The Marble Machine X Engineering Team 2019 - Marble Machine X #63

  • Publisert 9. jan.. 2019
  • I want to say a huge Thank You to everyone in the Marble Machine X Engineering Team! Check these awesome engineering superheroes out: (In alphabetical order)
    ►Alex Füßl, Alex CNC
    Munich, Germany
    ►Carlos Montoro, Anjuda Guitars
    Madrid, Spain
    ►Chris Nadon
    Aix-en-Provence, FR
    ►David Lewis, Machinist@Allied Cycle Works
    Little Rock AR USA
    ►Dwayne Myers, Safety
    Phoenixville, PA, USA
    ►Ecco Pierce, All Things Ecco
    Oakland, California, USA
    ►Florian Hu, fhuable
    Wellington, NZ
    ►Jacob LaRocca, Rocket Props
    Somerville, Massachusetts
    ►James Passmore, CAD9 Design LLC
    Worcester MA
    ►Liam Ward, DogenDesign, TMD Technologies Ltd
    London, UK
    ►Marius Hirn
    Munich, Germany
    ►Nick Householder
    Florida, USA
    ►Philip Brown (solo banjo)
    Winston Salem, NC USA projects
    ►Richard Southall, String HeArt
    Devon, UK
    ►Sebastiaan Jansen
    Leuven, Belgium (BE)
    ►Tim Keller, Inventopia
    Davis California USA
    ►Tim Mitchell, CNC Machinist
    Nashville USA
    ►Tobias Gutmann, Tobias Gutmann Prototyping
    Munich, Germany
    ►Tommaso D'Amico
    Vancouver, Canada
    ►Viktor Stenberg, Calle Guldstrand, Gustaf Törner
    Stockholm, Sweden
    ►Will Francis, Machine Thinking
    San Francisco Bay Area, USA
    ►Tobias Smidebrant
    ►Erik Holke
    ►CNC Routerparts
    ►Nathan Skalsky
    ►Karin & Olof Eneroth
    ►Matterhackers -
    ►This Old Tony -
    ►Thomas Pilot -
    ►Roys Sheds Perth Australia
    ► -
    The Marble Machine X Engineering Team 2019
    #Marble #Machine #X
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Kommentarer • 872

  • chamlok
    chamlok 15 dager siden

    Can someone tell me the name of the music at 10:28 please ?

  • Jan-Stefan Janetzky
    Jan-Stefan Janetzky 28 dager siden

    so many people!

  • melo lulu
    melo lulu Måned siden

    Congrats and god level work to everyone!!!

  • Павел Исупов

    как я понял все люди помогают делать один музыкальный инструмент но почему ни одного добродеятеля не нашлось чтоб сделать перевод. Музыка классная удачи в делах.

  • sp10sn
    sp10sn Måned siden

    11:46 a little kinetic sculpture... what a marvelous phrase.

  • Kade Brown
    Kade Brown Måned siden

    I would love do make a part,but I don't really have anything to use.

  • Kade Brown
    Kade Brown Måned siden

    I am a lego guy,(see my photo,left.)
    So I immediately re cognized the lego pieces in the original machine,
    Great job !

  • Patrick Horgan
    Patrick Horgan Måned siden

    I wish that there had been more than Ecco as far as women are concerned. I know a lot of women makers/machinists/engineers I guess you don't. There are a lot more as a percentage than you got involved with the marble machine.
    Nonetheless, (((hugs)))
    When you show the map with 30 push pins and talk about 20 engineers all over the world it is a bit confusing.
    Love you

  • Blaky-sensei
    Blaky-sensei Måned siden

    Como es que los vídeos de este joven no están traducidos

  • lirio sogno
    lirio sogno Måned siden

    Imagine the cost of traveling if all of them would meet up 😂
    Hope they all get to see it live during the world tour

    CARLOS MARRERO 2 måneder siden


  • ben morse
    ben morse 2 måneder siden

    Is there group talking about the various pickups and/or micing and associated wiring? Are there any groups or dialog going on about how to strategically place all the pickup vs micing of elements.

  • Marcangelus1
    Marcangelus1 2 måneder siden

    Won’t the funnels resonate when the marbles hit them making unwanted sounds?

