Divide Us Into Democrats & Republicans | Lineup | Cut


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  • Kelly Downey
    Kelly Downey Minutt siden

    Why are people trying to make conservatives look evil everyone has a voice and a right to an opinion and honestly not many people are fully Republican or Democrat there’s too many policies in both parties to 100% agree with either. We need to stop putting people in boxes just because they’re “republican” or “democrat” and stop judging people based on their parties.

  • PrettyDoesntBite
    PrettyDoesntBite 4 minutter siden

    I wanna date that one dude who had Crohn's disease. He's smart.

  • taylor flys
    taylor flys 20 minutter siden

    Tall black democrat was an asshole

  • Creely LeBlanc
    Creely LeBlanc 23 minutter siden

    i love carlos 💀❤️

  • Jasmine Smith
    Jasmine Smith 55 minutter siden

    love the guy with the blm hoodie

  • Lizzie Tuttle
    Lizzie Tuttle Time siden

    I love how all the people guessing were democrats...

  • ncg89
    ncg89 Time siden

    fuck the guy who said Brett Kavanaugh's life was ruined

  • emma rhea
    emma rhea Time siden

    i love karlos

  • ncg89
    ncg89 Time siden

    i love the Asian guy!

  • Cami Browne
    Cami Browne 2 timer siden

    Good video but I wish they had a republican voting too because this turned into Democrat good, Republican bad thing. It's sad

  • Holly D L
    Holly D L 2 timer siden

    damn I'm not political but some of these people where being absolute dicks like I have Democratic friends and Republicans friends and regardless of their beliefs they are still great people

    • Holly D L
      Holly D L 2 timer siden

      like the girl with short hair 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Colin Swift
    Colin Swift 3 timer siden

    that dude is confusing as fuck, said im gonna badger some republicans, and turn some converatives go red????? tf

  • Morten U.
    Morten U. 3 timer siden

    They should have filled the room with the Republicans only

  • Carrie Wood
    Carrie Wood 3 timer siden

    When she turned to just the Democrats and said if you wanna come you’re invited.....how freaking rude can you be wow

  • Carrie Wood
    Carrie Wood 3 timer siden

    The girl makes me so mad she’s literally separating them into ‘good’ or ‘bad’ that’s so close minded and annoying

  • Jasmine P.
    Jasmine P. 3 timer siden

    "#MeToo and Brett Kavanaugh were a big push to go for the Right" ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME

  • Future Senator Karl Pilkington

    the tall guy represents what is wrong with some people today. i really don't like people like that.

  • angela spaghetti
    angela spaghetti 4 timer siden

    confirmation bias is so fucking trippy man. kavanaugh is probably THE most definitively guilty sexual assailant i've ever seen. and if that conservative dude would've given more of a shit about respecting women as people than he cares anout challenging their desire to be believed when they're abused by men he would've WATCHED CHRISTINE'S TESTIMONY and seen that his go-to for why kavanaugh's innocent is literally a lie
    she knew every last detail he says she didn't know. kavanaugh can't be found guilty for sexual assault anymore now that he's a justice. that's why people who would've rather believed him to fit into their narrative and really don't give a shit about women now get to say why they "knew" he was innocent. fucking pathetic.
    don't reply to this if you haven't watched her testimony. fuck off actually

  • Draccax
    Draccax 5 timer siden

    The short white girl was flaunting her ignorance

  • STAY
    STAY 5 timer siden

    Wtf, just cuz you vote diffrently doesn't mean you can't respect opinions and just asume their the skum of the earth

  • Liz Anderson
    Liz Anderson 6 timer siden

    Big oof. I’m definitely more liberal but this was a little cringey at some points. Also 1:12-1:25 was fucking hilarious

  • Draccax
    Draccax 6 timer siden

    They picked all liberals to choose lmao

  • Justin Reeves
    Justin Reeves 7 timer siden

    The race baiting racism is oozing out the black dude. Lmao.

  • K D
    K D 9 timer siden

    For the people that say, I can't get along with Republicans because they don't believe in my rights, can you explain what you mean? I assume you're talking about legal rights which are equal for every race in America. You could argue not everybody wants the right for gay people to get married or socially people are treated differently because of their skin colour but otherwise, I am really confused as to what you mean.

