Binging with Babish: Pizza Ball from The Eric Andre Show

  • Publisert 8. jan.. 2019
  • The Eric Andre Show, our eponymous host's LSD-soaked nightmare talkshow, has created some of the most maddeningly subversive comedy of the decade. None have captured the imagination of the internet, however, quite like the pizza ball. A gnarled sphere of everyone's favorite cheesy flatbread, the pizza ball (not unlike the show itself) is probably best enjoyed under the influence of something.
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  14 dager siden +8414

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have some bad news...I did not get the job at Fruit Loops. My body is now your communion, please eat from me. Eat from me.

    • Gabriel Afonso
      Gabriel Afonso Dag siden

      If you guys don’t know what’s he’s talking about or are lost....FIGURE IT OUT. GOogle the words. Don’t mess up the comment section of this beautiful quote.

    • Sean Dickey
      Sean Dickey 2 dager siden

      Did you at least get the Sprite sponsorship?

    • CodeGreen Gamma
      CodeGreen Gamma 3 dager siden

      *entire New York metro train car clears out*

    • B Dean
      B Dean 4 dager siden

      make sauerkraut and boiled goose from lonely island

    • Super Zed
      Super Zed 5 dager siden

      I want his peepee

  • Troy Andres
    Troy Andres Dag siden

    Absolute genius ✌🏾

  • Smackerlacker
    Smackerlacker Dag siden

    I've got it. This thing should be layered.
    The end result would be more or less the same as a chicago-style pizza, but with way more layers, and... in a ball, of course.

  • -Lorence Fillers-
    -Lorence Fillers- 2 dager siden

    Pizza rolls

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso 2 dager siden

    I haven’t pressed play yet....but god damn, there better be some RANCH.
    Legalize It!!!

  • Lunch
    Lunch 2 dager siden

    Every self proclaimed “Italian” is dying inside rn

  • Delta9xray _
    Delta9xray _ 2 dager siden

    Just made pizza rolls

  • Silva Stuff
    Silva Stuff 2 dager siden

    When you realize the small pizza balls are just homemade pizza rolls

  • John Kaylan Dumo
    John Kaylan Dumo 2 dager siden

    iCarly Mr. Galini’s coconut cream pie

  • AMC
    AMC 2 dager siden

    You Should make the spaghetti tacos from icarly

  • slayern is gone
    slayern is gone 2 dager siden

    You know it's just an interesting idea, but what you could have done is start off with like maybe a small mozzarella ball (I dont know if they make those) and use some kind of pastry or dough to wrap around said ball, cover the dough up with marinara sauce cheese and maybe some pepperoni, and then wrap another layer of dough or pastry around it cover it up with marinara sauce and cheese and pepperoni and keep repeating that until it's the size that's on the show, lol dont know how long that would actually take but ya know would go for a hell of a cross section.
    Lol anyways love your videos dude keep ths good work up👍

  • Ched Ed
    Ched Ed 3 dager siden

    Pizza aside let’s talk Scientology

  • Lil Yeet
    Lil Yeet 3 dager siden

    Fallout cookbook

  • Daddy Meat
    Daddy Meat 3 dager siden

    Glorified pizza rolls

  • Elizabeth Lycan
    Elizabeth Lycan 3 dager siden


  • a.m.
    a.m. 3 dager siden


  • Jeremiah West
    Jeremiah West 3 dager siden

    Should have done it like hellthyjunkfood did

  • TheGooglySmoog
    TheGooglySmoog 3 dager siden

    Do the grey stuff served to Jack McBrayer.

    DAVE DANIEL 3 dager siden

    Orange is the New Black- Chang's lunch

  • Captnkirk007
    Captnkirk007 3 dager siden

    I would have let the cheese cool and stiffen abit

  • Darius St Paul
    Darius St Paul 3 dager siden

    Did you make the pizza or did you order it?

  • Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun

    *Finally I can deliver a Pizza Ball*

  • MeLikeUnicornzz
    MeLikeUnicornzz 3 dager siden

    It looked like a hot pocket

  • matthew grubin
    matthew grubin 4 dager siden

    S N A I L D O W N

  • PasteyTomato
    PasteyTomato 4 dager siden +1

    3:33 looks like a pizza pot pie

  • Jayson L.
    Jayson L. 4 dager siden

    This will go well with Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls as the dessert.

