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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom, now living in Montana in the USA! I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

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    Alec Steele Blacksmith 2018
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Kommentarer • 2 611

  • Stanley Banks
    Stanley Banks Dag siden

    A flatbed will cost you 1000$ in Montana and you can own it.

  • Narice Woolon
    Narice Woolon Dag siden

    Alec, a challenge my friend. A Bowie knife out of Industrial cable.......can you do it, can you?

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Dag siden

    you could have sold the wood for a little bit of cash

  • RenoF250
    RenoF250 2 dager siden

    You could make something cool out of the pallet wood. Plan B, burn it.

  • James Burns
    James Burns 2 dager siden

    nope sorry, you trashed enough steel and wood to have built those shelves you bought and had to pay to dump good lumber? nope nope nope

  • Gary Max
    Gary Max 2 dager siden

    These guys must have a huge money tree

  • Alex H
    Alex H 2 dager siden

    The love story reunited. :)

  • Zak Caston
    Zak Caston 2 dager siden

    Alec are you actually from Norfolk?! That’s where I’m from!😂that’s amazing! I loved you videos yet never knew that

  • tindurboxFPV
    tindurboxFPV 2 dager siden

    So much good material thrown away?! No room for a net scrap pile out back? Also, you have a truck, why rent a trailer? Honestly curious.

  • Dean Sheets
    Dean Sheets 3 dager siden

    Narwhal horn lmao....
    So... You have a big open shop in Montana and no woodburner for heat? (That's where the pallets go)

  • morgan fortney
    morgan fortney 3 dager siden

    I think that was the most American thing I have ever heard

  • Wesley Jolly
    Wesley Jolly 3 dager siden

    I can't believe that instead of turning all of that FREE wood and steel into shelving and/or benches, you added to the volume of trash going into the landfill!

  • Dave Vasquez
    Dave Vasquez 3 dager siden

    Keep up the energy Alex. Love the videos and your work.

  • Mark G
    Mark G 4 dager siden

    Alex, Welcome to America! 3 words, Craigslist "Free Stuff"... Never move stuff you don't want again!!....

  • Cheesecake
    Cheesecake 4 dager siden

    want brand of pants to you wear?

  • 09ssl
    09ssl 4 dager siden

    Omg he is just 1,6m :-D

  • C A
    C A 4 dager siden

    Union Jack not Union Flag

  • J Math42
    J Math42 4 dager siden

    Rebar is regulatory to be 2 feet apart from each other while making a grid. So if you know where one is you can find all others

  • WidNick2
    WidNick2 4 dager siden

    can someone tell me what kind of work pants they have?

  • Flyboyminer
    Flyboyminer 4 dager siden

    Oh look! An Eagle!

  • zehlersan
    zehlersan 4 dager siden

    U should have used flex seal to seal it all up lol

  • Lou L
    Lou L 5 dager siden

    It just hit me that your recent move to America and your shipment of equipment is likely a historical re-enactment of how my Isaac Hill anvil came to be with me.

    POOTIS GUY 5 dager siden

    what is the name of the music on 6:05

  • BlueGamer Dude
    BlueGamer Dude 5 dager siden

    did you just throw away all that nice lumber? could have used for future house

  • seouljah760
    seouljah760 5 dager siden

    shoulda used that pallet wood to replace the MDF on those shelves you bought. I have them and they bow pretty bad after awhile.

  • Justin
    Justin 5 dager siden

    I'm enjoying this journey

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 5 dager siden

    Flying the Colours. Respect.

  • Cort Wiese
    Cort Wiese 5 dager siden

    Where in Montana

  • Israel Rodriguez
    Israel Rodriguez 5 dager siden

    How about an everyday wear urban armor design ?

  • Allan Hendrickson
    Allan Hendrickson 6 dager siden

    What state is this? it looks almost like Alaska!

  • CPS 56
    CPS 56 6 dager siden

    Can't watch - too loud. Alec needs to practice his inside voice.

  • Evan Jeschke
    Evan Jeschke 6 dager siden

    Where is this shop

  • pmm4177
    pmm4177 6 dager siden

    You live in montana now!! I need to take a road trip and have you make something for me

  • Joe Rooney
    Joe Rooney 6 dager siden

    Hahah narwhal tusk that’s great.

  • Joe Rooney
    Joe Rooney 6 dager siden

    Seriously how is Ace not a sponsor yet. You’ve only mentioned and gone there a couple hundred times already.

  • W N
    W N 6 dager siden

    Why didn't you have the concrete guys set in place threaded inserts in the new pour? Wouln't that have saved a lot of work? Tell them where the locations of the bolts would be and they can even weld them to the rebar.

  • Conely King
    Conely King 6 dager siden

    Looking good...feel sorry for dusty precision hammer ram from drilling...

  • Bryan Stiver
    Bryan Stiver 6 dager siden

    Get a forklift already!

