Smosh & DEFY Media's Controversial Shutdown, Where Is The Money, & What The 2018 Midterms Showed Us

  • Publisert 7. nov.. 2018
  • Happy Wednesday, ya Beautiful Bastards. Let’s talk about what’s in the news…
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    Edited by: James Girardier
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Cecelia Applegate, Elissa Chojnicki, Brian Espinoza
    #DeFranco #SMOSH #Midterms

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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  4 måneder siden +1202

    oh hi there, hello stranger. how are you doing today? let's talk.
    DEFY Shutting Down (00:06), TIA (4:33), Midterms Recap (6:11)

    • The Light In The Dark World
      The Light In The Dark World 3 måneder siden

      Philip DeFranco well said.

    • Izzy Talaga
      Izzy Talaga 4 måneder siden

      Philip DeFranc

    • Lynn Harris
      Lynn Harris 4 måneder siden

      Philip DeFranco g

    • Virgil Hawkins
      Virgil Hawkins 4 måneder siden

      Are you buying defy

    • Cassie Banks
      Cassie Banks 4 måneder siden

      As far as this mid-term election, I fully believe America is going to be involved in Civil War soon. We are a nation of racists being egged on by a racist, misogynistic, bully and to people with a soul and who honor the message Christ came to give the world supported by His actions and death on the cross that is intolerable. This is exactly what the ruling 1% wants - to break the country up so there can be more than one leader. Most of the voting precincts in the country have been highly gerry-mandered to reflect red so the country looks almost entirely racist.
      Pew reports the majority of voters under the age of 45 believe and uphold the right of equality for all with their votes and those over 45 were split. This means all we have to do is wait for the people brought up in the 50s to die off, as I know first hand because I live in a retirement area of Florida that all these old 70+ people are the ones gobbling up Trump's BS and doing anything he tells them to along with the seriously uneducated who will believe anything. I find it interesting that men are the larger portion of votes for Republicans who espouse the freedom of men to sexually assault women and get away with it and act like they own women. Again, this is old 1950s programming; men who feel they aren't viral unless they have other people completely under their control. The voting numbers? So FEW non-white people voted for Trump Republicans it was actually negligible. This is why Republicans worked so hard at disqualifying people, shutting down polling places in poorer districts and created a law to take away the rights of Native Americans to vote. Had they not taken all these steps in voter suppression, they would have lost the senate as well.
      Republicans are doing EVERYTHING they can to burn down the country knowing full well Democrats would prefer peace. The sad thing is all these Fake Christians are willing to turn their back on everything their bible stands for out of their own selfishness. Those letters to the churches John wrote were spot on. If you look at America today, it's no wonder he wrote how few people would actually get into heaven. Christians think they can treat people atrociously and get forgiveness when they arrive at the gates of heaven, but they forget Christ said he came in as a lamb though would return as a lion. With all the hate and bullying these days it makes sense that He'd have to leave the lamb persona behind and bring out the claws.

  • Geoff Churchill
    Geoff Churchill Måned siden

    you had me until you started talking politics

  • Pula Paw
    Pula Paw Måned siden

    I know where it with in their pockets, white collar crime.

  • Deadly Death
    Deadly Death Måned siden

    This was very unexpected for me

  • Cassandra Carpenter
    Cassandra Carpenter Måned siden

    Oh wow. I haven't watched a DeFranco video in years. His voice has changed.
    This Defy thing is a travesty and a disgrace.

  • Extreme bad ass Take no shit

    Matthew C Diamond and kieth richman die in hell

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie Måned siden

    Id love to see an update on the defy story. Just came from MattPatt's video and I gotta say... This is a little more close to home then Phil at this point realized.

  • Teal Lover
    Teal Lover Måned siden

    Mathew Patrick (game theory) has made a video about DEFY scamming NO-clip channels

  • Sven Lodder
    Sven Lodder Måned siden

    They stole 1.7 million dollars from 50 creators

  • WittyBanter 96
    WittyBanter 96 Måned siden

    You might wanna talk about Defy again Phil

  • Randy Dubyuz
    Randy Dubyuz 2 måneder siden

    flicked your bell

  • Hamdi Abdulkadir
    Hamdi Abdulkadir 2 måneder siden

    @PhilipDeFranco please talk slower thanks! Great video though

  • The ledgend 27
    The ledgend 27 2 måneder siden +1

    I just feel bad for all the people working there, like some have been working in these different companies for years were are they supposed to go?

