What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

  • Publisert 5. mars. 2019
  • Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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    What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Kommentarer • 22 415

  • PriimZ
    PriimZ 15 timer siden

    The russian guy is pretty bad 🤨

  • ᅲᅲ
    ᅲᅲ 15 timer siden

    6:52 ахвхахахахахчх какой акцент ,спасибо за русский 🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Alt Shft Dlt
    Alt Shft Dlt 15 timer siden

    Full blood native American speaker right here 🍃💕

  • imjustsomeguy72
    imjustsomeguy72 15 timer siden

    11:27 is great. Like, just going from the body language, it's like she replies to the blindfolded woman in Dutch naturally, and only on the second response seems to go, "Wait, what, you can speak this?"

  • masked engineer
    masked engineer 15 timer siden

    Urdu originated from India and is an indian language for god's sake.

  • Donut -Toast
    Donut -Toast 15 timer siden

    i can't express how weird it is to just watch a video like "i'm going to hear foreign languages" and then just hear your own language in between it all. you have to relearn your own language for a second again before realizing that's! the one you're speaking!

  • Sista Lela Wisata Tour and Travel

    If I speak Indonesian, so many people will think it would think it was Malaysia.

  • Snow Man
    Snow Man 15 timer siden

    That dude speaking Urdu probably rehearsed those few lines. His Urdu was bad

  • JackJumper
    JackJumper 16 timer siden

    If I were trying to guess, I'd ask everyone of them to count to 10. It's literally the only way I'll know how to recognise a language

  • Skyrun
    Skyrun 16 timer siden

    Здарова, Нигассы!

  • Ritul Jain
    Ritul Jain 16 timer siden

    What's the Instagram @ of that girl in blue denim dress. Asking for school project :)

  • Твоё Милое Чмо

    Апхаххахпхпхп , как же я ору с того негра бляя , аххахах

  • Joe
    Joe 16 timer siden +1

    Wow, Native American. I’m Mayan and it makes me happy since I wasn’t expecting to this.

  • Raees AK
    Raees AK 16 timer siden

    anybody know about insta of girl in blue skirt??

  • anchal30790
    anchal30790 16 timer siden

    I am an Indian, who understand hindi & knows how urdu sounds like & can speak it to an extent & i would have had a hard time to what that guy was saying, czz he hardly can speek both hindi & urdu😂😂. That makes me question others as well.

  • Der Hammer
    Der Hammer 16 timer siden

    7:05 Whould you like to fuck me now or not?

  • Tapojoy De
    Tapojoy De 16 timer siden

    The 'Urdu' speaking guy definitely falsified his CV. 😂 That's not at all Urdu. That's just incorrectly pronounced Hindi.

  • Nieg 7eloni
    Nieg 7eloni 16 timer siden

    I think, he hear words in translator and repit xDDD It's not Russian language, he's very bad....

  • Султан Асанов
    Султан Асанов 16 timer siden

    This man speaks Russian wrong

  • Diibadaa
    Diibadaa 16 timer siden

    As a half russian person, I will say that russian wasn't so good, and oh in RUSSIA they respect you if you actually learn to pronounce their shit. Cause' it is a culture of its kind. There were too many ppl who can't actually pronounce "their language". At least try to find native speakers. You live in a country with more ppl than my country and you can't find native speakers of each kind? Seriously?

  • xiepoo
    xiepoo 16 timer siden

    Man, most of them sounded like americans who learned a foreign language (because they likely were). As a native Dutch speaker I had to struggle to understand the Dutch speaking girl due to the heavy accent. Even understanding a couple of the other languages (but being nowhere near native) it was easy to pick up the accent. Still, fun video!

  • Doll Face
    Doll Face 16 timer siden

    Ge-apil unta ko nila diha oi. Tagbaw jud na sila ug tag-an hahaha.. Sa mga kasabot, ayaw pagsaba. Inato lang ni.

  • Михаил Мирошников

    Guy who speaks Russian is really bad in it. So much lexical mistakes and super strong accent. Why wouldn’t you bring a native Russian speaker there?

  • Justin Yase
    Justin Yase 16 timer siden

    Bring Greek people

  • sam saeed
    sam saeed 17 timer siden

    i think the Pakistani guy was having a hard time speaking his own native language
    Jani wtf

  • J J
    J J 17 timer siden

    Whatta horrible Urdu accent. Moreover, this guy didn't use any words that would distinguish his Urdu from Hindi. Whatever he spoke was Hindi too.

  • eddycuckdestroyer
    eddycuckdestroyer 17 timer siden +1

    Oh cmon did he learn his russian from hollywood movies?

  • TheArmchairrocker
    TheArmchairrocker 17 timer siden

    Not the greatest Russian accent.

  • Vignesh Srinivasan
    Vignesh Srinivasan 17 timer siden

    The tall guy sounds like Liam neeson

  • maaike van meer
    maaike van meer 17 timer siden

    the dutch kinda made me want to kill myself bc of her accent

  • Ayman
    Ayman 17 timer siden

    12:05 probably the best part

  • Avalon Dean
    Avalon Dean 17 timer siden

    amazing... you people wouldnt even get a european to speak the only european language on this list.
    that russian was actually pathetic...