  • Addmix
    Addmix 6 dager siden

    That ace ad tho

  • wolves for life
    wolves for life 7 dager siden

    I would of had a big fire with the pallets

  • Lets NOT Play With Electricity

    You're in America now... Burn your wood and cardboard lol.

  • Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Thomas 7 dager siden

    You pair of tools had wood and metal and went to a shop and bought metal and wood racking for your workshop knobs

  • Layne Landis
    Layne Landis 7 dager siden

    You are slowing down on making videos!

  • _SubtotalFour91 _
    _SubtotalFour91 _ 7 dager siden

    Are you in america now?

  • Jessica Collins
    Jessica Collins 7 dager siden

    How is it you always have a neighbor with a forklift alec lol

  • Lucian Nightwolf
    Lucian Nightwolf 7 dager siden

    Not sure if this was done on purpose, but I appreciate the way in which you set up those flags. The U.S. flag on U.S. soil should always be flown higher than any of the others, next is commonly the state flag. You could have easily put the Union Jack on the top of the board its currently on, but you did not. It shows a great amount of respect. I had friends come home with that flag draped over their thank you.

  • Collin Smith
    Collin Smith 7 dager siden

    Dude it looks cold where you're at. Why dump the wood? Shoulda ordered up a keg of beer and burned the wood in a huge bonfire with your neighbors to celebrate your stuff getting there. At least that's what we would've done in my neck of the woods. (Except here in nanny state of CA we probably would have gotten a ticket for burning real wood on a "non-burn day" and possibly for drunk in public...but it wold have been worth it!)

  • DarkDragonPath
    DarkDragonPath 7 dager siden

    With all this plugging, why doesn't Ace finally throw them a bone and give them a tiny little sponsor... or a gift card... or just a sign to hang in the office...?

  • Nick Stay
    Nick Stay 7 dager siden

    Should have had a Bon fire with all that garbage

  • bruticusmagnus
    bruticusmagnus 7 dager siden

    Playing the American Song My Country Tis of Thee while hanging the British Flag. I can't help it that the Brits call it God Save the Queen.

  • jeremy pierce
    jeremy pierce 7 dager siden

    Yall should have used a chunk of the steel from shipping stuff to make the first forged item in the new shop.

  • Apocraphon 571
    Apocraphon 571 8 dager siden

    Why not just use the steel, your a black smith?

  • Jessica Giebelhaus
    Jessica Giebelhaus 8 dager siden

    3:57 😂

  • Lorenzo valčić
    Lorenzo valčić 8 dager siden

    How you pay rent for work shop?
    Do you live only from you tube pay?
    How you start?

  • The Infidel
    The Infidel 8 dager siden

    carefully adressed the correct hoist elevation of the flag ^^ hehehe...i wouldve liked to see the comment section if you had placed it at the same height as the murican cloth.

  • Ian Winner
    Ian Winner 8 dager siden

    Who makes your pants?

  • Bob Ross Erotica Fanfiction

    Never thought I'd be watching blacksmithing videos for hours. Your content is really amazing to watch. 👍

  • Gene Price
    Gene Price 8 dager siden

    Nothing more Murican than a bald eagle at the dump

  • Mathias Rieske
    Mathias Rieske 8 dager siden

    Alec, you could have gotten rid of the pallet for free, you live in MT. People will take that for free

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar 8 dager siden

    Is no one going to comment on what a great couple these two make. Such a good couple representing the homosexual community.

    • John Dunbar
      John Dunbar 7 dager siden

      Timothy S. I actually sell condoms and im going to send this couple a years supply. I might have them do a sponsored video where they create a condom dispenser out of steel. These two could sell some cindoms believe you me.

    • John Dunbar
      John Dunbar 8 dager siden

      Timothy S. Na agree to disagree. Im big into the internet gay scene and these two are an item. The way they look into eachothers eyes and share tools and hooks eachother....they're a couple. I hope theyre using protection.

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. 8 dager siden

      +John Dunbar well according to the man Will himself they are not in a relationship they are friends and co-workers and that is it

    • John Dunbar
      John Dunbar 8 dager siden

      Timothy S. No i think they are. They met and married their businesses and are in a relationship

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. 8 dager siden

      Except they are not a couple

  • Lutz Mowinski
    Lutz Mowinski 8 dager siden

    The word "recycling" isn't all that well-known in the US, is it? You could have burned the wood in a really big bonfire, it would have saved you money and made for a nice evening AT A BONFIRE.

  • George. C
    George. C 8 dager siden

    Love your new hair

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 8 dager siden

    You had steel and wood then bought racking?

  • Dante Watson
    Dante Watson 8 dager siden +1

    Skip to 2:37 for when it gets open

    JULIE 8 dager siden

    Good use for that Narwhal tusk.

