KSI kicked DEJI out of his LIFE! #DramaAlert EXPLANATION of KSI vs DEJI (FOOTAGE)


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  • my poor life choices
    my poor life choices 7 timer siden

    Deji posted ksi's bank statements and his parents let him,throwing ksi under the bus for an abortion. That's fucked up. I'm team ksi

  • if you're reading this read my comment

    Hoe you not gone put tfue in there he averaged more viewers than all the big you tubers on youtube he earned over 500k in prize money and was widely recognised as the best fortnite player which is the most popular game of all time and ik I'm dickeiding him but it's faxx

  • Puppeteer
    Puppeteer 14 timer siden

    I feel like Deji is just clout chasing. He brought up KSI's name twice when JJ literally has nothing to do with it.

  • cr7 NATAN !!!!!!!!!!
    cr7 NATAN !!!!!!!!!! 16 timer siden +1

    Ksi won't forget him but will destroy logan and jake paul

  • Jahmalah Green
    Jahmalah Green 16 timer siden

    2 weeks later

  • KozMic Predatorr
    KozMic Predatorr 19 timer siden

    No matter who tfs in the wrong you should still have your family’s back friends or not.

  • Big OOF bigger OOF
    Big OOF bigger OOF 21 time siden

    I don’t know why, but as I watch this, I feel like Kem Star might be a bit biased towards KSI.

  • spike 92001
    spike 92001 Dag siden

    Hey now your a keemstar

  • Anthony Chirinos
    Anthony Chirinos Dag siden

    Fuck me daddy Keemstar

  • Noah 11677
    Noah 11677 Dag siden

    This is staged.

  • TBtube
    TBtube Dag siden

    Ksi upcoming disstrack

  • The Skin Thief
    The Skin Thief 2 dager siden

    Deji is a bitch not hating just calling it like I see it

  • Sean Riches
    Sean Riches 2 dager siden

    This shits probably fake like last year

  • The SunSetsWest
    The SunSetsWest 2 dager siden

    sucks, bro

  • nike fan308
    nike fan308 3 dager siden


  • SuperSababoy
    SuperSababoy 3 dager siden

    I don’t even know who to blame at this point...

  • phoxlane
    phoxlane 3 dager siden

    I wonder if they are going to release a diss track on Randolph together, like Logan and Jake did lmao

  • Wilkdog 12345
    Wilkdog 12345 3 dager siden +1

    Good one Randolph

  • Googie Pascual
    Googie Pascual 3 dager siden +1


  • Erica da costa
    Erica da costa 4 dager siden

    Bruh this is so true

  • Emo Cat
    Emo Cat 4 dager siden +2

    I want to see both of them go down including drama alert

  • Ded_Dud 257
    Ded_Dud 257 5 dager siden

    I feel a boxing fight about to go on right now

  • Amber Burns
    Amber Burns 5 dager siden

    Okay so some stuff is funny but please stop using abortions to cuss each other out smh it’s kinda serious also this beef is kinda stupid but I’m bored so oh well 😂😂😂💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

  • DualAnnihilation
    DualAnnihilation 5 dager siden

    how you gonna let your camera man diss your own brother and do diss tricks on him? thats wack asf

  • Elliot Hall
    Elliot Hall 5 dager siden +1

    Other way around you faggit

  • Jayden Fam
    Jayden Fam 5 dager siden

    beef maker
    why dont u just stay out f it

  • Matthew Ng
    Matthew Ng 5 dager siden

    Technically Deji was the one who fucked shit up at first

  • DickSetup
    DickSetup 5 dager siden +1

    I like patatos

  • Axeii CR
    Axeii CR 5 dager siden

    Look at Deji’s reaction about the second disstrack of Randolph, he said nothing about JJ but the abortion thing. He realized he fucked up and said fuck it, imma blame it on JJ so I don’t look like a pussy who tries to be the victim, he taught that if he says that JJ has ended a pregnancy and not him people will actually believe him

  • Shamal King
    Shamal King 5 dager siden

    Is this real?

