Anthem (Zero Punctuation)

  • Publisert 13. mars. 2019
  • This week Yahtzee reviews Anthem.
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  • GamingGaming

Kommentarer • 1 561

  • John Nichols
    John Nichols 14 timer siden

    At least the DLC is free....

  • Neil Theron
    Neil Theron 15 timer siden

    When are you doing Black Pudding? Been a while since you did a memorpeguh

  • theshadowcult
    theshadowcult 16 timer siden

    I feel like joker would be pretty butt hurt if you had sex with EDI, just saying...

  • Michael Galida
    Michael Galida 18 timer siden

    How well is your country doing?

  • Mr. Pilaf
    Mr. Pilaf 18 timer siden

    Let us have sex with ship you say? maybe mas effect isn't dead yet

  • Bryan Tafoya
    Bryan Tafoya 19 timer siden

    As always, well said mate.

  • Justin Kelly
    Justin Kelly 20 timer siden

    To be fair anthem is as much bioware's fault as it is EA.

  • zanderman2009
    zanderman2009 20 timer siden

    when did destiny become a yardstick? it was an empty online arena without anything but a grindfest that stole borderlands weapon system, its angry birds in first person

  • Bootz and Hopscotch
    Bootz and Hopscotch 21 time siden


  • Dark Visage
    Dark Visage 22 timer siden

    But I still like anthem. i-i

  • Anedime
    Anedime 23 timer siden

    "Blame them for their failure"
    This isn't on EA. If you people would bother to go to reddit and see one of dozens of thread users made to dissect how the systems in anthem work. This is incompetence, not greed. Level 1 weapons doing a million more damage than the highest level weapons in the game? How is that EA's fault? How is that outside of Bioware's comfort zone? They've made dozens of games with guns and level scaling before. I'm not a fan of EA and Activision, but the reason game development keeps declining is because all the hate is being shifted to publishers to the point nobody is holding developer accountable any more. Game is garbage, it is in part to EA's greed, but it is in part (maybe an even part) due to bioware's incompetence. Bioware and Bungie are not gods. And the games they're making are longshot from Baldur's Gate and Halo. Those games had flaws of their own it's just most people were children when they played them so they don't remember.

  • KalainsHouse
    KalainsHouse Dag siden

    3:43 Something to be said for enjoying figuring stuff out, aye.

  • KalainsHouse
    KalainsHouse Dag siden

    1:15 I see you Weyoun. You are not forgotten. Also funny.

  • Raptyrn
    Raptyrn Dag siden

    Here's my advice to BioWare: Jump ship before you end up like Visceral, make the games YOU want to make on YOUR own terms. So sick of EA burying perfectly good studios, they're a cancer. EA: *EBOLA, AIDS*

  • matty drake
    matty drake Dag siden

    i found yahtzee about a month ago... proceeded to watch most of his shit... and now he has transcended space time and become the inner voice residing in my tiny mind... please, someone make it stop!

  • Barely Protestant
    Barely Protestant Dag siden

    The worst mistake Bioware ever made was joining EA.
    I want Mass Effect: Andromeda 2.

  • Crassadon
    Crassadon Dag siden

    I thought Yahtzee died!!! I had a mini-funeral here at my place, and remembered the good times!
    I'm glad the good times are still happening!

  • night hal 1
    night hal 1 Dag siden


    Yep, saving that one for later.

  • Juicyy Red
    Juicyy Red Dag siden

    I uh, pretty sure Halo has plot but okay.

  • GameGuru
    GameGuru Dag siden +1

    I feel genuinely bad for Bioware.

    They still don't have many excuses for Andromeda though. Like, holy fuck that was also a mess.

  • A Gator
    A Gator Dag siden

    Ehh you downplay Bioware's role in all this. Mass Effect Andromeda wasn't exactly well executed and the city in this pile pales in comparison to the Citadel (and practically every other hub city ever created in a video game) and that game is a decade old. When a company like EA gobbles up a studio all the real talent bounces because they want to make games not watch endless videos about not touching each other butts in between battling the marketing department and fretting over your benefits.


