Jeff Sessions Bids Stephen Adieu

  • Publisert 8. nov.. 2018
  • Stephen is forced to say goodbye to the former Attorney General and cookie with the most appearances on the Late Show, Jeff Sessions.
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Kommentarer • 2 463

  • edo 7ensei
    edo 7ensei Dag siden

    The presidency got too much power and now a grifter is abusing it. I hope that's how it reads in the history books.

  • Erica Love
    Erica Love 2 dager siden

    So.. If they cut the funding on the investigation, can we start a Go Fund Me?

  • awakeamericanow
    awakeamericanow 4 dager siden

    For as long as Mr Trump is in the White House, comedians, satirists, cartoonists, have a gift which will never stop giving

  • Rui Alexandre
    Rui Alexandre 4 dager siden

    Epic joke at the end. Again, jokes writing themselves, but it's the acting that makes them shine.

  • celtic domain
    celtic domain 4 dager siden

    A "dumb Southerner"? That sounds like it could be a Freudian slip by "Mr. High IQ Big City". Everyone else he refers as: "low IQ"....attach name here ________. But Trump gets more specific with Sessions. Just a little glimpse into the true psyche of the biggest opportunistic manipulator in our history. He only cares about what others can do for him, while secretly calling them "dumb" with the specific noun of "Southerner" (if he says it out loud then what are we to make of his non verbalized thoughts?) There's nothing new under the sun for those who know how this narcissist thinks, not just when he yells out his standard prepubescent putdowns or the phony "tough guy/smarter than everyone" shtick, but things like "dumb Southerner" in a weak moment of raw honesty. "I could commit murder and they (those who he considers "dumb") will still vote for me". Unspoken translation: "I got these dumb a$$e$ around my finger and can do anything I want". He will use anyone except Putin to further his highest priority.....HIM.

  • W N
    W N 4 dager siden

    Sessions is off to smoke the biggest joint he can find.

  • W N
    W N 4 dager siden

    Whitaker is being sued and investigated on a $26 million fraud case. So, this crook and politically biased 'attorney' is going to be attorney general...hmmmm. Just another lame meathead who enjoy juicing up and power lifting. Macho man! He's giving all weight lifters a bad rep.
    Can his lips be any browner from kissing Trump's ass on TV?

  • Casson Scowcroft
    Casson Scowcroft 4 dager siden

    Whatever happened to the hungry for power games? There’s so much material!

  • Evilcabaal
    Evilcabaal 4 dager siden

    .."...and that's the way the cookie crumbles. "

  • GH M
    GH M 5 dager siden

    I don't think cutting the investigation's budget will work. Muller will finish the investigation regardless of whether he gets a pay check. That's what good normal people do. When I worked for the VA Hospital and all the many many times the republicans shut down the government, we still showed up for work. That's what non sociopaths do, but Trump wouldn't know that. Lots of lawyers and investigators would work pro bono.

  • Super Luminal Probability Cloud

    Disgusting. Only in America could have wealthy guy control his own investigation only in America

  • Elaina Kae
    Elaina Kae 5 dager siden

    That pos also said judges need to have a biblical view of justice or they are not fit to serve. Ugh..

  • hope dean
    hope dean 5 dager siden +1

    I'm sorry but Trump straight up called his attorney-general a dumb southerner and yet his southerner supporters (which is most of them) don't flinch?

  • LadyZubat
    LadyZubat 5 dager siden

    how could stephen not eat the session's cookie?

  • Lo Chi
    Lo Chi 5 dager siden

    i guess stephen never let anyone go in his career?

    • Philip K
      Philip K 5 dager siden

      Certainly not Jeff Sessions.

  • Maxon214
    Maxon214 6 dager siden

    No time to say farewell the fallen

  • Genie Last
    Genie Last 6 dager siden

    Nice Telltale Heart reference 😂😂😂

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin 6 dager siden

    That cookie crumbling scene was a little dark.

  • Geoff Marsh
    Geoff Marsh 6 dager siden

    When will Colbert setup a GoFundMe for the Mueller investigation. That should pay for the investigation 3 times over.

