Here’s What Will Happen if Trump Declares a State of Emergency | The Daily Show

  • Publisert 9. jan.. 2019
  • Trump threatens to declare a national emergency in order to get his border wall built, which would give him the power to shut down communications facilities, freeze bank accounts and deploy the military domestically.
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Kommentarer • 7 289

  • Dan
    Dan 11 dager siden

  • Naketha Geddings
    Naketha Geddings 16 dager siden

    So true

  • peter hompot
    peter hompot 25 dager siden

    Idiot. You will lose your show if you continue talking with out thinking.

  • Pizza Cuber
    Pizza Cuber 25 dager siden

    Welcome to the _Divided States_ of _Embarrassment_

    TRACY J 28 dager siden

    I love you Trevor you are so friggin hilarious..😂😂

  • Heather Mefford
    Heather Mefford 29 dager siden

    Trump IS the only national emergency we are currently facing. Please impeach soon!

  • Victor Trejo
    Victor Trejo Måned siden

    If you really think about it he is making America great again. Everyone is really paying attention.

  • Sara Danhoff
    Sara Danhoff Måned siden

    I did not need the image of Trump getting a handy from a butler. Ever. Fuck you Trevor.

  • katarina swint
    katarina swint Måned siden

    If someone walked into the hospital with the black plaque that would be a national emergency

  • zachirie66
    zachirie66 Måned siden

    Trevor Noahs’ final piece of advice is for the Democrats to suck up to trumps criminal demands like a spineless parent giving in to temper tantrum demands of a spoiled errant child.?

  • michael brown
    michael brown Måned siden

    Is it really a national emergency!??
    The country of Mexico is in the south! I live in the north!
    If a Mexican crosses the border it doesn't effect me!!!!
    Emergency for a wall!????
    Trump can't do this!

  • Lizzie Moo
    Lizzie Moo Måned siden

    Remember... If Trump is impeached, we get Pence, who really knows what he's doing. Why do you think he's been so quiet??

  • James Laupan
    James Laupan Måned siden

    Trump couldn’t build a damn salad, or tell the truth, fuck the twit.

  • Jay Walt
    Jay Walt Måned siden

    This is legit how chancellor palpatine started the empire! Well he used Jar-Jar to give him the powers but still lol

  • Jay Walt
    Jay Walt Måned siden

    Like wtf people. If any other president especially Obama he would’ve been removed by now

  • Jenna Garcia The Cuban
    Jenna Garcia The Cuban Måned siden

    Update: That IDIOT DID IT. I can’t believe this man has supporters. I can’t believe thousands of Hispanics/ other POC are becoming Trump supporters. It disappoints me so much. So so much

  • Mike Nicolini
    Mike Nicolini Måned siden

    Trump is #1

  • Madelene Manley
    Madelene Manley Måned siden

    This host looks the wall....why are u scared of a u get drugs and kickbacks for helping cartel....commie.

  • dan moholea
    dan moholea Måned siden

    ur not funny anymore trevor u need to give ur staff more drugs ...ur show is a bunch of white monkeys laughing when u scratch their ass such a shame 4 the daily show ...

  • HogFan
    HogFan Måned siden

    Dumb ass show

  • Mohamed Adda
    Mohamed Adda Måned siden


  • Zoe Flemate
    Zoe Flemate Måned siden

    Well shit, sorry Trevor, looks like you'll be advertising your juice cleanse in the streets

  • K.O.S Gaming
    K.O.S Gaming Måned siden

    It should be against the law to ridicule your president on this scale especially mainstream media , would like to see these twats run the country and make the big decisions

  • Will O
    Will O Måned siden


  • Michael A
    Michael A Måned siden +1

    Thank you President TRUMP. Hopefully all the liberals will cry tonight

  • Justin Beck
    Justin Beck Måned siden

    Does Noah end up saying just let him build his wall? This might be another example of why some of the left doesn't get along with some of the left.

  • Ambria Daniels
    Ambria Daniels Måned siden

    And the Democrats heads continue to roll :-D MAGA 2020

  • Rob Wwhit
    Rob Wwhit Måned siden

    This puke looks like he's going to cry...

