* The EU's 'SECRET' Brexit Negotiation EXPOSED 🙄

  • Publisert 10. mars. 2019
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  • Vasili
    Vasili 10 timer siden

    No Deal that what we want

  • Luke K
    Luke K 11 timer siden

    Summed up very well. The solution really is no deal. Start from scratch, and negotiate gradual bilateral trade agreements. Really, the issue was never really about trade. The issue has been immigration. The issue really is the EU's borderless policy and the fact the migrant crisis has not been managed well. Older Britons do not recognize their country. And this is not only in the UK. I suspect the EU will collapse eventually, and be replaced by something much simpler, revolving around some sort of free trade agreement (goods only, not people). I also predict much turmoil in Europe before things smooth out. The elephant in the room in the room is radical Islam. There will be a showdown between the Islamists and the main population. We're already seeing this in Eastern Europe, and even some western European countries like Italy and Austria. I suspect democracy will end in a few European countries to deal with the problem. When push comes to shove, if Europeans have a choice between living under Sharia Law, or asking an authoritarian nationalist to deal with the problem, which will they choose? Democracies require that people participate and generally agree with the system in place. Meanwhile, some countries have no-go zones that essentially function outside the rule of law. Sweden and France are examples where this happens.

  • Allan Sejr Christensen
    Allan Sejr Christensen 11 timer siden

    It's plain out with the UK. Let them stand out in the cold and knocking on the door to Europa. Not trade agreement, no notthing for the UK that is how you treat a spoiled kid which is exactly what the UK i behavior like right now.

  • Luis Angel Nunez
    Luis Angel Nunez 11 timer siden

    Watched so many videos and read shit and like this was the only one that actually explained it

  • Barry Close
    Barry Close 12 timer siden

    Even as an ardent brexiteer this was an exceptional short video explaining to anyone who didn't understand the complex eu mechanism. Balanced and informative with no bias unlike the UK media. But and it is a big but, it changes nothing as for as brexit voters are concerned we knew all this it was graphically explained by the remain campaign and yet 17.4 million chose sovereignty over financial benefits. As Mr Cameron said on many occasions, this is a once in a lifetime vote, blah blah blah, you are voting to leave or remain in the eu, not to sanction more negotiations. So the negotiations are for the sole benefits of the losers. No leave voter wants a deal, we just want to leave and be free

  • killer snake
    killer snake 12 timer siden

    the uk wants a free trade deal with the eu..keeping all our red lines...thanks...now can the parliament which love the eu so much just change there minds and fix it for the people who want it...parliament is frustrating the exit of the eu

  • Kossfan
    Kossfan 13 timer siden

    I say, stick with the deal breakers and let's go it alone.

  • Ken Harris
    Ken Harris 13 timer siden

    This brexit idea is so self destructive there has to be some personal corruption gain your representatives are getting out of it. Your country could be on fire and in the process of burning down yet you would take 6 months to vote on what color fire extinguisher to use. RED use a RED one.

  • Rory Quinn
    Rory Quinn 13 timer siden

    OK, nice explainer, but you're about 3 -4 months too late explaining this particular hurdle... if you were paying attention, the UK & EU have practically crossed all the main hurdles you go through here..... we have a deal... its the Irish backstop is the only hurdle left, so this whole video is null & void at this point in time. Nice effort I suppose, for an American

  • bell191991
    bell191991 13 timer siden

    Why can’t the UK just end up where Canada and South Korea are?
    No trade barriers, but independent countries.

    • Kiniler
      Kiniler 13 timer siden

      They can join Canada but not without a border in Northern Ireland.

  • Endo Gamy
    Endo Gamy 13 timer siden

    Not the crown, it is a populous vote...

  • Plebeian Britannia
    Plebeian Britannia 14 timer siden

    Just brilliant expose of the chaos of Brexit. I would rather go WTO and be honest. Leave means Leave!

  • Fred Fernackerpan
    Fred Fernackerpan 14 timer siden

    Sounds like a good argument to scrap the EU and have a simple European free trade area along the lines of NAFTA or ASEAN.

  • DanMartinParanormal
    DanMartinParanormal 14 timer siden

    I think that before this can even make sense, a simple act of sane democracy must happen: a revote. If the UK can genuinely secure the integrity of voting that proves the absence of Russian interference, I'm reasonably certain that by the voice of the people to which the government must abide by to remain legitimately democratic, may simply have no choice but to return to the EU, to which the EU if it too is to be legitimately democratic, must respect the will of the people and so abide to a returning inclusion. Should this outcome occur, could only summon further distrust against Russia, perhaps even to its then-inevitable economic and political exclusion and isolation on the continent, until it too becomes as equally democratic by the voice of its own people to yield and abide to the EU, to which then so must the EU accept that newly legitimized democracy of Russia. That is why I believe that Brexit is actually a Russian issue, and both the UK and the EU need to wake up and realize this sooner rather than later.

