Here’s What Will Happen if Trump Declares a State of Emergency | The Daily Show


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  • Satoru Kuroshiro
    Satoru Kuroshiro Time siden

    What do I have to drink to poop like Trevor Noah? I imagine that pooping like him is pooping like a King. Golden, and effortless.

  • Sakina Kelly
    Sakina Kelly Time siden


  • Orlando Florence
    Orlando Florence 3 timer siden

    something really fishy is going on. Coastguard shutdown, kim jung testing missiles one day and friending us suddenly, china displaying missiles after our ship went through Taiwan, this national emergency looming, longest shutdown in history, china being told off, there are definitely some tell tale signs of trying not to alarm the public, but some shit is going down, I 6th sense some serious shit in my gut

  • Shirou Saberfox
    Shirou Saberfox 13 timer siden

    Shut up and get off my youtube newsfeed.

  • Blbb k
    Blbb k 19 timer siden +1

    The last person who declared a national emergency to win against the Congress was Hitler in Germany

  • Soviet.96
    Soviet.96 20 timer siden

    Tunnels and planes

  • Mike Alvarez
    Mike Alvarez 21 time siden

    2.8k people hate this

  • symphorian kimbi
    symphorian kimbi 21 time siden

    Trump derangement syndrome is real. Hillary would have been worse.

  • the true word
    the true word Dag siden

    Is this the start of a dictatorship? Find out in the next episode of "You did it to the 3rd world countries, now get it done for yourself"

  • mackattack
    mackattack Dag siden

    what the fuck are have we done.

  • Shinigami Maxwell
    Shinigami Maxwell Dag siden

    Unless you are Native American or directly descended from slaves... YOU. ARE. AN. IMMIGRANT

  • Victor Wellman
    Victor Wellman Dag siden

    People cant see things in front of their eyes because they dont like to see both sides of the coin. Democratic rule under Obama was terrible for us who lived in the state of West Virginia because he closed down most of the jobs around the place. Trump comes into office and raises the economy, creates more opportunities for black and Mexican communities, and everyone is still hung up over border security that we obviously need. When you think of the word fascism and nazi. Look at the 18 billion dollars that Obama spent to suppress certain media groups and also look at his proposed gun regulations. Then read a history book and tell me how Hitler came into power and committed genocide by taking away the Jewish peoples means of defense. Perhapse if everyone in America was trained with firearms and had one on their person/ in their homes these mass shootings wouldnt be a problem but that I cant say for sure.

  • JoeX108
    JoeX108 2 dager siden

    I think Trumps goal is to act like a crazy person and destabilize America until nobody wants to come to America anymore and with that solve the illegal (and legal) immigration problem...:/ such a good president^^

  • Jevon Jackson
    Jevon Jackson 2 dager siden +2

    Is banning Donald j trump from social media a national emergency just asking.

  • Clubba LangDGI
    Clubba LangDGI 2 dager siden

    Romaine lettuce has killed more Americans than these imagined Mexican terrorists.

  • Lenny Wiggins
    Lenny Wiggins 2 dager siden

    They all playing the same side people trust me...they all want the wall

  • Louis Loria
    Louis Loria 2 dager siden

    You’re a dick

  • Christina O'connor
    Christina O'connor 2 dager siden

    omg shut the fuck up retard, your not funny idiot.

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith 3 dager siden

    Still worshipping yourselves
    Instead of God. Causing people to fall away. Y'all no better.

  • kittyface27
    kittyface27 3 dager siden

    He wouldn't shut down the internet. He'd have no access to tweeting stupid shit spelled wrong.

  • Sanjeev Stephen
    Sanjeev Stephen 3 dager siden

    I truly believe if Trump wouldn't exist, Trevor Noah wouldn't have this job!

  • SomeGuyOrSomething
    SomeGuyOrSomething 3 dager siden

    Bitch bitch moan complain

  • CCIE
    CCIE 4 dager siden +2

    Trevor is what happens when a dad shoots a mom in the back of the head... poor Patricia Nombuyiselo. When he got threatened by his killer dad Trevor fled from Africa to California. lol coward

    • CCIE
      CCIE 4 dager siden

      This is why he hates Trump, a man being a man is as foreign to him as he is foreign.