  • BigM TheGiftedOne
    BigM TheGiftedOne Måned siden

    So much disrespect ....smh

  • Bonnie Robinson
    Bonnie Robinson Måned siden

    A National Emergency is something you all can see. A terrorist attack, natural disasters, even epidemic like the swine flu. Not building a wall that will take more than a decade to finish. Trump is over stepping his authority. Congress needs to rein Trump in. or impeach him. Americans would better off.

  • Skylar Lambert
    Skylar Lambert Måned siden

    I thought the Daily Show was a joke. Oh it is...

  • Cristopher James
    Cristopher James Måned siden

    Trevor Noah is trash

  • LA464k k
    LA464k k Måned siden

    And he just declared it :(

  • Matt Rowe
    Matt Rowe Måned siden

    Hail Trump!! 🙌🙏

  • gi joe
    gi joe Måned siden

    Well if hes going to declare state of emergency. Mite as well push the launch button for all the NUKES TO. And go to war with Russia

  • tandee
    tandee Måned siden

    Welp guess what just happened.

    JUAN SERNA Måned siden

    This “show” sucks 🖕🏻

    JUAN SERNA Måned siden

    Is this Comedy?

  • TruePowerIsMine
    TruePowerIsMine Måned siden

    Why don't they explain what true powers President Trump will have due to all the Executive Orders pass by former Presidents, just search Executive Order 13603 take a look at then bet you'll stop laughing.

  • TruePowerIsMine
    TruePowerIsMine Måned siden

    Can you handle the real truth?click here

  • kathy pounds
    kathy pounds Måned siden

    so a emergency is better that shutdown so houseing and workers get paid cause there be more homeless on the street

  • Cole W
    Cole W Måned siden +1

    I just ate 4g of shrooms, so this shit it spooky

  • Benny Ayala
    Benny Ayala Måned siden

    Humpy Trumpy tried to build a HATE wall
    Humpy Trumpy sat on his wall
    Humpy Trumpy fall off his wall
    All of Fox men and all of Fox & Friends tried to put Humpy Trumpy back together again

  • vinny1898
    vinny1898 Måned siden

    2.9K Trump supporters

  • Rodney Hodgson
    Rodney Hodgson Måned siden

    Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • Super_Cyb0rg
    Super_Cyb0rg Måned siden

    WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! The Supreme Court can rule such a declaration unconstitutional, and I don't think Kavanaugh is in any kind of position right now to go against the will of the people. Not while the heat is on.

  • Sahara Finnegan
    Sahara Finnegan Måned siden

    Somebody get trump legos so he can build his wall

  • Trazon McMullen
    Trazon McMullen Måned siden

    OMG...I AM DEAD!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The lotion had my LMAO!!

  • carsrule78
    carsrule78 Måned siden

    why didnt obama see MASS SHOOTINGS as a national emergency ? hes not impeached because u dont get impeached by putting the country first. wow !! hahah omg , not one person on here that likes trump , other than me. what a crock of shit !! fuck all u ppl . u left wing baby killing mother fuckers !!


  • Carlos P
    Carlos P Måned siden

    Trump's Never done any Labor ! 🤔 Declare a national Emergency ? Ok this Emergency started back in September 2018. Can u imagine getting stabbed and waiting five months to go to the Emergency Room, 😒 as you Bleed to death.

  • Goodhope Kudakwashe Dhliwayo

    The vice president of Zimbabwe recently shut down internet access for about a week.

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller Måned siden

    Are future presidents required to take a psychological test and if so. How on earth did Trump pass!

  • Alesia Rsheed
    Alesia Rsheed Måned siden

    And I am really confused about this whole thing about the southern border keep saying immigration immigration immigration but that does not solve the immigration issue what that solves okay not really solves is you keeping Brown immigrants there's immigrants that come from the North in all over around the world that overstay visas and a whole vast ways of saying in coming to the country illegally versus walking over from the border.
    I remember saying, make America great again sounds like you're saying it make it go back about 200 years.
    And a lot of his antics reminded me of Hitler read takes away things little by little until all of a sudden it's something too big to ignore.
    stating there's hidden things about being racist he's overtly racist.
    He ran his campaign on hate

  • Liquidmetal702
    Liquidmetal702 Måned siden

    At what point is this done being a joke?