  • I am arsidius
    I am arsidius 17 timer siden

    6:50 it's obviously german or russian
    That's what i thought because of the loud screaming

  • Neeana Martha
    Neeana Martha 18 timer siden

    5:18 Klingon 😂😂😂

  • Fit Kid, Fat City
    Fit Kid, Fat City 18 timer siden

    The Jean Dress girl is soooooo fiiiiiiiiiine

  • coco._.puffxx
    coco._.puffxx 18 timer siden

    The girl who speaks mongolian sounds a bit korean..

  • ashdragon1
    ashdragon1 18 timer siden

    Black people were really disrespectful except for the last girl

  • Damian Niculescu
    Damian Niculescu 18 timer siden

    Watching these videos I always hope to see Romanian 😔

  • Matty Chiu
    Matty Chiu 18 timer siden

    The chinese translator sounds like liam neeson lmao

  • Grinners
    Grinners 18 timer siden

    Well Scandinavian countries are Mongolian so she wasn't really wrong

  • Jeugeni Tseban
    Jeugeni Tseban 18 timer siden

    Боже мой. Русский такой...

  • Fabian080690
    Fabian080690 18 timer siden

    Cringe script

  • Nikita O'Wagner
    Nikita O'Wagner 19 timer siden

    I don't want to offend the "Russian"-speaking man but calling that mess a degree in Russian language is a big stretch. A guy clearly understands what he's saying but his pronounciation is laughable and sentence structure is bad. Compare his talking to Kate Beckinsale's interviews - nothing in common. At least I finally understand who are the people that consult TV and movies creators on how to talk Russian - take for example Arrow: Stephen Amell's Russian is so bad, that I as a native Russian speaker need subtitles to get what he's saying. This case is almost as bad.

  • Ez Wp
    Ez Wp 19 timer siden

    6:50 when he said cyka I knew it's Russian hahaha! Too much CSGO

  • Владислав Бусовиков

    Ах вы грязные суки, мы так не ругаемся, ебать вас в задницу

  • Rinat Gornik
    Rinat Gornik 19 timer siden

    Wow, the one who spoke in Hebrew is way off..
    She doesn't even know how to say "I love you" properly..

  • Celil Kazimov
    Celil Kazimov 19 timer siden

    Why russian one just said profanity after profanity
    And his accent was terrible

  • Aniversum
    Aniversum 19 timer siden

    I am really sorry but as a German i have to say that dutch sounds like failed german😅

  • Luise Renner
    Luise Renner 19 timer siden

    I find it horrible for someone learning Russian smashing its culture up like that. Not Russia's fault if he hangs with nasty people and obv is one himself. disgrace to both societies and to his university.
    Please ask normal natives next time!

  • Tru Blood
    Tru Blood 19 timer siden

    So are we just not gonna acknowledged 11:04 ......cause👀

  • mark rasputkov
    mark rasputkov 19 timer siden

    listen, The "russian guy" Sucked ass, I am fluent from childhood and I barely understand him.

  • El Pi'ablo
    El Pi'ablo 19 timer siden

    The cambodian guy funny af Lmao

  • Krystina Saragos
    Krystina Saragos 19 timer siden

    @6:52 . Dothraki language. I’m good ain’t I ?

  • Allmagesty
    Allmagesty 19 timer siden

    As a Russian of Mongolian Korean origin feel double offended. First of all because one of them said one of my language sounds worse than another (which is his personal opinion and he shouldnt labeled any language as a bad sounding), and as a second that "Russian" speaking guy was so rude, none Russian would say those phrases in public just for nothing. Just say those phrases to anyone when you want to spoil someone's mood

  • mr bacon man
    mr bacon man 20 timer siden +1

    When russian came up.


  • damien absalon
    damien absalon 20 timer siden

    I love that I speak Afrikaans and could full on understand Dutch and Flemish!

  • Carla Salingre
    Carla Salingre 20 timer siden

    Is there nobody else in the whole United States that can actually speak decent Hebrew with the right accent? Because that was awful.

  • Kirvyn Bravo
    Kirvyn Bravo 20 timer siden +4

    Why is nobody talking about the girl in the blue dress?? Bro she’s mad hot😂 no 🧢

    FLAMINGO BUSTER 20 timer siden

    I had my eyes closed when that dude started yelling in Russian I jumped Because I knew what he was saying it scared me lol

  • Zohar Sverdlov
    Zohar Sverdlov 20 timer siden

    her Hebrew sounds more like yiddish. is very sharp. normal Israelis speak Hebrew smoother. I know this cause I'm Israeli

  • jeremy emilio
    jeremy emilio 20 timer siden

    also what is the flemish speakings girls name/instagram? need if For Academic Purposes

  • jeremy emilio
    jeremy emilio 20 timer siden

    could you get actual native speakers who can speak the language PROPERLY instead?

