Randolph - Victory Speech (Deji Diss Track) Official Video

  • Publisert 30. nov.. 2018
  • I'm done...
    Thanks to Chubby Stoner
    Directed by Wowa
    Beat Produced by Zeeshan
    Follow Randolph:
    Instagram instagram.com/randolphuk
    Twitter twitter.com/randolphuk
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  • MAC RogueStatus
    MAC RogueStatus 3 timer siden

    Man o man beat is on piont flows on point Sick

  • Elementwolfguy The Gacha Show


  • TimmyBoy
    TimmyBoy 4 timer siden


  • meme lord
    meme lord 5 timer siden

    play it in 1.25 speed its kinda lit

  • Samuel Dubman
    Samuel Dubman 16 timer siden

    bro the best bro you are a beast just for that i will sub you earned it.

  • Stanley Scott
    Stanley Scott 21 time siden +1


  • Tallu Kaur
    Tallu Kaur 23 timer siden

    Dejis track was made by someone else (lyrics) Randolph’s are 100% proper made by him cause he’s a proper rapper

  • Han Yao
    Han Yao Dag siden

    the flow is boring.

  • OR WR
    OR WR Dag siden

    tried to upload it to pornhub but they said they don't accept rape

  • the pink gang 103
    the pink gang 103 Dag siden

    If you killed ksi brother ksi whuld fucking kill you

  • Fire Brew
    Fire Brew Dag siden +1

    His voice is so annoying uhh

  • Iccy 69
    Iccy 69 2 dager siden

    My house is one fire because of the diss track

  • tru.
    tru. 2 dager siden

    this is such the opposite of flames, i could put out a forest fire with it

  • JaxZiii174
    JaxZiii174 2 dager siden

    When is this fire coming on spotify?!

  • VaySpoc
    VaySpoc 3 dager siden

    Pls spotify

  • slurr jbe
    slurr jbe 3 dager siden


  • slurr jbe
    slurr jbe 3 dager siden

    Joe wanna collab

  • ADSpongy
    ADSpongy 3 dager siden

    Ho Shit

  • Josef Kebede
    Josef Kebede 3 dager siden


  • Michael Wall
    Michael Wall 3 dager siden

    I was sent here because I’ve been told I look like Randolph......😑

  • Oscar Calva
    Oscar Calva 3 dager siden

    A few months after the diss tracks, this one is actually a good song and decent diss track. The issue was that the first diss track Manchild did much better. But this by itself is a good track

  • Rapping Is Easy
    Rapping Is Easy 3 dager siden

    bars are great disses are amazing aimed at some deeper shit however the flow was just a little bit too choppy and kinda killed the bars in a few cases

  • cHOsWIz
    cHOsWIz 3 dager siden

    i am very sad at deji's funeral

  • Wraith Cheeko
    Wraith Cheeko 4 dager siden


  • Ciarna Mitchell
    Ciarna Mitchell 4 dager siden

    Do more distracksssssss

  • Diamond Cotton
    Diamond Cotton 4 dager siden

    good lyrics your voice is just triggering

  • W the Warrior _
    W the Warrior _ 4 dager siden

    Not gonna prefer the first diss track by Randolph

  • HuNTERzxMINi
    HuNTERzxMINi 4 dager siden

    Watched this over and over again RANDOLPH, you grabbed that shovel and cleaned up the shit dead channel.

  • RyZe_SukhGames
    RyZe_SukhGames 4 dager siden

    Someones using deji's beat...

  • Miss BloodRose
    Miss BloodRose 5 dager siden +1

    Actually fire

  • xKyoshu
    xKyoshu 5 dager siden

    Jheez this is fire

  • Mark Madsen
    Mark Madsen 5 dager siden

    It looks like the same place that skepta recorded for "Praise the lord"

  • Retr0 UK
    Retr0 UK 5 dager siden

    Why isn’t is this on Apple Music like Manchild?

