Divide Us Into Democrats & Republicans | Lineup | Cut

  • Publisert 6. nov.. 2018
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    Divide Us Into Democrats & Republicans | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Kommentarer • 34 199

  • Katrin S
    Katrin S Time siden

    Why do Republicans always try to state their arguments like “I am hard working for my self put up benefits”?
    Yeah of course! 🙄

  • ashdragon1
    ashdragon1 9 timer siden

    You can tell when the questioner is liberal when all they focus on us the person's looks , voice and attitude. Dems treat people as groups and not individuals.

  • ashdragon1
    ashdragon1 9 timer siden

    The black guy was biased from the start and was very unpleasant and irritating to watch

  • ashdragon1
    ashdragon1 9 timer siden

    I don't like the asian guy much in any of the videos he always goes by clothing and doesn't ask any real interesting questions. After seeing quite a few videos with him I am thinking he is a bit retarded

  • 2charmss
    2charmss 14 timer siden


  • Fluffybunny 925
    Fluffybunny 925 14 timer siden +1

    Is it bad that I’m republican and I say I’m a Democrat In school if u say u are a republican ur gonna be bullied really badly....

  • Bashbot 2000
    Bashbot 2000 15 timer siden

    It’s sad how hateful and disrespectful some of the Democrats are.

  • Zecory 3
    Zecory 3 18 timer siden

    If you don't vote, I don't want to hear s*** coming out your mouth

  • Madi Taraneh
    Madi Taraneh 18 timer siden

    god the democrat side was so disgustingly condescending.

  • Gusecua
    Gusecua Dag siden

    Not American, not democrat nor republican. All I got from this video is that democrats are very judgy and intolerant, ironic. Specially that short girl on the black sweater.

  • Joyce Madrid
    Joyce Madrid Dag siden

    I think I’m too young to understand this video so I’m just gonna leave

  • LosAngeles.323
    LosAngeles.323 Dag siden

    This video was rude as hell.

  • Snusmumriken
    Snusmumriken Dag siden

    Before anyone pisses themselves, I'm not american and I don't give two shits on what you vote for, but holy fuck these "guessers" hate republicans. It's fucking annoying. Respect others opinions.

  • Yeetus Vanitas
    Yeetus Vanitas Dag siden

    Plaid girl: “I think we need to look into changing some policy that we hold dearly”
    Tall dude: “my main complaint is that more people aren’t as zealous about our policy”

  • Yeetus Vanitas
    Yeetus Vanitas Dag siden

    Would have been interesting to have a conservative as one of the pickers as well.

  • Thousand
    Thousand Dag siden

    Hmm seems like all the judges are democrat

  • Branden Newman
    Branden Newman Dag siden

    That black girl with the black girls rock shirt on is awesome! I would love to get a drink with her and talk about life lol

  • Lisa Whelan
    Lisa Whelan Dag siden

    Ew. Not standing with #metoo is appauling. Evidence? Women are not believed. We're put on trial. In our rape culture, many don't report because it's so traumatic to be blamed for your own assault. Vile. Anyone who knows anyone who has been assaulted or raped or has one single ounce of respect for those who have suffered abuse, assault, rape - will know how f**king brave any one who has used the hashtag is for speaking out. Screw that shitty dude.

    • Lisa Whelan
      Lisa Whelan Dag siden

      The judicial system is broken & most who go through it & have a positive outcome where the perpatrator IS convicted which is insanely rare - say they regret ever reporting it in the first place because it was a nightmarish ideal. I genuinely hate that guy for saying Brett Kavaunagh's life was ruined & he seems to be against gun control too. Makes me sick. Could do with a hell of a lot of education.

  • Mayumi Garcia
    Mayumi Garcia Dag siden

    I have a lot of things to say that I don’t feel like getting into, but overall I just think people need to listen to people and not start to discriminate based off of their differences

  • Cassandra Cruz
    Cassandra Cruz Dag siden

    Guy wearing black lives matter sweater is too arrogant. He’s one of those fake woke people. Feels he’s above republicans for no reason. Girl in black sweater is an idiot for thinking only nice people are Democrats. Very close minded and ignorant over all. Everyone else was pretty centered and dope. I’m also wondering why all judges were Democrats? I’m pretty in the middle of the political spectrum. “That’s how America should work, you don’t have to agree with each other but you have to respect each other.” Damn straight.

  • Lindsey Gravel
    Lindsey Gravel Dag siden

    That bitch wanted to be everyone's friend until she thought they were Republican like wtf?!

