BIRD BOX Ending + Monsters Explained!

  • Publisert 21. des.. 2018
  • We break down Netflix's hotly anticipated "Bird Box" starring Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson and take a deep dive into explaining some of its greater themes, meaning, and monsters!
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  • Think Story
    Think Story  3 måneder siden +30439

    So Netflix decided to take down my entire video which is clearly FAIR USE. Even though these videos help promote the film and get people more invested in it. Beats me, but soldiering on! Love you guys!

    • Grounded Ofrever
      Grounded Ofrever 21 dag siden


    • Kunj bihari Budania
      Kunj bihari Budania Måned siden

      Guys make the video more interesting

    • O S.E.T.E 7
      O S.E.T.E 7 Måned siden


    • Jules BJeweled
      Jules BJeweled 2 måneder siden

      You didn't explain anything that wasn't already in the movie. This was basically for people who don't want to watch the movie. You didn't actually explain anything that everyone didn't already know, a waste of my time.

  • Davon Benson
    Davon Benson Dag siden

    I think that the government unleashed the creatures. If Malore ( who is a mentally unstable person), the government should be able to survive the attack, unless they have something to do with the attack.

  • Mikayla Kennedy
    Mikayla Kennedy 2 dager siden

    Read the book.

  • Token Lmao
    Token Lmao 3 dager siden

    I had a feeling they looked like big black octopus faced crabs 🦀

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy 3 dager siden

    ma kts so saddd

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy 3 dager siden

    oomg this is so creppyy guys when i watched thissss

  • Sippin Wid Sharlele
    Sippin Wid Sharlele 4 dager siden +1

    6:57 those pictures creeped me tf out lol

  • TiffyLove Love
    TiffyLove Love 4 dager siden +1

    Charlie ass is always right with his conspiracies in movies.. They better start listening *Bird Box *Get Out

  • Keira_charris Beauty
    Keira_charris Beauty 4 dager siden

    It’s Olivia not olympia

    TOXIIC 5 dager siden

    Everyone died and the ending was trash
    Bad movie

  • Geralt of rivia approves this message

    Bro just explain the monsters stop the bs talking about the "FEELINGS" MY ASS WHO THE FUCK CARES

  • SindalunSaipan
    SindalunSaipan 5 dager siden +2

    your video format is so unoriginal.

  • misfitsly2.0 1
    misfitsly2.0 1 6 dager siden +1

    I'm only 10 but I got why they named the movie bird box

  • Number1Dougster
    Number1Dougster 7 dager siden

    The narrator was very eloquent but I'm still giving Bird Box a thumbs DOWN! Maybe some people like being kept in the dark (pardon the pun). Personally, I would have liked more theorizing by the characters about the nature of the "monsters". I kept waiting for this movie to get good and it never did. If it's not too late, don't waste your time on this clunker.

  • Mrs. Lop3z
    Mrs. Lop3z 7 dager siden +1


  • bk angel sehrawat
    bk angel sehrawat 7 dager siden

    Best movie ever seen . 10 out of 10 . Best best best

  • NR Cuber
    NR Cuber 8 dager siden +1

    Just completed reading the novel but after watching the trailer of movie it seems both story are separated quite apart

  • SPF infinity SPF infinity
    SPF infinity SPF infinity 8 dager siden +2

    Gary was such a creep

  • Alex Marti
    Alex Marti 8 dager siden

    Only depressed people think everyone around them is depressed too , no dumb ass you the only depressed idiot here

  • Izzy Coile
    Izzy Coile 8 dager siden

    Can see the lovercraft inspiration already

  • Blue._.Creeper Games0
    Blue._.Creeper Games0 9 dager siden

    ARE U BLIND?!?!?!?! when I watched it I seen the monster its a shadow

  • inker man
    inker man 10 dager siden

    All of them saw the 'momo challenge' and that explains the suicide

  • Sara Dreamer
    Sara Dreamer 10 dager siden

    0:06 “grab your blindfolds and grab your poptarts”

    Me: how can we watch your video if we wear blindfolds?

