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  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Måned siden +9413

    God has come to reap the sinners

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde Time siden


  • Nyrawolf
    Nyrawolf 3 timer siden

    i rely hope kero is banned from every event cuz i will probably kick that guys ass -w- rapeing your dog is fking gross get fking help!

  • Lance Halberd
    Lance Halberd 3 timer siden

    First I nail the roof
    Then I *_nail degenerates like Kero on the cross_*

  • squidfish 22
    squidfish 22 5 timer siden

    Wtf he ruined the furrys

  • Dunkin The Furry Fox
    Dunkin The Furry Fox 5 timer siden

    I’m scared now owo (btw the character is a fox and foxes are kinda like stray dogs)

  • AlexanderBogdanow
    AlexanderBogdanow 5 timer siden

    What a sick Guy... Poor Dog. And ppl calling me a "Pervert" because I have a fetish for adult Women in High Heel's and Latex Outfit's? Man, this Society is FUBAR'd!

  • [707] Sky
    [707] Sky 6 timer siden

    I want to throw up. This is something beyond disgusting. I don't even know what to call this

  • Alani
    Alani 9 timer siden

    Anyways, get your rifles out boys we’re going hunting

  • It'sSquidy
    It'sSquidy 9 timer siden +1

    Not to be that guy. But for those who think furries think in ways like this.. please note that is a very few select members. The majority of the fandom openly and strongly detests any sort of actions like listed above. Also to note I am not completely up to situation with what Kero has done, but from what I do know this video is mostly BS and he just talked about having a bestiality fetish. I could be wrong but, this is what I know up to this point

  • Pistachio Paw
    Pistachio Paw 10 timer siden

    I’m a furry and I’m so scarred now I think might just leave the fandom

  • Richy D.
    Richy D. 14 timer siden

    *vomits profusely*

  • snowflake 2474
    snowflake 2474 15 timer siden

    Well then

  • ๖ζ͜͡Unerthodox
    ๖ζ͜͡Unerthodox 17 timer siden

    bro kero has the most annoying voice i sweartogod

  • I have cancer
    I have cancer 19 timer siden

    ... nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    This needs to be changed.

  • Neonflux
    Neonflux Dag siden


  • Sin Tupoy
    Sin Tupoy Dag siden

    Know that Imperium of Mankind is no longer a fiction but a necessity.

  • Dinahii
    Dinahii Dag siden

    hey he recently left the fandom and literally every furry is happy he's gone

  • charlespk2008
    charlespk2008 2 dager siden

    as a furry fan (i like the art, nothing more), i know most furries are not this bad and are disgusted by this crap.
    really he was trash, and most furries are weird at worst, not illegal.

    • Bus bill
      Bus bill 2 dager siden

      oh really you do

  • Sal Vulcano
    Sal Vulcano 2 dager siden

    He was tonights biggest loser

  • Pharah RocketQueen
    Pharah RocketQueen 3 dager siden

    Honestly kero is deleting all comments that don't say " oh kero we love u we miss u" on his NO-clip chanell lmao

  • Lee Winterworth
    Lee Winterworth 3 dager siden

    Oh god, my head started spinning when I saw the PMs appear. Those poor puppies. I hope these disgusting monsters are never let within 100 yards of an animal again.

  • Boomkid449
    Boomkid449 4 dager siden +1

    Leviticus 2015

  • RainbowInTheDark _7
    RainbowInTheDark _7 4 dager siden

    It's good for the furry community to out him and disown him as much as possible. I'm not a furry, but I don't mind them and I know they don't stand for this kind of shit, but shit like this needs to be held accountable by the group so outside people know that the group also does not stand for this sick bullshit and abuse of animals. Luckily so far it seems they've have been doing a good job disowning him and holding him accountable.
    I know Furries get a lot of shit for being weird, so don't let this end up becoming part of the Furry Reputation.

  • Kraft the Bat
    Kraft the Bat 4 dager siden

    Damn he was a good friend of mine oh well guess I'll die

  • Renskate dab on them haters


  • No Name
    No Name 4 dager siden

    kero you betrayed us

  • ṩὄмἔὄᾗἔ ᾗὄҭ ὄʀἷʛἷᾗᾄł

    Ugh. As much as I love the good part of the community where they do dance competitions to raise money for charities, stuff like this bothers me. They abuse the fandom appearance and think that because they're all anthropomorphic animals, they can fuck animals and get away with expressing fetishes! No, this is public sexual activities and bestiality. That's why those groups are called furfags and are not respected by the good part of the community. I don't think half of the people who are part of this community can even say with pride "I'm a furry!" without being called bullshit for these IDIOTS, who get themselves posted around the news and media for being disgusting.

