Fulham 0-3 Manchester United - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Post Match Press Conference - Premier League

  • Publisert 9. feb.. 2019
  • Press conference with Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer following a 3-0 win at Fulham
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Kommentarer • 375

  • BooktownBoy
    BooktownBoy 5 dager siden

    The calm of a Norwegian the passion of a red, love him #20Legend

  • Mike.
    Mike. 5 dager siden

    Too many adverts

  • Solomona FOX
    Solomona FOX 5 dager siden

    I think, Solskjaer gets old too quickly :/

  • 98five3
    98five3 5 dager siden

    Who would dislike this video??? Ole is class

  • Peter Mlilo
    Peter Mlilo 5 dager siden

    Love this guy so humble always has a smile keep on winning Ole

  • Ivan Dr
    Ivan Dr 5 dager siden

    He even has got a proper Mancunian accent!

  • wojciechrozek
    wojciechrozek 6 dager siden

    Fred should be our upgraded version of Kante

  • Junger Chen Long
    Junger Chen Long 6 dager siden

    Never win cup under ole.....not got enought

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson 6 dager siden

    Fulham were depressing to watch, couldn't string two passes together, trash.

  • Emyshine Felix
    Emyshine Felix 6 dager siden

    I feel Ander never really gets the accolades he deserves...why...infact they seem to forget his name easily

  • james tan
    james tan 6 dager siden

    OLE bleeds RED.

  • joe moonblue
    joe moonblue 6 dager siden +2

    like a kid in a sweet shop

  • Zedrick Kcirdez
    Zedrick Kcirdez 6 dager siden +2

    This man is superb

  • Rab Mc
    Rab Mc 6 dager siden

    I love this guy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • hssom alshlali
    hssom alshlali 6 dager siden

    I think that’s it we found the manager we’ve looking for post SAF era. Just give it to him already

  • Jo G
    Jo G 6 dager siden

    If ole gets something out of psg and Liverpool games..how can anyone deny him the job then. United fans will be disgusted if he doesn’t get it.

  • Norma Grixti
    Norma Grixti 6 dager siden

    Ole where have you been😙 Please stay😈

  • choochoochooseyou
    choochoochooseyou 6 dager siden

    Give Ole the job or there'll be riots

  • sonam tsering
    sonam tsering 6 dager siden

    My manager

  • sleepy 585
    sleepy 585 6 dager siden

    At least we are in the top 4 now and Chelsea doesn’t have a chance with Man City

  • sleepy 585
    sleepy 585 6 dager siden

    Lol ole be fixing his teeth 1:26

  • Age of Reason
    Age of Reason 6 dager siden

    Really really lazy to extend the video past 10 minutes so you can monetize it.

  • Jason Hewitt
    Jason Hewitt 6 dager siden

    It’s getting to the point now where it’s going to take a very brave person (Woodward) to give this job to someone else. If it went tits up after Ole was replaced he’ll have his nuts nailed to the door.

  • Joshua Cooke
    Joshua Cooke 6 dager siden

    These fuckin last 4 minutes just to hit then 10 minute mark 😂😂

  • Shavon Harvey
    Shavon Harvey 6 dager siden +2

    Psg dead off....rashford martial and pogba

  • FGC_Winx
    FGC_Winx 6 dager siden


  • Rebel Mode
    Rebel Mode 6 dager siden +1


  • Hakim Balala
    Hakim Balala 6 dager siden

    Mourihno said " Utd need a miracle to be in top 4"
    Ole delivered the miracle.

  • Demon Hunter
    Demon Hunter 6 dager siden

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer real test as MU manager will be Champion's League against PSG. It will be a major factor for a permanent manager job at MU.

  • Mr Spooky
    Mr Spooky 6 dager siden

    I appreciate the effort mate, but when I click on a press conference video, I don't expect half the video to be something else. I don't know what your intention is, but you'd excuse me if I go ahead and assume that it's to increase the video length and in turn your channel view time. If you want to give us additional info, consider separating the videos. The way you're going about it right now is going to send your channel south. I put these kind of videos on a playlist and listen to them in the background, if I want to listen to music I have spotify, don't need royalfy free music off youtube.

  • anthony waswa
    anthony waswa 6 dager siden

    I like his attitude. "Yeah top 4 looks like a big thing..." which means its NOT! This guy! His mentality is unmatched

  • dillon84
    dillon84 6 dager siden

    What's the instrumental tune after the conference??

  • Tannerstad Films
    Tannerstad Films 6 dager siden

    Anyone please know the name of the song at the end?

  • stlj
    stlj 6 dager siden

    Dude oozes confidence and humility. Got everything in his locker to be a success and I feel confident playing any team in the world now. Bring on PSG

  • JohnnyDub
    JohnnyDub 6 dager siden

    The standards of everything has improved. Players suited & booted getting off the team bus. The highest standards SAF demanded. 👌

  • Kyle Paterson
    Kyle Paterson 6 dager siden

    Haha when your vodka and coke is to strong

  • brendameistar
    brendameistar 6 dager siden

    Ramsey Bolton?

