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  • Publisert 20. des.. 2018
  • We reveal how Dynamo performs some of his greatest magic tricks. From street magic to digital channel Watch, magician Dynamo has been mystifying people for years with his amazing talent. And is also known for the blockbuster show 'Dynamo: Magician Impossible'. But sometimes, decoding the magic secrets can be very challenging especially the ones performed by Dynamo.
    So, be it his famous lean back levitation or the fountain ice trick, in this video, we have tried our best to reveal the top secrets behind Dynamo's greatest magic tricks of all time.
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    Below is the featured list of Dynamo's 7 greatest magic tricks revealed:
    At number 7: Fountain Ice Trick
    At number 6: Phone in Bottle
    At number 5: Walking on water
    At number 4: Shard Levitation Stunt
    At number 3: Twisting an iPhone
    At number 2: Lean Back Levitation
    At number 1: Bus Levitation Trick
    Kool Kats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
    Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100601
    Artist: incompetech.com/
    So guys, which Dynamo trick did you like the most?
    And who is your favorite magician?
    Leave us a comment below..
    Thanks for watching!
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  • Junaid Butt
    Junaid Butt 5 timer siden +1

    Still appreciation for dynamo as he performs these tricks with precision.

  • James Cargeor
    James Cargeor 11 timer siden

    I’m the greatest magician.
    I drink only water and my wife lips always red. Go watch my video. Thank you

  • HEK 293
    HEK 293 12 timer siden

    Lame video.

  • Aldi Maulana
    Aldi Maulana Dag siden

    Sok tau luh

  • Amiseno Sylkit
    Amiseno Sylkit 2 dager siden

    If it is like this they can find by spectator

  • Amiseno Sylkit
    Amiseno Sylkit 2 dager siden

    He cant do with using illuminate..

  • Benjamin M
    Benjamin M 2 dager siden

    Naiv video

  • Christian Medlin
    Christian Medlin 3 dager siden

    Penn and Teller

  • Shyam Aryan
    Shyam Aryan 3 dager siden +2

    It's may be fixed but I am not agree with u. Dynamo is amazing

    • Zen Guerilla
      Zen Guerilla 21 time siden

      Nothing is fixed! Only open minded know The real truth behind such things

  • Moeletsi Lesaoana
    Moeletsi Lesaoana 4 dager siden

    You all need to believe into Magic, Come into Africa and we will show you magic.. in Black form, Oh you guys call it Witchcraft hey...

  • Ridwan Ali
    Ridwan Ali 4 dager siden


  • Saswat Pandey
    Saswat Pandey 5 dager siden

    Dont make videos when u cant find out real tricks

  • Junior Kouassi
    Junior Kouassi 6 dager siden

    U maybe lying

  • weskal
    weskal 6 dager siden

    Hopefully this will shut-up those religious idiots who always cry "demons"

  • Nassim Djemai
    Nassim Djemai 6 dager siden


  • Smarty Thakur
    Smarty Thakur 7 dager siden


  • John C
    John C 7 dager siden

    Apple would probably make alot of money if they sold those small iPhones

  • Acpl World
    Acpl World 7 dager siden

    i know you are talking about HYDRA | DYNAMO

  • Dimas Danang
    Dimas Danang 7 dager siden +5

    maybe you wrong or maybe not but im not agree with this

  • Mr. Christopher
    Mr. Christopher 8 dager siden +1

    Why yall flashing a 666 like it's normal?

  • bleedorange2332
    bleedorange2332 8 dager siden +2

    “You might be wondering as to how come he was able to do that” is the greatest sentence I’ve ever heard

  • Baby Luhan
    Baby Luhan 8 dager siden

    He's my fave magician 😍💛

  • little crazy Always hash
    little crazy Always hash 8 dager siden


  • prashant patil
    prashant patil 9 dager siden +1

    this video is awesome...............!

  • Kashi
    Kashi 9 dager siden

    But how he get into the boootle the real iPhone

  • Daniel Fazio
    Daniel Fazio 10 dager siden

    dynamo is so much shit, why people even pay attention to him? is all fake and staged. if he would do more tricks with plan slight of hands, he would be more talented

  • *Rhia mae _mitsume 339*
    *Rhia mae _mitsume 339* 10 dager siden +4

    My dad is not a magician but he has the miracle to give us everything we need and our power to comfort and love our magician

  • Michael Nolan
    Michael Nolan 10 dager siden

    For #2, couldn’t the Estate Of Michael Jackson sue this guy if he didn’t pay the royalties? Michael Jackson does have a pattern on this technology. Michael Jackson used it for the “Smooth Criminal” music video.

