Joe Rogan Experience #1241 - Sam Harris


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  • Casey Willowz
    Casey Willowz 18 timer siden

    but i already get the podcast without adds... why would i need to buy your app bullshit joe????
    you started doing this for free for a reason....

  • Christopher Marian
    Christopher Marian 19 timer siden

    You have THE BIGGEST bucket. I love you, and what you do, Joe, keep being you.

  • Mrkillerkane
    Mrkillerkane 20 timer siden

    What does "making the right noises about syria" even mean? Sam Harris is a mealy mouthed regime change cunt. Similar to the nauseating dolt, Bari Weiss, he makes vague insinuations without actually confronting the content of Gabbards positions, because to do so would expose himself as the double talking imperialist twat that he is.

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD 21 time siden

    This way if thinking is what I love about Sam, "if you cant afford it tell us and we will give it to you" is a pitch that'd make me buy shit twice... just to help make up the difference.

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD 21 time siden

    NO-clip skews massively right?
    Looking at user numbers with established political leanings I could buy that it maybe leans a little to the right but not that much.
    If you look at organisations and media Id say it skews very much to the left... TYT, MTV, Vox etc etc... the LBTQ movement and BLM are all over the place and saying some quite horrendous shit as well but for some reason never gets taken down.
    Youre also on one of the biggest podcasts in the internet which is by a left leaning guy.... aside from perhaps your own podcast which as you no doubt know is run by a left leaning guy xD
    No idea where this idea about heavily skewing to the right comes from really

  • Michael Arens
    Michael Arens 22 timer siden

    Money. Money money money. Said Sam Harris.

  • kevin moore
    kevin moore 22 timer siden

    Take a shot every time Sam Harris steers the conversation to talking about himself. Shotgun a beer every time Sam Harris says “for me”.

  • Michael Arens
    Michael Arens 22 timer siden

    I'd agree with with his ideas a lot more if he didn't constantly talk about money.

  • Michael Arens
    Michael Arens 22 timer siden

    I'm kinda curious how these youtube algorithms actual work when I'm a libertarian

  • Funky Chicken
    Funky Chicken 22 timer siden

    Hold the fuck up...
    There's a world of difference between cancel culture, and entertaining the idea of Louis C.K. returning to comedy. Doesn't Joe have daughters? He's really not going to put a permanent "fuck Louis C.K." t-shirt on? The dude would pull his dick out and jerk it off in front of unwilling women who only kept quiet b/c they knew Louis could use his clout and have them blacklisted if they said anything.
    Don't lump a goddamn jerk-off flasher in with the guy who made a Dean Martin joke, you fucking assclowns. Dude jerks his dick in front of unwilling women - that fucker has disallowed himself from public life for life, as far as I'm concerned.
    What the fuck is wrong with these two?
    And again - doesn't Joe have daughters? Would he really let this shit slide?

  • Michael Arens
    Michael Arens 22 timer siden

    Idgaf I still watch all your podcasts.

  • moloko5
    moloko5 23 timer siden

    Old school liberals like they are describing still exist. We just get drowned out by all the loud opinionated SJW's.

  • Alexander Mills
    Alexander Mills 23 timer siden

    Sam Harris is so boring and by boring I mean doesn't seem to have any convictions except "religion is bad" and "we don't have free will". Fine, but do you have anything else Sam?

  • Snow Falls
    Snow Falls 23 timer siden

    Future presidents will have to apologize for NO-clip comments they made when they were 9.

    ANTIHERO 23 timer siden

    *Get Chris Hedges on!!*

    ANTIHERO 23 timer siden

    Joe "i can pay my bills" Rogan

  • Flashy Thing
    Flashy Thing Dag siden

    " a man who identifies as a lesbian....He has a penis.."

  • Joel Costa
    Joel Costa Dag siden

    It's interesting what he said about the path to redemption, and while I don't like these kind of ideas to be part of politics, given the current state it might actually be beneficial to run with that idea. Any democrat that takes himself to defend everyone, and be openly against this outrage culture, while having a populist political message has a massive advantage against every other democrat, and probably republican. There's even one person who could use their own past in that advantage, and that person is Tulsi. Years back, she was hardcore homophobic. But she's not now, not any more. She can use her experience as a tool for a message of redemption. She can be an example that you shouldn't crucify people for old comments and ideas, or for accidental comments that were not meant in an ill-intended way.
    Because truth is, she's going to be called out on it anyway at some point, might as well be honest about it, wear it like an armor. Because what happened to Liam is so stupid, and such behaviour is inexcusable.

