• Publisert 3. jan.. 2019
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    protosaber lightsaber fight obi-wan real lightsaber
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  • the Hacksmith
    the Hacksmith  19 dager siden +1038

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    • creek muur
      creek muur 2 dager siden

      - can you make a light saber for sale ???

    • Christian Gus
      Christian Gus 2 dager siden


    • Anonymous Pickles
      Anonymous Pickles 3 dager siden

      Make a double sided light saber how well make the Handel longer to fit batteries in to heat both up

    • georgedog3
      georgedog3 3 dager siden

      You hearted ur own goddamn comment

    • lailah welch
      lailah welch 3 dager siden

      the Hacksmith Do you make a sale there right now that looks cool

    MR NACHO XL Dag siden

    Must have more sub than pewdiepie

  • Lucelia Perez Dos Santos

    eu vou baliar seu canal de likes

  • Veba Doktoru_07
    Veba Doktoru_07 Dag siden

    Try cutting dry ice with it

  • rakha wisang
    rakha wisang Dag siden

    woww its amazing

  • Rucel Ricasata
    Rucel Ricasata Dag siden

    nice i lowve it

  • READDEAD thedeadliest

    can you make doom super shotgun ?

  • Falcon Cyrus
    Falcon Cyrus Dag siden


    Now to destroy my nokia for a new phone!!

  • Iman Firdaus
    Iman Firdaus Dag siden


  • Faiz Kaykaus
    Faiz Kaykaus Dag siden

    3000 celcius or farenhit

  • Sohom Chatterjee
    Sohom Chatterjee Dag siden

    Yep.... Random people scrolling through the comments...

  • michel Guevara
    michel Guevara Dag siden

    because sometimes insanity is compulsory

  • Sylvan Adams
    Sylvan Adams Dag siden

    First glance: "Hey, that video again"
    Second glance: "WAIT THIS ONE IS NEW, OH BOY"

  • Nanako Kuroi
    Nanako Kuroi Dag siden

    Valaya protects! What's this sorcery?!

  • Felix The best
    Felix The best Dag siden

    You could cut bread with it!
    Then you have a toast

  • J Jay
    J Jay Dag siden

    Welp i give up on the 1000 degree knife challenge

  • Eek Peek
    Eek Peek 2 dager siden

    I wonder how many times the CIA or U.S military have hit you up.

  • virgilio moncada
    virgilio moncada 2 dager siden

    You know, try do8ng the same to an axe and you got yourself a Zaku axe.

  • Will Badley
    Will Badley 2 dager siden

    Make a backpack for the battery.

  • Donavin Kracium
    Donavin Kracium 2 dager siden

    you should make black panthers suit

  • Daniel Devoto
    Daniel Devoto 2 dager siden

    Make the thing that powers the light saber a backpack

  • Jacob Batterby
    Jacob Batterby 2 dager siden +1

    Look at the blade at 3:50 it looks so cool

  • Nick Waterloo
    Nick Waterloo 2 dager siden

    Nice gloves!

  • yaro veitch
    yaro veitch 2 dager siden

    you shoud play fruit nija whit them

  • badger_exe
    badger_exe 2 dager siden

    I rarely watch your videos but when I do it’s always a banger

  • Katten Stok
    Katten Stok 2 dager siden

    10:42 james if every body buyed you a cup of coffee il just say it you will die

    • Katten Stok
      Katten Stok 2 dager siden

      i know its just the consept but anyway

  • sugafreeball
    sugafreeball 2 dager siden

    That's not a light saber you idoit

  • L Trainer
    L Trainer 2 dager siden

    These people know how to have fun

  • H3y p33ps
    H3y p33ps 2 dager siden

    Oh my god thats so cool!

  • bayefes gt
    bayefes gt 2 dager siden

    Make lasergun from starwars

  • mikemottsmith
    mikemottsmith 2 dager siden

    Now you just have to find a way to make it blue

  • SilverSpread
    SilverSpread 2 dager siden

    Dart Fener likes this video

  • Shah Bros
    Shah Bros 2 dager siden

    Where is lightsaber test?