  • Fortnite Gameplay Videos

    Is no one gonna acknowledge the fact that one guy was wearing a black lives matter shirt

  • doodledoodlepencilfart 69

    honestly i dont know any polotics if this vid is anything about politics

  • Little Lauren
    Little Lauren Dag siden

    I have respect for the man with Crohns. I'm 15 with crohns and have had 3 hospitalizations. It really sucks

  • Paxton Keskitalo
    Paxton Keskitalo 2 dager siden

    0:34 he said wrong its evil and stupid you'll never guess which is which

  • Josiah Yelverton
    Josiah Yelverton 2 dager siden

    It's actually really funny because it's the Democratic party has become so disgusting over the last 20 years and us Republicans don't care if your a immigrant as long as your legal

  • Makayla  Orr
    Makayla Orr 2 dager siden +1

    He was scared to step to close to the white woman, he acted as if white people were a disease, and yet white people are the only racist ones?

  • Carolinez101
    Carolinez101 2 dager siden +1

    I think the main problems with the judges, (most, Carlos was okay) was the division. For one, they were all democrats. Nothing wrong with that, but shouldn't have there been at least one republican? And most of the judges were kinda, in a way, rude to the people of differing political party. Like how the short woman, once she found out someone was democrat, said, "Oh, yeah, you seemed nice!" I feel this kind of concept for a video is made to mend the seam between people of differentiating parties. The thing is, it seems to divide people. The republicans just stood back at took the indirect insults. I feel like this video could have done better. And the republicans didn't really have time to explain their view. With having more screen time for democrats, and having all the judges be democrat, it leaves the video with an unhealthy balance. It also shines light on the channel's political view, which I would prefer to keep out of it. "Yeah, you had republican shoes." "You're a democrat? Thought so, you seemed nice." This whole thing was just a middle finger to the Republican party, and wasted the potential of bringing people with conflicting views together.

  • Caleb Kallimanis
    Caleb Kallimanis 2 dager siden

    That tall black dude was a racist bitch ass

  • Midway
    Midway 2 dager siden

    the black dude is racist as shit

  • Krystian
    Krystian 2 dager siden

    Out of the people in this, Karlos was definitely the most respectful, same applies to Day? (No clue how to spell it). The other reviewers came off as extremely rude.

  • HomerPimpson
    HomerPimpson 3 dager siden

    Loved carlos but that other black dude was an asshole

  • Subhan Malik
    Subhan Malik 3 dager siden

    The tall guy and the girl were mean. I thought the tall guy was worse but when the girl was talking with the disabled dude, you could see the hate from the girl when she mockingly said "BeCAusE mEN cAnT takE blah blah". Should have been more controlled imo.

  • vmdz1
    vmdz1 3 dager siden

    lol the black dude is so fucking dumb

  • Andy Sparkles
    Andy Sparkles 3 dager siden

    I really liked the bald guy and the tall one

  • asvpomega
    asvpomega 3 dager siden


  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 3 dager siden

    10:22..... BOOM!!!!!!!

  • JO EL
    JO EL 3 dager siden

    Once again this shows the arrogance and hypocrisy of the left

    • bill neilson
      bill neilson 3 dager siden +1

      This is not representative of a whole on either side. Let's not scorn and just simply enjoy this for what it was...a guessing game. On a channel that is hardly political.

  • kat schmit
    kat schmit 3 dager siden

    The big problem is.... they let an nonAmerican voted on the Americans election, that's really fuck up; this games the dems are playing...., its cheating period ...and it's not RIGHT.

  • Y. Tho
    Y. Tho 3 dager siden

    Ive struggled between being on the left and the right. People, like the ones in this video, keep pushing me right. Like Don, the tall black guy. Disrespect and racism is unreal. Many of my values align left but I can't put myself with a person of that attitude and nature.

  • trip allen
    trip allen 4 dager siden

    The tall black dude is rude and keying into stereotypes like the bald dude how he was at first assuming he was a skin head its rude and hypocritical his Side likes to label conservatives as racists or anti immigration and that simply isn’t true. I know that there are racists in the republican and conservative groups but there are just as many if not more in the liberal and democrat groups we shouldn’t put labels on either and view them as objective truth if you do that you will only see black and white but there’s always grey area too

  • Tucker
    Tucker 4 dager siden

    Imagine if some white dude said "yes, finally another white person"

  • Alexis G
    Alexis G 4 dager siden

    This is very uncomfortable to watch the judges are awful. I guess it's supposed to be awful to watch...

  • Mateo Hernado
    Mateo Hernado 4 dager siden

    amidst all the shit in this video I liked the bald guy he had some cool stuff too say.

  • Presh
    Presh 4 dager siden

    That short girl is so fucking annoying I’m not even American or into all this shit but she really doesn’t want to consider anyone’s point of view

  • clint25n
    clint25n 4 dager siden

    You can see how hostile all the Democrat hosts are against Republicans lol

  • Huevito
    Huevito 4 dager siden

    im the most leftist mofo in here and believe on the right to own guns

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 4 dager siden +1

    The guy who’s parents are from Africa is such a narcissist. You can tell he loves talking about himself. I love that the tall guy made him nervous.