  • Dominic Ossarg
    Dominic Ossarg Dag siden

    This is free will....

    a openly declared suggestion to intentionally attempt a causation of attention diverted to a space between space in time where the end of the sentence is a gift of transendance.

    You are a Creator of this transmission.

  • tizodd6
    tizodd6 Dag siden

    Sam Harris is intelligent but he plays dumb on certain topics. He makes it sound like a person has to walk around with an "I'm racist" t-shirt and cap in order for them to be racist.

  • BarkusMuhl
    BarkusMuhl Dag siden

    "I would be very circumspect about endorsing Tulsi going forward. I would do a little homework"
    You just attacked the woman and said nothing to back the attacks. That's not very intellectual of you Sam. It's almost as as Bari Weiss attacking Tulsi using a literal script that she didn't even understand.
    Perhaps there's something these two have in common.

  • Michael Vandergriff

    "Women's lingerie" is from the Aerosmith music video "Love in an Elevator". Can't believe a guy almost got fired for saying that. The roles today are totally reversed from when I was a kid. The younger people today are like my grandmother back then.

  • SpideySensei72
    SpideySensei72 Dag siden

    Megyn Kelly said and did way more racial inflammatory things than the blackface incident. Just because they both choose not to do any further research doesn't excuse what she said or did. And let's be honest, they ditched her because she was a ratings disaster for the network. As long as you're making money for a company, they'll gladly look the other way as long as they can reap the profits.

  • Big Budah Data Base

    once he goes off of free podcast im done watching

  • Adrian Batson
    Adrian Batson Dag siden

    Joe and Sam always have the most enjoyable podcasts

  • Silent Teeth
    Silent Teeth Dag siden

    Sorry Joe, it’s too hard for me to believe you had no idea of the questions that should be asked. Banning and sensoring is the HOTTEST topic of the past 3 years, but somehow this eluded the number man with the number one podcast in the world. Many times I’ve heard you talk about sensorship, in regards to others, and even content you allow or accidentally allow on your show (is music, names, language etc)

  • Paul Coop
    Paul Coop Dag siden +1

    Joe you have to ask yourself why you're getting so many thumbs down these days..

  • G- Field
    G- Field Dag siden

    The Covington kids where not innocent.. that’s fake news ! Watch all tapes Including the one where they tell girls it’s not rape if you enjoy it

  • TheKMA
    TheKMA Dag siden +1

    Damn joe, talk about slow podcast today.

  • Li Gu
    Li Gu Dag siden

    David Guffey ..except the negative vs positive/neutral comments including replies are about 150-to-10 from top, most recent to this comment, or 15-1 ratio. I can believe the viewers are closer to 100 grateful for the free content vs 1 dug in on the right, or of the opinion Joe Rogan is a shill, even just by looking at the thumbs-up to thumbs-down ratio - about 6 likes to every dislike - but of the people choosing to make comments, it's really not obvious. I still get that sense of disruptive comments which veer so far from legitimate points being addressed that the cesspool description seems fair.

  • al McDonald
    al McDonald Dag siden

    It makes me cry that the beautiful intellect that is Sam Harris can still sit there and scratch his head about how we can mitigate offence against comedians, as if it’s the result of a sort of accidental misunderstanding instead of what it obviously is, which is a malevolent con job perpetrated by narcissists for political gain

  • dB
    dB Dag siden

    Which Sam Harris podcast are they referring to around 40minutes? The one that Sam Harris had to re-do after doing it for 30 minutes?

    • Wes Wellman
      Wes Wellman Dag siden

      dB I believe it was a podcast with Jordan Peterson about truth

  • Koby
    Koby Dag siden +2

    Yes I was one of those people that used to like Sam Harris sorry for my mistake 😓😓😓

  • chuckugly
    chuckugly Dag siden

    I want to hear more about how to teach kids self awareness and anger management. Great podcast.