  • lytt
    lytt 5 dager siden

    2:18 egotistic??

  • Kaia Celosa
    Kaia Celosa 6 dager siden

    “Hire a cameraman you cheapskate”
    What?! This does not make sense so he’s cheap for having to hire
    A cameraman

  • Max Poole
    Max Poole 6 dager siden

    This diss track is class no joke best one out of all sidemen and friends

  • Martin Giurca
    Martin Giurca 7 dager siden

    Randolph won

    BAILEY BYTES 7 dager siden +1

    Randolph vs crypt boxing match

  • VaySpoc
    VaySpoc 7 dager siden

    Spotify pls

  • Plazma
    Plazma 7 dager siden +1

    Favourite line: "Lost all respect, hate everything you're about" the beat matches so well with it.

  • Epicgoat666
    Epicgoat666 8 dager siden +7

    i didnt know who this guy was before this beef

  • Hesitant
    Hesitant 9 dager siden

    bars dropped harder than Mufasa in lion king

  • Charlie C
    Charlie C 9 dager siden


    Oh yeah yeah

  • Eduardo Samaniego
    Eduardo Samaniego 9 dager siden +1

    Rap part for crypt 3:12 your welcome

  • John Fraser
    John Fraser 9 dager siden

    This beats cold man 🔊❄️

  • AIIT wbagameking1
    AIIT wbagameking1 9 dager siden

    Mad lad

    HWANGERIC 9 dager siden

    Lol why is ksi getting more views reacting than the song itself

  • Luke McCrory
    Luke McCrory 9 dager siden

    Oh man that was amazing. Straight fire

  • Sopey1999
    Sopey1999 9 dager siden

    Upload this to Spotify it’s amazing

  • M3A2uploads
    M3A2uploads 9 dager siden

    instrumental is amazing

  • DragonSlayrr227
    DragonSlayrr227 10 dager siden

    Your music sucks tbh

  • Mysterious
    Mysterious 10 dager siden

    didnt know randolph could rap fast until the end lmao

  • Jedi2305 Productions
    Jedi2305 Productions 11 dager siden

    Please put this on iTunes!!!

  • finleys like terradactiles futpack 19

    Is it on Spotify

  • Chloe-Anne Boardman
    Chloe-Anne Boardman 11 dager siden

    i really want this on Apple Music, anyone else?????

  • Clay Boudreaux
    Clay Boudreaux 12 dager siden

    gσєт яєкт

    вує ∂єʝι

    • Clay Boudreaux
      Clay Boudreaux 12 dager siden

      ι мєαит тσ ѕαу gєт яєкт

  • Mohammed Abid
    Mohammed Abid 12 dager siden

    I'm surprised Randolph lasted this long without a snack

  • GT Gaming
    GT Gaming 12 dager siden

    Fat prick

  • JT4HD
    JT4HD 12 dager siden +1

    Is this still available on spotify any1 know ?

  • Pencari Kebenaran
    Pencari Kebenaran 13 dager siden


  • Blood Borrn
    Blood Borrn 14 dager siden


  • Anthony Littman
    Anthony Littman 14 dager siden +2

    "This the nail in the coffin write a will for your estate."-Eminem reference!!!!

  • iKoepoe
    iKoepoe 14 dager siden +1

    I bass boosted most of these diss tracks btw 🔥

  • Dhruv Somani
    Dhruv Somani 14 dager siden +1

    this was fire

  • Tindakik Bbaamuie
    Tindakik Bbaamuie 15 dager siden

    It s such a boredom the whole song

  • Tindakik Bbaamuie
    Tindakik Bbaamuie 15 dager siden

    Same diss, what change are only the words otherwise it s the same video and same rhythm, your voice sucks as well. What you ve got are good lines only

