• Publisert 9. mars. 2019
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Kommentarer • 2 169

  • Jayv iOS
    Jayv iOS 22 timer siden

    Camila Cabello and FaZe Clan Collab??? Like if you agree !!!

  • Risk Nacs
    Risk Nacs 22 timer siden

    🤣🤣 Kay got me dead

  • Game shredderz
    Game shredderz 23 timer siden

    I love bearded dragons but mine is very aggressive

  • TripleMGaming
    TripleMGaming Dag siden

    Put glass in the opening so the thing doesn’t escape

  • David Glenn
    David Glenn Dag siden

    Did any body notice that a 9:03 he made the water bottle into to pool table

  • Metroid
    Metroid Dag siden

    Miguel: "Its a Dwarf Monitor" Adapt: "Golf monitor?"

  • Ben Allen
    Ben Allen Dag siden +1

    9:01 that water tho😂

  • Samantha Lara
    Samantha Lara Dag siden

    Funniest vid I’ve ever seen!!!!💜🤩

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee Dag siden

    Like I mean, if you're afraid why do the challenge? It's not entertaining if a majority of the video is constantly filled with girlish screams.

  • U prolly Dumb
    U prolly Dumb Dag siden

    Uhhhh what happened at 13:14 on the right ? 🤣

  • Jacob Shaw
    Jacob Shaw Dag siden

    Rice gum looks special

  • Joe Mushens
    Joe Mushens Dag siden

    9:01 who says faze don’t trick shot anymore

  • Geee Master
    Geee Master Dag siden

    Fucken apex lmao

  • ItzMR.random
    ItzMR.random Dag siden

    At :902

  • ItzMR.random
    ItzMR.random Dag siden

    When adapt kicked the water bottle it landed

  • WCG Hawgninja
    WCG Hawgninja Dag siden

    At 9:08 he kicked the bottle and it landed

  • Dan Krite
    Dan Krite Dag siden

    whos that blonde chick

  • Benny Sanchez
    Benny Sanchez Dag siden

    Blaze ran a 40 yard dash in 3.5 seconds when that mouse ran😂😂

  • metro062
    metro062 Dag siden

    Put in a dildo

  • Rotten Beans
    Rotten Beans Dag siden

    Pretty sure the only reason rice gums in faze is because his money

  • VinVin X
    VinVin X Dag siden +1

    4:37 r.i.p

  • guus gamezz
    guus gamezz Dag siden

    Where is cloak

  • Elway Ferguson
    Elway Ferguson Dag siden

    4:37 @peta

  • DoNotDisturb_
    DoNotDisturb_ Dag siden +3

    No one is talking about Blaze?? LMAO

  • Trimmer
    Trimmer Dag siden

    Peta entered the chat

  • Hernekeitto
    Hernekeitto Dag siden

    Next time put the window/some kind of glass behind the box so it cant get away

  • Обычная Жизнь

    Опа спиздили у кликлака

  • Nippelz
    Nippelz Dag siden

    thanos 5:39

  • Default 116
    Default 116 Dag siden

    Whys Ricefaggot there

  • Thomas Wright
    Thomas Wright Dag siden +2

    Blaze got the biggest balls out of all of them

  • Andrew Vettese
    Andrew Vettese Dag siden

    This shit gives me anxiety😂

  • Kyree White
    Kyree White Dag siden

    This is how I know I have been gone for too long, last time I watched faze clan they lived in new york. Now Rice Gum is in faze🤔🤦

  • Emmanuel Guerra
    Emmanuel Guerra Dag siden

    Hey look me up I'm trying to join M4NuaLD3xt3RitY1

  • Zeren Legend
    Zeren Legend Dag siden

    this had me dying dude hahahhaa its about the mouse hahahhaah thats dude who dont want the mouse escape but he scared hahah

  • Diamond
    Diamond 2 dager siden +1

    *"It's like beans or something"*

  • Craazy Slayer
    Craazy Slayer 2 dager siden

    1:32 Bro that's guys face lmao

  • Building Arseny
    Building Arseny 2 dager siden

    2:19 rice is not in faze

  • BearsFury
    BearsFury 2 dager siden +1

    Faze apex kinda looks like the animal dude

  • RohxzYT
    RohxzYT 2 dager siden


  • clipviii
    clipviii 2 dager siden +1


  • demønic
    demønic 2 dager siden

    Lmao Adapt always gets fucked with 😂😂😂

  • GodⱫ dildiaz111_Tv
    GodⱫ dildiaz111_Tv 2 dager siden

    And Tunner?

  • Taserr
    Taserr 2 dager siden

    Where is Rain??

    TSM TFB 2 dager siden

    9:02 he kicks the bottle and lands it

  • Abrxm
    Abrxm 2 dager siden

    I hope the snake bites Tenser

  • Hassan haider
    Hassan haider 2 dager siden

    9:01 water bottle trick shot haha

  • german barrera
    german barrera 2 dager siden

    i fk jump when the snake try to bite apex

  • Its Alfredo
    Its Alfredo 2 dager siden

    This video is a banger keep em coming!

  • inquisitor master
    inquisitor master 2 dager siden

    Where Rug at?

  • Parnit Kaur
    Parnit Kaur 2 dager siden

    Where's Faze Rug!?

  • Dank Rufus
    Dank Rufus 2 dager siden

    Y was the book covering the water bottle?

  • Dank Rufus
    Dank Rufus 2 dager siden

    Wait, were some of these fake?

