Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum Foil?


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  • Terminal Cancer
    Terminal Cancer Time siden

    He lifted himself, so we know it can hold like 62 lbs.

  • Verthicha Frostscale
    Verthicha Frostscale 2 timer siden

    This might not be exciting, but could be unique, I don't know. Do you think you could try using Corn husks as a material for a rope?

  • Manitoban Misanthrope
    Manitoban Misanthrope 2 timer siden

    If you annealed the aluminum between twists to reduce the fatigue it might work better.

  • Drew Valdez
    Drew Valdez 2 timer siden

    Can Air turn into water form and can you drink it

  • Cali_ Sauze
    Cali_ Sauze 3 timer siden

    Welding wire rope.. like .035 MIG or .045/.055 FCAW wire. They are brittle when bent but who knows when used as a rope

  • Lyric Tha kidd
    Lyric Tha kidd 3 timer siden

    What major is this in college because I wanna major in it😂💯👍

  • HugoTheDugo
    HugoTheDugo 3 timer siden

    Now this is Recycling!

  • Nathaniel Scott
    Nathaniel Scott 3 timer siden

    M8s fingers broke

  • Jasmine Gonzalez
    Jasmine Gonzalez 3 timer siden

    Can you make a rope using cotton balls rolled out

  • Daimian Dewar
    Daimian Dewar 4 timer siden

    Make a rope of belts

  • Freeway Rider
    Freeway Rider 4 timer siden

    Soap as xplosive

  • Chayton Lewis
    Chayton Lewis 4 timer siden

    If u could find a way to compact it more it would hold better

  • Unkown Person
    Unkown Person 5 timer siden +1

    Can you melt a bowling ball and make it solidify?

  • Dylan King
    Dylan King 5 timer siden

    i wanna taze it lmao

  • Izaiah Haynes
    Izaiah Haynes 5 timer siden

    Dude your patients is insane

  • Ethan Lopez
    Ethan Lopez 5 timer siden

    Make a rope with cooper or fishing line

  • bullet train2019
    bullet train2019 5 timer siden

    Make glow in the dark nerf darts

  • Ahman Millener
    Ahman Millener 6 timer siden

    It would be stronger if you stopped letting it spin. You don't see regular rope spinning.

  • joshbashan
    joshbashan 6 timer siden

    its 3am why am I watching this

  • Ethan Santiny
    Ethan Santiny 6 timer siden

    You should try using masking tape.

  • Chronic Xenos
    Chronic Xenos 6 timer siden

    i can’t stand the noise of foil but i still watched the vid

  • BZK Illuminati
    BZK Illuminati 7 timer siden

    Make a rope with banana peels

  • KindaTechy
    KindaTechy 7 timer siden

    It's not weak in every direction, you are pulling (ripping) it in the same motion and just rotating it and ripping in the same motion.

  • IV Sal
    IV Sal 7 timer siden

    Can you make a rope with flex tape

  • Adrian Creed
    Adrian Creed 8 timer siden

    Make glass chain

  • Jake Gonzales
    Jake Gonzales 8 timer siden

    Can you make eatable slime

  • Foxy22703
    Foxy22703 8 timer siden

    Rope made of cloth

  • PugLoverz
    PugLoverz 8 timer siden

    You should Try To melt down Foil

  • Die ZP
    Die ZP 8 timer siden

    Can u make a rope using only flex tape

  • Brayden Smith
    Brayden Smith 9 timer siden

    It got to 218

  • Rich Laue
    Rich Laue 9 timer siden

    OK now let's try with toilet paper or newspaper

  • MuGhAl KiNg
    MuGhAl KiNg 9 timer siden

    Plz can u make a Queen logo?

  • StonE 16
    StonE 16 9 timer siden

    Can you make a rope using foam ?

  • The_PowerLess35 Gaming
    The_PowerLess35 Gaming 9 timer siden

    What were the random things popping up on the screen?

  • Meer Asif Talpur
    Meer Asif Talpur 9 timer siden

    10:50 thanks me later

  • Joe & Amber Slonaker
    Joe & Amber Slonaker 9 timer siden

    Looks like Mr rando is runnin outa ideas

  • Sceek
    Sceek 9 timer siden

    should have folded the sheets

  • Ztanzee
    Ztanzee 10 timer siden +1

    This was a unfair test because you used different lengths, and the longer it is the weaker it is.

  • M1K4
    M1K4 10 timer siden

    10:51 Lol on the right and left side are pictures

  • Sonny Garza
    Sonny Garza 10 timer siden

    Cool vids but seems kinda wastefull

  • Tyler Roy
    Tyler Roy 10 timer siden

    Can you Make rope with paper or any sort of tape?

  • Mr Tire
    Mr Tire 10 timer siden

    Similar idea instead of aluminum foil use Saran Wrap

  • Brayden Cooper
    Brayden Cooper 10 timer siden

    anyone wanna explain the noise he made at 11:52?

  • Muhammad Saad
    Muhammad Saad 10 timer siden

    Can you extract raw iron from food like apple and spinach etc ?

  • Lukas Gonzalez
    Lukas Gonzalez 11 timer siden

    Can you make rope with paper

  • Feras al-mharma
    Feras al-mharma 11 timer siden

    can you make a rope with plastic

  • Violet O'Riley
    Violet O'Riley 12 timer siden

    Skylar Parks is my best friend

  • Blue2
    Blue2 12 timer siden

    🤣🤣 love the way american pronounce aluminium

  • Ricardo Sahadeo
    Ricardo Sahadeo 12 timer siden

    Can you please use saran wrap

  • jayfred Abraham
    jayfred Abraham 12 timer siden

    Can you make a rope made in tape??

