I'm MOVING Out Of The SIDEMEN House!

  • Publisert 2. des.. 2018
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Kommentarer • 3 736

  • J.A.R Toons
    J.A.R Toons 23 dager siden

    Simon vik josh all of them have left the house no ones there now

  • Cobra_ Daytona
    Cobra_ Daytona 29 dager siden

    I bet you two days after this guy, who is the only grown up man in here, left, that house will be on fire...

  • xPrO_AssassinZzx
    xPrO_AssassinZzx Måned siden


  • BraggestCobra 74
    BraggestCobra 74 Måned siden

    R.I.P Sidemen House

  • ehsan312
    ehsan312 Måned siden

    I can't imagine anyone in the sidemen having a baby and taking care of it

    Sidemen baby sitting challenge (sidemen sunday)

  • JwJ - Gaming
    JwJ - Gaming Måned siden

    Why did you put ads on this video?

  • Duck Boi
    Duck Boi Måned siden

    11:46 “you may see a slight tear roll from my eye” more like it

  • Duck Boi
    Duck Boi Måned siden

    I’m getting OLD and I feel the end of the sidemen is near bois. 😭

    • Duck Boi
      Duck Boi Måned siden

      They’re going to get too old to do the sidemen and it’s gonna happen and I’m dreading the day it happens!🥺

  • Danny C.
    Danny C. Måned siden

    Bro I lowkey wanna cry rn. I’ve been watching the sideman for like 5 years 😭😭. This is the beginning of the end...

  • Lenny Summers
    Lenny Summers Måned siden

    So is he also leaving the sidemen 😭😭😭😭

  • Reece Williamson
    Reece Williamson Måned siden

    Why are they leaving

  • Carnage 75
    Carnage 75 Måned siden

    He's leaving the house so that he can focus on doing Illuminate

  • Ian Munro
    Ian Munro Måned siden

    Do a vid braking into vik⭐️ house and hiding from 72 hours

  • Joshuak01
    Joshuak01 Måned siden

    On sidemen channel, make some of those OG GTA V videos!?!?!

  • Max drew
    Max drew Måned siden

    I can’t believe eight years where have I been under a rock

  • Chronic Blast
    Chronic Blast Måned siden

    my grandma is a nagger

  • TTM _ghost
    TTM _ghost Måned siden

    Can we collab I am in London so I can just give you an email

  • Will Thorogood
    Will Thorogood Måned siden

    17:51 nice outro song

  • Chethan SOZA
    Chethan SOZA 2 måneder siden

    I’m crying

  • The Wolf Leader
    The Wolf Leader 2 måneder siden

    Will you still be able to do your minigolf videos on your other channel once you move out? ;-; I love those and they've kinda disappeared

  • M The g
    M The g 2 måneder siden

    This was painful to watch😭

  • surrender1234
    surrender1234 2 måneder siden

    Nobody cares

  • Samuel
    Samuel 2 måneder siden

    Deji and his parents are probs gonna move buy the sidemen house when everyone has gone.

  • AptSWAG
    AptSWAG 2 måneder siden

    I commented

  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo 2 måneder siden

    6 ads . Jesus

  • kingsman da savage
    kingsman da savage 2 måneder siden

    Views views views views. Jeez the thirst is real

  • James Beattie
    James Beattie 2 måneder siden

    Good luck

  • Fuller Playz
    Fuller Playz 2 måneder siden

    Good luck bro. Hope you 2 have a great experience 😀

  • Jamil Miah
    Jamil Miah 2 måneder siden

    You should marry

  • Adam Lam
    Adam Lam 2 måneder siden

    8 YEARS

  • Vilumer
    Vilumer 2 måneder siden

    RIP everybody's childhood

  • Joe Magliocco
    Joe Magliocco 2 måneder siden

    Josh you’re a boss, love your vids and am supporting you 100%.
    And for maybe a bit of reassurance, me and my Mrs got together aged 16, been together 7 years, finally moved in together and it’s only made it better. Sure you and Freya will be the same x

  • i love tits
    i love tits 2 måneder siden

    finally randolph can be irrelevant

  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe 2 måneder siden

    If you ever need work you could voice Kermit the 🐸

  • Chris Rowe
    Chris Rowe 2 måneder siden

    I’d never have thought in 2018 1 million people would be watching a video of a lad moving out a house announcement 🤣

  • Haitian X
    Haitian X 2 måneder siden


  • The Asian Gamer
    The Asian Gamer 2 måneder siden +1

    First vik now you!