    Anthems an awesome game

  • appidydafoo
    appidydafoo Dag siden

    loo sah

  • Joe Schmuckatelli
    Joe Schmuckatelli Dag siden

    "It's a grindy generic shooter that not even jetpacks can save." Ouch.

  • BigBoi
    BigBoi Dag siden

    Why are we pretending Bioware are the victim here? They had 6 years+ to make a functioning game and they failed at even that. Did people forget their previous game was Andromeda? Bioware deserves to get shut down. Fuck EA AND Bioware both.

  • Isaiah Belter
    Isaiah Belter Dag siden

    It's kind of sad that there is less content and more mistakes then Destiny 1 day 1/

  • BigBoi
    BigBoi Dag siden

    Bioware are fucking incompetent though. They stopped being a good developer long ago... They simply can't even make a functioning game after 6 years. I hate EA sure but Bioware deserves to get shut down.

  • Fusilier
    Fusilier Dag siden

    I still strongly object to you lumping Halo into the same category as Destiny and now Anthem for story. Just because it was possible to ramble through Halo without getting involving in all the Deep Lore doesn't mean it wasn't there, and wasn't sometimes quite good. I remember praising the games for the fact that you basically got the level of story you wanted; if you just wanted game, then it's a game where Master Chief fires his rifle at the Covenant guys. If you wanted more, that more wasn't hard to find, and it wasn't in a glossary in the game.
    If you want more of Destiny, then I could tell you, I could tell you, I could tell you.... but I won't

  • SonicShot55
    SonicShot55 Dag siden

    "What? We apologized for all the crappy business practices we did at the last E3. What more do you want?"
    Maybe putting them into practice?

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee Dag siden

    Take your bullshit lefty politics and piss off, man-child.

  • Matthew Etherington

    I love how when I looked up this review it shows fallout 76. It’s funny because there both bad open world games with guns

  • Matthew Etherington

    I love how when I looked up this review it shows fallout 76. It’s funny because there both bad open world games with guns

  • Simple Green
    Simple Green Dag siden

    I'm the sort of guy that'll setup a dedicated Ark server on a personal rack mount server just so I can enjoy my game unbothered by random miscreants. What is it with these games passively aggressively pushing players towards multiplayer?

  • Plain WithFire
    Plain WithFire Dag siden

    What's a privvacy?

  • nolan barrett
    nolan barrett Dag siden

    How about we boycott Apex to show how much we hate EA!

  • Meriki Jiya
    Meriki Jiya Dag siden

    A knights of the new republic set in a future Star Wars universe. Make it happen. Now!

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson Dag siden

    i do have agree with you yatzee obama was a shit teir pos even worst than bush , luckly there is a decent pos in trump

  • Hentie Dj
    Hentie Dj Dag siden

    Literally one third of the story for me was joining a game late and having to play catch-up and erase the people to the objective. I didn't even know how much I miss till I saw other people post it.

  • matt fahringer
    matt fahringer Dag siden

    Its a great day when Yahtzee uploads

  • Leol The Android
    Leol The Android Dag siden

    I had a feeling anthem was gonna be bad . my friend kept trying to get me to buy it but i was like hell nah

  • Xaios
    Xaios Dag siden

    A wild Weyoun appears!

  • Dr. Explodey
    Dr. Explodey Dag siden

    Any chance you would do a retro review of Area 51 for the PS2?

  • SDomain
    SDomain Dag siden

    "what if we let you have sex with the ship this time..." LMFAO Don't give them any ideas... xD

  • FixYourLevels
    FixYourLevels Dag siden


  • - xARCHONx -
    - xARCHONx - Dag siden

    The only good show on Escapist

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Dag siden

    I beat the story in the free 10 hr trial. It is a sad thing for a BW game

  • xHallplay
    xHallplay Dag siden

    ea will be out of business in about 50 years honestly

  • NovaProspekt1337
    NovaProspekt1337 Dag siden

    A: Agile programming development thats tailored to EA's business people who cant be bothered to pay for any additional refinement (or testing)

  • Dennis
    Dennis Dag siden

    "Was it good?" If I was grading highschool papers, I would say "They approached the topic with enthusiasm" hahahahaha

  • Eclipse538
    Eclipse538 Dag siden

    I appreciate these videos

  • Scheneighnay
    Scheneighnay Dag siden

    Really, why do people buy this shit?
    It's a blatant ripoff of a game that wasn't even good to begin with done by the least reputable publisher out there.

