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The Country Girls of TikTok

  • Publisert 14. des.. 2018
  • YEE YEE!!! A little while back, I made a video called "The Country Boys of TikTok", and it was a lot of fun to make, and I was just truly fascinated by country folk. So, obviously, I had to make a "Country Girls of Tik Tok"'s only fair. So, put your boots on, and get ready for a bunch of yee-yees and yee-haws.

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  • Kurtis Conner
    Kurtis Conner  3 måneder siden +12036

    Lemme get a YEEYEE right quick!!! also check out the description and grab some KurtisTown apparel. I really wanted to make cowboy boots as my merch but maybe in the next drop!!! lol kk thanks for watching see u soon!!!

  • Your Face
    Your Face Minutt siden

    Just letting everyone know, that song with the girl on the ATV is real. It’s called International Harvester. My mom likes it. I don’t. YeE yEe My FrIeNdS.

  • sowhatandisaidhi 22
    sowhatandisaidhi 22 54 minutter siden

    Are you saying there are coffee shops in the north?

  • Lelia Stollin
    Lelia Stollin Time siden

    tbh i loved the camo joke

  • saturn traces
    saturn traces Time siden

    who else actually said yee yee at the end of the video

  • Aquaard
    Aquaard Time siden


  • Tamara Lilley
    Tamara Lilley Time siden

    Idk how I've never come across you before but damn I was missing out 😂😂😂 I love NO-cliprs with actually funny content

  • reese mckenna
    reese mckenna 3 timer siden

    well i mean, my aunt is getting married in Yosemite so her and some of us bridesmaids are wearing hiking/work boots 🤷‍♀️😂

  • Jade's Life
    Jade's Life 4 timer siden

    As a *redneck* ima just drop a *yee yee* here-

  • Bethel _
    Bethel _ 4 timer siden

    The lyrics are like "something something she looks good in camouflage something something *brown and green*, she's the sexiest tree I've ever seen". A tree is brown and green and I guess that's why he's comparing her to a tree. But still, funny lyrics dude 😅

  • /:
    /: 4 timer siden +1

    PLEASE do british northern tick tock girls 🙂

  • Person Unknown
    Person Unknown 4 timer siden

    Howdy peeps

  • kelsey mckenzie
    kelsey mckenzie 5 timer siden +1

    You crack me up so much. I was crying laughing during this video. Your commentary is gold 😂 I'm from North Carolina and I know some people like this lol.

  • Raeveuse
    Raeveuse 6 timer siden


  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 7 timer siden

    This is my favorite video on the internet

  • nic foster
    nic foster 8 timer siden

    i watch this and the country boy one almost daily

  • Di Eaton
    Di Eaton 8 timer siden

    8:41 mood

  • Ephjay Dulay
    Ephjay Dulay 10 timer siden

    yee yeeEEEEeeeEeee

  • kat vergara
    kat vergara 13 timer siden

    kurtis is funnier than the actual footage

  • bb shrimp
    bb shrimp 14 timer siden

    been watching ur videos all night through some tough times and honestly this extra greeting is really comforting

  • S C
    S C 14 timer siden

    Cowboy boots are actually really cute in weddings. My cousin had a barn wedding that was business casual so it fits really well

  • Yeoman Hernandez Vieyra
    Yeoman Hernandez Vieyra 15 timer siden +1

    *YEE YEE*

  • S C
    S C 15 timer siden

    I love country people. I worked on my uncle's farm and it's so fun

  • Krystal Meth
    Krystal Meth 15 timer siden

    Okay, listen here buddy. I’m from North Carolina and there aRE coffee shops. We’re just as addicted to caffeine as everyOnE eLsE. And sometimes you just feel the need to hop in ur 4x4 and ruin your grass in the backyard. Living in the middle of nowhere, you have to entertain yourself somehow.

  • Leah Perry
    Leah Perry 16 timer siden

    its so funny hearing the way he talks about the south and actually living in the south lmaoooo

  • Jamal Cortez
    Jamal Cortez 16 timer siden


  • SheWontFollow
    SheWontFollow 16 timer siden

    *D E E R S K I N N E R*

  • X maya X
    X maya X 16 timer siden

    I'd like to see a collab with Anthony Padilla

  • Alex Cwynar
    Alex Cwynar 18 timer siden

    The only good country song is the house building song from RDR2 don’t fight me on this

  • Rachel Crick
    Rachel Crick 18 timer siden

    I live in the south and yes, we have coffee shops

  • Rachel Crick
    Rachel Crick 18 timer siden

    why is it that every youtuber is either a complete psycho or embarrassed of their past self when editing

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 18 timer siden

    8:51 I laughed way too damn hard lmao

  • Jessi Is Super Gay
    Jessi Is Super Gay 18 timer siden

    The girl at 13:43 does not have a bra on (very clearly) and it's annoying me. That's not.. correct.