  • superfogg
    superfogg 13 timer siden

    Yes, you can

  • Nicholas Chermak
    Nicholas Chermak 13 timer siden

    10:50 Terminator?

  • Tony Wright
    Tony Wright 13 timer siden

    Can you make rope from soap?

  • W universe
    W universe 14 timer siden

    Can it hold a current

  • Cedric R
    Cedric R 14 timer siden

    It got to 288 lbs at 12:11

  • mid spec gamer
    mid spec gamer 15 timer siden

    plz make a rope with toilet paper

  • Sajed Eid
    Sajed Eid 15 timer siden +1

    Try and make homemade carbon fiber plate

  • Mikkel Struski
    Mikkel Struski 16 timer siden

    Can you make a rope from molten plastic

  • Hector Cerrtao
    Hector Cerrtao 17 timer siden

    What would happen with you put an egg on nitrogen?

  • Lil TDrizzle
    Lil TDrizzle 17 timer siden +1

    Can you make a candy rope🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  • Lil TDrizzle
    Lil TDrizzle 17 timer siden

    218 It Took to Break

  • Anbu Kritikka
    Anbu Kritikka 18 timer siden

    The question is can it take my weight...

  • QwaZee!
    QwaZee! 18 timer siden

    You should try turning clear wrap into rope.

  • mt
    mt 18 timer siden

    Can you extract Mg from sea water? Then use that Mg to cast it into a new object... or an Mg battery.

  • Ashraful Islam
    Ashraful Islam 18 timer siden

    Can you make a rope using cotton?

  • Hadiya Inam Ashraf
    Hadiya Inam Ashraf 19 timer siden

    Plastic rope will it work

  • Erwin Batara
    Erwin Batara 19 timer siden

    Try the toilet paper rope

  • jeff thompson
    jeff thompson 20 timer siden

    make a proto putty rope

  • God Killer
    God Killer 20 timer siden

    11:42 WT you came for

  • Pro Xplick
    Pro Xplick 20 timer siden

    Do cotton next?

  • Willow Lunn
    Willow Lunn 20 timer siden

    You should make a rope from pillow stuffing

  • Michael Hanson
    Michael Hanson 20 timer siden

    Make an aluminum Hyrule Shield using the metal foundry to complement Grants Master Sword!

  • Loh Euson
    Loh Euson 20 timer siden +1

    Hey Can you make a rope with human hair ?

  • Aaron Tulloch
    Aaron Tulloch 21 time siden

    What is aluminum?

  • Gacha Maker Thats A Gamer


  • Robot 21332
    Robot 21332 21 time siden

    can u make an aluminum foil bird satand

  • Katlyn Albright
    Katlyn Albright 21 time siden

    what would have happened if you compacted it like those foil balls? like hitting each strand with a mallet and sanding and then combining the strands?

  • detreat
    detreat 21 time siden

    10:51 TKOR logo

  • Foxy Plays
    Foxy Plays 22 timer siden

    Make a car

    CUBIX 22 timer siden

    Make a gummy worm rope.
    Lol what if he does it. Then thx 🙃🙃🙃

  • Fabian Hernandez
    Fabian Hernandez 22 timer siden

    Can u melt iron fillings then cast it

  • Mossy Something
    Mossy Something 22 timer siden

    I would love to also get my comment printed😂

    • CUBIX
      CUBIX 22 timer siden

      Mossy Something same

  • Chris Curl
    Chris Curl 22 timer siden

    It's cable

  • lsx blazer
    lsx blazer 23 timer siden

    Instead of twisting try folding it kinda forming it like a ratchet strap for cargo the twisting wrinkles the aluminum making it easier to tare

  • Legendary Explorer
    Legendary Explorer 23 timer siden

    Huh never thought about that. Well yah learn somethin new every day.

  • Alex Delmaro
    Alex Delmaro 23 timer siden

    So I seen on the scale

  • Cadeboy 13
    Cadeboy 13 23 timer siden

    Make a rope with spaget noodles. I don't think it's work.

  • phxlin5121 Lin
    phxlin5121 Lin 23 timer siden

    How about you call by another ropes into one like different ropes like paper towels and soda bottles and tin floil.?!

  • ForlinWild Minecraft & More

    Can you try with tin foil?

  • Dogs Eat Poop
    Dogs Eat Poop Dag siden

    Make a blanket rope next please

  • THOTicas
    THOTicas Dag siden

    What happened to the original guy

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker Dag siden

    In my opinion I feel like this was a poor test. You are changing too many variables with the strength test. You changed the way you “roped” or twisted, and you also changed the length... which would be changing the leverage.

  • Exploding Camels
    Exploding Camels Dag siden

    Try making a plastic wrap rope, if possible.

  • SteelingEye222
    SteelingEye222 Dag siden

    make a tape rope

  • Aaron Broaddus
    Aaron Broaddus Dag siden +1

    Who else thinks that TKOR kinda looks like Thor's name THOR

  • MLG Clorox Bleach
    MLG Clorox Bleach Dag siden

    Lmao that comment was six months from the filming of the video

  • Phillip Castro
    Phillip Castro Dag siden

    Wat happened to the other guy


    Can you make a silicon rope

  • Jasper Henry
    Jasper Henry Dag siden

    Try and make a copper rope

  • WellyKWGaming
    WellyKWGaming Dag siden

    Can you make a screws of solder?