  • Jordan TRusso
    Jordan TRusso 2 måneder siden

    DEFY suck, they owe a lot of good hardworking people a lot of money, and they have remained silent on this.

  • Hafsah Iqbal
    Hafsah Iqbal 2 måneder siden

    Phgythcv y c

    C c nhggh

  • MMM tis Moribund Murdoch!
    MMM tis Moribund Murdoch! 2 måneder siden

    Maxime Bernier

  • Pug Ren
    Pug Ren 3 måneder siden

    dang I was hoping smash would die, your prime was a long time ago, Smosh. They aren't even funny anymore since Anthony left, it's just unmotivated content.

  • brittany leigh
    brittany leigh 3 måneder siden

    i had no idea this is what's going on. wow! what an evil company.

  • Joshua’s Main Channel
    Joshua’s Main Channel 3 måneder siden

    You forget to talk about screen Junkies NO-clip channel

  • P4ZP47Z
    P4ZP47Z 3 måneder siden

    Have they fixed the clamping from the HD650s?

  • Coley Durham
    Coley Durham 3 måneder siden

    The left also hates celebrity endorsements. See kanye west for example

  • Amanda Lorraine Wright
    Amanda Lorraine Wright 3 måneder siden

    I thoroughly enjoy your channel but... Bay-toe O'Rourke? It's pronounced Bet-toe! As in Robert, Roberto, Beto. This another Chipotle situation. Please get a Hispanic person on your research team!

  • I never nut
    I never nut 3 måneder siden

    We need PewNews

  • Elisheva
    Elisheva 3 måneder siden

    Hey Phillip! I was hoping you would cover whats been happening in Isreal/Gaza. I am Isreali & I have really appreciated your mostly balanced & nuances coverage of our issues here. I know when Hamas attacks Isreal it's not covered as much. Is there a chance you can still report on it?

  • jungSH👀KED - ONCE
    jungSH👀KED - ONCE 4 måneder siden

    SMOSH is dead. Been watching them since 2011 but it was fun while it lasted but now they’re irrelevant to anything anymore. (Excluding this video) (also I don’t enjoy their videos as much as I did and it became cringey)

  • jean maillard
    jean maillard 4 måneder siden

    good ridance they corrupted smosh

  • Alexn Andum
    Alexn Andum 4 måneder siden

    I believe that there needs to be a new election in Georgia because of the voter suppression.

  • मार्तण्ड उर्फ मारू

    Philip is understandable only at 2x speed

  • ShadowTheNeo'son
    ShadowTheNeo'son 4 måneder siden

    I'm sick of Facebook ads rn

  • Alexn Andum
    Alexn Andum 4 måneder siden

    Trump's spray tan is looking gross

  • mihcim5
    mihcim5 4 måneder siden

    This whole thing makes me realise how Pewdiepie is the King of this platform... networks , heh tfu

  • rustedromeo
    rustedromeo 4 måneder siden

    Won by six points yet you see a Massive amount of red.. strange

  • House of Dead
    House of Dead 4 måneder siden

    you're not surprised... but you dont consider embezzlement or corporate theivery or even the legal route of stealing money, vulture capitalism. worked to bring down toys r us and get millions for the bosses, and then somehow bring back toys r us as geoffreys toy box all of a sudden, in time for the holiday season boi

  • Ryan McA'Nulty
    Ryan McA'Nulty 4 måneder siden

    the democratic senators that lost were expected to lose, and the Republicans had nearly ideal conditions and they only picked up a few seats. The house was a huge flip and it was on-par, if not bigger than all the other wave elections we've had in the past couple decades. Overall, there was a wave, and Progressive democrats won more than centrist and right-leaning democrats, such as Donnelly, McCaskill, Heitkamp, and Manchin. Manchin is the exception where a right-wing democrat wins in a red state. Beto O'Rourke was a much more progressive and left-wing democrat, and he made the Texas race very competitive when it really shouldn't have been.
    Also ballot measures: the vast majority of progressive ballot measures did win across the country:

  • JustJoshingYa
    JustJoshingYa 4 måneder siden

    Why tf would you let felons vote?

