SHELBY GT500 - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

  • Publisert 10. jan.. 2019
  • The GT500 is one of Carroll Shelby’s greatest creations: A Ford Mustang with the heart of the GT40 Le Mans racer! Join James as he explores the long history of the original buff horse, from the 427, 428 Police Interceptor, to the 428 Cobra Jet and beyond!
    Hosted by James Pumphrey
    Edited by Colby Mann & Spencer Huff
    Animation by Raghav Arumugam
    Written by Nolan Sykes
    Directed by Jesse Wood
    Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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  • MrAaronthebomb
    MrAaronthebomb Dag siden

    The mustang video you did you forgot to add the boss mustangs


    I still like the old one better.

  • Chalanda Gibson
    Chalanda Gibson 3 dager siden

    Mo powa baby

    PENIS PUMP 4 dager siden

    imagine being the guy who drove that red mustang in the beginning and then watching this video and seeing that scene as the intro 😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Dela Cruz
    Gabriel Dela Cruz 4 dager siden

    I remember the car of my MLP persona/ponysa. It's a reproduced 1967 Shelby GT500 named Eleacorn and was also said to be a "stock car on the freeway" in the story for having an inspiration from the NASCAR.

  • Big Monay
    Big Monay 6 dager siden

    lmao Knight Rider!! I cant stop laughing.

  • Rogue Roger
    Rogue Roger 6 dager siden

    Do the monte carlo

  • Albert Tsaplagin
    Albert Tsaplagin 8 dager siden


  • Phillip Harper
    Phillip Harper 9 dager siden

    Love the hat bro!!! #DTC

  • KoyotBravo
    KoyotBravo 10 dager siden

    KR in stands for King of the Road if I'm not wrong.
    Or i am dumb and didn't catch this in video

  • Peter Marino
    Peter Marino 10 dager siden

    You forgot to mention that the 2007-2010 GT500 had a cast iron 5.4 while 2011-2012 changed it up to a cast aluminum 5.4

  • The One True Bomp
    The One True Bomp 13 dager siden


  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 13 dager siden +1

    GT500: The Hellcat, before the Hellcat

    • 762x39warrior
      762x39warrior 10 dager siden

      The original hell cat would be the 2003 svt cobra aka terminator

  • Phil Amarn
    Phil Amarn 14 dager siden

    "Mo power Babuh" I need that as my ring tone.

  • Jonathan Gallardo
    Jonathan Gallardo 14 dager siden +1

    They also took the 427 in a British sports car, the AC Ace, to make the 427 Cobra. (I know you know this).

  • Ever Hernandez
    Ever Hernandez 14 dager siden

    Morewaa poowwwa baaaabbbaaaaaa

  • Ace Siquijor
    Ace Siquijor 16 dager siden

    I thought he’s going to say “Korea” for KR hahahahaha

  • Nick F
    Nick F 16 dager siden +1

    Super snake?

  • Dane Pienaar
    Dane Pienaar 16 dager siden

    Please do an up to speed on Bugatti?🙏🙏🙏

  • # BurnAouT
    # BurnAouT 16 dager siden

    why did he prononce "LEGEND" with a french accent xD asking cuz i'm a french guy and it make me unconfortable ahahaha

  • Malik Alexander
    Malik Alexander 17 dager siden

    What about the Shelby 1000

  • Jarrett Konrad
    Jarrett Konrad 17 dager siden

    Thanks Colby!

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams 18 dager siden

    Please do not forget the SVT Contour in the SVT video.. Even if you just make fun of it the whole time. Lol

  • G4B3 L1F3
    G4B3 L1F3 18 dager siden

    How many Zoom dogs is 460 hp

  • Focus Allusion
    Focus Allusion 19 dager siden

    Mo powah baybay ❤️

  • Jason Carpenter
    Jason Carpenter 19 dager siden

    Is Jessica real and did yer dad really leave ?? Or are they just there for comedic value.
    Love the show. Keep up the good work

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 19 dager siden +1

    @12:02 mo powah babeh

  • Austin Mosley
    Austin Mosley 22 dager siden

    Your second best video, only behind the Integra of course. V-TEC baby, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Yayate
    Yayate 22 dager siden


  • Afzal Ahmed
    Afzal Ahmed 23 dager siden

    U were depressed in the mustang, glad ur happy

  • KingFate20
    KingFate20 23 dager siden

    What about the 2012 Shelby 1000?
    I mean it was the most powerful street legal Mustang Carrol Shelby had a hand in the development right? And wasn't it his dream or somethin?