  • Lifted x
    Lifted x 2 dager siden

    Faze clan a bunch of bitches

  • Bryan Reacts
    Bryan Reacts 2 dager siden

    10:57 probably demonitize

  • TheFlashGhost32
    TheFlashGhost32 2 dager siden

    What is that rice doing there?

  • PureLuck
    PureLuck 2 dager siden

    Is that jao or ricegum?

  • RepzyFN
    RepzyFN 2 dager siden +1

    Only underrated controller players can like this and sub to me🔥🎮!!

    Also I do NO-clip any support would a tiny NO-clipr like me❤️

  • Sebastian Blue
    Sebastian Blue 2 dager siden

    why is ricegum there he big stupid

  • Yazan Ibayah
    Yazan Ibayah 2 dager siden

    Best video ever

  • Matthew May
    Matthew May 2 dager siden

    Get lives “men” 😅😂... Jesus millennials are so so sad

    • andy
      andy 2 dager siden

      sadly they probably make more a year then you

  • Yugychu
    Yugychu 2 dager siden

    What happened to cizzorz and I never knew Rice was here

  • wambam tricks
    wambam tricks 2 dager siden

    Blaziken no b****

  • V2Kill Fortnite
    V2Kill Fortnite 2 dager siden

    Lol rice gum first pick was a dog 🐕 man he was hungry 😂😂

  • Finn O’Donnell
    Finn O’Donnell 2 dager siden

    Where’s tfue

  • Gaming page
    Gaming page 2 dager siden

    3:39 Kays screeched lool

  • l Dubbo
    l Dubbo 2 dager siden

    Bunch of pussies

  • Atay Gaming1.0
    Atay Gaming1.0 2 dager siden +2

    Theese people touching snakes like Erika costell

  • xXAlmanXx 2004
    xXAlmanXx 2004 2 dager siden

    Overreactions are so bad and you could have at least give some information about the animals you are torturing here.

  • Macey Fortune
    Macey Fortune 2 dager siden

    Why isn't banks in these videos?

  • magic vines
    magic vines 2 dager siden

    You can put a cling wrap Infront of it

  • Noah Law
    Noah Law 2 dager siden

    14:37 damn perfect thumbnail

    RAW WORSHIP 2 dager siden

    Adapt would look 10x better like a model if he fixed his skin up and got a TAN.

  • Ben Hendrick
    Ben Hendrick 2 dager siden

    This is actually hilarious 😂

  • Ttv Jordan1132
    Ttv Jordan1132 2 dager siden

    It’s just a bearded dragon why are you scared and it’s bites don’t hurt

  • NEM
    NEM 2 dager siden

    Why is ricegum in this vid

  • Sitesx
    Sitesx 2 dager siden

    Skrtt the turtle was the icon

  • Tr1ck F4c3
    Tr1ck F4c3 2 dager siden

    Ricegum is not evenin FaZe

  • omid hassani
    omid hassani 2 dager siden

    hahahha that flash back tho hahahah :)

  • jans0n
    jans0n 2 dager siden +1

    Faze RiceGum?!?!

  • OMGShaved Yeti
    OMGShaved Yeti 3 dager siden

    Where’s Orbas Channel?

  • Tankyex
    Tankyex 3 dager siden

    Adapt got me dead ass laughing

  • Moises is a potato
    Moises is a potato 3 dager siden +2

    9:01 that poor gnome he didn’t do anything 😢😢😢

  • Young Zeus
    Young Zeus 3 dager siden

    Is the geko ok

  • LOHX Jeff
    LOHX Jeff 3 dager siden

    Coool viddd

  • Twitch Aspzn
    Twitch Aspzn 3 dager siden +1

    *touches lizard*
    "It'S lIkE bEaNs Or SoMeThInG!"

  • Sadeel Hilal
    Sadeel Hilal 3 dager siden

    where FaZe Rug at dawg

  • Sadeel Hilal
    Sadeel Hilal 3 dager siden

    where FaZe Rug at dawg

  • Crawfordzander 20
    Crawfordzander 20 3 dager siden

    Fake snake

  • NaturaL RekTeR
    NaturaL RekTeR 3 dager siden

    Adapt getting lil thic

  • Røwntree Films
    Røwntree Films 3 dager siden

    Adapt looks fat

    DE’ASIA MONET 3 dager siden +2

    When the mouse cane out the box I was cryinggggg now I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂

    SKJØRSTAD 1 3 dager siden +6

    9:01 damn look at that bottle in the left corner

  • Pete Rowe
    Pete Rowe 3 dager siden +2

    how is a rat scaryyy???

  • MMDyt
    MMDyt 3 dager siden

    They need to get there reactions in slowmo

  • FIDJ Vids
    FIDJ Vids 3 dager siden

    Now this is the real faze clan vids

  • Lucky Spider7576
    Lucky Spider7576 3 dager siden +1

    Adapt is going ooo touches it ooo touches it oooo

  • GhostFox Pack
    GhostFox Pack 3 dager siden

    5:07 lil dude won the game of pool

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris 3 dager siden

    mito is off his nut hahahah

  • Kellogs dedog13
    Kellogs dedog13 3 dager siden +1

    I have a bearded dragon as well (it was the lizard that Kay was doing)

  • BrEnNnNaN
    BrEnNnNaN 3 dager siden +13

    "That's the biggest gecko in the world"
    Apex: *Drop*