  • Oscar Miheso
    Oscar Miheso 11 dager siden

    Yes i can see the black card in the bottle and yes he did rotate the bottle....bt how did he get the black card and the small fone out of the bottle ???.....something is a miss in that explanation!

    • Daniel Fazio
      Daniel Fazio 10 dager siden

      he sais in the video that he pull them back out with the gecko shit. listen maybe?

  • grace sento
    grace sento 11 dager siden

    Still don't understand

  • Felix Bett
    Felix Bett 11 dager siden +3

    "The ice was designed to float by pulling the water downwards" ..., I don't get it??

    • Uhsen Li
      Uhsen Li 7 dager siden

      Felix Bett actually more like ice naturally float on top of water so in the beginning he pushed the ice down below the surface of water. Gently release it and it came up

  • Jasmeen Pathankar
    Jasmeen Pathankar 11 dager siden

    You are jealous with dynamo

  • Eric Santiago
    Eric Santiago 11 dager siden

    Straight Cover Up

  • milui kuki
    milui kuki 11 dager siden

    what else would any animal with a brain expect ?😀

  • MR RC
    MR RC 11 dager siden

    😒 boring he has a super power

  • kofi Sunshine
    kofi Sunshine 12 dager siden

    all this doesn't make any sence

  • bigkick86
    bigkick86 12 dager siden +3

    Ok.. but even "backstage" how did he get a FULL size iphone in a GLASS bottle ?

    • Stefano Crespi
      Stefano Crespi 10 dager siden

      But how they managed to remove the black card and the little phone?

    • BonBaisers
      BonBaisers 11 dager siden

      Between the first trick and the second, you have 3 mins to do it. Bottle's base could be already cut and some rapid super glue can do the trick. Only the second trick is recorded and released giving the illusion that Dynamo had no opportunity to make the phone swap.

  • Komalam Md
    Komalam Md 12 dager siden

    So dynamo is fake
    I knew it

  • The Gamer Three
    The Gamer Three 12 dager siden +3

    I watched dynamo live it was sick it had an origin and everything

  • devil guys devil guys
    devil guys devil guys 13 dager siden

    No then how can he disappear?

  • Yahaya Josh Shagaya
    Yahaya Josh Shagaya 13 dager siden +10

    Hey, I think magic is a form of entertainment and it's not meant to be real...so what's your point? I guess you're jealous?

    • Abdallah Abubakar
      Abdallah Abubakar 8 dager siden +1

      grindforsuccess Exactly, we know it’s obviously a trick but they’re so hard to figure out sometimes. I don’t buy some of the explanations given out in this video but they still present a new way of looking at how the trick might be performed

    • Seebzoo
      Seebzoo 10 dager siden +1

      Yahaya Josh Shagaya he just showing to those who wondring how these things done coz we already know it is a trick just curious to see how it works. You’re mad?

  • guri guri
    guri guri 14 dager siden

    Dynamo have super powers......

  • TealAnimeGacha4792
    TealAnimeGacha4792 14 dager siden +1

    Why would you reveal people's magic tricks

  • General Phyo
    General Phyo 14 dager siden +1

    Jealous ? Dude

  • David Meyer
    David Meyer 14 dager siden


  • zenflautist
    zenflautist 15 dager siden

    I really do not like magicians - they think they are so clever and usually just attract dumb blondes whilst most intelligent people yawn at their cheap parlour tricks.
    Incidentally, if you come up with something unique and original based in science they are completely flummoxed 😶

  • Richa Srivastava
    Richa Srivastava 16 dager siden

    Dynamo's is God's gift

  • Gman 207
    Gman 207 17 dager siden +1

    Imagine if we all could be famous just for doing fake stuff

  • Liana Velasquez
    Liana Velasquez 17 dager siden +12

    These are far fetched reveals lol 😂 the reveals on this video are harder to believe than the actual magic lmfao

    • Angel diaz
      Angel diaz 12 dager siden +1

      That's exactly how the tricks are done. Dummy.

    • Sketchy4Life
      Sketchy4Life 12 dager siden +1

      Everything explained in this video is accurate.. what do you think is far fetched?

