COUPLE'S CRINGE: Valentine's Edition


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  • Stu_F Twitch /Fortnite/ and more

    This didn’t show up in my sub box :(

  • sarah Horton
    sarah Horton Dag siden


  • that weird kid
    that weird kid Dag siden

    Is that Nash Grier on the left?

  • sarк
    sarк Dag siden

    4:38 ahahahaha

  • Tea in Korea
    Tea in Korea Dag siden

    you need to watch "Guy spends thousands of dollars to find a wife who is way out of his league oversease"

  • Taco Bell and Netflix M

    im glad i live near the most romantic city ever😂

  • hi sisters
    hi sisters Dag siden

    i ship it.

  • Naha Jaffe
    Naha Jaffe Dag siden

    They like the new h3h3

  • Brandon the Chihuahua

    The True Life episode about them was very good, actually. I don't think its a joke or funny or that they're "crazy". The woman has a job, but due to her health conditions she has to work at night. Her internal clock makes it hard to stay awake when the sun is up. She gets headaches from direct sunlight. Its actually a fucking thing. Not a joke. Not funny. Stop it.

  • Layla MacLeod
    Layla MacLeod Dag siden

    Guyyyyzzzz! Noel is the one that does “that’s cringe” with him, and his gf does “couples cringe” with him

  • Suraj Menon
    Suraj Menon Dag siden

    The entire time my face is like what the fuck and my thought is what the fuck?

  • Ethan Schoof
    Ethan Schoof Dag siden

    Ya’ll are the younger Ethan and Hila from H3H3

  • Sonja Rosas
    Sonja Rosas Dag siden

    What accent is that? FuLL bODy orGASums.

  • Lola Meni
    Lola Meni Dag siden +1

    Floridian accent.

  • Jessie Lee
    Jessie Lee 2 dager siden +2

    "different objects... or talismans..that are...meaningful..."
    Busts out giant black dildos of all shapes.

  • Jessie Lee
    Jessie Lee 2 dager siden +2

    That first video of the "pinky promise" was uh.. something else.

  • Sunvan ChavaskA
    Sunvan ChavaskA 2 dager siden +1

    you guys look like siblings

  • Alina
    Alina 2 dager siden

    I thought that guy was gonna tell joey's backpacking across western europe story when he said how he met Clarity

  • BroSendem
    BroSendem 2 dager siden

    Damn why does Cody have to be so negative towards others.

  • Starla Sue Pearson
    Starla Sue Pearson 2 dager siden

    I FINALLY found it I found the BIRTH of Grandpa Cody

  • The Jakes
    The Jakes 2 dager siden

    I’m rolling 😩 11:40 “did you hear me?”

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle 2 dager siden

    noel looks different here 🤔

  • Hadleyclairekateavamaddiecaroline

    go watch Ryan Trahan hes exactly like you and noel.
    just saying.

  • Clarissa Bourne
    Clarissa Bourne 2 dager siden

    Nash Grier looks so cute next to Cody

  • Cody Beauvais
    Cody Beauvais 2 dager siden

    How old is she? I’m serious

  • Alex Jonas
    Alex Jonas 2 dager siden

    me in math class 4:41

  • Serena Gesa
    Serena Gesa 2 dager siden

    This is still funny but I'm kinda one if those hippies and I feel personally attacked.

  • The Trash-Man
    The Trash-Man 2 dager siden

    6:55 ah yes my favorite sex position The inflatable tube man back stroke

  • Kindra DeVore
    Kindra DeVore 2 dager siden

    Also fuck Logan... what a dick

  • Kindra DeVore
    Kindra DeVore 2 dager siden

    Those hippies are gonna get an STI from that shit mud on the beach

  • XxEmii
    XxEmii 2 dager siden +1

    "Love is in the air"
    Me: *Covers nose*
    Also, Columbus Ohio?
    I live there o.o

  • LoopyGaming
    LoopyGaming 2 dager siden

    Thats his girl friend right, and he just kissed korina in davids vlog um thats a lil sus

  • Grace Chan
    Grace Chan 2 dager siden

    Imagine the vampire guy being like we have to have a threesome her period blood will fuel us

  • Erin Molchan
    Erin Molchan 2 dager siden

    REACT TO Alexa Serowik - Generation K ft. DJ Roche. youll wanna blow ur brains out

  • art3val
    art3val 2 dager siden

    You two are so fucking funny I can't- you need to make videos together more 😂😂

  • art3val
    art3val 2 dager siden

    Why is no one talking about how it looks like they're in a hospital 💀💀

  • Ernesto Marquez
    Ernesto Marquez 2 dager siden

    You guys need to react to FKJ AND MASEGO - TADOW

  • Karma Gad
    Karma Gad 2 dager siden

    That nature couple looks and sounds as if they met while she was buying celery and he was buying rose

  • Chloe Price
    Chloe Price 2 dager siden

    omg did noel transition?