    I know i can hear you but it’s not in enough
    plus where i live is like “Quiet Place”

  • Amack Amack
    Amack Amack 10 dager siden

    @lida the Explorer watch this

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me 10 dager siden

    I'm just amazed that the black dude risked his life going out to get protein powder from the store every month for 5 years.

  • Vikram Mallya
    Vikram Mallya 11 dager siden

    Bird box is biggest disgusting movie ever. You can relate the same movie to Bollywood Movie Agyaat.

  • Vuur vreter
    Vuur vreter 11 dager siden

    I watched it and it was baddddddd so why explain?

  • Makaveli
    Makaveli 12 dager siden +1

    It’s dumb the black dude and fat lady open the door for everybody 😂

  • Fake Jager
    Fake Jager 12 dager siden

    Bird box momster(mirror)
    Me(looking at it) WHAT IS THAT ITS ITS OH OH NO

  • Caryl Taylor
    Caryl Taylor 12 dager siden +1

    Yay more nightmares =3=

  • Onex
    Onex 12 dager siden

    She's the monster. It's all internal. She's killing off everyone around her to maintain her isolation. Being alone and pregnant with twins has sent her over the edge. The end is her at the institution.

  • Joshua Hammond
    Joshua Hammond 12 dager siden +1

    You explained nothing.

  • L P
    L P 12 dager siden

    This is all bullocks....I ll tell you exactly what is happening.....Some assholes form Russia were stealing from the American Stock Market...about 10 years thug alliance with Cypriot criminals, Boston thugs, New Jerasey thugs, and Ohio. (maybe Japan) ,Greece, Iceland ,Germany and perhaps Lithuania, Indonesia and Australia (maybe Ireland too).....and somewhere in there include Argentina (wherever the fuck that is...)... I got in the way, wrecked everything by total accident.....and they have since being trying to make me kill myself through various cheap ass methods as most of the people involved in that ring got destroyed (Americans dont like being looted)...Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, I have attracted the positive attention of real Knights belonging to the 12 Kingdoms....and they whoooped their butts big time. ....They tried to make me go blind, to paralyse me to give me fake Cancer etc etc etc and they were involved indirectly in the death of my mother.........Disclaimer: I said, asshole Russians not generally "Russians"...All countries have their assholes. .......So thats it more or less. Now, this is what this film encrypts, if you ask my father, he will just say it was the Germans and someone from Volos that is an extreme right wing thug (Golden Dawn) which sells Gold. ...dunno...dunno who to believe and who to get 007 to shoot with a machine gun.

  • L P
    L P 12 dager siden

    Jessica we all know your friends are serious criminals...we dont need a movie...LOL

  • Talon Higgins
    Talon Higgins 12 dager siden

    It's low frequency warfare

  • Cloudy Plays
    Cloudy Plays 13 dager siden

    This is bird box monster.

  • jiminsus
    jiminsus 13 dager siden

    I just don’t get how they where suddenly moved to a house by the river

  • Dannie Ballard
    Dannie Ballard 13 dager siden

    Congrats you Explained nothing

  • Kimmy Kat
    Kimmy Kat 14 dager siden +2

    this isnt an ending explanation this is a whole summary of the movie LOL WTF

    • Jaw Ji
      Jaw Ji 13 dager siden

      Eactly, hence why it probably is probably not protected under fair use either.