  • Gracie Smithson
    Gracie Smithson 19 timer siden

    i wish i was a sexy tree

  • Alexis Elliot
    Alexis Elliot 19 timer siden

    His laugh is actually the cutest thing there is

  • Katie Miller
    Katie Miller 20 timer siden +2

    I’m from West Virginia.(an ACTUAL yee yee state like wtf) so I actually KNOW people like this. IN REAL LIFE I actually know these kinds of people. You think this is bad? Imagine actually knowing these motherfuckers. For example, a guy I know had his dirt bike in the back of his pickup truck, sat on it in the parking lot of my school, and revved that shit for 20 fucking minutes for absolutely no reason. Imagine this at 7am. This is a normal everyday thing here

    • Potatochipninja
      Potatochipninja 17 timer siden

      I'm from VA and omfg why is it that the yeeyees feel that making noise is anywhere near cool???

  • • Xx_Audie Playz_xX •

    Listen I love your vids , but don't disrespect Crocs like that they're comfortable

  • bC01o o
    bC01o o 22 timer siden

    I’m from the south and let me tell you, when country bumpkins get bored they absolutely do drive around in their 15 year old trucks for no goddamn reason

  • petra
    petra 22 timer siden +1

    0:03 omg is that harry stylez😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • piko
    piko 22 timer siden

    can u please make more country covers, they're so frickin funny

  • Ella McCreary
    Ella McCreary 22 timer siden

    i love how casually inclusive you are?? like it would've been so easy not to mention that nonbinary people exist, but you did it and it makes me so happy. i'm not nb myself, but it's such a sweet touch that makes me really happy

  • F r a n c e s c a
    F r a n c e s c a 22 timer siden


  • Jailynn Belcher
    Jailynn Belcher 23 timer siden

    I feel attacked

  • Hello Hardings
    Hello Hardings Dag siden

    What I love most about this is how cautiously the "all country" girl is driving the truck at 3:26

  • Didi Schulze
    Didi Schulze Dag siden +1

    "Your boyfriend cant gut a deer
    ?" Is ok but
    "Your girlfriend cant cook?" Is socially unacceptable ??

  • Alix Mollay
    Alix Mollay Dag siden

    My mom. My mom got married in cowboy boots.

  • 死者
    死者 Dag siden


    CANADIAN Dag siden

    country boooy i looove yooooou 👅😏

  • no, don't eat my bread, don't look down on me

    I'll have you know that the south has plenty of coffee shops okay ALL white girls love Starbucks even country girls

  • Rudore Bob
    Rudore Bob Dag siden

    So Kurtis doesn't drink huh?

  • flowey the flower
    flowey the flower Dag siden

    Jack Daniels makes whiskey.

  • flowey the flower
    flowey the flower Dag siden

    11:09 my dad. And my sister. Literally my entire family. Welcome to Texas

  • flowey the flower
    flowey the flower Dag siden

    God damn i know all the songs used in this video.

  • Kelsey Robinson
    Kelsey Robinson Dag siden +6

    I love these videos because they're such pick-me nonsense. Being a genuine farmer-y person (taking care of farm animals, taking care of a garden, being mechanically-inclined and fixing things, having hunting as a hobby, etc) are all legit hobbies and aspects of your life, and the attitudes that come with them are characteristics. But so many of these men and women are just putting on the trappings of being "cOuNtRy fOLk" as an aesthetic and thinking that liking TRUCKS and GUNS and CAMO is a personality.
    It's not.
    Also, yee yee.

  • Bot 134340
    Bot 134340 Dag siden +1

    Kurtis you should watch "pandering" by bo burnham in your spare time. It's a comedy country song

  • Magicial Nell nell
    Magicial Nell nell Dag siden +4

    As a literal "country girl" I find this utterly hilarious and can confirm almost all of these stereotypes.

  • jesiennie
    jesiennie Dag siden

    I think I love u boi but I feel so uncomfortable watching these tiktoks I have to go

  • r o s e
    r o s e Dag siden

    yee (and i cannot stress this enough) haw

  • Xanorama Xantana
    Xanorama Xantana Dag siden

    'I want to shake your tree '

  • Potato Productions
    Potato Productions Dag siden

    i lost it when he said deer skinner

  • Silver Fox
    Silver Fox Dag siden +1

    I subscribed plz can I have my 💖Extra Greeting💖
    Thx 🤠🤠🤠

  • Alfredo Jones
    Alfredo Jones Dag siden

    Sexiest tree lmao

  • Who am I
    Who am I Dag siden

    I’ve been to a wedding with camo in the weeding gown -a person who is low key ashamed of being from Texas

  • Tiana Marie
    Tiana Marie Dag siden

    Just got a tik tom ad

  • White Trash
    White Trash Dag siden

    Beers, trucks, backyards, and no fucks

  • Kezu
    Kezu Dag siden

    I live in a very very southern area and I hate them all.