  • Jay Spradley
    Jay Spradley 2 måneder siden

    I like how there is a couple people just out in the middle of the ocean, lol

  • castillelarkin
    castillelarkin 2 måneder siden

    I hope you make it to Lima in your tour. Praying for you Martin!

  • Anita Razak
    Anita Razak 2 måneder siden

    very sophisticated and innovative

  • Estelle Rasaben
    Estelle Rasaben 2 måneder siden

    You're amazing team 💜 for a crazy incredible and fabulous music project 💛

  • Amy’s Nature
    Amy’s Nature 2 måneder siden

    Great job everyone! I’m also working with other makers bringing my art ideas to life. Makers Unite! Lol

  • gregonline6506
    gregonline6506 2 måneder siden

    Love the anthem to the ketchup effect. And your patience with all these guys. But mostly with yourself. That’s the hardest part of it. Keep it up. Whatever. Have fun. And if you can let us participate, awesome.

  • LittleMikey
    LittleMikey 2 måneder siden

    Does Richard live in a cupboard? Because that room is tiny!

  • thedonmanband
    thedonmanband 2 måneder siden

    Hello Martin - this is Don Falk in Los Angeles. I am addicted to your videos and the progress of the Marble Machine X. I am beyond impressed with your skills - flawless musicianship, "zen" engineering, learning software, speaking multiple languages, maximizing the resources of NO-clip, making videos, and working tirelessly. I have nothing to contribute to your efforts but admiration and the hope that you don't burn out. I saw how grinding that organ at Speelklok Museum kind of kicked your ass a little bit, so please Martin take good care of yourself physically and mentally and know that many others are cheering you on. I hope you will play Los Angeles on your tour and I would love to come see you. Best wishes!

  • This is Amergin
    This is Amergin 2 måneder siden

    *I* *WANT* *SO* *BADLY* *TO* *BE* *A* *STAGEHAND* *ON* *THIS* *SHOW.*

  • Dylan Thomas Oosthuizen
    Dylan Thomas Oosthuizen 2 måneder siden

    Hi, Im Dylan, I Live in Cape Town South Africa, I am a fellow maker and thinker, If there is anything, and I mean anything that you need some eyes or hands on, I am willing to put in as much effort as I can towards helping you in any way possible. You are a visionary, and I would be honored to be even an unnamed uncredited contributor, I just want to help bring your vision to life.

  • James Runyon
    James Runyon 2 måneder siden

    at the end of this video you mention trying to implement a 'Ketchup effect' on the project to make it go faster.
    Ketchup is a newtonian fluid, meaning, if you hit it, or jar it, the substance becomes more fluid at that location, and pours faster.
    this is why you tap the bottle at the opening, not the base.
    so if you want to apply a ketchup effect to the project, perhaps you might try applying some kinetic energy to thee portion which you wish to become more fluid.

  • manowaruben
    manowaruben 2 måneder siden

    What a team!

  • vdgjolly
    vdgjolly 2 måneder siden

    It's great that you have a "Hirn" in your team ... each team needs to have a "Hirn" ;)
    In general I like that you have such a diverse team with so many different types of characters spread over many countries. Congratulations and all the best for finishing MMX and the planned world tour.

  • Trainer LOLXD
    Trainer LOLXD 2 måneder siden

    Since i amazed by the marble machine, in every Wednesday, i open the youtube wintergatan page for the hole day to wait the new video

  • Zachary Kaplan
    Zachary Kaplan 2 måneder siden

    Martin do you have a video editor yet? It seems like making all of these videos is going to take lots of time...

  • Ben Kool
    Ben Kool 2 måneder siden

    These 2 tomatoes a big one and a small one were walking down the street and the little one wasn't keeping up so the big tomato walk up to the little one and stomped on the little tomato and said "ketchup " just for you Martin!

  • Andrew Morkunas
    Andrew Morkunas 2 måneder siden

    It is the Catsup effect or the Ketchup effect?

    • pascal 59300
      pascal 59300 2 måneder siden

      can be like using the ketchup bottle.... nothing comes for a while an then when you don't expect, it comes in a splach, more than you need at the moment....
      there is also another explanation on wikipedia but sur it's not the one Martin spoke about..... (

  • neighborhood eskimo
    neighborhood eskimo 2 måneder siden

    Wintergatan Wednesday.

