KSI kicked DEJI out of his LIFE! #DramaAlert EXPLANATION of KSI vs DEJI (FOOTAGE)


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  • 亲Jinzo
    亲Jinzo 4 dager siden +1

    mannnn.. i just hate this guy

  • Davin
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  • Polarboy14
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  • Genji Main
    Genji Main 18 dager siden

    Bro you dumb get out of NO-clip Drama and stop making 80 year olds cry you idiot

  • Ordonez_ 12
    Ordonez_ 12 20 dager siden

    JJ and Deji are switching roles with Logan Paul and Jake Paul

  • Mojo 2019
    Mojo 2019 28 dager siden

    Ksi let this shit get outta hand

  • typical store2
    typical store2 28 dager siden


  • Feisty Kitty
    Feisty Kitty Måned siden

    U shouldn't have posted his information that's dumb AF and the parents r in the wrong too for giving deji the leverage to do so I can see where ksi is coming from he didn't wanna be in the beef between deji and ksi's camera man but deji not thinking without speaking forcefully brought him into it making him block his brother deji did this to himself that's y ksi blocked him he didn't do it because he's taking sides he clearly stated he wanted to remain neutral between the two of u he did it because ur forcefully trying to get him on ur side and I know how ksi feels because I don't speak to any of my family because of this shit it's just a waste of time to deal with and isn't okay for someone especially in your family to put ur buisness and personal info out there it's not ur info or business to share so keep it out of ur mouth and vids

  • Feanor n
    Feanor n Måned siden

    All fake. They just brought that up to get your attention.
    Next are Disstracks from both brothers with millions of views resulting in a new Lamborghini for both of them.
    I guess they re laughing about how easy it is for them to get money just by telling bullshit...

  • big guns time
    big guns time Måned siden

    Camera stop freaking out

    TJBEATS97 Måned siden

    I can't believe the parents did that

  • A Person
    A Person Måned siden

    "Sucks, bro"

  • Zi
    Zi Måned siden

    And all started with the fat fuck randolph.

  • Dominionist Gaming
    Dominionist Gaming Måned siden

    He kicked his entire fucking family out of his life stop bullshitting around it

  • DbossJB Gaming
    DbossJB Gaming Måned siden

    Where the footage? I dont want to waste my time for this shit. Ok bye..

  • Mojoraty -
    Mojoraty - Måned siden

    Okay this is fake, how the fuck would someone hate his own family over some money and friends, thats the reason ksi is here cuz of his parents they are just being drama queens

  • eli
    eli Måned siden

    its all fake you idiots.. they promote randalph... you cant be so stupid and believe this shit hahaha

  • Lord Martin
    Lord Martin Måned siden

    they gonna be alright with each other in about a year

  • Abdulla Nass
    Abdulla Nass Måned siden

    biggest diva on youtube

  • Alia Yusoff
    Alia Yusoff Måned siden

    The alliance of future deji with jake and jj with logan

  • Itz_ Dan
    Itz_ Dan Måned siden

    Ksi is so hypocritical it's *ironic*

  • reckless bondz
    reckless bondz Måned siden

    Man fuck deji, I hope he suffers some consequences for his actions

  • cheese nugget
    cheese nugget Måned siden

    Randolph is so ugly..

  • Fifa Gaming 123
    Fifa Gaming 123 Måned siden

    Whose side are you on?

  • Emily
    Emily Måned siden +1

    Disappointed in your parents? 💀
    Thats when you know they fucked up

  • Syazuan
    Syazuan Måned siden

    I knew that their Christmas dinner is going to be awkward lol.

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head Måned siden

    This is all a fucking joke

  • Kayden kayden
    Kayden kayden Måned siden

    Woah ya boi keematar be stealing my style smh

  • samuel bolongi
    samuel bolongi Måned siden

    U that doumb

  • Sam Howard4221
    Sam Howard4221 Måned siden

    I hate Deji so much

  • RJPlayz
    RJPlayz Måned siden

    This beef is as fake as my grandma's teeth.

  • Lamo Content Gay
    Lamo Content Gay Måned siden

    Why did Deji even call his brother out, clearly shit was going to go down

  • AverageGamer
    AverageGamer Måned siden

    I mean this is stupid Ksi GOT INVOLVED because they didn't show Your Bank Account they showed THE TRANSACTION No money was seen YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO PAID FOR IT! I mean you could get mad but why? It's senseless drama that if you didn't say anything ON CAMERA this wouldn't have happened and the fact you even let him say your brother channel was dead in your presence you a straight bitch for that.Then that you are listening to what he says to your BROTHER and can sit next to him if you were my brother you wouldn't be my brother anymore. Ksi always takes his gay ass friends side no matter what the situation that's sad because ksi could have defused the situation EARLY asf when he said his channel was dead? All you had to say was don't talk about my brother his scary ass wouldn't have said anything he was scared when he said his brother channel was dead you can see it in his face.

