• Publisert 4. des.. 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE.. Welcome BACK to my channel! Today we are unveiling the brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Northern Lights Supreme Frost palette PLUS the new NUDES Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick VOLUME 2 box which features 2 new shades! And of course because it's the holiday season, we have new makeup and travel bags! Come dive into the swatches and explore with me! Everything is launching DEC. 7TH @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST on my website!
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  • SHE Herbstritt
    SHE Herbstritt 3 timer siden

    god I love you sis

  • Weronika Giemza
    Weronika Giemza 3 timer siden

    (prawy dolny róg) -> 04:05
    Polska pozdrawia ;)

  • Alexandra Cha
    Alexandra Cha 3 timer siden +1

    jeffree literally looks gorgeous today💗💕

  • Jake King
    Jake King 3 timer siden

    i really like his outfit tbh ➖❤️➖

  • Kevin Patrick
    Kevin Patrick 4 timer siden

    Love 💗 everything! You’re killing it boo

  • Zoey Gelegan
    Zoey Gelegan 4 timer siden

    Jeffree can you PLEASE make a face base or PRIMER that’s similar too Bobbi browns? They aren’t cruelty free so I refuse to use it:( I know you can do it!!

  • Sierra Gates
    Sierra Gates 4 timer siden

    Can we PLEASE get a tutorial on this eye look? 😍 been a good minute since we got an actual makeup tutorial from you

  • Marisol Santiago
    Marisol Santiago 4 timer siden

    Where you buy your contacts from

  • Claraphina
    Claraphina 4 timer siden

    My older sister is 15 and has started doing makeup so I really want to buy her the Alien pallet with my birthday money for Christmas. Will there be a re stock before Christmas?

  • Natalie Taylor Hill
    Natalie Taylor Hill 4 timer siden

    YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Your eyes and eye makeup are breathtaking.

  • Jordan Conté
    Jordan Conté 5 timer siden

    That gold is fucked

  • Glafayette Gorillo
    Glafayette Gorillo 5 timer siden

    pitty, i thought jeffree was pregnant, thats why he could nt upload regularly

  • Annv13 GAMES
    Annv13 GAMES 5 timer siden

    U r my idol a 11 y/o girl here watching a beauty blogger xd i tried myself sum makeup (hell no) but i dunno i still try

  • Jizzy Jay
    Jizzy Jay 5 timer siden

    this video makes me sick

  • Jizzy Jay
    Jizzy Jay 5 timer siden


  • Cam Thompson
    Cam Thompson 5 timer siden

    ONLY 54 dollars

  • Kat Kao
    Kat Kao 5 timer siden

    can you please review the color pop Disney Designer everything?

  • Sarah Shea
    Sarah Shea 5 timer siden

    Living for this launch AND your hair 💓

  • Zanele Elizabeth Monareng

    When jeff says nathan is nude on crack😂😂

  • Rose Evers
    Rose Evers 6 timer siden

    Can you do more unboxing videos? I like thoes

  • Mahnoor Qazi
    Mahnoor Qazi 6 timer siden

    omg jefree is so pretty with his new hair color he was already beatiful but he is flawless now

  • ელენექ არაბული

    You are very lovely😍😍😍

  • Abigail Hewitt
    Abigail Hewitt 6 timer siden

    I’d love it if you did a video using just cruelty free vegan make up brands!!

  • glhfl
    glhfl 6 timer siden +1

    Wow he looks like a girl. That's gay.

    • Reaction Ty
      Reaction Ty 4 timer siden

      so that is who he is dont judge him.

  • Skyy Randolph
    Skyy Randolph 6 timer siden

    All I want for Christmas is to buy the alien pallete which is sold out 😨

  • lilthbuggie
    lilthbuggie 6 timer siden

    When are you gonna make a picses lip gloss?

  • Onnastasia Troglen
    Onnastasia Troglen 7 timer siden


  • Laura
    Laura 7 timer siden

    Hi, Jeffree! I'm a huge fan of yours and your makeup line! 💕
    I was watching Shane's "The Secret World of Jeffree Star" and you mentioned one of your bags was worth about $125,000 and I couldn't help but think "wow, you could go to college with that bag😅😥" which led me to think, would you consider funding a scholarship?
    Love you and I hope you take your university age fans into consideration 💕💕

  • Blake Crowell
    Blake Crowell 7 timer siden

    Your gay just like James Charles

  • Sean King
    Sean King 7 timer siden

    I love your excitement

  • Jenna Fox
    Jenna Fox 7 timer siden

    I went to go buy a lip scrub and the I wanted was sold out 😭😭 I wanted to get the blue raspberry one. Oof

  • Frankie JJ
    Frankie JJ 7 timer siden

    Such a breath of fresh air when you just click play!.

