Trying To Be A Taxi Driver

  • Publisert 9. mars. 2019
  • Directed by @RVBBERDUCK // Written by @RVBBERNECK
    Produced by
    Snapchat: therealksi
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  • Rojus's Stuff
    Rojus's Stuff 11 timer siden

    Uhh the name for the video was very weak, so there are only 3m views , work with that lol

  • Its Echo
    Its Echo 11 timer siden

    It would be nice if I could actually see what is happening

  • Jack Hawes
    Jack Hawes 11 timer siden

    The man in the end is a teacher at my school

  • Athithan
    Athithan 13 timer siden +1


  • D&Z
    D&Z 13 timer siden +1

    That’s a Derren Brown skit right?

  • Mad_Max34149 __
    Mad_Max34149 __ 14 timer siden +1

    Ths iz guud 🤤

  • Goutham V nair
    Goutham V nair 14 timer siden +1

    jj finally found his password

  • Lew Davies
    Lew Davies 15 timer siden

    chunkz with the special feature

  • Unlikelyboy 98
    Unlikelyboy 98 16 timer siden

    Pc Michael and pc macintyler 😂😂 4:28

  • Shauna May
    Shauna May 17 timer siden

    Fake taxi

  • fkdjeid
    fkdjeid 19 timer siden

    Too Dark,is anyone have a lamp?

  • Simon Freitas
    Simon Freitas 19 timer siden

    Is that phill? From the sidemen yoga challenge

  • M Yaşar
    M Yaşar 20 timer siden

    İs that fake taxi

  • Dloading
    Dloading 23 timer siden


  • Anth 2clouted
    Anth 2clouted 23 timer siden

    When u try be Logan Paul and do a series

  • HammieHD
    HammieHD Dag siden


  • Andrive
    Andrive Dag siden

    why is he still advertising "Can't lose"

  • Andrive
    Andrive Dag siden

    Made by Callux's media company. nice bro

  • Andrive
    Andrive Dag siden

    where tf is your "uploads" category??? all i see is "popular uploads" and "more from the artist" fix that bro

  • tam baz
    tam baz Dag siden

    wtf is dis

  • abdigani abib
    abdigani abib Dag siden


  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez Dag siden

    Bruhh why does ksi look like ugly god 😂😂

  • Akkar_Unbekannt
    Akkar_Unbekannt Dag siden

    KSI be looking like a budget Predator with that hair and hat.

  • Tyler Jonson
    Tyler Jonson Dag siden

    What even was that lmfao

  • wallbank
    wallbank Dag siden

    Is there even a taxi driver?

  • Og News
    Og News Dag siden +1

    in the summer imagine ksi having a collab with innana sarkis

  • gplummer2000
    gplummer2000 Dag siden

    I Wish KSI was my Taxi Driver. 😂

  • Stevens Sisters
    Stevens Sisters Dag siden


  • iTz Brown
    iTz Brown Dag siden

    Fake Taxi

  • AuTomic
    AuTomic Dag siden


  • revenge
    revenge Dag siden +1

    Are we going to ignore the fact chunkz was the policeman 😂

    • KAT VIRK
      KAT VIRK Dag siden +1

      revenge I realised 🤣

  • dank memes for depressed teens

    Fake taxi

  • Bertil Svendsen
    Bertil Svendsen Dag siden

    You feel your sind crawling Down your back

  • ian harvey
    ian harvey Dag siden


  • Trent Judy
    Trent Judy Dag siden

    Logan wants to fight you in the optical

  • XBanterX
    XBanterX Dag siden


  • Josh Shah
    Josh Shah Dag siden

    man like chunkz

  • BOT Ligma
    BOT Ligma Dag siden


  • ??
    ?? Dag siden

    Omg I can’t believe you actually did this I wouldn’t dare you are so brave hahaha

  • Tijmen de Boer
    Tijmen de Boer Dag siden


  • IM0G
    IM0G Dag siden


  • FezoJack
    FezoJack Dag siden

    Can't see shizzle

  • Jeffrey Farabaugh
    Jeffrey Farabaugh Dag siden

    I’m confused

  • Channel 123
    Channel 123 Dag siden

    We need a sequel

  • Jovantay Boss
    Jovantay Boss Dag siden

    Wtaf was that 😂

  • leungwingchi
    leungwingchi Dag siden

    Is the taxi driver Chinese or Nigerian?!

  • Planet Games
    Planet Games Dag siden

    6:38 that plug😂😂😂

  • Driss
    Driss Dag siden

    Sounding like a white guy doing a african accent

  • Hassan YT
    Hassan YT Dag siden

    That was sick chunks is a fed, this is to good 👍👍

  • Mason Ewart
    Mason Ewart Dag siden

    Come on Barbie let's go party is the rest of that line jj

  • Nosh The Bosh
    Nosh The Bosh Dag siden

    Fake taxi

  • iamz .-.
    iamz .-. Dag siden

    great comedy

  • amp
    amp Dag siden

    is this a joke on darren brown?