  • dublux
    dublux 15 timer siden

    Let me explain you even more simple: UK wants everything what they thing is good in EU, but they don't want to give anything in exchange.

  • Jimbo Bimbo
    Jimbo Bimbo 15 timer siden

    Lol. Shows again how Switzerland is really a full EU member in almost every way, except we Swiss keep denying ourselves a vote at the table. Because we want to remain "independent". Haha... what a joke. We prefer to be vassals who just have to follow rules made somewhere else instead of being involved making up these rules. Sometimes the stupidity of my country hurts.

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton 15 timer siden

    Not too happy with that smirk at the end.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 15 timer siden

    What a Discovery

  • Fastnail
    Fastnail 15 timer siden

    Fook the EU ANTI- Democratic tryranny.

  • Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington

    It's not rocket science leave with no deal, and suffer for a while for the greater good of our nation.

  • AeroFredcom
    AeroFredcom 16 timer siden

    They will do elections, the labour will win with the promise of a new referendum, the stay will win and nothing will happen.

  • Savas Exe
    Savas Exe 16 timer siden

    What this IS is clickbait.

  • neilblockhead
    neilblockhead 16 timer siden

    You don´t know what you´re talking about (you are American). Germany and the rets of the EU sells Britain much more than Britain sells them. Therefore it is in fact in everyone´s interst to find an agreement, which at the same time fulfills Brexit (self-governing country). It will not surprse me if the EU shows itself to be so inflexible that it cannot create an agreement, because the EU is essentially a bureaucratic, centralist, anti-democratic dictatorship which needs Brexit to fail, in order to keep the EU together.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt 15 timer siden

      +neilblockhead Actually it isn't the current government. This is a blind spot of democracy as a new tool has been applied in the wrong manner by Cameron. No party has any clue what to make of the referendum result. You claim it was a clear vote to leave, but in fact it was a slight majority with many people not voting at all, it was a vote based on a lie written on a bus. Neither Johnson nor Farage were able to provide any alternative to May's approach. Instead they ducked away. It is a Mikado situation: nobody dares to move as taking any position will rile up half of the party against it. Because the referendum was incredibly badly shaped. When asking "hard brexit or remain" the result would be different. Had Brexit been about choosing one of the steps on the graphic in this video, one would be able to get clear preferences and a mandate, to reach some state which remainers and brexiters could get behind. But as it is, the current government has no clear mission statement, so they make of it "kind of leave but maybe don't sink the country in the process". Calling this "traitorous" is a misunderstanding what representative democracy is about and how compromise is required to make a society like the UK work. And this misunderstanding has spread in France, Ireland, Spain and Germany, but in none of these cases it is anything the government really can do anything about, as they can just use the tools of democracy.

    • neilblockhead
      neilblockhead 15 timer siden

      +Herr Schmidt I agree with you. The UK government is a traitorous government. No doubt, that is trying to sink Brexit. At the moment there are many governments which are traitorous. France, Ireland, Spain, maybe even Germany!!

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt 16 timer siden

      It is not the EU which wasted two years on running circles without being able to even just find out what the referendum meant. Looks like the EU is a lot better prepared at this point. What does that say about the UK?

  • Exadrus Pix
    Exadrus Pix 16 timer siden +1

    EU: Are you leaving the EU?

    UK: let me think about it for some time.

    • Exadrus Pix
      Exadrus Pix 11 timer siden

      +David c Petts I think you should think about another referendum because the 2016 it was corrupted.

    • David c Petts
      David c Petts 12 timer siden

      yes we are we already signed up under article 50 to leave ,,we just have to fire the government first for treason against the people,,,,but they are backed up by our dracula Transylvanian royals ...the magna carta seems not to be law anymore,,,,so a civil war is on the cards,,,,,scary times for them and us,,,we need robin hood to return..and the lionheart a real brit and a fine honest king who loved his people,,,,,,

  • james64ibm
    james64ibm 16 timer siden +1

    Wait - are you actually telling me that all the "Have the cake and eat it" - Brexiteers are cloistered, ignorant, egocentric, self-harm fetished gnashgabs?

  • Lucian Stoicescu
    Lucian Stoicescu 17 timer siden

    You know, looking at all these layers, I'm quite disturbed at the amount of control the EU demands over it's partners and members. No simple trade agreement is possible without also following some EU rules, no legal cooperation without imposed guidelines. And this coming from an ornate byzantine bureaucracy where political groups and not states have the main power. Concerning

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt 15 timer siden

      How would a Union of many states work if there were no guidelines and everything would have to be discussed from the scratch? Those guidelines did not come out of nowhere. They were all agreed on by the members, sometimes bought with compromise in other decisions.
      There is simply no point in throwing out everything everytime a little decision has to be made. This was clear before the referendum and in fact before the UK even entered the Union.