  • Substitute Bodhisattva

    Sam Harris wants so badly to be an intellectual.
    He's a firm believer in "Fake it til you make it".
    It's not in the cards for you, Sam.

  • Astares
    Astares Dag siden

    Wow, Sam. The kid is an asshole for standing still and smiling? Right..

    MIKE VON BACH Dag siden

    Liam Neeson's friend had allegedly been raped by a black man. Many white women have sex with black men .... But if they get caught then they shout Rape.

  • joses box
    joses box Dag siden +1

    I think Tulsi is making the exact right noises on Syria. We’ve gotta quit overthrowing people and expect it to be better afterward. We’ve seen that clearly doesn’t work.

  • ymmij388
    ymmij388 Dag siden +1

    Her candidacy is not going to age well? That sounds very near a threat to me. But I have been fearful that the powers that be won't let Tulsi get anywhere near the Whitehouse. Sam Harris is an enemy of reason. Just for publicity Tusli should debate Sam and put him in his place. Too many folks babble on about politics and probably could've even explain rank choice voting.

  • Kaleidoface
    Kaleidoface Dag siden +1

    Sam "monkey dance" Harris.

  • Jim Maughan
    Jim Maughan Dag siden

    I think I disagree with Joe more than I agree but to accuse him letting his advertisers influence his questions is ridiculous.
    He is one of the most honest people on the intertubes. Same with Sam.
    Or maybe I'm being nice onaccounta I'm puffing a pipe.

  • condemanuk
    condemanuk Dag siden

    2:23:50 - "avoid violence at any cost, but you need to know how to fight" ... i agree with that oddly statement

  • Juan Ponce
    Juan Ponce Dag siden

    Sam stick to philosophy not politics I think ur misrepresenting the left quite a bit . How can u not mention the fact that we are the only ones that want money out of politics and I truly don’t understand how a younger Bloomberg would solve that. I do think that ur critics of the left is accurate but I also think that ur magnifying these critics because of the unfair attacks they made to u personally from bad faith actors. Sam u agree with most of the policies that the left is trying to get passed like green new deal , single payer , raising minimum wage, etc..
    don’t give up on the left we do value logic and therefore all critics u have can be corrected . Much love to Sam , he has helped me through a lot in terms of philosophical ideas and morality. Btw my ideology is libertarian left if u get a chance to read this Sam ( I know their is a low probability that u will) I would like to see ur thoughts on that type of ideology.

  • Earning Attorney
    Earning Attorney Dag siden

    Wait Joe does ads?

  • slingerland3g
    slingerland3g Dag siden

    Two schools of thought here: Either Social Media will strengthen a society, or Social Media will be the end of a society. When everyone knows everything about anybody, and there is a platform to spread discontent and untruths, that is a recipe for disaster. Civility and the ability to just take a step back when something is heard or seen, is losing its grip on our current state of affairs.

  • eli gross
    eli gross Dag siden +1

    Remember when these guys used to talk about interesting stuff?… Yeah… That was cool.

  • EeveeTheHamster
    EeveeTheHamster Dag siden +1

    Middle aged white men talking, "with authority" about view points they have never known and never will know. I had love, now I have disrespect.

  • Jacob Walls
    Jacob Walls Dag siden

    First off, Assad didn't gas his own people

  • lSkatePopwar
    lSkatePopwar Dag siden

    I’d like this twice if I could.

  • Jarvis Juice
    Jarvis Juice Dag siden +1

    Ugh...slow talkers are difficult to listen to

  • Michael
    Michael Dag siden

    Sam should reconsider his definitions of far right or alt right. He's separated the left and right based on immigration and racism alone. As someone who is left leaning, it's the issues that define those political definitions. Immigration...crazy far left let everyone in....far right...immigrants should all sent back or die. Guns...crazy far left, abolish guns... crazy far right...give guns no limits on guns. Same with other issues. The problem is these voices are allowed to much air time. The most major problem are those near the middle who are supposed to be the voice of reason on both sides not holding their ground. I lean more left basically because the middle right have no integrity or honor any longer. The outrage about spending under Clinton and Obama, but no care in the world under Bush is astonishing. The middle right pushing more and more religion and consistently violating separation of church and State, also astonishing. The middle right consistently ignoring the vast majority of the public that want universal background checks is astonishing. Everyone can claim all day about both parties contributing to our problems with facts, the right has absolutely been the most corrupt and hypocritical party. The complete denial and bashing of science or other professional analysis of issues is insane. We have to lean on the research and opinions of professionals in their fields. Have to. Example...border security....I want to know only what the professionals have to say regarding their needs. If 70% of the border security officials...the professionals...say we need a wall in a particular area, then we probably need a wall. If they say drones or fiber optic sensors would be better, then that's what we need. A political leader says they WANT a wall....that's not good enough. That's stupid. Give the professionals what they need. Simple. So basically the middle right has supported the far right too much and for too long. There arent many moderate conservatives any longer.

