Divide Us Into Democrats & Republicans | Lineup | Cut


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  • dolphinman365
    dolphinman365 2 minutter siden

    L I B T A R D S

  • sir soy
    sir soy 3 minutter siden

    "conservatives turn red" alright dude

  • Baruch Spinoza
    Baruch Spinoza 3 minutter siden

    Democrats in this video: if you're nice then you must be a Democrat too
    That's a pretty douchy thing to believe.

  • ItsATide Ad
    ItsATide Ad 3 minutter siden

    Being a conservative, I used to think all democrats or liberals stuck out like sore thumbs, but that was when I was like 13/14. After becoming more exposed I realized that a democrat can blend in with society just like any other republican. I realized that they could be fun to hang with and they are just regular people. Many other older conservatives I've met also share these feelings. And I feel that most democrats feel the same, that republicans are just people with different beliefs. But the democrats in this video really didn't seem to understand that.

  • James Yates
    James Yates 6 minutter siden

    You’re gonna tell by this comment who I support😂
    Bald dude: I’m a Democratic socialist capitalism makes people miserable let’s socialist and be happier like the other socialist countries like North Korea were Everyon is STARVING or China where you can get shot for saying ehh I don’t like our leader

  • Randy Randolph
    Randy Randolph 6 minutter siden

    I loved that Republican dude. Lit them up! 😂😂😂

  • eddie callahan
    eddie callahan 6 minutter siden

    The guy with the BLM sweatshirt is the worst. So fuckin racist. Black people can be racist too

  • Ella Anderson
    Ella Anderson 7 minutter siden

    13:29 sis look at the republicans recations to that statement lmao

  • Squid Boy Supreme
    Squid Boy Supreme 7 minutter siden

    Man in the blue shirt dropping fact bombs

  • Aidan Christian
    Aidan Christian 8 minutter siden

    Neo Nazis are liberals stipid asian.

  • Aidan Christian
    Aidan Christian 8 minutter siden

    Bald Head Dude: "Im a Democratic Socialist"
    Everyone on the right: *faces go stone cold solid*

  • Percy Mattesich
    Percy Mattesich 12 minutter siden

    *doesnt listen to rap* “REPUBLICAN”

  • M C
    M C 14 minutter siden

    So, he is republican because he understands the difference nationality and ethnicity? Good job showing off that all the democrats you know are ignorant.

  • Eric •
    Eric • 16 minutter siden

    Typical. "if you guys want to come you're invited" but not the other people. We're so divided.

  • trustbutverify
    trustbutverify 21 minutt siden

    The black girl is a Republican. She just doesn't know it yet.

  • Danny Boi 365
    Danny Boi 365 22 minutter siden

    You’re all fucking losers 👏🏻

  • Terry Ruiz
    Terry Ruiz 22 minutter siden

    This is cancer

  • Jake Liening
    Jake Liening 24 minutter siden

    Ending on a conciliatory note...how about talking about Antifa and how crazy the Left has gotten when they hear stuff they don't agree with?

  • Adham Kassem
    Adham Kassem 26 minutter siden

    I really don’t like the tall black man. He’s condescending, rude, and straight up ignorant.

  • Alexa Krznaric
    Alexa Krznaric 26 minutter siden

    i wish more republicans would have been able to guess the sides of these people because this video is very pro dem and puts republicans in a negative light. makes them seem like the bad guys when neither side is any better or worse than the other.

  • Lance Chaffee
    Lance Chaffee 27 minutter siden

    Not saying one party is better it's all what you believe, but the Democrats supported slavery, supported Jim crow laws and apposed the woman's rights movement. All these people make it seem like Republicans are racist, hate to break it to you it's the Democrats that really are

  • Birdie, Rico & Friends!
    Birdie, Rico & Friends! 29 minutter siden

    She doesn't look like an Asian Indian at all..

  • Jake Liening
    Jake Liening 30 minutter siden

    Republicans can't be nice?? Democrats can't dress up?? wtf

  • Jake Liening
    Jake Liening 31 minutt siden

    How is human trafficking an issue that the Democrats handle positively???

  • Charles Daniel
    Charles Daniel 32 minutter siden

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  • Jake Liening
    Jake Liening 33 minutter siden

    The black dude with the Black Lives Matter sweatshirt is incredibly ignorant. A large portion of these people are comfortable in their bubbles.

  • Birdie, Rico & Friends!
    Birdie, Rico & Friends! 34 minutter siden

    Conservatives ....are red, are they not? lol

  • Chris Strutz
    Chris Strutz 35 minutter siden

    "I think momma needs a drink.
    You guys are invited if you want to come."
    **Looks at only the Democrats**
    Way to do the best you possibly could to only shining light towards the Democratic party. 😂

  • Augustus Von Müller
    Augustus Von Müller 35 minutter siden

    Liberals....their all the same piece of trash...

