MrBeast's $1,000,000 Dilemma


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  • keegan mcgeown
    keegan mcgeown 18 timer siden


  • Sandcastle •
    Sandcastle • 20 timer siden

    I click like, screw game theory.

  • gG Itachi
    gG Itachi 20 timer siden

    If this comment gets one like you'll win $100

  • Daylen03
    Daylen03 21 time siden

    Wtf am I watching I’m so confused 😐

  • Levi Robbins
    Levi Robbins 22 timer siden +1

    I got a quick question not for me but for a friend of course.
    If some one shot a gun on say the moon would it act the same as a gun here on earth or would it act differently?

  • JanEn3
    JanEn3 22 timer siden

    I mean I always click like before even watching the video

  • Kaytlynn Fisher
    Kaytlynn Fisher 23 timer siden

    Your videos are my new obsession

  • Chubbicat
    Chubbicat Dag siden +1

    ew mr beast

  • aiTan
    aiTan Dag siden

    I've taken a single micro class so I really don't know if this is supposed to be above and beyond simple game theory, but it seems to me that the option is clear. Every person only has the opportunity to win if they reply, so everyone should reply. That feels a bit like the end of the story, too. Everyone should work in self interest, and in the off chance every other person has not come to the same conclusion, the self-interested person wins. Especially considering collusion is specifically disallowed, it seems to lend itself to self interest above all else. This must then be where the theory of superrationality comes into play? It sounds to me that superrationality is just a theory that dictates the conditions in which there is the highest chance that someone wins. Yet, it seems to be the condition least likely to occur and as such being the least rational thing to occur. Perhaps that is the point of the video and I have missed it. Thus explaining why it should never happen and Mr. Beast will keep his million. I think I am confused by the nature of superrationality - should it be the least or most rational position to take?

  • Max M H
    Max M H Dag siden +1

    What if he likes his own comment?

  • Driggy
    Driggy Dag siden

    *dislikes video*

  • PutzGaming
    PutzGaming Dag siden

    _no trolling._ ha.

  • Calpsotoma
    Calpsotoma Dag siden

    There is no win state. I click thumbs up no matter what.

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  • Iorveth
    Iorveth Dag siden

    My question is, do vsauce even have a million?

  • Noted
    Noted Dag siden

    Mr Beast is bollocks.

  • Sarah Van
    Sarah Van Dag siden

    It would be interesting to do this to a bunch of mathematicians and see how they respond!

  • Propop pop
    Propop pop Dag siden

    Inspect elements

  • Rash B blin
    Rash B blin Dag siden

    Noone will ever winn the game because there is always more than one troll.

  • Mister Fister
    Mister Fister Dag siden

    But if there's no chance for me to win if I don't like the video, then why bother thinking about how I could win? Just like the video. Nobody wins.

  • Mr. Chicken
    Mr. Chicken Dag siden

    Its no

  • Skadoosher 77
    Skadoosher 77 Dag siden

    The thing is you're not accounting for dumbasses not watching the video, and just liking and commenting first.

  • Hungarian guy
    Hungarian guy Dag siden

    And so the cheaters are gonna be trying to hack out each other.

  • Stavros Lemonis
    Stavros Lemonis Dag siden

    This is just not gonna work

  • Dárk QwQ
    Dárk QwQ Dag siden

    *M r B e a s t*

  • Remote Shift
    Remote Shift Dag siden

    I would just be a troll lol 😂

  • Fadeaway
    Fadeaway Dag siden

    Scrolling for Mr.Beast comment...

  • PastaGod
    PastaGod Dag siden

    Confusing damn

    • stupid rat
      stupid rat Dag siden

      well yeah mr beast fans aren't usually the brightest

  • JustAnother
    JustAnother Dag siden

    0:57 I would look at the veiw count cause you never said that was gone if it’s 0 I like if it’s 10,000,000 then I don’t

  • lmm Mack
    lmm Mack Dag siden

    So who won

  • qwerty3.14
    qwerty3.14 Dag siden

    Well, 10 year olds aren't rational, so no one wins.

  • Michael Cornman
    Michael Cornman Dag siden

    I didn’t like and subscribe... for science

  • Osamu Yashinobu
    Osamu Yashinobu Dag siden

    world of forms, getting rid of greed is the only way we can evolve as humans.

  • Eliteram
    Eliteram Dag siden

    took me a few minutes of being stoned but think about it. if you had 2 accounts and liked the video on each, the contest is over. done

  • Sheriff boardfrog 10000000000!

    I don't get why Mr beast give away more than 1mil dallors

  • D S
    D S 2 dager siden

    I like it twice with my two accounts.