  • 85rgreen
    85rgreen Dag siden +1

    Bring on Tim Pool w/ Jack Dorsey so we can know the who's who with regards to banning and bias.

  • I Want Winners Produxtions

    Fuck Sam Harris, Joe don’t have shills like this on

  • Danton Babeuf
    Danton Babeuf Dag siden +1

    zionisam harris is getter fatter and even more stupid in his old age. don't think it will help the stupidity but he maybe should talk to jordan pedosen about losing weight on a keto diet, just don't tell the fellow narcissistic, it's keto, pretend, he "invented" the dietary plan.

  • Tristan Grubb
    Tristan Grubb Dag siden +1

    Joe "I'll be the first one to tell you when a podcast sucked" Rogan.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Dag siden

    Of course Jack is incentivized to pump Bitcoin! He owns Bitcoin. This wouldn't be a wacky crazy conspiracy, people do it all the time.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Dag siden

      Furthermore, Bitcoin is here to help content creators receive microtransactions for their work.

  • To Da
    To Da Dag siden

    holy shit it's ben stiller

  • Jacob Stamm
    Jacob Stamm Dag siden

    Ezra Klein's loyal followers are apparently still butthurt about Sam's debate with him and are brigading.

  • necro flounder
    necro flounder Dag siden

    You are only noticing now because its hitting lefties as well, before the media would bury people, no recourse, no public avenue of outcry, it was simply final.
    The entitlement isn't new, they were just getting their way for so long it hid the extent of it, as I said before, the job of taking out people was already being done institutionally, so they didn't have to do it themselves. The behavior you see from the left with their control of social media is no different than what they do in office politics, or any other sphere where they slowly take over an institution, its O'Sullivan law, discrimination behind smiles of "social justice".
    Why is it wrong to wear a maga hat? The pink hats where everywhere and feminism destroys lives, we saw the false accusations on prime time tv with the supreme court hearings, and that was just one of three. The default assumptions are just all wrong, they've been skewed to the left so far that people don't even notice anymore. The idea that the left weren't violent is a nonstarter, they were the original anti globalists if you don't remember anymore, riots galore.
    And this deranged desperation to vote left, its as if he doesn't understand that the left hasn't learned a thing. God help any one who isn't a female democrat running for office, because they are simply fixated on race and gender, and so it will only get worse. Sam acts like the cancer is over when the chemo has not even yet begun.

  • Mikkel Højen
    Mikkel Højen Dag siden +7

    Can someone please explain to me why cultural appropriation constitutes as racism? I'm from Denmark, I have black friends... They would never say anything bad about me for dressing up as a black guy, nor if I uploaded a video of me on all 4 with other white people pouring black paint over my entire body. Why? Because if I dress up as someone black, it is because I like the person, and it's extremely hard to portray that person when the skin colours are opposite. Explain to me why this is inheritently racist. Dressing up as Wilson Kipketer isn't racist, it's a sign of admiration of his ability to run. Dressing up as a "random black person" with a slave master next to you is contentious, but not inherently racist; it is racist if the message you send is that of approval of such a situation, but it's anti-racist if you send the opposite message.
    And Trevor Noah isn't helping the issue...especially when he talks on behalf of european countries that simply doesn't see things the way you do. He's literally a 3rd wheel bumping into a conversation between 2 friends, calling one of them racist on behalf of the friend he's talking to on an equal basis.

