12 Strange Behaviors That Are Normal in Other Countries

  • Publisert 27. nov.. 2018
  • Did you know that the “okay” sign means “money” in Japan, “zero” in France, and is even considered a sexual insult in Brazil? Yikes! That's definitely not a situation you wanna find yourself in! Culture and location sure can make a difference when it comes to appropriate behavior and gestures.
    Every country has its own laws, traditions, rules, and specific features that might seem strange and even shocking to the people of other cultures. For example, did you know that in Denmark, people have picnics in cemeteries? Or that Tibetans show their tongue to greet others? Or that the Vietnamese consider crossed fingers offensive? Our world is amazing and unique and that’s what Bright Side keeps reminding our readers. The following 16 facts confirm this statement.
    In Demark, people have picnics in cemeteries 0:47
    People in Thailand don't let others touch their head 1:32
    In many Muslim countries, the left hand is considered the “dirty” one 2:13
    In Norway, people don't compliment others to their face 2:43
    People in Malaysia point with their thumb 3:15
    Koreans don't write names in red 3:43
    In Australia, sitting in the back of a taxi is rude 4:20
    Tibetans show their tongue to greet others 4:55
    People in China celebrate their birthday according to the Lunar calendar 5:35
    The Vietnamese consider crossed fingers offensive 6:09
    Indians don't say “thank you” too often 6:35
    Maasai tribe members spit at each other to show respect 7:11
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    - For most of us, a cemetery is reserved for grieving families and an overall gloomy atmosphere. But believe it or not, it's not that uncommon to see a happy Danish family having a picnic or a young couple sunbathing there!
    - In many countries, patting someone on the head is a sign of approval and care, but that’s not the case in Thailand. Thai people strongly believe that the head is the most sacred and important part of the body where your soul resides.
    - Muslims usually use their left hand to clean themselves after going to the bathroom. You must use your right hand for greeting people and eating meals.
    - People in Norway are way more subtle with their compliments than, say, Americans are. They don't really like to put others on the spot and make them feel embarrassed by their words.
    - In Malaysia, pointing at someone with your index finger is considered really rude and offensive. You can kinda get away with this if you point at an animal or an object. But when it comes to people, Malaysians use another hand gesture.
    - In a lot of countries, it’s perfectly fine to use red ink to make someone's written name even more noticeable. In South Korea, though, locals would never do something like that. This superstition goes back to the times when red ink was used to write deceased people's names on the family register.
    - In the U.S., sitting in the front passenger seat next to the taxi driver would be really weird. That’s why it’s more common in America to sit in the back of the taxi. But in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands, sitting in the back can be considered impolite.
    - If you go to Tibet, you're guaranteed to have fun every time you meet someone simply because Tibetans often stick their tongue out to say “hello”! This strange tradition originates from past times.
    - People in China add one year to their total age on their Lunar New Year's Day. That's why people in China can be one or even two years older in their age-counting system than in the international one.
    - In Vietnam, crossing your index and middle fingers over each other represents genitals, obviously making it an incredibly offensive gesture to show someone.
    - Indians take “thank you” way more seriously! If you say it in the wrong context, where it’ll sound insincere, it may even get you into trouble.
    - For the Maasai people of Kenya and northern Tanzania, spitting at one another is seen as a sign of blessing and respect. They also often spit on their palms before shaking hands.
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    Where is everybody from? 🙂
    Here's more crazy things about other countries: no-clip.com/video/k7vz01_mmxk/video.html&t=1s

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      I’m asian

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      I am from a galacse far far away!

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    Yeah, I’m Australian, your taxi thing is wrong AF mate!

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    Bright side is is the channel that gives me the most knowledge

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    I love your vids but other what you said are fake , im a filipino and we dont use thumbs to point and muslim , left hand is not dirty

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    Im from Denmark 😂

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    I come from netherlands and they dont like if u sit in front

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    Get your facts right. We don't use thumb to point someone here in the Philippines. We use the index finger all the time.

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    I'm from Norway and it's not fully true

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    No joke i just tested pointing woth my thumb and suddenly "this tradition is common in tge phillipines" THATS MY COUNTRY

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    I am Malaysian Chinese. In Malaysia I always point with my index finger and it doesn't matter.

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    Im a “Filipino” but i keep using my index finger ...my mom says STOP USING THE INDEX FINGERS .......and when i watch this i said
    “Ooooooh thats why she said that.”

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    People don't say thank you in India? Seriously? You are wrong my friend!

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    I am a Vietnamese and cross finger is super normal

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    1:33 im thailand and thats basiclly 5:0% true becuse thai kids are not allowed too touch older people's head idk why but its true

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    You are not that smart i come from Norway but it's not like you say

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    Philippines!and we don't point with are thumbs.....