  • jackh
    jackh 36 minutter siden

    this is f'ed up

  • tucker carlson the 3rd
    tucker carlson the 3rd 39 minutter siden

    These interviewers are so fucking rude

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 39 minutter siden +1

    As a democratic socialist, I do respect the opinions of republicans. I’ve learned so much by debating with conservative people, and we typically want the same things, they just think my views are a bit too idealistic. For example, everyone wants free healthcare, it’s just hard to implement in a way that’s good for the country.

  • julius
    julius 41 minutt siden

    republican drops straight fact bombs
    democrat laughs

  • THACERT z86
    THACERT z86 44 minutter siden

    Good vs. Evil
    Republicans vs. Democrats

    *shivers* Democrats... evil

  • ChristLiberty
    ChristLiberty 44 minutter siden

    All this video proved is how utterly idiotic Democrats are and how self important anyone with a “blm” shirt is.

  • Kevin Crossgrove
    Kevin Crossgrove 46 minutter siden

    Damn the left is douchey.

  • Shinzu Music
    Shinzu Music 46 minutter siden

    Damn I feel like this video is dumbing us down. Gotta go read some Plato to get some balance here.

  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams 47 minutter siden

    Is it me or is the disabled guy daddy as fuck

  • Slamdunkie40
    Slamdunkie40 47 minutter siden

    I want crowder to review this

  • Riley B
    Riley B 47 minutter siden

    They were all pretty biased. But that one black guy was SUPER racist!

  • TheGoldenUzi
    TheGoldenUzi 48 minutter siden

    aww the republicans in the comments bitching.

  • ChrisYoungGunn
    ChrisYoungGunn 50 minutter siden

    This is fuckin stupid

  • JamesTavRule
    JamesTavRule 50 minutter siden +1

    I'm just a British onlooker here interested in foreign politics.
    Holy shit this video is extremely "Democrat" sided... Whatever this is, it wouldn't be published here.
    Also these "Democrat" people seem a bit deluded. Weird party name.

  • RidgeLine Manufacturing
    RidgeLine Manufacturing 53 minutter siden

    1 question.Do you feel entitled to other peoples money? BAM

  • Mr. Never Wrong
    Mr. Never Wrong 54 minutter siden


  • M A
    M A 57 minutter siden

    Brett kavanaugh was actually guilty it was pretty obvious the issue is that it wasn’t a legal trial and no charges were pressed

  • zachary
    zachary Time siden

    Millenials are so fucking dumb and hypocritical, Gen Z is gonna save us.

  • Romanticwaffle
    Romanticwaffle Time siden

    Damn im democrat but that woman was so insulting, implying everyone who is democratic is polite and nice whilst ALL republicans are rude? Ridiculous

  • BleachedEmu
    BleachedEmu Time siden

    I think both parties are terrible and everyone needs to be more accepting and open to different ideas from either side. Political parties are stupid and the founding fathers were literally against them, we should vote based on our overall views rather than what party people say they support

  • A Fit
    A Fit Time siden

    the dude has a bun. I thought we agreed 3 years ago that the look was over. He lost any and all cred.

  • sgtpepper6379
    sgtpepper6379 Time siden

    Interesting how the democrats are the more judgmental and non compromising. They've become exactly what they sought to end in society. The tall black guy in the blazer was especially rude. All of the democrats being placed were kind, but the ones choosing were very closed minded and exclusive. The short (hispanic?) choosing lady in black only invited like minded people out for drinks, showing that she's not open to hearing other opinions, or even wanting to be around people of different beliefs. This is humorously hypocritical to typical democratic beliefs. It is my opinion that the farther from center you stray, be it left or right, the more delusional you are. You are only interested in hearing what you want to hear, which halts any advancement in your beliefs, which in turn makes you blind to reality.

  • Hello
    Hello Time siden

    Democrats are more ugly.

  • denny el
    denny el Time siden

    The Democrats got really hostile and judgemental towards the end there and you can't say the guy in blue wasn't making sense. To talk over and mock him because he said that you need evidence to jail someone and that you're not guilty until proven innocent is disgusting. I wonder if they would have applied this same logic to Emmett Till. I would love to hear them say that the woman accusing him was automatically telling the truth and that his death was just. That that poor little boy got what he deserved....
    I grew up poor, am against gun control, am for free health care, etc. I *want* to be a Democrat but videos like this make it really hard. Facts don't care about your feelings and so I'm staying a Republican.