  • Eon Ang
    Eon Ang 2 måneder siden

    Always wondering how you get that much of funding allow you to work with people all over the world.
    Looking forward to your X machine!

  • jesus castillo
    jesus castillo 2 måneder siden

    Aaarg!! Im looking forward to marble machine's poster hanging in my room!! Are there some news about it?

  • Samurai de Papete
    Samurai de Papete 2 måneder siden

    The automatic captions understood "Martian Machine X" instead of Marble Machine X. Nice

  • Matthew Garland
    Matthew Garland 2 måneder siden

    This is crazy inspiring. Y'all are awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

  • globulas
    globulas 2 måneder siden

    A very cool update.. I am looking forward to the finished product.

  • robinbeaulieu07
    robinbeaulieu07 2 måneder siden

    Do you have a new song ready to premier the new Marble Machine X with Martin?

  • andreagv3
    andreagv3 2 måneder siden

    Ketchup Effect? LOL!!! Really? You mean "Catch-up Effect", right?

  • Uranio 238
    Uranio 238 2 måneder siden

    No se olviden de Latinoamérica !! (South America)

  • Georgi Baldjiev
    Georgi Baldjiev 2 måneder siden +1

    the "poetry" at the end reminds me of origin and William Blake's prophecies

  • Karl Gohlke
    Karl Gohlke 2 måneder siden

    Hi Martin - I just found this: (pls. start the vid at 2:09) - The Robot is sitting in a Garage for years and I think the Marble Machine needs a Robot to get the first "filling" of marbles at the beginning of the concert.... - Love your work and your team, Servus from Southern Bavaria.

  • cameron cohen
    cameron cohen 2 måneder siden

    Am I the only one that does get how the guitar works cuz if the vibra phone goes on the left in the middle and the drum stuff is in the middle is and the guitar goes through the middle when it spins wouldn’t it cut it in half? (Of course that could be just where he set it down for the video but if it doesn’t go there then idk where the space is to put it in the first place)

  • Juslookin
    Juslookin 2 måneder siden

    This was very nice to see some of the people who were involved in helping you. I know the MMX is going to be amazing especially with you at the wheel playing it! I can’t wait to hear it!!!

  • Thomas Holly
    Thomas Holly 2 måneder siden +1

    Is the marble machine X going to be able to play more than 1 song?
    And if its only one song is it gonna be a new song

  • DikoMan
    DikoMan 2 måneder siden

    It’s getting boring.

  • TheMonotonNinjaPro
    TheMonotonNinjaPro 2 måneder siden +1

    This shows again how much hard work and energy it costs to make something such big become true. It's stunning how many great minds gather together to help you keep following your dream and make it more and more possible step by step. I really love your passion and your shining eyes every time a piece fits in to your puzzle and hope you know we your fans stay behind you and will support you untill your dream wich kind of became our dream too will finally come true.

  • rycable
    rycable 2 måneder siden

    my only question, who is working on the space version of the MMX, for the trip around the moon?! It needs some additional marble control mechanisms!

  • Sperkano
    Sperkano 2 måneder siden

    Poland Poznań waiting to see Machine !

  • roquecp
    roquecp 2 måneder siden

    I'm the only one here that recognize the song from Runescape's Fight Cave?? :)

  • Kevin Genocchi
    Kevin Genocchi 2 måneder siden

    Do you think MMX will be done by summergatan?

  • Moshang
    Moshang 2 måneder siden

    Omg, This is ganna be amazing!!! I can't wait.

  • Lance McCarthy
    Lance McCarthy 2 måneder siden

    Boston, MA representing! (Worcester/Cambridge)

  • Raul Ehrman
    Raul Ehrman 2 måneder siden

    Literally rolling the drums

  • D. Nephi
    D. Nephi 2 måneder siden

    "The Ketchup Effect"....

    I'd watch that.

  • Mister Professor
    Mister Professor 2 måneder siden

    way too much engineering.

  • grimm auld
    grimm auld 2 måneder siden

    You are complaining about small problems popping up - thats improvement compared to your concert at Victoriateatern a year ago, where you complained about big problems with your first marble machine (the door and the precision, mainly)
    keep going, and small problems are way better than big problems

  • angelo wellens
    angelo wellens 2 måneder siden

    insane how many people all over the world help out on this. Can't wait to see this masterpiece live performing.