  • Lindsey O'Reilly
    Lindsey O'Reilly 4 måneder siden

    All of the abandoned channels and employees need to press charges against Defy. I think there was a heavy amount of fraud going on throughout the company. They broke regional California HR laws by completely shutting their doors in a few days notice (regardless of them stating it would not happen until January), they owe millions of dollars in adsense to multiple channels, and they've left many unemployed without any form of severance package. Get your lawyers and bury that corporate, gold-digging, hellhole.

  • Gabrielle johnson55
    Gabrielle johnson55 4 måneder siden +1

    I guess Shane has a new idea for a new series

  • Gavin Hung
    Gavin Hung 4 måneder siden

    wow, u can literally say a million words in 17 minute clip!!! that's just astonishing!! Like your channel!

  • I Am
    I Am 4 måneder siden

    stop calling me beautiful bastard

  • SSJ4Supermanarot
    SSJ4Supermanarot 4 måneder siden

    I guess Defy could've used some... well you know...

  • Johnathan LeBlanc
    Johnathan LeBlanc 4 måneder siden

    Is weird that I knowing little about smosh and defy but think of cowchop and thecreaturehub

  • RuthlessBruttal
    RuthlessBruttal 4 måneder siden

    14:18 Says the person who voted blank

  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K 4 måneder siden

    Anthony Padilla? More like hurricane tortilla 😎

  • JackInards
    JackInards 4 måneder siden

    Same thing as Telltale Games. Doing badly because of shitty business practices so you close up shop without a proper heads up. And where does the money go? Into the pockets of the scumbags who created the problems.

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden 4 måneder siden

    More on Screen Junkies in a moment... Hmmm...

  • TenthYoung
    TenthYoung 4 måneder siden

    Market conditions my ass

  • Proud Boyz
    Proud Boyz 4 måneder siden

    So this is just legal pimping...

  • seasons8bit
    seasons8bit 4 måneder siden

    First time watching your channel and I thought I had the speed on 1.25 or something lol

  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara 4 måneder siden


  • JC Maldonado
    JC Maldonado 4 måneder siden

    Ryland Adams has left the chat

  • Josh Eastlake
    Josh Eastlake 4 måneder siden

    I honestly only clicked on this video in hopes that a different channel would aquire the rights to Honest Game Trailers if Smosh Games shut down so that the series can get decent writers at least on par with Screen Junkies. I'm slightly disappointed 😒

  • TubaBoyTom
    TubaBoyTom 4 måneder siden +1

    Thank God that Defy is shut down. Maybe some creative liberties can be made on these channels without corporates harping on the employees. Nobody fell in love with the business they fell in love with the people behind the channels.

  • 1maxinu
    1maxinu 4 måneder siden

    Reeks of the Right!

  • Abby_Ave
    Abby_Ave 4 måneder siden

    Florida admin 4 so happy!! Highlight of my night. 🤗🤗🤗

  • Abby_Ave
    Abby_Ave 4 måneder siden

    Sorry, Phil. I respectfully disagree. There are a lot of uphill battle. Beto did great for Texas. I'm in Texas, a wave I'd say yes, but there is still a lot to do. Not done yet

  • Soul Paw
    Soul Paw 4 måneder siden

    Your smart

  • Amaya Fuller
    Amaya Fuller 4 måneder siden


  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 4 måneder siden

    I now realize why I keep watching DeFranco: he talks about stuff no one is really covering.
    only reason

    • Oma Rumunna
      Oma Rumunna 4 måneder siden

      For DEFY issue - people need to really read up on media history
      For the polictics- one word: gerrymandering

  • James Oren
    James Oren 4 måneder siden

    I just hope defy let the creators that want to buy back their channels do so - no need for everyone to suffer because you can't run a business with hugely successful products.

  • shawn green
    shawn green 4 måneder siden

    they can do it on there own personal youtube channel with there own studio like Dave Rubin did

  • Elisheva Schofield
    Elisheva Schofield 4 måneder siden

    Can we please get term limits for members of Congress? Also the fact that incumbents have privileges over challengers, how is that democratic? And the fact that they determine their own salary that comes from our taxes, WTF? My vote literally doesn't count if I'm voting against an incumbent. The senator of my state that was up for reelection has been in Congress more years than I have been alive! That's insane! And he just got another 6 years! Term limits are needed now more than ever.

  • INTERNETparty
    INTERNETparty 4 måneder siden

    Philip please add closed captioning/ subtitles!!! thank you

    RED PANDA INDIA 4 måneder siden +2

    When you realise T-Series is a company that can be bought or sold as these companies which makes a fair game.

