2WISTD - This EVO will BLOW YOUR PANTS OFF!!! (10000000%)

  • Publisert 5. des.. 2018
  • DROP THE BASS/PANTS - It's not a show car until the subs are shaking your clothes off, so in this episode we attempt to get 2WISTD banging out some epic tunes!
    This episode is shot 'Disrespected Nose' Style - this means no music, no VO and minimal editing. We hope you enjoy it!
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  • Mighty Car Mods
    Mighty Car Mods  2 måneder siden +1418

    This 48 minute special episode is 'disrespected nose' style - no music, no voice over and minimal editing. Enjoy the sheer unadulterated beauty that is 2WISTD! Next time we hit up the Dyno for some 2SEXY crushing power figures...

    • Magnus Frederiksen
      Magnus Frederiksen 2 måneder siden

      I think this is the good style, if i have the time. Reminds me of the old days in martys moms driveway

    • Andrew Cramer
      Andrew Cramer 2 måneder siden

      wow 48 disrespectful minutes flew by, you guys are so entertaining lol

    • Hsu Hao
      Hsu Hao 2 måneder siden

      I hate dealing with other people's rat nest of audio wires.

    • Thomas Joseph
      Thomas Joseph 2 måneder siden

      Please stop with this build it's insulting to people to tune in to see a joke every other day.

    • eggswithketsup
      eggswithketsup 2 måneder siden

      Aaaaand my pants flew off...

  • Matthew Hopkins
    Matthew Hopkins 2 dager siden

    Just a helpful tip, if you want to complete a circuit without using a long length of wire you can use an exposed portion of metal on the car frame with your ground from the meter, and the ground from whatever device you are going to, thus completing the ground through the aluminum frame of the car and saving you some wire.

  • Willem Beltman
    Willem Beltman 3 dager siden

    Step 1: Get a 1.5v battery
    Step 2: Attach plus and minus of speaker to battery
    Step 3: Listen which speaker makes noise
    Step 4: Profit?

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan 4 dager siden

    13:36 was this an intentional joke or did ya miss to splice in some 2Sxy shots lol =)

  • B R A N D O N
    B R A N D O N 6 dager siden

    What they did was took the rca cables ran them from the head unit to the first amp (300W amp) then branched that off to the amp in the rear so bridging the amps, the 2000W amp powers the 2 subs and the 300W amp powers the front 2 or 4 speakers.

  • Joe Sanchez
    Joe Sanchez 14 dager siden

    That's a Mitsubishi mirage bro......with evo motor

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill 17 dager siden

    Do you ever actually DRIVE the f-ing thing? You should number your episodes so we can tell if we've missed some.

  • Plazmattack
    Plazmattack 18 dager siden

    Thanks for the Crossover education Moog! TIL.

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones 19 dager siden

    The whistling made my cockotiel whistle lol

  • Derrick Roberts
    Derrick Roberts 21 dag siden

    "2 Sus" really says it all about that car.

  • Foua Panapa
    Foua Panapa 22 dager siden

    I fast forward all your vids because you guys talk too much sh”t.

  • MrKlink951
    MrKlink951 22 dager siden

    Nicely done mcm I wish I was closer to you guys I'd re do the complete system having proper wiring it would rock your sox of mate. Clean on the out side an clean where you can not see it.

  • Scott O'neill
    Scott O'neill 23 dager siden

    42:16 Anyone else hear one of these guys completely rip ass just as the camera cuts??

  • Александр Орлов

    What is the model of a soldering iron called?

  • nick mitrevski
    nick mitrevski 24 dager siden

    1st place for the puller boys ,,get them frog's boys and bring that title home

  • nick mitrevski
    nick mitrevski 24 dager siden

    We're is the strap fellow's,,stop looking for frogs you will go blind

  • first class junkie
    first class junkie 24 dager siden +1

    @47:46 he violates the car,s moral fiber .

  • Tautvydas Radzevicius
    Tautvydas Radzevicius 25 dager siden

    i got so cringed out at last two min when they started dancing dancing

  • Johnathan Clinch
    Johnathan Clinch 28 dager siden

    Watching this video made me start vaping.

  • Ben James
    Ben James 28 dager siden

    Hey MCM, Just an little help for you guys, when using continuity on your multimeter, instead of running a long wire to make the connection, Its easier to use the cars chassis instead. So if you use the chassis on the far end you put your meter on the cable and the chassis on the wire end and that will bell the cable out for you. i hope this helps

  • Under Construction
    Under Construction 28 dager siden

    Is calling the Ground, Earth an Australian thing?