  • Little Lucy 28
    Little Lucy 28 4 dager siden

    I want some pizza now 😂

  • Jeramiah McDonald
    Jeramiah McDonald 4 dager siden


  • B Dean
    B Dean 4 dager siden +1

    well Papa Murphy's is gonna steal this idea

  • Fohlken
    Fohlken 4 dager siden

    I got out of keto watching this.

  • Sarah VanderDussen
    Sarah VanderDussen 4 dager siden

    My balls definitely explode prematurely

  • Bailey little 64
    Bailey little 64 4 dager siden

    Haha you said balls

  • Harlequin
    Harlequin 4 dager siden

    Would be great if you were my room mate

  • megan
    megan 4 dager siden

    L E G A L I Z E R A N C H

  • Alyssa Snow
    Alyssa Snow 4 dager siden

    Aren't the little pizza balls, pizza rolls? Like, the kind you can buy at the store.

  • ふじわら明菜
    ふじわら明菜 4 dager siden

    Not to insult but i really think american tv shows are pretty lame.

  • Thomas Long
    Thomas Long 4 dager siden

    I did not believe you could make "pizza balls" look delicious. I was so wrong.

  • Troy Burgess
    Troy Burgess 4 dager siden

    so pizza rolls? 4:42

  • Mau Mou
    Mau Mou 5 dager siden


  • Derrick Juicy
    Derrick Juicy 5 dager siden


  • queer noodle -
    queer noodle - 5 dager siden

    i cant even eat cheese

  • A_ Sub
    A_ Sub 5 dager siden

    Make the turdunken from Teen Titas Go

  • Guccierez Beats
    Guccierez Beats 5 dager siden

    Damn bru you really just made fancy pizza rolls

  • dog boy 2.0
    dog boy 2.0 5 dager siden

    Im on a diet unfortunately

  • yoroshiku
    yoroshiku 5 dager siden

    Popular demand does not always mean good things.

  • Captain Capellini
    Captain Capellini 5 dager siden

    I made this tonight, super delicious - shame I couldn't find any of that crappy Parmesan so I ended up using the real stuff, I forgot how bloody strong it was. It completely overwhelmed the first one I made, but the rest I got right. DEFINITELY making these again some time, no matter how extremely unhealthy they are.

  • DuckNotIncluded
    DuckNotIncluded 5 dager siden +1

    Babs... I can't believe you didn't try to make a kind of Monkey Bread type pizza ball... I'm so disappointed in you. I thought we raised you better

  • Sanath Kumar
    Sanath Kumar 5 dager siden

    Perfect Recipe For Obesity

  • MasterClasster
    MasterClasster 5 dager siden

    Aw man, I agree, I totally hate it when my balls explode prematurely

  • LalaHawaiiLove
    LalaHawaiiLove 5 dager siden

    L E G A L I Z E R A N C H

  • Myst
    Myst 5 dager siden

    I'm proud. You reinvented pizza rolls.

  • baineh
    baineh 5 dager siden

    Does it bother you that while you were attempting to make tiny pizza balls you basically did a video on gourmet totinos pizza rolls

  • Shadowhunter The Nightwing


  • LiquidxToxic
    LiquidxToxic 6 dager siden

    So....Pizza Rolls...

  • Dominic Norman
    Dominic Norman 6 dager siden

    He legit just made a calzone lol

  • U.S. Army Airforce
    U.S. Army Airforce 6 dager siden

    When you try to make a giang pepperoni hot pocket

  • Leon Łaznowski
    Leon Łaznowski 6 dager siden

    is this epic meal time?

  • Kev
    Kev 6 dager siden

    You should've make tiny pizza balls inside that big pizza ball so the cheese won't be much of a mess...

  • gleiver gonzalez
    gleiver gonzalez 6 dager siden

    I'VE BEEN CRAVING FOR PIZZA.... Now this. Love you anyways

  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris 6 dager siden

    energy pizza

  • nycbklynrmp
    nycbklynrmp 6 dager siden

    for the pizza ball, you can also use in the filling: chopped meat, sliced sausage(already fried), salami or prosciutto

  • aceofspades2233
    aceofspades2233 6 dager siden +1


  • Christian Justin
    Christian Justin 6 dager siden

    What if you rolled them in tge seadoning they put on pizza pringles

  • Unlimited !
    Unlimited ! 6 dager siden

    Pizza rolls v2

  • Cameron Wood
    Cameron Wood 6 dager siden

    Pizza time

  • Sharbuckles Reef
    Sharbuckles Reef 6 dager siden

    Sooooo you made pizza pops....