  • MisterLiker
    MisterLiker 2 måneder siden

    Es ist Mittwoch, meine ...
    Oh, it's already friday. :D

  • Adam Steffes
    Adam Steffes 2 måneder siden

    I wish I could be part of this project! But sadly I'm no engineer. I really love watching your videos. I wish I could just send a decorative piece or something. Like a sticker but more meaningful. Anyways I can't wait to see it finished!!

  • Jonas Eira
    Jonas Eira 2 måneder siden

    Amazing! You are awesome Martin! All of you guys are awesome! Looks extremely complicated but fun!

  • Musicmonk84
    Musicmonk84 2 måneder siden

    9:02 Tim Keller got young!... anyone?........anybody?....... too niche? Yeah. Too niche.

  • Gary Butler
    Gary Butler 2 måneder siden

    Inspiring, just inspiring. Sometime when I'm tired and struggling with a difficult project I'll watch your videos. It gives new life to my enthusiasm for putting in the work to create. Seeing your team more and more over the last year has also inspired me to join a community and now they push me to improve my craft as well. Keep being you, and thanks for that.

  • cylab
    cylab 2 måneder siden

    Hey Martin. Don't feel down or disappointed. You already gave us this amazing journey! I wouldn't mind following it a little longer 😉

  • Coi Joi
    Coi Joi 2 måneder siden

    no worries, we can wait, just promise me one thing. include the south of germany in your world tour so i can see you live

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 måneder siden


  • BangARanggg
    BangARanggg 2 måneder siden

    Will you come to Sandpoint, Idaho, USA?

  • J D
    J D 2 måneder siden

    Wow, What an amazing team!

  • Dustin Sparks
    Dustin Sparks 2 måneder siden

    What?!?! Jimmy doesn't count?! (New York, USA)

  • ozdatman
    ozdatman 2 måneder siden

    No TOT?

  • cheekoli
    cheekoli 2 måneder siden

    ..wait, where is the full Machine Thinking video?

  • Nathan Keck
    Nathan Keck 2 måneder siden

    I hope someone designed a funnel big enough to catch all the positive vibes I'm sending your way, my dude! Relax, breathe the best air, play some beautiful music, and enjoy the journey. :-D

    BOOM BOX 2 måneder siden

    Oh shit, I didn't know you got the same guy that helped out on the beer bongs and bentleys computer.

  • Dr Do-Little
    Dr Do-Little 2 måneder siden

    You deserve a break / vacation once in while. We all do. You kept us entertained every Wednesday don't worry if it take longer than expected. I found my favorite machining channel thanks to you. This old Tony. and recently discovered Machine Thinking too!
    It's inspiring to see all these people unite behind such a beautiful project. You showed us how beautiful humans can be.
    So take some time for yourself. Enjoy winter and don't worry about us.

  • Magn -
    Magn - 2 måneder siden

    Love it.. Go totally Universal now Humans. #DonthaveFear #Temporarily (((
    (Regards, the Med-team) )

  • Gabriel Ståhl
    Gabriel Ståhl 2 måneder siden

    So, the only reason there isn't world peace is that Martin isn't done with Marbel X? Amazing team

  • BigOOFs
    BigOOFs 2 måneder siden

    I like carbon 3d

  • *ArcanHage*
    *ArcanHage* 2 måneder siden

    Best documentary I ever have seen!

  • Rick Heizler
    Rick Heizler 2 måneder siden

    Wow! Wow! You... Wow! They... Wow! Did I say Wow? Martin (especially Martin) and the Team... Remember to Get Some R&R During this Thing. Did I Make a Rhyme that Time? Go Martin and Team Go!

  • Brian G
    Brian G 2 måneder siden

    How about a light display like in Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind movie. That would look awesome.

  • StupidoCreatura
    StupidoCreatura 2 måneder siden

    That's what humans should do. Great projects because they can. No borders, no f*** war. I'm an construction engineer myself and hands down on this project. It's superior great for me! And one thing is safe: After its career, the MMX should end in a Museum. Can't wait to see and hear it in action! Good work guys!!

