12 Strange Behaviors That Are Normal in Other Countries

  • Publisert 27. nov.. 2018
  • Did you know that the “okay” sign means “money” in Japan, “zero” in France, and is even considered a sexual insult in Brazil? Yikes! That's definitely not a situation you wanna find yourself in! Culture and location sure can make a difference when it comes to appropriate behavior and gestures.
    Every country has its own laws, traditions, rules, and specific features that might seem strange and even shocking to the people of other cultures. For example, did you know that in Denmark, people have picnics in cemeteries? Or that Tibetans show their tongue to greet others? Or that the Vietnamese consider crossed fingers offensive? Our world is amazing and unique and that’s what Bright Side keeps reminding our readers. The following 16 facts confirm this statement.
    In Demark, people have picnics in cemeteries 0:47
    People in Thailand don't let others touch their head 1:32
    In many Muslim countries, the left hand is considered the “dirty” one 2:13
    In Norway, people don't compliment others to their face 2:43
    People in Malaysia point with their thumb 3:15
    Koreans don't write names in red 3:43
    In Australia, sitting in the back of a taxi is rude 4:20
    Tibetans show their tongue to greet others 4:55
    People in China celebrate their birthday according to the Lunar calendar 5:35
    The Vietnamese consider crossed fingers offensive 6:09
    Indians don't say “thank you” too often 6:35
    Maasai tribe members spit at each other to show respect 7:11
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    - For most of us, a cemetery is reserved for grieving families and an overall gloomy atmosphere. But believe it or not, it's not that uncommon to see a happy Danish family having a picnic or a young couple sunbathing there!
    - In many countries, patting someone on the head is a sign of approval and care, but that’s not the case in Thailand. Thai people strongly believe that the head is the most sacred and important part of the body where your soul resides.
    - Muslims usually use their left hand to clean themselves after going to the bathroom. You must use your right hand for greeting people and eating meals.
    - People in Norway are way more subtle with their compliments than, say, Americans are. They don't really like to put others on the spot and make them feel embarrassed by their words.
    - In Malaysia, pointing at someone with your index finger is considered really rude and offensive. You can kinda get away with this if you point at an animal or an object. But when it comes to people, Malaysians use another hand gesture.
    - In a lot of countries, it’s perfectly fine to use red ink to make someone's written name even more noticeable. In South Korea, though, locals would never do something like that. This superstition goes back to the times when red ink was used to write deceased people's names on the family register.
    - In the U.S., sitting in the front passenger seat next to the taxi driver would be really weird. That’s why it’s more common in America to sit in the back of the taxi. But in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands, sitting in the back can be considered impolite.
    - If you go to Tibet, you're guaranteed to have fun every time you meet someone simply because Tibetans often stick their tongue out to say “hello”! This strange tradition originates from past times.
    - People in China add one year to their total age on their Lunar New Year's Day. That's why people in China can be one or even two years older in their age-counting system than in the international one.
    - In Vietnam, crossing your index and middle fingers over each other represents genitals, obviously making it an incredibly offensive gesture to show someone.
    - Indians take “thank you” way more seriously! If you say it in the wrong context, where it’ll sound insincere, it may even get you into trouble.
    - For the Maasai people of Kenya and northern Tanzania, spitting at one another is seen as a sign of blessing and respect. They also often spit on their palms before shaking hands.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  13 dager siden +1065

    Where is everybody from? 🙂
    Here's more crazy things about other countries: no-clip.com/video/k7vz01_MMxk/video.html&t=1s

  • Sofia Macalindol
    Sofia Macalindol 11 minutter siden

    I dont know that pointing at phillipines is bad i am a filipino and i always point with my hands to other people but i dont know that!!??? Well... ............

  • gaylia Hocking
    gaylia Hocking 24 minutter siden

    Btw I’m from Australia and it’s not considered rude if you sit in the back of a taxie car 🚗 I sit at n the back al the time

  • Devleena Das
    Devleena Das 33 minutter siden

    I live in India

  • Swechha Pyatha
    Swechha Pyatha 39 minutter siden

    Why are they showing places from Nepal while talking abt tibet .Tibet is not the part of Nepal.

  • AshwinKoshy Toll
    AshwinKoshy Toll Time siden

    Am an Indian living in New Zealand and this video is completely wrong about both countries.

