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  • EarthShake Spear
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  • PhantomLion
    PhantomLion Dag siden

    So a Canadian and an Australian make commercials for eachother and...

  • Danni Lee
    Danni Lee Dag siden +1

    Straight to the comments, this was great had to watch 5 times in a row.

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  • temporaryscars
    temporaryscars Dag siden

    Top ten anime betrayals of 2019!

  • jose peralta
    jose peralta Dag siden

    Mouth dropped to the floor... That's it

  • Malik G
    Malik G Dag siden

    Ryan Reynolds is the best narrator.

  • 1e
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  • Alaa Sami
    Alaa Sami Dag siden

    hope to see you together in xmen movie

  • MoroccoGamer
    MoroccoGamer Dag siden

    he did you dirty haha

  • Ruby 3.0
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  • scott logan
    scott logan Dag siden

    Hugh better be in DP3 or I'm coming to get Hugh. My name is comprised of two X-Men, so be afraid and do what I tell Hugh.... What a weird spelling, kinda reads Hug with emphasis on the G and H.... Disclaimer:: never actually try to hug a Wolverine...

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  • TheDuke013
    TheDuke013 Dag siden

    Too funny.

  • Fight Dog Supreme
    Fight Dog Supreme Dag siden

    Poor Ryan, dude looks like somebody shot a puppy that was being hanged.

  • MamboJambo
    MamboJambo Dag siden

    Advertisement done right! Will you sell it in Hungary?

  • 1,000 subscribers without video

    *CIVIL WAR ||*


  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown Dag siden

    R u going to be in avengers endgame

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    ALAPINO Dag siden +1

    It's 0500hrs... and I'm quite sure I woke my neighbours laughing.

  • Pheonix The Immortal

    Ummmmm okay?

  • Dr Agon
    Dr Agon Dag siden

    Not gonna lie I'd watch Hugh's ad x'D

  • Nick Thomson
    Nick Thomson Dag siden

    Wow. Well done.

  • CrazyTory 12
    CrazyTory 12 Dag siden

    1:48 that face XD

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  • Joseph Gaytan
    Joseph Gaytan 2 dager siden

    They should've hosted The Oscars together.

  • DaddyRider18
    DaddyRider18 2 dager siden

    OMG this got me laughing so hard ahahaha

  • Flop Pig
    Flop Pig 2 dager siden

    Anyone watching in 1876

  • Joanna Aye
    Joanna Aye 2 dager siden +1

    Hugh Jackman has been my crush forever!

  • TheN00bpower
    TheN00bpower 2 dager siden

    This lil' skit is probably 10x more effective than placing ads before a show on tv

  • ericblu
    ericblu 2 dager siden

    i absolutely hate that i love this, so many feelings, so many sexy men, p.s. why not coffee gin? call it covfefe?

  • Paul's Trees of Waltham Abbey

    He he heeeeee

  • Andinga Tacho
    Andinga Tacho 2 dager siden

    Does this mean war between Wolverine and Deadpool?

  • Shorty4454
    Shorty4454 2 dager siden

    Bloody brilliant! Their friendship is pure comedy.

  • Datnigga Gonz
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  • BrontoSmilodon1
    BrontoSmilodon1 2 dager siden

    I kept expecting ryan to go for the throat but damn Jackman doesn't have to pop out claws to sow his savagery

  • Chain Impact
    Chain Impact 2 dager siden

    I feel so bad (even if it is fake) that I’ll go buy that gin

  • Eli Gordon
    Eli Gordon 2 dager siden

    Haha I was waiting for it and they delivered. 😂

  • Kumar Anurag
    Kumar Anurag 2 dager siden

    U r best around the world.

  • Derrick Harris
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  • Luka Cerar
    Luka Cerar 2 dager siden

    This is the best video ever:)

  • Anthony Jamias
    Anthony Jamias 2 dager siden

    Fifth boj

  • ADOLF FISHLER looking for memes

    Wolverine vs Deadpool in real life lol

  • Naufal Zikry
    Naufal Zikry 2 dager siden

    I like how Ryan have different hair style

  • Derek Ad
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  • hello54541
    hello54541 2 dager siden

    Anyone thought Hugh was kinda thin tho?

  • Jerry J
    Jerry J 2 dager siden

    Freaking hilarious... good job guys....

  • Griffin Reid
    Griffin Reid 2 dager siden

    A swell bit from a couple of my favorite swell fellas. I'll have to try both.

  • VRMusic
    VRMusic 2 dager siden +1

    Great marketing !

  • mustafa kaplan
    mustafa kaplan 2 dager siden +1

    I like Hugh’s one more

  • Ice 77
    Ice 77 2 dager siden

    Yeah. Australian is an asshole.

