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  • Publisert 28. des.. 2018
  • Shot, Directed, and edited by instagram.com/papasharks/?hl=entire
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  • torin gaines
    torin gaines Dag siden

    everyone unsubscribe to pew die pie and subacribe to jablinski

  • Nova
    Nova Dag siden

    jake paul brags about 5 million subs in 6 months LOOK AT JACK NOW 3.3 MILLION IN JUST A FEW WEEKS

  • regi
    regi Dag siden

    After a long slumber the true god of youtube has awoken, some call him jester god,meme god, the king of polka. He will purge youtube from the unholy presences of pewdiepie, jake paul, t series. make us walk in the path of your commandement. purge them and make them suffer. All praise and sing to the almighty jablinski!

  • Isaiah Skull
    Isaiah Skull 2 dager siden

    No hate, but this looks like something my dad would send me

  • Asian Dodo
    Asian Dodo 2 dager siden

    Welcome to youtube rewind 2019

  • Jacob Runion
    Jacob Runion 2 dager siden

    Will sniff

  • Hunter Frye
    Hunter Frye 2 dager siden


  • Cringey Youtuber
    Cringey Youtuber 2 dager siden

    Will Sniff

  • Shawn Henninger
    Shawn Henninger 2 dager siden

    3.3Mil now

  • temporarily not here
    temporarily not here 2 dager siden

    I'm in love with man

  • J
    J 2 dager siden

    Did he mean next year as Jan 1 2019 or December 28 2019 😅😅

  • Mr. Rewind
    Mr. Rewind 2 dager siden

    When your second video is a 1 million subs video

  • Hunnie leave
    Hunnie leave 2 dager siden

    **clap clap clap clap** can you adopt me now?

  • Stinky Diaper 7
    Stinky Diaper 7 2 dager siden

    Will sniff😂

  • Andi Pacquet
    Andi Pacquet 2 dager siden

    He got 1 million subs by just being Jack Black.
    Now that's epic! 👏👏

  • Brain
    Brain 2 dager siden

    Imagine if your dumb kid had to get subscribers of his own! It would take a lot longer! He probably wouldn't even get any! You boosting a channel for him does nobody any favors!

  • Moayad
    Moayad 2 dager siden

    Jake paul : 5 mil in NO-clip in 6 month. nEvEr DoNe BeFoRe

    Jack black : hold my beer

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First 2 dager siden

    #shallowhal2 in the works? #scoolofrock

  • First Last Name
    First Last Name 2 dager siden

    Jack Black should start NO-clip Rewind 2019

  • ZedoN
    ZedoN 2 dager siden

    This was uploaded on my birthday

  • Douglas Griffith
    Douglas Griffith 2 dager siden

    Can't wait to see A House With A Clock In It's Walls

  • demon boy
    demon boy 2 dager siden

    0:1o 1 billion isnt it 1 mill

  • Pierce Calibuso
    Pierce Calibuso 2 dager siden

    Subs to my channel i Subs back too please?

  • Nicknormous Reports
    Nicknormous Reports 2 dager siden

    Jack. Black added me as friend then got spammed heart broken... gratz on the subscribes there Jaybes.

  • BTS infirestation
    BTS infirestation 2 dager siden

    pretty sure he used a hacking app or just bought his subs.

  • ButterflyZ
    ButterflyZ 2 dager siden

    It not gonna be like that i love pewdiepie him make me want to play game and enjoy with it Im dont know who tha fuck are you Im dont care because Im love pewdiepie #PewdiepieFans #Thailand

  • Thaddeus Kyle
    Thaddeus Kyle 3 dager siden

    If you were to surpass Pewdiepie in subscribers, I wouldn’t complain at all.

  • Darrell Losinger
    Darrell Losinger 3 dager siden

    Everybody must cancel this bitchs channel... He Hates America and molests his children....