  • Christopher Pierce
    Christopher Pierce Dag siden

    I wish more developers would make single player games rather than trying to make more multiplayer lootbox shooters.

  • other tomperson
    other tomperson Dag siden

    The Internet decided not to give Anthem a chance way before even Andromeda was released (which, also, was pre-determined to be hated because people were still using it as an opportunity to go on about Mass Effect 3). I'm actually relieved that Anthem is genuinely terrible. It would be a shame if a good game were lost in this shitstorm.

  • elvampir0
    elvampir0 Dag siden +1

    @0:33 AWWW! AWWWW! AWWWW!
    Jesus F´ing Christ, i nearly choked on my god damn drink!

  • Nicholas Lind
    Nicholas Lind Dag siden

    I think the "Anthem of Creation" in the game might be a metaphor for EA: a powerful force that tempts people with great creative potential, but anyone who works with it is destroyed or vanishes, leaving their work unfinished, and then it makes abominations out of whatever they left behind.

  • Jak B
    Jak B Dag siden

    They keep fucking up this game

  • SuperNeutral
    SuperNeutral Dag siden

    If meandering and a black hole had a child, it wouldn't conceive being as concise as you dear Yahtzee

  • Jed Animates
    Jed Animates Dag siden

    I want yahtzee to review the horror game, "Faith". I think he might like the story of it.

  • Plot Twist
    Plot Twist Dag siden

    My god you're still doing it...

    MAGIC0 PIRATE Dag siden

    The face animation are over exaggerated.

  • Derek Drake
    Derek Drake Dag siden

    Best Anthem Review *Ever*

  • walinton
    walinton Dag siden

    this anthem review,😂😂😂😂 I'm Dead😂😂😂🤣🤣😭💀

  • K
    K Dag siden

    I paused nearly half way through and was like, 'Half this isn't even an Anthem review.'

  • Clay Pritchett
    Clay Pritchett Dag siden


  • brimestoneopp
    brimestoneopp Dag siden

    Trump is an amazing president you brain washed globalist piece of shit.

    • Richard T
      Richard T 21 time siden

  • Ronan Elliott
    Ronan Elliott Dag siden

    I feel bad for Yahtzee, having to play every new AAA shooter the industry puts out. I wonder if there's some alternate universe out there where he doesn't feel obligated to play the new Tom Clancy Epic Wild Ghost Sniper Warrior and has time for things like Hyper Light Drifter or Divinity Original Sin 2.

    I remember a while back he got so bored of talking about the new military cover shooter that he started reviewing Night in the Woods instead. I like to imagine that somewhere out there, among the stars, is a Yahtzee who followed his instincts and gave the indie game its own billing

  • Some Guy Paragon
    Some Guy Paragon Dag siden +1


  • RNGaming
    RNGaming Dag siden

    You're not helping anything by pretending Bioware now has any connection to the Bioware that made Mass Effect, or Dragon Age, or Old Republic, etc.

  • Metaphix11b
    Metaphix11b 2 dager siden

    Youre as good as ever man. Hilarious.

  • vader1361
    vader1361 2 dager siden

    10/10 would bang ship again (okay)

  • Carrotmaster
    Carrotmaster 2 dager siden

    the video i forgot i needed

  • Ryder Draconis
    Ryder Draconis 2 dager siden

    4:13 Can somebody tell me what that black archway is called please?

