15T-M2 Let This Be A Lesson To Ya!


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  • David Dimovski
    David Dimovski 2 timer siden

    Hi Tony, thought is might be a cool video to see you resurface an engine cylinder head and/or engine block. i would love to know how to that that myself on a mill.

  • The Fixer Of Broken Stuff

    Any one else think that This Old Tony is the son of Tubal-cain?

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson 4 timer siden

    : )
    Thank you for all the gear porns. Porni? Pornen? Pornes?

  • Ken Shoemaker
    Ken Shoemaker 11 timer siden

    Love your work! Hidden line instead of a centerline?

  • Mark Gordon
    Mark Gordon 14 timer siden

    Hi to help locate and mesh gears together on both assembly and variable ratios 😉 I guess...

  • Vivien
    Vivien 16 timer siden

    The chanfer is for installation, the gear will slide easier into place...

  • Bob Kelly
    Bob Kelly 17 timer siden

    LOL I love your videos ! now make those plastic gears for the mini lathe out of aluminum !!! make 2 sets ! I need one for a friend ! LOL

  • Ben Downe
    Ben Downe 18 timer siden

    Awesome... I Love your sense of humour it's Brilliant.... But obviously not to the liking of 66 others..... Bless their little cotton socks....

  • Nelson Brum
    Nelson Brum 19 timer siden

    I have never tried to pull - start the Sharp/Prototrak at work, I'll have to give it a go!

  • Nelson Brum
    Nelson Brum 19 timer siden

    Cogswell's Cogs! LOL!

  • eric katz
    eric katz 21 time siden

    Apropos of absolutely nothing: I don't suppose you would ever be tempted to make a steam engine..?

  • Delicious DeBlair
    Delicious DeBlair Dag siden

    And the next installation will be induction hardening, grinding and polishing! \(^_^)/

  • Delicious DeBlair
    Delicious DeBlair Dag siden

    People keep saying Fusion 360 is free but i am not seeing the 'free' option any place. ~( ,m,)~
    I see 'free trial' but that is NOT FREE.
    On top of that, typically, free and 'free trial' versions are SEVERELY LIMITED.
    Meaning you really don't get anything.
    Follows the adage: "You get what you pay for"
    To which I always reply: "You probably WON'T get what you pay for, but you WILL pay for what you get!"

  • Delicious DeBlair
    Delicious DeBlair Dag siden

    I really would love to be able to make my own gears! I have SO MANY projects!

  • Delicious DeBlair
    Delicious DeBlair Dag siden

    I joined the dollar gear club: "I can make parts all day long for just a dollar per day!"*
    *plus down time, repair costs, set up time, personal injury and scrapped parts.

  • Gary S.
    Gary S. Dag siden

    Love you, Tony!!! 🤣

  • Cothron Theiss
    Cothron Theiss Dag siden

    I'm late to the party, but I haven't seen anyone hit all the various reasons for speccing chamfers on the gear teeth. For one, sharp external corners are more likely to chip or break and cause issues. For another, removing the sharp corners is nice if there's any angular misalignment between the gears. It also helps lubricant on the gears (you'll likely never see gears on a gear pump with a chamfer), and finally, if you spec a chamfer, you can be pretty sure they'll knock the burrs from parting if off when cutting the chamfer.

  • bob hedin
    bob hedin Dag siden

    Oh goly! I just realized TOT should have had Creams 3rd album playing in the background. Maybe side 2 cut 3. 😃

  • Makarov Fox
    Makarov Fox Dag siden

    the bones are the best option

  • Ben Press
    Ben Press Dag siden

    Spacely Sprockets have much tighter tolerances...

