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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  10 dager siden +2593

    🛑 For the next 7 days ONLY - Use code "AliA" for a FREE wrap in Fortnite! 🛑

    • Connor Cabeleira
      Connor Cabeleira 6 dager siden

      The support a creator code is not working for the wrap. what do I need to do to get it or for it to work?

    • SAD_ANG3L
      SAD_ANG3L 9 dager siden

      Actually it ANY code Ali

    • XxBlueDonutGamingxX
      XxBlueDonutGamingxX 9 dager siden

      Ali-A how do you redeem this?

    • Adrian Tab
      Adrian Tab 9 dager siden

      Hi Ali-A

  • Laura Hall
    Laura Hall Dag siden

    1 like=1 win for ali

  • Laura Hall
    Laura Hall Dag siden

    Ali a please add me on playstation! My name is sam21-sean271183

  • ROB fortnite clan
    ROB fortnite clan Dag siden

    It might be the dragons under the ground trying to get up because the egg have gone 😮

  • Gab Jum
    Gab Jum Dag siden

    The best clickbaiter

  • epic_AndTEM
    epic_AndTEM Dag siden

    That's is crakes In fortnite

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas Dag siden

    I have had 20

  • Like my comments
    Like my comments Dag siden +1

    It is going to open up and it’s going to be a Minecraft mine shaft

  • Blazebro
    Blazebro 2 dager siden

    @Ali-A y did you stop doing your intro

  • Liquid Ocelot41
    Liquid Ocelot41 2 dager siden

    Wow this has all gotten so bad, all of it, everything

  • Pinkfluffycupcakes 18
    Pinkfluffycupcakes 18 2 dager siden

    Intro meme

  • Fabian Acosta
    Fabian Acosta 2 dager siden

    Ali a your trash I'll beat you in a 1v1 my name is legoknight0101 and I will make you cry I play on Xbox

  • crygamer25
    crygamer25 2 dager siden


  • satkar brar
    satkar brar 2 dager siden

    Do know your a nice youtuber alia please heart my comment

  • TFT cat Lover
    TFT cat Lover 2 dager siden

    There is a crack over by tomato temple

  • rachelle ferguson
    rachelle ferguson 2 dager siden +1

    Thank you so much for the Fortnite battle royal valentine day gun rap

  • Donavyn Rowe
    Donavyn Rowe 2 dager siden

    Its true

  • Clare Broadlet
    Clare Broadlet 2 dager siden

    Ali as name is over Adrian or ali

  • KillerPotatoZ
    KillerPotatoZ 2 dager siden

    Finally ~

  • The crazy trio
    The crazy trio 2 dager siden

    I used your code :)

  • BrokeSkies
    BrokeSkies 2 dager siden

    What did the librarian say to the student?

    Youre going to have an amazing 2019 łiké áñd śûbścrïbê to me to activate!

  • Nathaniel Shipp
    Nathaniel Shipp 2 dager siden

    I subscribed!!!

  • Emerson Pochily
    Emerson Pochily 3 dager siden +1

    oh no no stop clickbaiting btw fight noahsnoah i dare you

  • XxJordanxX 33e
    XxJordanxX 33e 3 dager siden

    Last week is was playing fortnite with my friends my screen was shaking and I said why is it shaking and he said it wasn't and earthquake he said it was my wifi lol dude

  • Daniel Almazan
    Daniel Almazan 3 dager siden

    Does any one know that Ali-a fakes gameplay

  • Connor Edwards
    Connor Edwards 3 dager siden

    To get stage 3 you need to light the campfire in week 10

  • Fnaf Fan 2.0
    Fnaf Fan 2.0 3 dager siden

    Love you Ali!!!!!!

