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Joyner Lucas - I Love (ADHD)


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  • opticnoobing opticnoobing
    opticnoobing opticnoobing 2 minutter siden

    I dont remember joyner putting chicks in his music videos🥺

  • Tarantula 23
    Tarantula 23 3 timer siden +1

    Since when was (ADHD) in the name of the vid 😂😂

  • Ibrahim kent jr
    Ibrahim kent jr 3 timer siden

    I think 3677265627 views are mines I jst can’t have enough of this

  • Im baconhair
    Im baconhair 4 timer siden

    Grammy time!

  • Charles Rizk
    Charles Rizk 5 timer siden

    Ive been wit Joyna for a min... and He was nominated for 2 grammys for best rap and best music video ive never been happy for a guy who started off from rapping and doing freestyles to becoming a sensation

  • Gamzee Honk
    Gamzee Honk 5 timer siden


  • Emily Worel
    Emily Worel 6 timer siden

    Sober Since May8,2018 !!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • Govi Vevo
    Govi Vevo 6 timer siden

    La canción más cabrona a hora mismo manin 🔥💯👁 Saludos Desde Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Voy hacerle un Spanish Version

  • Logan Rodgers
    Logan Rodgers 8 timer siden

    This song is great tbr. You know a song is good when you cant shake it out of your head ✌

  • Abdol Zamil
    Abdol Zamil 8 timer siden +1


  • Calum Persaud-Watton
    Calum Persaud-Watton 8 timer siden

    Joyner is WAAAAY better than Tory!

  • Calum Persaud-Watton
    Calum Persaud-Watton 9 timer siden

    What a song!

  • Young Trapstar
    Young Trapstar 9 timer siden

    Joyner lucas finally got a grammy! 👊👊🔥🔥💯💯

  • imacloutboy 420
    imacloutboy 420 10 timer siden

    I wish xxxtencion made a song with joyner lucas

  • Kendrick Forlifer
    Kendrick Forlifer 10 timer siden

    Wanna Sprite cranberry?

  • TheGodHound
    TheGodHound 11 timer siden +1

    Who’s here before Joyner wins a Grammy ?

  • Nadya Owlette
    Nadya Owlette 11 timer siden


    S.A.D JOKER 11 timer siden

    Much love for Joyner. My #1 tbh

    DANCEHALL TEMPLE 12 timer siden

    Congrats On Da Grammy Nominations My G

  • Seröses Gnu
    Seröses Gnu 13 timer siden

    no shade on him but he copied the flow at 1:02 from famous dex-pick it up
    tell me if im wrong but that sounds too similar

  • Jay Edwards
    Jay Edwards 13 timer siden

    Wassup with the naked dudes

  • Kontraversy Muzik
    Kontraversy Muzik 13 timer siden

    Keep Grinding Fam!!!! Get Them Snakes....

  • Dat Weeb
    Dat Weeb 14 timer siden

    Bruh fucking love this song

  • Donovan Vachon
    Donovan Vachon 14 timer siden

    I’m sorry Joyner, but the part where you say I love over and over is garbage and it ruins the song for me. Absolute garbage.

  • GodlyPorkchop
    GodlyPorkchop 14 timer siden

    adhd wtf dude

  • Edson Vences
    Edson Vences 15 timer siden

    Bruhhh Joyner, YOU A FUCKIN GENIUS MAN! Keep going dawg! Fuck the haters dawg! I can feel your vibe in every track fam! KEEP GOING DAWG! From the unknown to THE REAL!

  • alexander gonzalez
    alexander gonzalez 15 timer siden

    If Joyner Lucas don't win a Grammy cause he a good ass rapper

  • Kippenoma
    Kippenoma 16 timer siden

    What does the (ADHD) in the title mean?

  • Hannah_ _gaming_man
    Hannah_ _gaming_man 16 timer siden

    Our boy Joyner got nominated ❤️ !

  • Elisavet Xyloporta
    Elisavet Xyloporta 16 timer siden


  • Ashley Rodriguez
    Ashley Rodriguez 17 timer siden

    My teacher became crazy because he watched this video

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden 17 timer siden +1

    Barbie doll head > Joyner

  • Agshin Guliyev
    Agshin Guliyev 17 timer siden

    Imagine Em being in this song

  • Orinomi
    Orinomi 18 timer siden +1

    i love love this song

  • Leia Jörgensen
    Leia Jörgensen 19 timer siden +1

    I have ADHD

    • Leia Jörgensen
      Leia Jörgensen 18 timer siden

      The Gonz Music dose he have it?

    • Leia Jörgensen
      Leia Jörgensen 18 timer siden

      The Gonz Music No worries bro

    • The Gonz Music
      The Gonz Music 18 timer siden +1

      Leia Jörgensen sorry thought you were talking bout his album coming out soon. I Read the comment wrong my apologies.

    • Leia Jörgensen
      Leia Jörgensen 18 timer siden

      Do u have it too?

