Goldbridge! Martial & Pogba World Class! Fulham 0-3 Manchester United Reaction


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  • United Like Manchester
    United Like Manchester 6 dager siden

    Come on Mark... We're watching 2nd place. Another 6 or 7 wins and Liverpool need diapers to hold their sh@t

  • Dilly Dilly
    Dilly Dilly 6 dager siden

    Does Lukaku have a brain?? Im serious.

  • Tsepo M
    Tsepo M 6 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣 And batter Man City did.

  • ayokunle olamide
    ayokunle olamide 6 dager siden

    You re right . Chelsea was battered.

  • Ioan Ratiu
    Ioan Ratiu 6 dager siden

    Boom shaka laka. Goldbridge is celebrating with cheeky wording.

  • Sean Tiernan
    Sean Tiernan 6 dager siden

    Don't think Ole wants Lukaku if he gets the job think he will be the first to go, we have a couple of good youth strikers I feel we should bring up, Mason Greenwood looks like he can have the impact rashford has had

  • troN aldo
    troN aldo 6 dager siden

    Lukaku needs to stay off the weights. He was far slimmer when tearing it up at everton.

  • troN aldo
    troN aldo 6 dager siden

    Herrera should be captain.

  • luk gray
    luk gray 6 dager siden

    Mata assisted that dictates a 7 minimum

  • Scott1888
    Scott1888 6 dager siden

    Man. City Beat Chelsea 6-0, SIX

  • nmarskillJR Nmarskill
    nmarskillJR Nmarskill 6 dager siden


  • fasih safwi
    fasih safwi 6 dager siden

    Mr. Goldbridge, been following you for long...Do please dedicate 2 min for Matic's praise under solksjar as you blasted him under Mourinho for being slow and predicted that he would be replaced...BUT he has been a constant like Pogba!

  • yuvraj walia
    yuvraj walia 6 dager siden

    Roast me
    Jouse is better then ole😂😂🤣

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka 6 dager siden

    Martial better than hazard? What type of weed is this midget smoking...dumb manc

  • anthony waswa
    anthony waswa 6 dager siden

    Biuum shaklakalak....

  • Onyekachi Dm
    Onyekachi Dm 6 dager siden

    Sir I love you, we are utd for life one love

  • Barry Fitzgerald
    Barry Fitzgerald 6 dager siden


  • GamerX
    GamerX 6 dager siden

    Martial being better than hazard is the best Bs I've heard for a long time.... He can't even lace his boots... u talk load of crap man please🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • pjt1974
    pjt1974 6 dager siden

    Lukaku guiding planes at the Airport???
    The PSG plane would end up parked in Newcastle.

  • Aidan Magill
    Aidan Magill 6 dager siden

    World class goal? They parted like the Red Sea for him. Let's take a breath and a step back.

  • dnbvet
    dnbvet 6 dager siden

    I don’t know if I was watching the same game but Dalot was slow and is short. He was beaten by pace a few times. For me Young is better. Today my MOTM was Pogba. I love Ander and he had a great game but Pogba for me.

  • Hamzie Plays
    Hamzie Plays 6 dager siden

    The people who say hazard is one of the best players in the world are officially mentally ill

  • Hamzie Plays
    Hamzie Plays 6 dager siden +1

    Remember when people was saying you ain’t going to get 4th

  • Inter Ya nan
    Inter Ya nan 6 dager siden

    No what’s funny is every weekend you were slagging your whole club off , now you’ve beaten a load of nobodies you think your amazing again ! So deluded 2nd season syndrome

  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan 6 dager siden

    Yeah sure where was martial at the start of the season and pogba they should be ashamed unprofessional

  • Joel Lloyd
    Joel Lloyd 6 dager siden

    I'm a united fan but you are delusional if you think martial is better than hazard

  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards 6 dager siden

    I used to do that job at the airport Mark. They are called batons. I loved that job.

  • Hawkelek
    Hawkelek 6 dager siden +1

    We should sell lukaku and bring memphis home. Sell darmian, rojo and buy Koulibaly. We should also buy doucore en Bailey en then we are a worldclass team that will be competing for the title next season!

  • Cantona
    Cantona 6 dager siden

    Lukaku was a passenger. He could have been taken off and not replaced and it wouldn't have made a difference. Yes Martial is class, but I would like him to be involved more. He has the skill to boss matches like Pogba does.

  • Andreas Constantinou
    Andreas Constantinou 6 dager siden

    Mark do you understand that the most important component in a football game is goals? Do you understand that if a player scores 2 and wins the game for his team, he instantly becomes the man of the match and his teams most valuable player? What would herreras performance be without goals? You are the one who doesnt understand football unfortunately.