  • gaster 5260YT
    gaster 5260YT 3 dager siden

    Edit shake

  • It’s Leroy
    It’s Leroy 3 dager siden

    I’m glad I unsubscribed to u

  • Jassim Altamimi
    Jassim Altamimi 3 dager siden

    I did support you at the item shop AliA that what I typed for the support creator

  • Ultra Craft
    Ultra Craft 3 dager siden +1

    Whoever goes subs to me and comments done
    I’ll sub to them

  • Zill Patel
    Zill Patel 3 dager siden

    I think the earthquake will make 3 islands the ice island the paradise island and the grass island

  • crispin nicio
    crispin nicio 3 dager siden

    Cube is now underground the island

  • Jordi Games
    Jordi Games 3 dager siden

    When is the REAL Earthquake

  • Randie Sollitto
    Randie Sollitto 3 dager siden

    Ali, you forgot about the present that was the cube!

  • fbimanop
    fbimanop 3 dager siden

    my eyes

  • Myllie 2017
    Myllie 2017 3 dager siden

    I lost all my og skins from merging accounts and I had Royale night

  • Max Nelson
    Max Nelson 3 dager siden

    Best in the world

  • Isaac Brito
    Isaac Brito 3 dager siden

    I used to called AliA

  • Magical Knight
    Magical Knight 3 dager siden

    Please sub to me

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez 3 dager siden

    You suck

  • Krish John - Calderstone MS (1435)

    What if you you got rid of it by accident but put it back in. Because I did it on last Thursday

  • TaZe_Toxic Z
    TaZe_Toxic Z 4 dager siden

    ex. Mindofrez_yt, Lachy, Ninja, Tfue and more

    I’m not a hater I’m just saying

  • Zero Playz
    Zero Playz 4 dager siden

    Yay... I can’t merge the stuff on my phone to my Xbox and I got my Xbox for Christmas thanks a lot epic games now I hate you

  • blaDe Styles
    blaDe Styles 4 dager siden

    I hated how he said you HAVE to use code AliA to get the skin, but you just need to support a creator and I am personally using Lachy

  • Deshon Olson
    Deshon Olson 4 dager siden

    I’m scared

  • LUSHY 82
    LUSHY 82 4 dager siden

    Ali a wtf you make videos and wast your time talking

  • Hi There Friend
    Hi There Friend 4 dager siden

    Don’t Press Read More

    Meh,u pressed it

  • Jason Eze
    Jason Eze 4 dager siden

    I try the code and it didint work

  • Fortnitexx Belma
    Fortnitexx Belma 4 dager siden


  • DutchGamer_YT
    DutchGamer_YT 4 dager siden

    I think that the earthquake will crack the eggs

    • DutchGamer_YT
      DutchGamer_YT 4 dager siden

      And then there will become some new items in the itemshop

  • Yellow Bird
    Yellow Bird 4 dager siden

    Hes such a clickbaiter

  • Nova I Georgie
    Nova I Georgie 4 dager siden

    Alia ur the best youtouber

  • Lucas Goedhart
    Lucas Goedhart 4 dager siden

    my birthday is the 19 of February and good video alia

  • K constante
    K constante 4 dager siden

    I think their is a valcaneo INSIDE loot lake sry about typos if their is any my username is SquidKid384 i luv your videos!!!!!

  • krank52 speachtaken
    krank52 speachtaken 4 dager siden

    Me to honestly

  • Riv & J
    Riv & J 4 dager siden

    Do it at the week ten loading screen area

  • 2boi
    2boi 4 dager siden

    alia can yu pleasz marry my mom she is verry lonely and somtimes she cry

  • Not_Mini_Tfue HS
    Not_Mini_Tfue HS 4 dager siden

    R.I.P. the Ali A intro...

  • Mark Who
    Mark Who 4 dager siden

    Stop doing edits bro you said a tholcano for ceven the cube in the lake when it happened i was watch your vid wile looking were it was but no there was no valcano for ceven

  • Bob Bean
    Bob Bean 4 dager siden

    The volcanos is coming....

  • Revend Maii
    Revend Maii 4 dager siden +2

    Take. Dusty. Divot. Please!

  • Wild Brothers
    Wild Brothers 5 dager siden

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbated and so did u

  • Esme Gonzales
    Esme Gonzales 5 dager siden

    It's the dragons

  • Rust tjr
    Rust tjr 5 dager siden

    What if the cube is inside the fortnite map and it's causing the shaking and the possibile earthquake and what if it's trying to brake out good theory right????

