Handheld Induction Heater Melts a Lock!

  • Publisert 10. mars. 2019
  • Go to wix.com/backyard to get started on your no cost Wix website today -- maybe it's for a science fair, resume, or portfolio! And check out my Wix website for more info on the induction heater! www.backyardscient.ist/induction-heater

    Ive always wanted to make my own induction heater, but this one is only the beginning. Im planning to make a more powerful one to do more stuff with molten steel!
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    Thanks Lindsay Wilson for the neat idea to modify capacitors- www.imajeenyus.com/electronics/20120512_film_capacitor_dissection/index.shtml
    And thanks to www.GensTattu.com for the batteries!
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  • Gurjot Sandhu
    Gurjot Sandhu Dag siden

    Awesome scientist

  • Michael Waters
    Michael Waters Dag siden

    yo gonna get cancer inhaling that stuff. go get a filter mask lol

  • Kuti
    Kuti Dag siden

    Doing fire experiments in the jungle.. damn hes smart

  • lcarus42
    lcarus42 Dag siden

    Does Vegas have odds on this guys life span?

  • Clear Adventure
    Clear Adventure Dag siden

    I would be wearing some gloves! Great video.

  • Antonio Pedroso
    Antonio Pedroso Dag siden

    Muito bom👍

  • Bryan St.Martin
    Bryan St.Martin Dag siden

    Just drop the ring in the garbage disposal while she watches.

  • Junior De La Torre
    Junior De La Torre Dag siden

    This dude gonna blow himself up!!!

  • mitchsfarm
    mitchsfarm Dag siden

    This guy is why medical help shouldn't be free.

  • Daniel watkins
    Daniel watkins Dag siden

    Molten steel in shorts 😂😂 next video making prosthetic limbs

  • Aren't I Adorable
    Aren't I Adorable Dag siden

    I'm 68.9 yrs and I wish we had NO-clip when I was young. I'd ACE every Study and be Living on Mars by now.
    Everyone knows Dogs will be the first on the Moon and Mars!

  • Phatec
    Phatec Dag siden

    Keep breathing in that battery gas, mmmm toxic gas.

    DAVE THE RAVEE Dag siden

    thanks for teaching robbers around the world how to open (melt) a lock lmao. what would happen if you made one of them aluminium ball things and stuck inside the heater? you no them ball things people are makeing when you roll a bunch of aluminium into a shiney ball.:) probs just catch fire huh? thanks for the great video bro :)

      DAVE THE RAVEE Dag siden

      ps. can you plz send me that laptop for parts. mines has broke :( seems a waist of good parts to me . joke btw :)

  • the w bros
    the w bros Dag siden

    I'm in Florida yay

  • Rob Bekesi
    Rob Bekesi Dag siden

    That thing works good

  • Rob Bekesi
    Rob Bekesi Dag siden

    Do the iphone

  • Jigga Man
    Jigga Man Dag siden

    Darwin award candidate.

  • A0T- Atomic Operations Team

    So dangerous, your lack of saftey amazes me. HEY LETS TRY OPEN THIS BOTTLE. That could of easily exploded in your hand and cut you badly. Be safe mate.

  • 1990s Railfan
    1990s Railfan Dag siden

    I have got to make one of these! Forget about the backyard charcoal furnace.

  • Raymond Harvey
    Raymond Harvey Dag siden

    Imma stick my finger in the backdoor.
    She 5:11

  • alcatailmp
    alcatailmp Dag siden

    good job wolowitz!

    SUPER TECH GAMES Dag siden

    Great for planet earth.😡

  • Proper Lad
    Proper Lad Dag siden

    2:50 kermit

  • Simon Strasser
    Simon Strasser Dag siden

    Did your dog film this or has the cameraman parkinson?

  • J Burns
    J Burns Dag siden

    So that’s how you make fireworks 😂🤔

    CLHLC Dag siden

    LOL 1:36 'Fix my broken marriage' aaah :( melt those broken hearts back together.

  • Tig Dogsbody
    Tig Dogsbody Dag siden

    That was fun! How energy efficient is that gismo? Not very much concidering all the heat generated.. Thanks.

  • seagull skunk
    seagull skunk Dag siden

    In the next video, try to stick a watermelon on a gun to use it as a silencer

  • 1doyle1
    1doyle1 Dag siden

    Kevin goes to jail for putting a silencer on a gun. lul

  • Naofal Abog
    Naofal Abog Dag siden

    Nice shirt

  • Jacqueline Godwin
    Jacqueline Godwin Dag siden

    you could do LIP-O batteries vs molten salt.