  • Zeke Elmi
    Zeke Elmi 5 dager siden

    I think DEJI is done with ksi

  • UnholyFlickk
    UnholyFlickk 5 dager siden

    that’s his brother tho

  • Lucky Brain
    Lucky Brain 5 dager siden

    You’ll see them boxing with each other in a few months

  • Deborah Fox
    Deborah Fox 5 dager siden

    Its christmas fam. Settle this out for family sake😟😔

  • Darian McTavish
    Darian McTavish 5 dager siden +1

    It’s all fake, just for views

  • The worst
    The worst 5 dager siden

    If you don't have a brother you won't get it. They'll be back to best brothers in no time

  • Biohazard KeepOut!
    Biohazard KeepOut! 5 dager siden

    When you turn on a Keemstar video and your parents think you are actually watching the news.
    Parents: You are so grown up watching the ne--
    Parents: nigga wut

  • Ramal Armstrong
    Ramal Armstrong 5 dager siden


  • Ollie Heads
    Ollie Heads 6 dager siden


  • Humenszky Arpad
    Humenszky Arpad 6 dager siden +1

    JJ Posted instagram in his story:
    Happy Birthday Deji.
    Im still here if you wanna talk privately..

  • Queen Cakes
    Queen Cakes 6 dager siden

    4:40 that’s tight 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Luis Wrek
    Luis Wrek 6 dager siden

    Fake beef

  • idfk
    idfk 6 dager siden +1

    I mean "family always got ur back"
    But ur the one who threw him under the bus
    Saying he got a girl preg like...

  • Handicapped
    Handicapped 6 dager siden

    It seems so fucking fake, it's a publicity stunt.

  • Jimmy Hopkins
    Jimmy Hopkins 6 dager siden

    Brothers will always get back together ..

  • Nathalie Meow
    Nathalie Meow 6 dager siden +1

    This remind me of Jake and Logan Paul fued but this more of a REAL fight

  • AzorAhai
    AzorAhai 6 dager siden

    Bet the Paul Bros are having a laugh

  • AzorAhai
    AzorAhai 6 dager siden

    Do u age???

  • Yolo_Gaming 567
    Yolo_Gaming 567 6 dager siden


  • Ram
    Ram 6 dager siden +1

    Deji: My own brother is being fake towards me, I'll release his bank info and tell everyone he got a girl pregnant
    KSI: *Blocks Deji*
    Deji: *'o'*

  • Carzey
    Carzey 6 dager siden

    Surely ksi fights Deji

  • Do- Nathan
    Do- Nathan 7 dager siden

    KSI, the black backstabbing British asshole. Deji needs to stand up to his 6 foot face and punch him to death

  • XXMoneyGod
    XXMoneyGod 7 dager siden

    He ses Trama alert nation at the start

  • Brnz
    Brnz 7 dager siden

    This channel is so annoying.

  • Josh holmes Gaming
    Josh holmes Gaming 7 dager siden

    Your such a childish prick

  • The Beast Build Kodi
    The Beast Build Kodi 7 dager siden


  • Emine Yilmaz
    Emine Yilmaz 7 dager siden

    5:29 he says I hit up jj I hit up ksi??

  • Neymar Jr
    Neymar Jr 7 dager siden

    Keemstar i heard your a 36 year old man that sits in his basement and reports teenage drama

  • Guilo Beats
    Guilo Beats 7 dager siden

    *DEJI* is done with ksi not ksi is done with deji... Seems like your defending ksi

  • Supreme Dipper
    Supreme Dipper 7 dager siden

    People still making diss tracks 😂😂😂

  • neongravylights .K.L.
    neongravylights .K.L. 7 dager siden

    It’s dejis fault for bringing Ksi into it then saying he got a girl pregnant and ksi never said anything bad and got pissed that his brother would say that.

  • Omrr.murka
    Omrr.murka 7 dager siden


  • Jmoney 23
    Jmoney 23 7 dager siden

    Well if Ksi would have told off his friend about saying the Deji Channel was dead then none of this would have happened just saying.

  • TheLostSoul 10
    TheLostSoul 10 7 dager siden


  • Riat2000
    Riat2000 7 dager siden +1

    Man I hope Deji stops losing fuckin subs FFS.