  • Cooking Vittori
    Cooking Vittori 6 dager siden +1

    I don’t agree with you saying Dalot plays better than Young. Even Ole doesn’t agree. That’s why Ash was rested. I’d prefer Ashely to this greenhorn at the moment. To me he’s just like Andreas Perreira. Mentally not ready and lacks the intensity and tactical nous required for a starting position at Man U. He is not solid defensively at all. If anything we need him as cover but not as 1st choice. The club needs to sign a proper seasoned right back. Dalot is too error prone and not yet ready. All the teams in the top 6 have far much better right backs in comparison. Walker, Alexander-Arnold, Trippier, Azpilicuerta and even Bellerin are far ahead of this overrated Dalot kid.

  • Akhlaq Ahmed
    Akhlaq Ahmed 6 dager siden

    Who did you play?

  • Ezy Junior
    Ezy Junior 6 dager siden

    Lukaku is just a wikipedia striker now

  • Ben gee
    Ben gee 6 dager siden

    I do think mata has seen his better days unfortunately

  • Christopher Morton
    Christopher Morton 6 dager siden

    Go watch the Match in 20 on MUTV and you see how fantastic Herrera was. PAY THE MAN! We still don't have the squad depth, but Dalot was solid, Matic was solid, Martial was great and Pogba is a Bal'n Dor finalist.
    I had to attend a mental health seminar yesterday and was hitting update on the paper's coverage and it was a joy to even "watch" that way. Though to be fair, Jose did win 5-1 with essentially that same team (joke...sorry). Bring on PSG, Chelsea and Liverpool and then hand Ole the job!

  • Wayne Coldicutt
    Wayne Coldicutt 6 dager siden

    42 carrot plonker this one deluded comes to mind !

  • Merwin Bezuidenhout
    Merwin Bezuidenhout 6 dager siden

    PSG is probably scared to play United now, as we were when we drew them. what a turn around from United.

  • Aka Wetmanspencer
    Aka Wetmanspencer 6 dager siden

    U get sweat head is only Fulham

  • Chad Rutter
    Chad Rutter 6 dager siden

    smalling = 5. shocking display.

  • Mdu Mungwe
    Mdu Mungwe 6 dager siden

    Ander, Matic and Pogba the nucleus

  • Michael Airborn
    Michael Airborn 6 dager siden

    De Gea 7. I would have given 10 for clean sheet despite not having 14 saves but that yellow card, he was very furious.
    Jones 9. Assist, decent shot on goal and made only one mistake in the end
    Smalling 7. Amazing in the air, but passing and ball control was bad
    Shaw 6 A decent game. Defensively good, but no products
    Dalot 6. Same as Shaw + he didn't cover Fulhams 1st chance
    Fullbacks are very important positions if you play that formation 4-cdm-ram-lam-lw-st-rw
    Matic 7. Intelligent and smart play. Saved energy, but he got a yellow card and no assist
    Pogba 10 World-class
    Herrera 9 he won a lot of balls and gave everything
    Martial 9 showed his potential today as deadly LW, has to run more to empty spaces and out of his position
    Lukaku 6 He was not part of the game, but he created 3rd goal
    Mata 5.8 He earned a penalty, that's 0.8 points. Mata isn't RW
    Sanchez played very energetically, he created 2 good chances for himself. I'll put some blame on Lukaku for not being in the top when he was needed. I want to see more of him in the future, but the paycheck is too much
    McTominay was energetic but 1st touch passing in front of the box was bad
    Bailly saved a goal in the end, Jones and Smalling were beaten yet again in the end

  • Marlon  Campbell
    Marlon Campbell 6 dager siden

    But they are playing well.

  • Marlon  Campbell
    Marlon Campbell 6 dager siden

    Really! Because we beat Fulham, they need to do it against the bigger teams!

  • Michael Devall
    Michael Devall 6 dager siden

    Martial doing it playing against who ?
    Who have Man U played in the prem in this run ??
    Man U will lose 2 games in next 2 weeks

  • Michael Devall
    Michael Devall 6 dager siden

    Man U are embarrassing the amount of cash 💰 they spent mostly all flops I think Man U will drop before the end of the season.

    On his day martial 😂 omg

  • Max_Sparta Spectre
    Max_Sparta Spectre 6 dager siden

    Lukaku on the right flank is way better than Lukaku as the striker. Game against Arsenal showed us.

  • Max_Sparta Spectre
    Max_Sparta Spectre 6 dager siden

    Play Darmian at Right Back. He's the old school proper Italian Defender.