  • Erin Elliot
    Erin Elliot 6 dager siden

    I don't get it...a Caucasian Eminem? You mean TWO Caucasian Eminems?

  • nlpnt
    nlpnt 6 dager siden

    I thought Stephen was going to eat the cookie.

  • Jackie Binns
    Jackie Binns 6 dager siden

    This freak is going down !!! Thank god for the dems !!!

    CHICKEN KURRY 6 dager siden

    So we’re just ok with our president hiring family and people from TV...

  • Veritas Nunc
    Veritas Nunc 6 dager siden

    Sessions made some very bad calls but I am glad he recused himself from the Russian investigation, thus greatly annoying Trump.

  • Sarah Kofman
    Sarah Kofman 6 dager siden

    He is a twat but he accurately knew the law guys

    • Philip K
      Philip K 5 dager siden

      Which is exactly how he knew when to recuse himself.

  • Richard Pasquin
    Richard Pasquin 6 dager siden

    a very poor excuse for a human being but KARMA is just around the corner !

  • lissa leggs
    lissa leggs 7 dager siden

    Odds Sessions ends up with plea agreement?

  • Aurora 131313
    Aurora 131313 7 dager siden

    Can't we pay for Mullers lynch mobb? Like we might have to pay for Mexico wall.

  • Jessica DeNittis
    Jessica DeNittis 7 dager siden +1

    Then Whitaker stormed the stage to consume the literal crumbles of Sessions in the world's most blatant metaphor.

  • railspony
    railspony 7 dager siden

    Vladimir oh Vladimir, how could you be so cruel.

  • Tucker Carlson Night
    Tucker Carlson Night 7 dager siden

    hmmm ,

  • Daniel Herrera
    Daniel Herrera 7 dager siden

    Jeff sessions the white cracker, lmao.

  • Very fine people on both Sides Blake

    Good for you Racist sessions; now you know how it feels to be treated like crap!

  • Ivanhoe Sanchez
    Ivanhoe Sanchez 7 dager siden


  • Futuroscope Weber
    Futuroscope Weber 7 dager siden

    Actually Sessions is lucky, safe landing from a sinking boat

  • job lot
    job lot 7 dager siden

    i like watching americans getting questioned on you tube,about their country ,or other countries or just about any topic,they are not just dumb they are the dumbest

  • srivera28 rivera
    srivera28 rivera 7 dager siden

    Are we like trump now? Do we bully people, do we make fun of physical appearance, and do we call people nasty names?

  • jessica rivera
    jessica rivera 7 dager siden

    All the WH employees look miserable,exhausted,they look drained very old,always walking on eggshells around the orange stain of this country

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth 7 dager siden

    It just gets more nuts and more nuts. This guy is doing what Brett did. The was the only one in the whole Judicial system whose selling point was that he pretended that a President was above the law. And since Bush they've kept him around! And Trump needed him so the corrupt Republicans forced him in. And to keep the jobs they paid for in the Cabinet the deal is that they back Trump up no matter what he does illegally or immorally to our nation. This guy made noises because he like Brett, Mike Pence, Joe McCarthy too found his nitch and knew Trump was going to fire Jeff so he had layed the ground work for becoming a very important person. To him anyway. Like Brett, I've never heard of this guy in my life! And I'm in my sixties. This is how people are getting jobs now. Men mostly. They know Trump prefers men so they see an opportunity and figure a way to get Trump's attention. Trump would have never sought this guy out. He doesn't care about the government. He just cares about his addiction of making up rallies. No rallies to go to now so instead of Sarah handling the press conference, he does. Attention is what he's addicted to. Boy, did he goof up. But think about it. How close to Trump is that girl that she would have the guts to try to take that microphone away from that man!! What kind of relationship does she have with Trump that SHE is protecting him?? Who is she anyway?? Let me guess. Another intern???? Oh boy. What is Trump doing with an intern that she feels brave enough to do something like this in front of a room full of professionals? And why didn't Trump try to stop her? I remember another intern in Clinton administration. He was a womanizer too who had sex in the Oval Office. hummm Guess I have a dirty mind. I do know that he now takes staffers WE are paying for to go with him to rallies to cheer and clap for him. He's that insecure and that desperate to get attention he can't get any where else. And he's drinking again. He looks like he's got a headache. And all the while the grown ups are doing what a President should be doing while Trump does his own thing. This is beyond pathetic. And of course he'll never admit it because he killed his conscience long ago. And he still making up stats as he goes. They say he averages ten lies a day. He's like Sarah. . incapable of telling the truth. A minister's daughter. Evil. Pure evil and I don't take that word lightly. :( Songs