  • hurtpiggypig
    hurtpiggypig 2 måneder siden

    I want to be friends with all of you

  • Kakazi
    Kakazi 2 måneder siden

    I wish I knew the musical/technological lingo these guys are spouting, but their energy still makes this really exciting to watch

  • Stuart's TRAVEL VIDEOS
    Stuart's TRAVEL VIDEOS 2 måneder siden

    Amazing and fascinating project! I subscribed. Regards from Holland.

  • Vindfjallaey
    Vindfjallaey 2 måneder siden

    Had to laugh a lot in this video! (In addition to that the background information are very interesting, of course) :D Best trailer on youtube. Best advertising spot for Ketchup! xD

  • MarnixVW
    MarnixVW 2 måneder siden

    Oh no i missed a wensday!

  • 23 EpicTips
    23 EpicTips 2 måneder siden

    Still Great

  • Vindfjallaey
    Vindfjallaey 2 måneder siden

    Sorry, Martin, for stealing your energy and motivation! D: :D
    Your videos - all that creativity and all these ideas you have, how you enjoy small details and how you put jokes into things which other people would just look at as rubbish, how you keep working on big projects - is extremley inspiring for me. In the last weeks I got so many ideas from your videos for things which I could make and I spent my whole Christmas holidays in the workshop to handcraft something and in making music.
    I remembered in what you said about talent and hard work - not only in context of learning basic skills but also in context of creativity - and that gave me an immense motivation to just start projects. I kind of feel "alive" like the first time in my life xD

    • Vindfjallaey
      Vindfjallaey 2 måneder siden

      So: first I want to say thank you, for making the world a better place ^-^
      And second: Don't be so strict with yourself. Everyone needs holidays - breaks from the daily work - and some time in the year without any plans of things which have to be done as soon as possible. You are working on the MMX every day for nearly 2 full years now and therefore you don't see the big progress that clearly anymore, which you are making.
      I hope you had a wonderful time in Sweden where you could let your thoughts free without any stress. So bear up, take your camera out to a private walk in the nature, take some time to make new spontaneous music and delight in all the many great people who support you. Then look back at the machine and see all the improvements compared to the first machine! ;)

  • alan2021233
    alan2021233 2 måneder siden

    "all over the world," more like america and europe. Except for that one guy in New Zealand. still great tho!

  • James Lawrence
    James Lawrence 2 måneder siden

    The EU - USA alliance to make Marble Machine X! Nice

  • leventex 9.7.
    leventex 9.7. 2 måneder siden

    I have a question if you dont mind Maritn, how do you finance this project? It must cost a fortune.

  • Jb Dge
    Jb Dge 2 måneder siden

    I’m so disapointed not to have the ability to bring you something like those monster of creativity, ingeniering or talent, but i ´m very very happy to see how a single project like that can connect so many people! Thanks for all the things you share to us
    And sory for my english ...🇫🇷😅

  • Phil Walker
    Phil Walker 2 måneder siden

    You are an inspiration 🙌

  • Charles Hoffmann
    Charles Hoffmann 2 måneder siden

    When MMX gets finished, could you play the Marble Machine Prime's original tune and then do a remaster for MMX? I am going to college for engineering science and I have always enjoyed your videos, and I think what you are doing is amazing. How you go into detail on things is astonishing, and how you make your videos something that everyone can learn from is admirable. You have truly inspired me and my goal of engineering. I can see that you will have a very bright future. Love the videos, love the drive, love the involvement of other NO-clip creators, and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT'S IN STORE FOR YOU FOR 2019! GO MMX!

  • sbmphr
    sbmphr 2 måneder siden

    I used to think Moog synthesisers were expensive but after seeing all the work thats gone into producing it, from Martin and all the engineers from around the world, I would say the Marble Machine X is worth a cool £1,000,000

  • Matthew Singleton
    Matthew Singleton 2 måneder siden

    I love the camaraderie on the project.....everyone coming together to make this dream come true

  • Gillou JUFFIN
    Gillou JUFFIN 2 måneder siden

    Don't forget Martin : "alone we go faster, together we go further..."

  • August Games
    August Games 2 måneder siden

  • Олег Кравцов
    Олег Кравцов 2 måneder siden +1

    I'll be waiting for the MMX's music.

  • Tim Samosa
    Tim Samosa 2 måneder siden

    I like ketchup.

  • kenny chen
    kenny chen 2 måneder siden