  • esS Cee
    esS Cee Dag siden

    Lol watching Joe explain to Sam why Podcasts shouldn't pay as much as Netflix and Sam flinching.
    Joe is 100% right, Sam you are great to watch... but a lot of other people would have to charge before you'd be able to charge everyone. You'd be competing with Jp and Jr and Rubin but be the only one who was charging. If you decide that you don't like podcasting, stop. People would miss you, but someone would take your place. Paywall has hurt people do your research.
    A better route.. IDW station... get 10-15 people, some people might bite.

  • Sam Friedberg
    Sam Friedberg Dag siden +1

    Sam harris says his famous product is the dictionary. Dude needs some acid, his ego is out of control

    ARTCARGAL Dag siden

    love your show. Now I get why you guys end up talking about boxing in the last part as apparently 80 percent of NO-cliprs are male.If true, I think that makes other women weird,they are missing out. Oh well, still love ya! Looking forward to next interview/discussion with Jack.

  • Kenny B
    Kenny B Dag siden +1

    I can see how he might not know the specific reason why Megan Murphy was banned (or even who Megan Murphy is) buit Alex Jones??? I find that much harder to believe.

  • Lois Smith
    Lois Smith Dag siden +1

    Wake up, this two guys make their money by putting out daily gossip columns, nothing wrong with that. Why they have to justify what they do seems a bit contrary. It amazes me how worthless I have become by wasting my time listening to them,

  • kiddiescripterkiller

    Reason why probably they said the MAGA teen had a punchable face... Is when I first started seeing it pop up on NO-clip I thought it was Joey Lagano... So it was quite a few days before I finally clicked on it... Not a fan of his... He is a whiner... A lot of NASCAR fans hate him... I would probably like to punch him if they had the chance...
    Really... For being so "smart" he is pretty stupid on politics...
    The problem is, everyone too politically correct... Oh... you are hurting my feelings... So I must destroy your life... It's the pusification of America... What ever happened to... Sticks and stones may break my bones but namrs will never hurt me... George Carlin must be rolling over in his grave...
    Mental health... President Johnson cut spending on the mentally ill in the 60's the state's didn't want to pay... So they threw them out in the streets... And they have been breeding... And if you look it before they threw them out... Only one mass shooting in the U.S.. Some need to be in a hospital, under the care of a doctor to make sure they take thier meds and have no access to weapons... And not left to self medicate and be able to buy a weapon...

  • Bn _dr19
    Bn _dr19 Dag siden +1

    Please interview richard dawkins

  • HappyDonutFarts
    HappyDonutFarts Dag siden

    1:04:00 These MAGA kids are just assholes,... under developed frontal lobes... oh but it was amazing how they hadn't broke out into violence! Ever considered that many of those kids had saw right through Nathan's attempt to instigate violence for publicity, if you had bother to read Nick Sandmann's statement provided through his lawyer that's EXACTLY how much of the kids had seen Nathan, attempting spark up the lizard part of their brains into spewing hateful comments, but there weren't any, but hey those MAGA hat kids were still A-holes, weren't they?

  • Romes Republic
    Romes Republic Dag siden

    "Circular fireing squad" rofl😂🤣

  • Satsui no Hado
    Satsui no Hado Dag siden

    Add a public comment...

  • Johnston Carliferanda

    It irks me that Sam continuously states that "all racists vote for Trump". There is plenty of unapologetic racism on the left, it just targets different groups for different reasons.

  • F W
    F W Dag siden

    12:00 Sam says he's been forced to made some odd choices. Sam promised that supporters of the podcast would get full lifetime access to the meditation app, until it launched. So I supported his podcast right before the app launched. Later, I can't log in. I have to pay.

    I'm glad he did that. It wasn't fair for me to take without giving much. And it was an impressive decision.

  • Neon High
    Neon High Dag siden

    No true Joe, you have a huge audience that wants you to risk more (of course in accordance with your judgment). Twitter was a bold approach, and YOU DID GREAT . more

  • bruno3833
    bruno3833 Dag siden

    I disagree with Sam Harris about learning kids to control their emotions. If you learn to subtract emotions it will be usefull when youre angry or sad but this will also apply to your happiness and laughing.

  • Syko
    Syko Dag siden

    21:13 I bet they never miss, huh?

  • Jack Walters
    Jack Walters Dag siden

    1:11:00 - "Every racist voted for Trump."