  • Oli G
    Oli G 7 dager siden

    Obviously all fake for publicity lol

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas 7 dager siden

    set up a boxing match 😂

  • / Hi
    / Hi 7 dager siden

    Deji is just too impulsive

  • SuperFreshNigNogRingDingDongGamer

    lol how does keemstar still exist

  • Adelene B
    Adelene B 7 dager siden

    WW3 has now started. This was the final breakout. Everyone get ready

  • dolan pls
    dolan pls 7 dager siden

    fake drama

  • mohamed abdullah
    mohamed abdullah 7 dager siden

    always got my brothers back

  • Derek Reibling
    Derek Reibling 7 dager siden

    Deji is such a lil bitch though

  • William Söderqvist
    William Söderqvist 7 dager siden

    why is quality so shit?

  • Caiden Merritt
    Caiden Merritt 7 dager siden

    randolph made a joke ......deji cant handle it sooooo i mean cmon really bud

  • Tfue Plays
    Tfue Plays 7 dager siden

    Keems beard and moustache looks fake

  • Circle 25
    Circle 25 8 dager siden

    lets just say that randolph and deji are both bums with no talent. there we go.

  • XeroFailGames
    XeroFailGames 8 dager siden

    Im gonna start killing youtube rappers.

  • King J-dub
    King J-dub 8 dager siden

    This is the dumbest reason not to speak to your brother.

  • XpertAMVS侍
    XpertAMVS侍 8 dager siden

    That’s tuff

  • Techh
    Techh 8 dager siden

    Please unblock me on Twitter keem

  • Isaac Sefton
    Isaac Sefton 8 dager siden

    Ksi is a prick

  • The Anime Girl
    The Anime Girl 8 dager siden

    Honestly how deji is i would to

  • Nick Gambrel
    Nick Gambrel 8 dager siden

    How bout you just stfu keemstar and make some real content lmfao. Ur channel is literally only drama and tbh it’s kinda getting old. Drama is dumb asf

  • c d
    c d 8 dager siden

    Their life is like a soap opera. So cheesy but yet sometimes you gotta keep watching to see what happens next.

  • alex hewlett
    alex hewlett 8 dager siden

    It’s weird how as soon as Ksi views go down this happens

  • Will 1
    Will 1 8 dager siden

    Moral of the story... Deji can't have kids.

  • Nic Crawford
    Nic Crawford 8 dager siden

    Omg I can’t believe he blocked him on twitter AND Instagram 😱

    If u can’t tell I’m being sarcastic

  • Bradley Gallimore
    Bradley Gallimore 8 dager siden

    He said contacted jj and ksi half way through 😂😂

  • Brady Farkas
    Brady Farkas 8 dager siden

    Damn, Drama Alert is still relevant?

  • Lujain *
    Lujain * 8 dager siden

    Honestly, KSI could have spoken to Deji on the side. He’s family? We’re supposed to do that to friends, what about family? Idk. And Deji shouldn’t have done that... lol. Both wrong.

  • N.O.A
    N.O.A 8 dager siden

    Aaaaaand ksi makes a disstrack

  • Niki Shaburishvili
    Niki Shaburishvili 8 dager siden

    publicity stunts ?

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 8 dager siden

    5:30 hit up jj and ksi whoops

  • dancoy09
    dancoy09 8 dager siden

    they will of planned this oh lets have an argument we can make diss tracks and get more views from it all , dumb shit just delete them all

  • JJPopey8
    JJPopey8 8 dager siden +34

    *Christmas dinner is gonna be awkward*

    BTS ARMY 8 dager siden

    5:29 o.O

    BTS ARMY 8 dager siden

    The only thing that randolph can wrap is a burrito😂😂😂

  • Ol' Gory
    Ol' Gory 8 dager siden +1

    KSI, what an asshole.

  • EndslikecrazyGaming
    EndslikecrazyGaming 8 dager siden

    bruh, if only deji took what randolph said as the banter that it is and not be so immediately offended, this whole problem wouldn't even be here...