  • Vans
    Vans 2 dager siden

    Anyone ever watch The Box?
    This kind of reminds me of it. Not the best movie but absolutely loved the concept.

  • DylanK25 _
    DylanK25 _ 2 dager siden

    how to make this a good puzzle is say if you like it and only you, you win a million. if no one likes it, no one makes anything. if multiple people like it, you and all the other likers must split a million and pay it to Mr. Beast. Then what will you do?

  • Whitney Wood
    Whitney Wood 2 dager siden

    Y do u think u know every thing

  • Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil Gupta 2 dager siden

    Im so confused

  • Janis Wespers
    Janis Wespers 2 dager siden

    It would be impossible to win anyway, because some people like the video before they even watched it. Its a fact and we cant do anything about it

  • P.A.N.
    P.A.N. 2 dager siden

    This is very simmilar to the split or steak gameshow

  • Griffin Addicott
    Griffin Addicott 2 dager siden

    Prisoners dilemma

  • Spacecookie
    Spacecookie 2 dager siden

    Click it.
    We have no idea what the result is until the day is over.
    Without clicking it, we win nothing.
    Clicking it, we are likely to win nothing.
    Starting out we have won nothing.
    So why not click it?
    The risk is there that we could benefit by clicking it. Without clicking it we will never gain anything.
    Click it.

  • aini bz
    aini bz 2 dager siden

    just to put it out there, i will click like when the video comes out

  • 4THECHIVO Streams Archive

    I was oddly hesitant to live this video for some reason...

  • Plebpool yeet
    Plebpool yeet 2 dager siden

    I would just keep replying until others stopped. I think that at some point everyone is going to not reply after a long enough time. By knowing this you can commit and reply every time.

  • Light Yt
    Light Yt 2 dager siden

    This turned into a math video please I just did my maths hw ;(

  • Gabriel Caro
    Gabriel Caro 2 dager siden

    You sound like me Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman.

  • That one guy 24
    That one guy 24 2 dager siden

    Everyone is gonna like it

  • FunkeymonkeyTTR
    FunkeymonkeyTTR 2 dager siden

    sorry to burst your bubble but I just like the video on 2 accounts....

  • Wolf horse here boys
    Wolf horse here boys 2 dager siden +1

    Like any one would pick me so why would I do it...mind: if you click it you could have a chance I will click it but I won't get it

  • Yasir Sarwar
    Yasir Sarwar 2 dager siden +1

    2m veiws,90k likes and... How much i will get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • ElmVFX
    ElmVFX 2 dager siden

    There will be 10 million likes do U not think there is going to no one’s NO-clip

  • Youssef Ramadan
    Youssef Ramadan 2 dager siden

    does this guy know the internet everybody would click it

  • Niskis
    Niskis 2 dager siden

    Tragedy of the commons, anyone?

  • cjhusse
    cjhusse 2 dager siden

    DOOD!!! That was honestly.... Really fascinating!!! Thanks very much!

  • LosingLuke
    LosingLuke 2 dager siden

    But people would use the comment section to inform other to not like because they already did

  • Trailer Series
    Trailer Series 2 dager siden

    Who else understand nothing but still watched full ??

  • your mum voted for obama
    your mum voted for obama 2 dager siden +1

    Feels like you just had to put Mr Beast in the title for views.

  • Surripere
    Surripere 2 dager siden

    Why are we talking about this?

  • It's Matthew
    It's Matthew 2 dager siden

    90 000th like

  • Agnes Caspesia
    Agnes Caspesia 2 dager siden


  • dashthehero192
    dashthehero192 2 dager siden

    its the internet... trolls are gonna troll.

  • BladeASec
    BladeASec 2 dager siden

    I would like the video in a heartbeat to ruin people

  • Sphinx Rising
    Sphinx Rising 2 dager siden

    Don't bother, as all contests on social media are rigged anyways, FACT!

  • Apos Eastwood
    Apos Eastwood 2 dager siden

    I am very rational, I would like the video with both my youtube accounts so that I am 100% sure nobody wins

  • Tom1996
    Tom1996 2 dager siden

    You like the video: Negligible chance of winning.
    You don't like the video: You can't win.
    You know everyone (((PROBABLY))) knows that: Click it anyway. Not clicking it still gives you a zero.

  • Jonathan Mahoney
    Jonathan Mahoney 2 dager siden

    So realistically, your best chance of winning is to click like or respond since not doing so gives you no chance, but doing so, though very slight, gives you a chance

  • Alyssa Arts
    Alyssa Arts 2 dager siden

    i would click it for no reason other than i have a small chance of winning. It doesn't hurt nobody.