  • Bts_kookie_suga_jin_taetae Abunda

    Well in the philippines people live in the cementery sometimes they also play there i know this cause im born there and filipinos dont point their thumb and koreans do that age thing in china and im also half korean

  • Mitchell Fenton
    Mitchell Fenton Time siden

    Thumb nail is incorrect Australian driver seat is on the right side of the car

  • Nguyễn Duy Thắng

    I’m a Vietnamese and I don’t even know that we consider cross fingers is offensive 🤔🤔 never heard before

  • mute
    mute Time siden

    In Scotland I does not matter when u sit down in a taxi 🚕

  • Jack McGenniss
    Jack McGenniss 2 timer siden

    Australia dosenot have to sit in the front of a taxi

  • August Gaming
    August Gaming 2 timer siden

    I heard that you cannot show your palm in Greece

  • Ggiven 910
    Ggiven 910 2 timer siden

    About pointing index finger, it's actually wrong to point with your index finger in Indonesia, but now most people didn't care at all.(well I'm Indonesian

  • Wengie For life
    Wengie For life 3 timer siden

    Im a pilipino (filipino) and we don't point with our thumb instead we point with our lips

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen 3 timer siden

    Wait I am from VN and I never heard of crossing fingers are offensive
    I do it every time

  • 生 卢
    生 卢 3 timer siden

    Tibet,China.Please say in this way.

  • Leo Villarin
    Leo Villarin 3 timer siden

    I'm from Canada

  • Tanker FTW
    Tanker FTW 3 timer siden

    I live in Minnesota us

  • Justin Tweed
    Justin Tweed 4 timer siden

    Most African countries consider grabbing your wrist as a good thing but he in america that is a huge problem

  • Sunono's Channel
    Sunono's Channel 4 timer siden

    Indonesia Logic
    When you not yet eat a rice thats mean you not eat yet

  • Anony Muse
    Anony Muse 4 timer siden

    How come Arabia has culture about being clean?

  • Anony Muse
    Anony Muse 4 timer siden

    WOAH!!! The bright sides voice is a lot different than in other videos

  • Fan3asticMyraa !
    Fan3asticMyraa ! 4 timer siden

    Pointing at someone period in the USA is also disrespectful but many people still do it because everyone is used to it

  • Dawn Davidson
    Dawn Davidson 5 timer siden

    Why does this only have comments

  • warrior8170
    warrior8170 6 timer siden

    I'm in Australia and would never sit in the front seat of a taxi. Had too many friend's who have had pervy drivers.

  • Yeetasaurus ThiccBoi
    Yeetasaurus ThiccBoi 7 timer siden

    0:42 bright side beat pewdiepie and t series in seconds

  • jYj TripPnowT
    jYj TripPnowT 7 timer siden +1

    Asians eating our cats and dogs

    SUPREME 8 timer siden

    Here in New Zealand there is Mario go carts

  • Ava Oden
    Ava Oden 8 timer siden

    I know one dabbing= death

  • 246bro
    246bro 8 timer siden

    The ok sign also means zero in Spain

  • Jens Huib
    Jens Huib 8 timer siden

    i live in the netherlands and i didnt know that sitting in the back of a taxi was inpolite
    but im only 14 so

  • KrisGT
    KrisGT 9 timer siden

    0:48 im from denmark and i have never seen that

  • Juan Tarrats
    Juan Tarrats 10 timer siden

    Glad I don't live in a Muslim country lol

  • Hope
    Hope 10 timer siden

    Yes we malaysian do point with out thumbs but we don't use a thumbs up

  • Matthew Wong
    Matthew Wong 10 timer siden +1

    Uuuuummmm. Nope, sitting in the back of a taxi is pretty normal here in NZ...

  • xpantexx
    xpantexx 10 timer siden

    Nothings right

  • Dan_TheMan1473
    Dan_TheMan1473 10 timer siden +1

    In America More people sit in the passenger seat of a taxi than you think, in fact it would be considered very awkward to sit in the back of a taxi even if you’re with your family/ friends.

  • Salome Lema
    Salome Lema 10 timer siden

    I'm a Tanzanian, from East Africa.. I have been living with Maasai for more than 25 years now.. Never have I seen them spitting on anybody nor on their hands.. They only spit on the ground because of something they normally eat... So I suppose you should check your records again.

