Quadeca - Insecure (KSI Diss Track) Official Video


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  • FaZe _NiGhT9
    FaZe _NiGhT9 55 minutter siden +1

    This SHIT FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LL Nature
    LL Nature Time siden

    You are a Dick

  • lil tiger
    lil tiger Time siden +2

    Who is watching this in 2019

  • julio LI
    julio LI 2 timer siden

    "Ksi your an a hole and you transformed to a bigger pri$%" go to his ksi va joe weller rap vis and you will aee the same sentences not tryin to hate🤔

  • Emanuele S
    Emanuele S 2 timer siden


  • BambooSticks
    BambooSticks 2 timer siden +1

    cringiest thing ever

    • Rem
      Rem 2 timer siden +1

      Yea like your channel....

  • smash that sub button
    smash that sub button 2 timer siden

    Very nice song, good job!

  • Zeus TV
    Zeus TV 3 timer siden


  • jumpie Head
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  • LOL TAΚAto '
    LOL TAΚAto ' 4 timer siden

    Stop mocking people using diss track it's not good.u look dumb when do a diss track to mocking people and you think like u r cool but not

  • ViiZion Vortex
    ViiZion Vortex 5 timer siden +1

    this is what i listen to when i use airpods.

  • ViiZion Vortex
    ViiZion Vortex 5 timer siden +1

    Came back for no reason.

  • Frosties
    Frosties 5 timer siden

    This video makes me wanna fuck a turtle

  • Elite YT
    Elite YT 5 timer siden

    Hello eminem

  • DJ Burrito
    DJ Burrito 7 timer siden

    wtf u forgot about his fore head

    what is a ksi?

  • Pistol Pete
    Pistol Pete 8 timer siden

    My favourite diss track

  • Kenneth Tay
    Kenneth Tay 8 timer siden

    Fuck ksi roasted

  • izaniak YT
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  • Celeste Torres
    Celeste Torres 9 timer siden +1

    Bars dropped harder than my grades 😬

  • doing perfect
    doing perfect 9 timer siden

    that was besssssssssst roast to KSI 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this guy was in fire 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Darpan Vora
    Darpan Vora 10 timer siden +1

    Where is that pink hoodie from its actually nice

  • Layla Fikriderin
    Layla Fikriderin 11 timer siden +1

    My fav rap love it

  • Layla Fikriderin
    Layla Fikriderin 11 timer siden

    M pay fav song love it like if u agree

  • Tsm Sticks
    Tsm Sticks 11 timer siden +1

    19 million more subscribers who is the real better NO-clipr

  • Durrant dived
    Durrant dived 11 timer siden

    Oh yeah yeah ama right

  • M e o w i e e
    M e o w i e e 13 timer siden

    *Hands ''L'' to KSI*

  • K Dot
    K Dot 13 timer siden

    It's funny how youtubers these days always acting negative to each other lol I don't get it and they say they do this for the fans when their just tryna get clout from each other like if I could make a diss track on the top youtubers these days I would cause I swear to god I'm sick of it...

  • Emmanuel Younin
    Emmanuel Younin 13 timer siden +1

    I’m late as hell

  • Emilio Eichinger
    Emilio Eichinger 14 timer siden +1

    0:0 i thought my screen was broke

  • Connor Tharp
    Connor Tharp 15 timer siden +1

    2:51 straight fire

  • Eric Ligon
    Eric Ligon 15 timer siden

    Omg savag

  • SonicFlame357
    SonicFlame357 16 timer siden

    Instrumental is a killer🔥

  • Ajez Le
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  • Anonymous Army
    Anonymous Army 16 timer siden

    Put this on Spotify!