  • Rebecca Loptson
    Rebecca Loptson 17 timer siden

    for what the Conservatives have done is not in the best interest of the people... the deal was appalling... what Labour has done is shoot itself in the foot by pushing a removal of no deal... and so while the public want this to just be over, the politicians are not sure if they want to remove the bandaid or put more on... either way it's not solving the problem, just making it worse. Thereby making the general population dislike the two main parties... thus promoting the smaller parties...

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro
    Pierluigi Di Pietro 17 timer siden

    Brexit will not happen in 2019

  • Trucker
    Trucker 17 timer siden

    We’re all having a party when the Eu fucking dies

  • Kelmire1
    Kelmire1 18 timer siden

    Most of the British people do not want a close, deeper relationship with the EU. Some do, to be sure, but most people voted to leave the EU and I think far more would vote for the same outcome if forced to choose again.
    The problem that most people who criticize Brexiteers do so based upon economic arguments - most of those arguments are fallacies, too, but ultimately leaving the trade union would have unpredictable results. If you think Britain would simply crash and burn then you're just as wrong as the people who think it'll be the second coming of the British empire.
    I personally believe it would economically be beneficial to leave the EU's trade agreements behind.
    However, again, I must reiterate: most people voted to leave the EU to stop uncontrolled immigration that is destroying European cultures. I was born in the 90s. I don't know, first hand, what the world was like before then and so I only have my own experiences to go on here.. but in my lifetime, the world went from having problems to becoming a powder keg.
    For example, there was racism in the 90s... and yet people of all colours still got along. There wasn't anywhere near as much racial tension and racial hatred as there is today. It isn't one group doing it to another persay, it's EVERYBODY... I have never witnessed before the sheer level of racism in the world. Everytime some purple haired cunt says 'we need to have a discussion about'... doesn't matter what the subject matter is, the 'discussion' always makes the situation far far worse.
    People don't talk to eachother anymore, they're too busy being glued to screens, people are rude to eachother, very self-entitled and my god the level of disrespect the younger generations show to the older generations.. on one hand, I can understand why, the reason there's no job security or any purpose to life is because their parents and grandparents pissed it all away partying and not giving a shit.
    Marriage is at an all time lol, most people treat marriage now as a vacation that you can come back home from at any point you feel even the smallest bit of discontentment.
    I've watched moy culture erode, I've been in the lower class my whole life and I see foreigners come to this country with no qualifications, no desire to work and are given free houses, free cars - several , in fact, all of their families needs taken care of... while my own people are made homeless and many people turn to food banks just to survive.
    This country is becoming a third world shithole and don't even get me started on our undemocratic maniac politicians. A bunch of self-serving fucking raptors. The very reason Brexit is such a damn mess is not because people voted wrong - people didn't even get what they voted for! The reason Brexit is such a mess is because all of the negotiations are being done by people who wanted and still want the UK to remain in the EU.
    They're fucking up the entire process on purpose, with mobs of rallying sycophant remainers saying 'see? We told you it would be a disaster!' ....
    It's as if people have lost the capacity to think for themselves. They're too much collectivism in ths world, too much tribalism and yet almost paradoxically...there is no respect for individual cultures, at least not the European ones.
    One day Christianity will be banned in the UK, because it's deemed too inappropriate or offensive. Now I hate religion with a passion, so this would normally be a good thing... but banning Christianity in favor of Islam is not what I had in mind.
    And with the way things are going, we will never leave the EU - the EU and UK government are clearly colluding with one another - there's too much money at stake for the UK government to actually follow through on delivering the will of the people. The people had a vote, they had fucking months to educate themselves - there's no excuse at this point.
    The UK government is actually a lot like the Roman Senate in the time of Julius Ceaser. All for democracy until you ask them to do something that goes against their own self interests.
    These are dark, but also interesting times to be alive. A lot happened in the 20th century, but a for a lot of places..the 50 until the year 2000 must have been relatively boring, due to how peaceful some places on Earth were. How secure and stable the seemed.
    The UK seemed pretty secure in the 90s. Now I think revolution is inevitable. That's what makes the 21st century fascinating... it's an era of unrest mirroring that of the beginning of the 20th century... a powderkeg of conflicting ideologies just waited to be lit.
    People in the UK are too gentrified, too used to the process of being born, educated, put to work and paying back into the system through the nose...and then death. Today's generation are the most impolite, selfish, self-entitled and most importantly the most emotionally and intellectually sheltered generation of all human existence.
    When shit finally hits the fan and it will... There's gonna be a lot of corpses of people who didn't know the first thing about survival under adversity, because they had never faced true hardship in their lives.