  • Jane B
    Jane B Time siden

    i'm a democrat but that lady thoooo, shes like all you guys are invited to come out for a drink. and points at the democrats. damnnnnn she was salty tho.

  • YouTube Gamer
    YouTube Gamer Time siden

    I love the guy in the blue long sleeve shirt

  • Kilian Foerst
    Kilian Foerst Time siden

    What is your nationality "American" =he is a republican.? Elaborate on that

  • Clown
    Clown Time siden

    I hate America

  • Dmister
    Dmister Time siden

    Seems like a lot of biased opinions.

  • Submersed24
    Submersed24 Time siden

    the dude with the black lives matter shirt is why democrats look bad. He's the actual racist. So obsessed with race, it's actually disgusting.

  • ShakespeareanMetalhead

    the black dude is also the most biased, and slightly racist. jerk off.

  • LettuceStop
    LettuceStop Time siden

    Carlos seems like the most chill dude ever. Great guy, keep bringing him back.

  • CowboyCorky
    CowboyCorky Time siden

    That dude with the BLM shirt is a serious prick, Cant stand him.

  • Agathi
    Agathi Time siden

    Why do all of the choosers have to left leaning. Also why do all of the choosers have to have a negative connotation against right leaning? Republicans fought for the freedom. How are republicans considered racist or anything.

  • John Morgan Manley
    John Morgan Manley Time siden

    Interesting how closed-minded all of the people that were guessing were. They should have brought in a mix of people to guess, not just the ones that acted like any opinion that contrasted theirs was stupid and inferior.

  • MrNexuscorre
    MrNexuscorre Time siden

    Ahhhh I like the acceptance of the Democrats here.... oh wait sorry wrong video...

  • Gyle Gaming
    Gyle Gaming Time siden

    Turn some conservatives red at 0:45

  • Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt Time siden

    11:28 “you don’t gotta agree but you have to respect each other”
    No respect was shown in this entire video

  • Jacob Lastname
    Jacob Lastname Time siden

    how biased can we get while still acting unbiased

  • Smithington
    Smithington Time siden

    It's interesting how most of the decisions were made by visual discrimination of their traits rather than the answers to their questions

  • That Guy
    That Guy Time siden

    Short fat bitch is so rude dumb ass libtard

  • Mytyk110 Gaming
    Mytyk110 Gaming Time siden

    I like how the democrats demonize the republicans

  • Lefty
    Lefty Time siden

    Lol@ the comments from the right. This video made them sad because they felt it was left leaning. They are a fragile bunch.

  • Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt Time siden

    This is a sad excuse for entertainment

  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell Time siden

    No one voted and the division is a media creation because no one trusts these politicians anymore on both sides. Both Trump and Clinton who are blood relatives and all their children are married to (((them))). (((They))) own and run the 6 media companies that now control 90 percent of the media. (((They))) owned the slave ships and plantations. Black slave auctions were closed on (((their))) holidays because there would be no buyers and sellers. (((They))) also sold white Slavic slaves. (((They)))started the Bolshevik movement which ended with a holocaust of 20 million Christians they never talk about on (((their))) History channel. (((Marx, Lenin, Trotsky))) and (((Communism))) have killed 100 million people. USS Liberty is never brought up on (((our media)))when (((they))) attacked their allies and closest friends and blamed Arabs to try and get us into their wars. This is not a theory, this is a fact. A theory is that MAYBE (((they))) would do it again. (((They))) fund anarchy and division with people like (((Soros))) and BLM. Keep the goyim fighting each other. (((They)) have a racist, apartheid, ethnostate where they teach that all goyim will be slaves and that you should never intermarry. (((They))) run over peaceful protesters like Rachel Corrie with bulldozers. (((They))) funded Hitler through the Warburg banking family. (((They))) run the least diverse industry in the world. (((Hollywood))), where goyim women are stalked by ex-Mossad hired by people like (((Weinstein))), while they wear "red kabbalah strings" like branded cattle. (((Their))) history books say that "modern Jewry is in Edom". While sHemite, they are not from the tribe of Judah. They are frauds.
    Keep fighting though other nations and nationalities. Keep being exploited "African-Americans" while being ignorant of who you really are, when Samson had 7 locks of hair, Joseph was mistaken for an Egyptian (look up Saint Maurice to see what one looked like by his brothers, Paul by a roman soldier and Moses miracle turned his hand white. Someone saw them coming from a mile away. Revelation 3:9 " I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars-I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you."
    Have fun with their fake counter cultures as well, where people like (((Lauren Southern))) (fake name obviously) and (((Milo))) and (((Ben Shapiro))) are the leaders. Silly goyim don't even know that Einstein isn't taught in Hasidic schools or the "universe". That is for the goy. Now go watch another (((Disney))) special on how much smarter (((Einstein))) and (((they))) are than you. (((They))) have erased the people from education who called Einstein a fraud in 1935 in the NY Times like Nikola Tesla. (((They))) made him the villain in the first Superman cartoon. Go back to fighting and sleep though, while claiming to be woke.