  • Liquidmetal702
    Liquidmetal702 Måned siden

    Who has really good aim? When they go piss.

  • dontfuckinbotherbitch
    dontfuckinbotherbitch Måned siden

    This not funny

  • Lorna Nunez
    Lorna Nunez Måned siden

    How is it feeling having a dumbass president. El Chapo is in America MS-13 is in America. He wants to lock them in.

  • Dorth Surreal
    Dorth Surreal Måned siden

    Trump couldn't wipe his own asshole. Let alone change a light bulb.

  • Megan Elsa
    Megan Elsa Måned siden

    😂😂😂😂 love this show!! lol

  • davidsbeast1
    davidsbeast1 Måned siden

    The emergency is most south American countries on the brink of collapse and they all want to come here and live in America but they dont take the legal route and they just walk here. We need the wall and the thousands of new border agents they want to hire to stop all the foot traffic coming in illegally

  • davidsbeast1
    davidsbeast1 Måned siden +1

    TRUMP 2020! We can make America great again!

  • Nonya Bizness
    Nonya Bizness Måned siden

    HEY!! did you not hear the part about him freezing our bank accounts and shutting down communications and using the military against us when we get pizzed? GEEZ, PEOPLE!!!!! THIS IS SERIOUS AF!

  • Elijah Elisha
    Elijah Elisha Måned siden +2

    Trevor’s English accent is spot on

  • Abe Alexander
    Abe Alexander Måned siden

    Women logic: Obama was a great president. Why?! Because he spoke like a gentleman, while behind close doors making Americans dumber and bombing,invading and killing people all over the world. So what I get from women is as long as you whisper in my ear and speak SOFTly like a gentleman, you can do no wrong. And people ask me why in MGTOW?!

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith Måned siden

    I never knew all of them presidents were related in some type of way so basically you're just voted for family members

  • Breanna Kristen
    Breanna Kristen Måned siden

    Funny, smart and handsome.
    Democrats need to stop fighting with the president because I need the internet!!!!!! Cardi B for president 😂

  • GrowLLLTigeRRR
    GrowLLLTigeRRR Måned siden

    I've read some of the comments here and I keep asking myself "Where do these people get their news?" It's really sad.

  • Stephen Wilson
    Stephen Wilson Måned siden

    The rest of the world is probably having stomach cramps at how hard they’re laughing at us

  • Randi Ravenscroft
    Randi Ravenscroft Måned siden go there and sign the petition

  • Kate X
    Kate X Måned siden

    I smell another Hitler

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins Måned siden

    I would not put it beyond one of Trump's dwindling number of henchmen to burn down the Reichstag, in order to "justify" declaring "national emergency" (Stephen Miller as Himmler? - an extrapolation not necessarily far beyond ridiculous ). (FWIW, Cohen currently bears a striking facial resemblance to Speer at the Nuremberg Trail - Google the photos) Moralische Feigling... und Versager...und Verräter (any characteristics sound familiar?) Footnote: Adolf was also "democratically anointed" Shall Robert S. Mueller be our Robert H. Jackson?

  • Matthew E
    Matthew E Måned siden

    Never saw you before. But you aren't funny

  • Giovanny Cortez
    Giovanny Cortez Måned siden

    who give a fuck what hes gonna do the question is What the fuck are us the people going to do !!!

  • Kimiko Monroe
    Kimiko Monroe Måned siden

    Anyone who doesnt support our prez needs to leave the country you scumbags dont really care about the people while trump wants to protect the people

  • Warrior of Light
    Warrior of Light Måned siden

    That was really good Democrats should give Trump his wall before he figures out what Powers he does have during a state of emergency

  • Tomato Ned
    Tomato Ned Måned siden

    He’s really not funny, huh?