    • job lot
      job lot 7 dager siden

      your grammar is like a five year not much can be read into anything you don't know, because you don't know much.correct your spelling and proof read for your silly mistakes,young boy.

  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 7 dager siden

    Whittecker, crime boss. Contract killer

  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 7 dager siden

    Meant never liked him, racist, trator

  • Ozler Gurpinar
    Ozler Gurpinar 7 dager siden

    Jeff never stopped supporting Trump.. I am glad he is gone. Never
    Inked hip, never

  • Gregory Parrott
    Gregory Parrott 7 dager siden

    Did I get this straight?...Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of Counterespionage responds to a private text which is critical of trump. He in turn is grilled by republican congressmen for hours, accused of being biased and summarily FIRED despite two decades of exemplary service. Yet, Whitaker, who has openly criticized Mueller's investigation and has suggested cutting its funds is HIRED without so much as a hearing?

  • His Blood
    His Blood 7 dager siden

    have your laughs while you can dems, you won't have them long

    • Philip K
      Philip K 5 dager siden

      Because they'll suddenly be silenced by secret nuclear missiles.

  • Velsyum
    Velsyum 7 dager siden

    I'm not a republican... but when you call someone childish...and then mock the way he speaks for comedic're no different than him

  • Miriam Lizeth Figueroa Hernandez

    A cookie 😂

  • Jonathan Wolff
    Jonathan Wolff 8 dager siden

    That Poe reference was absolutely brilliant!

  • Carolyn Grinberg
    Carolyn Grinberg 8 dager siden

    Trump in decompensation? He sure sounds like it. "the failure to generate effective psychological coping mechanisms in response to stress, resulting in personality disturbance or disintegration..." "Golly, how the truth will out" PS Should have used one with vanilla filling

    • job lot
      job lot 6 dager siden

      +Carolyn Grinberg carolyn people are being stupefied, the failure of the young ,i.e millennial''s to stop asses and address the information they are spoon fed by the corrupt media barons,will eventually lead to a point of no return,America has a momentous responsibility to call time on the constant barrage of propaganda that will eventually lead to the type of relationships internally that can only lead to the death of a once great ideal,i am of course speaking of democracy as it should be,free thinking people ,making great decisions,for the advancement of human kind,i currently see a few hundred billionaires trying to coerce the people of the united states into total turmoil,the old adage divide and conquer comes to mind,right now it is a non stop barrage,and these billionaires have their soldiers waging war on all fronts,until the average person calls time on them the division and carnage will not stop.there call is hate thy neighbour,yell and scream and hit and kick them until they submit,to the will of the few to the detriment of the many.

    • Carolyn Grinberg
      Carolyn Grinberg 6 dager siden

      +job lot I concede that point. People would rather commit "ad populum" than work their brains. I still maintain it is a typical human response to complexity to over-simplify - an outgrowth of the logical process of induction.

    • job lot
      job lot 6 dager siden

      +Carolyn Grinberg Na it's americans,truthfully i dont fear russia china or any other enemy as much as i fear the complete lack of critical thinking in american society,if they can lie and cheat there own people no one else is safe,from your politicians i find there rhetoric,very disconcerting,both sides of your political landscape is mired in collusion,the billionaires in your country have way too much sway,the dems are particularly violent in their approach,bipartisan thought is not in their vocabulary

    • Carolyn Grinberg
      Carolyn Grinberg 7 dager siden

      +job lot Could we amend that to "most Americans"? And them have a sequel in which "Americans" is replaced with "people"? Ta.