  • Janice Teo
    Janice Teo Måned siden

    If Deji really wanted to stand up to his Brother and prove that he didn’t do it for views the easiest way is to just demonetize the vids????

  • Tait Payne
    Tait Payne Måned siden

    Tbf deji is the one who leaked jj’s personal information so it looks like deji is the one in the wrong here

  • man udt. fan
    man udt. fan Måned siden

    Well it got dark quickly....

  • Pepper Pete
    Pepper Pete Måned siden

    this diss track shit is getting old

  • jacs S
    jacs S Måned siden

    So this is what money and fame does to people

  • WhoReadsMynameHasEbola Dum


  • Nadeem
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  • YouTube Juice
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  • Sapphire Wolf
    Sapphire Wolf Måned siden

    This is sad they're brothers.
    But why did Deji give out his banking details like that??? I see why he is mad, personally I'm also private so I get that... like come on.

  • ZoiBerg
    ZoiBerg Måned siden

    It's not private anymore when you show it to everyone

  • Asmodiaz Lustburg
    Asmodiaz Lustburg Måned siden

    Next Episode : Xmas Kick out edition

  • Mitchell Bruce
    Mitchell Bruce Måned siden

    This is the last thing you’d expect to happen to an African Family, this all might be fake

  • 1clumsyfool
    1clumsyfool Måned siden

    My parents be disappointed in me
    KSI be the other way around

  • Verum Fight Club
    Verum Fight Club Måned siden

    It's a fake fight just try to stir up drama like the old boxing thing with the Paul brothers

  • DJ Shots29
    DJ Shots29 Måned siden

    I still don’t get how KSI chose Ralph’s side over Deji’s when all he said was “don’t get me involved with this”.

  • Leonard ledgendry
    Leonard ledgendry Måned siden +8

    Will u ever eat that popcorn bro

  • Martijn Polkerman
    Martijn Polkerman Måned siden

    lmao i see all these people saying ksi is the bad guy or a prick. i personally can think of the way he feels now. but the thing is, dont get involved in peoples their lives. you dont have that right. its their problem let them handle it themselves. and tbh deji has always started things and wants his brother to protect him, deji is such a child who cant handle things himself. and those lil bitch fights is not even worthy of getting involved into. its not like anybody is physically threatening deji. its just some stupid childish beef thing. and if you dont wanna get involved tha yes you are onna be mad if your lil brother keeps involving you. and to be a parent and actually go into personal information and to post it on social media is just beyond me, who in the right mind would do such a thing over their own family. and also who would do that over some lil beef. deji said thats minor and that just shows me how little he cares. he just needs all the support over shit he started himself and if there is no suport hes gonna bitch about it and make the other look evil. i get exactly how maddening that shit is. people are just delusional choosing there favourite side and act like a judge.

  • Deven Fillingham
    Deven Fillingham Måned siden

    Fuck you bitch

  • ShamsulPlayz
    ShamsulPlayz Måned siden

    Boxing match
    Brother vs brother

  • The Beep Man
    The Beep Man Måned siden +1

    Say what you will but Deji threw KSI under the bus first, the wedding line AND him saying KSI got someone pregnant. That’s him and only him, KSI hasn’t even done anything yet.

  • bryan irwin
    bryan irwin Måned siden

    swear? omg this is actually insane

  • bryan irwin
    bryan irwin Måned siden

    omg this is actually insane omg

  • ilrobhe
    ilrobhe 2 måneder siden

    If a friend Talk shit of my brother he's dead. No Matter what.

  • Ab Al
    Ab Al 2 måneder siden

    I hope they get along

  • mike mettlach
    mike mettlach 2 måneder siden

    Your channel is shit.

  • Rama Ibrahim
    Rama Ibrahim 2 måneder siden

    NO-clip's version of the Gallagher bros

  • Gamer4life
    Gamer4life 2 måneder siden


  • Phant0M
    Phant0M 2 måneder siden

    This is CANCER

  • Anre Pretorius
    Anre Pretorius 2 måneder siden

    Let em box

  • Epic sponge
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  • Liam Grosvenor
    Liam Grosvenor 2 måneder siden

    I think keem really got his act together after the content cop

  • Harry Dick 125
    Harry Dick 125 2 måneder siden

    How sad, These little rats literally do anything for attention

  • 1000000 subscribes with one Video

    If it’s true that ksi ended a pregnancy then deji REALLY REALLY fucked up by saying that he did

  • Tristan
    Tristan 2 måneder siden

    Deji is still virgin so he could not have gotten a girl pregnant.