  • Kayleigh Davis
    Kayleigh Davis Dag siden

    i live in tennessee and i promise you we all aren’t like this lmao, these are just the rural towns in the south

  • Jenifer Tomlinson
    Jenifer Tomlinson Dag siden +1

    7:51 sounds like something young and wild Harry Styles would do

  • Jenifer Tomlinson
    Jenifer Tomlinson Dag siden

    The intro reminds me of “this town” by Niall Horan and “two of us” by Louis Tomlinson

  • yee yee
    yee yee Dag siden

    the saddest thing about this is my grandparents are country folks and my aunt and grandma listens to country 🥺😭

  • Kim Lewis
    Kim Lewis Dag siden

    Sub to him I get an extra greeting every time it’s
    So kind.

  • Brendon Urie's Forehead

    Kurtis reminds me of Eric Forman from that 70s show😂

  • Lem G
    Lem G Dag siden


  • A Fewpages
    A Fewpages Dag siden +1

    "can I be a horse?"

  • Katie Murray
    Katie Murray Dag siden +12

    "I'm eating some beer" ~ Kurtis Conner 2018

  • billie gaskell silver

    am i the only one that wished the horse pooped well the girl was making the tiktok

  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty 2 dager siden


  • Some Idiot
    Some Idiot 2 dager siden

    Still loving them extra greetings

  • Emmer Jean
    Emmer Jean 2 dager siden

    this made me laugh so fucking much omg. lost both lungs stg

  • allie schell
    allie schell 2 dager siden


  • Jenna Gage
    Jenna Gage 2 dager siden

    I just went to a wedding where the bride wore cowboy boots......Yee Yee

  • yeetus
    yeetus 2 dager siden

    *166k yee yees*

  • ELISA Mayb
    ELISA Mayb 2 dager siden

    He looks like justin bieber

  • SonicGirl4Ever
    SonicGirl4Ever 2 dager siden

    This is one of my favorite videos on this website. I can't stop rewatching. Congrats on 1 mil~

  • Heathen Potato
    Heathen Potato 2 dager siden +3

    _“She’s the sexiest tree I’ve ever seen”_
    Uhhh, pretty sure those are stolen Hozier lyrics

  • UwU Bandit
    UwU Bandit 2 dager siden

    The best thing is he knows nothing about people in the south.

  • Allie Johnson
    Allie Johnson 2 dager siden

    Yee yee 🤠

  • Alice Butterfield
    Alice Butterfield 2 dager siden +1

    If you wanna fuck,
    *sKiN a BucK*

  • Georgia Lehman
    Georgia Lehman 2 dager siden

    1:50 you missed a great fucking opportunity to say ‘that’s the way it’s gonna be little darling, we’ll go riding on the horses’ and I’m immensely disappointed

  • eilis sutcliffe
    eilis sutcliffe 2 dager siden

    I have never laughed more in my life than at this video. YEE YEE

  • Yin V2
    Yin V2 2 dager siden +1

    I'll only call you when it's half past six
    Cause that's when im finished throwing sticks

  • My clock is hard Without the L

    Down in Texas we call those 4 wheelers instead of atvs

  • frank rizzo
    frank rizzo 2 dager siden

    Yes wee are done as a society

  • razzamatazzy
    razzamatazzy 2 dager siden +9

    As a southerner, every southerner joke you've ever done is my favorite. You remind me so much of my best friend from washington state, you're the extrovert version of him xD

  • Oliva Reynolds
    Oliva Reynolds 2 dager siden +7

    I'm not a country girl, but I live in a rural town, where there are WAY too many country girls. (including my mom)
    the yee yee's are closing in on me.

  • janiah anderson
    janiah anderson 2 dager siden

    yee yee

  • sturges looks like deacon

    It's funny bc it's true trust me sick live in eclectic alabama

  • Kaitmarie
    Kaitmarie 2 dager siden

    They do

  • Lulu Is stupid
    Lulu Is stupid 2 dager siden

    I liked my extra greeting today

  • Imani Jade
    Imani Jade 2 dager siden

    I’m from the yee-haw state and honestly this is 1000% the people I’ve grown up around and went to university with and sad to say even dated 😂#Lowkeyasoutherngirlatheart 🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