  • Jesper Thorselius
    Jesper Thorselius Dag siden

    Tony, can't you show us how to do bevel gears as well? :)

  • Masztufa Ä.
    Masztufa Ä. Dag siden

    i heared every sharp edge is a good start for micro-cracks (and bigger ones), if someone knows for sure, pls respond.
    This would explain why you'd want to chamfer your gears

  • Ty Huffman
    Ty Huffman Dag siden

    Job post! careers.lilly.com/job/indianapolis/predictive-maintenance-vibration-technician/410/10906357

  • bob hedin
    bob hedin Dag siden

    I have been watching now for a while, and I finally have the courage up to ask did you play Thing on the "Adams Family" or maybe a cousin to that hand? (Joking)

  • Chuck Bevan
    Chuck Bevan Dag siden

    Great video as always. I would have gone with a 5 speed push stick but that's just personal preference. :)

  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard Dag siden

    crap where did you find that old slide phone?? and doesn't 10/15 reduce to 1/3?

  • Meme ier
    Meme ier Dag siden

    Earned yourself a sub good sir. Keep up the good work

    OLD SCHOOL 2 dager siden

    For those wanting to do multiple gears, you are better off to part the blank down to the ID of the gear, and chamfer both sides first, then cut the teeth. Then you have the bevels done and can just part them off.

  • zband
    zband 2 dager siden

    Love your gasoline powered lathe.

  • Kurt Anderson
    Kurt Anderson 2 dager siden

    I did IT!!! I binge watched all six-ish years, every video, of TOT!!! I need a nap now, gotta be fresh and ready for the next release. FYI, i think i'm here after hearing of TOT on Physics Anonymous

    • negerpenis99
      negerpenis99 2 dager siden

      Exact same thing here, gradually watched every single video and just finished this one, also coming from Physics Anonymous. Well and AvE of course

  • ifell3
    ifell3 2 dager siden

    Very sexy Tony,,,, maybe it's so they don't catch your fingers when poking them,,, nope www.sampspa.com/blog/gear-chamfering-and-deburring-part1/

  • TheOnlyPsycho
    TheOnlyPsycho 2 dager siden

    The question "why make something yourself when you can buy it "cheap" " is the most common question of the classic consumer person who doesn't understand what it feels like to make something that you can be proud of, the joy of making it!!!

  • Martin B.
    Martin B. 2 dager siden

    i cannot find the spur gear addon in fusion 360 store for free it costs 1,99 is it the wrong program ?

  • Azim Petra
    Azim Petra 2 dager siden

    Chamfered: To avoid chipping? I mean it works on wood, should be the same for metals.
    Even more so since metal expand on heat.
    Just based on logic. Maybe i’m wrong.

  • Khronos Gauntlet
    Khronos Gauntlet 2 dager siden

    The most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!!!

  • Imonlyhalfnuts really
    Imonlyhalfnuts really 2 dager siden +1

    Tony, i always enjoy your videos and i learn something, in fact i learn lots of somethings.
    There is one gigantic problem with this arrangement. All of us viewers (im speaking for all of us, but some may disagree) need more. Im sorry to be the one to break the news BUT, You are going to have to quit your day job.
    I feel kinda bad about this because im sure your family has gotten used to eating regularly however i think your adorable son has marketable job skills.
    He needs to get a job. Now i know this may sound a little harsh but in many parts of the world he would have been working for a couple years already. He just needs to buy a lunch pail and head off to work. He has been selfish for far too long. You need to get into shop much much more often. Last i heard these videos you make do not make themselves (at least i don't think they do).Even the cat seems to do as it wishes. Rent out the cat on an hourly basis as either a mouse trap or a companion animal. If you stop hosing it down with the pest repellant it will more than likely survive all the previous sprayings and live to fight another day. I'm sure your lovely bride will feel bad as your son goes off to work with his new lunch pail and decide to pitch in for the greater good of mankind.
    I'm sure when the rest of the family is doing their part and are ALL(accept you) gainfully employed you will have at least 8 hours daily clot shop. If you include the interruptions because of lunch breaks and potty time, you may even have 9 or mors hours in the shop. I personally feel their employment is a small price to pay for our (your viewers) entertainment and enjoyment. They may not think so at first, but give it, say, three to five years. Then ask how they feel about the new arrangement.
    Deposit all the paychecks in an account that you alone control. We wouldnt want any money spent frivously, like designers clothes for the little lady or expensive underwear even. All that can be purchased at thrift stores for pennies on the dollar if you shop wisely. There is nothing wrong with second hand underwear, i personally would send it through the washing machine once or twice if it was for my wife. It doesnt have to look new as long as it's fairly clean.
    For the kids, buy the clothes a few sizes larger than they currently wear and make sure that what you buy is durable. They will grow into them as long as they get enough calories daily.
    Now you need to be careful with your wife, women can be really sneaky about clothing.
    She may say that she's put on a little weight and needs new clothes. Humbug, cut back on her caloric intake and in maybe 8-12 weeks she will fit right back into her coveralls. You have to remember that the sneakiness in females is genetic. It may seem that she does it intentionally, it is not her fault so don't punish her too severely. Maybe sending her to bed without dinher for a few weeks will train the genetics right out of her. It may take a litgle longer than a few weejs but she will come around and be thankful for it.
    I'll send along some more instructions if this doesn't work out 100 % the first go round.
    So in the mean time, please get out into the shop and make some more videos for us. We really need them.
    some folks think i'm nuts but in truth, Imonlyhalfnuts really. 😁
    seriously, thank your family for giving us so much of your time. you sir are awesome and from what i can tell, so is your great family.
    Thanks for all that you do and i hope your wife finds this at least a little amusing.
    Have a great day Sir.