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    I'm polish and I know 1 unordinary behaviour. It is Polish poeple drink bears at every party there is even KIDS weird isn't it

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    7:12 ew.

  • Depressing Smile!
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    3:14 im malaysia and i use fingers to point at people and as a malaysian that is the way to be respectful. i dont point using that way.

  • bonbonquest
    bonbonquest 7 timer siden

    Those are images of NEPAL, not Tibet! And Filipinos don't point with the thumb. How do I know? I'm a Filipino living in Nepal. I've had about enough of this channel!

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    Yeah i live in the netherlands and its really weird if you are alone and just come sitting next to the driver... you just do that when you know this person really well

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    What if your left handed

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    the indian fact is wrong

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    Are you sure about the Thailand one?🤔I'm from Thailand and I don't think it's entirely true...😓

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    That is just not true
    Please stop looking things up on google for your vids
    It is not accurate...I read the comments below...😑

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    In Mexico we throw sandals at our kids.Were really good at throwing

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    in Japan, people refer to you as a third person because it's kinda rude to use the word "you"

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    T series and India.. NO not T series sub to pewds the gap is too close

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    I heard that in France you have to greet each other kissing each other on the cheek 4 times

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    In Syria they call strangers Aunt and Uncle

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    On easter I had a picknic at a semtary

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    In other countries they eat till there full not until there obese

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    The thumb nail is a lie nothing weird is happening

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    I don't have a taxi ride

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    They do random facts that aren't even true just for subs (maybe)

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    99% of people are saying this is all wrong information
    Then there's the 1% that's preparing to take advantage of the spit thing

    SANTHU RAJ 19 timer siden

    What you said about India is absolutely wrong bro. 🤭

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    In ancient Greece, you didn't give people compliments- in fact, you insulted them on their special occasions- because it was believed that the Greek gods didn't want you to be too happy, and if they saw you being showered with praise...
    They'd fix that.

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    so u just write a search on Google and make a vid and fool everyone, do a better research next time,
    i don't need to explain what i said, just look at the comments

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    The Scotland one is wrong 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. It’s ok to sit in the back seat of a taxi and certainly is considered “Snobbish”

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    We must spit on them

  • Kid Dubes
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    I live in Ireland and you don’t have to sit in the front of the taxi you can sit in the back and it’s not rude trust me I never sit in the front in taxis only like 6 times

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    At least some are right. I'm from Thailand and that's absolutely correct. They will think that you're are rude.So watch your steps.

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    I live in India and if we say thank youit is nothng bad

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    MORDEN TV Dag siden

    I'm from MALAYSIA and that's true.

    MORDEN TV Dag siden

    And using tissue is not hygiene,guess which country is this?

    MORDEN TV Dag siden

    Bright side is so DARK

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    Getting slippers and shoes inside the room is considered bad and unhygienic here in India.

  • Anubhav Shukla
    Anubhav Shukla Dag siden

    We Indians touch the feet of our elders on meeting as a sign of respect and elders either touch the head or embrace us to give blessing( sometimes kiss on forehead too) .

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    For the left hand is not dirty but is the hand of devil the QURAN says that end GOD

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    we dont do thumbs refering to person tbh!

  • Kamlesh Kumari
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    Indians dont say thankyou cause they say Dhanyavad Bhai.Phir milenge.Or in restaurant they say Bhot accha khana tha.
    And its not true oftenly the say it ..I am an Indian I also say it.🙄🙏

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  • Dota 2 stuff! Sorry

    Uhm bright side... we dont Point at people using thumbs-Philippines we point them if they are behind us but not in a weird way where you point your thumb in front No offense

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    The third one is wrong i am a muslim i live in iraq and all of it is fake eating in left hand dosent mean that youre stinky

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    ITZ.Bella.Bxtch Dag siden

    sitting in the back seat of a taxi is not considered rude in Ireland
    it is awkward sitting the front seat as you are obligated to speak with the driver
    get your facts right before posting a video with mainly false fact

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    Last 1 ewwwwwwww

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    We say thank you and we the the best and no other country is like India 🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    I'm an Indian

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    2:15 also you have to always put on your right shoe first
    Also we DO NOT consider the left hand dirty, though most things you do it’s better to use your right hand we have nothing against the left hand
    (I’m Muslim so I would know ;3)

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    Best Contries In the World:
    8:New Zealand

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  • Esther the Extraordinary


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    Otaku_ Fujoshi Dag siden

    I originated in America but my ethnicity is Bengali. People in my country actually don’t stick up thier thumbs often, I learned that from my mother. I had asked why? She said its impolite and it means the same thing as the middle finger in America.