  • 707 HP
    707 HP 28 dager siden

    I hate doing audio so much

  • 2001wj
    2001wj 29 dager siden

    signal wire from head unit.turns amp on and off

  • Jogon
    Jogon 29 dager siden

    I wanna see you guys build your own sex spec car from the ground up. But with an 80s Mercedes. Just because it doesn't fit together.

  • michael nnielsen
    michael nnielsen 29 dager siden

    it´s a steal

  • Bruno Duarte
    Bruno Duarte Måned siden

    why always using the same song?

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson Måned siden

    A signal was sent to launch a missile as soon as the bass kicks on.....

  • Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson Måned siden

    Now that's the way to use percentage!!! If you're going to break out of 100% go all the way!!!

  • Jan Cyran
    Jan Cyran Måned siden


  • apple man
    apple man Måned siden

    Sony xplod’s 😂😂

  • Nicholas Anderson
    Nicholas Anderson Måned siden

    Call the stereo a show car stereo one more time 🤦

  • Ashter Egg
    Ashter Egg Måned siden

    6:06 boost leak much

  • mannyep41
    mannyep41 Måned siden

    Always forget you guys are lowkey audio engineers 👍🏽 I appreciate the vast knowledge you guys have!

  • Flo Mi
    Flo Mi Måned siden

    You kind of explained correctly what a crossover does. Kind of... :D

  • Matte Edström
    Matte Edström Måned siden

    It cringes me out seeing red cables used for grounds!!!

  • Juan Castillo
    Juan Castillo Måned siden

    i just discovered your channel its been amazing to watch until this episode working on the stereo system man this has been the most painful video to watch lol

  • PunkAss17331
    PunkAss17331 Måned siden

    To bad the custom box is fitted for those shitty 5 sided explodes. Ya can't even replace them with something better. Don't get me wrong they work and sound ok but not what I would have built a custom box for or put in a show car.

  • Financial Advisor
    Financial Advisor Måned siden

    Missing the chance to play "2 fast 2 furious" by Ludachris..... -1

  • PetrosRZ
    PetrosRZ Måned siden

    The speakers aren’t that good sounding. But holy shit that thing foot the base.

  • Fraser
    Fraser Måned siden

    tip : you already buzzed out the RCA's that ran to the boot. just use that instead of wasting another wire to test for a ignition wire :)

  • Andrew Maier
    Andrew Maier Måned siden

    Hint for those who are doing a audio upgrade.... run RCA leads down the drivers side. But power down the left side as well as the trigger for the amp . Stops noises though the speakers. Also If running front speakers through the amplifier the boot run the speaker wires down the right side as well

  • Mike Normand
    Mike Normand Måned siden

    I’ve never hated any car more. 😂 #team2sexy

  • Hebrew Loc
    Hebrew Loc Måned siden

    Almost forgot, also, if a car had or has a power antenna u can use that as ur remote wire, Mitsubishi's had a pink wire for power antenna's and even if the car didn't have one the wire harness still had the wire on it. So do Chrysler brands, Isuzu and Mazda's. Some higher end decks have 2 remote wires on them, one for an amp the other for a power antenna. You should look harder at the era's though, I bet one of the set's are aux audio inputs, for things like dvd, vcr, game systems, etc..., on older deckes like that I would run a headphone/mp3/cell phone plug off those, old school android ready, lol In future builds you should run a dry cell or extra battery and run your system of the second battery or dey cell, and those subs in the trunk are 2ohm stable, probably dvc's(dual voice coils), if so the dvc's should be parallel bridged to them selves and run off their own dedicated channel, however if they are svc's(single voice coil) then the subs should be parallel bridged to each other and the bridged into 1 channel, cause that amp is an easy 1000watts, and 1ohm stable, which running 2ohms bridged the amp won't barely heat up, and those subs can shatter windows, defiantly can shake that car loose. The Xplode series to this day are great systems, powerful, exceptional sound and outstanding quality. Still great job guys on figuring out the wiring, but I think I noticed the subs are sucking in not pushing out, that means the speaker wires to the amp are backwards, next time use a d cell battery to check polarity directions, connecting neg to neg and pos to pos of the battery, don't hold just tap the pos, the speaker should jump, either forward or backwards, if backwards then you need to switch the wire around, neg to pos, pos to neg. Some people are stupid, not meaning you but the Original installer, I have seen guys use the striped wires as neg, regardless of the strips color, I myself know black strip neg, white pos, I've seen some installers use strips for pos only as well, so just imagine between those 2 types of installers one is wrong to the other, so 1uses all strips for neg, ok but next gut thinks it's the oppiset, he just screwed the system. Food for thought. Lol

  • Hebrew Loc
    Hebrew Loc Måned siden

    Ok, I don't think you guys realized what type of amp you have there, that's a Sony Xplode series, which are Mosfet powered, which means the amp has 2 grounds, 1 is your standard ground the other is a Mosfet ground, which is the ground from the deck, in stead of connecting it to the standard ground for the deck you run it to the amps and connect a ground strap from the bolt on the back of the deck to the dashboard frame, what this does is gives a continuous loop for the electrical system to run more efficient and reduces if not eliminates noises such as alternator hum, feedback and peeking. It's a really cool feature not needed in most new systems. But was back in the day.

