BIRD BOX Ending + Monsters Explained!


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  • Think Story
    Think Story  Måned siden +29769

    So Netflix decided to take down my entire video which is clearly FAIR USE. Even though these videos help promote the film and get people more invested in it. Beats me, but soldiering on! Love you guys!

    • Jules BJeweled
      Jules BJeweled 2 dager siden

      You didn't explain anything that wasn't already in the movie. This was basically for people who don't want to watch the movie. You didn't actually explain anything that everyone didn't already know, a waste of my time.

    • l MrPsychotic l
      l MrPsychotic l 3 dager siden

      Can i see it cuz im in the usa

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      Boss NiL 5 dager siden

      im subbing to anyone who like this comment
      and also if you sub me ill sub you back believe me im fast as flash
      nee youtuber here

  • Daisy Day
    Daisy Day Time siden

    Wow I thought that the monsters were dementors

  • Emme H
    Emme H 2 timer siden

    Honestly i think it was smart to not give the kids names and to make them not to close to her, if they grew too close it would be even more devastating when something happened (someone died), which was basically inevitable. Yeah it does kinda dehumanize them but the world in this case was kinda dehumanized. I think she did it for their protection honestly 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Missy Rey
    Missy Rey 3 timer siden

    People need this explained? Really?

  • Jorja Tasker
    Jorja Tasker 4 timer siden

    Is there a age recommendation for this horror movie?

  • Kobe theuno
    Kobe theuno 4 timer siden

    The real question, we’re is the couple that left in the car

  • UseF_99
    UseF_99 4 timer siden

    what malorie did say about work ? something about start over !

  • A Channel
    A Channel 6 timer siden

    At first I thought the “monster” was depression

  • Yummy Bun
    Yummy Bun 7 timer siden

    *john cena?*

  • DowgFish
    DowgFish 8 timer siden

    lol SCP creature escape.

  • Puggy Alisa24
    Puggy Alisa24 10 timer siden

    Next movie is gona be : Dont touch your self

  • Fernando Carvalho
    Fernando Carvalho 10 timer siden

    Bird Box = female Jurrasic Park

  • Normaler Mensch
    Normaler Mensch 13 timer siden

    ,,you must watch!"
    How iconic

  • Octav Roman
    Octav Roman 13 timer siden

    The plot was fairly easy to understand. Why some low IQ failures failed to comprehend the story and the ending... Idk. The video is pointless IMO. The film is shit tier anyway.

  • QwakeyQwak
    QwakeyQwak 15 timer siden +1

    Was this made my netflix

  • DârKñîght _Gmr
    DârKñîght _Gmr 15 timer siden

    So mad i didnt get to see kells get killed

  • Sozyar .H
    Sozyar .H 17 timer siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Andrew Reacts
    Andrew Reacts 17 timer siden

    did he say blue bag at 3.24 cus i see a green bag

  • HypnoSkales
    HypnoSkales 17 timer siden

    What's next? A movie where you can't eat or the monsters will eat you?

    THE VERTEX 18 timer siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore 22 timer siden

    Oh, so I thought maybe you had some inside information on what these "creatures" really were but you are just guessing like the rest of us. So you did not explain anything, thanks.

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore 23 timer siden

    You title this "Bird Box Ending + Monsters Explained" Yet you give a synopsis of the entire movie. If I wanted to watch that then that would have been the kind of video I would have clicked on.

  • Mark Rehme
    Mark Rehme Dag siden

    Now I get the metaphor. It's like my fish tank empty. There's no fish in the sea. Fml

