• Publisert 11. mars. 2019
  • As I explained in another video there was a HUGE storm in Malta and here's the video where I show you what happened. It was fun and scary. 8-)
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  • Yespacito
    Yespacito 7 dager siden +4374


  • Dippin'
    Dippin' 6 minutter siden

    Just FYI that's no porche, that's a 3 1/2 gen Toyota MR2 and that just makes it even more sad.

  • Random - Gaming
    Random - Gaming Time siden

    linda low key hot

  • Mark CS:GO
    Mark CS:GO Time siden

    "Serious Video" (ALMOST DIED XD)

    very serious :D

  • FelixFTW
    FelixFTW 2 timer siden

    see, i grew up in california and i would love to have weather like this, just built the houses higher up and build protection against the waves in the form of a roof on the sides of the foundation instead of a wall

  • Marlon Caisse
    Marlon Caisse 2 timer siden

    Just build

    JBMASON 5 timer siden

    Now u got a free indoor swimming pool.... lucky bastard.....

  • Spy Pheni
    Spy Pheni 6 timer siden +1

    Posseidon has fucked you in the Asshole

  • Spy Pheni
    Spy Pheni 6 timer siden

    Under 5 years will the whole dock under the water, sooo this will just going worst

  • Spy Pheni
    Spy Pheni 6 timer siden +1

    Kapput Sein xP

  • DerHobbyTroller
    DerHobbyTroller 6 timer siden +1


  • Mario_D
    Mario_D 7 timer siden

    "Papa's boat is safe"
    Did you put it in the garage?

  • Anton Slavik
    Anton Slavik 7 timer siden

    It was Odin, not Poseidon

  • Garlic man
    Garlic man 8 timer siden

    Linda is hella hot!

  • Right Right
    Right Right 9 timer siden

    So security guard is not there? He drowned? wat lol

  • MisterMacLag
    MisterMacLag 10 timer siden

    9:11 *"The last Chance"*

  • Eduardo Miziara
    Eduardo Miziara 10 timer siden +1

    6:32 TITANIC

  • eddo
    eddo 11 timer siden

    For real who is Linda

  • Wolfy Bolfy
    Wolfy Bolfy 12 timer siden +1

    Almost died Puts xD

  • Boliing
    Boliing 14 timer siden

    Did someone say Oh my GOD?

  • Yannik Duwe
    Yannik Duwe 14 timer siden


    СГЕАМS •CS:GO 15 timer siden

    Papa I love you :D

  • FlenTiX
    FlenTiX 15 timer siden


  • Noah Manderhjelm
    Noah Manderhjelm 18 timer siden

    FUCK! i was hoping you dead

  • a_keeto
    a_keeto 19 timer siden

    Malta’s anti wave wall works the same way Valve’s vac works. Purely useless .-.

  • Milyos .
    Milyos . 19 timer siden


  • S.S.D.D Caddy
    S.S.D.D Caddy 20 timer siden

    End I thought The whather in UK was bad xD

  • Mönkey
    Mönkey 21 time siden

    *Here in my garage, the water just drowned my new Lamborghini*

  • Wolfus
    Wolfus 21 time siden

    I guess you’ll have to fuck Linda to pass the time

  • ahmet deniz darcan
    ahmet deniz darcan 21 time siden

    you see dangerous things i see free looot

  • Lin LP
    Lin LP 23 timer siden

    hope everything is fixed now. im happy that you are all safe

  • Arm & Hammer
    Arm & Hammer 23 timer siden

    to bad it didnt happen

  • AldenG
    AldenG Dag siden

    Honestly why would someone want to live in Malta

  • onymous
    onymous Dag siden

    Bro, what were u wearing😂❤️

  • Poketrevor
    Poketrevor Dag siden

    what cars *did* they own?

    BOLA GOD Dag siden

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Vsfd esse mlk e sensacional

  • KairosXIII
    KairosXIII Dag siden

    Have you found Godzilla?

  • Stier Kampf
    Stier Kampf Dag siden

    Sturm Stina

    BRN BDN Dag siden

    Linda has to be a hooker!

  • Damiano
    Damiano Dag siden

    You legit recorded yourself screaming at water for 10 min

  • Damiano
    Damiano Dag siden

    I thought you gonna swim in this garage

  • JCglitchmaster
    JCglitchmaster Dag siden

    this is why you dont get waterfront houses lads

  • I cant find a Good Google name

    Wired Flex but okat

  • Salty
    Salty Dag siden

    Fuck that wave water

  • Polizei
    Polizei Dag siden +7

    *opens door and goes out*

  • LisaBoiiTV
    LisaBoiiTV Dag siden

    You got fit af 🔥 wich is very nice 👌🏻

  • teps
    teps Dag siden +1

    Are you incesting Linda?