  • Tyler Maugle
    Tyler Maugle 6 dager siden

    So much love and respect for OLE :) HE BETTER GET THE JOB

  • lindo mngadi
    lindo mngadi 6 dager siden

    Ole speaks in such a humble manner. I need to learn this

  • Sy Kabir
    Sy Kabir 6 dager siden

    What I like about OGS he always states he’s looking forward to the next game, no matter how big or small the club is he always says he’s looking forward to the next game.

  • lord vader
    lord vader 6 dager siden


  • lord vader
    lord vader 6 dager siden


  • nasir mmaka
    nasir mmaka 6 dager siden +1

    That is what we need ole, that when man u wins,it is contribution of every one, players,coach, and all pannels including we spectators. Again u said well that when you played, something like what fred is passing was . So u jonalists there is no loopholes to deunionize our team. Thanks for hot debate.

  • Magese William
    Magese William 6 dager siden

    Solskjaer is Manchester united Coach, n it will now change in the next 10yrs, n he is winning the Champions league this yr....

  • Maxwell Bamfo
    Maxwell Bamfo 6 dager siden

    ole has proved all the idiots wrong

  • BeauMonde
    BeauMonde 6 dager siden +2

    Give him the job.

  • Kelly Westren
    Kelly Westren 6 dager siden

    Ole in my heart i love you my hero

  • Cian O'Malley
    Cian O'Malley 6 dager siden

    Arsene Wenger should go for the Molde job.

  • Insanu abar
    Insanu abar 6 dager siden +2

    Humble person... i like his attitude as manager.

  • Three lions on our shirt
    Three lions on our shirt 6 dager siden

    Cannot wait to play the bindippers at O.T

  • Ľuboš Seidl
    Ľuboš Seidl 6 dager siden

    Anybody esle here for the comments? :D

  • Mr Varus
    Mr Varus 6 dager siden

    My Precious.

  • eduardo landolt
    eduardo landolt 6 dager siden

    Mourinho is so good that he doesnt even need to be there...

  • Mutabazi Ezra
    Mutabazi Ezra 6 dager siden

    The manager who considers every match to be a bigger one is always the best. And that's what Gunnar is doing. 😍😍

  • Brendan Townsend
    Brendan Townsend 6 dager siden

    He looks about 70. Wtf. Footballing your whole career obviously takes its toll

    • Brendan Townsend
      Brendan Townsend 6 dager siden

      +758sss He looks old man. It's obvious. Let's end this silly debate here

    • 758sss
      758sss 6 dager siden

      Brendan Townsend LOL, defend him? How is that defending him? I just state the fact. You get wrinkles when you get older. His grey hair makes him look older...besides why comment on his looks. Concentrate on what he is doing as a manager instead...and btw I'm not a man.

    • Brendan Townsend
      Brendan Townsend 6 dager siden

      ​+758sss Man, stop trying to defend him with nonsense, just face the facts

    • 758sss
      758sss 6 dager siden

      Brendan Townsend Just because he has grey hair. Remove that and he has the baby face he always had. News Flash, wthout botox, your face gets wrinkles when you are over 40 😜

  • krishnendu bhattacharya
    krishnendu bhattacharya 7 dager siden

    Ole should be the permanent manager of our team cause he brought back smile to lot and lot of faces ! 😊

  • Adam J
    Adam J 7 dager siden +1

    If he beats Liverpool and stops them from winning the league this man deserves to be knighted never mind given the job

  • Adam J
    Adam J 7 dager siden +1

    PSG looking scared 😟

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright 7 dager siden +2

    The Baby Faced Assassin is back. Arm him. God bless The Quiet Beast.

  • Salim Sintha
    Salim Sintha 7 dager siden

    What a guy solkjaer... Mere humbleness

  • harbinger
    harbinger 7 dager siden

    Martial reminded me of Thierry Henry with that finish today... what a performance

  • The Sound Of Pop Art
    The Sound Of Pop Art 7 dager siden

    11pts off top 4 when Ole took over 11pts off top spot now with Liverpool and Man City to play... just saying 😉

  • Pogboo
    Pogboo 7 dager siden

    Pogba are going to Bomb PSG

  • Naomi Walsh
    Naomi Walsh 7 dager siden

    If he gets the team right first the psg match he should be given the job but the best managers lose big games aswell... Give our baby face assasin the permanent contract

  • MrSitemaster2
    MrSitemaster2 7 dager siden

    Solskjaer OUT !

  • Hoorispo China
    Hoorispo China 7 dager siden

    old school, man utd will be again champion of europe

  • Chiemeka Eribenne
    Chiemeka Eribenne 7 dager siden

    This dude is even more likeable than Klopp. You can see why the players are performing with confidence and freedom.. Pogba haters have gone awful quiet now. Lol..

  • Busang Moshifa
    Busang Moshifa 7 dager siden +6

    "We might have a say what happens at the top of the table"

    • Philani Mkhwanazi
      Philani Mkhwanazi 6 dager siden

      +Red Devil Very true!