  • A. Visitor
    A. Visitor 2 måneder siden

    I guess its the sideMAN house now.

  • Nextrick
    Nextrick 2 måneder siden

    To a nursing home?

  • William Hobbs
    William Hobbs 2 måneder siden

    The sidemen really haven’t been the same for a while, sad to see you guys move apart but I can fully understand why

  • Corey Tigger
    Corey Tigger 2 måneder siden

    Is the sidemen breaking up or you still going to be together

  • Antonio Posarić
    Antonio Posarić 2 måneder siden +1

    Sidemen still excists.. so stop bitching around.

  • Joe McConnell
    Joe McConnell 2 måneder siden

    Your leaving the house, end of. Doesn't really need to be 18 minutes long with 6 mid role ads!

  • Tasha Rob
    Tasha Rob 2 måneder siden

    Next video: Sidemen house leaves the Sideman house

  • 8Trayer8
    8Trayer8 2 måneder siden

    Gonna miss Zerkiminter

  • OnlineGamer330
    OnlineGamer330 2 måneder siden

    Just don't be friends with Randolph anymore and live together, easy as that!

  • Macias707
    Macias707 2 måneder siden

    Damn the homie bouta get married married.

  • Pyromancer
    Pyromancer 2 måneder siden

    Can I move into your old room?

  • Adam Coventry
    Adam Coventry 2 måneder siden

    It's a real culture shock when you stop living with your friends

  • Pumpydog98
    Pumpydog98 2 måneder siden

    Not news vic did it so it’s old news

    JFV NATION 2 måneder siden

    Give the house to your subbies and let us take over that would be dope

  • I am Random
    I am Random 2 måneder siden

    Wait if they're all moving and I heard that Jj and Simon are going to LA or that shit, and Josh moving out, there might not even be Sidemen next year?

  • JustBeing akareem
    JustBeing akareem 2 måneder siden

    Think about what your doing, talk to the others let Tobi and Ethan be with you

  • Tuomas Grannas
    Tuomas Grannas 2 måneder siden

    Now that everyone's moving out, I hope the Sidemen do one final video in the Sidemen House where they go through their favourite moments in the house, and then leave and shut down the lights like in the end of FR.I.E.N.D.S.

  • Mai Lahn-Johannessen
    Mai Lahn-Johannessen 2 måneder siden

    Josh, you will always be a dad...

  • Joanne Cawe
    Joanne Cawe 2 måneder siden

    Why are everyone leaving !!:0

  • Koneshka Dey
    Koneshka Dey 2 måneder siden


  • Prakash NB
    Prakash NB 2 måneder siden

    So The sidemen are disbanding

  • João Schneider
    João Schneider 2 måneder siden

    Where will Randolph go?

  • Idris Khan
    Idris Khan 2 måneder siden +1


  • Joaquin the dreem
    Joaquin the dreem 2 måneder siden

    Literally grew up with these guys now I'm turning 21 soon and moving out I remember early high school days watching these guys after school now I'm nearing 21 and moving out also, time flies.....

  • Samuel Thaddeus
    Samuel Thaddeus 2 måneder siden

    lol is it just me or the sidemen lol just a bunch of youtubers catfishing day after day
    lol they gonna split sooon

  • Calob Rabaa
    Calob Rabaa 2 måneder siden

    Whos gonna take care of Harry? 😂

  • Singh_P G
    Singh_P G 2 måneder siden

    Enjoyed the video

  • Jonghyun💙
    Jonghyun💙 2 måneder siden

    Congratulations for 8 years!!