  • SomeInterestingInfo

    How does this guy still have both hands and all fingers lol?

  • Bryce Schroeder
    Bryce Schroeder Dag siden

    I love shorts but just saying, this is more of a nomex labcoat and pants activity.

  • skeetorkiftwon
    skeetorkiftwon Dag siden

    9:28 is the moment you're looking for.

  • Zupoyo
    Zupoyo Dag siden

    A falling bullet can't kill anyone. It won't fall fast enough.

  • FrostyViking91
    FrostyViking91 Dag siden

    known to cause cancer in the state of California

  • sourav barman
    sourav barman Dag siden

    That was really insane stuff.

  • abdul rahman
    abdul rahman Dag siden

    Just put a sky shot firecracker and see plz😍

  • Video Production Company

    you look like bobby fischer, and you talk like him as well. :)

  • Coacervate Droplet
    Coacervate Droplet Dag siden

    Floridaman destroys quiet village with massive EMP

  • Lexx1976
    Lexx1976 Dag siden

    WIX is german for Jerkoff.
    Grüße an den Hinterhof-wixer

  • Deen Squad Bosnia
    Deen Squad Bosnia Dag siden +1

    You’re the coolest nerd I’ve ever seen :D

  • rdgk1se3019
    rdgk1se3019 Dag siden

    You should make a hand held plasma torch.

  • Phoenix Semorata
    Phoenix Semorata Dag siden

    Maaan, that's amazing. I wish there was a visual step by step making of the first heater, melting steel could be really useful.

  • high1voltage1rules
    high1voltage1rules Dag siden +2

    Your safety is beyond anything iv seen! You wear shorts and no mask and no gloves and do things like that!! One day you wont walk away from an experiment!!! Safty first!

    • Erik Bročko
      Erik Bročko Dag siden

      Right! Holding the lightbulb in his bare hands, spilling molten steel in shorts, leaning over fuming lithium batteries that are about to explode in nothing but a shirt... Come on. I don't care if you blow yourself up on your backyard, but please, don't spread such horrible safety measures on NO-clip, with the subscriber count, you should know better. There was *nothing* scientific in this video! Please, stop calling yourself a "scientist"!

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker Dag siden

    I would be scared of that bullet who knows which way it could of gone or could of got out and struck someone is my thinking correct iono

  • Rob Low
    Rob Low Dag siden

    I feel like the on/off switch should be further away from the business end

  • Rob Low
    Rob Low Dag siden

    3:19 *safety squints*

  • John See
    John See Dag siden

    You seem like a fun guy who is definitely going to hurt himself. Good luck!

  • Phil Peko
    Phil Peko Dag siden

    Well, I usually appreciate any scientific work and thank someone sharing his work, but your risk & hazard management is anything but scientific, and that's a pity because this fully negates your scientific intention. A scientist would not want to make crazy and hazardous experiments. Please consider training in basic safety, or you might harm someone including you or create hazards and damage. I am pretty sure you may improve this.

  • James Coffman
    James Coffman Dag siden

    2018 shooting bullets but 2019... IS SSHOOTING BULLETS WITH MELONS

  • andres caneo
    andres caneo Dag siden

    manténgase alejado de los niños , imbéciles e idiotas !!

  • Satyam Ohlan
    Satyam Ohlan Dag siden

    you should be called the mad scientist

  • Tim Bo
    Tim Bo Dag siden

    Because of this video, you have inspired all electronic makers to become evil weapons geniuses😎.

  • Crankston Shnord
    Crankston Shnord Dag siden +1

    On the bullet, firstly if you don't have a chamber to direct the pressure than the bullet won't go anywhere. And most of the noise of a rifle comes from the bullet breaking the sound barrier, so if the bullet doesn't go anywhere it won't be very loud.

  • Tim Bo
    Tim Bo Dag siden

    This would be great tool for knife makers!!!

  • alan gaffney
    alan gaffney Dag siden

    That is awesome great job

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones Dag siden

    I'm gonna be that person....
    Money Shot at 5:44

  • Lenox Prized 2
    Lenox Prized 2 Dag siden +1

    10:46 that’s what she said ooof

  • Seeing Dragons
    Seeing Dragons Dag siden

    I'm assuming you're dead by now ....

  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez Dag siden

    New Payday tool confirmed:)
    Next pressure paint can?