  • Simon Lomax
    Simon Lomax 6 dager siden

    “We were looking at the results of bournemouth and watford and shitting ourselves”. Superb. Very funny. But true. So glad the narcissist has gone now. Just lukaku left. The lazy bum

  • London Cars and Games
    London Cars and Games 6 dager siden

    It’s funny that Lukaku is the only one that hasn’t excelled under ole , he was absolutely awful he lacks football intelligences and spatial awareness when on the ball (his decision making is terrible )

  • Muslim Bissessur Muslim Bissessur

    Please get rid of lukaku . Soo slow , swap him to juventus

  • Marco Russo
    Marco Russo 6 dager siden

    @Markgoldbridge I think we should go all out for griezmann again or you don't rate him??

  • Trompy Haimbodi
    Trompy Haimbodi 6 dager siden

    Mikki would have been better under Ole than Sanchez, he would've been our solid RW, Jose just a fraud

  • Aka Wetmanspencer
    Aka Wetmanspencer 6 dager siden

    I having a laugh martial better than hazard

  • Aka Wetmanspencer
    Aka Wetmanspencer 6 dager siden

    Lol martial on his day better than hazard are u stupid

  • m7md Alfailchawi
    m7md Alfailchawi 6 dager siden

    Cavani, Neymar and verratti all injured...

  • amar reddy
    amar reddy 6 dager siden

    4 is generous for lukaaaaku

  • Amjid Truth only
    Amjid Truth only 6 dager siden +1

    Sell lakaku. Take a 20m loss and replace with a youth player.

  • Я Σ П Σ G Λ D Σ Ƨ Ө Ц П D

    Mark wasn't saying any of these things about Herrera before Ole and he has always been a consistent performer.

  • Mitchell Aninyang
    Mitchell Aninyang 7 dager siden

    I actually see United winning PSG on Tuesday. It's possible under Ole

  • Я Σ П Σ G Λ D Σ Ƨ Ө Ц П D

    Dalot is not ready for first team offered nothing, atleast with young you have good crosses and set plays.

  • Я Σ П Σ G Λ D Σ Ƨ Ө Ц П D

    No Neymar, no Cavani and maybe no Veratti biggest United game in years on Tuesday COME ON UTD

  • Ethiopia - land of Origin

    What do you expect from lukaku if you didn’t give him the ball in the box... he can’t do nothing. Stop putting him under the bus... feed him inside the box and he will give you goals. Don’t disgrace your player like that.. stick to him

  • Tony Marshall
    Tony Marshall 7 dager siden

    Martial goat

  • Hoodzy
    Hoodzy 7 dager siden

    Cavani, verratti and Neymar now all injured.... easy win for utd🤣

  • Ongkila Bhutia
    Ongkila Bhutia 7 dager siden

    Absolutely agreed. Herrera is the man of the match. Tenacious and so much energy.

  • Pokeballdk Denmark
    Pokeballdk Denmark 7 dager siden

    Great game! United would have won at least 5-0 if Rashford had been playing instead of Lukaku. Herrera and Pogba were outstanding and many others did really good. However, what I don't understand is that you Mark doesn't appreciate that Ollie rated the PSG game higher than this game and rested some of the best players. If United beat PSG - we got a great chance with their best 3 players injured - and get fourth spot in the league, there's no doubt Ollie will also get the job next season. So no wonder he did what he did. Furthermore, no team can keep playing the same team every game if they don't want to get players injured or fatigued - and games against teams like Fulham are undoubtedly the best games to rest players. We can't off course rest any players against Liverpool and City coming up soon. United will not get the fourth place if we don't rest the best players in some games. Ollie is just doing the right thing and has done from the beginning. He's off course not perfect and will make mistakes too, but if he's not been given the job no matter what happens the rest of the season, I will be as mad as I was when I heard Mourinho was getting the job back in 2016. For years and years I've so missed watching United playing the United way, so please don't let it last only until the summer!

  • J V
    J V 7 dager siden

    Rashford better than Henry
    Martial better than Hazard

    what's next Smalling better than Maldini???

  • obang metho
    obang metho 7 dager siden

    tony martial scores again still remember when we sign martial his dabut agains liverpool

  • Gran Torino
    Gran Torino 7 dager siden +1

    Hazard is better than Martial bruv. On 8/10 days at least. Martial is great, but not top 10 in the world. Be serious man. This is coming from a United fan through and through. Same goes for your hate against Lukaku. I agree he’s struggling to score, and that’s a problem for a striker, but look how he binds up the defenders! Look how he keeps the ball and starts so many counter attacks! Also, I agree with so many people here regarding Ashley Young. First of all you can’t batter a Man United legend that’s given so much for the club and seriously has moved to the total opposite side of the pitch - from left wing to right back. I mean come ooon man. And he’s still better than Dalot, even today considering. I love your videos here Mark, but stop hating on players who give their all. This club is also about loyalty to your players, and your loyalty seems to be a little too versatile.