  • raexenos
    raexenos 4 dager siden

    The robot voice is a little off-putting.

  • Murderous Kinkaju
    Murderous Kinkaju 4 dager siden

    Why is this in my recommended.....

  • rogl 7
    rogl 7 4 dager siden

    What the fuck am i watching

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 4 dager siden

    Fucking disgusting.

  • Fattata
    Fattata 4 dager siden

    funny thing is that now not even the furries want him around

  • IAmStill WaitingForMyLifeToExist

    Apparentally being a furry is now considered as a mental illness.

  • pip girl111
    pip girl111 4 dager siden

    Im a furry but this is awful and distugsting peoole that do this should burn in hell thats just horrible 😭 i cant express how many times i cried in this vid hes the reason furries are hated the reason I will never be able to be accepted the reason I'm told to kill myself! This is the worst thing imagineable 😭 i had no idea this was a side of the fandom 😤😨😷

  • pip girl111
    pip girl111 4 dager siden


  • Space Crusader Protogen
    Space Crusader Protogen 4 dager siden

    I hadn't heard about this. It's probably true. A part of the furry community is seriously fucked, I know it. But fucking a dog, that's fucking disgusting.

  • Ironimime
    Ironimime 4 dager siden

    Fuck you people who think all furries are like this!!!

  • KarRuptAssassin
    KarRuptAssassin 4 dager siden

    jesus christ

  • Ethan Savoie
    Ethan Savoie 4 dager siden

    Fuck furries. I fucking hate them. I fucking hate them so god damn much. They don’t want to be considered humans, so they don’t get to have an opinion. There is something wrong with them.

  • Metanoia
    Metanoia 4 dager siden +1

    All furries must die

    • RainbowPie
      RainbowPie 4 dager siden


  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 4 dager siden

    That awkward moment when a furfag Dragon persona comes in screen in a way to seem like it is the speaker
    I thumbed down and stopped watching
    If you fallow a religion you share the guilt for all the sinners
    You are an animal rapist pedophile supporter, sorry

  • TopHatPenguin
    TopHatPenguin 4 dager siden

    I love how furries are either completely normal and then the few weirdos are REALLY fuckin weird

  • maedium
    maedium 4 dager siden +1

    This will be interesting

  • Thuma Red
    Thuma Red 4 dager siden +1


  • Isaias Abades
    Isaias Abades 4 dager siden

    He should be concentration camped

  • Isaias Abades
    Isaias Abades 4 dager siden

    It's hunting season my dudds

  • Why Not?
    Why Not? 4 dager siden

    What a Fucking degen

  • Nebula Howler
    Nebula Howler 4 dager siden

    Guys, gals and non-binary pals, I bring horrid news:
    The video and pictures of Kero in the act of zoophilia are fake, but the chat logs date years before this all started. That's right, Kero never did share anything of his own, but knew other who did. He did say he didn't want to hurt the animals, just that he wants to fuck dead ones. (What the shit, go back to liking vore. It's not even close as bad.) He really does want to fuck dead animals, but only in his mind. That is still fucked in of its self, and I think he needs serious help. Zoophilia, pedophilia, and incest are not okay. Even if you like one or the other, stop and think about what you are doing. People like Kero, who think that fantasies of animals are okay are sick. That is all, may the God and Goddess have mercy on the innocent furs in the fandom and those you read this.

  • Galacticat
    Galacticat 4 dager siden

    This is why I donate to animal donation services and adopt animals 🐝 this guy is gross and this doesn't represent all furries.
    Like how not all white people are racist, not all furries fuck dogs. Those are both g r o s s

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo 5 dager siden

    All these furf4gs in the comments whining. Literally shut up and get a normal hobby. It was your choice to associate with these people. I don’t care if it’s “jusT A miNORity OF furriEs WEre norMal oK??!!” You proudly wear the same label as the degens so ofc you’ll get clumped together.

  • Just Thistle
    Just Thistle 5 dager siden

    This is why furries have bad reputation

  • Ablek
    Ablek 5 dager siden +2

    When will the permit to hunt furries be legalized

  • Indy Quezada
    Indy Quezada 5 dager siden

    If Eden’s gate existed we should just sent them off to Montana

    MUDKIPSYRUP 5 dager siden +3

    Imagine finding out some of your family members are zoo sadist animal feckers

  • Oh No Stoltzman
    Oh No Stoltzman 5 dager siden

    I think Kero is innocent and he quit the fandom at the end of January because people believe that he is zoophile despite the fact he is not. I think that one is the other Kero who should go to jail.

