Why I left the SIDEMEN House - £4,000,000 Apartment Tour


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  • Karen Witzerman
    Karen Witzerman 18 minutter siden

    odd flex but okay

  • Mohammed AlShawi
    Mohammed AlShawi 48 minutter siden

    why did he move out

  • Amin Hamida
    Amin Hamida Time siden

    4mill, weird flex but ok

  • Felix Boucher Music
    Felix Boucher Music Time siden

    Boulvard of broken dreams green day 👌🏽

  • Prakash NB
    Prakash NB 2 timer siden

    Did u buy it or rent it

  • Modern Plays Games
    Modern Plays Games 2 timer siden

    The bedroom is lame tbh. Really small

  • wayne ransom
    wayne ransom 2 timer siden

    Could buy an estate in sheff for 4 mill

  • øķăý_hăvéñ
    øķăý_hăvéñ 3 timer siden

    What was the song he was playing?

  • Daddy Cheese
    Daddy Cheese 3 timer siden

    8:18 best computer.. 4gb of storage :D

  • Niv
    Niv 4 timer siden

    4:45 Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  • EYNTK Joe
    EYNTK Joe 4 timer siden

    Vik has made it

  • David Cochrane
    David Cochrane 4 timer siden

    Is he trying to do fucking ballet every time he walks into a different room, he’s so awkward and annoying 😂 so overrated

  • NUFC Benarfa
    NUFC Benarfa 4 timer siden

    All I think when I see these posh places, is that's going to be a nightmare to clean

  • Dizzle YT
    Dizzle YT 4 timer siden

    boulevard of broken dreams

  • Mink
    Mink 5 timer siden

    Who’s behind the camera may I ask?

  • Skeltah _
    Skeltah _ 5 timer siden

    He’s got that Fortnite money

  • Doner Kebab
    Doner Kebab 5 timer siden

    Anyone know the name of that shelving unit at the end of his bed that his tv is on?

  • Tommy Tyers
    Tommy Tyers 5 timer siden

    Did any one see ksi forehead

  • Tommy Tyers
    Tommy Tyers 5 timer siden

    I walk a lonely road

  • A A
    A A 5 timer siden

    Sidemen is bent

  • Carsandmore P145
    Carsandmore P145 5 timer siden

    Got to state the price though huh?

  • Eoghan Cassidy
    Eoghan Cassidy 5 timer siden

    I walk a lonely road

  • Riley
    Riley 6 timer siden

    Wait a sec, is that Mozart xd

  • Konrad Freestun
    Konrad Freestun 6 timer siden

    blvd of broken dreams is the song

  • PuLse Risk
    PuLse Risk 6 timer siden

    No longer getting bullied by ksi

  • Chae Price
    Chae Price 6 timer siden

    And he still doesn’t tell us why he moved out of the sidemen house

  • New Mbassa
    New Mbassa 7 timer siden

    But there are mansion that cost less than 4,000,000.

    • Lo B
      Lo B 2 timer siden +1

      but he wants to live right in the city

  • Official SyM
    Official SyM 7 timer siden

    Why would u live on your ones that’s boring

    • Lo B
      Lo B 2 timer siden

      he lives so close to the other boys they are always there

  • England
    England 7 timer siden

    Some gta v high end apartment

  • DireSoap
    DireSoap 7 timer siden

    Blvd of broken dreams- green day

  • BestRivenEUW
    BestRivenEUW 8 timer siden

    sophie we know who u are ur that gril who ps behind ym bars

  • Mason Bertolaccini
    Mason Bertolaccini 8 timer siden

    Green Day BoBD

  • Ethan Hunt Hunt
    Ethan Hunt Hunt 8 timer siden

    Boulevard of broken dreams

  • TheGiantGecko
    TheGiantGecko 8 timer siden

    Tye piano song was green day, boulevard of broken dreams

  • Ari Petrou
    Ari Petrou 8 timer siden

    Green Day on the keys...what a vibe!

  • Koenigsegg CCXR
    Koenigsegg CCXR 8 timer siden

    Out. Of. Breath.

  • Niall is a g*y c*nt
    Niall is a g*y c*nt 8 timer siden

    Weird flex but ok

  • Jamnie
    Jamnie 10 timer siden

    Green day I walk alone !!!

  • Chia Puon
    Chia Puon 10 timer siden

    hang your tv on the wal...

  • Danwel
    Danwel 10 timer siden


  • gilian hessels
    gilian hessels 10 timer siden

    The song you play on the piano is boulevard of broken dream, Greenday

  • Rascal Beats
    Rascal Beats 10 timer siden

    Boulevard of broken dreams on piano? Surprisingly beautiful

  • Cory Smart
    Cory Smart 11 timer siden

    The piano song is green day

  • i dunno
    i dunno 11 timer siden

    Arranged marriage is on the way boys 👏👏

  • Remtrex 515
    Remtrex 515 11 timer siden

    Why say the value though...people are so money orientated.

  • Haneff Mohamed
    Haneff Mohamed 11 timer siden

    Vikkstar make a music channel

  • King Lol
    King Lol 12 timer siden

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • ThisIsJacob
    ThisIsJacob 12 timer siden

    Boulevard of broken dreams is the piano tune

  • Odirile Mabelane
    Odirile Mabelane 12 timer siden

    big house. one man. million ghosts.

  • cody 06
    cody 06 12 timer siden

    The song is boulevard of broken dreams

  • LM10 Jr.
    LM10 Jr. 12 timer siden

    Remember when we got to throw eggs at Vikk from the comments?


