HAVANA HEAT | Ft. My Crazy Family

  • Publisert 5. juni. 2018
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    *What camera do you use?
    Canon Rebel T4i
    *What do you use to edit your videos?
    Final Cut Pro
    *Where did you get the elephant on your desk?
    *Where did you get your vanity?
    Danny actually built it for me

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  • Molly Nifong
    Molly Nifong 28 dager siden


  • Monique Jean
    Monique Jean 29 dager siden

    I can’t stop watching this video omgggggggg Kathleeeeeeennnn 😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭 I am obsessed!!! So much Rich culture and authenticity 😭😭😭😍😍😍🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 U guys nailed this video to a T!!!!!! I love itttttr!!!

  • MorningwithRocy
    MorningwithRocy Måned siden

    You're family is awesome! 🙌 And I do the cafecito the same way. My mom wants me to get an espresso machine and I don't want it. That's how I learned to do cafecito and that's how I like it 💕🇨🇺

  • Luiza
    Luiza Måned siden

    I can’t stop watching this!!! Months later and still come back to it

  • Cynthia Offutt
    Cynthia Offutt Måned siden

    I can’t pass this video! Your family is one that I would be so drawn too!

  • G.I. JANE
    G.I. JANE 2 måneder siden

    That looks like quite the party! You have a beautiful family

  • Holly Bronwyn
    Holly Bronwyn 2 måneder siden

    *SO!SO!SO!SO!SO! GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)*

  • chocolate wafflez
    chocolate wafflez 2 måneder siden +1

    This is the best polish commercial EVER
    I love the energy that you have this is gorgeous

  • Geri Kalbach
    Geri Kalbach 2 måneder siden

    This video literally made me cry, I’m so touched by your beautiful family. I’m from China ,and I love my culture and my family. All the different cultures made world beautiful. And I love your videos and nail polish,I just bought 24 bottles, so exciting to try more colors. Kat you’re the best.

  • Bruh
    Bruh 2 måneder siden +1

    Wouldn't it be cool if you made another collection called *"Miami Nights"*

  • Ardra Hernandez
    Ardra Hernandez 3 måneder siden


  • Melissa Youthful Mamma
    Melissa Youthful Mamma 3 måneder siden

    As I watch this, I glance behind me to check that my 1 year old son is ok playing on the floor. I turn to catch him busting a move to this music. Bum out hands up, squatting 😂😂😂💃

  • dnwalkingoneggshells
    dnwalkingoneggshells 3 måneder siden

    this was amazing and i loved every minute of it

  • TheBigpapax30
    TheBigpapax30 3 måneder siden +1

    Woww. I am very impressed in your marketing techniques, besides of the beautiful colors you ADVERTISE.
    Very inspired. I admire your talent and your empower skills.
    Que viva la mujer latina

  • Zo Lee
    Zo Lee 3 måneder siden

    Playing Los dominoes! Lol

  • mamamylesia
    mamamylesia 3 måneder siden

    I come back to this video once a month lol I love it SO much

  • laura vela
    laura vela 3 måneder siden

    Ole !!! Maravilloso me ha encantado 😘😘😘

  • Ana Castellon
    Ana Castellon 4 måneder siden

    I don’t know why I felt like watching this video tonight but I love it I love that you have your family
    In it

  • Tayyeba Faisal
    Tayyeba Faisal 4 måneder siden

    You have such a beautiful family! ❤

  • Gabriela Curbelo
    Gabriela Curbelo 4 måneder siden

    I loooooove this!!!! This is what being Cuban is all about!!!!