    ABDALLAH MOHAMMED 15 dager siden

    is this the guy in Joyner Lucas I'm Not Racist

  • ZEPP258
    ZEPP258 15 dager siden +1

    His voice sounds like a badger was getting dragged down the street

  • Tim Oldendyk
    Tim Oldendyk 15 dager siden

    Holly shit this is dirty

  • Gerardo Medina
    Gerardo Medina 16 dager siden

    The beat bro OMFG 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jbrl Hsn
    Jbrl Hsn 16 dager siden


  • Domagoj Lipović
    Domagoj Lipović 16 dager siden

    My tablet is overheating

  • RustyNailGaming
    RustyNailGaming 16 dager siden +1

    3:08 till the end god damn it! So sick! "i'm taking over, i'm the devil on their shoulder... way too sick, ebola" The speed on this line.. God damn it! :P

  • Caroline Daly
    Caroline Daly 16 dager siden

    This is fire

  • Dariush Valizadeh
    Dariush Valizadeh 16 dager siden

    This is just plain compared to unforgivable most wack diss track

  • Arshman N
    Arshman N 17 dager siden


  • Icecoldchucky
    Icecoldchucky 17 dager siden +1

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  • Ismail Ahmad
    Ismail Ahmad 17 dager siden


  • Ismail Ahmad
    Ismail Ahmad 17 dager siden +1

    Which was better
    Like for victory speech
    Comment for man child

  • Xr_ Phant0m
    Xr_ Phant0m 17 dager siden


    GAMING ZONE 17 dager siden


  • extreme driftz
    extreme driftz 18 dager siden +1

    oh yeah yeah

    KING NOOB 18 dager siden +14

    He said that KSI made dejis career but KSI made Randolphs career as well so ya screwed it on that line

    • Koby Spear
      Koby Spear 6 dager siden +1

      +Evan Storie do you mean that as an insult to us or are you meaning towards the overall video?

    • Evan Storie
      Evan Storie 6 dager siden +2

      Shut up randolph's channel was bigger than Dejis channel even with the help of ksi

      KING NOOB 8 dager siden

      Koby Spear ohhhh ok

    • Koby Spear
      Koby Spear 8 dager siden +1

      +KING NOOB well thank you.... I tend to to searching for comments.... Also I dont do my NO-clip RN..... I'm going to wait until i get a PC....

  • Nathan vlog 123
    Nathan vlog 123 19 dager siden +2

    Like if this song is god

  • Biny Ali
    Biny Ali 19 dager siden +1

    Career ending😭😭😭

  • bossman 789
    bossman 789 19 dager siden +2

    Absolute fire

  • George Todd
    George Todd 19 dager siden

    Anyone else realise when he talk about the symmetry he points at himself when he says you 😂

  • AippaTheGamer 71
    AippaTheGamer 71 20 dager siden

    15v fat retard

  • nathan keen
    nathan keen 20 dager siden

    At 2:45 I laughed so hard because he says Now I,m closing the book you ain,t worth my TIME. I was sixteen at the TIME.

  • Mad Hutchy
    Mad Hutchy 20 dager siden

    29/1/19 anyone

  • Jed Price
    Jed Price 21 dag siden

    Why you remove this from Spotify its lit as

  • Cameron maytham
    Cameron maytham 21 dag siden

    i like it i love it

  • Jim Lathorne
    Jim Lathorne 21 dag siden


  • JohnRuss327
    JohnRuss327 21 dag siden

    I like Randolph, but his raps are okay.

  • John Hey
    John Hey 21 dag siden +1

    Guys dejis dead

    Call Logan Paul

  • Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans 22 dager siden +1

    this track just flows so nice

  • Rory Corrigan
    Rory Corrigan 22 dager siden


  • Rxmpxge
    Rxmpxge 22 dager siden +1

    Crypt is the fattest person on earth

  • Rxmpxge
    Rxmpxge 22 dager siden

    This is a lit diss track

  • Christopher Reid
    Christopher Reid 23 dager siden

    why isn't this on spotify yet