  • ZZ Curve
    ZZ Curve 18 timer siden

    Great explanation, I almost understand it now.

  • Hazuki Kimura
    Hazuki Kimura 18 timer siden

    switzerland is such a cuck. playing eu rules but not belonging to one

    • Andreas Baumgartner
      Andreas Baumgartner 15 timer siden

      Being a neutral state has disadvantages and advantages as well. Once a tsar of Russia wished that there would be a neutral country in Central Europe. And Switzerland was founded as an independent state after they defeated a King of Habsburg in battle at Switzerland. Other states are still opressed by such rulers but not Switzerland. This is why Switzerland had for a long time and still has this neutrality and couldn't be convinced to build and join an EU-Army to further threat Russia than with the currently ongoing negative campaigning by the consolidated media. Although it is landlocked and encircled by EU member states, sooner or later uthe EU will pay a high price for the constant grassroot campaigning in favor of warmongers. Be it uprising of the people if not a WW3 scenario thst might already have happened if Hillary would have been elected instead of Trump.

  • Abe
    Abe 18 timer siden

    Turkey- trades mostly with Germany,uses the Euro as their second currency. Isn't part of the EU. Hmm,they'd most likely be apart of the EU if they weren't Muslim. People can say there's human rights issues, but France has shown to stomp on human rights and what have you. Weeks of protest,etc.

  • SolarPartisan
    SolarPartisan 18 timer siden

    The EU isn't a country... how can you fail on such a basic level....

  • Robert Aspindale
    Robert Aspindale 19 timer siden +1

    Thanks. Very informative! But, despite this clarity (which was produced by the EU), it's the EU, in cahoots with UK Remainers, that is preventing the clean break so desired by the great majority of UK citizens.
    Our demand is no longer for Brexit, but for BREXODUS. And woe betide the Pharaohs who resist us!

  • Keith Lynch
    Keith Lynch 20 timer siden

    Why isn't Israel's relationship with the EU mentioned in this video?

  • Kevster 100
    Kevster 100 20 timer siden

    The public were clear but you can't replicate clarity in parliament

  • Ron Allen
    Ron Allen 20 timer siden +1

    Exactly, the people who want Brexit want to trade with significant trade partners and acknowledge we're near neighbours with often likeminded ethnicities - this is Brexit. Our globalist/corporatist political and civil service castes have lost the capacity to be that independent and are too lazy/fearful to manage the consequences, as well as seeing the world as risks to be mitigated regathering than opportunities to be grasped.

  • Jan Beard
    Jan Beard 20 timer siden

    Hi, interestingly put but why is Canada shown please?

  • Val Brooker
    Val Brooker 20 timer siden

    She cant have both. No she cant. We voted to leave the EU, not for terms of leaving where we don't. May's not leaving the EU terms of leaving does not fulfill the democratic mandate to leave. The terms of the referendum where particularly clear... A leave vote means leaving the EU completely, it was the electorates decision alone, not parliaments. The GE was based on Brexit, people voted for the Tory party based on their full Brexit manifesto. The Labour party manifesto although less clear in it's composition, was also based on the full Brexit voted for. What May has been up to all this time is pretty clear to all, TREASON. We will not tolerate the hired help dishing up the democratically rejected, not in any small part for any additional time. We will, guaranteed, burn the lot to the ground than allow the hired help to destroy democracy. There is no maybe about it, we will leave in a WTO exit on the 29th March, because it's the law. Or all hell is going to break loose.

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt 15 timer siden

      "May's not leaving the EU terms of leaving does not fulfill the democratic mandate to leave."
      Those were never defined. It was a sloppy referendum where nobody voting for leave had an idea what it would mean and few people who voted to remain had really an idea why. If somebody committed treason, it was Cameron. He knew how this would turn out when he went back into downing street 10 whistling after his resignation.

  • Max Emmerich
    Max Emmerich 20 timer siden

    Solution declare war

  • Rams I
    Rams I 21 time siden


  • Brad Barnes
    Brad Barnes 21 time siden

    Um your ignoring having normal trade relations.... Like Canada and South Korea have.
    The EU is not a trading bloc it is a project of political domination!
    To trade goods does not require the EU make your domestic laws, have courts that over rule your own, etc

  • puffin51
    puffin51 22 timer siden

    What the UK wants is a free trade treaty with the EU, applying to all goods and services, with frictionless borders, ie, no customs inspection or cross-border checks. The EU's regulatory standards would be met by the exporter (or a UK regulatory authority) issuing a compliance certificate for every cross-border transaction, electronically at point of origin. There is nothing special about this arrangement. It is not a "concession" or "cherry picking".