  • summerysteam96
    summerysteam96 14 dager siden

    u didnt say why are they suicidal

  • Jimin’s Wifeu
    Jimin’s Wifeu 14 dager siden


  • RaelynnPlayz
    RaelynnPlayz 14 dager siden

    I regret watching this movie. I understood what it was all about, but thinking about it makes me feel empty and cautious. It was horrible

  • Vicky Kel
    Vicky Kel 15 dager siden

    she calls them boy and girl and treats them like she doesn't care because she wants to make them tough and selfish so they survive that's why she said to the girl when she came to her rescue that she can't trust her cause she is not strong

  • Maria Rosarianti
    Maria Rosarianti 15 dager siden

    It's a green bag

  • Baby Xenof_ck
    Baby Xenof_ck 15 dager siden


  • Pika pup
    Pika pup 16 dager siden

    (And I mean little Olivia girl)

  • Claudia Vega
    Claudia Vega 17 dager siden

    I have the theory that they all want to die because they have a vision of the "paradise/heaven" so that's why they're not afraid of death and the other ones who kill want them to see and go to heaven too.
    Don't know if I explain it correctly but that's basically what I though xD

  • Chazmy
    Chazmy 17 dager siden

    9:27 *fnaf has entered the chat*

  • Jerzy Jorguś
    Jerzy Jorguś 18 dager siden

    this needed an explanation ?

  • Theis Erhardsen
    Theis Erhardsen 18 dager siden

    I just watched Birdbox and I thought it was sh*t until I saw this video, however I feel like the ending was pretty crappy!

    Excuse me for my bad English...

  • bcherbs
    bcherbs 19 dager siden

    Wow you are so far off it's absurd

  • Crafting With Jennifer
    Crafting With Jennifer 19 dager siden

    I wish the ending was different because there are still monsters out there and I don’t think the blind school will have enough room to repopulate and where’s the food coming from? Also we need Tom da bomb. He was like my second or third favorite

  • Miss M
    Miss M 20 dager siden

    Love for animals and put them in a cage? confused humanity

  • girl of the nightcore
    girl of the nightcore 20 dager siden

    i wont be affected by the force lol

  • ilhan buke
    ilhan buke 20 dager siden


  • Alex H
    Alex H 21 dag siden

    9:10 saved on CGI too

  • Oshy
    Oshy 21 dag siden

    Make a theory about the void dimension

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 22 dager siden


  • Rose Darlin'
    Rose Darlin' 22 dager siden +3

    I loved it. It was a dark fairy tale.

    • King’s TeaV
      King’s TeaV 21 dag siden

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  • Purin Puffz
    Purin Puffz 23 dager siden +1

    I'm new to this channel, and I have that feeling "Daddy loves you very much" is like some kind of riddle..?

  • _
    _ 24 dager siden +1

    they say it didnt effect animals just be a furry smh

    • King’s TeaV
      King’s TeaV 21 dag siden

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  • Not Important
    Not Important 24 dager siden

    this movie is EXACTLY the idea from the "the happening" executed as "a quiet place"

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 25 dager siden +1

    My number one question is what happened with Felix & Lucy

    • King’s TeaV
      King’s TeaV 21 dag siden

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  • Angelofdeath65674
    Angelofdeath65674 25 dager siden

    Wtf do u mean we can't see the creature you see it ever time it shows up. Go to the end you'll see it more clear when the of them start chasing her to the school for blind

  • AllysonKookieJam
    AllysonKookieJam 25 dager siden

    A Quiet Place : Can't talk
    Bird Box : Can't look
    *Park Jimin : Can't grow😂*

  • Peridot
    Peridot 25 dager siden

    her 5 yo hair

  • Peridot
    Peridot 25 dager siden

    Suicide? Russia?

    Land-walking Blue Whale

  • Lau Shiau Suang
    Lau Shiau Suang 25 dager siden +4

    I don’t know about how others think... the obvious moral of the story to me is to appreciate my eyesight.... more..... do not take it for granted

    • King’s TeaV
      King’s TeaV 21 dag siden

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  • Lindell Anderson
    Lindell Anderson 25 dager siden

    What about mom dose she love us very much also?

  • Lindell Anderson
    Lindell Anderson 25 dager siden +1

    An interesting movie throughout but what was the monster

  • Lindell Anderson
    Lindell Anderson 25 dager siden

    I grabbed some popcorn and turned the light off and put the blindfolds on but now I can’t see a thing.