  • Owen Frith
    Owen Frith Time siden

    sooooooo what we all really want to know is.... who's the blonde

    THAT GUY BROKEN- Time siden

    I have no idea what all this political stuff is lol...

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C Time siden

    I don’t wanna be that guy.....but Democrats hate facts

  • lilmaestro
    lilmaestro Time siden +3

    The black man with the BLK shirt was utterly repulsive.

  • Cameron Payne
    Cameron Payne Time siden

    that black man is repulsive, the reason why the country is divided, black superiority smh

  • Laura Costen
    Laura Costen Time siden +1

    4:58 omg that was so racist. Im mixed and I can say that this was soooo wrong dude. If a white person had said: finally a with person people would be judging him so much. Hypocrisy.

  • Tristen Trix
    Tristen Trix Time siden

    The guy with the blm shirt is so hypocritical

  • PokeboyWither
    PokeboyWither Time siden

    9:55 We should all listen to this guy. This entire segment is him just bashing the biased Democrats with logic, but they refuse to listen to anything he has to say, even though he is only telling true facts and objective views. This is hardcore Democrats in a nutshell(not all of them, just the hardcore ones).

  • Wyatt Burkel
    Wyatt Burkel Time siden

    Yay killing babies and fucking dudes up the ass

  • Dan Quadlaser
    Dan Quadlaser Time siden

    stfu youtube, dont want to watch

  • Michael Miglionico
    Michael Miglionico Time siden

    Man with the black lives matter sweatshirt is a huge racist

  • Kelli P
    Kelli P Time siden

    You don't gotta agree but you gotta respect each other... except those who disagree with you

  • Josh D
    Josh D Time siden

    What happens if people aren’t democrat or republican because they know it’s a big game to divide and conquer the people?

  • jazzman
    jazzman Time siden

    So much respect for the guy with the medical problems. I hope I'll have an outlook as positive and strong on life if something comparable happens to me.

  • Wawasjohn
    Wawasjohn Time siden

    so the guy asking her to say what she doesnt like about her party never gave a real answer himself. saying we dont vote enough isnt a flaw in ur party and its just another defense for u losing the last election. u lost now find away to win the next one. mocking republicans isnt the answer.

  • Konrad Mieszkowicz
    Konrad Mieszkowicz 2 timer siden

    This is the problem with the American Political system. The division. You’re all supposed to be one people and not divided into two. That’s how civil wars start

  • s3cr3tsociety
    s3cr3tsociety 2 timer siden

    The Republican with a disability votes against his best interests because he feels a sworn in Justice was treated unfairly. That's priorities!

  • Edison Goff
    Edison Goff 2 timer siden

    "I'm half gay myself." What?

  • Brett Waldvogel
    Brett Waldvogel 2 timer siden

    Yall should’ve had a republican as one of these guys

  • Tim Newton
    Tim Newton 2 timer siden

    We should try and emulate the happier countries? We have a lot more freedoms than most so WTF are you talking about?

  • Leon Sky
    Leon Sky 2 timer siden

    "I can't believe someone who has seen the turn the Republican Party has taken over the last 20-30 years would stick with it, so I'm gonna say Democrat"
    What a moron, by his logic there would be no older Republicans today.

  • WEEB McFly
    WEEB McFly 2 timer siden

    The guy in the blue shirt👌👌👌

  • Fazikku
    Fazikku 2 timer siden

    unsurprisingly, comments are full of rebs dissing on demos. always the loudest and most obnoxious.

    • M O N S T E R K I L L
      M O N S T E R K I L L 2 timer siden

      Lol, even democrats are dissing these dems. It's not red or blue, it's just common sense that the people on the video are pricks.

  • Money God
    Money God 2 timer siden +1

    Trump 2020

  • NoSkill SitsDoesntTalk
    NoSkill SitsDoesntTalk 2 timer siden

    So stupid how much people on the left are normalized to calling someone a neo-nazi because they're white and getting away with it. Thats pretty much like calling a black person the N word because you're destroying a persons character (although the n word is more vile). Where are all of these so called neo-nazi's that the left talks about?? Just because you're white and dont support corruption you're a Nazi? Tell that to old white rich Democrats who feed off of minorities and make millions while hiring maids that they pay less than minimum wage.

  • Jbomb185
    Jbomb185 2 timer siden

    Imma black Republican and ppl call me e race traitor all the time