  • Levin Nashon
    Levin Nashon 7 dager siden

    That lukaku rant cracked me up!
    Mark that was spot on

  • harbinger
    harbinger 7 dager siden +1

    Lukaku is a Mourinho player, slow and doesn’t fit our current system at all

  • Legit Walrus
    Legit Walrus 7 dager siden +1

    Imagine a front 3 of Martial, Rashford and Mbappe... or even Martial, Rashford and Sancho...

  • Gary Marshall
    Gary Marshall 7 dager siden

    Wonder why Flex and supporters never mentioned Heara

  • Jarod Reddig
    Jarod Reddig 7 dager siden

    Great win! Lukaku is an absolute disgrace with a 9 on his back playing like he’s never seen a football before.

  • Dre Mac
    Dre Mac 7 dager siden

    There were no mistakes in burnley either that was a good team that should have beaten burnley ...we lost not because of changes we lost because of martial

  • Horse Sense
    Horse Sense 7 dager siden

    We should rename De-lot to De-flop. Next = out of the FA Cup, out of the C.L. and 5th in the EPL. The pain continues.

  • Lotanna Uzoma
    Lotanna Uzoma 7 dager siden

    lukaku draws defenders. He creates spaces for alexis and martial. His hold up play was also good.

  • Its G
    Its G 7 dager siden

    fullham where awful today shows you why they re in bottom three martial pogba fantastic today

  • Mistaa Ali
    Mistaa Ali 7 dager siden

    Herrera for captain?

  • AJP Reactions
    AJP Reactions 7 dager siden

    Our French duo dose the job Martial and pogba 💪🇫🇷

  • Something Else
    Something Else 7 dager siden

    pogba was world class today, martial goal too

  • Lee Curley
    Lee Curley 7 dager siden

    Both Lukaku AND sanchez need to go

  • LiverpoolFan111
    LiverpoolFan111 7 dager siden

    Looking forward to playing you lot at Old Trafford. It will be end to end this time and should be a cracker.

  • Pavan Segal
    Pavan Segal 7 dager siden

    You forgot to say “Fandabbydozy” 😂

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 7 dager siden

    Sky sports give pogba man of the match

  • DLock274
    DLock274 7 dager siden

    Smalling and Jones were decent but hopefully Lindelof and Bailly play PSG and maybe you can do Smalling Jones vs Chelsea and rest Bailly Lindelof for Liverpool or maybe use one and rest another etc.

  • Neil Patel
    Neil Patel 7 dager siden

    “On His Day"

  • youchilled
    youchilled 7 dager siden

    sell lukaku and bring in mitrovic or arnie as a back up striker

  • Etty Obz
    Etty Obz 7 dager siden

    Mate its the league cup final

  • TurtleMC1993
    TurtleMC1993 7 dager siden +1

    best part of the game was where pogba gave his shirt to the little girl with the sign that said "pogba can i have your shirt please" ❤

  • denisg2000
    denisg2000 7 dager siden

    We can give Ole the job, buy a cb (Koulibally/Manolas), put in a bid for Kante, and get Douglas Costa......then challenge for the EPL next season.

  • James Birtwistle
    James Birtwistle 7 dager siden

    Boom shackalack yabba dabba do

  • Joshua Snyders
    Joshua Snyders 7 dager siden +3

    People wanna credit LVG for signing Martial... Not the case... Ryan Giggs scouted him for a whole year and convinced LVG to sign him... Giggs gave us his heir

  • Wendy Grant
    Wendy Grant 7 dager siden

    I think Ole's agent is negotiating his contract now with United. I think United won't announce until Summer. Why would Levy, seeing how United are now, be willing to give up their manager, who they think will further improve United?

  • Tommy Jordache
    Tommy Jordache 7 dager siden

    The difference between Fulham and Burnley is/was that OGS didn't touch the midfield today.

  • Phillip Jacobs
    Phillip Jacobs 7 dager siden

    You need to calm down. I love Martial as much as the next man but he's nowhere near world class yet.

  • Ansel Williams
    Ansel Williams 7 dager siden

    Ok Mark Shakespeare..😃😃..!

  • ni642
    ni642 7 dager siden

    Time to sell Statue of Michelangelo aka Lukaku

  • R. E. Hill
    R. E. Hill 7 dager siden

    Lukaku didn't perform any in this game either... But he sure as hell gets the attention from the defense and creates a lot of space for the manu attack... Just look closely, and perhaps you'll see why OGS isn't that unhappy with him..

  • H2 oH
    H2 oH 7 dager siden