  • lexi
    lexi 2 dager siden

    my pagan ass could never date another pagan guy cause he'd want to do weird shit like the second couple. listen, i worship nature but i have sex IN A BED

  • EdwisGAMING Daveika
    EdwisGAMING Daveika 2 dager siden

    im a furry did u know that?

  • Anna Coffey
    Anna Coffey 2 dager siden

    You never put up the meme

  • EdwisGAMING Daveika
    EdwisGAMING Daveika 2 dager siden

    pagans having s.. in the forest

  • Brianna abbott
    Brianna abbott 2 dager siden

    Omg do a that’s cringe to JACK AND GAB

  • EdwisGAMING Daveika
    EdwisGAMING Daveika 2 dager siden



  • Leslie Hernandez
    Leslie Hernandez 2 dager siden

    your gf is beautiful Cody omg 💖

  • Sadama Noku
    Sadama Noku 2 dager siden

    Lmao I got a plan b type of pill ad

  • Alexa Warden
    Alexa Warden 2 dager siden

    Obsidian Infinitry, Clarity, yeah that's weird but obviously names they've given themselves. But "Daily South"?! Bitch WHAT kind of name is that

  • Joey jaze
    Joey jaze 2 dager siden

    This is what happens when white people try to be “different”

  • Eric Philippou
    Eric Philippou 2 dager siden

    Noel looks a little

  • jpkontreras
    jpkontreras 2 dager siden

    Is this the new thing to hate?

  • Shouq Nasser
    Shouq Nasser 2 dager siden

    she’s looks like a mix between Lauren Jauregui and Alexandra Daddario

  • AshyNorthstar
    AshyNorthstar 2 dager siden

    does home girl have just one fuckin highlight in her hair lmao just wondering XD

  • Kayla Williams
    Kayla Williams 2 dager siden

    The chick in the bed at the end just waves at the wife as shes leaving. What a bitch lmao

  • Louisa fitzgerald
    Louisa fitzgerald 2 dager siden +1

    that yoga dudes 'how we met' story sounds like joeys story he told ross so ross could have sex.

  • giulia
    giulia 2 dager siden

    kelsey.. why do you actually look like nash grier dude?!!? i swear i was wtf at first but i s2g you two look alike

  • Abby Beatson
    Abby Beatson 2 dager siden

    The sex with nature couple and the whole foods couple are why the term "white/heterosexual nonsense" exists.

  • Cresh
    Cresh 2 dager siden

    Cody idk if you’re aware but this video exists

  • Zamical Streams
    Zamical Streams 2 dager siden

    Is that nash grier with a wig?

  • Caroline Lumsden
    Caroline Lumsden 2 dager siden

    I’m obsessed with her

  • BriarRose
    BriarRose 2 dager siden

    Wtf, I thought that Kelsey was Hila for a second...

  • Maria Medina
    Maria Medina 2 dager siden

    Please do a react of the music video that Noah Centineo directed

  • Rosie g
    Rosie g 2 dager siden

    Hello. Yes. WHERE IS THE LAUGH THERAPY VIDEO. I would like to see it. Thanks.

  • Emily loves you
    Emily loves you 2 dager siden +1

    *damn fame really changed Noel*

  • Lyndsey Pike
    Lyndsey Pike 2 dager siden +2

    PSA: Don’t watch this while you’re eating

  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller 2 dager siden +2

    some of you never reconnected to your tribal nature and it shows

  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller 2 dager siden

    never seen this type of foreplay before

  • Dalton Ren
    Dalton Ren 2 dager siden

    Lookin like h3h3 over here with the beanie swag

  • hot fetus games
    hot fetus games 2 dager siden

    I saw u but im blind so didnt know it was u

  • John Connolly
    John Connolly 2 dager siden

    Cody u need to make a reaction video to the app Akinator... it’s an old app but it can guess of anyone ur thinking including u