  • The Vehicle Guy
    The Vehicle Guy 24 dager siden

    What a true masterpiece!

  • A. Kresge
    A. Kresge 24 dager siden

    You guys should do a video on the new gt 500 now that it's released

    2019 FORD VELOCIRAPTOR 24 dager siden

    Who remember the old thumbnail leave a like

  • jak3ritz
    jak3ritz 27 dager siden

    Can we get a video on chevelles tho?

  • Bouncing Tiger Studios LLC.
    Bouncing Tiger Studios LLC. 28 dager siden +1

    “More power baby” “more power baby” lmmfao

  • David Rosas
    David Rosas 28 dager siden

    1 Zoom Dog= 5.25 Horsepower... your welcome

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson 28 dager siden

    Need a "Moar Powah Babuh" shirt asap

  • Ej 22
    Ej 22 Måned siden

    Donut what about the super snake for the gt500?

  • Gavyn Rich
    Gavyn Rich Måned siden

    Do 7.3 power stroke

  • galaxypro 32
    galaxypro 32 Måned siden

    Shelby is the best race car builder
    Rip carole shelby

  • Braydon Pierce
    Braydon Pierce Måned siden

    what if they had taken the Shelby mustang that had around 662HP, but instead took off the wheel wells, lowered it, tightened the travel, and put some Goodyear eagle slicks on it. on top of that reduced the weight by cutting a couple more things out, putting a bigger supercharger on it, as well as running extra air intake capabilities....

  • battlin
    battlin Måned siden

    You guys going do boss series of mustang especially 429 (engine that got banned in Nascar in like a year I think)

  • glenniz1
    glenniz1 Måned siden

    Just watched Prestado for the first time today. Damned good show Boyz, keep up the Good Work!!!

  • Angryibanezguy
    Angryibanezguy Måned siden

    Still can't keep 'stangs from being crowd seeking missiles

  • obh01282009
    obh01282009 Måned siden

    An episode on the Chevy Impala would be bad ass! No need to go past 1996 though.

  • TechDove
    TechDove Måned siden +1

    Anytime Carol's passing is mentioned I tear up, and I'm a Chevy guy.

  • Oliver Galman
    Oliver Galman Måned siden

    When you start to freaking yell it starts to get irritating to watch. But other than the constant yelling, I love your vids!

  • Questionable Context
    Questionable Context Måned siden


  • Alessandro Rodaro
    Alessandro Rodaro Måned siden

    You must become the new show man of topgear!

  • Brandon Beltran
    Brandon Beltran Måned siden

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes lol. I love James and I love the editing.

  • Nakorelli
    Nakorelli Måned siden

    Can't believe there were no Gone in 60 seconds clips. NO NIC CAGE!!!!

  • Joe Inacio
    Joe Inacio Måned siden

    "Damn it Carrol, you've done it again."

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen Måned siden

    Mo powa babay
    Reminds me of snl Steve Harvey

  • Danny De La Torre
    Danny De La Torre Måned siden

    “EY!! I’M A GT500!!” #Dead

  • Tyler Cundiff
    Tyler Cundiff Måned siden

    "AYE IM A GT500!" I will never look at a gt500 the same again

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez Måned siden

    Put buff horses on a shirt

  • Miguel Piña
    Miguel Piña Måned siden

    What about Zl1 !!!

  • car show group
    car show group Måned siden

    6:18 that's a GT350KR

  • Diablo
    Diablo Måned siden

    This is my favorite guy on the entire internet hands down

  • Yuuki the Handyfox
    Yuuki the Handyfox Måned siden


  •  Måned siden

    Downvote for the Spanish bullshit at the end.
    Fuck that shit.

  • DarkSagan
    DarkSagan Måned siden

    I like to get blazed as fuck and binge watch these. Brotha is funny as fuck and very knowledgeable.

  • Campsters2803
    Campsters2803 Måned siden

    You forgot about the super snake

  • Adrian Nevarez
    Adrian Nevarez Måned siden

    @3:20 you've done it again

  • Donni Nasriyanda
    Donni Nasriyanda Måned siden

    Mantul. #fansuptospeed from indonesian

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 Måned siden

    Best kinda snake

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 Måned siden

    That first bump 😭😭😭

  • randy mills jr.
    randy mills jr. Måned siden

    F n hilarious. Good job

  • alexandre corbiere
    alexandre corbiere Måned siden

    Freaking Funny!