    DEANDER HARTMAN 4 dager siden

    Donald Trump say make America great again and America come first Lol but for his wall America come last and make America suffer and pay that's a president that loves America he's doing a good job too Lmao

  • Clayton Davis
    Clayton Davis 4 dager siden

    Funny yet completely and utterly terrifying goddamnit Trump

  • Key Bob
    Key Bob 4 dager siden


  • steve blow
    steve blow 4 dager siden

    OMG the j*rk off joke is so funny

  • Alfred Santiogo
    Alfred Santiogo 4 dager siden

    i love trump

  • amirreza eshaghi
    amirreza eshaghi 4 dager siden

    how america chose trump ?

  • Kevin Charles
    Kevin Charles 4 dager siden

    No lie this shit mad funny

  • Akela DeWolf
    Akela DeWolf 4 dager siden

    Libotards love fake outrage..
    It gives them the illusion of being relevant......)

  • Ingrid Bullard
    Ingrid Bullard 4 dager siden +1

    Trevor Noah looks like a brown MONKEY and really sounds like one .

  • Zihir Terrence-Smith
    Zihir Terrence-Smith 4 dager siden

    He’s a bitch lol

  • Ian Rathke
    Ian Rathke 4 dager siden

    Sounds like Congress got lazy and created the National Emergency so they wouldn't have to do their job. Sounds like same Congress we have today.

  • Beckham
    Beckham 5 dager siden

    Have y’all played the game for the original Xbox? State of Emergency

  • Beckham
    Beckham 5 dager siden

    Have y’all ever played that one game for the original Xbox State Of Emergency?

  • Elizabeth Peters
    Elizabeth Peters 5 dager siden

    Time to impeach

  • Robin Eskridge
    Robin Eskridge 5 dager siden

    I bet the people who voted for Trump feel super stupid now!

  • noname hereyougo
    noname hereyougo 5 dager siden

    Secretly ...your trying to propagate the wall sneecky basted.

  • EverythingSucks!
    EverythingSucks! 5 dager siden

    The fact that the video ends with a call to Democrats to give him the wall, so that the shutdown ends, meaning that complying with this terrible decision as if it was the lesser of two evils, is terrifying! Specially, coming from an immigrant like Trevor himself...

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter 5 dager siden

    Trever you are a retarded pompis ass.

  • Inez Qtaish
    Inez Qtaish 5 dager siden

    Inez Qtaish is apostle sent of One God commanding Drake to come here now.

  • Shawtie Taylor
    Shawtie Taylor 5 dager siden

    Obama had a bill pass for black farmers back in the day 1.2 billion to be awarded to pple, Obama shut down cause of a bad flu case, if Trump wanted something for the American pple maybe they would easily pass the bill

  • Ms Sayles
    Ms Sayles 5 dager siden

    Do we all need to hurt over just a very minor yes or no answer.on boarder wall....lift shut down grief please.

  • Steve Mitchell
    Steve Mitchell 5 dager siden

    The man who has the power to push the little red button,and ya all choose to talk dirt on em.Have some respect,tomorrow could not exist at any time...any time..

  • seand67
    seand67 5 dager siden +1

    F*ck that stupid fat orange pig

  • L M Falaschetti Falaschetti

    they CANNOT send troops to our houses read amendments

  • ASAP_zbrookens.
    ASAP_zbrookens. 6 dager siden

    I’m just saying United States May get oofed of the map if he doesn’t stop with this stuff. What I mean by this is World War III

  • Diane Benzler
    Diane Benzler 6 dager siden

    The only emergency are the voices in Donald Trump's head fighting among themselves!

  • Patriotic Justice
    Patriotic Justice 6 dager siden

    Well, you morons thought there would be WWIII, concentration camps, etc if Trump won the election. Can't wait to see you proven wrong again. :)

    • Patriotic Justice
      Patriotic Justice 5 dager siden

      Juan Rivera "Ignoring" and "ranting;" two things leftists excel at. I don't know what glue you've been inhaling in your ivory tower, but under Obama, the economy was so flushed down the toilet, it was flowing back into the ocean. If you think people who were homeless and middle class were 'well off,' I'd bet you'd also believe Pelosi when she said a thousand dollars being saved per person in their tax cuts in 'crumbs.'