  • Mystic Ventures
    Mystic Ventures 2 dager siden

    Did you put Mr.Beast in the video for views?

  • Nuka Cola
    Nuka Cola 2 dager siden

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • Dang Lin-Wang
    Dang Lin-Wang 2 dager siden +1

    Actually I'm pretty sure its crohn's disease

  • EnderHippo940
    EnderHippo940 2 dager siden

    Just enter a negative number

  • Lambert
    Lambert 2 dager siden

    Mr beast just likes his own video first, WIN WIN scenario for him lol.

  • YES!
    YES! 3 dager siden

    *This is madness*

  • Ven0x
    Ven0x 3 dager siden

    Watching This Video For 10 Minutes And 9 Seconds Challenge

  • Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    How could I be paid if I won that infinnitessimally smally tiny eeedy beedy fraction then?

  • Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    That is a billion dude. I know you know I know you do not know that I know, you know?

  • prithvi bumia
    prithvi bumia 3 dager siden

    Scientists clearly don't have other important things to do

  • Savage Entertainment
    Savage Entertainment 3 dager siden

    Simple. I’ll just ruin it for everyone else before anyone else can.

  • Davy Playz
    Davy Playz 3 dager siden +1

    What if I put a negative number for the 1,000,000/N and make it so large that it cancels out everyones elses? Would we have to pay them if we get a negative? Actually better yet just put 0 because you can't divide by 0.

  • DougtheDonkey
    DougtheDonkey 3 dager siden

    This is like reverse psychology, which I have been intrigued with since I was like 8. I recently made it into a scenario- “if I have a coin under one of two cups, and if my opponent picks the cup that the coin is under, they get it. So I can put it under cup B and plant a fake “spy” to tell them that it’s under A and they’ll choose that one. Then, I get to keep the coin. But what if they expect that it’s a trap? I’d have to tell them that it’s B so that they choose A when they think that it’s a trap. But what is they think that I had that train of thought? I would have to go back to telling them it’s under A and they’d choose A. But what if...”

    HOT STUFF 3 dager siden

    Whiteboards and being left-handed #SMUDGED

  • DougtheDonkey
    DougtheDonkey 3 dager siden

    I love those little sticky guys lol

  • Bobface 1212
    Bobface 1212 3 dager siden

    Who else would just like to troll the first person.

  • undertale lover
    undertale lover 3 dager siden


  • Monstar X tcg
    Monstar X tcg 3 dager siden

    I thought this was a mr beast video like for real

  • ByloBand
    ByloBand 3 dager siden

    This "game" will never have a winner. My motivation as a "player" is not to ensure that the "game" is won, it is to ensure that I win. I cannot win the "game" if I do not play, so I will like the video. Every other "player" will also not care if there is a winner, only that they too cannot win if they do not like the video, so the video will get as many likes as there are viewers.
    Also, out of curiosity, how can one cheat at a "game" with no rules?

  • LemonDoge312
    LemonDoge312 3 dager siden +1

    One simple example of this is the game of rock, paper, scissors. Hypothetically, you play multiple opponents. Let's say you notice most of the people you played chose rock. The rational decision would be to play paper, but you would then realize everyone else will be thinking the same thing. Would you go to scissors to beat the people switched to paper? Well, it would be beaten by rock then! This cycle would continue.
    I think as a child we all thought about this rational thinking in one form or another.

  • HDRV Executions
    HDRV Executions 3 dager siden

    Its easy.. mr beast private the video, and like it.. so mr. Beast is the winner of $1.000.000

  • Programmable Beta
    Programmable Beta 3 dager siden

    In game theory you should click but all will so its meaningless

  • Charles Fromm
    Charles Fromm 3 dager siden

    This guy sounds like Todd from Bojack Horseman

  • Jones Jones
    Jones Jones 3 dager siden

    Normal person: *likes video*
    Me, an intellectual: *dislikes video*

  • LogisticChaff55
    LogisticChaff55 3 dager siden

    I am super rational meaning I know even if I’ll be super rational & this there will, someone will not.

  • Hana song
    Hana song 3 dager siden

    There is an app that Can Roll a dice with a self chosen amount of sides

  • Immagon Thinkalot
    Immagon Thinkalot 3 dager siden

    I rolled a d20 and it was not a 1 ... no like!

  • Donald Wedding
    Donald Wedding 3 dager siden

    How do I get a vsauce 1d20?

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 3 dager siden

    Does this guy make videos that seem hard to understand for a dumb audience? It seems so

  • Cario Jeko
    Cario Jeko 3 dager siden

    What is when you divide 1 Million dollar by zero?