    • job lot
      job lot 7 dager siden

      americans wouldn't know the truth if it were loaded into a howitzer and shot up your arses with prior knowledge,in fact americans are so dumb,they believe any thing their chosen shepherd says without so much as a sideways glance,to see if their being F%^%$ hilary a dem she is so honest,she wouldnt lie cheat and fraud,there is not one honest politician on gods green earth,you dimwit

  • Curtis Lund
    Curtis Lund 8 dager siden

    Farewell to AG Jeff Sessions. I will gladly smoke a freshly rolled fatty in honor of your departure. Maybe now you can have the time to read a book about the benefits of marijuana? Former Speaker of the House John Boehner is waiting on your call.

  • TheTalshiar
    TheTalshiar 8 dager siden

    The neoliberals new favorite person, a reactionary former southern senator. How telling.

  • Michael Robert
    Michael Robert 8 dager siden

    We should separate little Jeff from his parents at the border.

  • Donna Young
    Donna Young 8 dager siden

    And a one more, "I do not recall." LOL! Damaging to the country, Russia!@! I am screaming!@

  • teesha foster
    teesha foster 8 dager siden

    He has been shamed!

  • teesha foster
    teesha foster 8 dager siden

    Evil begats eeville

  • teesha foster
    teesha foster 8 dager siden

    I wonder what it was like for hom and i wondet if he thought about all the times he mistreated blacks in Alabama...hmmmm i wonder

  • jo son
    jo son 8 dager siden

    It's just a SEASONAL job for Jeff Sessions, make recuse and your excused, misfit will hit the road.

  • センパイ
    センパイ 8 dager siden

    It's beyond me why people support and care for Trump when he doesn't even care about the people supporting him. People are completely brainwashed.

  • Puttentane Same
    Puttentane Same 8 dager siden

    Bye bye KKKeebler Elf...Matt Nazi Bullethead will obstruct justice cheerfully for his Don the Con.

  • Lawrence Chen
    Lawrence Chen 8 dager siden

    How did we overlook the fact that Whitaker himself is under investigation by the FBI, which he now oversees? That's a conflict of interest is there ever was one

  • Chris Roze
    Chris Roze 8 dager siden

    Americans have a very curious way of seeking justice. Do they not see the obvious conflict of interest here? Very curious indeed.

  • Google User
    Google User 8 dager siden

    This Whittaker guy is dumb. Who would do all those things if one is the deputy attorney general and secretly angling for the attorney general Job.

  • Bubbapopo Jojo
    Bubbapopo Jojo 8 dager siden

    Jeff is skipping down the yellow brick road and into the sunset of America. ...

  • Mark G
    Mark G 8 dager siden

    Lmao! Do it Stephen, do it

  • Tenacious One
    Tenacious One 8 dager siden

    Lol 😄

  • charles Rockit
    charles Rockit 8 dager siden

    Thank you for being a true fucktard,we love being able to see you talk out your ass LMFAO

  • Cindy Demambro
    Cindy Demambro 8 dager siden

    Back to the tree to make more cookies

  • 3m0_Wr3ck
    3m0_Wr3ck 8 dager siden

    The evil #KKKeebler cookie should have had his name or at least a tiny white hood on

  • Storm Boss
    Storm Boss 8 dager siden

    Hahaha...awww. The subject matter is just too depressing to be funny.

  • Robert Gaudet
    Robert Gaudet 8 dager siden

    630 people need to go watch Steven Crowder instead.

  • steven counter
    steven counter 8 dager siden


  • Patricia Stewart
    Patricia Stewart 8 dager siden

    Great stuff...Colbert’s the best!

  • V. Smith
    V. Smith 8 dager siden

    Session was a horrible attorney general.

  • Irene Gavenlock
    Irene Gavenlock 8 dager siden

    whitaker is a crook too !

  • Naseem Ali
    Naseem Ali 8 dager siden

    In the UK, appointing judges is done by an independent committee. Hearing the President appoint people to positions like AG who are clearly biased just astounds me.

  • Dante Monte
    Dante Monte 8 dager siden +1

    If they cut Mueller’s budget to impede the investigation: WE WILL FUND A GO FUND ME!!!
    Dump the trump!!!!
    Two Thumbs up 👍🏼 for Stephen Colbert!