  • Arnold Schwarz
    Arnold Schwarz 17 dager siden

    People are so stupid that they believe in unnature power still in 2019😄

  • Nene Luching Sagera
    Nene Luching Sagera 17 dager siden

    dynamos 7

    pansinin mu ako
    tapos n me sau


  • Nene Luching Sagera
    Nene Luching Sagera 17 dager siden

    hi guys
    payapak naman hehehe
    nayapak na

  • No*1 CookieRusher
    No*1 CookieRusher 18 dager siden

    Dynamo is real.

  • Rishu Mishra
    Rishu Mishra 19 dager siden +4

    Your stuff is really great man... Keep doing this!!

  • Md Shahnawaz
    Md Shahnawaz 19 dager siden

    Great video.Thanks

  • MR/ fox/hindi/gaming
    MR/ fox/hindi/gaming 19 dager siden +1

    Who don't like video like hee

  • Gary Gagnon
    Gary Gagnon 19 dager siden


  • Rocking Infinity
    Rocking Infinity 19 dager siden +1

    I don't think so...bro don't be jealous of dynamo..

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen 20 dager siden

    Same thing with David Blaine,when are folk gonna wake up to the fact that they use famous actors to complete the illusion,I mean they're actors and would never lie would they?

  • erika prado
    erika prado 20 dager siden

    mayabang ka dynamo,

  • Sumit Gupta
    Sumit Gupta 20 dager siden +1

    Jhut kamine

  • Eugene Matias
    Eugene Matias 20 dager siden +2

    No trick. Its real dude

  • l-_- Merlaut -_-l
    l-_- Merlaut -_-l 20 dager siden

    The water trick was more likely done using liquid nitrogen. As for the bottled phone, you never explained one thing. Are all those people watching actors? Because even if they cut the video when he did it, how did he get away with pulling out a black card and a small phone from a bottle in front of those people; the only way he could've done it was through magic.
    As for the levitation, he ended up rising higher that the structure IRL, I know cause I was there, using binoculars. There were no cables, he rose at least 10 meters higher than the structure.
    You're just an idiot who thinks he can get rich by making shitty videos

    • l-_- Merlaut -_-l
      l-_- Merlaut -_-l 20 dager siden

      And if Dynamo is a fake, please explain one trick... which you can't... disappearing leaving his clothes behind... even if there was a trapdoor, how did he get out of the pants?

  • Brog Lang
    Brog Lang 21 dag siden +7

    The density of plexy glass is like water?? lol

  • Mia phoenix
    Mia phoenix 21 dag siden

    *my life is a lie* 😅 He is a liar !!! Btw David Copperfield is the Legend!😎

  • miguel delos reyes
    miguel delos reyes 21 dag siden

    punyeta kailangan pa lokohin sarile mag damay pa mga kapwa tao ginago nag pretend na magician leche

  • peter david
    peter david 21 dag siden +1

    Im no stupid to believe in magic

  • Siphosakhe Mthembu
    Siphosakhe Mthembu 21 dag siden +3

    First things first Mr FactoFushion, please explain the old mans trick behind 6:23

  • Vinay Joshi
    Vinay Joshi 21 dag siden

    What is the secret behind the fish trick from the bucket? Can anyone tell me how can that possible?

  • Ardirestu Septiadi
    Ardirestu Septiadi 22 dager siden

    I don't believe in Magic but some explainations aren't even make sense. The only clear explaination is the bus trick.

  • Saroj devi Surana
    Saroj devi Surana 22 dager siden

    It's Hard to Do Without getting caught

  • Becky Blu Stunna
    Becky Blu Stunna 23 dager siden

    Dynamo vs Chriss Angel

    • Becky Blu Stunna
      Becky Blu Stunna 20 dager siden

      Mia Phoenix, right? Poof where he go? David Copperfied is also extremely handsome. He's the best.

    • Mia phoenix
      Mia phoenix 21 dag siden +1

      Both can't defeat David Copperfield

  • Lajak PMK
    Lajak PMK 23 dager siden +1

    I have demon magic

  • Gold Stav
    Gold Stav 23 dager siden

    Someone bring this guy around my door I'll show him what's real magic ?

    ADRITA JASLIN 23 dager siden

    Dynamo is orginial magician.. he dsnt apply any tricks.. jst stop this bull shit videos uploaded man

  • Sokol Sh
    Sokol Sh 23 dager siden

    Ur right all its fake

  • Adrian J Nyaoi
    Adrian J Nyaoi 24 dager siden

    I love to watch magic show, I love it more when I know how those tricks are done. It is like going to a consert where the singer sing songs that you can sing along.