    • Vanessa
      Vanessa 3 dager siden

      Operation Cold Front point proven! So angry, maybe you need to get laid. That’s if you can find someone 😂

    • Operation Cold Front
      Operation Cold Front 4 dager siden

      Made me nervous? Lmao nah, you a THOT though lowkey

  • j__ r__
    j__ r__ 4 dager siden +1

    I'm a hispanic republican and no one assumes this. I am open minded, I love gay people, I am definitely not racist, and I think we should respect the earth. Not everything is black and white. I refuse to let the media control my decisions because they think I am THAT simple minded. They think it''s easy to persuade POC and we should truly be offended. I vote republican because yes, most things democrats want would be absolutely dandy... in a perfect world. We have to remember this world is, unfortunately, not perfect and will never be so.

  • SkitZic
    SkitZic 4 dager siden

    i would like to add, just because we’re rupblican doesn’t quite mean we voted or support trump. personally, i support my country as a whole and prefer to push forward into our potential as a people rather than bash at eachother over the president who got chosen. not all presidents are great, but none will ever be if we don’t give them our support and hold our ends of the democracy

  • SkitZic
    SkitZic 4 dager siden

    ima come out and say it. democrats are more judgmental than republicans. y’all just be profiling all white people into racist police loving pigs. just because i’m republican doesn’t mean i completely disagree with democrats. tbfh i can’t even bring myself to support democratic policy just due to their overall hatred and inability to have mature debates and discussions on a topic. be more fuckin open people, we all have different stories so quit judging everyone’s views. and fuck that short girl. straight up disrespectful

  • Kellan DuBuque
    Kellan DuBuque 5 dager siden

    The guy who asked the girl about immigration really thinks that republicans don’t like immigration.

  • drphil thechildphilestor
    drphil thechildphilestor 5 dager siden

    Damn yall are some biased bitches, yall talk so much trash towards the right wing.

  • King Neptune Chrome
    King Neptune Chrome 5 dager siden +1

    10:28 that man just roasted that millenial crap

  • Ava Matthews
    Ava Matthews 5 dager siden

    People have the 2 sides backward all the Republicans were so nice but the Democrats were such butt holes.

  • Ava Matthews
    Ava Matthews 5 dager siden

    It hurts me that these people show such hatred to Republicans.

  • Dr.Jefoch
    Dr.Jefoch 6 dager siden

    Now look whos doing the deviding

  • Samson
    Samson 6 dager siden

    The big black dude is fucking disrespectful as fuck. You know what all of them were, except the asian dude.

  • Ikey Koeppen
    Ikey Koeppen 6 dager siden

    This man out here disrespecting Eminem

  • lilday ._.
    lilday ._. 6 dager siden

    6:54 why is the guy in the suit saluting to Hitler

  • Edward Taylor Wilson  González

    bahahah the only thing this video does is show how hateful and judgmental democrats are... bunch of fucking morons wow.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 6 dager siden

    The girl was overwhelmingly shallow

  • Drew Malphrus
    Drew Malphrus 6 dager siden


  • Gavin Welch
    Gavin Welch 6 dager siden +1

    Not a fan of the tall non caucasian guy. Dudes lowkey racist and asshole

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 6 dager siden

    This was painful to watch.

  • Mack A
    Mack A 6 dager siden

    Carlos is an annoying bitch

  • Cpt. Crash
    Cpt. Crash 7 dager siden

    Half this shit is dumb af and all this does is further polarize us as a nation

  • Akshay Kanth
    Akshay Kanth 7 dager siden +3

    WOW! I am left leaning, but god damn these judges were pretty thick headed. Honestly, for all the hate that the Right gets, I have noticed far more right wing people have respectful debates than the Lefties who somehow seem to be all about shutting people down.
    And for a change Carlos behaved the best. Wow. Never thought I'd see that day

  • Ybuckethead
    Ybuckethead 7 dager siden


  • Quintin Colton
    Quintin Colton 7 dager siden +1

    Notice how people guessed the republicans actually had jobs🤔

  • советская собака aka soviet dog

    Learn from the ussr’s mistakes and never do communism

  • Vaun Neunsinger
    Vaun Neunsinger 7 dager siden

    All the judges were liberal

  • Ryan Hanson
    Ryan Hanson 7 dager siden

    Lots of racism here....plot twist none of them were Republican

  • Rebecca Halford
    Rebecca Halford 7 dager siden

    “I’m pro life”
    *takes plan b*

    • j__ r__
      j__ r__ 4 dager siden

      Plan B One-Step works mainly by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary. It is possible that Plan B One-Step may also work by preventing fertilization of an egg (the uniting of sperm with the egg) or by preventing attachment (implantation) to the uterus (womb).
      How effective is Plan B One-Step?
      When taken as directed, Plan B One-Step can significantly decrease the chance you will get pregnant.