  • Berti XD
    Berti XD Dag siden

    >serious video
    > alomost died

  • Thomas Flint
    Thomas Flint Dag siden

    s t a c k a r s b i l a r

  • ReV. Robbe
    ReV. Robbe Dag siden

    U look fat :D

  • Zek0DaBunny
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  • Andre Meinberg
    Andre Meinberg Dag siden

    When anomaly goes out after 5 years Cs go xD

  • SuchioMASO Iams
    SuchioMASO Iams Dag siden

    Jien mallti

  • DZSONI _
    DZSONI _ Dag siden

    its so sad, can we hit 50 likes?

  • G4SP4RIN
    G4SP4RIN Dag siden


  • milu
    milu Dag siden

    wait anomaly did u eat linda ??????????????????

  • GangMember
    GangMember Dag siden

    Is it only me getting aggressive because the camera is not making it focus.

  • GRG DL
    GRG DL Dag siden

    U r so fat ludde

  • Kasperinj 0
    Kasperinj 0 Dag siden


  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah Dag siden

    When you almost die

  • Ethan Dipple
    Ethan Dipple Dag siden

    anomaly lost weight

  • SWIzZ
    SWIzZ Dag siden

    When you go on balcon you record right side there you record video where you make beer pool sry for bad eng 😜

  • KreaM
    KreaM Dag siden

    who is Linda?

  • BiXplosive
    BiXplosive Dag siden

    Anomaly: I almost died
    Boat guys: Hmmm let's go for a ride

  • ScaleX Games
    ScaleX Games Dag siden


  • v1branc3*
    v1branc3* Dag siden

    Be safe fella!

  • Guinz 59
    Guinz 59 Dag siden

    Red partyhat

  • SteenNP
    SteenNP Dag siden


  • Eisiice
    Eisiice Dag siden

    I cleaned my screen 7 times until I realised its your lens 😂 :(

  • Dark Riot
    Dark Riot Dag siden

    at what part did u almsot die?

  • D L Grizzly
    D L Grizzly Dag siden


  • Revolver Satania
    Revolver Satania Dag siden

    why do u look like edgy grandpa

  • Miky David
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  • Fyker
    Fyker Dag siden


  • notoriginal video's
    notoriginal video's 2 dager siden +1

    I eat my sister too.

  • Jake Livermore
    Jake Livermore 2 dager siden +3

    Your reactions are more entertaining than anything lmao

  • Asrathous
    Asrathous 2 dager siden

    “I got my crocks on and my dicks out”

  • AlienMCfailien
    AlienMCfailien 2 dager siden


  • ShadowAsii
    ShadowAsii 2 dager siden

    3:54 is that pennywise wtf

  • I W I L L Y
    I W I L L Y 2 dager siden

    rip mr2 :(

  • RaZZyy
    RaZZyy 2 dager siden

    jesus fuck

  • I AM LPJ
    I AM LPJ 2 dager siden +4

    "Very Serious Video" *Has XD in the title*
    Me: Wat

  • Nanamoa
    Nanamoa 2 dager siden

    CP = child porn

  • Auxern
    Auxern 2 dager siden

    Tsunami warning

  • Omegalul
    Omegalul 2 dager siden


  • Ivo Dobrājs
    Ivo Dobrājs 2 dager siden

    Aquaman 2 looks lit

  • SmTheSpetsnaz YT
    SmTheSpetsnaz YT 2 dager siden +2

    I just love how even in these situations you manage to be as funny as usual.
    Thank you for being yourself

  • Sergio Barbosa
    Sergio Barbosa 2 dager siden

    the dawm crocks tho that style

  • Swag Ninja
    Swag Ninja 2 dager siden

    I live in malta and I can confirm the storm was CRAZY BIG.

  • Pisii-Chan
    Pisii-Chan 2 dager siden

    Anomaly: _Linda, I'm going to fucking eat you_

  • supergamersbro
    supergamersbro 2 dager siden

    I don't think when he said "I'm going to eat you Linda" Yeah I don't th he meant it like that. I'm pretty sure he meant cannibalism.

  • freedomcall7
    freedomcall7 2 dager siden

    Nice pool in the garage

  • TayfGaming
    TayfGaming 2 dager siden

    where was the interstellar music when the big wave came in :(

  • mumble
    mumble 2 dager siden

    the terror in his voice when the wave came up 4:14

  • Chong Yin Chia
    Chong Yin Chia 2 dager siden

    when he adds an XD behind 'almost died' literally anomaly xd right here

  • pepe wieler
    pepe wieler 2 dager siden

    Swedish fatman see a wave for first time

  • Monsterkill39
    Monsterkill39 2 dager siden

    First three min is only ooooooooo what the fuck o_o xD

  • Jovan Teslic
    Jovan Teslic 2 dager siden

    10:11 in sweeden lil snow or lightning but malta poseidon fucks you XD MAN oioioioioi

  • Nils Andersson
    Nils Andersson 2 dager siden

    Poor fishes

  • Tank You Music
    Tank You Music 2 dager siden

    the garage is basically the the titanic when jack jailed