Sean's Gordon Ramsay Nightmare | Hot Ones

  • Publisert 10. jan.. 2019
  • "Get Gordon Ramsay! Get Gordon Ramsay! Get Gordon Ramsay!" We've heard your battle cries and read your relentless comments for the better part of three years, and finally the wait is over: Gordon Ramsay-easily the most-requested guest in Hot Ones history-will be our Season 8 premiere! But the question remains: Will it be the nightmare scenario that's haunted Sean's dreams, or will Gordon play nice? Find out January 24-you won't want to miss this!
    Written and directed by Chris Schonberger
    Shot by Eric Longden and Stephen Kersting
    Edited by Colin Higgins
    Starring Gordon Ramsay and Sean Evans
    Assisted by Bill Drexler
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  12 dager siden +30616


  • 361 Cc
    361 Cc Dag siden

    Who tf sets an alarm for 9:13?

  • Itzz_Josh
    Itzz_Josh Dag siden

    If u hadve found the LAMB SAUCE gordon wouldnt need to roast the shit out of those chicken wings.

  • The Bean god
    The Bean god Dag siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Beetlebum3
    Beetlebum3 Dag siden


  • Spekus Gaming
    Spekus Gaming Dag siden

    *The squid's so fucking raw it's still telling Spongebob to FUCK OFF*

  • Dominic Wade Mccain

    "its fucking boiling you muppet"

  • Marinos Zero
    Marinos Zero Dag siden

    YES. Now you are talking!

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Dag siden +1

    I have NEVER been this hyped for an interview before.

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Dag siden +1

    This will be the best Hot Ones interview of all time!

  • faraz ahmed
    faraz ahmed Dag siden

    Ahhhh that's hot, that's hot

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy Dag siden

    Yeah, really looking forward to a profanity-laced tirade by a man whose vocabulary consists of little more than insults and four letter words. Way to go, Ramsey!

  • TheFallOfMan
    TheFallOfMan Dag siden

    Their dryyyyy

  • Matthew Barnes
    Matthew Barnes Dag siden


  • Katie Williams
    Katie Williams Dag siden

    Lmao so Sean just sleeps in his hoodie and jacket? I bet he's wearing jeans and shoes too.

  • Droped Soap
    Droped Soap Dag siden

    i thought this was the full video ;-;

  • Beaner Dreamer
    Beaner Dreamer Dag siden

    Only gordon Ramsay can make cussing sound fancy

  • kakka626
    kakka626 Dag siden


  • 92luisrod
    92luisrod Dag siden

    Fml, I thought it was suppose to air the 21st. Ima have to set an alarm for this....

  • Ludvig Skovly
    Ludvig Skovly Dag siden

    1:41 this dude really set his alarm to 9.13 jesus

  • JoZe
    JoZe Dag siden

    duuudue that was a freaking trailer??!!! maaan you guys got me there ... and i was hoping for the intrerview... GET THE F*** OUT!!

  • YuNg Bucks
    YuNg Bucks Dag siden

    i’m *hype*

  • Lil_zeine
    Lil_zeine Dag siden

    Wtf I thought this was the episode

  • lilice g
    lilice g Dag siden

    take a shot every time Gordon says f*ck and enjoy the ride 😂😂

  • sbstek
    sbstek Dag siden

    This is going to break the internet!!

  • Phillip Galanos
    Phillip Galanos Dag siden

    Who sets an alarm for 9:13 am

  • Loyalty1269
    Loyalty1269 Dag siden

    Ramsay is so famous and he deserves to be. Niggga been doing his thing for years

  • Gabrielle Isa
    Gabrielle Isa Dag siden


  • John Michael Gadier

    You guys should invite Kim Kardashian next 👀

  • Kortex
    Kortex Dag siden

    3 Days until the episode with Gordon Ramsay guys!

  • Dremekeks
    Dremekeks Dag siden

    1:28 - _"It's fucking boiling, you _*_MUPPET."_*

  • Jacob Wollman
    Jacob Wollman Dag siden

    Three more days

  • Malcolm DuBose
    Malcolm DuBose Dag siden

    This fool’s got an alarm set for 9:13

  • Ghost The ODST
    Ghost The ODST Dag siden

    Oh no........we all know shits about to hit the fan and it's gonna get messy.
    Gordon Ramsay: CLEAN THIS SHIT UP

  • Mario Galvan
    Mario Galvan Dag siden

    I Never Paused Porn so Fast ..

  • Omelette
    Omelette Dag siden

    Do hot ones with Ninja!

  • James Sullins
    James Sullins Dag siden

    Awesome video. Cant wait for season 8!

  • Kim M
    Kim M Dag siden

    “You muppets!” YASSSS!!

  • woolfy101
    woolfy101 Dag siden

    Marco P White next, bring down the empires.

  • 7eventhirty3
    7eventhirty3 Dag siden

    I f*cking can't f*cking believe f*cking this is f*cking happening F******CK

  • Erodoeht
    Erodoeht Dag siden

    Sean will never be the same

  • Darcy Little
    Darcy Little Dag siden +1

    Dude did he set an alarm for 9:13, wtf is wrong with him

  • Mac Diddles
    Mac Diddles Dag siden

    Gordon Ramsey the type of dude to critique you on making toast

  • SliceDice
    SliceDice Dag siden

    Adventure with Bear Grylls next and it’s the end of reality show 😂

  • ShadedOne
    ShadedOne Dag siden

    I clicked so fast and I just knew I was about to watch the actual interview. Sigh...

  • PilsPlease
    PilsPlease Dag siden

    Gordon is like everyones inner personality that they are afraid to show because when we do we get accused of being horrible people

  • 000adiator000
    000adiator000 Dag siden

    Alarm set for 9:13??? :D

  • Angelo Abela
    Angelo Abela Dag siden

    Pillow cases are a thing.

  • Invision TM
    Invision TM Dag siden

    OH BOI

  • Communism With Giggles

    Eat your heart out Infinity War