  • Alexis Outt
    Alexis Outt 4 måneder siden

    I’m politically in the middle. And more than anything I hate the hypocrisy, lies, alarmism, and blind hatred coming from BOTH sides. It makes healthy conversation hard to find. And it makes everyone look like a goddamn fool.

  • Oxidane
    Oxidane 4 måneder siden

    I love just jumping into it

  • kidmosey
    kidmosey 4 måneder siden +1

    The point Taylor Swift made is exactly the reason people just blindly vote Democrat or Republican... That representative is likely to agree with you on more issues than their opponent.

  • Mr.Sappy 298
    Mr.Sappy 298 4 måneder siden

    I have a dad

  • JTB2000
    JTB2000 4 måneder siden

    oh my god this video is so sad i need betterhelp :(

  • Soki Moh
    Soki Moh 4 måneder siden

    "Defy your fate" lul

  • charlespk2008
    charlespk2008 4 måneder siden

    i am truly frustrated with what Trump has done to congress. most of ALL Americans, do not care, about his issues, and know there is no laws being offered to resolve those issues. yet he still gets a lot of support for being "the wrecking ball", when he is really "the screaming child in the store".
    there is this one little known thing: The Black Government. no not Obama, it a military law allowing a military council to take over when congress is not able or willing to do it's i feel be are approaching the need for this.
    considering the "doomsday clock" in regard to world war 3, climate change, Yellowstone national park SUPER VOLCANO that could destroy HALF THE COUNTRY, and more......there is work, REAL work that needs to be done.

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg 4 måneder siden

    I am so sad clevver closed

  • UltimaKeyMaster
    UltimaKeyMaster 4 måneder siden

    Quick midterm thoughts because I really don't care much: I think it's right for Trump to say he still won cause now he has the House as a scapegoat for political plans going south. He can just point to them and say "they don't want me to get anything done" and having a BIGGER Senate majority than before will go along with it.
    I mean, last I checked, Obama loved blaming a split Congress for stalled activity. (Reminder: Liberal over here)

  • Susil Jayasinha
    Susil Jayasinha 4 måneder siden

    philip is the only one that can make politics intresting eventhough i am from australia

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 4 måneder siden

    After about 3:30 I couldn't stop seeing how red his forehead was getting.

  • Emily K
    Emily K 4 måneder siden

    I think it's clear, based on what happened with sourced, that followers are there for the people, so whatever happens to the people that were with defy media, they will always have an audience.

  • Ramim Mollah
    Ramim Mollah 4 måneder siden

    Who skipped the midterms?

  • Tenksu
    Tenksu 4 måneder siden

    Helloy fellow bastards! Nice to be one bastard here!

  • deestands4dorky
    deestands4dorky 4 måneder siden +2

    I think famous people should just bring awareness to voting in general. Then afterwards they can state who they voted for, if they so desire to. They have a platform, they should use it. Just my feelings of course.

  • Mogeland
    Mogeland 4 måneder siden

    lmao phil ND has it yes but its not here

  • Johnnyocha
    Johnnyocha 4 måneder siden

    i'm just glad that people are more politically aware

  • arjjive
    arjjive 4 måneder siden

    why is taylor on the thumbnail?

  • SirSamsAlot
    SirSamsAlot 4 måneder siden

    Defy media is really big news. Did it make youtube trending?

  • Sheldon Damewood
    Sheldon Damewood 4 måneder siden

    First video I couldn’t make it all the way through. I have heard none stop about these elections and I turn to what I hope to be an escape in NO-clip and it’s the same. I’m glad they’re over so we can talk about something else for a while.

  • Mana-Ramp-Matoran
    Mana-Ramp-Matoran 4 måneder siden

    I've always been moderate left, but I feel like I've kinda swayed right a bit after the last election, and with the hysterics coming from the left. With things like Antifa storming Tucker Carlson's house at the extremes, or some Facebook friends blocking me after I simply try to debate their arguments at the shallow end, I can't really say I'm all for the liberal agenda anymore. I feel like a lot of other moderates do, neither side represents me well, but one side is at least putting forth a case, and not just screaming at me that I'm a racist homophobe.

    • Mana-Ramp-Matoran
      Mana-Ramp-Matoran 4 måneder siden

      +Donny Donowitz those were all individuals though, not an organization, and certainly not an organization that politicians are supporting, or at least, doing little to disparage. The analog here is the KKK, which the government has active suppressed since the Civil War.