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      Patriotic Justice Given how you continually ignore the fact of the destruction of the prior economic crash I will just go ahead and ignore the rest of your rant. Once you accept the crash happened and there had to be a recovery we can continue this discourse. The economy was already improving and accelerating prior to Trump. All he did was pack the pockets of the well off.

    • Patriotic Justice
      Patriotic Justice 6 dager siden

      Juan Rivera So high squalor that rather than doing something like trying to prevent the threat of mass fires burning the state down, they focus more on banning children from drinking milk and soda. It's not just stink (the fact people using the street as a toilet doesn't help) it is pure concentrated stupidity, absolutely devoid of logic and intelligence, demanded to appear credential by fools who's only awards they won were participation trophies (which they insisted be given to them anyway)
      Given where we were a few years ago and today, yes, I consider it a vast improvement. It seems like yesterday my neighborhood was crowded with homeless families begging for work with abandoned buildings boarded up. Today, the streets are clean, everyone is housed, fed and happy. I was among the vast majority of Americans who had nothing, thank you very much. The only ones who have nothing today are the ones who insist that employment is some sort of 'fascism' and live in their parents house while protesting all day in a black hoodie. And even then, I doubt they have 'nothing' given how many times they've been caught on camera receiving envelopes of cash before rioting.
      'Military is overfunded.' Say who? The people who spit on troops when they come home for 'killing Muslims?' We never had allies under Obama, just him kissing everyone's ass. They were happy with Obama because he was having us foot the majority of the bill in cases like the Paris Accord, whereas they barely spent any money at all. In other words, we were being ripped off. Under Trump, they grumble because they are now actually having to put their money where their mouth is. But countries are starting to want Trump's example in leadership. People are pissed off with how Macron, Trudeau, May, etc have been handling their countries, in case your masters in Comedy Central haven't told you.
      Why didn't we take $5 billion out of the $10 billion Democrats sent to Central America?
      Keep chowing down on that Nothing Burger. Don't blame me when you starve after realizing there's nothing in it.

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      Patriotic Justice San Francisco is I squalor like any high density city. That’s a metroplis money issue. Nothing new there! NY has its stink as well.
      As for your so called economic growth. I’m glad you think only the top of the economic ladder deserved those gains. Of your there very good on you but that vast majority of Americans still got nothing for all the hoopla you make of these gains!
      The military is over funded. Period. We have made more enemies under trump and his isolation from our usual allies. They were not perfect but allies never the less. Perhaps save 5 billion from the military and make that stupid wall with it!
      You may continue to eat the shit burger lies that trump feeds you but I will not. Continue being deaf and blind. I already served my country and find it reprehensible we have turds like trump in charge. It’s no wonder no one wants to work with that moron!

    • Patriotic Justice
      Patriotic Justice 6 dager siden

      Juan Rivera Who is destroying America? Because last I checked, areas like San Francisco, crime ridden, people pooping in the street and leaving their heroin needles lying around, were controlled by Democrats. Last I checked, it wasn't Trump supporters marching around in black hoods attacking people and setting cars and shops on fire. Last I checked, our military, our economy, our employment opportunities, our trade benefits were rising. But you go ahead and be miserable, snow flake. I'm happier in reality being useful, rather than looking for reasons to be triggered and unhappy.

    SITI AMIRAH KAMARUDIN 6 dager siden +1

    Trevor, are you getting fat?

  • Steven 698
    Steven 698 6 dager siden

    Lots of people referencing the berlin wall.
    Lots of people being stupid.

  • Steven 698
    Steven 698 6 dager siden

    It's pathetic that people are still bitching about trump.
    The man's been in office 2 years and hasn't fucked anything up.
    If I was him and wanted to build a wall to keep the illegal immagrants out and the border guards safe I'd declare a state of emergency too if that's what it took to get the bullshit out of the way.

    • Steven 698
      Steven 698 6 dager siden

      +Juan Rivera what?
      so I should think he's about to enslave the entire US population and become the worlds most powerful dictator (or something like that) just because he hasn't brought about world peace or done something similarly heroic?