  • Mad Mod Mechanics
    Mad Mod Mechanics Måned siden

    You completely missed the 725hp supersnake wtf?????

  • Larry Hernandez
    Larry Hernandez Måned siden

    Is this dude Real . . . Sounds like An Ass F****** .

  • Christian Torres-Rossi
    Christian Torres-Rossi Måned siden

    Freaking awesome!! Lighting lighting lighting lol

  • Sigma Nayo
    Sigma Nayo Måned siden

    I got a '13 V6, and I love it! I can't imagine the monster of a beast these one are!

  • ahmad nabil
    ahmad nabil Måned siden

    next : HKS HKS HKS HKS !!!!!!

  • Jeremy Olivo
    Jeremy Olivo Måned siden

    Yep, I just came back to this video for MO POWAH BBABEH

  • ShadowYeeter
    ShadowYeeter Måned siden

    r u k ?

  • Sir Charles
    Sir Charles Måned siden

    I love how they're struggling to hold back the chuckles while continuing with the video lol.

  • Matt Carafa
    Matt Carafa Måned siden

    Mo powah baby- mo powah baby

  • Armando Rivera
    Armando Rivera Måned siden

    Yo dude your what I LIVE FOR MAN, thx

  • Christopher Walton
    Christopher Walton Måned siden

    Please make a 10 minute loop of him saying "moh power baby."

  • D Riv
    D Riv Måned siden

    12:35 mo’ powa baby

  • igig Jdbs
    igig Jdbs Måned siden +1

    Mo pawa babe

  • Thunder Trinity Weapons

    Just in case nobody knew, the KR in GT500KR means King of the Road

  • IRONMAN000
    IRONMAN000 Måned siden

    Your constant spasmodic yelling loses it's luster and comedic value when you do it every 12 seconds. The video info is entertaining without your tourette's freakout sessions.

  • Irene Gallegos
    Irene Gallegos Måned siden +1

    Rip C. Shelby

  • joshg6108
    joshg6108 Måned siden


  • philiptimus_prime
    philiptimus_prime Måned siden

    More Power Baby! More Power Baby! More Power Baby! More Power Baby! More Power Baby! More Power Baby!

  • mattonthewater
    mattonthewater Måned siden +171


    • Harry Potter
      Harry Potter 5 dager siden


    • Patrick McCrime Dog
      Patrick McCrime Dog 9 dager siden

      Been lookin for this clip for over an hour. Finally, my journey is complete. Thank you

    • Jonathan Gallardo
      Jonathan Gallardo 14 dager siden

      mattonthewater MOE POWAH BEBEH

    • Nebanmoro
      Nebanmoro 24 dager siden +9

      I need clothing with this phrase.

    • J. Gonzalez
      J. Gonzalez 25 dager siden +1


  • TheWTFsauce
    TheWTFsauce Måned siden

    Mo powah bay bae

  • Caleb Kim
    Caleb Kim Måned siden

    Le Maugh legaugh

  • Max Levy
    Max Levy Måned siden

    8:48 did this nibba call me a NORMIE

  • John Smith
    John Smith Måned siden +21

    12:33. You’re welcome.

    • Adam C
      Adam C Måned siden

      I still like it when he said "more POWWWEEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!" In a Dragonball meme in the Dodge Demon episode
      I wish I could remember which episode had the He-Man meme.

  • Pavel Planzo
    Pavel Planzo Måned siden

    I watched 12:34 of this just for _moar powar babe_

  • EMILIO Solano
    EMILIO Solano Måned siden

    Mo power baby!

  • rocknroller1999
    rocknroller1999 Måned siden

    Between work life and home life i get yelled at enough, i don't need to be screamed at watching a NO-clip video too. Thumbs down

  • Tyson Wyche
    Tyson Wyche Måned siden

    Can we get a “Mo powa baby” shirt please

  • BubbaDERP21 The Cringe God

    That navy blue intake in the 68 is nationwide famous, my father shoved that in a sky blue 71 F-150. A whole lot of blue. And red. And white.

  • Josiah Soko
    Josiah Soko Måned siden

    dont worry Mr Shelby, the new one? she is a beauty!

  • Jason R
    Jason R Måned siden

    Can’t get over the scene at 12:33