    The EU's response is blank refusal. It demands either complete acceptance of ALL EU regulation for ALL goods and services produced in the UK AND for its imports, or else customs inspections and hence delays at the EU border. That is, either the EU effectively controls UK industry, agriculture, manufacture, service industries and trade according to its own rules interpreted by its own court, or else it's back to hard borders. Including with Ireland. The first, EU control, as the EU knows perfectly well, would reduce the UK to the status of a province while removing what input it has with EU decision-making. The second, hard borders, as the EU also knows perfectly well, is hardly less painful, is actually illegal under the "Good Friday Accords", and might have terrible consequences. At the very least, hard borders will be a terrible disruption of trade, but worse, it allows the EU to enact punitive tariffs against UK exports. If it reignites the Irish "troubles", we will have the spectacle of the Brussels mandarins hugging themselves with glee at having started a war by using the organisation that was conceived to create peace in Europe.

    There is a final alternative: stay in. I think the EU would actually prefer either of the first two options, but bringing the unruly British sharply to heel would also have its appeal.

    It's a horrible dilemma, and there are no good outcomes. In a sense, I don't blame Parliament for dithering, or the PM for not having the resolution to walk away. But as always when confronted with a choice of evils, the least must be chosen. The question is, which one is that?

    • Herr Schmidt
      Herr Schmidt 15 timer siden

      It would have helped if any UK politician would have had a mandate to negotiate the last two years. That should be the first step and the UK failed. It will be interesting to see them assume their new role in the world while they are utterly incapable of even making the most basic decisions on their own. And of course when being unable to hide behind EU regulations, which in the past have more often than not been the excuse to appease the feebleminded of their followers.

  • Velho Joel
    Velho Joel 23 timer siden

    Sexy talk.

  • Carl Meehan
    Carl Meehan Dag siden

    My God! Leave on WTO already!

  • gorka rullan
    gorka rullan Dag siden +1

    what he says is false.
    First, it is the UK that maintains secret negotiations with Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as other ex-colonies (USA), to create a future mercantile treaty as they exist among other nations.
    Second is UK who wants to leave
    Third EU and many of its citizens, it seems wonderful that Britain wants marche, during these 30 horrible years of relationship, the ideal time has come for the UK to leave Europe.
    Quarter; I think we all hope that this ends soon that everyone can continue their journey, but as in any divorce, Britain should pay, not for revenge, but because Britain had commitments to Europe, few but there are commitments; at a social and military level. And they must pay for the part they committed.
    Fifth; It is horrible to the manipulation to which British and Europeans are subject, but simply ... you were a horrible lover.

    Personally, I think it's wonderful that Britain leaves once and for all, I think the majority of Britons are rude, arrogant and racist.
    so ... good bye ...
    Now we are not going to let go back

  • PikPobedy
    PikPobedy Dag siden +1

    get Boris and Nigel to fixit.

  • 404 Vandei
    404 Vandei Dag siden +1

    My fellow scots let's just get out as fast as we can

  • Rafael Reina
    Rafael Reina Dag siden

    OK since UK need to present an agreement to EU, let help them: EU, we want to leave the EU and keep a good relation with the entire world, including EU, some thing like: Comercial, Comercial and Comercial, Thak you!

    • Ken Lee
      Ken Lee 12 timer siden

      +Rafael Reina I agree. Hard no deal Brexit on March 29th is the best outcome for all parties involved.

    • Rafael Reina
      Rafael Reina 12 timer siden

      ​+Ken Lee Thanks Ken Lee: I got it, but following your case in point, make no sense for me letting my wife buy the boat if she does not want to have a boat in the first place, however if for any reason need to be her, I will let he know in advance, do and don’t. UK isn’t Finland or Holland or Swedes. UK is the 4 or 5th economy in the world, an universal democracy reference. UK deserve a “circle” for her owns and not to compare with others country. Why UK never comes out wit and UK agreement is as you say a problem with the “politic elite” and their privates’ and personal interest. A second referendum will be a blow to the entire democracy in the world, will be a before and after in the history, will be the end of democracy as the only “trusted” government (Deep inside we all know isn’t, but…). Simultaneously will be the biggest offence politics should be ashamed off. Even if the peoples are wrong, politics are ordered to leave the EU & that is the task. The corruption in EU have splash every corner; I am Spaniard and EU is buying loyalty in Spain with millions and millions (I am talking thousand of millions), money that come from Germany, France, UK. Money printed, money paper, money that has no value. EU is in serious problem with UK as a partner and UK leaving is an economical catastrophe. Many in UK are concern with money invested in EU and no so much with UK economy. The three point are unacceptable are: Overruling sobering countries Laws, Free circulation of non EU or illegal peoples, Regulating outside EU commerce. But there is one huge reason for EU agree for Brexit... UK will be a pebble in EU shoe and never will agree to an EU Army, so Brexit is the best for all.