    • Donny Donowitz
      Donny Donowitz 4 måneder siden

      Mana-Ramp-Matoran what about the right plowing into protestors in cars? Mailing bombs to political enemies? Shooting up schools and synagogues?

  • chewy2069
    chewy2069 4 måneder siden

    I don't know about all of you but I would totally vote for beto o'rourke for president just based off how he looks. He looks like he just wants to do some good and looks to be a genuine decent human being and not power hungry like most others.

    BEHOLETHEPOWEROF FROG 4 måneder siden

    Lol I thought you're flyingkitty

  • gracendabz123
    gracendabz123 4 måneder siden

    I think celebrity endorsements can be effective, more specifically for young people. One thing I think Phil missed out was the spike of young voters (18-24). I think part of that is celebrity and NO-clip endorsements. In a world of political apathy, I think having people you love or respect, taking a stance can be powerful - and can encourage you to do something.

  • Balta Bueno
    Balta Bueno 4 måneder siden

    12:53 I know it's sad but it's also hilarious lol

  • Reasonable Debates
    Reasonable Debates 4 måneder siden

    He's basically rap god-ing news at me.

  • Jenna Dair
    Jenna Dair 4 måneder siden

    Sounds like Defy was extremely irresponsible with their spending (or it “magically disappeared” into someone’s pocket)..... seems kinda scammy that they bought Smosh only in stock..... totally f’d over all of their employees, especially those involved in the actual content process

  • TheBlackWolf ZX
    TheBlackWolf ZX 4 måneder siden

    did you say bastard??

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny 4 måneder siden

    Anthony was right i just want the old smosh back

  • Jaren Morgan
    Jaren Morgan 4 måneder siden +2

    I vote a very split ballot (I know I'm throwing away my vote) because I believe in voting for a candidate I agree with over someone I don't trust. So as y'all can imagine I'm mostly disappointed.

  • Jaren Morgan
    Jaren Morgan 4 måneder siden

    I wasn't aware Cruse was still in politics. I kind of just figured he just lurked around memeing.

  • Angelina
    Angelina 4 måneder siden

    Im happy about the house results, bc it gives me hope for the future, however depressed about the Texas results. I tried not to get my hopes up the whole election, but when the news showed Beto ahead I began to have high hopes. It's depressing that my home state is still so ignorant. Ppl need to get out and vote.

    why are so many white woman supporting Ceuz??? PLS tell me bby gurl bc I need to know what in the hell happened to you? Why do you hate yourself and other women so much? It's like youre asking to get your rights taken away from you. UGH... bitch sit down and be humble bc there are women in the world who fucking wish they had the rights you want to take away from not only yourslef but other innocent women. I truly think whoever supported Cruz has more deep issues they need to sort out. Building a wall isn"t going to solve our problems. Trump isnt going to solve your problems.

    We need to help Mexico with their corruption, so all the families seeking refuge won't have to risk all their lives trying to give a better life to their offsprings by crossing our crappy boarder.

    I would love to see Beto run along side Sanders or Warren. Any one of the socialist dem liberal could pair up with Beto to have a winning ticket in 2020.

  • Juan Camilo Rojas Romero
    Juan Camilo Rojas Romero 4 måneder siden

    Can't wait to see this new on PewNews...

  • Nightmare2018
    Nightmare2018 4 måneder siden

    I think a lot of people forget that between 2012 and 2018 there has been a fairly large demographic shift in certain places in Texas. Namely Austin Houston and Dallas have expanded a lot in that a lot of people from California leaving that ecosystem are going to places like Texas and now they're voting Democrat

  • H.T
    H.T 4 måneder siden

    It's really hurts me that some exceptional youtubers and those under DEFY were exploited regarding THEIR rightful money. Also based of Anthony Padilla words, the fact that they were manipulated by DEFY to sell their brand for stocks. It's infuriates me because Smosh was doing so well before DEFY got involved. I hope they become independent from DEFY and for them to open and law suits if there is any infringement. I really wish the best to them😊

  • Desi G
    Desi G 4 måneder siden +3

    Honestly, this is a very historic election. Both Republicans and Democrats had their share of gains and loses.

  • BowieWolf
    BowieWolf 4 måneder siden

    Thank god they sold Screen Junkies before this. I wouldve thrown hands if I didnt get my Honest Trailers.