The Gun You Didn't Know You Needed...

  • Publisert 9. jan.. 2019
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    "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
    Outro music by MDK,
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Kommentarer • 11 142

  • John FredericK Samonte
    John FredericK Samonte 2 timer siden

    11:15 dude, that was a evil-like, sinister laugh right there.. And i Like it...
    Uh, is that weird??

  • big chungus Guy
    big chungus Guy 6 timer siden

    Guys I think Matt's high

  • chris the fire fox
    chris the fire fox 9 timer siden

    Give a flip for the helmet

  • Nick Arceneaux
    Nick Arceneaux 10 timer siden

    8:23 it's a red rocket🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daily_dose_ of_deutschland

    7:27 i love how the beans just decided to get the hell outa there

  • Tyler Fucile
    Tyler Fucile 12 timer siden

    U should put a 8x or better scope on it and see how far it can shoot

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 12 timer siden

    Not gonna lie ur intro’s are cringey

  • Dimiti Petrenko
    Dimiti Petrenko 13 timer siden

    Reminds me of the default xcom AR

  • AughtDivision
    AughtDivision 16 timer siden

    I can see why she married you 0:42

  • Dark knight
    Dark knight 18 timer siden

    Rainbow six siege p10 ronnie gun for mozzie

  • edward kaiser
    edward kaiser Dag siden

    The beginning was so funny

  • Foxenbro
    Foxenbro Dag siden +1

    Small package (;

  • Terver Lawrence
    Terver Lawrence Dag siden

    I've been watching for a long time love your videos Spartan armor out of Tucson Arizona makes an AR 600 Steel I would love to see you test it against the ar500 I bought it myself I've shot it with m855 it is an amazing product please give it a shot no pun intended

  • Ralph Saint amand
    Ralph Saint amand Dag siden

    Mozzie? R6

  • Sacred Icon
    Sacred Icon Dag siden

    I need to get my Texas dl already

  • Andy Ford
    Andy Ford Dag siden

    This is a note to NO-clip. Demo ranch is a good Chanel and please don’t demonetize his vids I know you don’t like guns but here’s one of James wick comb and Riely poem remake. Demo gunna get you if you don’t watch out!

  • Caleb Novak
    Caleb Novak Dag siden

    you said one in the chamber

  • James Bong
    James Bong Dag siden +2

    First twenty seconds and I already wanna say Deus Vult

  • lue freeman
    lue freeman Dag siden

    That flex seal though !

  • D.G.R Productions
    D.G.R Productions Dag siden

    5:23 *lies 100*

  • Daddysbird
    Daddysbird 2 dager siden


  • Tenright77
    Tenright77 2 dager siden

    Matt I need your email address...

  • Hayden Pickett
    Hayden Pickett 2 dager siden

    Rainbow Six for life!!

  • cdg _
    cdg _ 2 dager siden +1

    that intro though LOL i died at the end part

  • James Menehune
    James Menehune 2 dager siden

    Thats amazing.... God bless america and people with new inventions. Its beautiful. Im getting one

  • Justin Mcmanus
    Justin Mcmanus 2 dager siden

    Anybody having a problem where they subscribe and they have to go back and re subscribe I have done this 3 times.

  • Michael D'Alonzo
    Michael D'Alonzo 2 dager siden

    Can you make more videos with memes in them

  • Odra Garza
    Odra Garza 2 dager siden

    Why have simplysafe when u have an ARMY of guns

  • xXChin_ChinXx
    xXChin_ChinXx 2 dager siden +13

    Anyone who plays rainbow six siege knows that this gun represents the p10 roni,only available for mozzie

  • Commander yinzer
    Commander yinzer 2 dager siden

    Shave the beard and keep the stash

  • TheStormWalker 0
    TheStormWalker 0 2 dager siden

    10:35 “yah its good put it on your toes in the morning”

  • Ivan Peniche
    Ivan Peniche 2 dager siden

    Ey this nigga shootin' beans

  • BlackRepublican
    BlackRepublican 2 dager siden

    Some hate it looks amazing!!! Where can I find this?

  • ZOMBIE 4762
    ZOMBIE 4762 2 dager siden

    The first part was funny

  • Riley McGowen
    Riley McGowen 2 dager siden

    check it out i got demolition ranch on urban dictionary

  • Official Kyle Leo
    Official Kyle Leo 3 dager siden

    Mozzie has joined chat*

    FISH TOPHER 3 dager siden

    Why are you just now showing the micro roni in 2019?

    • JT G
      JT G 2 dager siden

      FISH TOPHER it’s made specifically for the glock that breaks down. It’s not the regular roni.

  • guardian of memes
    guardian of memes 3 dager siden

    11:15 next joker confirmed?

  • Devonn Mayhew
    Devonn Mayhew 3 dager siden

    😫Noooooooo not the chilli

  • Doug Northey
    Doug Northey 3 dager siden

    9:39 “cause your gonna taste my venom” -Eminem

  • Gavin Heimerman
    Gavin Heimerman 3 dager siden

    Can you still use the slide release in the carbine?

  • Immanuel Kant
    Immanuel Kant 3 dager siden

    Make sure you clean up your spot.

  • David Betts
    David Betts 3 dager siden

    Dude spilled the BEANS!

  • Tanakorn Rabuephin 6a
    Tanakorn Rabuephin 6a 3 dager siden

    R.I.P. Table

  • Parzalai
    Parzalai 3 dager siden

    Actually the funniest intro ever

  • Albert Duddek
    Albert Duddek 3 dager siden

    that intro funny tho...

  • mamikhiangte mikhirh
    mamikhiangte mikhirh 4 dager siden

    What do you mean by demonitise what are they what do they do

  • Gaming Lunala
    Gaming Lunala 4 dager siden

    Ubisoft testing and increasing thr RONI before giving it to Mozzie

  • Redant23
    Redant23 4 dager siden +1

    Google (NO-clip) hates guns and freedom.