  • Fabian Curto
    Fabian Curto Dag siden

    What a great way to contaminate our beautiful planet . Not too mention how many kids are going to get hurt . Nice

  • D R
    D R Dag siden

    Breathing this smoke = instant cancer

  • Ben Attfield Rutterford

    We used to have bonfires in England and me and my brother loved to throw in batteries and see them explode and fly out then we threw them back in.

  • bouyant
    bouyant Dag siden


  • bilal shah
    bilal shah Dag siden

    you are a man .... brave heart

  • bouyant
    bouyant Dag siden


  • seanek9
    seanek9 Dag siden

    It’s like you’ve never heard of hydrogen fluoride.

  • gamerstashers
    gamerstashers Dag siden

    Nice, give the thieves the tools they need.

  • Sam Ferrec
    Sam Ferrec Dag siden

    I thought you were gonna use the portable one as a bottle opener too, in case you wanted a beer when you weren’t home.

  • DOT
    DOT Dag siden

    You should more careful while doing this.

  • Matthew Orzeg-Wydra

    weaponizes a drone pliz??? maybe even with just a BB gun???

  • Lucien Hughes
    Lucien Hughes Dag siden

    The first few molten steel throws look like they were badly composited in

  • Levon Guyumjian
    Levon Guyumjian Dag siden

    I just joined your channel, I like though, but be careful young man don't cut your long life into short one

  • Zachary Valeri
    Zachary Valeri Dag siden

    Fruit based silencers?

  • Diso_Chef
    Diso_Chef Dag siden

    Florida.... That explains a lot actually.
    Might wanna take care of the kink in the water loop of the mobile version.

  • Fourtysevenhundred Lifer

    Has remote switch for high-speed camera.
    Device that makes things explode with fiery fury? Toggle switch on front.
    Love your videos!

  • Lobster Baby
    Lobster Baby Dag siden

    Can You Burn some clowns on Your nest Vid ?

  • terrellma
    terrellma Dag siden

    You should be wearing a respirator for toxic fumes

    RENE ARCULO Dag siden

    Snow 5:44 YAY

  • QuickPro Studios
    QuickPro Studios Dag siden

    *"Fix my marriage"*

    Fs in the chat boys.

  • Harry Jaj
    Harry Jaj Dag siden

    why does copper coil doesn’t melt while melting other metals?

  • Civilised Zombie
    Civilised Zombie Dag siden

    do you live in fort lauderdale?
    i think i saw your house.

  • Derrick Tomsic
    Derrick Tomsic Dag siden

    I wish I was this excited about anythang in life

  • engerex9035
    engerex9035 Dag siden

    why you used effect?

  • Matt Burns
    Matt Burns Dag siden +1

    5:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and the watermelon try that with a 00. buck high brass shotgun shell

  • Khanster khan
    Khanster khan Dag siden

    What power

  • VLL
    VLL Dag siden

    From were can we buy something like this?

    ABSOLUTELE GRP Dag siden

    Man u r crazy

  • Digital lab
    Digital lab Dag siden

    are all the fumes in this video poisonous as youre burning the rare metals?

  • DeeCoder
    DeeCoder Dag siden

    10:52Youknow there is a lithium ion battery in it

  • That One Martian Boi
    That One Martian Boi Dag siden +1

    I hate it when people destroy laptops when I desperately want one for my education :(

  • Scott Patton
    Scott Patton Dag siden

    Sounds like you are in Florida. That was a Sandhill crane squawking.

  • Dioross Orozco
    Dioross Orozco Dag siden

    Why would you do that on a laptop? You shouldve given it to me.

  • jay_oh_e_to_the_c
    jay_oh_e_to_the_c Dag siden

    The comment about a ski pole lol

  • sans undertalE
    sans undertalE Dag siden +1

    Remember to thank Faraday

  • Plateau Electrical
    Plateau Electrical Dag siden

    Damn that steel looks epic! And you're pretty brave with that lithium!

  • Christos Das P
    Christos Das P Dag siden

    "woahh woahhhh"
    "It actually exploded"
    "I shouldn't breath this"
    "I can see the red flame of the lithium"
    "that's really fun"
    "woahhh woahhhh"
    "oh god"
    *cough sounds*
    "woah, oh gosh, what do i do, arghhhhh"
    "oh no the fence is on fire"

  • fafnir the dragon
    fafnir the dragon Dag siden

    Do a collab with electroboom

  • dish125db
    dish125db Dag siden

    Better get a full mask on dude, the time it happens when you think it wont its to late. =(