  • princess yoongi
    princess yoongi Dag siden

    I have some questions; why did douglas talk about like not going back to the house to bring food for the others, I though he was a kind soul as portrayed thoughout the movie. Unless it was because he was drunk or something from the booze. Also, it just transitioned from the grocery store to back to the house; that doesnt make sense, if it was that easy why did douglas not want to go back. also i dont get it, so if you already saw ur deepest fears then you can look at the monster? also what happens to the survivors at the end? they should make a 2nd movie because what if they run out of supplies, there are literally hundreds of people there to maintain. also a lot of this shit doesnt scientifically make sense like what the heck caused thees creatures to form, are they a physical monster of something else. like they caused the leaves to become tornadoes and shit what the heck. also who was the one dragging the rope when malorie went to get blankets and stuff?! the girl or the "creature?" also how do the birds sense those things, and what if they all die and cant warn the survivors anymore. idk the movie was liT though in the end that shiiiii hfqEjdan gaeba me anxiety attacks but is okay and i want more shit like this i love hw i t blew up! more mOre mOREMOREMORE mORe!!!!!!!!! shit i likey

  • Jessica Wang
    Jessica Wang Dag siden

    So the creatures are basically evil boggarts.

  • notgrillo collector/ gamer

    This movie is way too hyped. It is a good movie, with cool clever ways the characters have to avoid looking at the monsters and how they are exposed to them. Some characters are immune to the monsters actually commiting suicide (I like how 1 sits in a burning car) and convince others the monsters are beautiful making others instant suicidal. OKAY this movie is 1 big alegory: social media is evil, some people are safe from it, they ignore all social media. Some are obsessed, they are eliminated immediately. Some sway others to look at the monsters (those are fiends who tell other to get on social media). OKAY done. Okay movie, not a rosemary's baby or changeling caliber type horror movie.

  • jonathan lavezzi
    jonathan lavezzi Dag siden

    The book the movie is based on is SO much darker

  • egg time mmm
    egg time mmm Dag siden

    Oh yea yea

  • Djerun88
    Djerun88 Dag siden

    The movie is about 5G turning the people into monsters.

  • i am professional hardcore fortnite player

    The Quite Place: Can't make sound
    Bird box: Can't see

    *Mc Hammer: Can't touch this*

  • not_ nugget
    not_ nugget Dag siden

    When me and my cousins were watching this whenever we thought Tom was dead we literally cried then, when he got up we were so happy. Then just a couple minutes later he shot himself... We were crying so freaking much

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen Dag siden

    A chance more
    Hard hit
    For a boy his birds and beloved Arabic horse

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen Dag siden

    I see a collages
    Of bull

  • moonwise 720
    moonwise 720 Dag siden

    How do you think the creatures were created demons biological weapons

  • HippoButtSecks
    HippoButtSecks Dag siden +1

    i wanted girl to have to look on the boat and be taken away lol

  • WiFiXMaster
    WiFiXMaster Dag siden

    You should be a author or a poet or something not a reviewer. I mean it's just a *Movie*

  • Tucker Ali
    Tucker Ali Dag siden +1

    Who else would have thought the movie was ten times better if Tom survived with them?

  • Pottu munakas
    Pottu munakas Dag siden

    Atleast they didnt ruin it by showing the creatures

  • brandon semple
    brandon semple Dag siden

    My question is that when there is cut scenes of just Mallory and the kids and Tom isn’t there and then later on he is with them how did he get there we never saw him on. The boat he just magically appeared someone help me

  • -_-King Lucky0_o
    -_-King Lucky0_o Dag siden

    What i learned is that there is a makeup that can last 5 years

    MEME LEWD Dag siden

    I’m 11yrs old and I saw this movie and it didn’t think much of this until I saw Gary I never trusted anyone with that name no lie

  • 4lpha R3d Estepa
    4lpha R3d Estepa Dag siden +1

    If Felix (aka MGK) opened his eyes..

  • TS
    TS Dag siden

    6:50 to skip the BS review used to lengthen the video to 10min+. Also, this video DOES NOT explain the monsters; just tell you what we already know about them.

  • Linda Price
    Linda Price Dag siden

    Can you explain why she looked 5 times and didn't suicide

  • 徐振航
    徐振航 Dag siden

    Very nice breakdown. About the sacrifice tho, i think she was always willing to, like Tom did.

  • SNJ
    SNJ Dag siden

    Blatant ripoff of the The Happening and A Quiet Place. It's honestly a shit movie.

