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  • Anupam Lall
    Anupam Lall 2 dager siden +2


  • 1400- Archer
    1400- Archer 2 dager siden

    4:51 I deadass choked on my ice cream😂☹️

  • Kyle Bateman
    Kyle Bateman 2 dager siden

    Bruh the baby thing happened in my city omg

  • Zacharias Plate
    Zacharias Plate 2 dager siden

    Randolph is a fkn pushover

  • Travis Woodley110
    Travis Woodley110 2 dager siden +1

    Boxing skills are shit Randolph is better and he is fat

  • Heather Hodgson
    Heather Hodgson 4 dager siden

    such a beast , look at ur big assed double-chunk-nigga arms

  • 3 pointer Xp
    3 pointer Xp 5 dager siden

    You should try one on best of fits you’ll sh*t yourself

  • rawrbaby_xD
    rawrbaby_xD 7 dager siden

    10:01 xD

  • Mystics
    Mystics 8 dager siden

    Commenting on every KSI vid until he notices me: Day 5

  • Austin Guyll
    Austin Guyll 8 dager siden

    ksi suck a dick

  • ssandra335
    ssandra335 8 dager siden

    8:08 you now she sleped with him

  • Caleb Omari
    Caleb Omari 9 dager siden

    Ok hate on Randolph all yall want but what about that baby??? 😭😭

  • love ly
    love ly 9 dager siden

    Why the fuck are they punching each other with boxing gloves... We punched each other with fists.

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez 10 dager siden

    the man who drop the baby is a bitch

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez 10 dager siden

    the man who drop it a bitch

  • alucardfu2
    alucardfu2 10 dager siden

    Wait a sec. Randolphs from Nottingham?! Holy shit my mans the same as me xD

  • sherman bruh
    sherman bruh 10 dager siden +3

    10:10 this is y deji needs to in the sidemen XD

  • Trayvon Jo
    Trayvon Jo 11 dager siden


  • Ricy Site
    Ricy Site 11 dager siden

    Do the face

  • Tomas Cirne-Lima
    Tomas Cirne-Lima 11 dager siden +2

    Randolph looks like a sheep

  • Boxigami
    Boxigami 11 dager siden

    KSI laughed at the same time as him so many times but he always got the punch wtf.

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer 12 dager siden

    Theresa is jj bitch

  • Mohamed Adel / محمد عادل

    Why you fucking told him your jokes is dead ? You heart is felling he was about to cry fuck you KSI

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 14 dager siden

    At 3:08

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 14 dager siden +1

    At 1:38
    At 12:05

  • Jatinder Pal Singh Randhawa
    Jatinder Pal Singh Randhawa 14 dager siden +1

    What is that MUSIC IN THE BACK @2:30. I can't remember where I've heard that.

  • Xsunsem Gd
    Xsunsem Gd 15 dager siden

    KSI your hair is like dog shit

  • ID K
    ID K 15 dager siden +1

    The guy on the left looks like a girl with facial hair

  • Shrimpy
    Shrimpy 16 dager siden

    "A bulging dick, that's nice"

  • Eminent JV14
    Eminent JV14 17 dager siden +1

    BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!

  • Zakale Tidmore
    Zakale Tidmore 17 dager siden

    Is anyone going to make a ksi vs logan joke

  • PandaOG04
    PandaOG04 19 dager siden

    Pet kitties
    Spend fitties
    *Cow comes in* Suck titties

  • maskgamerYT king
    maskgamerYT king 19 dager siden

    Ksi your buddy was very sad and started to cry small

  • Felipe Ramos
    Felipe Ramos 19 dager siden

    >Flex about your "boxing skills"
    >End up in a draw in a box match against *LOGAN PAUL*

  • Dimi Draganov
    Dimi Draganov 19 dager siden

    One punch man

  • cuball 24
    cuball 24 20 dager siden

    Such an intoxicating laugh

  • Altoni Jahiri
    Altoni Jahiri 20 dager siden


  • Rowlett boy
    Rowlett boy 20 dager siden

    Can I get the link to this video

  • ademayo Ademola
    ademayo Ademola 21 dag siden

    Your hair is so good .

  • ademayo Ademola
    ademayo Ademola 21 dag siden

    Did you want to the barbers for your heir cute or an friend did for you ? .

  • Crasher Sli
    Crasher Sli 21 dag siden

    9:57 ................................ Cringe

  • Keve Teller
    Keve Teller 22 dager siden

    I loved this duo!

  • CHILD OF GOD 5221
    CHILD OF GOD 5221 22 dager siden

    Randolph got that type of girly face where you know he has a hot sister

  • Mr Tondas
    Mr Tondas 23 dager siden

    The bus driver was female

  • JY.Justin Yeung
    JY.Justin Yeung 23 dager siden

    Fuck bus

  • Pierdolony Dzik
    Pierdolony Dzik 25 dager siden

    3:25 I don't belive that😂

  • Will Beckner
    Will Beckner 26 dager siden

    jjs laugh tho😂

  • freya .7
    freya .7 26 dager siden


  • Janie Lyonz
    Janie Lyonz 26 dager siden


  • lil racks
    lil racks 27 dager siden

    Get squirted

  • Irelynn Randolph
    Irelynn Randolph 27 dager siden


  • DeonThaGoat
    DeonThaGoat 27 dager siden

    I actually shed some tears when the baby part came up it made me sad

  • iamyoungk
    iamyoungk 28 dager siden


  • H.S.N
    H.S.N 28 dager siden



  • Funky pg3d
    Funky pg3d 29 dager siden

    "bRo, DiD u NoT wAtCh YoUtUbE rEwInD?"