  • 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 8 dager siden


  • Wake me when It's great again

    As crazy as the last 2 yrs have been, get ready for breakdown time! Constitutional Crisis time people

  • kchartzog
    kchartzog 8 dager siden

    The cookie bit was imbecililic

  • SpukiTheLoveKitten75
    SpukiTheLoveKitten75 8 dager siden

    I'm gonna miss "Cookie Jeff Sessions" but I certainly won't miss the real Jeff Sessions.

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner 8 dager siden


  • LaGuerre19
    LaGuerre19 8 dager siden

    Oh, the irony: that old racist Sessions was chocolate-filled! Who knew?!

  • bgt125
    bgt125 9 dager siden

    M.A.G.A. People
    A.K.A. Magaots

  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson 9 dager siden

    Junior literally has Executive Privilege.

  • Gregm55 Mullen
    Gregm55 Mullen 9 dager siden

    It looks like Colbert ous a one trick pony...and not very funny really...

  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson 9 dager siden

    ...and man thinking he would rather hear his hemeroids had become cancer...
    Man who knows this is the collapsing point of history and Dick Nixon all over, again except Tricky Dick was allowed to keep going until his massive War Crimes had led to the death's of many millions of people... but Trump will be stopped....right, Suh?

  • Bonnie Robinson
    Bonnie Robinson 9 dager siden

    Sessions crumble was great.

  • Jorge Mejia
    Jorge Mejia 9 dager siden

    He does not answer questions at prees conferences because he does not know the answers until advisors like Sara Sanders, co. tell him what to say

  • beth reade
    beth reade 9 dager siden

    Matt Whittaker’ looks like mousalini

  • tally bee
    tally bee 9 dager siden

    KEEP it coming Stephen, gooooooood laughs

  • emma rabid
    emma rabid 9 dager siden

    Cookie humor ftw

  • Cameron Hadley
    Cameron Hadley 9 dager siden

    I can't wait to see the look on you liberals stupid faces when Mueller gives his report! It will be better than election night 2016! lol

  • Cameron Hadley
    Cameron Hadley 9 dager siden

    nice to have an AG with balls!

  • gwheyduke
    gwheyduke 9 dager siden

    Too many House members are pre-occupied with promoting their own conspiracy theories instead of investigating a real conspiracy by a foreign enemy working to defraud the United States. Unless the elected leaders provide consistent direction and resources to officials working to defend democracy, we will not stop Putin's assault.

  • misterjag
    misterjag 9 dager siden

    That's the way the cookie crumbles.

  • CD Smith
    CD Smith 9 dager siden

    He jokes, and Stephen is in a league of his own when it comes to skewering the political news right now, no question. But above, behind it and underneath it all, the overall 'joke' is not laughing matter. Trump is lining up his controllable ultra-loyal puppets in key positions, his henchmen in essence, each one extremely beholding and indebted to him. Meanwhile he's flooding the airwaves and social media with lie after lie, misguided comment after misguided comment, diverting attention away from anything and everything he doesn't want people thinking about, things that matter, things otherwise known as "real issues". He idolizes dictators, despises anyone who questions him too pointedly, and sets out to crush or ruin anyone who speaks out too loudly against him.

    I wonder, who in history does this behavior remind you of? I can think of several, none of them an example of being anything good for America.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the laughs, Stephen is invaluable no question. But it's getting harder and harder to laugh these days.

  • Charlie Losiewicz
    Charlie Losiewicz 9 dager siden

    Trump hiring an attorney general to stop an investigation into himself is like a Georgia governor candidate (convicted of voter purging) running his own election. Oh wait.

  • John Vincent De Toro
    John Vincent De Toro 9 dager siden

    When the Hunger for Power Games gets too tasty, Colbert has to crush it with his bare hands!

  • Baron Von Blue Eyes
    Baron Von Blue Eyes 9 dager siden

    Colbert has the most punchable face.

  • Tommy Ferguson
    Tommy Ferguson 9 dager siden

    Ah Mr Colbert, Oh what a laugh you give me. Your impression is on point sir!

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson 9 dager siden

    sessions lied under oath to several Trump admin ppl did, including Kushner. they should ALL be prosecuted.