I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's Cracked Frame for $500! Insurance Quoted $29,522!


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  • Georgie Bandito
    Georgie Bandito 14 timer siden

    You're an f'n idiot. Shocking you are still in one piece.

  • Justin Wolf
    Justin Wolf 14 timer siden

    "After two days whole days of tugging it and beating it..."

  • tonystreks
    tonystreks 15 timer siden

    PLEASE do not drive this vehicle with someone else in it. Do not risk someone else's life for your stupidity.

  • Todd Simone
    Todd Simone 15 timer siden

    Damn I called that broken windshield before it happened. Sucks!

  • Chill Man
    Chill Man 15 timer siden

    As long as everything's square and solid, I'd say this repair is great. Sports cars often have really thin, fragile windsheilds to save weight, so don't beat yourself up too much about it 👍

  • Gabor S
    Gabor S 15 timer siden

    I could fix it the same way on my driveway without braking the windshield!

  • caseyn720
    caseyn720 15 timer siden

    16:33 “ we don’t want anything rusting” you do realize that is aluminum and it does not rust, right?! Sweet fix tho. Super car for super cheap!

  • das wright
    das wright 15 timer siden

    This would not be allowed in NZ we have rules that have to have it certified to go back on the road,they must be junk to do this,aluminum is no good got a use by date!

  • Cabover Kidd
    Cabover Kidd 15 timer siden

    I even know not to anchor to a jack stand. Whoaaa

  • Harald Harms
    Harald Harms 16 timer siden

    Good show tho and a great deal on that car.

  • Harald Harms
    Harald Harms 16 timer siden

    personally I would have made up a set of bigger shaped out aluminum plates to fit over the whole area of the damage including the shock mount hole, then welded those plates . It would be way stronger and most of all look like it was designed like that, as in professional. Those couple little scrap pieces do not look good and will not be very strong.

  • Marshall Loveday
    Marshall Loveday 16 timer siden

    Sam, I have to say that the 'repairs' you made were probably a waste of time. In order to properly repair those cracked areas, you have to make sure the parts are in the correct position before joining them together. You can ONLY do this on the Audi by the use of a proper unibody dimensioning jig. The positioning has to be accurate in all planes: up/down; forward/backward; and left/right. Heck, even Chevys are built this way these days, with tolerances down to 0.5 mm or LESS. Once that aluminum sub-structure cracked, all the pieces that were attached to it were now ALSO out of position. and the suspension putting additional forces on it would have compounded the issue.
    I would hope there is a good Audi-approved body repair facility in the area that cane show you how they would repair it....the right way.

    Isn't this car worth that kind of investment?

  • James Meyerhoffer
    James Meyerhoffer 16 timer siden

    all these guys in this thread bitching about a backyard fix on a Car you could never afford. He bought, and made it work....Don't be hatin because he had the courage to try and the money and knowledge to pull it off. He's driving an R8, what are YOU turds drivin? :D

  • Erad13
    Erad13 16 timer siden

    That welder guy fucks.

  • Derek S
    Derek S 16 timer siden

    Painful to watch.

  • Dennis Doodan
    Dennis Doodan 17 timer siden

    Design defect!!!! Audi should fix this!!! I would never buy an R8!!!

  • Antonio Granatelli
    Antonio Granatelli 17 timer siden

    I wonder if they’re going to fix the crack in that dude’s head? Why not loosen lugs from car while it’s still on the ground?

  • Mike Toroker
    Mike Toroker 17 timer siden

    What years Audi R8 have this issue? I want to be used as well but want to avoid this problem.

  • Collin
    Collin 18 timer siden

    The main problem you're going to have is getting the title. You'll have to show receipts for all work done, all parts purchased, etc. There will be an inspection done to ensure the repairs were done to spec, and if they don't meet certain criteria, the title will be denied. So even if this repair makes the car 100% drive-able, it might still end up un-insurable.

  • Mark Moon
    Mark Moon 18 timer siden

    you cracked the windshield.. oh the pain.. I just wanna spank your ass for that..
    what a welding job he did..
    I spent like $500 on an ignition coil and valve replaced..