  • 멈무조
    멈무조 2 dager siden

    Ryan did amazing but Hugh...? What was that omg X-D

  • Parth rajoriya
    Parth rajoriya 2 dager siden

    Huge is not huge without his beard

  • Ignacio Ruiz
    Ignacio Ruiz 2 dager siden

    This is just amazing, I will buy the gin when I see it (even though I hate gin).

  • Drankus
    Drankus 2 dager siden

    It sucks these two won’t actually be in a movie together as Deadpool and Wolverine. They both have like a “frienemy” relationship just like the characters.

  • aung pyae sone
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  • Kyle Dearling
    Kyle Dearling 3 dager siden

    Lmao how could you do that to a fellow canuck 😜

  • IIIrandomIII
    IIIrandomIII 3 dager siden

    I hate that these products will sell.
    Damn... power of star marketing.

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  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 3 dager siden

    Can't believe I didn't think of this when I first saw this but:
    "Van Hellsing
    Van Wilder
    Who won
    Whose next
    *while slurring indecipherably*
    "epic wrap battuls of hishtory"

  • k p
    k p 3 dager siden

    let this be a lesson to Canadians

  • robcastsflare
    robcastsflare 3 dager siden

    Lol that was hilarious

  • Lord Megatron
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  • Lorewriter
    Lorewriter 3 dager siden

    OMG this is the best lol

  • Phil Hub
    Phil Hub 3 dager siden

    I saw that coming, and it still made me laugh. Fuck you both. Good ad

  • Miguel Suarez
    Miguel Suarez 3 dager siden

    Hugh not shit lmao 😂 Ryan was so heart broken he spent a million dollars Hugh

  • operation r6
    operation r6 3 dager siden

    i nut when ryan reynolds talks

  • mahmoud sad
    mahmoud sad 3 dager siden

    for a second i believed its areal truce, thank god it's WAAAAAAR.

  • Abby Wonder
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  • Ovais Malik
    Ovais Malik 3 dager siden +1

    Hughve gotta be shitting me! His Gin commercial would be absolutely genius on TV. The whole point for advertising is for you to remember the message / product and what he did was super memorable because it's done in such a unique way.

  • Shane Green
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  • Irene Bustos
    Irene Bustos 3 dager siden

    Those Ryan's sad puppy eyes got me on my knees.

  • Thomas Herrmann
    Thomas Herrmann 3 dager siden

    Wolverine vs Deadpool movie pls!!!!

  • Hewo Awad
    Hewo Awad 3 dager siden

    wait, why does deadpool have a youtube channel

  • GoldenJam_ 01
    GoldenJam_ 01 3 dager siden

    That's amazing

  • Ryan Willow
    Ryan Willow 3 dager siden

    Why is hugh going between american and british accents?

  • Rin bartlett
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  • I'll just let it be
    I'll just let it be 3 dager siden

    Sorry, but I judt don't believe that it's possible for the MCU to recreate this phenomenal chemistry when they recast Wolverine, or perhaps even Deadpool (not likely, but who knows?)

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 3 dager siden

    Only need to wear costumes

  • Spacetime John
    Spacetime John 3 dager siden

    no truce

    RRIFZAUQ MZaa 3 dager siden

    I cant stop laughing

  • Sighberia
    Sighberia 3 dager siden

    Now THIS is how advertisements should be done.

  • Huntrex
    Huntrex 3 dager siden

    subscribe to pewdiepie and I'll become Deadpool

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf 3 dager siden

    They are so entertaining

    RDCST 3 dager siden

    No se Ryan, no es gracioso lo que hizo Hugh.

  • ThanossGaming
    ThanossGaming 3 dager siden

    Hugh guessed it 😉

  • Zaphod T
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  • Tet Kim
    Tet Kim 3 dager siden

    Wolverine and Deadpool lol

  • raghdha damara
    raghdha damara 3 dager siden

    Let them fight , i wanna see deadpol dying on logan 😂

  • Rockgod
    Rockgod 3 dager siden

    I like Ryan's sense of Hughmor.

  • Geralt of Trivia
    Geralt of Trivia 3 dager siden +3

    1:35 *'hurt' plays*

  • Geralt of Trivia
    Geralt of Trivia 3 dager siden +1

    Now... kiss.

  • Echo TheEcho
    Echo TheEcho 3 dager siden

    Ryan looked so hurt.

  • Sieg Hart
    Sieg Hart 3 dager siden

    hugh could be behind..? hugh guessed it... hugh jackman... lolol

  • Rutaba Faraz
    Rutaba Faraz 3 dager siden

    When deadpool runs out of budget

  • Sean Mahoney
    Sean Mahoney 3 dager siden

    This feud needs John C. McGinley to join and it would then be perfection!

  • TJ Devil
    TJ Devil 3 dager siden

    Nothing to see here folks. Just Wolverine and Deadpool hanging out...