  • cortney smith
    cortney smith 7 timer siden

    Could you do an affordable skin routine video cause your face is flawless but this girl doesn’t have a lot of money😅

  • Viona Wibowo
    Viona Wibowo 8 timer siden

    I wish i could take my dad there... to where the northern light is♡

  • Neelam Bhardwaj
    Neelam Bhardwaj 8 timer siden

    Why is he/she famous?

  • Brenda Moreno
    Brenda Moreno 8 timer siden


  • wolfox hacker gatcha
    wolfox hacker gatcha 8 timer siden

    Are you fuc k man??

  • Harjinder kaur Mangat
    Harjinder kaur Mangat 8 timer siden


  • Hey it’s Aman
    Hey it’s Aman 8 timer siden

    Your hair looks so pretty
    I love your Bright and hot pink hair color
    But I love how it is a bit lighter

  • stereo curse
    stereo curse 8 timer siden

    I need the alien palette and its sold out 😒

  • holmesalexx
    holmesalexx 9 timer siden

    make a video on how you clean ur brushes plsssss

  • Lara Basakinci
    Lara Basakinci 9 timer siden

    Nails lookin so cuuuute

  • Sam Dids
    Sam Dids 9 timer siden

    I need a tutorial on this look hereeeeee 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jessica Musser
    Jessica Musser 9 timer siden

    I placed an order on dec 7th and have received no update. I have reached out to customer service with no reply. What is going on? I’ve never had this issue when ordering from JSC

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 10 timer siden

    hay Jeffree, on the online pokemon center there is pokemon makeup maybe you could try.

  • Courtney Anne Carter
    Courtney Anne Carter 10 timer siden

    You should do a collab with Molly Burke! She’s blind and she did James Charles Make up. It turned out really good. You should let her do yours too!

  • Lilimar’s World
    Lilimar’s World 10 timer siden

    I will add that to my Christmas list

  • Birdsarecool73
    Birdsarecool73 10 timer siden

    Why is a male being a female?

  • NikoXanime
    NikoXanime 10 timer siden

    No hate but u needa stop bragging about your money sis..............

  • Lina Colagiovanni
    Lina Colagiovanni 10 timer siden

    A review for the smoke sessions palette by Mercari!!

  • Yanxia Liu
    Yanxia Liu 10 timer siden

    U r so beautiful

  • Sara yazdani
    Sara yazdani 11 timer siden


  • R4eWclan
    R4eWclan 11 timer siden

    is this a man?

  • Lisa Zombie buzz
    Lisa Zombie buzz 11 timer siden

    Jeffrey I love your make up😍😍

  • mininameless
    mininameless 11 timer siden

    I'm living for the cross body bags. They look so cute, so amazing. I need one in my life.

  • Jessica Falconer
    Jessica Falconer 11 timer siden

    I feel so blessed to able to have the chance to see northern lights where I live

  • Sarah Higgins
    Sarah Higgins 12 timer siden

    Damn gurl I need that in my life😩Always comes thru with that blinding highlight yesss girl👌🏼👌🏼😩😩💕

  • Ariel Acaso
    Ariel Acaso 12 timer siden

    I miss you jeffree 💋💋

  • Alizah bieber
    Alizah bieber 13 timer siden +1

    When u realise that ur too broke to buy anything

  • Charle 113
    Charle 113 13 timer siden

    How is this person so ’famous’?

  • Chelsey Ann
    Chelsey Ann 15 timer siden

    Love that Alaska inspired this, it amazing and I’m proud to call it my home 💙 love you Jeffree!

  • Sarahjane Murray
    Sarahjane Murray 15 timer siden

    If u go back to manchester you should try primark make up

  • Royal Libra03
    Royal Libra03 16 timer siden

    Omg can we just mention on how good u look

  • skincareaddicted
    skincareaddicted 16 timer siden

    Your eyeshadow is beautiful here

  • Barbara Findley
    Barbara Findley 17 timer siden

    You should come up with some kind of gift cards for brand for gift ideas

  • Michaela B.
    Michaela B. 17 timer siden

    I live in anchorage! Yes the 7.0 earthquake was scary but we are all doing well 💕

  • Marina Villa
    Marina Villa 18 timer siden

    I just bought the volume 2 nudes and girl...oh my gods !! This shit looks so good and im so excited to wear each shade everywhere

  • Raven Rose
    Raven Rose 18 timer siden

    Omg everything was lovely cant wait !