    • The Gonz Music
      The Gonz Music 19 timer siden

      Leia Jörgensen it’s soo good

  • Josh Herman
    Josh Herman 20 timer siden

    This song is my life

  • Dennis Reeves
    Dennis Reeves 20 timer siden

    Ya yo yo just bought a teenth hop on my feet grill gold with the teeth. Camo vest in the streets pink car got that heat. Gold chains all in yo face. Jump in yo face throw my hands in yo face

  • Mrinmoy Das
    Mrinmoy Das 21 time siden

    Trash song.

  • Kunal Vashisht
    Kunal Vashisht 23 timer siden

    what is ADHD ?

  • TYVmusic
    TYVmusic 23 timer siden

    Like if Eminem overrated af

  • NoOnE
    NoOnE 23 timer siden

    Lyrics: i laaa la la la lal lalalaalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalallalalaalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalallalalaalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalallalalaalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalallalalaalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalallalalaalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalal

  • Lindokuhle zuma
    Lindokuhle zuma 23 timer siden

    get away from me if i was you i wlould watch what you say to me i love this tune

  • Vasil Kc
    Vasil Kc Dag siden

    Here's after king bach

  • Connor Nichols
    Connor Nichols Dag siden


  • Skyler Covel
    Skyler Covel Dag siden

    this song is great but the video isnt him at all, what did Marshall do to him

  • Amir Harris
    Amir Harris Dag siden

    Why do people even dislike

  • Arianna
    Arianna Dag siden

    Get this on the radio 😍

  • Dinnie Daddy lel
    Dinnie Daddy lel Dag siden


    D4RSKYDE CAFF Dag siden

    Levels !!!!

  • Annie Chang
    Annie Chang Dag siden

    Does anyone find it satisfying when he says "love"

  • ChiTownTino
    ChiTownTino Dag siden

    Joyner Lucas need to Change ya name to UN-DER-FKN-RATED

  • Dean Ambrose
    Dean Ambrose Dag siden

    This Man Lucas

  • HotDog Guy
    HotDog Guy Dag siden

    i think i have seen that mannequin before...

  • TheStalker
    TheStalker Dag siden

    Tory Lanez doesn’t have shit on this

  • ness foster
    ness foster Dag siden

    Karl Anthony towns ??

  • Zaminen
    Zaminen Dag siden

    Release it!

  • Zack Siyad
    Zack Siyad Dag siden

    Who came here after kingbach😂😂

  • Jay C
    Jay C Dag siden +1

    Can you please make one for DID. Dissociative identity disorder.

    • Jay C
      Jay C Dag siden +1

      Ye just make a video with multiple personality’s. If anyone could make it, you can.

    • Jay C
      Jay C Dag siden

      I’ve been following you for years and your songs mean a lot to me! Haven’t got a text for a new song in a bit!

  • absii BoB
    absii BoB Dag siden


  • Dokie_ Ivan
    Dokie_ Ivan Dag siden

    I hate when people compare him to busta just cuz he can rap fast. Like Busta is the one who started all that fast rap shit. Tech None was doing years before him and people did it before Tech lmfao

  • Alpha vs Empire Official

    This is fucking insane.

    MICHAEL SAVAII Dag siden

    He don't deserve just a fuckin a grammy he deserves it all😤😤😤😤🔥🔥
    There's not one song of his that isn't heat, in my opinion ofc.
    He goes dummy on every song that he makes and it only gets better👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼

  • KoolKid Gaming
    KoolKid Gaming Dag siden

    Ez way to look at porn thx

  • CrazyFam HQ
    CrazyFam HQ Dag siden

    Best song

  • Yacine Bendjaouane
    Yacine Bendjaouane Dag siden

    Kingbach !? 😂❤

  • Jay McClane
    Jay McClane Dag siden

    I love love love love...this song

  • The Fallen Knight
    The Fallen Knight Dag siden


  • Leonard 448
    Leonard 448 Dag siden

    I have ADHD too

  • Jessica Maurath
    Jessica Maurath Dag siden

    Dude is lit

  • Tammy Rabb
    Tammy Rabb Dag siden

    Joyner Lucas needs more attention, he's the best rapper out here. Get all these other rappers off the radio.
    Like if you agree 🔥🔥🔥

  • KG23 Basketball, Pranks, and more

    Why does the title say ADHD?

  • MajorHitz
    MajorHitz Dag siden

    My bro on the beat!

  • リカルドZ É
    リカルドZ É Dag siden

    Essa música ficou muito foda,foda,foda,foda...

  • Nova
    Nova Dag siden

    Who else feels like this is a good song but it aint joyners vibe?

  • Chanel Oberlin
    Chanel Oberlin Dag siden

    Sick beat bro

  • Александр Литвин


  • NoOnE
    NoOnE Dag siden

    i have ADHD LOL

  • Mason Dagostino
    Mason Dagostino Dag siden

    I love ADHD only because I have it and it makes me who I am, Which is a crazy motherfucka

  • Archie Conway
    Archie Conway Dag siden +1

    Like=Joyner Lucas

  • theJIMMYfella
    theJIMMYfella Dag siden

    Nominated SUCK MY DICK

  • Lil Yungster
    Lil Yungster Dag siden +1

    That is kind of a weird title, I love ADHD.