  • Gref OwO
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  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 2 måneder siden

    KSI and DEJI
    The Cucks Who Cried Wolf
    How should we believe anything these goons say? They lied to their audience multiple times. Children are fucking retards.

  • Zefra
    Zefra 2 måneder siden

    Fake just like the fight

  • my poor life choices
    my poor life choices 2 måneder siden

    Deji posted ksi's bank statements and his parents let him,throwing ksi under the bus for an abortion. That's fucked up. I'm team ksi

  • if you're reading this read my comment

    Hoe you not gone put tfue in there he averaged more viewers than all the big you tubers on youtube he earned over 500k in prize money and was widely recognised as the best fortnite player which is the most popular game of all time and ik I'm dickeiding him but it's faxx

  • Puppeteer
    Puppeteer 2 måneder siden

    I feel like Deji is just clout chasing. He brought up KSI's name twice when JJ literally has nothing to do with it.

  • cr7 NATAN !!!!!!!!!!
    cr7 NATAN !!!!!!!!!! 2 måneder siden +1

    Ksi won't forget him but will destroy logan and jake paul

  • Jahmalah Green
    Jahmalah Green 2 måneder siden

    2 weeks later

  • KozMic Predatorr
    KozMic Predatorr 2 måneder siden

    No matter who tfs in the wrong you should still have your family’s back friends or not.

  • Big OOF bigger OOF
    Big OOF bigger OOF 2 måneder siden

    I don’t know why, but as I watch this, I feel like Kem Star might be a bit biased towards KSI.

  • spike 92001
    spike 92001 2 måneder siden

    Hey now your a keemstar

  • Anthony Chirinos
    Anthony Chirinos 2 måneder siden

    Fuck me daddy Keemstar

  • Noah 11677
    Noah 11677 2 måneder siden

    This is staged.

  • TBtube
    TBtube 2 måneder siden

    Ksi upcoming disstrack

  • The Skin Thief
    The Skin Thief 2 måneder siden

    Deji is a bitch not hating just calling it like I see it

  • Sean Riches
    Sean Riches 2 måneder siden

    This shits probably fake like last year

  • nike fan308
    nike fan308 2 måneder siden


  • SuperSababoy
    SuperSababoy 2 måneder siden

    I don’t even know who to blame at this point...

  • kosimos
    kosimos 2 måneder siden

    I wonder if they are going to release a diss track on Randolph together, like Logan and Jake did lmao

  • Wilkdog 12345
    Wilkdog 12345 2 måneder siden +1

    Good one Randolph

  • Googie Pascual
    Googie Pascual 2 måneder siden +1


  • Erica da costa
    Erica da costa 2 måneder siden

    Bruh this is so true

  • Emo Cat
    Emo Cat 2 måneder siden +2

    I want to see both of them go down including drama alert

  • Ded_Dud 257
    Ded_Dud 257 2 måneder siden

    I feel a boxing fight about to go on right now

  • Amber Burns
    Amber Burns 2 måneder siden

    Okay so some stuff is funny but please stop using abortions to cuss each other out smh it’s kinda serious also this beef is kinda stupid but I’m bored so oh well 😂😂😂💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

  • DualAnnihilation
    DualAnnihilation 2 måneder siden

    how you gonna let your camera man diss your own brother and do diss tricks on him? thats wack asf

  • Elliot Hall
    Elliot Hall 2 måneder siden +1

    Other way around you faggit

  • Jayden Fam
    Jayden Fam 2 måneder siden

    beef maker
    why dont u just stay out f it

  • Matthew Ng
    Matthew Ng 2 måneder siden

    Technically Deji was the one who fucked shit up at first

  • Martiņš
    Martiņš 2 måneder siden +1

    I like patatos

  • Axeii CR
    Axeii CR 2 måneder siden

    Look at Deji’s reaction about the second disstrack of Randolph, he said nothing about JJ but the abortion thing. He realized he fucked up and said fuck it, imma blame it on JJ so I don’t look like a pussy who tries to be the victim, he taught that if he says that JJ has ended a pregnancy and not him people will actually believe him

  • Shamal King
    Shamal King 2 måneder siden

    Is this real?

  • Zeke Elmi
    Zeke Elmi 2 måneder siden

    I think DEJI is done with ksi