  • The Hammer
    The Hammer 12 timer siden

    boulevard of broken dreams, quality song

  • Yeety McYeeterson
    Yeety McYeeterson 12 timer siden

    4:53 boulevard of broken dreams by green day (lit tune tho)

  • Sam Wood
    Sam Wood 12 timer siden

    2080 ti damn

  • aminur rahman
    aminur rahman 12 timer siden

    Who tf is that ??? 10:30

  • aminur rahman
    aminur rahman 12 timer siden

    4gigs of storage ??? 😂😂😂 8:20

  • WWII Fanta
    WWII Fanta 13 timer siden

    I like how even though he has 5 Million, he's still a fking loser in my eyes.
    All that Money and all he does is use it on a pretty house and play video games.

  • Ladde 2K
    Ladde 2K 13 timer siden

    boulevard of broken dreams

  • Mcknight TGF
    Mcknight TGF 13 timer siden

    Plot twist it’s mine 😂😂 joke

  • Ray Donovan
    Ray Donovan 14 timer siden

    Green day is cool

  • Ryan Hewitt
    Ryan Hewitt 14 timer siden

    Companies hook up rich people with millions of subscribers but the poorer people have to pay.... I just find that a bit strange but ok

  • あなたにファック
    あなたにファック 14 timer siden

    So, does that mean you're gonna be in the rest team?

  • Do Vlogs
    Do Vlogs 14 timer siden

    Green day❤️

  • Daisy Chowdhury
    Daisy Chowdhury 14 timer siden

    I walk alone..🎹🎵

  • Still Mind
    Still Mind 15 timer siden +2

    11:21 Jesus Christ we don’t care about your shoes. It’s a house tour, not a bloody shoe shop tour 😂

  • AG 1P
    AG 1P 15 timer siden

    Bet Vik gets all the ladies

  • Shrish Maheshwari
    Shrish Maheshwari 15 timer siden

    We both are Indians

  • Private Ace Stolze
    Private Ace Stolze 15 timer siden

    House is sick! But do something about the cable management please.

  • Josh Trevino
    Josh Trevino 15 timer siden

    Boulevard of Broken dreams on the piano 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Danny K
    Danny K 15 timer siden

    Who the hell doesnt know boulevard of broken dreams

  • NoAh
    NoAh 15 timer siden +1

    The piano tune is a boulevard of broken dreams😉

  • Master Melee
    Master Melee 15 timer siden

    I'm proud you did it bro

  • Dale Franses
    Dale Franses 15 timer siden

    miele everything lol

  • Sakib A
    Sakib A 15 timer siden

    Any one know the piano tune called?

  • Huan Toran
    Huan Toran 15 timer siden

    Boulevard of broken dreams was the song on the piano

  • Fortnite Battle Royale Clips

    I walk a lonely road

  • lwrx
    lwrx 16 timer siden

    i walk a lonely road

  • The se7en
    The se7en 16 timer siden +1

    Weird flex but ok

  • Locus Focus
    Locus Focus 16 timer siden

    whats the piano song called?

  • Jordy
    Jordy 16 timer siden

    Boulevard of broken dreams on the piano right?

  • BG_ R8
    BG_ R8 16 timer siden

    Well played Vikk, well played.

  • Q-rious
    Q-rious 17 timer siden

    the piano song is some song of linkon park right?

  • Snail Master
    Snail Master 17 timer siden

    Ahhh so that’s why you are a sellout for fortnite, so you could afford an expensive house, well keep it up .

  • LeoStar
    LeoStar 17 timer siden +1

    Vikk is one of the most humble, hard working people i've had the pleasure to be entertained by. Vikk deserves this 1000% and i hope you go far in life.

  • AViTV
    AViTV 17 timer siden

    Boulevard of broken dreams was good. Vikk's living now

  • Rigoberto Hukel
    Rigoberto Hukel 17 timer siden

    worlds blandest house for worlds blandest man

  • Andrew Pollock
    Andrew Pollock 18 timer siden

    Green day, holiday 😂

  • ravengames
    ravengames 18 timer siden

    I walk alone by green day.

  • l Leaver
    l Leaver 19 timer siden +1

    Talk about FLEXING

  • Handyman
    Handyman 19 timer siden

    Pc on the floor 😩👍

  • Max Robertson
    Max Robertson 19 timer siden

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams is one of my favourite tunessss

  • ThaShortGirl Bex
    ThaShortGirl Bex 19 timer siden

    What a bachelor pad

  • Ben
    Ben 19 timer siden

    You paid 4M without a view or balcony?

  • DBZ Shippudden
    DBZ Shippudden 19 timer siden

    Highly doubt that this hobo has bought a 4 000 000 home

  • Alpha Redeye
    Alpha Redeye 19 timer siden

    Did you get a small loan of a million quid x4.

  • Kristine Koch
    Kristine Koch 19 timer siden

    How do u own 4 mil?

  • Ru Hamm
    Ru Hamm 19 timer siden

    Ik that song

  • Victor Neumann
    Victor Neumann 20 timer siden

    Who knew that Vikk was good at the piano 👏🏼

  • Ruff Diamond YT
    Ruff Diamond YT 20 timer siden

    The tune was boulevard of broken dreams by green day

  • Evilgraape YAAAH
    Evilgraape YAAAH 20 timer siden

    Wow i didnt know vik could play the keyboard