  • Sucoverde
    Sucoverde 20 timer siden

    does anyone knows Yanna instagram?

  • Navkiran Khosa Navkiran Khosa


  • Kendra Johnson
    Kendra Johnson 20 timer siden

    I'm not even six seconds in and I want out

  • Disruptor 6
    Disruptor 6 20 timer siden

    As a native Russian speaker I can say that the guy's Russian wasn't very good, but it's a VERY hard language to learn from scratch so props and respect for actually putting in the effort to learn it.

  • Stan talent Stan WJSN and LOONA

    Urdu??? Dude that was 100% Hindi. If not, then I was speaking Urdu my entire life thinking it was Hindi?? Also that guy couldn't speak Urdu well plus his accent was so off.

  • Gendeng Raven
    Gendeng Raven 21 time siden

    Yanna is so beautiful!!!!!!

  • Phil Scire
    Phil Scire 21 time siden

    5:12 sounded like a sim 😂

  • Salar Khan
    Salar Khan 21 time siden

    Ah, you idiot 😂

  • Charlie Andor
    Charlie Andor 21 time siden

    With the blindfold on he looks like Brendan Frasier

  • damijares
    damijares 21 time siden

    Out of topic but the girl wearing the one piece that was guessing the languages is extremely pretty and attractive.

  • __s___j
    __s___j 21 time siden

    Why would anybody be protective of that trash heap called mongolia

  • Shailesh Kumar
    Shailesh Kumar 21 time siden

    That Urdu/Hindi was atrocious beyond belief, if that person was in India or Pakistan literally no one would be able to understand them without pulling their hair out in frustration.

  • Maleah Sophia
    Maleah Sophia 21 time siden

    Kansas Crew Were Are You

  • helios the sun king
    helios the sun king 21 time siden

    “Can you name multiple languages on African continent?”
    Me: uhhhh,wakandan language....... 🤔

  • Казимир Почерней

    ты хочешь переспать меня сейчас или нет,прекрасное владение языком

  • thentantt
    thentantt 21 time siden

    Yooooo bring Laoshu505000

  • ben amv
    ben amv 21 time siden

    I thought the Dutch lady spoke some sim language

  • St. Stario
    St. Stario 21 time siden

    love how the people just insult them

  • updog
    updog 22 timer siden

    ?????????????????? THE FIRST CLIP IS TURNING ME OFF

  • Kaila Bohler
    Kaila Bohler 22 timer siden

    That guy who knew Russian learned it for the dirty words.

  • talhanoone
    talhanoone 22 timer siden

    What kind of fucking desi he is. Bc. Misrepresentation of pakistani urdu’s accent. Please bring someone who is atleast fluent in urdu or hindi. Btw, Baao raami raaja jee🤪

  • Buxue Wushu
    Buxue Wushu 22 timer siden

    yanna is so hot

  • Gloriya Jonatan Tobing
    Gloriya Jonatan Tobing 22 timer siden

    What Language with 100++ indonesian foreign language !

  • Future Yajirobe
    Future Yajirobe 22 timer siden

    Knew he was Cambodian as soon as he said YEEEEEEEEE

  • Detallado
    Detallado 22 timer siden

    No Español? vayanse a la verga

  • motorcity Mayhem
    motorcity Mayhem 22 timer siden

    holy mackeral that first girl is good looking

  • John Kendall
    John Kendall 22 timer siden

    Never heard Mongolian before. Sounds dope af.

    In my head I was like, "It sounds like an East Asian language with a Russian accent." So I guess Mongolia makes a lot of sense. xD

  • Annie Vincent
    Annie Vincent 22 timer siden

    the hebrew was a bit messed up ahdhfbejdhejudhe

  • Luis Alejandro Hernández Maya

    The russian guy is a pig.

  • Deshawn Miller
    Deshawn Miller 22 timer siden

    Wait that Russian sounds strange...does anyone else think it sounds clunky

  • Brandon Wallace
    Brandon Wallace 23 timer siden

    That woman in the blue jean dress. Wow!

  • –NomDeGuerre–
    –NomDeGuerre– 23 timer siden

    Someone do me a favor and give me Yanna’s gram or any social, u know lol

  • Someone in the world
    Someone in the world 23 timer siden

    6:50 is easy, Cyka and Nyet are from Russia

  • afrah maknojia
    afrah maknojia 23 timer siden

    Urdu and Hindi are the same thing!!!! There’s like a minor difference!!!!!

  • John Brooks
    John Brooks 23 timer siden

    The guy
    in purple has a rapist alter-ego... Always wished he could say these things to people, his idea of creative wordplay is pretty fucking obscene and I'm savage af, but he takes it to a new awkward level.

  • David Cipriano
    David Cipriano 23 timer siden

    the girl with the blue dress is beautiful!

  • E Said
    E Said 23 timer siden

    Looking for Jenny's number. Asking for myself. 👀

  • B m.h
    B m.h 23 timer siden

    ****Still waiting to see someone speak a language that I speak...