  • Terrotis
    Terrotis 5 dager siden

    Got to wonder who’s next?..

  • Pedro Animations
    Pedro Animations 5 dager siden

    This is a shame for the Furry community, this is fucking sickening

  • BlueZombieBlood
    BlueZombieBlood 5 dager siden

    Why is your discord call land of the free if you ban certain types of people from entering it??

  • Krispy the beatboxing Furry

    *_My name needs to he changed its cringy as H e l l_*

  • Jade Harley
    Jade Harley 5 dager siden

    I a m a T r o l l A t t a c k H e l i c o p t o r

  • Krispy the beatboxing Furry

    *_writing in death note intensifies_*

  • Harmony Equestrian
    Harmony Equestrian 5 dager siden

    keros an ass

  • Cassie Collie-Yote
    Cassie Collie-Yote 5 dager siden

    Fun fact: Kero left the fandom due to all of the backlash. Nobody wanted him in the furry fandom. There are a lot of furries that are happy that he left the fandom.

  • Alec Nussey
    Alec Nussey 5 dager siden

    has the law caught up to him yet?

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName 5 dager siden

    If furries want to be animals we have the right to hunt them

  • Koobie Fox
    Koobie Fox 5 dager siden

    The only "evidence" there was was the texing Kero was doing with others. There was no pictures or video of him doing any of this. If there were video or picture proof he would be in jail. However all the text is not illegal.

  • Jordan Brede
    Jordan Brede 5 dager siden

    I feel like the police are gonna bust down my door and haul me off just from watching a video about this sicko.

  • Leonard Wimbelton
    Leonard Wimbelton 5 dager siden +2

    This is why furries are the proof of why humanity is decaying.

    • Leonard Wimbelton
      Leonard Wimbelton 5 dager siden +1

      +Reisszahn Drachenklaue What can I say except, you're welcome

    • Reisszahn Drachenklaue
      Reisszahn Drachenklaue 5 dager siden

      Leonard Wimbelton thx for blaming the whole fandom just because of one sick fuck.

  • Günter Gaming
    Günter Gaming 5 dager siden

    Not Becorse he is a furry but becorse he is an asshole

  • The Vlad
    The Vlad 5 dager siden

    Furry good is furry dead

  • Joseph Reed
    Joseph Reed 5 dager siden

    The sad thing is not all furries are like this sick fuck, most furries I've met have been very cringey at worst but otherwise they are actually quite friendly and kind, and while I don't understand furries I don't think they all need to be hated and despised the way they are.

  • Treble Marquis
    Treble Marquis 5 dager siden

    -sighs- This kind of thing gives furries a bad rap. Not all furries are like this. Actually more specifically, only a small percentage of furries are zoophiles just like only a small percentage of humanity consists of zoophiles. Granted nothing I say will change people’s opinions on furries because the worst of them are also the loudest of them. Cheers to humanity in general being consistent as usual.

  • Foxy The Furry /loves friend's/single

    Furrys are for being what you wanted to be
    *NOT SWEX*

  • Foxy The Furry /loves friend's/single

    That furry is no furry he is *g-a-m-e-r*
    #NoHateTooTheGamers bc I play games to

  • shara30000
    shara30000 5 dager siden

    they should round up all the furries and launch them into space with half a tank of farts

  • Shadow Sweeper
    Shadow Sweeper 5 dager siden

    What the actual *fuck*

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 5 dager siden

    wtf i love eugenics now?

  • Michael Estepp
    Michael Estepp 5 dager siden

    "Fuck that. Just to be sure, I'm going to burn this place to the ground, with all of us in it. I welcome.death". Vivisector

  • Intundreon Is My Username

    We should put all furries on a nature preserve but don't hire anyone to protect against poaching.

  • DoZem
    DoZem 5 dager siden

    But I can’t judge anyone, after all... hate had more attention than peace. People tend to believe anything that people say about the thing(s) they hate,kero isn’t a Exception. People say that kero is not innocent that he should go to hell ect ect, they bring up things and as they do they bring up more hate they bring up so many things without a Proof. And as I mentioned before.. people tend to believe anything that people say about things they hate. So many articles about kero being not innocent without being completely confirmed. This will continued until who knows,he already quite the fandom maybe with that it will stop. It was a nice time having him, but now he is gone forever, but the damage won’t be gone it’s already done just because this “hate” who people brought. This does not only damages kero, but also the furry fandom.. just saying people sometimes look stupid to me. Someone from the anime fandom could have killed someone and tell the whole fandom, they probably kicked him out, but people made a big drama about of kero what makes kero difference than anyone else? I mean it sometimes feels that this was intended by not kero but somebody. Before the whole kero thing, the furry fandom already was hated, and some people hate it so much that they can get to in imaginable levels... just like what happened to kero. I just hope the world changes some day.