  • Spencer Gordon
    Spencer Gordon 29 dager siden

    We watched NO-clip rewind, but we wish we didn’t

  • Mad Dude
    Mad Dude 29 dager siden

    This white f a g f u c k weak ass fuck.

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein Måned siden

    At 12:06

  • Tangy Fugitive
    Tangy Fugitive Måned siden +1

    Randolph looks like a fuckin beaver

  • Daniel Vasilev
    Daniel Vasilev Måned siden

    What a fake guy. This punches are with gloves and when ksi hits him he do like he have pain wtf

  • Ethan Liptak
    Ethan Liptak Måned siden

    Whats the backround music in the beginning?

  • MrHapples
    MrHapples Måned siden

    Deji: Damnt i thought ksi gonna hit Randolph

  • InfiniteBuddyfighters 223

    KSI: Bro we don't know what you do in Nottingham
    ❤️Massage each other❤️
    No that's what we do in Kent

  • Jason Kennedy
    Jason Kennedy Måned siden

    How the fuck could u laugh at the baby falling u knobhead prick

  • Kent Barnes
    Kent Barnes Måned siden

    U should get SATIMA to punch u next

  • Tracy Cross
    Tracy Cross Måned siden

    They should have had a boxing match lol

  • مهند فهد الاحمدي

    10:04 When you realize you paid the wrong person.

  • Demetrius Almanza2
    Demetrius Almanza2 Måned siden

    You should collab with rule’em sports again!!!!

  • NaCl
    NaCl Måned siden

    2:18 check Randolph out

  • Alzubier Saleh
    Alzubier Saleh Måned siden

    8:54 was a news channel in my city and I remember that live

  • watermelondreams M
    watermelondreams M Måned siden

    ksi:1 PUNCH
    me : MAN
    someone :wow

  • Crai g
    Crai g Måned siden


  • king key
    king key Måned siden

    Litty like a tiity
    Long neck

  • Aavash Upadhyaya
    Aavash Upadhyaya Måned siden

    Nobody likes you Randolph, KYS

  • MasonCora Official
    MasonCora Official Måned siden

    Lowkey Randolph spends more time with ksi than his wife. Y’all shall do 1 laugh=1 kiss

  • Killian II
    Killian II Måned siden

    KSI is better than logan

  • Best Fortnite Compilation

    1. Sub and say Done!
    2. I'm fast!!!
    3. And Gay !!! :D

  • Suzuki
    Suzuki Måned siden

    Bruce banner-the hulkRandolph-the chungas

  • Sir Nijel
    Sir Nijel Måned siden

    I like Randolph

  • All Rounders
    All Rounders Måned siden

    JJs cameraman JJS bitch

  • Alfred Røn Strand
    Alfred Røn Strand Måned siden

    Fucking noone likes Randolph
    Get him out the vids for good and lock him out

  • Kasper Lier
    Kasper Lier Måned siden +5

    At 10:04 things got awkward af

  • XxLotioBoi69xX
    XxLotioBoi69xX Måned siden

    I’m a teen so I get depressed a lot, your vids make me not so depressed

  • Cameryn Schroyer
    Cameryn Schroyer Måned siden

    the only reason i clicked on this video is because i wanted to see ksi get punched

  • little spoon
    little spoon Måned siden

    am i the only one whos annoyed with randolphs eyebrows

  • DT Films
    DT Films Måned siden

    If Randolph didn’t have a beard, he’d have a really adorable baby face

  • Unførgiven
    Unførgiven Måned siden

    considering u are black, and u have big lips, so did you abandon my friend?

    XXTENTATION Lover RIP Måned siden

    Randolphs punch was almost as weak as Logan Paul's

  • Zeus YourGod
    Zeus YourGod Måned siden +1

    It’s like KSI is doing this with a little disappointment of a brother

  • NTHPedro Extras
    NTHPedro Extras Måned siden

    MOre Ike ksi’s fisting skills not boxing skills

  • Septic Is Hyper
    Septic Is Hyper Måned siden

    3:27 ksi face

  • Don't judge a man By His YouTube Icon

    The only thing he can do is flex his boxing skills with Sidemen.But can't even fucking win with Logan Paul which doesn't have much boxing background and trainimg time as you.You fucked up mate

  • Santiago Gusman
    Santiago Gusman Måned siden

    I’m gonna fuck your wife like a horse

    GOKU ANIME Måned siden

    I read the comments and if Randolph read those ooooooooooh that’s gotta hert

  • JOBO 23
    JOBO 23 Måned siden

    Ksitough random white dude softcock! That sems right

  • JOBO 23
    JOBO 23 Måned siden

    Ksi must do a dies trach

  • Tempesta
    Tempesta Måned siden

    0:32 they just randomly change headphones? 😂

  • anton schlippe
    anton schlippe Måned siden

    10:15 just pause

  • xexias gaming
    xexias gaming Måned siden +2

    Did anybody see them switch head sets?