  • Forrest Devine
    Forrest Devine Måned siden

    At what point do you not just say "screw it", and gut and rewire the whole shebang?

  • Ty Buchanan
    Ty Buchanan Måned siden

    2 weeks later still no upload!

  • matt shearer
    matt shearer Måned siden

    What mods are you guys going to do to the ct110 farm bike? 😊

  • matt shearer
    matt shearer Måned siden

    Why didn't you just bell out the remote wire against the chassis?
    Easy as to bell out a single wire.

  • NozeNugget NozeNugget
    NozeNugget NozeNugget 2 måneder siden

    38:13....... awesome dude ;P

  • Brian Pawlowskis
    Brian Pawlowskis 2 måneder siden

    Hi hopefully you guys see this but amazon music has moogs music mistakenly under a band called “the moog” and is mixing Blair’s music in with theirs

  • S L A V A
    S L A V A 2 måneder siden

    music by modern standards is bad here, and the subwoofers are just awful, it’s embarrassing to go to Russia with such music, see a brand like Deaf Bonce Alphard Avatar, they should be delivered to you

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 2 måneder siden

    What a hack job you can tell it's been pulled apart a lot

  • Aaron Nagy
    Aaron Nagy 2 måneder siden

    Use should get a Toyota GT86

  • esqueue
    esqueue 2 måneder siden

    Instead of running the long wire why not use the chassis ground to complete the circuit? one probe to the wire and the other to the chassis and keep grounding out the remote wire to buzz it out?

  • Fernando
    Fernando 2 måneder siden +1

    That whole toilet flushing story has me in tears laughing!

  • dwalmsley85
    dwalmsley85 2 måneder siden

    I had that sub and wiring kit in my mk1 Fiat Punto. It was my first car and I did not want to spend a penny more on it as it was a Punto but I ended up spending a lot on the stereo system bk in 2005 I think. Built the sub into my shelf and it used to make the back of the car bounce because the suspension was crap lol

  • Jacob McCoy
    Jacob McCoy 2 måneder siden

    Love the long episodes! I know it sounds super meticulous but It’d be cool to have a series where it’s always live and there’s polls through it that determine what is done to a car. Could be a cheep beater just would be cool that the community truly decides major things done. That being said your system now is great keep slaying 🤘

  • Jacob Frey
    Jacob Frey 2 måneder siden

    I LOVE playing with old school car audio. Single DINs and power wire and fuse holders and screw down terminals and amplifiers and crossovers. ❤️

  • BAM Hamm- Cringy Hamster Vids

    Ugliest evo I’ve ever seen

  • pdmfilms
    pdmfilms 2 måneder siden

    that rackaracka merch

  • R77 DVR
    R77 DVR 2 måneder siden

    Awesome episode 😂😂😂

  • GRexer Lee
    GRexer Lee 2 måneder siden

    What's the model of that cordless soldering iron used in the episode? Would come in real handy for the odd repairs.

  • Adrian Glowacki
    Adrian Glowacki 2 måneder siden

    " wrap it around the drive shaft, put it over the exhaust" " great idea " 😂😂😂 that sentence killed me !!!

  • Azn Esthirteen
    Azn Esthirteen 2 måneder siden

    Installing amps under car seats was such a dumb way to do things back then

  • Ben Hargreaves
    Ben Hargreaves 2 måneder siden

    Love to see these guys working together like this. Great video 👌

  • PhunkBustA
    PhunkBustA 2 måneder siden

    i hope you use lead free solder, i dont but i use a gas mask 😆

  • The Honeybadger
    The Honeybadger 2 måneder siden

    "Yeah i think its on fire man!" 😂 I waited for that the whole episode!

  • ΒΞΔΝ
    ΒΞΔΝ 2 måneder siden

    My pants are still on, but only because they got caught on my huge erection! Just playing, what an ugly, half assed, POS.

  • MP-Tuners Productions
    MP-Tuners Productions 2 måneder siden

    well, nice job there. i would probably cut all those wires and rewire it all again by myself.