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      Steven 698 The moron has barely done anything right but you keep thinking positive things! And this so called immigration issue is caused by Americans. Drugs and illegal hires tempt them to come not even including our interfering in their countries. Read up some history and realize that we are the problem! We fix our issues and the immigration solution will come.

  • Finanalyst300
    Finanalyst300 6 dager siden

    How did Trevor Noah ever become a comedian? Nothing funny at all!

  • Caroline Keaton
    Caroline Keaton 6 dager siden +1

    Trump. Is bull shit

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson 7 dager siden

    Here is how the wall gets funded. Democrats wanted a wall, campaigned on it for years. Randomly stances change in 2016 conveniently. Democrats tell illegals there are jobs in America and the Green Hats stage operations to bring Caravans into the United states. Democrats cheer, yet trump can now Bypass democrats completely and put up a wall because of the Democrats caravans. the Irony is so sweet.

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      Garrett Wilson if you believe that nonsense you just scribbled then your a Moron. No wonder the gop has trump. Bunch of flat earther conspiracy nuts the lot of you!

  • steve Howell
    steve Howell 7 dager siden

    why in the hell we have a not funny, asshat liberal not even an American talking about what OUR president is gonna do is a mystery to me. TRUMP # 2020 MAGA # LIBS SUCK # TREVOR NOAH ...WHO ??

  • Charles Green
    Charles Green 7 dager siden

    6:06 That STAIN 🤔 😏

  • isaiah saldana
    isaiah saldana 7 dager siden

    so its ok for him use our money for a wall but when we got kids killing each other. or school shootings. bullying people killing themselves because of bullying. homeless people that cant get into shelters this sum bs

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      isaiah saldana better whole than half?

    • isaiah saldana
      isaiah saldana 6 dager siden

      +Juan Rivera crazy thing is ima whole kid

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      isaiah saldana and there ya go. A real american problem. Yep. The gop and the dotard in chief would rather blame our issues on the poor!

  • isabel Bieligk
    isabel Bieligk 7 dager siden +2

    i want to poop like trevor noah

  • Aaron Buck
    Aaron Buck 7 dager siden

    Like you have ever done hard labor a day in your life

  • Qi Huna
    Qi Huna 7 dager siden +1

    *Yes, we do have an "National Emergency", its called...……."TRUMP IS STILL ALIVE!!!"*

  • hobbicles28
    hobbicles28 7 dager siden +2

    That was a funny video, with good info. Now Because you watched this video and are now relaxing as you read the comments, you may begin to stop an think for a moment as you start to realize you are now losing interest in the president. Number 45 as he is sometimes called.
    His name is unimportant and because you are breathing now, you discover that he is simply, easily and naturally nothing more than a bad dream.
    He was a bit of undigested supper. And because he is not real and no longer a part of your life or thoughts, you discover in 2020 you don’t see his name, so you shrug your shoulders and vote for someone different.
    Now in 2020 you look back on today as the day you made the decision to vote for someone else and you feel good about making this decision.

  • Dan Istrate
    Dan Istrate 7 dager siden +1

    I would have made a joke about girls peeing not kissing

  • Águila701
    Águila701 7 dager siden +1

    I just hope that when people go to the polls during the next election they are genuinely angry and not just special snowflake not enough white people angry like the racist hicks that elected Trump in the first place.

  • Águila701
    Águila701 7 dager siden +1

    The world's "greatest" democracy at work people. The only difference between the U.S and banana republics is that the people get to choose who oppresses them.

  • k43isback
    k43isback 7 dager siden +1

    I wish Mr Trevor would focus also as much on South Africa than he does on the USA. Not a beautiful picture we got in SA... what a coward :(

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      k43isback sometimes gotta have fun even in discourse. We could always wish that America actually cared about what’s happens outside its borders.

    • k43isback
      k43isback 6 dager siden

      Juan Rivera nope it wasn’t about sports actually. You can look it up. And you demonstrate how classy you are, so oh not surprising haha

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      k43isback lol. Sports be sports. And this ! Is for you. 👍🏽 Be well.

    • k43isback
      k43isback 6 dager siden

      Juan Rivera well his geo location didn’t stop him from commenting on how the French team won the fifa World Cup for example. No need to add an exclamation point by the way :)

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      k43isback why? He’s in the states!