  • Rust tjr
    Rust tjr 5 dager siden

    It could be the prisoner skin mabye heating up or he's mad at the ice king because maybe the ice king made him a prisoner it's my theory I just came up with so do you guys think it's an accurate theory????

  • Is that a cat
    Is that a cat 5 dager siden

    Fortnite is dead

  • Mythic yt
    Mythic yt 5 dager siden

    Skrillez playz

  • Mythic yt
    Mythic yt 5 dager siden

    Subscribe to shriller playz he’s better at fortnite than Ali a

  • Farris Michael
    Farris Michael 5 dager siden

    I’ve been in a earthquake fortnite

  • Sounes Family
    Sounes Family 5 dager siden


  • Ttv Illsssk
    Ttv Illsssk 5 dager siden

    You don’t have to use Ali a’s code to get the wrap. U can use any code. Smh.

  • Madfox19911973 Boi
    Madfox19911973 Boi 5 dager siden

    I literally went to container place and felt an earthquake just like that at the start I even clipped it

  • Lenk
    Lenk 5 dager siden

    if fortnite didnt exist ali a would be homeless

  • Oliver Stefancik
    Oliver Stefancik 5 dager siden

    I used the code alia

  • Connor Pence
    Connor Pence 5 dager siden

    I’ve experienced the earthquake twice

  • Rize _Trimz
    Rize _Trimz 5 dager siden

    Dirty rush & greggor, brass

  • A11IENS
    A11IENS 5 dager siden +2

    I love you daddy

  • Finley _animations
    Finley _animations 5 dager siden

    That’s what the rumbles were and in my class people make fun of you but but I think you are the best ever

  • Lucy Newman
    Lucy Newman 5 dager siden

    i love you

  • l o l
    l o l 5 dager siden

    oh yeah yeah

  • Samer Raouf
    Samer Raouf 5 dager siden

    Big fatttttttttttttttttty lieeeer

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 5 dager siden

    I have a crush on u

  • Mwema Githegi
    Mwema Githegi 5 dager siden

    ice king and prisoner(fire king) will fight

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 5 dager siden

    It can be any support a creator not just yours but I'll still use yours!!!!!

  • Mikey Foxy
    Mikey Foxy 5 dager siden +1

    At the beginning of the video there was something brown on the left side

  • Pikachuz 07
    Pikachuz 07 5 dager siden


  • Violent Minion
    Violent Minion 5 dager siden

    Fear the whitebeard

  • Emoji Warrior
    Emoji Warrior 5 dager siden

    It's true I experienced it

  • FuZz_Tuxedo Spider
    FuZz_Tuxedo Spider 5 dager siden

    Hey, Ali A I really want to win this season I'm decent username:AmberL42692 can we play one duo I've been a fan sense the end of cod days!!!

  • Fortnite Marlon
    Fortnite Marlon 5 dager siden

    Yeaaa 16 million subcriber

  • Brodie Rodgers750
    Brodie Rodgers750 5 dager siden


  • KOS GaminG Tv
    KOS GaminG Tv 5 dager siden

    Don’t press read more..

    Don’t press read more..

    Don’t press read more..

    MAKUKOO & AZMUH 5 dager siden

    Ali u lookin like a transvestite headass

  • Anita Csillag
    Anita Csillag 5 dager siden

    I was about to win but then the earthquekrumble and I fell from the build battle

  • Alejandro Casias
    Alejandro Casias 5 dager siden

    I think that the thing from the cube that fell out and fell in the middle of Loot lake was a seed so it's growing because of the water and showing and disappeareing on peaples screen

  • Joel Shepherd
    Joel Shepherd 5 dager siden +3

    Warning earthquake will probably do something to that giant mountain

  • Sis vs bro Sis vs bro
    Sis vs bro Sis vs bro 5 dager siden +2

    07:31 AlliA in store!

  • Atomic203
    Atomic203 5 dager siden

    Can we get some clickbaits in the chat

  • Nathan Possingham
    Nathan Possingham 5 dager siden

    Such a coincidence so many people are doing the read more comments and there all at the top
    alia exposed?????