  • Blost Essenni
    Blost Essenni 10 timer siden

    The Muslim thing is not precise. Actually it is all wrong beside the fact that you should use your right hand but the reason isn't that the left one is dirty

  • Lunaris Moon
    Lunaris Moon 10 timer siden

    In Viet Nam, the cross finger gesture is as rude as the middle finger

  • Gamer Apple
    Gamer Apple 10 timer siden

    The last one is disturbing

  • tea time
    tea time 11 timer siden

    ok let's get this clear with that left hand eating in culture you can do anything with your left hand except eating

  • JustPeridot
    JustPeridot 11 timer siden

    M U Z L I M

  • Victoria Blandon
    Victoria Blandon 11 timer siden


  • Pc Gamer
    Pc Gamer 11 timer siden

    waw you are teaching me a lot i have a project with this topic

  • princess plays
    princess plays 12 timer siden

    Ewwww spitting on people nasty

  • Salil Nayak
    Salil Nayak 13 timer siden

    saying thanks is not so wrong in India. I do it all the time. Just some friends would urge you to not do so.

  • Kronhave
    Kronhave 13 timer siden

    Danmark foevigt

  • Killer Kitty Gaming
    Killer Kitty Gaming 13 timer siden +1

    I am muslim!

  • Trigger
    Trigger 13 timer siden +1

    Anybody from Kenya 🇰🇪!!!! I’m sorry if u went through this mate if u were a Masai tho.

  • Codd
    Codd 13 timer siden

    A crazy fact about America is that we bring guns into our walmarts

  • CEFS great
    CEFS great 13 timer siden

    I'm from the Philippines, I just need to correct this : we don't use thump to point to a person or things In general... We use lips / index finger to point direction of someone or something... Pointing with an index finger may only appear rude if a person is angry while talking to someone,but if it's use to simply help point out a person/thing is not offensive at all.

  • Carter Bohrer (Student)
    Carter Bohrer (Student) 13 timer siden

    in china live baby mice is a meal

  • Gabriel Cordeiro Martins de Oliveira

    Hint: play at 1.25x speed

  • Dylan The Scout
    Dylan The Scout 13 timer siden


  • Dylan The Scout
    Dylan The Scout 13 timer siden

    Never stick up the pinkie finger in China

  • Croissant Potatoe
    Croissant Potatoe 14 timer siden

    Bright Side ain’t always staying on the bright side

  • Salah Gad
    Salah Gad 14 timer siden

    In Egypt, if you are a man you must sit in the front seat when riding a taxi, or otherwise, the taxi driver will think of you as a very rude person and he could even order you to go out of his car unless you sit beside him.

  • Israr Khan
    Israr Khan 14 timer siden +1

    I’m Muslim because my country is pakistan 🇵🇰 see I’m Muslim!🙂

  • zohra mustafa
    zohra mustafa 14 timer siden

    I'm muslim but I think for some reasons muslims are wierd I also think I'm wierd! I am wierd

  • Mohamad Karim
    Mohamad Karim 14 timer siden

    No left hand is not mean the dirty hand the and right I'm Muslim and I know but you need to use right to shake hand and Muslim people only shake hand they do not say hey we shake

  • C Boi
    C Boi 15 timer siden

    Just to say dont stick up the first 2 fingers ( below the phumb ) like showing nuckles in Britian cuz it's our'e equivalent to the middle finger but we also have that

  • Heang Gaming
    Heang Gaming 16 timer siden

    In cambodia if you are calling someone older than you only their name , You're rude. Example your brother name is Joe, you must call him brother joe

  • poonam shah
    poonam shah 16 timer siden

    this channel is misleading!! they show Nepal while talking about Tibet...Using left hand is considered bad in Hindus all over the world as well as it is used to clean after going to toilet.Pointing index finger at someone is considered bad manners in Nepal and India too, touching head or crossing over someone lying down is considered disrespectful in India and Nepal as well... so I'll have a hard time believing other things they say....

  • Fakhrul Al Faqih
    Fakhrul Al Faqih 16 timer siden

    Im a malaysian and that’s true.

  • drunkard103
    drunkard103 17 timer siden

    literally no taxi driver in any of the uk will think you snobbish if you sit in the back

  • skalawitz
    skalawitz 17 timer siden

    Nope.. us Filipinos never point with our thumb. We use our lips though, kinda funny but yes we do.

  • Gacha Malay
    Gacha Malay 17 timer siden

    Saya orang Malaysia

  • menna medhat
    menna medhat 17 timer siden

    How rude
    I’m Egyptian/ Muslim and I’m left handed it’s not weird,and NO ONE cleans them selfs with their hands,they use napkins or something and I eat with my left...how rude 😑

  • pungplayz fromYT
    pungplayz fromYT 17 timer siden

    im thailand and crossing other peoples heads are the worst that means unrespect and the people u cross will get bad luck

  • X wolf gamer X
    X wolf gamer X 18 timer siden

    I didn't know that we point with our thumbs in the Philippines i always point with my finger

  • brian san juan
    brian san juan 18 timer siden

    in the philippines where filipinos insult people when they speak english in any place..