  • Courtney Glass
    Courtney Glass 4 måneder siden

    What a beautifully shot and edited video. This perfectly captures the spirit of Miami. For those of you who have never been to the 305, this is what every neighborhood sounds like on the weekends lol.
    Felicidades, Kathleen! En fuego! 🔥

  • Caroline Dong
    Caroline Dong 4 måneder siden

    How can I buy it in Canada

  • Joyce Yang
    Joyce Yang 4 måneder siden

    This is my favourite nail polish ad 👾

  • Lizzy Renae
    Lizzy Renae 4 måneder siden

    I was smiling the entire video. I’m part Mexican, but only recently got to know that side of my family. It makes me sad that I missed out on so much culture and being bilingual, so I’m so grateful that I still have that part of me 💕💃🏻

  • Ariana Gil
    Ariana Gil 4 måneder siden

    Wow this video was so beautifully made. As someone that comes from a Hispanic household (mostly Cuban) this made me feel like Im home.

  • betty cooper
    betty cooper 4 måneder siden

    Where is Danny? BTW I love Kathleen? 💕

  • Kira McEachern
    Kira McEachern 5 måneder siden

    Love it! Such a good representation of our cuban culture!!!!

  • Curious in L.A
    Curious in L.A 5 måneder siden

    Love it! reminded us of our big latin family

  • chronicxhippie
    chronicxhippie 5 måneder siden

    God, I could practically smell the plátanos in the sartén through the screen. Tostones and platanaítos are bae 🤤 I can’t even tell you how much this video warmed my Latina heart. I’m so glad I found your channel. ¡Viva Latinoamérica!

  • Daniela Manion
    Daniela Manion 5 måneder siden


  • Alexa Etalia
    Alexa Etalia 5 måneder siden

    Dead ass though, I love being cuban....look at all this FLAVVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Simply_ Mel
    Simply_ Mel 5 måneder siden

    wait are you and danny still together?

  • ZIOMY03
    ZIOMY03 5 måneder siden

    Oh em G! Love love love this

  • Daniel Singley
    Daniel Singley 5 måneder siden

    Kathleen's face at 3:12 is so funny!!

  • Asha Chagoyen
    Asha Chagoyen 5 måneder siden

    omg.. this makes me miss my family back home. mucho besitos.

  • Amber Chen
    Amber Chen 5 måneder siden

    love this video, love you and ur family!!!!!

  • Shanon Vasquez
    Shanon Vasquez 5 måneder siden

    Omg...this made me all kinds of happy!!!! You all look soo happy. I wanna come hang out with you guys lol. Oh yeah,and the polishes are all gorgeous but I'm really feeling mojito and tropicano!!💅💅💅💛🍹💅💅💅😍😍

  • sucynne chelim
    sucynne chelim 5 måneder siden

    Who wouldn't want to have that collection after watching this? Looks like so much fun! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Gigi008
    Gigi008 5 måneder siden

    love this latinos we know how to party lol

  • Naomi Nourse
    Naomi Nourse 6 måneder siden

    OH MYGOSH!!! This makes me want to be part of your family, this makes me want to be Latina and it was so fun seeing Danny in this video! The love and joy in your family is contagious.

  • Ina Morales
    Ina Morales 6 måneder siden

    This is so cute and so you!!

  • Cynthia Martinez
    Cynthia Martinez 6 måneder siden

    Looking forward to trying these polishes out , especially the tropicana💛 . Tan solo con verlos se que me encantaran 😍 saludos !!

  • Audrey Harris
    Audrey Harris 6 måneder siden

    Most awesome thing ever! Congrats babe!

  • Gabriela Ávila
    Gabriela Ávila 6 måneder siden

    Soy venezolana, vivo en México, y viendo esto es inevitable no emocionarme hasta las lágrimas. Que bonito video, me hace recordar lo mucho que extraño todo. Éxitos guapa me gusta mucho tu contenido.