  • unionse7en
    unionse7en 2 dager siden

    @5:40 Oversize the chuck mounting holes so you can indicate-IN the chuck-stock assembly then tighten the chuck bolts as one alternative.

  • Jon Pardue
    Jon Pardue 2 dager siden

    Must see video series! Thanks for making these.

  • Jimmy O.
    Jimmy O. 2 dager siden

    "have I told you the story about the gear wars?"

  • Jimmy O.
    Jimmy O. 2 dager siden

    i think the gears have the champher so in the event that they wobble or come off axis slightly they will not bind but instead ramp themselves into one another and mesh better. you are also more likely to have a burr where the gears were cut. this can cause problems with clearance on the casement holding them. aand again if they were to come off axis slightly.

  • Pedro G Cominal
    Pedro G Cominal 3 dager siden

    I want bone gear now...

  • Serge Ivanov
    Serge Ivanov 3 dager siden

    Could you make a video on cutting helical gears? Thanks

  • Mile High Slacker
    Mile High Slacker 3 dager siden

    "WHY" isn't really a valid question for TOT, ha!!

  • Troy AM
    Troy AM 3 dager siden

    So how did you know it was a module 2?

  • Der Nerd
    Der Nerd 3 dager siden

    just looked at social blade and it says that he earns 1k to 16k per month. I wonder if that's true

  • Skyehawk
    Skyehawk 3 dager siden

    I've been taught that the chamfer is there to reduce some of the loading on the tips of the teeth and thus making them run quieter.

  • GreyDintZ
    GreyDintZ 3 dager siden

    I'm going with noise. Also (maybe) keeps the load where it belongs, In the center.

  • G Storhoff
    G Storhoff 3 dager siden

    Mcmaster is also a great source for CAD data

  • Curtis Lee
    Curtis Lee 3 dager siden

    oil transfer or something more scientifically described.

  • Galen Warren
    Galen Warren 3 dager siden

    Why relieve the corners of a gear: No gear support system has or maintains perfect parallelism or radial alignment or proper mesh distance. Gear supports flex. Bearings wear. Teeth wear. Shafts deflect under load and due to gravity. When gears and shafts and bearing supports get large enough, chamfering is replaced with crowning. Errors in mesh cause localized stress. These relief methods reduce that. Chamfered edges that do break off have a rounded surface, which would tend to ball up rather than "puncture" other gear surfaces. If you're playing around with your poxy little 800 HP racer gearbox, then getting 5 seconds of reliability out of straight gears might be hunky dunky. When you're driving 20,000 HP into a gearbox that is running the face heads on a mining machine, a little reliability goes a long way. Gear mfrs have no clue what you're going to do with that gear unless you are spec'ing the entire thing by loading specifics and ratios. Chamfering is smart business.

  • Dmitriy Avart
    Dmitriy Avart 3 dager siden

    Can you make a new video: How magnetic plates works besides magic?