  • Michael Meacham
    Michael Meacham 8 dager siden

    Where's the video of the slab being poured?

  • Michael Meacham
    Michael Meacham 8 dager siden

    Don't they have cardboard and pallet recycling in Montana?

  • Leafy Copycat
    Leafy Copycat 8 dager siden

    You should of just done the good old big ass fire in the yard to get rid of the wood

  • Devin Heiner
    Devin Heiner 8 dager siden

    Thank you

  • Devin Heiner
    Devin Heiner 8 dager siden

    Fantastic progress

  • Evan McCarthy
    Evan McCarthy 8 dager siden


  • Drew2sticks AKA Andrew Nelson

    All that wood. And cardboard. Fire material.

  • T wagner
    T wagner 8 dager siden

    @ my job I receive air freight shipments all the time, a more expensive alternative. I have received car parts from Korea and other overseas cargo. The car solenoids from Korea are banded, in a large cardboard box and then the parts are put in oversized bags.

  • Abdoulrahman Alraei
    Abdoulrahman Alraei 9 dager siden

    bro forge super conductor

  • Jarod Morris
    Jarod Morris 9 dager siden

    samurai carpenter could have turned those pallets into a masterpiece.

  • Chris2007a A
    Chris2007a A 9 dager siden

    I would have mounted the face of the pellet on the wall.

  • Joseph Powell
    Joseph Powell 9 dager siden

    Ace should have sponsored you by now

  • Eric Marcus
    Eric Marcus 9 dager siden

    Damn, I wouldn't think you would get rid of all that steel. Is that steel not good for forging?

  • Claus Madsen
    Claus Madsen 9 dager siden

    Americans are crazy. There’s not a single landfill in my country. We burn all non-recyclable trash for electricity production and waste heat is used to heat houses

  • knotbumper
    knotbumper 9 dager siden

    In America, you use a pickup to haul with, you don't rent a trailer to haul trash, that is what the big open space in the back of your truck is for....

  • Admiral Percy
    Admiral Percy 9 dager siden

    Alec, would you be comfortable talking about your immigration status, what you plan to do to earn an income, stuff like that?

  • Hoffman
    Hoffman 9 dager siden

    that power hammer has more miles on it than your tool crate!

  • The_404
    The_404 9 dager siden

    Alec, got a question. Are you planning to become a naturalized citizen of the US?

  • dudekiwi
    dudekiwi 9 dager siden

    gee that is all recycleable material? Cardboard, wood, steel, plastic and paper?

  • dudekiwi
    dudekiwi 9 dager siden

    just a matter of interest are you two in a relationship ....

    • Timothy S.
      Timothy S. 8 dager siden

      Only a business relationship

  • Broo_sh
    Broo_sh 9 dager siden

    what get rid of steel never heard so insain words dont you use steel man???????????

  • Charlotte Larson
    Charlotte Larson 9 dager siden

    I guess Alec had crate expectations.

  • Skaatje
    Skaatje 9 dager siden

    Quick question. Why throw away all that metal?

  • Jord B
    Jord B 9 dager siden +1

    That accent is so confusing

  • Hamish Makes
    Hamish Makes 9 dager siden

    The new workshop also carries on the tradition of having a neighbor with a forklift

  • BofhJohn
    BofhJohn 9 dager siden

    Were you, perhaps, looking for the word "empty"?

  • Jack Spencer
    Jack Spencer 9 dager siden

    Home Depot is better just tryin to help a new American

  • Samuel Bate-Williams
    Samuel Bate-Williams 9 dager siden

    surely all of that can be recycled?!?!?!?!?

  • chef jeef
    chef jeef 9 dager siden

    The most American brit

  • Mike Okslong
    Mike Okslong 9 dager siden


  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 9 dager siden

    I bet you were slap happy but what the heck took it so long. Yeah that had nothing to do with shipping it by sea!! It was just left out in the open and it got rained on is all

  • Paul Kubin
    Paul Kubin 9 dager siden

    Spend a couple hundred on a good planer and you can turn that pallet into beautiful oak furniture. Coffee table anyone? People in California scrounge and beg for pallets -- the 4x4 ones!

  • Geo Mondiale
    Geo Mondiale 10 dager siden

    Welcome Alec

  • BoShek
    BoShek 10 dager siden

    I don't understand why so many people have an issue with him disposing of the pallet at the landfill. They are big, they are cumbersome, they are trying to clean up and organize their metal shop. They are not woodworkers, they are not wood recyclers. If you want the big annoying pallet out of your workshop.......that is one way to do it. You may have done it differently if it was your shop, but it isn't. There is nothing wrong with how they got rid of it. In fact, I commend them for dealing with it properly instead of just tossing it in the woods or on the side of the road for someone else to deal with.........many people would just do that.

  • Thomas Harper
    Thomas Harper 10 dager siden

    Oh my you have a fair brittish/southerner/london accent!!