    • Ken Lee
      Ken Lee 22 timer siden

      +Rafael Reina You seem confused friend. There is a negotiated agreement between the UK government and the EU representatives. The UK government, Theresa May is happy with it. The UK parliament is rejecting it and tries to "redact it". The EU is against changing it, because negotiations have finished. I hope that would clarify it a bit for you.

      A more figurative explanation: Let's say you and I negotiate on how you will sell me a boat. We negotiate for two years and agree on terms and conditions. Then you go home and your wife says: I don't accept the deal, go back and ask for a better price and I say: get out of here.

    • Rafael Reina
      Rafael Reina 23 timer siden

      +Ken Lee yeah but my question is, why UK let EU to redact the agreement?

    • Ken Lee
      Ken Lee Dag siden

      Of course friend, the UK will be treated the same as China or Brasil.

  • Cat Funt
    Cat Funt Dag siden

    A deal has been brokered, what a load of bullshit

  • Ken Lee
    Ken Lee Dag siden

    Schroedinger's Brexit. They are both staying and leaving until Macron decides what to do about them.

  • 1guitarlover
    1guitarlover Dag siden

    Has anyone thought about the possibility, that the UK has placed herself as scapegoat to the EU? So Greece and any other funny country will have an example of what will be like should they decide to follow UK's nonsense

  • aine71
    aine71 Dag siden

    Great you need to show this to every British mp who things the Norway solution is the way to go. Just shows how stupid they are.

  • NiScontex
    NiScontex Dag siden


  • Colin fryett
    Colin fryett Dag siden

    1975 we joined a common's market why the hell we moved away from that to now wanting a European superstate lmfao

  • Colin fryett
    Colin fryett Dag siden

    The EU needs 150 billion off the UK to help bail out failing EU member states the like's of Italy France Spain and the other 18 smaller nations lmfao

  • Felix Fedre
    Felix Fedre Dag siden

    No you're wrong, the UK wants to leave the EU and trade on WTO terms. Parliament wants a "deeper" relationship, because they don't want to leave.

  • Craig Lancaster
    Craig Lancaster Dag siden

    Gray you seen to have a real issue with Brixit as you have done a number of videos on this one topic, I'm guessing if you where aloud to vote back in 2016 you would of voted emainer?, this maybe because I'm guessing your using distance relationships to gain an Irish passport?
    I'm truly happy leaving the EU with a no deal, admittedly not with May at the table as she has f**ked this whole situation up, I also think it could be funny to let Labour have a go at the negotiation table and see how to really to divide a nation. Its plan to see a No Deal is the only option on the table so why keep dearly it.

  • Pat Toriss
    Pat Toriss Dag siden +1

    The people who voted want out..ie No deal and WTO.
    But the UK parliament is full of remainer MPs trying to thwart the democratic vote.
    Remembering that these same MPs got put in on manifestos promising to leave.
    Hence betraying the people who are now very angry..😠😠😠😠

    • ben dornan
      ben dornan 14 timer siden

      Just over the half the people who voted, voted to Leave but they voted for millions of different reasons and outcomes. Among my friends and close family who voted to Leave there are some who voted as a protest and didn't actually expect or want to leave (My Grandad and my Uncle), some who wanted a Norway style Brexit but incrementally leaving over many years (2 close friends among others and all now want to Remain rather than May's deal or no deal), and some who want Brexit but still aren't really sure why they can't have the cake and eat it deal they were promised (my in-laws). So what are the MPs meant to vote for exactly? The "Will of the People" was simply to Leave the EU (except in the case of my Grandfather, Uncle and probably a few million others). As far as the parties - the Labour manifesto said we'd Leave but retain all the same benfits of the Single Market. That's not really possible, whatever they put in their manifesto. The Tories said we'd leave and make Brexit a huge success. That's also really not possible, at least in economic terms. Here's where reality hits fantasy and false promises. Your "people" may be angry but only about 70 turned up to march on the second day of Farage's grand tour. My people are really really angry - we lost the vote but we didn't lose the argument. We said that Brexit would create chaos and division for decades, with the causes of people's anger being austerity and social breakdown through our own domestic policy and nothing to do with the EU. We're expecting about 1.2m people in London next weekend for the anti-Brexit march. "The people" are not only the 17.4m who cast a vote to Leave, they are the 66m UK citizens here and those (like my parents) who live outside the UK. You don't speak for the people, no-one does. Parliament are the people's elected representatives and if you don't like your MP then you should take it up with him/her. You are not the people's representative you don't speak for everyone, not even the 17.4m because many of them have changed their minds and many of them don't want what you want.

  • Adrian Bingham
    Adrian Bingham Dag siden

    What we would like is free trade and *nothing else at all* I guess. I'm sure that must be doable.