  • Tucker Ali
    Tucker Ali Dag siden +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Voldemort Shadow
    Voldemort Shadow Dag siden

    When I saw the title and that they wear blindfolds I thought if you took off the blindfold birds would pick your eyes out.. XD

  • Dragon Reaper 8
    Dragon Reaper 8 Dag siden

    I actually got a theory of my own...what if there is a way to look at the monsters and live. Now hear me out when Tom died he forced the gun towards the guy that was going after Malorie instead of immediately blowing his fucking brains out. What if will and determination is the way to go I mean everyone else commited toaster bath without a second thought except for dying but Tom completed a full objective AFTER looking at the monster. So could this mean that with enough determination and perseverance that you can best the monsters ability with that alone? And also I read that the monster is so bleak and depressing (heard it here too) that it makes you want to die on sight so what if there’s nothing bleak enough or depressing enough to you that would mean that you wouldn’t be effected by it so for example: I have a great life no one I was really close to has died and I like everything if I were to look at the monster I wouldn’t be affected right??? Hit me up in the reply section

    WWE NEWS 2 dager siden

    You can’t see me

  • Janine Misa
    Janine Misa 2 dager siden +1

    um what did u say? i stopped listening after i saw tom hiddleston

  • Jayla Dilley
    Jayla Dilley 2 dager siden

    Omg that's crazy

  • Wolfy iPlayz
    Wolfy iPlayz 2 dager siden

    Would it be awkward if OlympiaJR found out that her mom died on the day she was born?

  • HSpartaL
    HSpartaL 2 dager siden +6

    Douglas should have survived, he was the only one who had some sense at the start

  • AG Seba
    AG Seba 2 dager siden

    i liked the movie. was fun and the ending was good too. i don't what people expected.

  • Powderyte 24
    Powderyte 24 2 dager siden

    On instagram they showed what the monsters looked like

  • nolonger available
    nolonger available 2 dager siden

    I bet the next one will be about not ignoring phone calls or some text message monster will out all your gallery lock files to your family and friends.

  • KingPatron
    KingPatron 2 dager siden

    I see it as a religious allegory to radical extremist that would go the far lengths to kill themselves in the name of their God, I think there's moments when people in the movie looks outside and says something on the lines of "its so beautiful..." also they hear the voices of dead close ones as well, almost as if they are bordering the spiritual and psychical world. If they are exposed to this then maybe its cuz they are peering a bit into heaven or their idea of a heaven and its so beautiful that because dying is the only way to go there they would do whatever it takes to kill themselves and go there. idk its just a theory


  • Vilhjálmur Magnússon
    Vilhjálmur Magnússon 2 dager siden

    You didn't explain shit. And thanks for the refresher on what happened in the movie. I actually clicked on this video because I actually watched the movie so no refresher needed.

  • C t g s l a y e r
    C t g s l a y e r 2 dager siden

    I hated this movie, I’m not going to lie. A lot of it just made zero sense.

  • Mekhi Neurell
    Mekhi Neurell 2 dager siden +1

    Blind people SAW it coming.

  • Ana the loner1
    Ana the loner1 2 dager siden

    Who else watching this before watching the movie because they are too scared to do so

  • Iwiccaozzie
    Iwiccaozzie 2 dager siden

    I HEARD so much about this Netflix seeing this explaination ..I will not bother to see the movie..cause I am a HAPPY PERSON and this movie is depressing .

  • saffron blu
    saffron blu 2 dager siden

    I just HATE "ARTSY-FARTSY"!! Save it for Cannes!!