  • Maya Eglez
    Maya Eglez 7 dager siden

    When he started asking for money for his wall, the caravans started and when he does not see any progress, the caravans move.

  • larry smith
    larry smith 7 dager siden +1

    A well spoken fool is still a fool. Trevor is real good at reading a Q card. That way he does not have to have a actual thought of his own.

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      larry smith sorry friend. You seem to be talking about the idiot trump.

  • Nancy Qug
    Nancy Qug 7 dager siden

    You right trevor , trump showed up and used all the loopholes, that's why we have Mueller to reel him back in. The founding father wrote those laws, but they lack strong explanations. That's why trump have everything upside down. Federal workers need to get another job , and those who up for retirement start filing retirement application, get your money and then go back to work when the government open back up, and cancel the benefits

  • Nancy Qug
    Nancy Qug 7 dager siden +1

    The federal workers need to get together whether you black, white or blue you all still need to pay your bills. You all still feeling the pain if no money. Park off at the white house, all around it, blow horns, tents, you guys have to do like Germany and france, when our governments f. Up.

    • larry smith
      larry smith 7 dager siden

      Instead of parking at the white house go to the southern border and block off all the Illegals coming to take their jobs.

  • Rachel Raya
    Rachel Raya 7 dager siden +1

    There is no fucken crisis!!!
    Security if it is faulting, it's probably because they haven't been paid!!!
    Statistics have come out and nothing he says is true!!! He's causing the distress ! I'm almost afraid he may be wanting to take full control of the government, maybe trying to avoid the results if the FBI comes after him?

  • just love it VEVO
    just love it VEVO 7 dager siden +1

    Jeez !
    what noah said about trump in that starting if some talk show host said that about our pm modi in india he would get killed,family women raped or murdered, robbed or at least removed from his job !
    You guys see modi as some visionary but for us secular peace loving free speech advocate intellectuals are in constant danger !
    Modi is hitler 2.0 incarnate ! make a video on him !

  • Danica Naude
    Danica Naude 7 dager siden +1

    He's using an excuse that a freaking CHILD would use to get something he wants.

  • Nick Wayne
    Nick Wayne 7 dager siden +1

    😂I love how you think you can actually impeach him😂

  • Mack69
    Mack69 7 dager siden +1

    don't you love to see democrats cry

    • Mack69
      Mack69 6 dager siden

      +Juan Rivera hahaha they did broke glass to bring me back - Iam back

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden +1

      Mack69 nah. It’s only shits like you that make America bad. Go rot in a little corner already and die off. America doesn’t need you.

    • Mack69
      Mack69 6 dager siden

      +Juan Rivera why are you still crying don't you have a green card john/ wan starts with a W in america

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      Mack69 umm. Plenty of repugnants on that plate you just described you dotard! GOP cult followers as well are suffering due to that moron!

    • Mack69
      Mack69 7 dager siden +1

      +Elana Lawson well those that make under 20 thousand dollars a year have been and know how to handle their money for years how much does a federal employee make a year- with out federal jobs people don't drink-smoke dine out drink wine we save for milk and sale foods we don't cry we live work 2 or 3 jobs.

  • Evilkitty
    Evilkitty 8 dager siden +1

    Sigh 😔

  • Fletcher Hunt
    Fletcher Hunt 8 dager siden +1

    Hey humanoids, fix yourself first, before you think you know what's best for everyone else. #getagrip #buildthewall

  • tony marino
    tony marino 8 dager siden +1

    If you don't like the president get out the country ass.

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      tony marino nah! I’d rather mock and protest the hell out that moron. The crappiest president ever! I’ll be glad to see how he is shunned by all politicians when he leaves! Good times and plenty of jokes for all! The GOP will be nothing but a joke after that turd!

  • benji lando
    benji lando 8 dager siden

    morons watch you and think you are news as they are used to fake cnn you all cant handle a great president unlike the last one

  • Jellos Del Pellos
    Jellos Del Pellos 8 dager siden +2

    people comparing this dude to hitlerthis is why liberals are losing credibility

  • Gzr Gldr
    Gzr Gldr 8 dager siden +1

    What will happen is that we get a wall, a more secure border and save billions of dollars processing and/or supporting illegal immigration. Sure, some will still find a way through, but it is a deterrent, not a solution. The solution is to eliminate the incentives for them to even try to come illegally.