  • Travis
    Travis 3 dager siden

    t series was never the threat

  • Timothy G
    Timothy G 3 dager siden

    What a joke!! Bloated demon Fat Jacks Chanel was artificially put on viral with thousands more video with more views!! What a boring Chanel watching him drag his innocent kids into the demonic Hollywood industry that made Fat Jack sell his soul for fame!! I feel bad for those innocent kids!

  • Nathan
    Nathan 3 dager siden

    Sicko mode

  • Drea Posada
    Drea Posada 3 dager siden

    Hell yes!!!

  • Talus Derrick
    Talus Derrick 3 dager siden

    This video in full screen on my phone makes me feel like im facetiming jack black and That makes me :)

  • omar yousf
    omar yousf 3 dager siden

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunny ypu should say that

  • artificialcolourz eee
    artificialcolourz eee 3 dager siden

    Why I'm glad to share a birthday with Jack black

  • Comtex
    Comtex 3 dager siden +1

    *Will Sniff*

  • ninja man
    ninja man 3 dager siden

    U lied 2 me this 50 seconds not 1min😲

  • Colleen Wilshusen
    Colleen Wilshusen 3 dager siden

    5 vids 3.3 mill
    In 2 months

  • cal our pal
    cal our pal 3 dager siden +1

    im literally obsessed with this video. its more than pewdiepuss tpain and will sniff combiinned

  • Ushallneverknowmyusername

    Jake Paul- 5mil on NO-clip in 6 months , never done before Jablinki- Hold my beer

  • Dimitris K.
    Dimitris K. 3 dager siden

    I think Pewdiepie should be more concerned about Jablinski that T series

  • stebee 73
    stebee 73 3 dager siden

    The laugh at the start made me die

    5 GIRAFFES 3 dager siden

    Will Snith

  • Recxruit :3
    Recxruit :3 3 dager siden


  • Roup Reviews
    Roup Reviews 3 dager siden


  • Typanion
    Typanion 3 dager siden

    This has to be the fastest 1 million subs in NO-clip history

  • Naliwhift
    Naliwhift 3 dager siden

    1 billion subscribers 0:11

  • Mr Meat
    Mr Meat 3 dager siden

    His videos are so fucking cursed

  • Xel Unknown
    Xel Unknown 3 dager siden

    you the only good thing in this insane timeline of existence

  • Evan Cariou
    Evan Cariou 3 dager siden

    Good job JB!

  • Alex & Erika
    Alex & Erika 3 dager siden +34

    1 billion or 1 million, tons of entertainment value here for free!!! 😀👍

  • Slorpnorp 16996
    Slorpnorp 16996 3 dager siden

    You’re a legend mate

  • Miles Des Voigne
    Miles Des Voigne 3 dager siden

    He clearly likes it!

  • Skelly.
    Skelly. 3 dager siden

    T-Series was just a distraction, this is the real deal.

  • May Green
    May Green 3 dager siden

    We stan Jablinski games in this house

  • Jordulous TV
    Jordulous TV 3 dager siden

    Jack black, only guy in the world who can film vertical and people don't get mad

  • ItzTrippy
    ItzTrippy 3 dager siden


  • FrieswCheez -
    FrieswCheez - 3 dager siden

    Hey do u condition ur beard

  • Roi Roi
    Roi Roi 3 dager siden

    hola que haces ?

  • Thedigger 28
    Thedigger 28 3 dager siden

    Hi 👋🏻

  • Stream Sniper
    Stream Sniper 3 dager siden

    You said 1 billion

  • Andrei Marsic
    Andrei Marsic 3 dager siden

    He said 1 billion subscribers at 0:11

  • Mikuzu
    Mikuzu 4 dager siden


  • ThanosDid NothingWrong
    ThanosDid NothingWrong 4 dager siden

    Times 3

  • Luistheplayer 07
    Luistheplayer 07 4 dager siden

    Who is pewdiepus

  • Kyler Garcia
    Kyler Garcia 4 dager siden

    We need a Red Dead 2 playthrough.