  • Becca Hochanadel
    Becca Hochanadel 6 måneder siden

    That was such a fun video to watch

  • DustyDamsel
    DustyDamsel 6 måneder siden

    Love it

  • Emma Pagano
    Emma Pagano 6 måneder siden

    This is so badass. I love it ❤️

  • Nidia Gonzalez
    Nidia Gonzalez 6 måneder siden

    This is possibly the most creative way I’ve ever seen anyone sponsor their product. QUEEN

  • Space Kace
    Space Kace 6 måneder siden +8

    I'm standing by the fact that this is one of the best videos of the year

  • Julie Nolan
    Julie Nolan 7 måneder siden

    This video intrigues me. I now want to learn more about the Cuban culture. Such a beautiful heritage.

  • Maria B
    Maria B 7 måneder siden

    I don t know why but i got emotional watching this! Am I the only one? Such a sweet video!

  • Arzoo Shaikh
    Arzoo Shaikh 7 måneder siden

    I've watched this video like a 1000 times and I love it so so much your family looks so loving and caring and just happy...! I live for such family times 😍😍❤💎

  • emilia02
    emilia02 7 måneder siden

    Omg such a nice video! Loved seeing Ylette. Whatever happened to her, has she given up on social media completely? I dont have instagram or twitter. Has she given birth yet?

  • Yana Bazel
    Yana Bazel 7 måneder siden


  • Port Novella
    Port Novella 7 måneder siden +1

    I became choked up and so emotional watching this commercial. It's fun, but the message is powerful too (to me). What a beautiful expression of your family and culture to those of us who have never experienced this.

  • Yasmin Leon
    Yasmin Leon 7 måneder siden


  • Gabrielle Smith
    Gabrielle Smith 7 måneder siden

    Omgsh I love love looooved this! And I freaked out when I saw a glimpse of Café La Llave on the counter, I’ve actually worked with Gaviña Coffee as a designer!

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore 7 måneder siden

    Could you make a music playlist for us????

  • Al alba vincero vincero
    Al alba vincero vincero 7 måneder siden

    Viva Cuba libre, saludos.

  • Lolita🌻
    Lolita🌻 7 måneder siden

    Omg Kathleen que sentimiento tan lindo en este video, soy de Puerto Rico, soy de apellido Pagán y me senti en casa! Muy hermoso, felicidades!

  • Miranda Lobus
    Miranda Lobus 7 måneder siden

    I am so in love with Kathleen and her culture!

  • Amira Frencillo
    Amira Frencillo 7 måneder siden +1

    Love your outfit!!! Pls share where I can find it :)

  • Eva PM
    Eva PM 7 måneder siden

    Sabor Latinoooo wepaaaa!!!
    I loooove this! I love my heritage, my culture and all that comes with it. Soy Boricua, but I love Cuban everything too. I went to Cuba in Aug 2017 and loved it!
    I had no idea it was a nail polish commercial tho lol.

  • Echel Ugando
    Echel Ugando 7 måneder siden

    Eres cubana 🇨🇺????

  • Hailey Flanagan
    Hailey Flanagan 7 måneder siden

    you are that cute

  • Jennifer Witherspoon
    Jennifer Witherspoon 7 måneder siden

    Loved seeing your family, and loved the music in this video!!

  • Jenny Linehan
    Jenny Linehan 7 måneder siden

    This is just TOO CUTE!!!!! I don’t know Spanish but I have always LOVED this music, it’s downright infectious to dance to!!! LOVE YOUR COLORS KATHLEEN:) God Bless, Jenny XO

  • Amanda Aponte
    Amanda Aponte 7 måneder siden

    Amazing!!! So much love and joy comes through this video.

  • Kayla Kenney
    Kayla Kenney 7 måneder siden

    I LOVE THIS ❤️

  • Tabby Lynn
    Tabby Lynn 7 måneder siden


  • Stephanie Marshall
    Stephanie Marshall 7 måneder siden

    Omg I loooove this video!

  • MKVentures
    MKVentures 7 måneder siden

    I love how you embrace your latina roots!! This is how all our family parties go !!