  • Biggoron
    Biggoron 6 dager siden

    Cheese, I'll drink to that!

  • Vector FG
    Vector FG 6 dager siden


  • Randy Lahey
    Randy Lahey 6 dager siden

    You should of put layers of pizza dough inside that messy ball of cheese

  • Dylan Stipe
    Dylan Stipe 6 dager siden

    Time to deliver some pizza balls! Come on bro I've been waiting 3/4's of second, Someone's gotta pay for those. Def not me. . . .

  • Lindsey Clair
    Lindsey Clair 7 dager siden can use a food processor to shred cheese...holy crap

  • Aaron New
    Aaron New 7 dager siden

    All I can picture watching this is a BWB and Epic Meal Time collab.

  • Gabriel Babbitt
    Gabriel Babbitt 7 dager siden

    Whoa dude.... I think you just need to snail down 🐌

  • Ariatnny Castillo
    Ariatnny Castillo 7 dager siden

    Omg no the first and second one are so ew.

  • Sarara R
    Sarara R 7 dager siden

    This was the worst episode to watch while recovering from a stomach virus.

  • billy mazehere
    billy mazehere 7 dager siden

    Anyone know the song name that's playing in the background?

  • That Skywalker Guy
    That Skywalker Guy 7 dager siden

    could you put layers of dough inside of the pizza ball or something similar to make somewhat of a pizza lasagna on the inside of the ball? I feel like that would have kept it from becoming a cheesy mess on the inside.

  • chris soto
    chris soto 7 dager siden

    In the good cook book this is clearly heresy!

  • Col Friday
    Col Friday 7 dager siden

    Hey Brotendo!! Good video

  • edward layer
    edward layer 7 dager siden

    My Virgin Kitchen made a great pizza skull.

  • And That's The Tea Sis
    And That's The Tea Sis 7 dager siden

    4:20 So pizza rolls but better?

  • guillermo verdun
    guillermo verdun 7 dager siden

    the little balls.... mi friday is done!!!!!

  • graefx
    graefx 7 dager siden

    Now I wanna make "tako" yaki using a cube of mozzarella and pepperoni instead.

  • Ashley Burgess
    Ashley Burgess 7 dager siden

    But is it boneless

  • platanopapi
    platanopapi 7 dager siden

    If you layered in some dough between all that cheese and sauce yumness, I think you’d have what I imagined a pizza ball to be.

  • resident1793
    resident1793 7 dager siden

    It sounded kinda weird when he said, “ we’re gonna shape our *balls* “ at 0:44

  • Jack Sheppard
    Jack Sheppard 7 dager siden

    Eh, that first iteration of the pizza ball could still be good! Instead of cutting it in half, just cut the top off and dip the crust and other bready items into it like a pizza-themed fondue!

  • no No
    no No 7 dager siden

    Pizza aside, let's talk Scientology

  • Yousuke Kou
    Yousuke Kou 7 dager siden

    Gourmet Pizza Rolls

  • Matthew Beadle
    Matthew Beadle 7 dager siden

    It's a calzone basically

  • TheRedfuss
    TheRedfuss 7 dager siden


  • TheCookieArmada!
    TheCookieArmada! 7 dager siden

    So we ended up making pizza rolls. Nice.

  • Mckinna Wilts
    Mckinna Wilts 7 dager siden

    So... pizza rolls

  • Cousin Skeeter
    Cousin Skeeter 7 dager siden

    They just put pizza around a glass ball

  • Obunga
    Obunga 7 dager siden


  • Cat 12346
    Cat 12346 7 dager siden +1

    Imagine disliking a binging with babish video

  • Billy mays
    Billy mays 7 dager siden

    Tyler your dads here

  • A 1990 Honda Civic
    A 1990 Honda Civic 7 dager siden

    Can you patent that last version you made? If Big ‘Za finds out about that invention, then Eric Andre is going to have to deliver real pizza balls

  • Mangos cost Too much
    Mangos cost Too much 8 dager siden

    Legalise Ranch

  • Devilが
    Devilが 8 dager siden

    Make the giant burrito from we bare bears