  • Poppomatic64
    Poppomatic64 2 dager siden

    Another thing I noticed was the guy and girl, (talk Dude and future cop) hooked up and “connected” and promptly abandoned the group of lonely people. When I saw that I thought they were dicks, but really they avoided the impending slaughter of which only Tom and Mallory survive (maybe because they also have eachother) Kind of plays into what you were saying about people being connected

  • Karl David
    Karl David 2 dager siden

    There were actual monsters at first but the viewers find it annoying so they removed it, you can search it, malorie’s fear looks like a baby demon or something

  • Marc Jacob Quirino
    Marc Jacob Quirino 2 dager siden

    If I looked I'd be scared and bring machete out in slice the monsters in bits of shit

  • lazaro mendoza
    lazaro mendoza 2 dager siden

    For a quick second i thought it was the sequel to the happening!

  • Lazara Castillo
    Lazara Castillo 2 dager siden

    Bird box= can't see
    Quiet place= can't talk
    Hush= can't hear
    You= can't get a girlfriend

  • PxsTELDxEAMs
    PxsTELDxEAMs 2 dager siden

    Dear Gary,I hope you die in hell for killing Olympia. Douglas,and Olympia were my favorites,so yeah,and Monster,.....YOU KILLED CHARLIE YOU *Sorry,comment has been cut off due to some difficulties..*

  • mehdi gamer
    mehdi gamer 2 dager siden

    I just wanna know how the kids learned english without socializing with other people ?

  • anthony susanto
    anthony susanto 2 dager siden

    actually what is the monster on this film
    i dont get it

  • Potato Lord456
    Potato Lord456 2 dager siden


  • Kurt Eichholtz
    Kurt Eichholtz 2 dager siden

    There is no way Julia avoids seeing whatever it is as she is leaving the hospital and on the ride home. Everyone they come into contact with infects the next person, why did she not get infected by the person hitting their head on the glass?

  • Karen Cowgill
    Karen Cowgill 2 dager siden

    The book was better.

    JESSIE WOMBOUGH 2 dager siden

    Sum disbelief of what's real and most can't believe n monsters and musunderstandings and eat of rumors and their own selfish ass fucking beliefs anyone sees love desire real almost too good to be tru seems they always destroy ,when does someone get a break of the brokenness and pain get revenge on all the answers deserved to rest the confused tired ADHD tornado in her loving caring tired soulz,brain,heart ,and when will kids matter first !

  • Potato Child
    Potato Child 2 dager siden

    I still wanna know where Lucy and Felix went.

  • Pasta Zi Bearlid
    Pasta Zi Bearlid 2 dager siden

    Some stranger on FB told me about this channel. They also said the person who runs this channel has 'interesting hair'. I only came to see how interesting his hair is😅

  • jashan singh
    jashan singh 2 dager siden

    A quiet place: can't talk
    bird box: can't see
    Hush: can't hear
    Mgk: can't rap

  • Steel Here
    Steel Here 2 dager siden

    Why can't people just sneak a quick peek to see where they are going? No one said you had to stare and pose for pictures.

  • xjess
    xjess 2 dager siden

    I honestly thought they were going to Australia because when they showed the map thing if where the mass suicides were happening there was nothing in Australia I’m dumb

  • Jiro Singson
    Jiro Singson 2 dager siden

    For the people who said "How are we going to see with blindfolds?!"

    People, he said "GRAB your blindfolds" it didnt say wear it

  • Travis Shan
    Travis Shan 2 dager siden

    Birdbox was written years before A Quiet Place. Expected more from ya.

  • Jediminer789 X
    Jediminer789 X 2 dager siden

    Am I the only one who heard “She pleads that they take her and not the kids,” when she was actually pleading they take the kids and not her? 6:30

  • Marc Cainday
    Marc Cainday 3 dager siden

    What about the group of guy on that scene when tom kills hisself

  • MrVidification
    MrVidification 3 dager siden

    You can take it as a movie with the whole 'mental health' underlying message in that it cannot be seen. Perhaps a more Stephen King-esque ending would have been better at the old sanctuary or school for the blind, with everyone manically insisting they damage each other's eyesight on purpose to keep themselves safe.. for the audience to question whether their sanity had truly been maintained! Initially I was told by someone that there was a twist, so I assumed all the way through it was going to end by showing the viewer a true reality - that the creatures were all a figment of her imagination, that everyone that had been killed or at least injured as a result of her own doing, arrested by kidnapping children she had no relation to, and heading off to a secure mental instutition. 3 out of 5. Half a star off for only partially recognising Sandra Bullock, and another for the 'happy ending' wasn't really that interesting - but the film wasn't bad overall

  • Melody Wolf
    Melody Wolf 3 dager siden

    We were watching bird box in our classroom (free time)
    And when Olympia jumped out the window my boy classmate shouted “John Cennnnaaaaa!!!!!”