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 4 dager siden


  • bmd313
    bmd313 4 dager siden

    Love the videos lmao!! 😂😂😂

  • SwayingShadows
    SwayingShadows 4 dager siden


  • Jonathan Vorontsov
    Jonathan Vorontsov 4 dager siden

    People will just it’s the iPhone x

  • Keaton Hall
    Keaton Hall 4 dager siden

    Where can I find one of these macaroni’s?

  • It's Ya Boi Sammy
    It's Ya Boi Sammy 4 dager siden

    8:11 ok now your just being stupid lol

  • ben feesey
    ben feesey 4 dager siden +9

    I comment every time there is a rainbow six siege gun in your videos, this gun is the p-9c ronni it is a 19+1 magazine and has a 950rpm

  • dragonblue004 rider
    dragonblue004 rider 4 dager siden

    Don't waste food for fun.

  • Hsitimuh
    Hsitimuh 4 dager siden

    Is it a CC or a truck gun? I dunno, could be

  • Bob Rodndey
    Bob Rodndey 4 dager siden

    It looks like an uzi on steroids

  • Itsme
    Itsme 5 dager siden

    if this is a micro-roni is there a macro-roni...... maca-roni... for short

  • TheGunCreator2
    TheGunCreator2 5 dager siden

    Flex seal all over your beans and white powder..........


    CLASHING CARL 5 dager siden

    Yeah I definitely need those guns on a regular basis for school...mind doing a give away

  • Pierce Foss
    Pierce Foss 5 dager siden

    I'll support you on patreon

  • Emre Kent
    Emre Kent 5 dager siden +9

    when you are saying "micro roni" fast it sounds like "macaroni"

  • johnreallime
    johnreallime 5 dager siden

    Who are the People that don’t like these videos??

  • Ian Eshelman
    Ian Eshelman 5 dager siden +1

    Where would one find a Full Conceal retailer is it for the modified pistols?
    What are those attachments for the Micro Roni that accommodate the full conceal mod?

  • FaT3L sNiPeZ
    FaT3L sNiPeZ 5 dager siden

    That’s little laugh

  • IsNotWorking_exe
    IsNotWorking_exe 5 dager siden +1

    Mozzie got caught😂

  • Sandeep Hande
    Sandeep Hande 5 dager siden

    Aren't you scared of ricochet??? 🙄

  • Straightoutofchiraq
    Straightoutofchiraq 5 dager siden

    Beating shoulder

  • Straightoutofchiraq
    Straightoutofchiraq 5 dager siden

    Too much recoil

  • ManiacMatt
    ManiacMatt 5 dager siden

    The wood sticks comes out and it all goes down hill

  • Nikiah Terra
    Nikiah Terra 5 dager siden

    How did I know he was gonna say lard

  • Dylan Ellis
    Dylan Ellis 5 dager siden +1

    I like how they demonetized him but not the Momo thing

  • derek chung
    derek chung 5 dager siden

    whats the different to Fmg-9

  • odd ball
    odd ball 6 dager siden

    Didn't Mugpul make prototype folding glock?

  • qT1ify
    qT1ify 6 dager siden

    8:35 you just Busted Cinema myth #7 :D

  • i love unicorns
    i love unicorns 6 dager siden

    I need this gun 🔫

  • 514_lil_colocho
    514_lil_colocho 6 dager siden

    NO-clip sucks now

  • Zack Badal
    Zack Badal 6 dager siden

    I want that roni

  • Nick Mclaughlin
    Nick Mclaughlin 6 dager siden


  • Michael Crews
    Michael Crews 6 dager siden

    Chute football a boy

  • Michael Crews
    Michael Crews 6 dager siden +6

    Shoot bullet proof glass with a 50 cal

  • Frank Beaston
    Frank Beaston 6 dager siden

    TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

  • Caloosa Tactical
    Caloosa Tactical 6 dager siden

    Never seen lard... Mary

  • Joshua Maher
    Joshua Maher 6 dager siden

    God that table has been through hell

  • xd iCee
    xd iCee 6 dager siden +12

    You been playing the new Burnt Horizon, Matt? 😂

  • Moises Ramos
    Moises Ramos 6 dager siden

    More subscribers than views? I've seen it all😂

    Ali-A BATTLE ROYALE 6 dager siden

    You should use it to a p10

  • Garrett Wintermeyer
    Garrett Wintermeyer 6 dager siden

    Lard is just sollitified pig fat

  • Red FX
    Red FX 7 dager siden +2

    That gun is a taint. Taint a good pistol and taint a good carbine. I own Glocks and a CZ Scorpion both better on their own.

  • Red FX
    Red FX 7 dager siden +2

    Breaking in to this dudes house is a big mistake.

  • Axel Shmontes
    Axel Shmontes 7 dager siden

    *NOT ME THO*

  • Preet Singh
    Preet Singh 7 dager siden +1

    Why waste a food?Don't you have enough targets?

  • The Protocol
    The Protocol 7 dager siden

    why spend 400 bucks on an attachment for your gun when you could pick up and Extar EP9 for 400 bucks and have an actual pistol. But whatever floats your boat I guess.

  • Dcal
    Dcal 7 dager siden +1

    Now this is a fun time, subscribed

  • Sam Croucher
    Sam Croucher 7 dager siden

    What a great idea

  • LegoGuy4447
    LegoGuy4447 7 dager siden

    A way to make it better full auto

  • Aaron Chandler
    Aaron Chandler 7 dager siden

    That looks like something out of X-com.

  • simon57ish
    simon57ish 7 dager siden

    Americans.... Are awesome beasts And I’m Canadian