• Publisert 4. feb.. 2019
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  • MotorMotor

Kommentarer • 2 945

  • Mow
    Mow Dag siden

    Stop trying to be like Doug Demuro. :/

  • Commando Ky
    Commando Ky Dag siden

    Yuck fortnite

  • The Side Of Right
    The Side Of Right Dag siden

    Im 7 and i know thats not straight piping

  • Arturo Mendez
    Arturo Mendez Dag siden

    I am having a fantastic day starting off taking a fatooo 💩💩 thanks for asking

  • Abhinav Das
    Abhinav Das Dag siden

    Before: lawnmower

    After: Focus RS
    ... NOICE

  • Iphone jarin
    Iphone jarin Dag siden +1

    its a focus rs

  • Sebastian Shepherd
    Sebastian Shepherd 2 dager siden

    Anyone else remember when models made sense? Like T5 meant Turbo 5 cylinder? So where does the T8 come from, Volvo?

  • Rico
    Rico 2 dager siden

    "Straight pippin my dads yacht"

  • Matthew Silver
    Matthew Silver 2 dager siden

    What happened to Porkers girlfriend

  • Dj-GhostBusters 2k17
    Dj-GhostBusters 2k17 2 dager siden

    My 97 civic sound louder then that!!! Smfh 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Vlad B.
    Vlad B. 2 dager siden

    What's the name of the song at the minute 0:01?

  • PCVideos In High Definition

    She was a good sport about it tho.

  • Xantteboy
    Xantteboy 2 dager siden

    Volvos are made in china

  • Xantteboy
    Xantteboy 2 dager siden


  • Sebastuan Turon
    Sebastuan Turon 2 dager siden

    Your mum is a milf

  • The A Main
    The A Main 2 dager siden

    Looks like he should be a Family Guy character.

    FORZEROTOO 2 dager siden

    Forced thumbnail .... not watching :)

  • trav millie
    trav millie 2 dager siden

    Cool vid

  • Rickish Monkey66
    Rickish Monkey66 3 dager siden

    Why do you look like your 5?

  • Jackson Diamond
    Jackson Diamond 3 dager siden

    Did you just leave it hanging 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Dan J
    Dan J 3 dager siden

    Back pressure?

  • Dan J
    Dan J 3 dager siden


  • delbes aurelien
    delbes aurelien 3 dager siden


  • Prodriver33
    Prodriver33 3 dager siden

    She totally watches your vids dude! You can tell by the things she says, no way she knows car stuff like straight pipes with out. And she seems super fun and loves you a lot, your a lucky boy...

  • Travis
    Travis 3 dager siden

    “You lie like a rug” the whitest thing I’ve ever heard

  • taku matongo
    taku matongo 3 dager siden

    The way you said shmee and sounded just like shmee 😂😂

  • Joey Wolfer
    Joey Wolfer 3 dager siden

    I'm just waiting for it to catch and rip off and destroy your car

  • Josh
    Josh 4 dager siden

    Lmao the DSG farts make it sound like a vw

  • BingPlaysGamez
    BingPlaysGamez 4 dager siden +1

    Why does it have a California access OK and that's for electric and hybrid vehicles
    Edit:Oops watched farther in the video

  • dEagz13
    dEagz13 4 dager siden

    Yo dawg i hear you like super turbocharged superchargers.... so we gave you a supercharger turbocharged supercharger so you can supercharge while you turbocharge.

  • Andrew Prater
    Andrew Prater 4 dager siden

    my favorite part was that tacoma in the background : )

  • Brenten Ross
    Brenten Ross 4 dager siden

    Can I date your mum..

  • Saudi Prince
    Saudi Prince 4 dager siden

    What your doing to the environment is just terrible

  • Dilbert Resvicksonburg
    Dilbert Resvicksonburg 4 dager siden

    so now you have a check engine light that will never go away and you voided the factory warranty.
    good luck at your next smog inspection.

  • Jared Williams
    Jared Williams 4 dager siden

    Sounds quiet shit

  • Got Game
    Got Game 4 dager siden

    volvo has always been unreliable

    DANNY M 4 dager siden

    I'm gonna use that one. It might be your muffler bearings lol

  • Matthew Merchant
    Matthew Merchant 4 dager siden

    The midpipe has an exhaust leak 😂

    DANNY M 4 dager siden

    That was like 7 seconds 0-60

  • iHack Apple
    iHack Apple 4 dager siden

    Damn it actually sounds sweet!

  • #MLB_MotoVlogs
    #MLB_MotoVlogs 4 dager siden

    You look like Garfield’s owner

  • Mit Airavat
    Mit Airavat 4 dager siden

    sounds like shit.


    11:56 The interesting part

  • Jordan Wilbanks
    Jordan Wilbanks 4 dager siden

    P.S. is this the 2.0L from the golf R/ Audi S3?

  • Cayden Woods
    Cayden Woods 4 dager siden

    @11:22 what do you mean you dont know it is a hybrid lol

  • Rick van den Berg
    Rick van den Berg 4 dager siden

    Not from 0-60 in 4.9 but in 6.4😂

    ZERO FOXTROT 4 dager siden

    Sounds like focus RS.... Same engine as focus RS 😂

  • Spacebar
    Spacebar 4 dager siden

    My lawnmower is louder

  • paubby samuel
    paubby samuel 5 dager siden

    Wait how many of yall look out the window instead of at him

  • paubby samuel
    paubby samuel 5 dager siden

    Muffler Bearing
    Ha that's Funny
    everyone knows the bearing are on scooters

  • Dan The Harley Man
    Dan The Harley Man 5 dager siden

    Sounds like shit

  • Rex Volvo
    Rex Volvo 5 dager siden

    Volvo’s use 13mm a lot for some reason on their cars. My 1999 s80 has so many of them.