  • K N
    K N 3 dager siden

    its itachis genjustu

  • Dimitrius ΑΝΦΑΚΜΙ
    Dimitrius ΑΝΦΑΚΜΙ 3 dager siden


  • The six Of hearts
    The six Of hearts 3 dager siden

    The kids were Olympia and Tom not girl and boy anymore

  • Alisha Taylor
    Alisha Taylor 3 dager siden +1

    Thought she was going to call the girl a princess name

  • Cmygo
    Cmygo 3 dager siden

    *This movie is absolutely blatant cultural-marxist, open border, multicultural, pro-miscegenation, anti-white propaganda!*
    The non-whites are seemingly flawless except for the latina police woman, who probably was persuaded/coaxed by the degenerate, *white* drug user to ditch the group.
    -The smart black nerd = knows whats up and informs people, knows where to find food, sacrifices himself for the group
    -The gay asian guy = super friendly even though the old conservative *white* man is mean to him, sacrifices himself for the group
    -The black veteran = absolute alpha male, muscular, charming, loving, caring, compassionate, shows the strong independent single-mom (who need no man) that he is the perfect mate for her, sacrifices himself for the children he pretty much adopted (even though it's a well-known fact that black men don't even take care of their own biological children...)
    Meanwhile all the bad guys are white (mostly men), portrayed as conservative, gun-toting rednecks and maniacs, trying to fuck everything up ("white people destroy the world", "we can't have nice things because whitey")... *Reverse the roles, please reverse the roles! Make all the bad guys non-white (black, hispanic, arab, etc.) and the 3 self-sacrificing good guys I just described white and this movie would be considered a racist, bigoted, hateful piece of white supremacist propaganda!*

    Also the evil old conservative white guy is pretty much always right. He says "Don't do this, it is a bad idea", everybody else is like "Fuck you, you are a dumb meanie!", people die! Over and over and over again!
    -He told his wife not to go outside and try to help people, she goes and dies
    -He told the asian guy not to look at the security camera, he does it anyways and dies
    -He told people not to let Olympia in, they do it anyways, she let's the crazy person in, he wants to throw the crazy person out, they don't do it (instead they knock evil old conservative white guy out and lock him up), the crazy person ends up killing them...
    He is the voice of reason in this liberal, multicultural hellhole where everybody is doing stupid things in order to be nice... Apparently being nice is more important than staying alive in the apocalypse...

  • J A
    J A 3 dager siden

    BLO BLO BLO BLO just show the alien already

  • Cavan Love
    Cavan Love 3 dager siden +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Korn on the Kob
    Korn on the Kob 3 dager siden

    Thanos body, T-series head creature is that you? Welp time to jump out this 12 foot story building

  • Kasiok
    Kasiok 3 dager siden

    I think she named the kids ‘Girl’ and ‘Boy’ so the monsters don’t call their names to keep them safe.

  • TheDarkGrenadeX BOMBIȚĂ Românu'

    I got Bird Bix comercial lol

  • Hannah Duncan
    Hannah Duncan 3 dager siden

    Just to let you all know this is not in a "quite place 2"
    Bird box was originally a book published in 2014 . How ever in a quiet place was filmed years after that 🙄

  • IDoNotWannaFanta
    IDoNotWannaFanta 3 dager siden

    Forgot a detail, she was willing to use girl to see down then river then changed her mind, that whole part was character development for Mallory, how was that overlooked and not included is beyond me

  • goglickerYT
    goglickerYT 3 dager siden

    She is Michael Jackson's wife