  • Rahela Shikorina
    Rahela Shikorina 2 måneder siden

    The Sidemen are making themselves more sus by not only him but Vikk as well to announce they’re moving out RIGHT when those two numbskull of the bros. got into a beef that nobody cares in the end anyway. Like why now? Y’all could’ve announced any other time but right when there’s a scandal goin on just makes the Sidemen look like they’re hiding there reputations to not make them look like bad guys targeting on Deji. Sure they planned out long time ago, but there’s a time & a place, so apparently even tho Vikk announced the same day as Josh to move out, just really seems like the beef with the bros. could be fake. Cuz why not just put the title “The Sidemen moving to LA” & leave it there? This is making shit coincidental & suspicious to announce. Buuut iduno, that’s what I think. Plus Harry, Tobi, & Ethan didn’t say anything yet! Or did they already on twitter? I don’t own one so y’all tell me 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Natalie Walkden
    Natalie Walkden 2 måneder siden

    I was 2 years old when u got with ur girlfriend

  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever 2 måneder siden

    If they did a good bye sidemen house video i am gonna cry

  • Crafty Chris
    Crafty Chris 2 måneder siden

    An update video filled with ads lmao

  • jameka robinson
    jameka robinson 2 måneder siden

    This whole beef between jj and deji is starting to get to me in deji's video last night he said something about thinking about moving to L.A now in his video he saying JJ is moving to L.A or thinking about it I don't know but it seems to me that the whole deji and JJ beef is fake but I'm not sure

  • syarif adrian
    syarif adrian 2 måneder siden

    so whats gonna happen to this house?

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor 2 måneder siden

    It’s sad because I grew up watching u guys 😞

  • Aamina A
    Aamina A 2 måneder siden +2

    He was the dad of the sidemen

  • Aamina A
    Aamina A 2 måneder siden +1


  • 711shnitz
    711shnitz 2 måneder siden

    Idk if people realize that the sidemen house was a lease and the lease is probably over now so instead of moving on they all decided to make videos about leaving to gain views.

  • Ur fat
    Ur fat 2 måneder siden +1

    I knew josh was next

  • Schmithy 9120
    Schmithy 9120 2 måneder siden +1

    Rip sidemen they were good in 2016

  • Pipato _Da_Bomb
    Pipato _Da_Bomb 2 måneder siden

    Let's just call it the house since it can't be a sidemen house without any sidemen

  • RightMostAxe
    RightMostAxe 2 måneder siden

    Is this all cause of the ksi and deji beef?? If not can i jump into the sidemen house

  • S Chowdhury
    S Chowdhury 2 måneder siden

    Can I replace you then

  • Car Fan
    Car Fan 2 måneder siden


  • Patsy Mulhearn
    Patsy Mulhearn 2 måneder siden

    Happy for you and Freya moving in together! 💓

  • شـوآشـش ،
    شـوآشـش ، 2 måneder siden

    Harry n josh have problem together.

  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker 2 måneder siden

    Ad ad ad ad ad ad

  • Alberto Gaitan
    Alberto Gaitan 2 måneder siden

    Good luck

  • Jackson Walsh Graham
    Jackson Walsh Graham 2 måneder siden

    So daddy Zerka is gonna be a real dad in the near future.

    KEYZI 2 måneder siden +1

    SO BASICALLY FaZe situation all over again

  • Saz1284
    Saz1284 2 måneder siden

    Josh, mate 😂😂 it's diss track season you're missing out on views

  • NoVa ULT1M4TE
    NoVa ULT1M4TE 2 måneder siden

    No sidemen?

  • joseph worrell
    joseph worrell 2 måneder siden

    RIP sidemen

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty 2 måneder siden

    Sidemen: Hey guys lets buy a £10 mil house to live in together
    Also sidemen: We’re leaving
    House: Am I a joke to u?

  • Cheesemarine
    Cheesemarine 2 måneder siden

    It's the beginning of the end :(

  • Jullian Molina
    Jullian Molina 2 måneder siden

    Ksi is gonna realize everyone he’s gonna be left alone very soon

  • Timonas Bloze
    Timonas Bloze 2 måneder siden

    Waiting for kids daddy Zerkaa

  • Siam Jansari
    Siam Jansari 2 måneder siden

    An ad every 3mins

  • Asis
    Asis 2 måneder siden

    Deep down I feel a strange sense of sadness knowing that my childhood is almost over.

  • SamSingh
    SamSingh 2 måneder siden

    Imagine if callux tries to sneak in again.

  • Ibrahim Saqib
    Ibrahim Saqib 2 måneder siden

    What happened to his parents?

  • Ōtakû .o
    Ōtakû .o 2 måneder siden

    I’m not surprised that some of the sidemen are moving out because their not young adults their getting older I’m happy for them I know some people will be sad though

  • King Aubameyang
    King Aubameyang 2 måneder siden

    the end of the sidemen and there friendship