    I have a feeling that the racists who are racist towards whites, probably did not vote for Trump. Just a hunch. Unless we're in the "you can't be racist towards whites" territory which I know Sam is not.

  • Dark Truth
    Dark Truth Dag siden

    I fully respect your honesty and public self-analysis. It’s humble and modest.

  • james jetsfool
    james jetsfool Dag siden

    Your overanalyzing your performance. Love all the podcast. They are all unique. Some more interesting then others. But never felt you were low on juice. You always bring the heat joe. Keep doing you. This is the age of dumb trolling. Just remember what you see as bad or not interesting could and is perceived different by the listeners.

  • Danny Alder
    Danny Alder Dag siden

    Sam Harris is Toby from the office....

  • Jack Walters
    Jack Walters Dag siden

    0:45:06 - NOT a flamethrower.

  • lifesentence
    lifesentence Dag siden

    Yes Joe is tone deaf because he's a Boomer multimillionaire Hollywood elite who is completely out of touch with the dominant American zeitgeist. After all he's a globalist open borders socialist who still insists "Not my money!!!"

    • lifesentence
      lifesentence Dag siden

      I wonder how hateful and altright my comment is?

  • Sean Sbragia
    Sean Sbragia Dag siden

    "I can smell a lie like a fart in a car." ~Happy Harry Hard On.

  • Joe Bauers
    Joe Bauers Dag siden

    Joe Rogan says black people are monkeys right? That's pretty fucked up. Just sayin...

  • MrTrenttness
    MrTrenttness Dag siden

    This was a great interview! I didn't agree with some things said but I enjoyed the topics! Thanks!!!

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind

    You can't stop the abuse online unless the internet becomes a space where you have to use your actual face as an avatar etc. which I don't see happening. I mean I say offensive things, I give abuse etc. but I really try not to, a lot of the time I'll read my comment before posting and just delete it as it was fucking with my sense of karma but I'm someone that at least tries to stop it and yet I can't. I quite hard drugs and smoking, its not like I have no willpower.

  • eric burton
    eric burton Dag siden

    Why is it so many people have their head up their ass when it comes to Tulsi Gabbard?

  • Ross Whitlock
    Ross Whitlock Dag siden

    Andrew Yang for president 2020

  • Jack Walters
    Jack Walters 2 dager siden

    21:12 - I guess they never miss, huh?

  • Einstein Alberto
    Einstein Alberto 2 dager siden

    Well this guy is just an oasis of enthusiasm..

  • Sean Pond
    Sean Pond 2 dager siden

    Bitcoin!! Please have Andreas Antonopoulos on the show!!!

  • Emese Szorenyi
    Emese Szorenyi 2 dager siden

    I love you guys but can we focus on bigger issues than fucking and gender? Earth has no GENDER!

  • Andre Louis Moreau
    Andre Louis Moreau 2 dager siden

    Ugh, I'm no big Trump fan, but both you and Sam are the assholes for judging anyone with a MAGA hat!
    Wtf?! They bought MAGA hats, why the hell would that make the Covington kids asshole teenagers to either of you?!

  • Thomas Shebby
    Thomas Shebby 2 dager siden

    Can we get Moran Cerf on this show?

  • Truth Flinging Honkey
    Truth Flinging Honkey 2 dager siden +1

    I hope Dorsey dies a slow and painful death.

  • Caleb Shouse
    Caleb Shouse 2 dager siden +3

    Sam Harris's meditation app is just him talking, the dude puts me to sleep!!

  • BonEndeavor
    BonEndeavor 2 dager siden +1

    Can you get people on who are not mossad assets? It would be nice to hear people expose the khazarian banking cartel..... Something you will NEVER heard on JRE again since he sold out.

  • Brandon Josi
    Brandon Josi 2 dager siden

    "He had a pepe the frog avatar"...

  • evvkaz
    evvkaz 2 dager siden

    Clearly Norm said what he said on purpose. It was funny. Don’t pretend like it wasn’t intentional.

  • E Zacher
    E Zacher 2 dager siden

    Two men with common sense talk about the insanity of modern life.

  • evvkaz
    evvkaz 2 dager siden

    At least Sam is honest on Tulsi. what an asshole. anyone for Palestinian rights shouldn’t be supported as far as he’s concerned.