  • Elizabeth Gramm
    Elizabeth Gramm 10 timer siden

    The guy in the BLM sweatshirt was honestly so disappointing. Closed minded people like that are what give Democrats a bad name.

  • Navada 524
    Navada 524 10 timer siden

    Things like this divided us and make it so we dont feel for one another

  • Joy Rebresh
    Joy Rebresh 11 timer siden

    What’s wrong with republican tattoos?

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 11 timer siden

    I was a Republican now I’m a Democratic I see the true evilness of the republican their racist judgmental homophobic and most of time they are naïve

  • Rebecca West Carlton
    Rebecca West Carlton 12 timer siden

    Guy in blue sweater has anger issues. Very antagonistic in a setting where people are trying to keep it light.

  • Anastasia Ragazzia
    Anastasia Ragazzia 13 timer siden

    Lol so the hatred is coming all from democrats... shocker

  • liam elaine
    liam elaine 14 timer siden

    the tall guy and the chick were so disrespectful god damn...…..

  • Elizabeth Ruiz
    Elizabeth Ruiz 16 timer siden +1

    Rape is rape..... men....women...

  • Stephanie Ott
    Stephanie Ott 16 timer siden

    You could tell that white girl was republican she looks like she got an easy life lmao

  • PastaFactory
    PastaFactory 16 timer siden

    I honestly don't understand how leftist can't see how they deliberately make themselves unlikable... Like... can you come down off your pretentious high horse and act like an adult for at least a few seconds?

  • Mj Matthews
    Mj Matthews 16 timer siden

    what was that closeup at 0:58 ??? lol

  • Abby Prow
    Abby Prow 16 timer siden

    The disrespect and close-mindedness in this video is actually sickening. Especially the black guy with the suit jacket. The way he literally said "good and evil" shows he's never even bothered to consider anyone else's opinion.

  • ur mother
    ur mother 16 timer siden

    that girl is annoying

  • Maggie Heard
    Maggie Heard 16 timer siden

    It’s sad how everyone thinks republicans are basically idiots

  • Crohn’s Professional
    Crohn’s Professional 17 timer siden

    Hey fellow Crohnie! I’m missing a foot and a half of my small intestines 🤙🏼

  • I'm too fabulous For a name

    as soon as I saw the first guy I was like "Definitely a Republican"

  • Brooklynn B
    Brooklynn B 18 timer siden

    Me during this whole video: *sigh* 😞

  • Mia Rushford
    Mia Rushford 19 timer siden

    Guys stop attacking the guessers and the guessed. They are who they are and they said what they said, and calling them names won't do or solve anything but just yet another negative comment in the NO-clip comment sections. Can't we all be chill? This video is just for fun, not a political debate. So lets just all respect their opinions and not be hypocritical. Have a nice day for the few who see this and spread happiness

  • ShengVang
    ShengVang 19 timer siden

    Democratics showing their true colors here: republicans have douchebag tattoos, he shaved his head so he’s probably a nazi, i want to be everyone’s friend because everyone is a democrat. Loving, tolerating, opening minded democrats.

  • M
    M 19 timer siden

    Bjork was really rude when people were just describing their political stance while being really civil. Girl’s got some problems.

  • Deer Lover
    Deer Lover 19 timer siden

    The comments just show how sensitive people are, just calm down it’s not that big of a deal.

  • Lawnypoo The first
    Lawnypoo The first 19 timer siden

    I like dress shoes man

  • eleni woods
    eleni woods 20 timer siden

    this was gross to watch actually

  • Ska
    Ska 20 timer siden

    That small girl was annoying, if it was the other way around there would be riots.

  • Cyber Error404
    Cyber Error404 20 timer siden

    This is out right embarrassing. Everyone except for Karlos was disrespectful. I politically identify as a Democrat and the least they could have done was be a little more courteous, both when choosing democrats and republicans.

  • Pahtahto Potato
    Pahtahto Potato 20 timer siden

    Black people can be racist too

  • Lindsay Mansur
    Lindsay Mansur 20 timer siden

    Because he is a rapist. Wow.