  • Justin Hofmann
    Justin Hofmann 5 dager siden

    Why is this a 17 minute video

  • LaLa 123 abc
    LaLa 123 abc 5 dager siden

    male version of Dillion harper

  • Amarelli
    Amarelli 5 dager siden

    This was an amazingly crappy video

  • slowlsj
    slowlsj 5 dager siden

    Your old lady getting SSI yet?😉 Also it sounds like a 94 Chevy Cavalier from the inside.

  • Beniamin Lapinski
    Beniamin Lapinski 5 dager siden

    yeah that's definitely not what 'straightpiping' means..

  • KingMJSmoothCriminal
    KingMJSmoothCriminal 5 dager siden

    Didnt wash the carbon off of his hands before touching all over the nice car. Made me cringe

  • Jacob Savage
    Jacob Savage 5 dager siden

    that sounds like my truck with 1000 mufflers added on. THAT CAR IS SO QUIET

  • icepl4net
    icepl4net 5 dager siden +1

    Wonder how much dollarshaveclub payd him to say all that shit.....

  • TheFatalLegacy
    TheFatalLegacy 5 dager siden

    What are the negative effects of straight piping? Are there any problems with doing this except for it being way too loud?

  • seth perdue
    seth perdue 5 dager siden

    U know whats crazy i always thought about doin this

  • m200mw
    m200mw 5 dager siden

    Should have put an intake too with that unique FI setup

  • Ranell Mukasa
    Ranell Mukasa 5 dager siden

    11:03 the speed dials dont move when u rev it 😂

  • AYY_Eric Here
    AYY_Eric Here 5 dager siden

    Damm that’s loud

  • XXX JesusVEVO
    XXX JesusVEVO 5 dager siden


  • Useful Baka
    Useful Baka 5 dager siden +5

    Bro please... change the name of this video...

  • Ultra RobyWin
    Ultra RobyWin 5 dager siden

    The sound is racing car. WOW

  • Tanvir Hussain
    Tanvir Hussain 5 dager siden

    Thats not straight piping mate.

  • Aaron Van houcke
    Aaron Van houcke 5 dager siden

    You can supercharge a battery!

  • Jacob Cuff
    Jacob Cuff 5 dager siden

    "0-60 in 4.9 seconds" ... *does launch* takes 6 seconds to get from 0-60

  • Rasse Kennys
    Rasse Kennys 5 dager siden

    völvo sa de va

  • AnthonyBusalacchi
    AnthonyBusalacchi 5 dager siden

    California would like to know your location

  • Retrobrunk
    Retrobrunk 5 dager siden

    What did you expect, its a t6 volvo engine ofc it sounds good

  • Erik Hortlund
    Erik Hortlund 5 dager siden

    Ehrm, why do you have to shout every word? Even when you are inside... you know we can hear you even if you just speak at normal volume.

  • AceOtic
    AceOtic 5 dager siden

    The 2 McLaren's I bet are SpeedTails...

  • M W
    M W 5 dager siden

    Thats a really nice safe luxuary comfy car love it

  • Anthony Vargas
    Anthony Vargas 5 dager siden

    OMG SICK PRANK DUDE - no one

  • JJ Nuuskatti
    JJ Nuuskatti 5 dager siden

    " I just like being high " Well duh.. :D

  • Thomas Hayhurst
    Thomas Hayhurst 5 dager siden


  • Scott Bott
    Scott Bott 5 dager siden

    Your welcome

  • LootSnatchSTW
    LootSnatchSTW 5 dager siden

    Hey I doubt anyone will even see this, but if only one person reads this it will make my day ❤️🔥But to the few people reading this I hope you have a great life and future❤️I know that fame doesn’t happen over night but I am trying my hardest to be a successful NO-clipr ❤️ wish me luck 😂🥇👌🙏🥰

  • HurricaneT
    HurricaneT 5 dager siden

    Pls help me improve my 93 celica gt!!

  • Top Ramen
    Top Ramen 5 dager siden

    In b4 check engine

  • Vestorfo
    Vestorfo 5 dager siden

    Someone is Scrubbing the Toilet

  • I’m Nobody
    I’m Nobody 5 dager siden

    so extra

  • Brenton Edwards
    Brenton Edwards 5 dager siden

    Wow what a tool

  • Jonathan Zelaya
    Jonathan Zelaya 6 dager siden


  • Riley PR
    Riley PR 6 dager siden


  • Alexking 4life
    Alexking 4life 6 dager siden

    He actually starts 8:50 your welcome

  • VortexX
    VortexX 6 dager siden

    Uhm definitely doesn’t sound like a lawnmower

  • John Curl
    John Curl 6 dager siden

    Hey can anyone tell me what song is playing at 8:08 please

  • Christopher Dawson
    Christopher Dawson 6 dager siden

    That aint loud

  • Captain Skippa
    Captain Skippa 6 dager siden

    Idk why but I'd be so scared to go under a car. just me?

  • Mashti
    Mashti 6 dager siden

    One clean looking Volvo

  • crossking
    crossking 6 dager siden

    U know the xc90 can adjust the height right?

  • tucci3tears
    tucci3tears 6 dager siden

    Straight piping my moms car. Pornhub has me expecting something else than a car review.

  • Bass
    Bass 6 dager siden

    It’s easy to get it to the house, just turn on hybrid mode

  • Swagifier
    Swagifier 6 dager siden

    What do you do on December first? 9:51

  • GamerBoy YT
    GamerBoy YT 6 dager siden

    14:05 it sharted