  • DoZem
    DoZem 5 dager siden

    Welp nothing to make a big drama of now. All the hate towards him made him quit the fandom so bravo haters bravo for your actions.

  • New Mayor Luigi
    New Mayor Luigi 5 dager siden +1

    What a horrible shithead. I hope his dog bites off his dick do he can never do this shit again

  • Megan Watkins
    Megan Watkins 5 dager siden

    *God left the chat*

  • person Things
    person Things 6 dager siden

    I’m a furry, I’m not sexually attracted to animals.
    Furries are anthropomorphic animals with human personality.
    Basically humans, but animals.
    Go ahead and hate me for being who I wanna be, just know I don’t fucking care about your shitty opinion! 😂

  • Wolf Goddess
    Wolf Goddess 6 dager siden +1

    What the hell......

    • Reisszahn Drachenklaue
      Reisszahn Drachenklaue 4 dager siden

      NickeyMckoy I bet u arent even in the fanodm and dont know how we feel about it. For ur dumass we dont do that. Thats not normal for us

    • Wolf Goddess
      Wolf Goddess 5 dager siden

      Thats great....

    • NickeyMckoy
      NickeyMckoy 6 dager siden +1

      welcome to the furry fandom what horrible thing have you never done or have done so we can ruin your life

  • Gabriel Augusto
    Gabriel Augusto 6 dager siden

    My Grandpa didn't drop bombs while under fire on a b-17 for this shit to happen.

  • Maria Zapata
    Maria Zapata 6 dager siden +1

    Everybody here is either disgusted or joking and defended their fandom. I'm here questioning why you doing this and why i am here?

  • aUTiSICAl ToRtELIinI
    aUTiSICAl ToRtELIinI 6 dager siden

    I'm committing RECATED death from the furfag footage

  • ᴀᴅᴀᴍɴ
    ᴀᴅᴀᴍɴ 6 dager siden

    what am i seeing here

  • Koii_joji
    Koii_joji 6 dager siden

    oh god fuck oh fuck oh god

  • sean kerns
    sean kerns 6 dager siden

    Kero better commit *NECK BROKE ROPE*

  • Reisszahn Drachenklaue
    Reisszahn Drachenklaue 6 dager siden +3

    Yes this man did horrible stuff BUT that isn’t fault of the fandom.
    Stop blaming or hating the fandom for it. BECAUSE SHIT LIKE THIS HAPPENS IN ALL FANDOMS.
    These disgusting ppl in the fandoms are way less then all others. We just always prefer to look at the negative stuff.
    I mean there was this one time where a pedo could Kidnap a kid because of a video game.
    I could say so much about other fandoms that have something familiar with the furry fandom.

    • Reisszahn Drachenklaue
      Reisszahn Drachenklaue 4 dager siden

      Isaias Abades A pedo tricked a gamer kid and could kidnap it bc of that-
      Yeah isnt totally nothing similar

    • Isaias Abades
      Isaias Abades 4 dager siden

      No it fucking doesn't, where in the fuck have you seen something similar in other fandoms, that's why you need to cleanse Fandoms

  • Enigma
    Enigma 6 dager siden


  • Koda
    Koda 6 dager siden

    Kero should respect the puppies

    • Reisszahn Drachenklaue
      Reisszahn Drachenklaue 6 dager siden

      Koda He should leave all kinds of dogs alone

    • Koda
      Koda 6 dager siden

      oml I'm named after his dog 4edbyen3ybc3bc3wnu

    FURRYGAMER 115 6 dager siden

    I really wish they would kick some people out of the furry fandom

  • Some Fella
    Some Fella 6 dager siden

    i honestly recoiled in disgust, like i actually felt a sharp pain in my whole spine and brain. literally have a headache.

  • Scott Bruckner
    Scott Bruckner 6 dager siden


  • Connor Robert Williams since 2015

    This is one of the reasons why I left the community. Still a furry but I don't want to be any part of the community.

  • hataas .z
    hataas .z 6 dager siden

    I'm a furry right here to answer all your questions about furries. Feel free to insult me and tell me I should be gassed or burned alive, too!