  • Jared H
    Jared H 3 dager siden

    Aluminum is a BRAND NAME. Aluminium is the ELEMENT. You don't call iron "Nike' hard stuff" now do you....

  • Werebutter Panda
    Werebutter Panda 3 dager siden

    At 0:27 pay attention to the gears on the left i love it

  • eli zibulsky
    eli zibulsky 3 dager siden

    please do more video

  • Keith Jurena
    Keith Jurena 3 dager siden

    Chamfer is for chip resistance. Chips and gears are usually a bad combination, unless it is Chip Foose.

  • Roland Zurillo
    Roland Zurillo 4 dager siden

    Too funny, good shots, too

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters 4 dager siden

    I've never found machining that sexy before. I learned a lot, thanks!

  • M M
    M M 4 dager siden

    Q - What has 15 teeth and 160 legs.
    A - The front row of a Willy Nelson concert.

  • Liam Miller
    Liam Miller 4 dager siden

    Love the new camera angels

  • James Clark
    James Clark 4 dager siden

    The pull start was epic!!

  • The Joy of Precision
    The Joy of Precision 4 dager siden

    My dude.

  • Larry Hutcherson Sr
    Larry Hutcherson Sr 4 dager siden +1

    Re: The CHAMFER. It will reject foreign objects better, and more importantly, protect the gears when they are ever so slightly misaligned. But I'm pretty sure you knew that! A thing of beauty. Thanks.

  • Duister
    Duister 4 dager siden

    I love you 😍

  • thatdamntime
    thatdamntime 4 dager siden

    The chamfer is mainly for gears that change from one to the other (i.e. In a gearbox) making the transition smother.

    I think.

  • jeff burdick
    jeff burdick 4 dager siden

    Dear Old Tony, were you ever an attorney? i found this video of this guy who has an exact copy of your voice... check him out here... no-clip.com/video/gjzimk9ev3q/video.html let me know your thoughts. :) I am an audio engineer and this Criminal Defense Attorney is a dead ringer for your voice, or at least you are a dead ringer for his voice. lol

  • 4BoltClevo
    4BoltClevo 4 dager siden

    @0:07 hahaha that's the funniest thing i've seen in a while - wasn't expecting that

  • Kelly ann
    Kelly ann 4 dager siden

    ToT for president !

  • thda81
    thda81 4 dager siden

    The point of view section at 10:04 is marvelous.

  • Teresa Ellis
    Teresa Ellis 4 dager siden

    You are awesome. My son really enjoys watching your videos and I enjoy tagging along so I understand what he is talking about. :) We both can't wait until he is old enough to have his own machine shop. He is taking automotive in high school and really enjoys that class. Someday he will be able to machine his own parts.

  • jay young
    jay young 4 dager siden

    Hey man I've got some parallel jaw pliers I wanna send to ya... Do you have a PObox of some sort....

  • Anders Jackson
    Anders Jackson 4 dager siden

    Campher teeths will not cut as good and fast into fingers.

  • AFchump78
    AFchump78 4 dager siden

    Your boy needs help. no-clip.com/video/7guv0xcfqmk/video.html

  • Gazza-usa
    Gazza-usa 4 dager siden

    So how do you cut the inside gearing of a collet style linkage we ask ?

  • Dudley Toolwright
    Dudley Toolwright 4 dager siden

    continued goodness...mmmmm

  • Flathead Ron's Garage
    Flathead Ron's Garage 4 dager siden

    Hmmmmmm,,,Cogswells Cogs ? I use the chart from Spacely Sprokets,,,,,,George got it for me Silly boy. 😁 Nice video Tony. I might even try one.

  • B_man
    B_man 4 dager siden

    I'd imagine that the chamfer is to stop chips on the edge of the tooth

  • Cerebral Dad
    Cerebral Dad 4 dager siden

    I definitely think you had the right "gear" for this video. Thanks for making the ultimate combination of Dad jokes and geeky maker stuff ;)

  • brainfornothing
    brainfornothing 4 dager siden

    Thanks for sharing !

  • routt ookc
    routt ookc 4 dager siden

    do you need to use gear oil when cutting your gears?