    • Juan Rivera
      Juan Rivera 6 dager siden

      Gzr Gldr Moron. Pay for new border patrol agents, vehicles, and sensor nets. That will be a lot more affective. Also perhaps Americans should stop buying drugs already and stop hiring illegals as well. Break the opportunity and they will stop! But let’s blame little brown people though.

  • Nicoletta Ciccone
    Nicoletta Ciccone 8 dager siden +1

    He is not building a wall bloody americans, he wants to pocket all the money and flee to russia.

  • Trip Bass
    Trip Bass 8 dager siden +1

    To bad the shut down can't cancel this show and tom steyer is a clueless libtard.

  • Evan Ross
    Evan Ross 8 dager siden +1

    For god sakes Mike Pence wont even go into a room with a woman alone because of the bullshit now thats real shady.

  • Evan Ross
    Evan Ross 8 dager siden +1

    Lets just point out we are all human and i imagine none of you would even get close to staying in office with all of these half retarted accusations.

    • untrue facts
      untrue facts 6 dager siden +1

      I can't even argue with that your a 100%correct myself included.

  • medellin's Finest
    medellin's Finest 8 dager siden

    I can see Putin laughing

  • konneh abu
    konneh abu 8 dager siden

    It could've been easier for him 2 years ago, when Congress were full of the Republicans. But again the question here is why the Republicans didn't pass the bill then?

  • RB_WolfPlaysYT_RB
    RB_WolfPlaysYT_RB 8 dager siden

    bro i have 400 ping this is NATIONAL EMERGENCY I NEED MORE INTERNET

  • Kim R
    Kim R 8 dager siden +1

    Freezing ban accounts? What?

  • john waller
    john waller 8 dager siden

    trump 2020 trump jr 2024

  • Pure Gospel
    Pure Gospel 8 dager siden

    How long will this stupid comedian be allowed to spew false political rhetoric? He is new to this country so what does he know about American history. If he is co concerned about fixing a countries wrongs why doesn't he go back to his own country and try to fix their problems which are probably worse than ours. I guess Money is more important than truth to these sewer rats in the entertainment industry who were nothing to begin with but now consider themselves intellectual political pundits.

    THOMAS MILLER 8 dager siden

    Almost no regulations or systems in place in the USA are definitely defined... it may be because they forgot, or it may just be to keep things undefined so they never really have to do anything, and have that always to complain about during the next elections. Basically some politicians think the American people are to stupid and easily distracted to notice.

  • R M
    R M 8 dager siden

    I say, tear down the wall we have now. Better yet, get rid of borders. No borders. Just let whoever wants to come, come on in. Abolish ICE.
    Free welfare for all. Free public schools for all. Immigrant children don't have to learn English. Teach them in their native tongue. Free healthcare for all. We the American people have enough money to feed and house and educate the entire world. Right?
    Let the drugs come on in. Let the gangs and the drug warlords come on in. Who cares about America and Americans. Just let Mexico have the whole entire country. Make America Mexico again. It was theirs to begin with right? Theirs and the American Indians. Right?
    Let them have it. Everybody go back to your country of origin. If you are mostly French, go back to France. They will accept you right? I mean, they don't have immigration policies do they? Of course not! They let any and everybody in right?
    What about China? Or Italy? Spain? The UK? Germany? Africa? Japan? How about Mexico? Will Mexico let you migrate to their country and get public assistance, free housing, medical and schooling for your children in English?

  • Amarie
    Amarie 8 dager siden +1

    Baby Trump

  • Joe Fahie
    Joe Fahie 8 dager siden

    I came here for serious answers and it’s just this fucking idiot thinking he’s funny dicking around this is a joke

  • Q Boogy
    Q Boogy 8 dager siden

    This mfer is the Anti-Christ swear he is i kno he got the mark of the beast under that wig of his

  • Will Givens
    Will Givens 8 dager siden

    To believe that there are actually people out there 2530 35% of America voted for this filthy greedy Pig a con man extraordinaire evil and the people who still support him stand by his lying to you 10:15 25 times a day are evil as well and there is no doubt about it

  • Frank Cochran
    Frank Cochran 8 dager siden

    This guys a joke