  • Stephanie Falk
    Stephanie Falk Måned siden


  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan Måned siden

    trump being the president is a national emergency. *cough* trump and pence out = pelosi in *cough cough*

  • DaModaFoka
    DaModaFoka Måned siden

    3:32 - 3:38
    3rd amendment, soldiers can't do that without owner permission.

  • John Burton
    John Burton Måned siden

    These stupid jokes told in your idiot accent should be considered an emergency.

  • Karon Hamilton
    Karon Hamilton Måned siden

    This is funny as hell!

  • Rubella Wolf
    Rubella Wolf Måned siden

    Oh god no....I swear if he shuts down everything using national Emergency HELLO CANADA HERE I COME BUT I NEED HELP TO LEAVE THIS CHILDISH MESS

  • Adam Diamond
    Adam Diamond Måned siden

    Goddamn they is a bunch of snowflakes here TRUMP BITCHES!

  • Bad Corn Dog
    Bad Corn Dog Måned siden

    If you don't stand behind our great president u ain't merican #hailtrump #southwillrise

  • Bryan Bielka
    Bryan Bielka Måned siden

    HAHAHA no one takes his ass serious the guy has always been a clown 🤡. Hes mad cuz he depends on the vote of Democrats to build his wall and he hates it.

  • Abiyah Rina
    Abiyah Rina Måned siden

    Spring break in Cancun this year?

  • John Doe
    John Doe Måned siden

    Trevor Noah = BLACK IDENTITY EXTREMISTS. so, the national mall is about attacking white teenagers.
    when i heard about this video, i thought it was going to be a bunch of out of control catholic teenagers randomly attacking innocent people. instead, i see some teenager simply standing there. i guess that the current agenda of making false accusations of racism against whites includes bulling teens. who the hell is Trevor Noah to characterize anything that white teens wear as being racist? i guess if they was wearing hoodies all those a**hole black teens in those "KNOCK OUT GAME" videos it would be OK with Trevor. calling for violence against teenagers of any color is unforgivable. Trevor should be fired at the very least. at most, he should be charged with reckless child endangerment and jailed. all that Trevor Noah has proved is that he is a piece of shit racist, that would like nothing more than to physically assault white children.

  • Dominique Williams
    Dominique Williams Måned siden

    Sounds pretty totalitarian

  • Tatiana Martin
    Tatiana Martin Måned siden +1

    All the millionaires he knows, why can't he get 500 of them to give 10 million each?

  • Nina Farida Funke
    Nina Farida Funke Måned siden

    I'm a big fan of Trevor, still, saying that the democrats should give Trump the wall is insane. I never would've expected him to stand by such an opinion. At the same time, i feel sorry for all the people suffering from the shutdown! Trump just really needs humane counseling and besides, the whole country a political revolution.

  • Jay Carrion
    Jay Carrion Måned siden

    This is scary

  • iTzzEaSt
    iTzzEaSt Måned siden

    I don’t see a problem with a Border Wall Honestly, It’s Improves National security. We share our Borders with the Highest Drug and Trafficking Rates In the entire world, Why not be safer? Obama and Hillary were going to do the exact same thing (Fact) And nobody had a problem with it? But since it’s trump everyone cares .. ahh I see.. You people arguing about a wall is causing our Coast Guard to not be paid.. W a k e u p p e o p l e

  • Zie Wolfen
    Zie Wolfen Måned siden

    How does it feel to be as bad as Don Lemon? When he builds the wall, All you snowflake Leftist are gonna look dumb... Well, even more dumb.

  • delilahsara1
    delilahsara1 Måned siden

    Too late I’m sure those bone heads in the white house already informed trump on what he can do!

  • R RyoO
    R RyoO Måned siden

    Wow, 90% similarity.
    Thai’s premier(we do not accept him) declaired “Section.44”, which can do anything you can think of. Anything. He used that bloody law to prevent his clan from auditting. God dam it.

  • Shanice Abbott
    Shanice Abbott Måned siden

    This 😣😣😣😣

  • Satoru Kuroshiro
    Satoru Kuroshiro Måned siden

    What do I have to drink to poop like Trevor Noah? I imagine that pooping like him is pooping like a King. Golden, and effortless.

  • Under God
    Under God Måned siden