  • Ash wilkinson
    Ash wilkinson 2 måneder siden

    *Whistles eternally* 🖊

  • rolando e. limon
    rolando e. limon 2 måneder siden

    This car has like 700 lbs in excess cables speakers and vinyl leather...

  • LDN Wholesale
    LDN Wholesale 2 måneder siden

    So now you have a 300hp death trap. Which can only go straight.

  • Crazy 8s Drums
    Crazy 8s Drums 2 måneder siden

    Such NERDS!!! LOL! Good job guys!

    AYYY LMAO 2 måneder siden

    The ending is so worth the wait

  • manikdj123
    manikdj123 2 måneder siden

    My pants exploded

  • Michael Lesko
    Michael Lesko 2 måneder siden

    Jesus christ. Right as i come home after finishing my Discrete Time Signals and Systems final, i watch this video and then 17:30 comes up. I lolled

  • Schmidt54
    Schmidt54 2 måneder siden

    "...and everyone's gonna think we're awesome..."
    That is the definition of a Sex Spec Car, isn't it?! :D

  • Phil G
    Phil G 2 måneder siden

    Please tell me you are going to re-wire it all, what a mess, lol.

  • Mike Peterson
    Mike Peterson 2 måneder siden +1

    So is it just me or is moog extra obnoxious in the 2wistd episodes?

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies 2 måneder siden

    As a former stereo installer (I even did a few Autosalon builds, the stories I could tell.....) It's agonising watching you guys diagnose wiring. Around 10 minutes and I could have told you what each wire does and where it goes. Of it was built locally I could have even told you who did it. Wiring is like a signature.

  • Justin Jobes
    Justin Jobes 2 måneder siden

    That F&F relic bangs harder than Dominic Toretto and Letty on his dads 70 Charger.

  • m6a6t6t2
    m6a6t6t2 2 måneder siden

    but bridge 4ohm would make 2 ohm and kill the speakers. unless the speakrs are 2ohm xplods which were rarer to find. still remember my first set of red xplods , tried to bridge like an idiot burnt out the motor in about 3 bass drops .

  • Lil Skeet
    Lil Skeet 2 måneder siden

    U couldn't pay me to drive that goofy shit.

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore 2 måneder siden

    Still waiting to see you drive it

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings 2 måneder siden

    I can’t believe that the screwing seat was held in by screws 🙀🙀🙀

  • Алена Kan
    Алена Kan 2 måneder siden

    Eyesoff isn't a Russian Name just in case

  • J. M
    J. M 2 måneder siden

    love the new (old) format! cheers from NC USA

  • NikkiDiamond
    NikkiDiamond 2 måneder siden

    Guys I literally just got inspired and bought neons for my RX8. LETS BRING THE 2000'S BACK!

  • Dale Schroeder
    Dale Schroeder 2 måneder siden

    00 gauge more power

  • Mario Shenron
    Mario Shenron 2 måneder siden

    Who Farted at 42:16 ?

  • Che1seabluesdrogba11
    Che1seabluesdrogba11 2 måneder siden

    Wow that fuse box is horrendous holy hell

  • Che1seabluesdrogba11
    Che1seabluesdrogba11 2 måneder siden

    Jack up the car! What a classic line

  • Che1seabluesdrogba11
    Che1seabluesdrogba11 2 måneder siden

    Hello, everybody and welcome Im here with the guys from Mighty Car Mods

  • Simon Bach
    Simon Bach 2 måneder siden

    Theres nothing worse than trying to figure out, someone elses mess on wires.. It gives me a huge headache every single time.

  • Humberto Jimenez
    Humberto Jimenez 2 måneder siden

    Haha man when it heard music come out twisted it put a smile on my face and its not even my car. But i love it.

  • 802 Garage
    802 Garage 2 måneder siden +1

    @Mighty Car Mods *One problem gents, the end screen card in the middle covers up the wiring fire!*

  • lalopalep
    lalopalep 2 måneder siden

    Bruh that story about yo bros putting ya bum in the toilet was too funny. Hahaha

  • Genral Badger
    Genral Badger 2 måneder siden

    I was hoping and would die Hysterically laughing aloud if Marty switched that USB stick with another with. . . . .TOOSEXAYYYY

  • Doc Tweeter
    Doc Tweeter 2 måneder siden

    46:18 2wisted has prepped Moogs pants zipper for blast off

  • Seth
    Seth 2 måneder siden

    Show car with budget audio equipment 🤣. For even back then it was a joke, I can't believe the person was proud to show that off, don't get me wrong it's really nice install with hiding all the wires and has really nice upholstery but defelently took a short cut on the audio equipment