The Gun You Didn't Know You Needed...


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  • ibtfd
    ibtfd 20 minutter siden

    When folded the PDW looks like a large folded up drone. Carry it around with a full sized drone remote and nobody would bat an eyelid.

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 46 minutter siden

    This straight up looks like something from bo4

  • Lapis Minecart // The Lapis minecart

    CSP (KSP knockoff)- Cariker Space Program 8:48

  • Terry Watkins
    Terry Watkins Time siden

    Did you look around for the dude that was wearing that helmet, he could have been taking a wiz behind a tree, just saying

  • Bryan Broyles
    Bryan Broyles Time siden

    His intros are annoying and not funny just get to the gun

  • Steve Saephanh
    Steve Saephanh Time siden

    the only good use for the folding glock. lmao btw with the flex seal!

  • AWPGaming
    AWPGaming Time siden

    Lard used to be in Oreos..

  • StemToStern MS
    StemToStern MS Time siden

    Talk about getting your bell rung... get shot in your jousting helmet

  • brandon fischer
    brandon fischer Time siden

    If i was a woman, id let you inside

  • Beyoncé & Jay Z are liars

    What’s up with YOU TUBE demonetizing your videos? Why? Have they given you a reason? What can your fans do?

  • Agape movement
    Agape movement 2 timer siden

    those triggers look nasty

  • Randy Widdis
    Randy Widdis 2 timer siden

    You tube is becoming such a BS anti first amendment channel.

  • Dylan Brookes
    Dylan Brookes 3 timer siden


  • John Kapa
    John Kapa 3 timer siden

    Great intro.

  • Vaughan Ellis
    Vaughan Ellis 3 timer siden

    Nothing wrong with bread and dripping (Lard) its a snack in the north of the UK!!
    If I was working as a teacher in the US I'd have that MicroRoni/Glock in my bag as an EDC.

  • Jo Miller
    Jo Miller 4 timer siden

    dumm stuff

  • Mitchell Mitchell
    Mitchell Mitchell 4 timer siden

    These will be recategorized as sbr very soon

  • God Is White
    God Is White 4 timer siden

  • Y-You Too
    Y-You Too 4 timer siden

    You look good with that mustache
    No homo

  • Mohamed X
    Mohamed X 5 timer siden

    Pls the combination of roni with drum mag glock

  • Jae En
    Jae En 5 timer siden

    I'm merely a novice firearms owner, but I'm pretty sure that the minute you put that to your shoulder it becomes an SBR...
    As a result of the Supreme Court decision in United States v. Thompson/Center Arms Company, 504 U.S. 505 (1992), it is not illegal to possess a "kit" allowing a handgun to be fitted with a buttstock and with barrels both under and over the 16 inch minimum for a rifle, so long as the firearm is only assembled into legal (handgun with no buttstock, rifle with buttstock and 16 inch or longer barrel) configurations. Assembling into an NFA-regulated configuration (rifle with buttstock but barrel shorter than 16 inches) would still constitute a criminal violation of the National Firearms Act.[6]

  • parttimetourist
    parttimetourist 5 timer siden

    Why would you NEED a gun?

  • CrazyHHO19
    CrazyHHO19 5 timer siden

    Well you said you will discontinue demo ranch.what have changed?

  • Peyton Moore
    Peyton Moore 5 timer siden

    Oh no no

  • hotwheels127
    hotwheels127 6 timer siden

    Don't lie you going to make that your new truck gun lol

    RR PLANB 6 timer siden

    7:33 BIRD is your word

  • D_BEAUX 78
    D_BEAUX 78 6 timer siden

    I heard that you're related to Hickock 45.... if true that's pretty cool. :-) he and son mentioned it in a vid. :-)

  • David
    David 6 timer siden

    0:41 "hu fok"

  • Kepano 808HI
    Kepano 808HI 6 timer siden

    Those are illegal, unless you have a special permit...and you cannot take it off your property per federal law. Adding a stock to a pistol is a federal crime

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 6 timer siden

    That intro was funny

  • gedion4000
    gedion4000 6 timer siden

    Better change that security system password lol

  • Gaston26
    Gaston26 7 timer siden

    You're advertising for SimpliSafe?! Aren't they anti-NRA?