  • JqstKqdding
    JqstKqdding Dag siden

    7:04 why KSI look like one of those 3 monkeys that went to Sandy’s house to inspect her inventions in Spongebob 😂

  • incog nek0
    incog nek0 Dag siden

    why did i enjoy this so much?

  • ッryu
    ッryu Dag siden +1

    🌙 for darker mode

  • Wolf
    Wolf Dag siden

    What have you against kebabs JJ? What did they ever do to you a? Ah ah

    TOXIIC-JAIDYN Dag siden

    Hi guys if u guys are homeless and using the McDonald’s wifi then by a house

  • Randomgirl
    Randomgirl Dag siden

    Nice skit 👍

  • TacticalThrasher TacticalThrasher

    A video on KSI’s main channel? Wow!

  • Vendrinox
    Vendrinox 2 dager siden

    this looked like a movie respect

  • Saucy Boy133
    Saucy Boy133 2 dager siden


  • Dylan Singh
    Dylan Singh 2 dager siden +2

    Brake lights are broken next scene, brake lights still on???!!!

  • Alpha Tubitron
    Alpha Tubitron 2 dager siden

    Anybody thought Ali-A intro at the beginning?

  • Eneury Garcia
    Eneury Garcia 2 dager siden

    This is the worst ski

  • dill bill
    dill bill 2 dager siden

    8:21 HE'S BULKING

  • Callum Lynch
    Callum Lynch 2 dager siden


  • Amiraldo 7
    Amiraldo 7 2 dager siden +1

    20 mil!

  • Mr Unknown2000
    Mr Unknown2000 2 dager siden


  • Martin Big man
    Martin Big man 2 dager siden +3

    Can everybody stop commenting “KSI finally Remembered the password to his main channel”

  • Milkbag
    Milkbag 2 dager siden

    We were able to see jj without a bandana lol

  • Jamie and luca Plays
    Jamie and luca Plays 2 dager siden

    Best thing on yt

  • Static
    Static 2 dager siden

    I uploaded deji Listening/Dancing To Shape Of You like so we can get Ksi to notice !!!

  • Aspectz 12
    Aspectz 12 2 dager siden

    4:55 chunkz?

  • HYDRA Kayy
    HYDRA Kayy 2 dager siden

    JJ could've knocked him out in 10 seconds flat

  • LinkHD
    LinkHD 2 dager siden

    Tola pls more videos of this

  • Ian Munro
    Ian Munro 2 dager siden

    This is legitimately sick

  • Fusion
    Fusion 2 dager siden

    did anyone else think that he was doing a public prank by the thumbnail and title lol

  • Its Cool
    Its Cool 2 dager siden


  • Exceeder
    Exceeder 2 dager siden

    make laid in america 2

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 2 dager siden

    He’s BULKING

    with that waistline

  • IsJust Eliza
    IsJust Eliza 2 dager siden

    Okay ksi do more of this I liked this!!

  • Staze Walfy
    Staze Walfy 2 dager siden +2

    But what they don't know is he dosent have a drivers license

  • Kobe Cristan
    Kobe Cristan 2 dager siden

    Get Hyper
    only true fans know

  • clio jourdain
    clio jourdain 2 dager siden

    I will pay you £250 to mention Josh Tyes NO-clip channel Josh Tyes life in your next video plz🤑🤑🤑

  • Michael A
    Michael A 2 dager siden +1

    Looks like Ksi remembers his password to his main channel 😂

  • Funny Vid Buddys
    Funny Vid Buddys 2 dager siden

    this was amazing i wish every video was like this!!!

  • M Mann
    M Mann 2 dager siden


  • Jay Disbury
    Jay Disbury 2 dager siden

    Can we just get rid of ksi NO-clip would be a better place then

  • Lol Mann Lewis
    Lol Mann Lewis 2 dager siden

    Great video

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 2 dager siden

    Did he hold an actual gun to his face??? WTF!!!

  • Aizhs
    Aizhs 2 dager siden

    Chunks had me deaded

  • marko backman
    marko backman 2 dager siden

    Wtf was this😂

  • Faisa Guleed
    Faisa Guleed 2 dager siden


  • xd Harvey
    xd Harvey 2 dager siden

    I want black epic sax guy to return

  • BryDan
    BryDan 2 dager siden

    I loved it, like if u want more like I do 💕

  • James Sparks
    James Sparks 2 dager siden

    Ksi into the bandana verse coming soon

  • James Sparks
    James Sparks 2 dager siden

    Ksi after NO-clip

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 2 dager siden +1


  • Rovobovo
    Rovobovo 2 dager siden

    Lol I love this already