  • Thomas Barlow
    Thomas Barlow 21 time siden

    Republicans dont hate immigrants, they dont like ILLEGAL immigrants

  • Caleb Glick
    Caleb Glick 21 time siden

    Lol! I'd love to see a white guy be like, "yes! Another white person." That would be the end of this show.

  • faggeh
    faggeh 21 time siden

    Liberals zzzz

  • Husky SM
    Husky SM 21 time siden

    Republicans also believe there is a clima change. Nobody ever denyed that. Idk where all over the world people come out and say to conservative people who are critical about how mutch influence CO2 has on clima change are saying they dont believe in the clima change. I do but I think to stop the co2 produce will not stop it. You cant say 100t CO2 cause 0,002 temperature rise. We dont know how mutch is from co2 or if its even related. We only know co2 produce rise during clima change rise. But its like a stone is thrown in china at a wall and you say see there is rain in the sky. Than you say we have to stop throwing stones against a wall in china to make it sunny again...
    This is no science... What if they are right? Lets say you stop human co2 production almost completly and nothing changes. Clima change still coming just 1% slower... Than human race dyes. Its not that they dont care. They look just up to logic and science. There is research how to stop clima change who hasnt to do with any co2 production. For example they try to let less sun light pass the atmosphere (to controll how mutch goes in). People dye of hunger because we reduce co2. Use energy which causes CO2 is the cheapest way. People in africa dont have food and energy but the world doesnt want them to produce it cheap? Thats just indirectly killing humans.
    Now they say people like me dont believe in clima change. Thats just not true and will always be a goddamn lye!

  • Loganatorexit
    Loganatorexit 21 time siden

    13:56 omg stfu you legit are one of the protesters who flipped their shit when trump won the election

  • TheNinjutsuAlchemist
    TheNinjutsuAlchemist 21 time siden

    Wow. These guessers are complete assholes. How incredibly judgmental and gross.

  • Natii415
    Natii415 21 time siden

    6:10 mannn 😭

  • Rayvin
    Rayvin 22 timer siden

    Notice how all the republicans have jobs and are collected, but most of the democrats are close-minded and generally jerks.

  • Tittienipple Withabigbitch

    This video is fucking annoying

  • Θανάσης Καρέζος

    ok thats political. dont like it

  • Sam Carpenter
    Sam Carpenter 23 timer siden +1


  • Skyler Lewis
    Skyler Lewis 23 timer siden

    This video was really disappointing. No matter what party you are we should love and encourage each other. At the least just respect that someone is allowed to have a different opinion than you. There was so much hate in this video😞

  • ganamoha
    ganamoha 23 timer siden

    This whole video is a mess and only shows the alarming amount of people totally out of sync with politics

  • r
    r 23 timer siden

    So Republicans are against any proposals from the Democrats unless it's for their own good... So selfish

  • Erika Weisdorn
    Erika Weisdorn Dag siden

    I think this video shows how intolerant the left are about opposing ideas 👀

  • Seadog Cinemas
    Seadog Cinemas Dag siden

    It would've been nice to see a Republican guessing.

  • Kaitlyn Parker
    Kaitlyn Parker Dag siden

    the tall guy was SO annoying lol. i honestly wish he wasn't in this video.

  • MDT 123 MVP
    MDT 123 MVP Dag siden

    "What nationality are you?". A lot of ignorant people mistake nationality for ethnicity. If you're a citizen of America; you're American. Smh

  • Keria Tatro
    Keria Tatro Dag siden

    10:18 “men can never take accountability for the shit they do” stop making generalizations like these!! if it’s about men or women!! stop demonizing an entire gender when not all men are like that!!!!!!

  • Maribel Carreno
    Maribel Carreno Dag siden

    I hate that Mexican Republican like both shut up

  • thomas leidel
    thomas leidel Dag siden

    This whole video was if your not a Democrat. Your wrong.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Dag siden

    What we found out here is that Karlos doesn't know the difference between ethnicity and nationality.

  • James
    James Dag siden

    Since when does being right wing mean being anti immigration. Right wing policy literally encourages and pushes for it?