  • pramod trivedi
    pramod trivedi 18 timer siden

    I am a indian but I can talk english whislest I got born in england but I am still indian but I can say thank you and I don't no some peaces of my talking also i am 7 MONTH old and my name Is shaurya

  • Tasman McMillan
    Tasman McMillan 18 timer siden

    Here’s one thing. In America, school shootings are considered acceptable, where as in other countries it’s highly disrespectful and rarely ever happens.

  • The Entertainment Network
    The Entertainment Network 18 timer siden

    Just so you know, Australians drive on the left, unlike you Americans and Caucasians.
    The driver in the ‘back of the taxi is rude’ segment had the wheel on the side Americans would have it.

    • Nancy O'Malley
      Nancy O'Malley 3 timer siden

      There was a movie that took place in the UK called 4,3,2,1. In the third part of the movie, one of the lead characters was driving and was in the left seat. That really confused me because I knew the steering wheel should be on the right side of the car in the UK

  • Nole
    Nole 18 timer siden

    2:00 that's not strange at all, really, who would want someone else's filthy smelly feet right up in their nose?

  • Nole
    Nole 18 timer siden

    America is not the centre of the world.

  • An Khang Nguyen Phuc
    An Khang Nguyen Phuc 19 timer siden

    Im Vietnamese people lol

  • Trần Nam Anh
    Trần Nam Anh 19 timer siden

    ..... huh about Vietnam , I'm a Vietnamese and none of us know about that hand gesture

  • vinodh r
    vinodh r 20 timer siden

    Wrong and misleading contents

  • Argee Lor
    Argee Lor 20 timer siden

    We dont point with our thumbs in the Philippines. Everyone doesnt really care if someone points at us with their pointer finger.

  • Dori Playz
    Dori Playz 20 timer siden

    In China, we don't celebrate birthdays by the lunar calendar as much...

  • Zahir Halim
    Zahir Halim 20 timer siden


  • Techno Gaming
    Techno Gaming 20 timer siden +1

    I Live In Australia The Taxi Drivers Dont Care Either Way

  • XXXArinaz Arin_WolfGamer
    XXXArinaz Arin_WolfGamer 20 timer siden

    We don't point with thumbs...in Philippines..

  • Katrina Te Rupe
    Katrina Te Rupe 20 timer siden

    New Zealand taxi drivers do not care whether you sit in the front or the back. If you prefer sitting in the back it is not considered snobbish or rude. It is pretty normal.

  • Siti Nuratiqa
    Siti Nuratiqa 21 time siden

    Hi , I live in singapore

    BUBBLY MADSHMELLOW 21 time siden

    And the aussie one in not true

  • Raffie Solon
    Raffie Solon 21 time siden

    Did you make this your own the othr vid ?

  • Raffie Solon
    Raffie Solon 21 time siden +1

    Filipinos point on the index,filipinos dont believe,but we dont point bad elements if you point one something
    Bad . Will happen

  • Princess Bea Mique Cabañez

    In the Philippines, writing thibgs in red ink is kinda strange and informal. We usually just use red pens when checking school stuffs like exams, homeworks, etc. People also refrain from using it when not necessary or when we are not checking stuff.

  • Zia Sanchez
    Zia Sanchez 21 time siden

    4:18, I drive taxi’s as my weekend job in Australia, it’s not rude.

  • Prashant Singh Parihar
    Prashant Singh Parihar 21 time siden

    Thank you is spoken in India more than in Britain, it's widely common

  • Nissar Ahmad
    Nissar Ahmad 22 timer siden

    I think it was fake. I am an Indian and I know that saying thank you here is not considered bad

  • danial budhathoki
    danial budhathoki 22 timer siden

    Thats not tibet sico its nepal haha

  • Janine_Eninja 24
    Janine_Eninja 24 22 timer siden

    I'm from Philippines and pointing on a person is not bad to Philippines but sometimes they're feeling bad when they are pointing me coz I feel like they're judging me....😔😔😔
    and I'm on 5th grade and I think I'm bad of speaking English..... But my grades in english in high......
    I have a question who is on filipino to????
    ( sorry if its bad english)

  • dtth httd
    dtth httd 22 timer siden

    I think almost everything here is wrong but I know the lunar calendar is correct because I am vietnamese

  • dtth httd
    dtth httd 22 timer siden

    Are you sure about the crossing fingers I was just playing with my friends there and did it in public and nothing happened

  • Sparky
    Sparky 22 timer siden