    MAKEUP4DUMMIES 18 timer siden


  • Annie Kycek
    Annie Kycek 18 timer siden

    I LOVE Jeffree, but honestly the highlight swatches really didn't impress me. besides Alaskan Ice... HUNNY!!!!!!

  • Yoha B
    Yoha B 18 timer siden

    Give away ?? Is December ! :)

  • K. Noel Nunya
    K. Noel Nunya 18 timer siden

    Please collab with Naomi Jon! Not because of her freckles vid, but because she has so many great videos! I'm in love!😍 Judging by her reviews of your collections, I would say, she is Jeffrey Star approved.💞

  • It’s.Elizzabeth Bro
    It’s.Elizzabeth Bro 19 timer siden

    I wish I could buy your products but I can’t afford it☹️ keep going with your brand u doing great love u❤️❤️

  • Crystal M
    Crystal M 19 timer siden

    Your eyes look absolutely stunning in this video!

  • Nik P
    Nik P 19 timer siden

    Is that thing a he or a she?

  • Biglpookay
    Biglpookay 19 timer siden

    The volume 2 nudes are beautiful!

  • Kevin Mason Tran
    Kevin Mason Tran 19 timer siden

    That frozen gold highlight isn’t pigmented at all. I’m shocked that you would come out with a makeup product that is barely pigmented. It’s funny how you’re a beauty guru who judges other makeup brand but you messed up ok one highlighter shade.

  • Jano Channel
    Jano Channel 19 timer siden

    And u are gay

  • Jano Channel
    Jano Channel 19 timer siden

    I know ur a boy

  • Fallin Angel 2
    Fallin Angel 2 20 timer siden

    I think I have Brain cancer from watching Jeffrey Starr

  • angel conzalina
    angel conzalina 20 timer siden

    "Dont have time to upload" having time and making time for what you love are 2 different things

  • Thomas DuBay
    Thomas DuBay 20 timer siden

    Would love too see you review Avon.

  • Noel Migliaccio
    Noel Migliaccio 20 timer siden +1

    i have been binge watching Jeffree for the past about 3 hours. i can't stop watching. The part that got me was when she said "only $54"😂 but Jeffree is still slaying as always so props to her!

  • Juliette Delgado
    Juliette Delgado 20 timer siden

    Can you review the new fuzzy makeup blender?

  • Geraldine Gado
    Geraldine Gado 20 timer siden

    Love u jeffreystar the way you are 💜💋

  • may nm
    may nm 20 timer siden

    Literally my jaw dropped when I saw the rose gold bag, & then my jaw almost broke when he said $30 😂😂 biiiitch

  • Kristen Phillips
    Kristen Phillips 20 timer siden

    damn i freaking love your make up today

  • Katt Taylor
    Katt Taylor 21 time siden

    I really would love to see “mini” pallets from jsc. I never can justify getting a whole pallet as I never go through eye shadows fast enough to use the whole thing before it needs to go from the best used by date. I would really love to see like a 6-9 shadow set of pallets of “jeffree’s essentials. Maybe like 6 “wearable” shades and 3 pops of color. Please please please consider.

  • Vanessa McCollum
    Vanessa McCollum 21 time siden

    What do you use for hair care Jefree? Like what products?

  • Nevaeh M
    Nevaeh M 21 time siden

    Love love love it girl

  • lisa henry
    lisa henry 21 time siden

    please review quo cosmetics

  • Smelly Belly TV
    Smelly Belly TV 21 time siden

    Hi I never got to win a giveaway

  • Lindsay Webb
    Lindsay Webb 22 timer siden

    I wish I had your life!!! You're so awesome!!!!

  • Navy Black
    Navy Black 22 timer siden


  • Olga Filth
    Olga Filth 22 timer siden

    Where's Jeffree clause!!! 🙋🏻🙋🏻help a sista pay off some debt! 😭 *sigh*

  • Lizzy Girl
    Lizzy Girl 22 timer siden +1

    Jeffree, YOU NEED MERCH!!!!!

  • София Бармина
    София Бармина 22 timer siden

    Jeffree, please, make a liquid or cream highlighter. I want to shine like a thousands diamonds

  • Jessica Spezzano
    Jessica Spezzano 22 timer siden

    I'm not a fan of "I'm nude" because I feel like it would look not cute on my skin tone [I'm a olive toned Hispanic] but I'm IN LOVE with top shelf♡

  • goth witch
    goth witch 22 timer siden

    Does anyone know what contacts he’s wearing here?

  • Person who is a nobody
    Person who is a nobody 22 timer siden +1

    If only my mom would let me wear makeup...