  • Bill McQ
    Bill McQ Dag siden

    Anything Britain says about Brexit is dictated by Merkel...its all about welding Britain into the main frame..the future will explain.

  • stephen armitage
    stephen armitage Dag siden +1

    Fuck the EU, set of cunts

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy Dag siden

    The UK is so fucked right now. I hope the EU lets the UK suffer for atlest 15+ Years before we let them back in. They will serve as a nice example on why not to leave the eu to all the other countries thinking about it.

    • Karl Bassett
      Karl Bassett Dag siden

      And that explain pretty much why we want to leave. Who'd want to be in a group where the rest want to "punish" you for doing something the rules say you are perfectly entitled to do? And that you think the EU should do this as a warning to other members not to get any ideas about leaving is also very revealing. You make the EU sound like a mob protection racket.

  • BMerker
    BMerker Dag siden

    Admirably clear, much appreciated!

  • Alexander Biersack
    Alexander Biersack Dag siden

    The problem is the protectionist and imperialistic EU. If the EU was not so protectionist anti free trade, the UK could just happily live next to the EU. But the EU has set out to make an example of the UK and harm it as much as possible to prevent other states from even contemplating an exit from the EU. The EU wants to impose its power and influence and rules on others. It is a non-free society. It is not an open society.
    Luckily the EU will not exist 10 years after a Brexit. But the EU does not understand that it has way overplayed its hand and is harming itself and its citizens severely. But I have no pity for the EU citizens since they seem to want more socialism like the people in Venezuela. Shall they have what they are voting for. They deserve to get it good and hard. New left fascists.

  • Poor Username
    Poor Username Dag siden

    People who voted out want No Deal, F-Off EU, It`s the remain who are trying to get the best Brexit with benefits they can, The reminders lost and should keep their noises out of it, May is a remainer and should resign.

  • Ross Geography
    Ross Geography Dag siden

    UK Brexit "negotiation" strategy is CAKEism and unicorns setting contradicTORY red lines that are not lasting in the cold air of reality.

    • Karl Bassett
      Karl Bassett Dag siden

      Such as? What "special treatment" do you think the UK is asking for? Countries like Canada, Japan and South Korea have got EU free trade deals without agreeing to the four freedoms like free movement etc.
      So what specifically do you think the UK is asking for that is unreasonable? Where are they having their cake and eating it?

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez Dag siden +5

    The footnote got more views than the actual video!

  • Rise from your GRAVE
    Rise from your GRAVE Dag siden +3

    Reasonable desires from the UK, unreasonable desires from the EU. How many of those nations held referendums to concede self governing to the EU? I know the UK didn't. I know Ireland heald one once, but the EU got the wrong result so they had to hold a second one. Honestly I don't know why we even bothered. We should have spent two years preparing for WTO rules. That would have been much more sensible.

    • Jonny G
      Jonny G 13 timer siden

      Rise from your GRAVE the UK has been unreasonable from the beginning and still is. A country hijacked by conmen and their idiot followers

  • Paul Tudor
    Paul Tudor Dag siden

    The British in 1975 voted to join the common market not the federal state of Europe. Now know as the European Union.

  • MrFantocan
    MrFantocan Dag siden +1

    I'm sorry british people, but if you want to leave the EU there must be sanctions, I know you guys are screwing yourself but if countrys keep leaving the EU there will be no stability and it all started cuse far-right morons decided to make noise.

    So yeah I feel bad for the british mostly for those who voted stay, even more for scotiss who never wanted to leave, but a contract of peace and prosperity can not be broken just because you decided to listen to a blond clown, it is all wha Russian wants: win the Cold War!

  • Pieter Hansma
    Pieter Hansma Dag siden

    off course the EU wants to punish UK for Brexit

  • ZenosOsgorma
    ZenosOsgorma Dag siden

    you said it yourself CGP " treated as an independent nation in terms of trade, laws and policy" as any other normal nation would.

  • dr rex
    dr rex Dag siden


  • Benjamin Philipp
    Benjamin Philipp Dag siden

    Clickbaity title aside, it IS illustrating the points well, and I DO thank you for sharing it, as you felt compelled to!

  • sunking25
    sunking25 Dag siden

    What about explaining Canada deal?

  • Reid Wallace
    Reid Wallace Dag siden

    Anybody else get the feeling this was all a really fucking bad idea, nobody knew what they were voting for, and that britian is about to shitkick the world economy because about 17% of em hate brown folks?
    Look yall, I got your fuckin queen on my money and British is the first half of the name of my province, get your god damned shit together, you are embarrassing yourself.

  • Brexit is the end of Britain

    Britain has hundreds of years of loot stashed away and doesn't want EU getting their fingers into it.

  • Flinch
    Flinch Dag siden

    Note the psychological assault of the EU's [slide] graphic: every step way from them is a step "down". We should note and dismiss that format before even looking at substance. Depending on the trade and political needs of a nation, each outer band could be a step up, down or neutral.