  • Nastyaa
    Nastyaa 7 måneder siden +1

    Wow how beautiful😍😍😍 love these Cuban vibes😃

  • Katherine M
    Katherine M 7 måneder siden +1

    Well Kathleen I rarelly ever comment in videos but this time I had to
    This is just beautiful
    This reminds me of my family a couple of years ago before my grandma past away
    Since then things have changed a lot
    Thanks for the beautiful pice of art that took me back in time and left me with some tears
    Unfornatelly I cannot afford your nail polishes but congratulations for your company and this amazing and inspiring colection !
    Love you a ton ! ❤

  • omgXALYSSAXomg
    omgXALYSSAXomg 7 måneder siden

    What a great commercial for your collection! awesome! Loved it. Made me want to hang out with you guys and have a great time. Excellent nails too! Very innovative and fun.

  • pilar reyes
    pilar reyes 7 måneder siden

    ME ENCANTAA!! Saludos desde Chile!!

  • soph l
    soph l 7 måneder siden

    I absolutely ADORE you Kathleen from the bottom of my heart. I love seeing you so happy, i relate to you so much and I will watch you till im old!!

  • Shaylyn Murdock
    Shaylyn Murdock 7 måneder siden

    This video just makes me want to go out and live my best life 💃🏻

  • 17ripp _r
    17ripp _r 7 måneder siden

    I love this❤️

  • Klaudia Arriera
    Klaudia Arriera 7 måneder siden

    This is so beautiful, I cry every time.

  • Zuly
    Zuly 7 måneder siden

    Después de ver tus videos hace un tiempo, ahora es que sé q eres Latina. Me encantan tus videos.

  • Steph Cedeño
    Steph Cedeño 7 måneder siden

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Marta Laura Zayas
    Marta Laura Zayas 7 måneder siden

    My family is from Cuba. I was born and live in Miami, I totally loved this video and your collection!!!! The domino reminds me of Domino Park in Little Havana.

  • curlyswirly
    curlyswirly 7 måneder siden

    I really loved the energy in this video along with all the culture!

  • Byebyelilsebastian
    Byebyelilsebastian 8 måneder siden

    you are the cutest ever!

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    Valerie Rodriguez 8 måneder siden

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!! #cubanpride

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    Elisa LC 8 måneder siden

    Love this!

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    Bryan Fuller 8 måneder siden

    Why is everyone on NO-clip doing the same scripts and videos

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    Gretza Peña 8 måneder siden

    my Cuban ass felt and absolutely loved this video

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    Jennifer Mckinster 8 måneder siden

    I’m so happy your family got to be apart of something your creating :) There’s lots of ❤️

  • Lelian Guzman
    Lelian Guzman 8 måneder siden


  • Maria MG
    Maria MG 8 måneder siden

    Amazing video !! Such a fun way to show the collection and your family is lovely !

  • Taylah Freeman
    Taylah Freeman 8 måneder siden

    I freaking love this so much! Thank you for showing us your loved ones, and a huge insight into your heritage and culture! So so beautiful! 😍

  • Katerine M
    Katerine M 8 måneder siden

    I am Cuban and Chinese born in Cuba and I love everything about Cuba. You make me think about family and culture every time I watch your video. I don’t miss one ever. I love every culture and love when you tubers bring a little into their videos. It just makes me like them even more. You are my favorite, of course. I live in Palm Beach and I always feel like we are friends when I watch. Not an easy thing to do. Congrats on everything.

  • gmadeinitaly
    gmadeinitaly 8 måneder siden

    loved this video so much!!!!

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    Katerina Bryant 8 måneder siden

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    Sin pour decade old survive candle pine reporter.

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    Allyson Marquez 8 måneder siden


  • Tina Ranghelli
    Tina Ranghelli 8 måneder siden

    Such a fun video. Thank you for sharing your Cuban culture. I have had a few Cuban friends & what fun, crazy good times but always family, born or adopted in the culture. Oh BTW love love love the cuisine. De to the list.

  • Mili Chirivella
    Mili Chirivella 8 måneder siden

    I love ittttt!!!!!!