram
    Nadav Ram Dag siden +1

    **iron dome has left the chat**

  • soung125952F ศนัยเปอร์


  • Brian Santana
    Brian Santana Dag siden

    You should have strapped them down

  • Doug Williams
    Doug Williams Dag siden

    needed to backed the rockets with a large piece of plywood braced to the cab of the truck

  • Abdul Shahid vlogs
    Abdul Shahid vlogs Dag siden +2

    Dude , you're polluting the nature indirectly.... that's why Kiribati is drowning

  • sriram manimaran
    sriram manimaran Dag siden

    Try to fire it at pakistan 👿

  • Brian Santana
    Brian Santana Dag siden

    Love the music!!

  • djbradles
    djbradles Dag siden

    Hmmm I was expecting rockets not fireworks

  • Abetto Yetrib
    Abetto Yetrib Dag siden

    Very very noob

  • Nicpus
    Nicpus Dag siden

    (F.B.I Wants to know your location)

  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar Dag siden

    Thak 4.1 k people who disliked should be there btwn those 2000 rockets

  • Kel
    Kel Dag siden

    What fucking pointless shit

  • adirondacktrail
    adirondacktrail Dag siden

    Need a drone hovering at few hundred feet above filming

  • Phil
    Phil Dag siden

    What shall I do today? I know lets start an earth quake! 😂

  • Uekrj2 Tejrk2it
    Uekrj2 Tejrk2it Dag siden

    This is what we say so called --- (( POLLUTION ))

  • blob
    blob Dag siden +1

    Mr best ripoff

  • saad hashmi
    saad hashmi Dag siden


  • Nashmann Jango
    Nashmann Jango Dag siden

    Is this TRANSFORMERSE MOVIE ??? 😁😜

  • Trouble Tech
    Trouble Tech Dag siden

    I should have known this channel before.

  • Trouble Tech
    Trouble Tech Dag siden


  • Manatosh Chakma
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  • Prashant Daharwal
    Prashant Daharwal Dag siden

    pollution only 🙄🙄

  • Demented One
    Demented One Dag siden

    drone footage was the best shot.

  • joshua sosa
    joshua sosa Dag siden

    Straight up awesome epic

  • dom hellings
    dom hellings Dag siden

    Imagine looking down and seeing this from a plane

  • Ario T.W
    Ario T.W Dag siden

    What a high cost and high risk experiment. 👍👍👍

  • Syeeda Banoo
    Syeeda Banoo Dag siden

    Mother earth will never forget this physico scientist &@^#£@÷£÷#^@&

  • Syeeda Banoo
    Syeeda Banoo Dag siden

    Owwwwwww!this guy has produced 69% of pollution of 211 days

  • bill 5189
    bill 5189 Dag siden


  • verlon bowden
    verlon bowden Dag siden +1

    You guys are crazy. Very funny and cool at the same time. It's neat watching it on video. Thank you for your great video. Keep up your good work. You just got a subscriber and I'll be looking forward to seeing some more awesome videos in the future. God Bless

  • Kevin J Munster
    Kevin J Munster Dag siden

    The pano shot from the side and the drone was way cool shots.... I’m now a subscriber

  • Logan Pachulski
    Logan Pachulski Dag siden

    I can smell the fireworks through the screen and I love it.

  • TSM Savage
    TSM Savage Dag siden

    @colinfurze do a napalm strike of fireworks 🧨

  • Kashif Hyder
    Kashif Hyder Dag siden

    Birtish katysha truck

  • Bikes 4ever
    Bikes 4ever Dag siden

    Do some tree plantation
    BTW awesome video 👌

  • Frankie Fuentes
    Frankie Fuentes Dag siden

    awesome 😲😲

  • NoSz4
    NoSz4 Dag siden +5

    5:23 what are the chances...

  • ShadowWarrior_69
    ShadowWarrior_69 Dag siden

    DIY rocket artillery :D

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne Dag siden

    5:29 Michael Bay is proud of you!

  • Kodi Pagan Shqiptare

    Stop waist mony on jocks

  • Ryan
    Ryan Dag siden

    Looked amazing but dude don’t put your body in that unnecessary risk!!!!!

  • G Fal
    G Fal Dag siden

    So stupid

  • atif md
    atif md Dag siden

    U r daam crazy dude 🙌🙌🙌

    FUDDLEYP JONES Dag siden

    Epic! Great job!
    What did that cost you?

  • Arnier Hamz
    Arnier Hamz Dag siden

    50 million subs, blow the moon.

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh Dag siden

    Great Mind bro

  • x worldwide
    x worldwide Dag siden

    Mother fucker... You people are destroying our mother earth by creating so much pollution.. Go and fuck yourself with those rockets

  • Robert Yoder
    Robert Yoder Dag siden

    That was completely Irresponsible, dangerous and absolutely carelessness with no regard to each others lives!!!!! I would have liked to see 10,000 rockets!!! 1,000 is child's play. Let's step it up boyz!!! 🍻

  • Danny MGA
    Danny MGA Dag siden +1

    maybe you a next generation michael bay

  • Daniel Abradabra
    Daniel Abradabra Dag siden

    Dupy nie urywa 🤔


    At 8 mill you hopefully get rid of this cringe music

  • John John
    John John Dag siden

    This is fye but not more fye then the music video i just dropped