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 2 dager siden

    *why don’t you try swinging it hard*

  • Modern_Bowser123
    Modern_Bowser123 2 dager siden

    *where has this channel been all my life?!*

  • CNZX
    CNZX 2 dager siden


  • Regeant
    Regeant 2 dager siden

    Try making a real 3d maneuver gear

  • M Danne Arszitto
    M Danne Arszitto 2 dager siden

    Why You not use fabernium?
    I mean Vibranium

  • javachips
    javachips 2 dager siden

    I’m jealous I want the force with me too

  • MMwarsN3ts Zikri
    MMwarsN3ts Zikri 2 dager siden +1

    Pay =1 LIKE

  • Said Anu13
    Said Anu13 2 dager siden

    naisu job as always..

  • Rohini Birari
    Rohini Birari 2 dager siden

    You cut that with cnc machine

  • Devidas Kudali
    Devidas Kudali 2 dager siden

    Whi on your back captain 's shield is black?

  • amv naruto
    amv naruto 2 dager siden

    luamiati coaele in gura in engleza

  • amv naruto
    amv naruto 2 dager siden

    ba jegosilor

  • Connor Grow
    Connor Grow 2 dager siden

    what program is that, where you can make your own design?

  • CTC12_22 YouTube
    CTC12_22 YouTube 2 dager siden

    Imagine him robbing a bank with all his gadgets

  • JayCreates
    JayCreates 3 dager siden

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate they made a modern proto-saber? If you don’t know what that is, google it

  • Anonymous Pickles
    Anonymous Pickles 3 dager siden

    Try to make a double sided light saber without the light saber I think you could make it with the batteries with a long handle

  • Makenzi Sasse
    Makenzi Sasse 3 dager siden


  • rancherito 04
    rancherito 04 3 dager siden


  • Family Nobles
    Family Nobles 3 dager siden

    Wait what! When did light sabers get tobacco they shouldn't be able to smoke

  • Super creeper
    Super creeper 3 dager siden

    Make a platinum lightsaber

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson 3 dager siden

    One of my favorite NO-cliprs has over 500 videos

  • future factory
    future factory 3 dager siden

    I said it once and im going to say it again now i know who will survive the zombie appocalypse ps. I know the power isn't unlimmited

  • jjj
    jjj 3 dager siden +1

    I love science

  • Mykolas Mykolas
    Mykolas Mykolas 3 dager siden


  • Jonny 616-999-6669
    Jonny 616-999-6669 3 dager siden

    Why not use mercury

  • made in India
    made in India 3 dager siden

    This is a protosaber it was the lightsaber In comics with external power source. Like if u did /didn't know

  • Yazin Boi
    Yazin Boi 3 dager siden

    Dammm it man I wish if they came to Kuwait to meet them

  • steven gunawan
    steven gunawan 3 dager siden

    Its heat saber...

  • Erick Solis
    Erick Solis 3 dager siden

    Smart fuckers to do this type of stuff. Dope as hell.

  • Arthur Herdianto
    Arthur Herdianto 3 dager siden

    Make hiccups flame sword from how to rain your dragon

  • ADBO st
    ADBO st 3 dager siden

    how about 4000

  • Play Jay
    Play Jay 3 dager siden

    5:12 I thought my Right headphone is broke.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 3 dager siden

    Now I wonder if they would would saber on saber would love to see if they were sustainable in a duel ? Maybe

  • Play Jay
    Play Jay 3 dager siden +1

    2:53,4:41 Voice Crack.

    MNG PRO 3 dager siden

    You need bunker

  • Nikita Volinets
    Nikita Volinets 3 dager siden

    Use plasma

  • I is Weird
    I is Weird 3 dager siden

    From how to train your dragon

  • I is Weird
    I is Weird 3 dager siden

    Make hiccups sword

  • Raiyan Alam
    Raiyan Alam 3 dager siden

    Hey what about making an Assassin's Creed hidden blade?

    I liked my own comment cuz no one would lol

  • Katie Gentry
    Katie Gentry 4 dager siden

    Spiderman suit!!!!!