    • Red Devil
      Red Devil 6 dager siden +2

      +Philani Mkhwanazi If Tottenham don't bottle it we can help them win the leauge.

    • Philani Mkhwanazi
      Philani Mkhwanazi 6 dager siden +2

      I caught that too. Thought it was pretty hilarious! Whoever pays us more between Liverpoop and Shitty we will let off the hook

  • Ronny H
    Ronny H 7 dager siden

    for the sake of repeting.. well done ole .....11 unbeaten....it cant be faulted... the players the fans we are all proud n red

  • Ashley Whitehouse
    Ashley Whitehouse 7 dager siden

    Zidane done well for Real Madrid because he was from the club and the players respected him. I think it might be the same for ole

  • 6string
    6string 7 dager siden

    Ole you are making united great again. Phanks

  • Leon Lenix
    Leon Lenix 7 dager siden

    Give him the job

  • Edson Masamba
    Edson Masamba 7 dager siden +1

    Molde needs New manager

  • Louis Payne
    Louis Payne 7 dager siden

    The board would be out right foolish to maintain their pursuit of plan A.

  • Henba Wahengbam
    Henba Wahengbam 7 dager siden

    Love every moment

  • Henba Wahengbam
    Henba Wahengbam 7 dager siden

    Mr respect

  • Go Humberto!
    Go Humberto! 7 dager siden +1

    We brought Ole on late to turn things around and save the day...... nothing changes.

  • Todd Barker
    Todd Barker 7 dager siden +5

    If Ole doesn't get the job someone needs twating 😂

    • Gavin
      Gavin 5 dager siden

      😂 For sure

  • Moha Salah
    Moha Salah 7 dager siden

    "You are my solskjaer only my solskjaer ''''''😑😑😑

  • Bright Alex
    Bright Alex 7 dager siden +3

    My only solsjear please dont take my solsjear away congrats

  • Davis Kasozi
    Davis Kasozi 7 dager siden

    Back to our roots .congs man united ole ole

  • Diaw Djily
    Diaw Djily 7 dager siden

    Lépou paradaay fashion

  • Maksimilijus
    Maksimilijus 7 dager siden +26

    ole is handling the press snakes like pro-mongoose! :P

  • Chika boy
    Chika boy 7 dager siden

    I love the way he highlights every good thing as "we" instead of "I"
    Such a character..

  • Mark McCormack
    Mark McCormack 7 dager siden +1

    Thanks Ole for instilling in the players what it means to play for my beloved United. I hope you get the job. Mourinho was all about himself. You sir, have always been a humble gentleman. Glory, glory Man United!

  • Saj Begzino
    Saj Begzino 7 dager siden

    0:02 stand up when the Prince of Old Trafford arrives.

  • rt '09
    rt '09 7 dager siden

    As he gets older, Ole starts to look a lot like Rowan Atkinson. Not just his face but his way of speaking.. 😁

  • Aleksander Šadl
    Aleksander Šadl 7 dager siden

    11 points from the top we can do it cmon

  • peace and love
    peace and love 7 dager siden

    "3-0, you know what that mean?" "3 EPL titles for me, I won more tiles the all the other managers together." "Respect, Respect man! Jose quoted after the Spurs lost.
    Fast forward now, Ole, "WE!" including the team and staffs at OT. I don't know wtf we were doing with such arrogant and selfish person as our manager.

  • Amrik Singh
    Amrik Singh 7 dager siden

    Ole ,"When you are part of this squad you are important " .😁

  • laettis
    laettis 7 dager siden

    Players that have completely blossomed under Ole; The whole F team! The midfield with Matić, Pogba and Herrera are just wow! The offence with at least Martial and Rashford have exploded. Lindelof is playing like a world class defender...

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs 7 dager siden +3

    If we let solsjaer go after this season real madrid will snatch him straight away

  • Nathan Barraclough
    Nathan Barraclough 7 dager siden

    Pep & Zidane manged the B teams and made the step up to the first team and did great. If anything Ole is more qualified than them two as hes actually managed at cardiff and Molde before managing us. Lets atleast do a rolling contract and sack off the idea of getting anyone else. Ole and Mike need to be permanent.

  • Ivan Amassivedump
    Ivan Amassivedump 7 dager siden +1

    Just..... 😁

  • Lester Bezuidenhout
    Lester Bezuidenhout 7 dager siden

    Wole Wunnar Wolskjaer.

  • Steven Hatton
    Steven Hatton 7 dager siden

    If we beat Liverpool and them and City slip up a couple of times we might have a sniff at the title unlikely but not beyond the realms of impossibility

  • Simmz 89
    Simmz 89 7 dager siden

    What a bloke!!

  • LFC Spectre
    LFC Spectre 7 dager siden +1

    I can Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is fearing defeat next league game.

  • Donald Anderson
    Donald Anderson 7 dager siden

    How is this man only 45 years old...

  • ManyDeathsLater
    ManyDeathsLater 7 dager siden

    Yeeeees... We plays well, we did! Kick the precious into the goalses and beats those filthy stinking hobbitses!