  • Evan-xoxo
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  • The beast Of them all
    The beast Of them all 17 timer siden +1

    The 60k dislikes are ksi fans I am but I am speechless

  • Live_Modern_Games #soonvlogs


  • Oh yeah yeah i13
    Oh yeah yeah i13 17 timer siden +5

    Bars are so good they had to put 6ix9ine behind it

  • War Stories & Life Changing Advice

    If sigmund frued could rap this would be it

  • Aaron Bester
    Aaron Bester 17 timer siden


  • Wolf ve Angel
    Wolf ve Angel 18 timer siden

    To be honest, Here is my opinion :
    KSI (Ares) : The beat was superior, KSI sometimes used random words to make it rhyme.
    Quadeca (Insecure) : Lyrically superior, Flow was better.

    Overall : Quadeca is the winner

  • Jaden Richardson
    Jaden Richardson 18 timer siden +1

    i love this diss track its fire

  • Kentha60 Cruz
    Kentha60 Cruz 19 timer siden

    You are a bitch nicca, talking about you white who gives a fuck crakka? You use black music, and try to dress like black bitch asses steal everything we originate with your chimpanzee self

    • Rem
      Rem 2 timer siden +1

      Can u speak english?

  • Aydan Aurelio
    Aydan Aurelio 19 timer siden +1

    Your trash...........

    • Rem
      Rem 2 timer siden +1

      Yea like ur content ooofff wait you dont have one....

  • Shaun Lee
    Shaun Lee 19 timer siden +1

    ‘ ksi is still crying’

  • Swangie
    Swangie 19 timer siden

    2:26 goes crazy

  • Samantha Powell
    Samantha Powell 20 timer siden

    Jesus bro ksi has made loads of songs and there ok but yours is better than all of them

  • Itsfunnycovers
    Itsfunnycovers 21 time siden +2

    I like ur songs but pls fix your hair 🙏✨ being honest!

  • Lenny Robson
    Lenny Robson 21 time siden


  • Queen_Savage1120
    Queen_Savage1120 22 timer siden +1

    Tell me why he dissed KSI, Shane Dawson, Logan Paul, Lele Pons.. all in one diss track 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ no hate to anyone but KSI tho I like the others listed 😂💯

    • Queen_Savage1120
      Queen_Savage1120 Time siden

      wasabi wasabi relisten to it he said about sociopaths if you watch Shane Dawson’s series on Jake Paul he talks about youtubers being sociopaths.. and and the part where he says lele lele 2:57 it’s not really a diss but still he brought her name to it 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • wasabi
      wasabi Time siden

      Queen_Savage1120 he didn’t diss Shane or Lele lol

  • xkinggaming x roblox
    xkinggaming x roblox 22 timer siden +1

    Dang This guy has moves lol i am making a diss to

  • Willem Lens
    Willem Lens 22 timer siden +1

    good now make a disstrack about tseries

  • Nino Groenewoud
    Nino Groenewoud 23 timer siden

    Still listening to this🔥🔥🔥🔥

    CHEZZZSSS Playz 23 timer siden +2

    Now I consider this a regular song because he murdered KSI right?
    EDIT: Quadeca had “Murder On His Mind” to #FreeMelly

  • plan kan
    plan kan Dag siden

    I have listened to this song everyday since you dropped this track

  • Billy Law
    Billy Law Dag siden

    As a Brit I take offence but it’s still a banging tune

  • Yameen Ahmed
    Yameen Ahmed Dag siden

    Who still comes here to watch this firee

  • Katashi1
    Katashi1 Dag siden

    that 60k dislikes is fake fans of Ksi

  • Swagsepticeye
    Swagsepticeye Dag siden +1

    Top 10 rappers eminem is afraid to diss

  • Nosherwan Ali
    Nosherwan Ali Dag siden

    Shut up hajmola

    • Rem
      Rem 2 timer siden +1


  • Kaotik clan
    Kaotik clan Dag siden

    Where IS THIS in quadecas usual somgs? Pls rap like this more often.