  • Owolabi Oluwadamilola

    I hope this nigga could get a Grammy's one day.. He deserve it

  • Rabona Football
    Rabona Football Dag siden +1

    Since when was (ADHD) in the title

  • Daniel Manning
    Daniel Manning Dag siden

    i am old school you give me hope for this new gen im a fan of good music and you have it

  • Austin Goldsmith
    Austin Goldsmith 2 dager siden

    Bruh lucky you got nominated for a grammie and I'm over here like what about this song this shit so fire

  • Cheeky Racoon
    Cheeky Racoon 2 dager siden

    I came here to beat my stressful mind

  • Aaron Sprague
    Aaron Sprague 2 dager siden

    Bruh. I get you're sober man and i love that but your music is like a drug and you're hording my fix. Please release ADHD already.

  • Ghostrevivalist
    Ghostrevivalist 2 dager siden

    Director: do you want males or females in your music video
    Joyner: Yes

  • Drake Cha
    Drake Cha 2 dager siden

    Bruh, that fitment lol

  • Poind3xt3r
    Poind3xt3r 2 dager siden


  • kucingputih
    kucingputih 2 dager siden

    Contributing my daily view. Shit is lit af

  • fyah 420
    fyah 420 2 dager siden +1

    Big booty gurls i love em too fam lol

  • CurseBro
    CurseBro 2 dager siden +1

    Love the vide on this one

  • jennifer johnson
    jennifer johnson 2 dager siden +1

    This song made my teacher crazy because he coulfn't get this song out of his head. And then he tried to kill some kid in my school

  • Sean Weafer
    Sean Weafer 2 dager siden

    This song littt

  • Mangual Beats
    Mangual Beats 2 dager siden +1

    Him not having a grammy is how we know the Earth is fucked #Joyner@Grammys

  • Lucas Nuhfer
    Lucas Nuhfer 2 dager siden


  • Buffalo's SUPERTIGERS
    Buffalo's SUPERTIGERS 2 dager siden

    I agree with the dude that called you guys lames for trolling like a motherfuker 4 thumbs up fucking retards

  • Republican rebel
    Republican rebel 2 dager siden +1

    Who else noticed he added adhd to the title and I actually have adhd

  • Andrei Neagoe
    Andrei Neagoe 2 dager siden +21

    Get away from me, if I was you, I'd watch what you say to me
    Snakes all in my bed, wanna lay with me?
    This ain't no motherfuckin' game, why you play with me?
    Don't play with me, this the only thing
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, don't play with me, this the only thing
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love...

    [Verse 1]
    Look, I love it when they count me out, I'm a soldier (I'm a soldier)
    Love when they think I ain't cool 'cause I'm sober ('Cause I'm sober)
    You used to love when we was down, we was closer (Yeah, yeah)
    But I stopped lovin' ever since I got fucked over
    Ho, don't call me, I don't know ya
    You gotta keep that same energy (Energy)
    I'm not no regular entity (Woo)
    I'm not your friend, I'm your enemy (Enemy)
    I don't know what's gotten into me
    Lately, I'm just feelin' finicky
    Lately, I just want the cake and the greatest amenities
    Lately, I ain't got no sympathy, aim at the industry
    This ain't the way that they pictured me, what's your identity?
    I guess I'm linin' 'em up
    I keep my nine in the trunk (Bang)
    All of y'all niggas gon' bleed (Bleed)
    Guess it's that time of the month
    I done came up from the mud
    They said I'd never be nothin', they said I'd never be rich
    They said I'd never be anything, I told 'em, "Get off my dick"

    Get away from me, if I was you, I'd watch what you say to me
    Snakes all in my bed, wanna lay with me?
    This ain't no motherfuckin' game, why you play with me?
    Don't play with me, this the only thing
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, don't play with me, this the only thing
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love, I love, love, love, love
    I love...

    [Verse 2]
    I love days they say I couldn't eat when I fell (Yeah)
    On the streets with no help (Word)
    Money ain't everything (Woo)
    Nigga, speak for yourself (Ayy)
    Pawn shops every week (Week)
    Scrapin' change, pay the bills (Yeah)
    Rainy days, couldn't sleep (Word)
    Now I sleep with my grills (Joyner)
    I wanted to be like Hov (Woo)
    I'm livin' la vida loc' (Loc')
    They jus' wanna ride my wave (Woo)
    You ain't never seen my boat (Splash)
    Hit 'em with the Eastside smoke
    I'ma kill everyone, I'm a G.I. Joe
    Hidin' my weapons all in my Levi's coat
    If a nigga was pimpin', you'd prolly be my ho (Woo)
    I need some different opponents ('Ponents)
    I think I live in the moment (Yeah)
    I fuck my bitch in the mornin' (Joyner)
    I take that shit when I want it (True)
    All you new niggas be frontin'
    You just be lyin', I keep it 300
    Came up from nothin', I say what I want
    And no, ain't no discussion, I aim and I bust it