  • Linda chan _Neko,nice,dragon hybrid_

    Hi hacksmith, remember meh?

  • EffectzHeroez
    EffectzHeroez 4 dager siden

    Make the boxing gear from megalo box if at all plausible

  • agent_ doge
    agent_ doge 4 dager siden

    imagine someone robs your house gosh imagine

  • TheMeGoBoomBoom
    TheMeGoBoomBoom 4 dager siden

    do a 100000000 degrees Celsius lightsaber

  • Shnanic Man
    Shnanic Man 4 dager siden

    Make a light saber wipe

  • DeathToMerryweather
    DeathToMerryweather 4 dager siden

    An orange protosaber, nice. New challenge one color of each saber. Red, yellow, etc

  • Youtube Sucks
    Youtube Sucks 4 dager siden

    The future is upon us...

  • Commander Dog
    Commander Dog 4 dager siden

    I don't truly believe that

  • Laurentiu Diac
    Laurentiu Diac 4 dager siden

    Could you build a Whiplash suit mark I, from Iron Man II? What am I saying, of course you can, for you are...the Hacksmith!

  • MasterMLG63
    MasterMLG63 4 dager siden

    if a zombie apocalypse comes around
    im going to this guy.s house

  • Sudhir Kolhe
    Sudhir Kolhe 4 dager siden +1

    The clean cut was through his ex's styrofom sclupture

  • Merlin Avalon
    Merlin Avalon 4 dager siden

    Join the darkside, we cookies! :)

  • Sniper_Taco
    Sniper_Taco 4 dager siden

    Can you make a wireless light saber?

    • Sniper_Taco
      Sniper_Taco 3 dager siden

      +the Hacksmith but the battery backpack from the power fist? Not actually a wireless, I meant like you can carry it around?

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  4 dager siden

      Needs new battery technology

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 4 dager siden

    You look like captain America 😹😹😹

  • Carl Anthony Cunanan
    Carl Anthony Cunanan 4 dager siden

    Is this actually real?

  • Wefarmer GT
    Wefarmer GT 4 dager siden

    He could use that just incase theres real zombies

  • abdul rahman
    abdul rahman 4 dager siden

    A handsome nerd

  • Reshapin' Vapin
    Reshapin' Vapin 4 dager siden

    Ohms law bro!!!! Do some math instead of running through so many batteries!! One of these days you wont get off so lucky

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  4 dager siden

      ... How do you think we calculated the anticipated draw?

  • Hareem Bajwa
    Hareem Bajwa 4 dager siden

    Make a portable light saber i dare you

  • Brandon Amaro-Anderson
    Brandon Amaro-Anderson 4 dager siden

    I bet you can’t make a arrow tip out of needle fish and shoot it out of a crossbow

  • Vampire Prince
    Vampire Prince 4 dager siden

    The Force be with you!

  • João Lucas Angelotto
    João Lucas Angelotto 4 dager siden +1

    I think u guys live in 4019 😂

  • sandwich king
    sandwich king 5 dager siden

    B-but theres only 360 degress ??!?!?!?!?!

  • Kojo John
    Kojo John 5 dager siden


  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 5 dager siden

    SolidWorks? that old thing?
    You should use fusion 360 it auto saves files to the cloud so if your computer blows up you still have your files and they can be accessed on your phone too.
    project sharing is pretty cool too. you can have and manage multiple people on your projects. You can even get notifications when someone makes changes so you know its being worked on and by who.
    workflow in F360 is pretty easy and fluid with parametric sketches. animation, simulations/ part optimization is also pretty easy within it too. you can import existing industrial models directly into it without leaving the program. need a bolt, servo, rails, etc? import it from McMasterCarr as long as your not a commercial business you can get a free Start up license.
    i know people who use to use solid works for years and actually switched to F360 and love it. i use it all the time

  • Brankston Oke
    Brankston Oke 5 dager siden

    try manipulating plasma with magnets

  • Jcchjsj Xkdjfj
    Jcchjsj Xkdjfj 5 dager siden

    Make a blade made with Cobalt, carbon to make it light and titanium core