  • bruh guy
    bruh guy Dag siden +1


  • Abdullah Shafqat
    Abdullah Shafqat Dag siden +1

    I just came here to hear a rap song
    It didn't say anything about killing
    I got clickbaited

  • Aravinda De Zoysa
    Aravinda De Zoysa Dag siden +2

    This guy can really sing :-)

  • Osmel Ruvalcaba
    Osmel Ruvalcaba Dag siden +1


  • War Stories & Life Changing Advice

    Wow I really like this dude

  • War Stories & Life Changing Advice

    Wow this dude is actually really skilled n good

  • Joshua McKinstry
    Joshua McKinstry Dag siden

    Again, why is this not on Apple Music??

  • KingAce Gamer
    KingAce Gamer Dag siden +1

    JJ talked shit and lost

  • Conner Sharp Vlogs
    Conner Sharp Vlogs Dag siden +1

    I feel like the only one watching this still

    • Rem
      Rem 2 timer siden +1

      Yea watch the newest comment dude

  • Hailey Allen
    Hailey Allen Dag siden

    And also dont be talking about shane and logen

  • Hailey Allen
    Hailey Allen Dag siden

    Don't put other people in a diss track with out thim knowing

    • Rem
      Rem 2 timer siden +1

      Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you're not to speak people have different styles of rap and this man is clever

  • KingArthur Baseball
    KingArthur Baseball Dag siden +1


  • InsaneTheReal G
    InsaneTheReal G Dag siden

    Sure ain’t a kid anymore!


  • Jazlyn Lemus
    Jazlyn Lemus Dag siden

    Good Job KSI you suck and your disgusting you really treat girls badly in a weird way I am a girl and you disgust me. Good Job on the Diss Track

  • RvsJ #1 fan
    RvsJ #1 fan Dag siden

    All the dislikes are ksi’s fans but I’am

  • Tiny Peen
    Tiny Peen Dag siden +1

    You should put this on Spotify 🔥

  • ttv lol
    ttv lol Dag siden +1

    KSI:hears dis track
    *looks up how to get more funnier st NO-clip
    KSI:OOOH got it thanks Qudeca

  • to heav
    to heav Dag siden +1

    Still coming back lmao

  • Sebastian K
    Sebastian K Dag siden

    Wy pink JumPer

  • Haku mist
    Haku mist Dag siden

    KSI got beat by the oh yeah yeah and joined them.

  • Infinite Death claw

    Save me from ares that was fuck to my ears

  • antek kobeszko
    antek kobeszko Dag siden

    1:10 This actually made me laugh

  • antek kobeszko
    antek kobeszko Dag siden

    One of best diss tracks

  • porkabelly
    porkabelly Dag siden +1

    Ok.Ok.Ok no hate quadeca..but are we gonna sit here and act like he didn't ryhme Complex With Complex. 1:34

  • Atatta YouTube
    Atatta YouTube Dag siden

    Has more bars than 69 in jail

  • Nic Goettemoeller
    Nic Goettemoeller Dag siden

    Yo who's still listening to this fire 🔥

  • Kevin the chicken
    Kevin the chicken Dag siden

    How many girls you think he got after this

  • Sakotis Vlogai
    Sakotis Vlogai Dag siden

    wtf you said your white an better, you racist.

  • Jed Maegraith
    Jed Maegraith Dag siden +1

    Still the best Diss Track on NO-clip history

  • thibaud de dobbeleer

    best diss track in my opinion

  • rusu121 !
    rusu121 ! Dag siden +1


  • A Skull Trooper
    A Skull Trooper Dag siden

    I showed this to my lizard

    Now its an aligator

  • king ward
    king ward Dag siden


  • boss man Dallas
    boss man Dallas Dag siden

    ie song is shit mate

  • X.O.C
    X.O.C Dag siden

    MiSs mE WiTh ThAt FaKe ShIt

  • Adi Gaming 4 Lif3
    Adi Gaming 4 Lif3 Dag siden

    How TF do people get so much likes??

  • Robby Creighton
    Robby Creighton Dag siden

    Terrible song DE56 0la

  • FaZe default
    FaZe default 2 dager siden

    Best diss track in 2016