  • First Last
    First Last 25 dager siden

    Another shit

    KIZ GANG 26 dager siden

    Not my proudest fap

  • Space Face
    Space Face 26 dager siden

    I sure that isnt a green bag?

  • The King
    The King 26 dager siden

    Nah your clutching at straws with alot of this

  • Scheren Schnitt
    Scheren Schnitt 26 dager siden

    I first thought after watching the movie:" Hm just another Netflix crap. " but it didnt let me loose. Somehow the film touched me. It is really a great shot. And at the end. When everaone is trapped inside this birdcage but not alone anymore. It gets warm. When they reach this shelter. Before the movie was cold. It was really good work.

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 26 dager siden

    End game 😂 the things humans come up with the Bible it's called The day of the Lord.

  • Ravenclaw Pride
    Ravenclaw Pride 27 dager siden

    The real questions is:

  • Дмитрий Иванович


  • Gacha World
    Gacha World 27 dager siden

    Hey yall!
    *Flim Theory also did this theory and explained the “monster” and it makes pretty good sense*

  • Faisal Ali
    Faisal Ali 28 dager siden

    Only the last part was worth the explanation. Psychological analysis of Malorie was a waste.

  • Stevbomb Inky
    Stevbomb Inky 28 dager siden

    Make sucks

  • Zuleika Ramirez
    Zuleika Ramirez 28 dager siden

    Ok but the real question is how some people survived?

  • Liz OG Gaspari II
    Liz OG Gaspari II 28 dager siden

    saw similar short movie scared me

  • EvilRickMaster
    EvilRickMaster 28 dager siden

    Actually they were gonna reveal the monster at some point in the film but opted against it.

    Good thing too, I saw the monster design and it frankly looks ridiculous.

  • Wallabyway
    Wallabyway 29 dager siden

    Movie would have been better if they showed an actual monster and had bit more action and suspense moments also ending should've been better as well...maybe they find a military compound or monster gets killed somehow

  • CentralTexas Bear
    CentralTexas Bear 29 dager siden

    I just watched this movie today so quick question, at 3:31, who TF is the man in the blue jacket and the lady in the pink clothes with purse? I don't remember them in the film at all (minus the ?)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 29 dager siden

    Blue was the warmest colour .

  • William Murray
    William Murray 29 dager siden

    The whole movie is trash

    WTF ASMR 29 dager siden

    New Bird box challenge uploaded today

    WTF ASMR 29 dager siden

    Bird box asmr uploaded today

  • darth revan
    darth revan Måned siden

    Love the video tho I knew the message just would of never figure the movie was trying to explain. I learn it threw old plp and dreams I've had. 😋Go figure love your on point break down shot got a lot to learn on observing better.ok I go away now.

  • Satan
    Satan Måned siden

    I have vision a lot worse than most, without glasses. Blurry enough to where a human face to me is just a dot at any distance, and any animal looks similar to a single color fog. What do you think the creature do to people like that?

  • Nichole Dlp
    Nichole Dlp Måned siden

    I knew this was symbolic in some way READING WAS FINALLY USEFUL also thanks for this video

  • Four Sword
    Four Sword Måned siden

    Maybe the cast represents the lost souls who refuse to see the sexually immoral and multiracial hellscape they helped create. They just refuse to see that people can only love themselves and their own people and thus culture more, first and foremost; before we can attempt to even think about saving humanity.

  • Slam funk
    Slam funk Måned siden

    아니 ...뭔데?

  • Ashley H3MLG
    Ashley H3MLG Måned siden

    Amazing movie

  • Maddie SmithX
    Maddie SmithX Måned siden

    Yeah! Its safer in the blind school because the moster won’t even go there as they cannot see! So there is no point as they won’t die!!

  • piet jan petersen
    piet jan petersen Måned siden

    I thought the smaller black guy was T-Pain. Just found out he wasn't. Sorry black people, I din't meant to be racist...

  • Cambria Capps
    Cambria Capps Måned siden

    Is bird box on Netflix? Because I’m not paying.