  • James
    James Dag siden

    Holy shit I didn't realise just how stupid Americans are politically

  • BoaSky
    BoaSky Dag siden

    Okay I’m a democrat and I respect other people beliefs but if you constantly hate on what I believe in

  • mchanrahan Hanrahan

    This just shows you how everyone judges everyone and it's not just one side that does more than another.

  • jeff weiss
    jeff weiss Dag siden

    Shaun is so annoying

  • C Younger
    C Younger Dag siden

    This was idiotic and superficial
    like most things, a waste of time watching

  • Aloneat6am
    Aloneat6am Dag siden

    She is pro life but she took plan b??????????????

  • cae lan
    cae lan Dag siden

    14:04 that was literally so rude girl bye

  • nick sinicropi
    nick sinicropi Dag siden

    -Takes plan b
    -Is pro life

  • 12345 6789
    12345 6789 Dag siden

    The 18y/o girl is so cute and beautiful

  • 12345 6789
    12345 6789 Dag siden

    The laugh of the black guy should be a meme

  • Yael Hadassah Levenstein

    08:33 Yas! He Is so right! 😊🌙

  • Yael Hadassah Levenstein

    1:34 He sounds like Trump in this. LOL

  • Suigetsu Hōzuki
    Suigetsu Hōzuki Dag siden +1

    *UhH He'S hArD!!!*

  • only angel
    only angel Dag siden

    what a fucking mess lol americans suck

  • Afra
    Afra Dag siden

    "are you lesbian?" "no" "kinda look like one" wtf does a lesbian look like exactly?? y'all dumb as shit

  • guineapigplace
    guineapigplace Dag siden

    It’s pretty sad how a lot of people automatically assume republicans are rude. It’s the actual person not their political stand point :/

  • Will Alex
    Will Alex Dag siden

    Bruh, I'm a lib but damn. They were hella biased against Republicans. They were on some shit where they implied that if you lean right, you can't be a good person. They were mad fucked up in this video.

  • Jemma Hall
    Jemma Hall Dag siden

    You guys can speak from your privilege and whatever but you will never understand the feeling of talking to someone and finding out they’re republican, and knowing that their party is against your community. That terrible sinking feeling where you worry if they think you’re a liar or a slut if you told them about something terrible that happened to you. That sunken feeling in knowing that this person you were comfortable with openly support a party that has been against lgbt people since we started rioting for rights. You can’t shake that. I’m allowed to not like someone because their political views think I shouldn’t have the right to my life when I enter a public school.

  • Vive La Baguette
    Vive La Baguette Dag siden

    Bro i literally freaked the fuck out when that black girl said eminem.

    I feel good that someone noticed him. Also, i like the republican guy that had the blue shirt cuz he was like ben shapiro but on this.

  • FlamingRaccoons
    FlamingRaccoons Dag siden

    The blonde girl reminds me of Anastasia Knight from that pornhub site.

  • Jemma Hall
    Jemma Hall Dag siden

    “Salt and pepper” “republican” THAT SENT ME AHDHSJSJS

  • Lindsey Dugger
    Lindsey Dugger Dag siden

    Karlos was really the only one being open minded about both parties. Bjork was saying that, in a nutshell, she would be friends with the democrats and wouldn’t with the republicans, and that’s where I get a little upset, because she’s being very narrow minded in the fact that political opinions determine whether you can be friends with a person or not. For the tall gentleman, whose name I have since forgotten, he was kind of choosing his decisions based on skin color, especially for the man in the blue long sleeve shirt, saying that he would say he would be republican, but since he had a darker skin complexion, he would be democrat. It’s very interesting to see how different people are, since it’s so easy to judge someone wrongly based on little to no information regarding the assumption.

  • Jun
    Jun Dag siden

    The discrimination against Republicans from the woman in the black shirt makes me sick. As someone who falls in between both parties, it's just nasty to see how both sides can be so angry and want nothing to do with anyone who thinks different with them. Its racism....

  • Scorch Shotzy
    Scorch Shotzy Dag siden

    That white haired girl was mad cute

  • Rose Tyler
    Rose Tyler Dag siden

    Omg I thought it was gonna be a friendly discussion wasn’t expecting it to get so heated lol... I’m too naive