  • Umphty Gumphty
    Umphty Gumphty 2 dager siden

    Yall look like Wallace and Grommit

  • Demon Tomahawks
    Demon Tomahawks 3 dager siden

    Im from Columbus :D

  • Zeñior Zucc
    Zeñior Zucc 3 dager siden

    She looks like wraith from apex legends

  • Mia Biggs
    Mia Biggs 3 dager siden +1

    Please do a “weird food combos” video

  • Martin Gregor
    Martin Gregor 3 dager siden +1

    Do another episode of love island

  • Beatthecaseinc
    Beatthecaseinc 3 dager siden

    i like ehhhhh..... my name is aaaa......... clarityyyyyyy

  • Beatthecaseinc
    Beatthecaseinc 3 dager siden

    kelsette is getting funnier

  • Keith Austin
    Keith Austin 3 dager siden

    Why do I feel like this is more gross cause I’m in a bathroom

  • realmacchiatos
    realmacchiatos 3 dager siden

    yall look like ethan and hila with those beanies on

  • Taylor Herrera
    Taylor Herrera 3 dager siden +9

    Cody!!! My friend Kaytie is a HUGE fan and is participating in a 46 hour no-sitting no-sleeping dance marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer at Penn State University. Its the biggest student run philanthropy in the world, and last year we raised $14 million dollars. She is really nervous about doing it and we are supposed to give her motivational messages throughout the weekend to surprise her. She's IN LOVE with you and bought tickets to see your show in Pittsburgh that was cancelled because Cody was sick, and she was super bummed out. If you would be willing to send me a little short video for her to motivate her that would mean so so much and be so kind of you! My name on instagram is taylorherrera.jpg and if you message me I could give you some more info, this would mean the world to her as her aunt passed away from cancer and she is participating in this to honor her. If everybody who reads this could give it a thumbs up to bump this post upward that would be amazing! Thank you!

  • Kenzi Coconut
    Kenzi Coconut 3 dager siden


  • Logan Kaminski
    Logan Kaminski 3 dager siden

    Come to Cleveland

  • Rebecca Abrams
    Rebecca Abrams 3 dager siden

    ok so it's obvious that the treefuckers are involved in some branch of witchcraft, but You're really not supposed to... keep spiritual objects on the floor...
    and most witches don't fuck outside just btw

  • Caramel Goddess
    Caramel Goddess 3 dager siden

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Cody stole Sugar Pine 7's brand at 0:05 ???????????????????

  • Drew Bratlie
    Drew Bratlie 3 dager siden

    Y’all see nature boys fingernails??

  • Chloé
    Chloé 3 dager siden


  • Nathaniel Phelps
    Nathaniel Phelps 3 dager siden

    Is that the Sugar Pine 7 music

  • Kennedy Benjamin
    Kennedy Benjamin 3 dager siden

    you put the wrong outro song

  • sammar ashraf
    sammar ashraf 3 dager siden

    Been living in Columbus my whole life and I got to say it’s the next Paris....Paris Texas

  • Prolly Ari
    Prolly Ari 3 dager siden

    7:57 did his nails bother anyone else?

  • joel soto
    joel soto 3 dager siden

    sick vid!

  • Kiera Frost
    Kiera Frost 3 dager siden +1

    Ok I’m sorry but the palm tickling with nickelback was fucking gold

  • Kiera Frost
    Kiera Frost 3 dager siden +1

    Ok that first one was really gross. Like why would they want to wear matching beanies?

  • Uhhlyssa420
    Uhhlyssa420 3 dager siden

    ALBOTROSE GOOSESWAMP 6:00 I'm fucking cracking up at that

  • Optigisa
    Optigisa 3 dager siden

    Your girlfriend looks like Leah Gotti

  • Awesome squad productions GET ME TO 10K PLUS

    Lol I live in Columbus

  • Isa Hoffman
    Isa Hoffman 3 dager siden

    whatttt how did I not know you were in cbus oh my god that makes me mad

  • simon chacko
    simon chacko 3 dager siden


  • Madalena Berger
    Madalena Berger 3 dager siden

    ok but can u do a Thats Cringe trisha paytas panda express mukbang edition PLEASE

  • Angela Annalese
    Angela Annalese 3 dager siden

    The first video makes me sick I'm pretty sure they are like 15