  • King AMuse
    King AMuse 8 timer siden

    Do you know if they make these for anything above a 9mm caliber firearm. more importantly the Springfield XD .40?

  • Three 6 Alex
    Three 6 Alex 8 timer siden

    8:01 what'll happen if we dont control our border security more

  • Awesomegamer 1738
    Awesomegamer 1738 8 timer siden

    Sunday I shot my dads compact 9mm, compact .45, and full size 10mm. I'm 14 and surprisingly I did best with the 10mm

  • Atharv Khanzode
    Atharv Khanzode 9 timer siden

    Eww thats so nasty!!(shoots it some more)

  • CousteauBix
    CousteauBix 9 timer siden

    ACL baby! Wooo!
    *ACL (Armored Combat League) is different than Jousting, but cooler. ;)

  • Javardii
    Javardii 9 timer siden

    “Got a 19 and it fold in my pocket”

  • Nick
    Nick 9 timer siden

    "Hey aren't you the Tannerite guy from NO-clip?"

  • Valdemar Jessen
    Valdemar Jessen 10 timer siden

    I was dying of laughter because of Tour intro XD

  • Arnav 77
    Arnav 77 11 timer siden

    *The NO-clipr You didn't know you needed*


  • Blackthrone
    Blackthrone 11 timer siden

    uh... just a heads up, most knights have padding under the helm.
    helps make sure the hit isn't only blocked by a thin piece of metal, and actually dampens the force.
    and pretty sure the gong sound would be gone as well...

  • Felagi Band
    Felagi Band 11 timer siden

    You should do old flint lock muzzle loaders vs helmets and armour from medieval times and modern

  • Максим Лапин
    Максим Лапин 12 timer siden

    who the hell put dislikes ??

  • team NSR
    team NSR 12 timer siden


  • jeypoon pix
    jeypoon pix 13 timer siden

    Yow deadpool!

  • Jakesfolly Productions, LLC.

    NO-clip is being a media Nazi. Hang in there. Maybe there's a new platform that can open up?

  • Wanderingwalker 1990
    Wanderingwalker 1990 13 timer siden

    Not just jousting, there’s a whole official medieval fighting league.. all blunt weapons but still they beat the crap out of each other to the point of concussion 👍🏻

  • liv
    liv 14 timer siden +1

    A little bit much on the choke their demolition ranch ur body looks a bit like Steven hawking I can’t lie

  • nathaniel fish
    nathaniel fish 14 timer siden

    I can hear the applause of all the school shooters out there

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah 14 timer siden

    Puts helmet on* welcome to Pubg Mobile

  • 5133937
    5133937 14 timer siden

    Why you no put affiliate link to the actual product in your video description? Help me help you, man!

  • hobojoeshopco w
    hobojoeshopco w 15 timer siden

    11:16 there is a witch stalking tis guys consience

  • Padawan
    Padawan 15 timer siden

    intro was just hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm XD
    i loved it

  • Anthony Delfos
    Anthony Delfos 15 timer siden

    Spill the beans man

  • MaxiMilianmus
    MaxiMilianmus 15 timer siden


  • b00ger901
    b00ger901 15 timer siden

    Make your own lard, they chemiclas in the store bought shit. Same with tallow, make it yourself. Takes 8 hours or so to do but requires minimal attention.

  • Thomas MURRAY
    Thomas MURRAY 15 timer siden

    They need one for magnum 50 so it doesn’t fly into your face

  • Saltroy
    Saltroy 15 timer siden

    11:15 that laugh sounded like COD Zombies laugh lmfao

  • RealHotBox
    RealHotBox 16 timer siden

    that intro haHAA.

  • Gabriel Goodman
    Gabriel Goodman 17 timer siden +1

    Just found out my dog has cancer

  • Gabe Miller
    Gabe Miller 18 timer siden

    Damn he looks old now 💀

  • Hosea Matthews
    Hosea Matthews 18 timer siden

    I have simpli safe

  • Jy Walker1603
    Jy Walker1603 18 timer siden +1

    No saying demo ranch isn’t funny but that’s the first time I’ve laughed at the part before the intro. It’s just that I don’t laugh easy

  • mailvaleze
    mailvaleze 18 timer siden

    funny guy

  • Herman Staal
    Herman Staal 19 timer siden

    Please do a gun collection video!

