H3H3 & RiceGum are at WAR! #DramaAlert ( I called DEJI & KSI ) PewDiePie & Ninja WORLD RECORDS!


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  • ZevereZerio
    ZevereZerio Dag siden

    He is sucking RiceScum's dick

  • Juli stole your Man

    Hila is LITERALLY pregnant wtf is wrong with him

  • Mystery Man7009
    Mystery Man7009 Dag siden


  • Sander Steen
    Sander Steen Dag siden


  • FallenAurora
    FallenAurora Dag siden


  • Max Motyka
    Max Motyka Dag siden

    Hill would kill rice in a fist fight

  • casey muzzana
    casey muzzana Dag siden

    Well we all know h3h3 is kind of a hypocrite but that doesnt absolve ricegum and it wasnt cool to diss a pregnant woman.

  • casey muzzana
    casey muzzana Dag siden

    Well we all know h3h3 is kind of a hypocrite but that doesnt absolve ricegum and it wasnt cool to diss a pregnant woman.

  • casey muzzana
    casey muzzana Dag siden

    Pewds has more subs than u.k. has people...crazy

  • casey muzzana
    casey muzzana Dag siden

    I want keem to roast someone as hard as he did mundane Matt.

  • atbaker412
    atbaker412 Dag siden

    *400 million views not 40 lol.

  • PhilmoeSlim
    PhilmoeSlim Dag siden

    sweet jump cuts............how the fuck do people watch ricegum he is seriously retarded.........shit isn't about him its about ricegums dumbass promoting a clearly shady ass site like yours that fucking scam little kids.........and keem no he doesn't have a point better health wasn't a scam Philly D went in to do a whole video with the people who made the service and who their doctors were. They were doctors, I know you don't like h3h3 but you have to admin ricegum is an idiot..........ricegum has so much money, why does he have to scam little kids..........really why?

  • PhilmoeSlim
    PhilmoeSlim Dag siden

    Everyone know ricegums a little bitch.......hila would fuck him up hes like 130 soaking wet and half that weight is his overblown ego. Someone needs to give that illiterate asshole a lil slap.

  • D Laws
    D Laws Dag siden

    NO-cliprs make money for snitching on other youtubers. That's the funniest thing about all of this.

  • Chris24 RL
    Chris24 RL Dag siden

    40 million is not the same as 400 million

  • Sabinsavage
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  • SstratixX
    SstratixX 2 dager siden

    In a way, Isn't Ethan snitching on ricegum for "Exposing" ricegum? Isn't that kinda hypocritical? And ricegum has a point, Ethan was snitching too lmao.

  • Person Person
    Person Person 2 dager siden

    Did you give ricegum a good sucky sucky Keem?

  • Kevinb1821
    Kevinb1821 2 dager siden

    Who needs g fuel when watching Keem pumps me up!

  • Samantha Gamache
    Samantha Gamache 2 dager siden

    here because i don’t wanna give ricegumby the view

  • Spencer Jackson
    Spencer Jackson 2 dager siden

    H3h3 didn't snitch on anybody he defended them putting his own rep on the line where as rice is calling others out to try to save his rep

  • Shroodle
    Shroodle 2 dager siden

    thought keem would understand its kinda fucked up to go after a pregnant woman considering he has a family

  • Nick Merritt
    Nick Merritt 2 dager siden

    First, when h3h3 “snitched” he was defending them, not just saying “oh because they did it to Im not in the wrong. Not to mention that one, to Ethan’s knowledge, was helping people with mental health issues while ricegum was much more obviously a scam and even if it wasn’t it was promoting kids to gamble

  • Aslan Khajik
    Aslan Khajik 2 dager siden

    What the fuck ricegum promoting a gambling site cannot compare to h3h3 promoting betterhelp. Also him going after Hila is super fucking cringe.

  • Sp3ak
    Sp3ak 2 dager siden

    I can't stand you but I need to know news

  • Fennec
    Fennec 2 dager siden

    Comparing promoting gambling with promoting mental health, LOL. Well they go both hand in hand, first the addiction then therapy to deal with it...

  • Adrian Luhring
    Adrian Luhring 2 dager siden

    can we add a 'delete' button to youtube :)

    PARTYDOCTOR 101 2 dager siden +1

    @Ricegum has small d

  • Morgan Blake
    Morgan Blake 2 dager siden

    Team ricegum by far

  • Its Norths
    Its Norths 2 dager siden

    lol sad thing is I live litterally 2 houses down from the house that is being "sold" in Bel-Air 😂 that shit sold a long time ago but it has actual owners no company owns it

  • Johnny Childress
    Johnny Childress 2 dager siden

    Keem is still one of the cringiest people on the Internet

  • Chloe Hering
    Chloe Hering 2 dager siden

    Holy shit rice gum is a piece of shit

  • R2Catastrophic
    R2Catastrophic 3 dager siden

    I'm neutral in the matter, but you're comparing a gambling site to a depression/ anxiety site. Yeah it was a scam, but it's not like he knew about it.

  • Eric
    Eric 3 dager siden


  • Lewis Tyler
    Lewis Tyler 3 dager siden

    Slow news day?

  • Stationary Particles
    Stationary Particles 3 dager siden

    the fact that people cant see how much of a fucking asshole and how close-minded ricegum really is, is kinda sad

  • Jayden 26
    Jayden 26 3 dager siden +2

    Half of your video is rice vid

  • Caesar 1
    Caesar 1 4 dager siden

    Pewdiepie called out rice gum to but he aint brave enough to go after Pewds

  • Ikrazy_playz YT
    Ikrazy_playz YT 4 dager siden

    Funny how h3h3 promoted a scam website.Thats some shit

  • lizz rondobo
    lizz rondobo 4 dager siden

    thumbs down for being a ricegum butt boi

  • NoName
    NoName 4 dager siden

    BetterHelp is a service that actually helps people if yo pay for it, where Mystery Box Brand thing is fake gambling for kids...

  • Luke Kinna
    Luke Kinna 4 dager siden

    Fuck rice gum

  • lucas trudel
    lucas trudel 4 dager siden

    Fullsend baby

  • Bittersweet
    Bittersweet 4 dager siden

    god I wish that ricescum speak slower... my ear hurts

  • Coiny Mapping
    Coiny Mapping 4 dager siden

    Grab your popcorn, everybody! The gnome himself, KeemStar, returns!

  • daniel cardona
    daniel cardona 5 dager siden

    Rice gum is too retarded to understand how depression works

  • david Sprout
    david Sprout 5 dager siden

    Team rice baby

  • Rodolfo Ramirez
    Rodolfo Ramirez 5 dager siden

    Haha cough... I have asthma 😂😂😂

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 5 dager siden

    Check my recent if u wanna see Jake Paul’s rant over keemstar

  • Atrax Fahim
    Atrax Fahim 5 dager siden

    7:45 you posted your video before keemstar 😂