  • Recarnated Kronor
    Recarnated Kronor 4 dager siden

    Pewdiepuss I’m I’m dead 😵 😂😂😂😂😂💀

  • Wet Socks
    Wet Socks 4 dager siden

    I want to wear his glasses and see if we have the same prescription

  • Austin Morgan
    Austin Morgan 4 dager siden +26

    Pewdiepuss lmfao😂😂

  • Slay Panda
    Slay Panda 4 dager siden

    Bruh, don't wanna be mean but... You prolly gonna be dead long before you can even go anywhere near PewDiePie...

  • Funderfan
    Funderfan 4 dager siden

    better than will smith obviously and also he's eligible to be on rewind

  • Kirstie Roche
    Kirstie Roche 4 dager siden +5

    Wow he looks so different

  • Scarl3tr0n
    Scarl3tr0n 4 dager siden

    3.2 mil with 4 vids. He’s accomplished the impossible. I bet pewdipus didn’t get that!

  • Ari Cagan
    Ari Cagan 4 dager siden

    Will Sniff

  • Nutter
    Nutter 4 dager siden +1

    U fat fucker

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 4 dager siden +1

    oh wait not a billion guess I have to wait a few more weeks

  • madman3344e
    madman3344e 4 dager siden +4

    jake paul can go freak himself with his 5 mil in 6 months we got jack black with the mil in a week here

  • Laura Villa
    Laura Villa 4 dager siden

    Love youuuuuuuu!!!!

  • Rocket Queen
    Rocket Queen 4 dager siden

    Lol his sub is slowing down after 3m

  • Nikita-Anne Gilbert
    Nikita-Anne Gilbert 4 dager siden

    Jack you are so naturally talented ♡

  • system of a down lover 06

    Tenacious D is my favorite movie

  • ErkeklerFutbolOynarken KızlarlaVoleybolOynayanÇocuk

    Probably I should be the only Turk watching you.

  • EpicCharizard!
    EpicCharizard! 4 dager siden

    *Quality Content*

  • hungrey_
    hungrey_ 4 dager siden

    hey jack, did you know that the creator of undertale, toby fox, also worked on the music for a webcomic called homestuck? did you know that in homestuck, there is a character called jack noir? did you know that noir means black, meaning that that character's name is jack black? did you know that there's a video game based on homestuck called hiveswap that you could play on your channel after reading homestuck?

  • Sir Moogle
    Sir Moogle 4 dager siden

    We Stan Pewdiepuss, T Painz and Will Sniffs

  • Anton Dalpra
    Anton Dalpra 4 dager siden

    jack just said i billion subs in a week 0:11

  • Uber Nerd
    Uber Nerd 4 dager siden

    Its like lookin in a mirror!

  • gromiebear 2
    gromiebear 2 5 dager siden

    School of rock

  • Demonchick 7025
    Demonchick 7025 5 dager siden

    I would literally lay my life down for you

  • kahlinii
    kahlinii 5 dager siden

    jake paul- "2 million in 6 months"
    jack black- "3.1 million in less than a month--"

  • Jennifer Meier
    Jennifer Meier 5 dager siden

    Your in the house with the clock in the walls

  • Ryker Quackenbush
    Ryker Quackenbush 5 dager siden

    I'll obliterate your measly existence with my superb and phenomenal, nimble fingers.
    In the virtual world, to say the least.
    I could also really use some music theory or appreciation.
    So, Jablinski Games, may I come and chill at your place and play some video games?
    I promise I'm not that crazy.

  • neillesl489 MDS
    neillesl489 MDS 5 dager siden

    We must raise our big BLACK Jack, to a level where he may compete with our Allfather Pewdiepie. From there, the world will decided who is fit to rule NO-clip. Either way...it is sure to be quite a show.

  • ComedyJKR
    ComedyJKR 5 dager siden

    Will sniff?
    T-Pain... ok

  • TiffyMissWiffy
    TiffyMissWiffy 5 dager siden

    Very excited 😆

  • SonOfFudge
    SonOfFudge 5 dager siden


  • Sam White
    Sam White 5 dager siden