  • Kepler
    Kepler 19 timer siden

    This channel single handedly has the best intros

  • Hank Maximus
    Hank Maximus 20 timer siden

    Needs more lasers

  • ivan Orozco
    ivan Orozco 20 timer siden

    7:12 give me MY BEENS

  • Morgan Gealta
    Morgan Gealta 20 timer siden

    Just came across your videos and subscribed. They're great! So far everything has been entertaining and informative. Thanks man!

  • Robert Kubrick
    Robert Kubrick 20 timer siden

    Worst commercial I ever saw. I didn't thumb down but maybe you should have left the channel down.

  • Pigtail Bbq
    Pigtail Bbq 20 timer siden

    You look like you've been hanging with Joe dirt.

  • John Cato
    John Cato 20 timer siden

    Cool video... but to waste perfectly good beans and chili!?!

  • BetterNerfJeff
    BetterNerfJeff 21 time siden

    man i want that setup with the 9mm that would be awesome

  • Sam Petty
    Sam Petty 21 time siden

    "It doesn't look like a glock, it looks like a brick." ...Right, 'cause when I see someone with a big ol' slightly-not-gun-shaped bulge under their clothes, I think, "Gee, this guy must be carrying around a totally inoccuous brick. It's certainly not a gun!"

  • John Tillis
    John Tillis 21 time siden

    I appreciate the simply safe sponsor and will be looking in to them. Had a meth head slamming on my door the other night screaming about how he was going to kill me. Still have no clue who it was or if they even live in the complex. I also dont own guns so... yeah.

  • Lucian Pfeiffer
    Lucian Pfeiffer 21 time siden

    The micro roni has a delta sight

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly 21 time siden

    People who hate this have vaginas.

  • TheHAIR00
    TheHAIR00 22 timer siden

    Freedom ain’t not free boi

  • purosonoracompa
    purosonoracompa 22 timer siden


  • joe segrist
    joe segrist 23 timer siden

    Love his reviews and great guy, but please no jokes!

  • Isaac Trujillo
    Isaac Trujillo 23 timer siden

    I love finding things to stick my glock into!

  • snarfie magpie
    snarfie magpie 23 timer siden

    armalite keeps us, yous, and yours safe!

  • Wilson Maingrette
    Wilson Maingrette 23 timer siden

    love that shit

    Xx_MATTMAN_xX 23 timer siden


  • Felix XV
    Felix XV 23 timer siden

    This honestly makes me want to go against my unwarranted judgment of buying a glock so I can have this to.

  • owzam MIGz
    owzam MIGz 23 timer siden

    Im a fan pf your intros

  • Hobo fj
    Hobo fj Dag siden

    11:15 You survived 15 rounds

  • -Tq-
    -Tq- Dag siden

    Looks cool, I agree. But practically is still near zilch.

  • Zach Huntington
    Zach Huntington Dag siden +1

    🇺🇸 Fuck you NO-clip! Communist platform bull shit!

    JU1CY DR0PSH0T Dag siden

    This type of thing is in modern warfare remastered

  • Leo Chavez
    Leo Chavez Dag siden

    It sounds like macaroni

  • Aaron Reichenbach
    Aaron Reichenbach Dag siden

    11:57 his complete disregard for richoet

  • seth jenkins
    seth jenkins Dag siden

    I see your rocking that grey hair

  • Shaaky YT
    Shaaky YT Dag siden

    "Okay so this is lard, *shoots it* eww grosss *shoots it again* oh nasty *shoots it more* that is disgusting *shoots it 69 more times*

  • n00byboi 533
    n00byboi 533 Dag siden

    pew pew

  • Gaidon Games
    Gaidon Games Dag siden

    I know who im going to when the apocalypse hits

  • Jason Cooper
    Jason Cooper Dag siden

    Suppressor for counterbalance and auto sear with 33rd mags is really fun in the roni.

  • Adam Zaidi
    Adam Zaidi Dag siden

    It's been awhile since I've been on the channel and I must say, damn dude you're getting old!

  • Hunter Rogers
    Hunter Rogers Dag siden

    Fucking intro's just get better and better😂😂