  • Zenish Khumujam
    Zenish Khumujam 7 dager siden

    We can see why liberals in general come off as hypocritical dicks.

  • Jux Yoh
    Jux Yoh 7 dager siden +1

    ‘I’m going to make some conservatives turn red!’ *gets humiliated in front of millions of people by a republican

  • Rodrigo Moura
    Rodrigo Moura 7 dager siden

    these guys know NOTHING beyond moronic stereotypes... omg!!!

  • Austin Lauver
    Austin Lauver 7 dager siden

    20 years old and refuse to vote.

  • Vortex
    Vortex 8 dager siden +2

    The middle eastern in blue is fucking awesome

  • Otaku 4 life
    Otaku 4 life 8 dager siden +1

    What is the difference between democrats and republicans?

  • Ari Harrison
    Ari Harrison 8 dager siden

    Im black and that tall black guy really pissed me off. hes annoying and irritating

  • Gang gang ur lame
    Gang gang ur lame 8 dager siden

    Bro that girl low key so sexist

  • Rafa Sevan
    Rafa Sevan 8 dager siden

    the short girl is the type of girl you try to give a chance and be friends with but as soon as she opens her mouth you skirt out of the zone

  • mikemorr100
    mikemorr100 8 dager siden

    School shootings kill an average of 23 people per year.
    Cars kill that many people per hour.
    Falling in the shower is a greater danger.
    Accidently falling off a cliff is more likely.
    Being killed by your pet dog is more common.
    I can go on.

  • DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy
    DIVERGENCE pakkkyyy 8 dager siden

    Nationality is NOT race! If you're born in a country then you are THAT nationality. If your parent are from mexico, but you were born in America then your nationality is American, your race is latino/latina😂 YOUR NATIONALITY IS NOT YOUR RACEEEEEE

  • Ida Rapp
    Ida Rapp 8 dager siden

    Like every democratic judge except for Carlos were really disrespectful. I kind of identify as a Democrat myself and I'm kind of ashamed at how judgmental they were against the Republicans like grow the hell up. Even if you don't agree with someone's personal views, thoughts, beliefs etc. doesn't mean you can't listen and respect them.

  • Colton Kelly
    Colton Kelly 8 dager siden

    That was low key messed up

  • Benjamin Counter
    Benjamin Counter 8 dager siden

    A better title would be liberals claw at conservatives every chance they get for 10 minutes

  • Dotrund
    Dotrund 8 dager siden

    that blonde girl is a SNACK

    • A
      A 6 dager siden

      Didn’t know you were into milfs

  • Garrett Liska
    Garrett Liska 8 dager siden +8

    14:08 Love how she only invites the democrats, really shows the "kindness" and "acceptance" of the left. lmao

  • Danny Devito
    Danny Devito 8 dager siden

    4:15 and he’s a republican. Does anyone remember when trump made fun of a disabled person?
    This is a sick world:/

  • Emma Eriksson
    Emma Eriksson 9 dager siden

    American politics are sooooo weird

  • Rahman Adil
    Rahman Adil 9 dager siden

    11:30 the way the girl in the yellow hoodie shook her head. HAHAHA!

  • Owen Nelson
    Owen Nelson 9 dager siden

    The white shaved head guys was very wrong about wanting to be socialized hell hole

  • Owen Nelson
    Owen Nelson 9 dager siden

    That black dude was rude as fuck

  • Why Not
    Why Not 9 dager siden

    Guy in the grey jacket just thought all republicans were monsters

  • Why Not
    Why Not 9 dager siden

    Notice how the people choosing are all liberal

  • iWrInstincts
    iWrInstincts 9 dager siden +1

    Can y’all imagine a white dude saying the typa shit Don was saying. Don was incredibly disrespectful. Also, the tall blue shirt dude.. mad respect

  • Amokriin Prolgiid
    Amokriin Prolgiid 9 dager siden +3

    I like that blue sweater Republican guy. He seems like a good guy who has a very solid example of what a republican is, and how reasonable a republican can be.

    • Amokriin Prolgiid
      Amokriin Prolgiid 4 dager siden

      +Operation Cold Front, sweater. Sorry, I mistyped. Whoops.
      Edit: Also hi. You've got some solid views.

    • Operation Cold Front
      Operation Cold Front 4 dager siden

      Blue Sweater or Blue t-shirt? I was the one in the Blue Sweater

  • Hunter tropling
    Hunter tropling 9 dager siden

    This is so biased. All the guessers were democrats

    • A
      A 6 dager siden

      How is this biased. They’re trying to guess what side the person is on based on the information of a few questions. There is literally nothing to be biased about.