  • xlsfd
    xlsfd Dag siden

    The main problem is that Britain wants to keep the advantages of being a core EU member without any of the duties associated with it. That's my interpretation of the whole mess, at least.

    • fat fat
      fat fat Dag siden

      The real brexiteers simply want a free trade deal nothing more or less. The problem is that the government is ran by incompetents and remainers.

  • Fred Blakey
    Fred Blakey Dag siden

    I voted to remain in the EU despite knowing it was not a democratic paradise - but then neither is the UK.
    But now they're talking about a 'Canada Plus' deal, and I hope that means we also legalise ecstasy?

  • Enric Rivero
    Enric Rivero Dag siden +2

    What is not mentioned is the fact that a new trade design actually can be set up. Like the Norway one but simply without the free movement of people. But the EU does not want this because they are afraid more states will follow the UK wanting that same trade design.
    There you have the problem ánd the solution

  • Dan Channer
    Dan Channer Dag siden

    She wants her cake and eat it.

  • Matthew Stitt
    Matthew Stitt Dag siden

    These idiots trying to remove my freedom of movement. I'll never forgive them for losing that benefit for me and my children.

  • Oli Salsero
    Oli Salsero Dag siden

    Thank you for this "EU/EEA/others" for dummies. 😁 . I know it's mainly aimed at persons outside these "cores and rings", (those who are confused by it all). But, it'd be perfect for the UK population. Brexiteers and remainers alike. (However, the situation is far far far more complex)..

  • Daniel
    Daniel Dag siden

    Brexit itself isn't as interesting as what's happening politically in the UK. The old system of first past the post democracy and party politics is crumbling away as it becomes more and more evident that the parties and elected representatives don't represent the UK at all. Whether the UK leaves the EU or not, democracy as we know it in the UK is finished.

  • english steve
    english steve Dag siden

    So when all of the many problems caused by Brexit come to pass, the UK govt will be able to say "told you so, it's all the fault of those intransigent, stubborn EU negotiators"

  • The BorgR
    The BorgR Dag siden

    The crap whiched should be banned from NO-clip. But NO-clip gave us an understanding hwo stupid people are.

  • Philipp Schwartzerdt
    Philipp Schwartzerdt Dag siden +1

    Nice to see, though not such a secret as announced. Actually it structures the level of relationships that the EU has with different countries and that the EU is willing to apply to the relationship with the U.K. Comparable to the Menu in a Coffey Shop. It is up to the UK to decide the relationship they want to have with the EU or staying in the analogy, to choose the type of cake they want to have and eat - although I have the feeling that nobody really knows. Each cake options seems to have something they don't like and there is no custom made cake available. In the end it may well be that the UK will leave the place without even as much as a cup of coffee - and then they may still have to pay for the placement of the cutlery.

  • dorian diddles
    dorian diddles Dag siden

    Where did you get that silde? Did you make it up yourself? I know where you said you got it but what proof do you have you didn't make it up and sya you got it from where you said? Where are your journalism credentials? Your channel IS VERY SUSPECT ! ! !

  • dillan maneny
    dillan maneny Dag siden

    out on wto its the only way

  • Derek Underwood
    Derek Underwood Dag siden

    It's not just as about trade deals. The main deal breaker is coming the other way. The EU want a border between the Republic of Ireland (an EU member) and Northern Ireland (a part of Britain), but neither the ROI nor Britain want this because it will break the terms of The Good Friday agreement, the deal that bought an end to decades of sectarian violence and terrorist acts. None of these to parties want to go back there, it was a very dark place for everyone concerned. And this is the main reason that negotiations cannot be agreed because the EU refuse to budge on it.

  • Peter Stevenson
    Peter Stevenson Dag siden +1

    They have already agreed a deal they are just trying to bullshit the british public to get it through they have never made any attempt to leave even though we voted to leave democrcy is dead in the uk

  • corrado alamanni
    corrado alamanni Dag siden

    This is a good video! But remember that the eu wants lots of money from the uk , it is actually the second top contributor to the eu budget.

  • SciFi Factory
    SciFi Factory Dag siden

    Is it still possible for the UK to say: "Actually ... when it's no-deal or staying ... we would prefer to stay."
    Sure, they would have to swallow a lot of pride and people would call them childish. But it would actually be the less childish option.
    Would this be ok for the EU?

  • Eins. Wanderer
    Eins. Wanderer Dag siden

    why they can even vote for a no- deal in their parliament. Accept the deal, or no deal. But you can't have a election about "no-deal" Then fucking leave now.

  • deejee
    deejee Dag siden

    but he might

  • Learn English Listening Speaking Reading Writing

    So how come there's a deal on the table?