  • Schulzeit
    Schulzeit 4 dager siden

    As far as i know you put the chamfer on gears because it has a positive effect on stress distribution and the edges don‘t break out

  • Chris B
    Chris B 4 dager siden

    I’d guess they are chamfered to avoid stress fringes or have been found historically to fall off in gearboxes.

  • kinotransam
    kinotransam 4 dager siden

    How bout a video or two on making helical gears. Like those found in automotive transmissions. Also Hypoid Ring and Pinion gearsets.

  • A-Tech
    A-Tech 4 dager siden

    chamfered teeth, i think its so they dont catch if they are running next to eachother, i do it with 3 d printing for that reason

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall 4 dager siden

    But what about internal splines? Would you have to use some kind of broach or just cut opposite splines at the same time? Unless there is an odd number of splines then what?

  • bigcheese
    bigcheese 4 dager siden

    Maybe it helps the gears carry more oil?

  • Frogking9
    Frogking9 5 dager siden

    Gives surface area for grease to stay on the teeth

  • Ray Greco
    Ray Greco 5 dager siden

    0:30 - when the gears dont want to be in the camera so they slowly slide away

  • diesylone
    diesylone 5 dager siden

    The moment of tooth.... I was waiting for it the whole previous video!!

  • tim middleton
    tim middleton 5 dager siden

    your work is stellar. . .

  • Bluuplanet
    Bluuplanet 5 dager siden

    I don't understand why this worked so easily unless the cutter was not only designed for module 2 but also for a number of teeth close to 15 (or exactly15). When Gear shaping or hobbing, the cutter rotates into the stock and back out with successive cuts for a single tooth space just like a mating gear tooth would pivot into and out of the space. This results in a varying profile for different gear diameters.
    For illustration: a gear rack has teeth with planer faces while the gear that meshes with it has teeth with involute faces. Imagining the rack being made of a bent ribbon of metal with a thickness near zero, as you bend the ribbon rack around into a circle, the flat teeth faces would distort to approach something close to the involute shape. The shape of the tooth would change as this ribbon gets to a decreasingly smaller radius. But the cutter isn't changing.
    So....What's up?

  • Mildy Productive
    Mildy Productive 5 dager siden

    I guess the bevel is done so a bur can't form in that area of the gear. The recessed area pulls the edge of the tip of the tooth onto the face, proper, of the mating gear. If there's any bur formation, there won't be any energy lost through the touching of this bur to the matching bur of the mating gear. The edges of the gears don't line up anymore.
    Another guess is that it is traditionally done because it can hide small machining errors like unintentionally rounded corners, dented edges from dropping the part, or perhaps the revelation of unexpected voids/lows in the sharp edges of the starting stock.

  • Air Command Rockets
    Air Command Rockets 5 dager siden

    Would you do a cut for one tooth (or groove) in multiple passes, or always with just the one cut?

  • crazygeorgelincoln
    crazygeorgelincoln 5 dager siden

    You will make a fine dentist.

  • HaleDesignTechnologies
    HaleDesignTechnologies 5 dager siden

    Love the three-speed push stick for the bandsaw. Had me rolling

  • Janos Nagy J.
    Janos Nagy J. 5 dager siden

    Today I've learned a new word, thanks TOT ;)

    Anyone spotted a hidden, subconscious subscribe message? I watched already two times but no luck. How serendipitous, isn't it? :)

  • Robert O Grady
    Robert O Grady 5 dager siden

    "Why" doesn't come into it with a home machine shop alright! Its like they say, "its the journey, not the destination".😁 Love the videos, great content and well explained as usual.

  • Travis Hageman
    Travis Hageman 5 dager siden

    Can you make helical gears?

  • Lil Flatty
    Lil Flatty 5 dager siden


  • iwtommo
    iwtommo 5 dager siden

    So are you converting the minilathe to CNC yet or what :P

  • MRCNC1967
    MRCNC1967 5 dager siden

    ""Why" isn't really a valid question in the context of a home machine shop"...so true, wish I had that line when my kids were young and wanted to know "why" when they were not allowed to do or have something...it would have been far better than our "Because you're the kid and we're the parents, that's why!" stock answer.