  • Kimgy blancaver
    Kimgy blancaver 24 dager siden

    In the levitation scene
    He only levitate 5 feet
    Then they cut and change him with a doll

    U can see it on his body shape

  • Cristina Cabantac
    Cristina Cabantac 24 dager siden

    how does he insert the big phone in the bottle using gecko technique😑 :/

  • Aleeya Nurbyti Ali Rizal
    Aleeya Nurbyti Ali Rizal 24 dager siden

    Hahahah stupid judgement u suck at logic

  • Aleeya Nurbyti Ali Rizal
    Aleeya Nurbyti Ali Rizal 24 dager siden

    Its not az to fake

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Stars
    Cristiano Ronaldo Stars 25 dager siden

    Fake news

  • BlackGurl ShadowGaming
    BlackGurl ShadowGaming 25 dager siden +1

    And also, he communicates with the devil! Why are you even posting this stupid video if it is just made up? Peice of trash

  • BlackGurl ShadowGaming
    BlackGurl ShadowGaming 25 dager siden +1

    It's impossible. First of all. How did you get all of these informations? Second, It's impossible that it's A trick. He wouldn't be doing that in front of people if it's not true. And last, He is called a '' Magician'', Not A prankster!

  • Jippu Tpa
    Jippu Tpa 25 dager siden

    What about turning a buble into a real buble glass in trip to india😕

  • Dennis Chapman
    Dennis Chapman 25 dager siden

    Enjoyed the video's but....at 5:37 you say ..."The cables had WENT through..." That should have been THE CABLES HAD GONE THROUGH... Hope you do not mind the correction as it just helps a person improve. I am always open to someone informing me of the correct way to articulate when I am inaccurate or have made and error. Have a great day.

    GAMING WITH MUDIT 25 dager siden +1

    You fucker you are telling wrong things about dynamo

  • GlobeKrusha
    GlobeKrusha 25 dager siden

    I suppose anybody can be a TV magician

  • Ledio Lluka
    Ledio Lluka 25 dager siden +8

    If u can do this tricks too! Why you dont do it?? And be rich like dynamo??

    • Lisa Morales
      Lisa Morales 14 dager siden

      Is true. Why u can't do it to be richest. Silly jokes of speech

    • Mamun Rasel
      Mamun Rasel 23 dager siden

      Yes why don’t u show magic in public, as you think you are able to catch the trick of dynamo, i think dynamo's trick is out of imagination.

  • Undefined Gamer.
    Undefined Gamer. 25 dager siden +1

    report this mother fucker's video. totally wrng explanations.

    • Giannis Antetokounmpo
      Giannis Antetokounmpo 20 dager siden +1

      Wrong? You can't just accept the facts.
      "No magic was real" all are explained with science.

    • Mia phoenix
      Mia phoenix 21 dag siden

      Shit up😅

  • The One
    The One 25 dager siden


  • kromah amara
    kromah amara 26 dager siden

    U theorically explain it but do it pratically

  • Tony Antonio
    Tony Antonio 26 dager siden


    KIM P CHANNEL 26 dager siden

    Dynamo vs Chris angel who is the best

  • Anjo Magbuhos
    Anjo Magbuhos 26 dager siden

    Not familiar with him

  • Young Breezy
    Young Breezy 27 dager siden

    Your video is fake dynamo uses real magic with help of demons

    • Giannis Antetokounmpo
      Giannis Antetokounmpo 20 dager siden

      "Uses a real magic with help of demons" LMAO. A typical 6 year old mentality.

    • Snow Gacha! Lunime Fan
      Snow Gacha! Lunime Fan 27 dager siden

      Magic is not real. Miracle is real, Also demons are evil presence. Not helping people.

  • العاقل العمري
    العاقل العمري 27 dager siden

    كعلت امك هذا اعمال سحريه شيطانيه كفره

  • cumbias numero 1
    cumbias numero 1 27 dager siden

    They all actors plus camara inllution!!!!

  • Mohammed Mosavi
    Mohammed Mosavi 27 dager siden

    Hi ;
    Please reveal some of shin lim's card tricks ....

  • Atiquah Quah
    Atiquah Quah 28 dager siden

    Plexi Glass? Really? It's not his swimming pool, he's walking on the damn ocean- imagine the depth, and when did he place it in the water without anyone noticing? Unless camera tricks are involved, there's literally no explanation.