  • Rolonar
    Rolonar 2 dager siden

    Imagine going from masterpieces like DA:O, KOTOR and the first 3 Mass Effects to being forced to spew out this garbage. I really feel for BioWare. The saying you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain rings very true here

  • Iron Hands Terminator
    Iron Hands Terminator 2 dager siden

    I mean, I have a lot of fun with the combat in this game, but the loot, difficulty settings and, of course, as with all online games, the servers need worked on. BADLY. They also could due with making the map bigger and more diverse. The only kind of territory is just jungle/swamp. There’s rumors of a snowiny mountainous area in the works which I’m looking forward to, since it’ll be a quite literal change of scenery and, if you pay even the slightest bit of attention to the story, it’s where a certain enemy faction hold the most power. There are also rumors of new player classes in the works that are all but confirmed at this point. The surprisingly large player base is also clamoring for a desert area and a city ruins area to be either completely separate but similar in size to the current map, or added onto the main map later on down the road. I’m gonna stick around in anthem to see some of the post-launch content, a good portion of my motivation being that the post launch shit is gonna be free, but if it fails to impress, I’m probably gonna drop Anthem.

  • Dank_Souls
    Dank_Souls 2 dager siden

    How many companies is ea down to again

  • Jokah
    Jokah 2 dager siden

    Wait... didn't you leave Escapist?

  • Joop Opa
    Joop Opa 2 dager siden

    Don't pity Bioware, they have made a mess of this game (even more so than it should have been)

  • Thomas Curran
    Thomas Curran 2 dager siden

    Just fyi no one cares what you or your weak bitch of a PM think about our GEOTUS

    • Richard T
      Richard T 21 time siden

  • Automaticbog
    Automaticbog 2 dager siden

    I've not even watched the video but im fully prepared for the ripping yahtzee is about to give it lol.

  • Joe M
    Joe M 2 dager siden +4

    Sex with the ship sounds much more interesting than anthem.

  • SkyCake
    SkyCake 2 dager siden

    Sex with the ship!? Go on...

  • Limon Tree
    Limon Tree 2 dager siden

    You mean date the ship AGAIN. EDI was basically the ship in ME3

  • Somme Tinonme
    Somme Tinonme 2 dager siden

    FUCK YOU if we cannot bitch at you ... look at yatzee doing nothing during gameplay ...

  • Eric P
    Eric P 2 dager siden

    "What if we let you have sex with the ship this time?" Yes. YES!

  • Ian Kelleher
    Ian Kelleher 2 dager siden

    Oh god that was hilarious! Subbed instantly!

  • DamagdHart 64
    DamagdHart 64 2 dager siden

    I want a Penguinz0(moistcritikal), I hate everything, and escapist ultimate crossover event

  • Jonathan Sporrong
    Jonathan Sporrong 2 dager siden

    It hurts because it's true..

  • ichaukan
    ichaukan 2 dager siden

    So... it's Gears of Warframe but kinda not good?

  • Ruiner Actual
    Ruiner Actual 2 dager siden

    Trump knows what he wants. Its everyone in DC acting like toddlers. Spot on review otherwise

  • Good Loser
    Good Loser 2 dager siden

    They did put EDI into a feminine robot body so we were very close to banging the ship..

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot 2 dager siden

    This is six years of development guys aren't you pumped?!

  • Kromaxx
    Kromaxx 2 dager siden

    Look.. I'm going to unsub. I come here week after week to enjoy your wit... not to view a murder. I'll be back next week.

  • Chris Lover
    Chris Lover 2 dager siden

    Outstanding Yhatzee.

  • Slap Happy Media
    Slap Happy Media 2 dager siden


  • Michelle Cross
    Michelle Cross 2 dager siden

    Best review of anthem evaaaaa!!!!

    - REYDENSETSU - 2 dager siden


  • trinitrojack
    trinitrojack 2 dager siden

    I usually love the snark but this time I couldn't help but feel a little sad.

  • Stephen Girty
    Stephen Girty 2 dager siden

    In multiplayer other people can see you, thus customization matters, thus microtransactions. The opening is dead on about EA, poor BioWare.

  • Dull Bones
    Dull Bones 2 dager siden

    Get out of the comments and pay attention to Yahtzee, that man talks fast

  • YamOfTheAges
    YamOfTheAges 2 dager siden

    That checklist garbage actually made me quit the game. Glad I didn't actually buy it