  • mzmarquette
    mzmarquette 18 timer siden

    Got excited seeing Ben aka VTuned in the video!!. That guy does some awesome work. It's great seeing that some of you rebuild guys help each other out across channels with your expertise on different things.

  • MauriceUSA
    MauriceUSA 18 timer siden

    So if you see an R8 on the road give it a wide berth, it may go sideways. Fn tragic. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • ET Ranger
    ET Ranger 18 timer siden +1

    Hey Sam! This is Ralph your insurance agent. Your policy is cancelled!!!

  • Paulo Nascimento
    Paulo Nascimento 19 timer siden

    Come along.

  • Billy Darley
    Billy Darley 19 timer siden

    all i learned from these videos was something invaluable. stay the fuck away from Audi's or you'll be saying Aui!

  • Conservative Terps710
    Conservative Terps710 19 timer siden

    Have fun fitting the windshield

  • Conservative Terps710
    Conservative Terps710 19 timer siden

    He didn’t cover your windshield and actually pitted it I watched him do it the whole video. You can watch the cracks on the windshield evolve...tweaked welder

    CFITOMAHAWK 19 timer siden

    Is this is the Italian way of Fiat repairing.???

  • Fred Sanford
    Fred Sanford 19 timer siden

    Hey Sam..they have courses on welding at the community college cheap.187.00 per course here.tig,might the works.

  • coby mclaughlin
    coby mclaughlin 19 timer siden

    This dude's worrying about a new windshield!? Use a bigger hammer?!?!?!? shit like this is why the internet was created.

  • Rob Roberts
    Rob Roberts 19 timer siden +2

    Put this on a track and watch it fall apart

  • Prelaunch Profit
    Prelaunch Profit 20 timer siden

    How much did you buy the R8 for? I can’t find the price after watching about 4 videos straight 😂

  • John Harvey
    John Harvey 20 timer siden

    Yas don't have to spend $2000 on a new shock, so yas can spend it on a new windscreen.

  • Jake Trill
    Jake Trill 20 timer siden

    It's a come a long

  • John Harvey
    John Harvey 20 timer siden +1

    Hey, ya broke the windscreen dumbass. Crikey, we've all done stupid things, but you look old enough to know better than to hammer close to the windscreen edge (where it is most susceptible).

  • Fred G Husby
    Fred G Husby 20 timer siden

    When is the next video? You seem to be a lucky man.

  • pow1983
    pow1983 20 timer siden

    Really wanna see what happens next! It looks a good weld but I just couldnt trust the integrity

  • scott van luyk
    scott van luyk 20 timer siden

    Anytime you work on aluminium you should be using heat, but you shouldn't ever repair structural aluminium parts. I mean this car is probably safe to drive, but not at high speed or on the track and you will never be able to align it again. It shouldn't be legal to sell that car.

  • Chris Routzahn
    Chris Routzahn 20 timer siden

    He said “ I don’t want anything rusting “ it’s aluminum

  • 99Lezard99
    99Lezard99 20 timer siden

    Why doesnt Audi take Responsibility for that fatal fault? This can be life threadening. Especially on a "high end" sportscar like that. Seriously a shitty behavior and a shitty "supercar". If you actually google r8 cracked frame you find a lot about that topic.

  • havocproltd
    havocproltd 20 timer siden

    is it just me or does it look like that crack had been welded before?

  • Dave Achuff
    Dave Achuff 20 timer siden

    Aluminum doesn’t rust

  • Shadowcub69
    Shadowcub69 20 timer siden

    Sketchy and I know nothing about cars except that I would have just gone and paid $5,000 or so extra that you got getting the car at a bargain and let professionals make/order that part and put it in correctly, that way you're not doing 80 and it swerves outta control.
    But me I'm a worrywart, woulda bought another truck myself, lol.

  • prasart pongpet
    prasart pongpet 20 timer siden

    This Will not be a good performance car ever again. But hou can Cruise slow to look cool ;)

  • havocproltd
    havocproltd 20 timer siden

    harbor freight? only when desperate!!

  • fleetwoodray
    fleetwoodray 21 time siden

    That patch work just disturbs me. The uppr mount brackets seem really thin, to tear like that. I looked on www and found a lot of these tears are quite normal and that's really disturbing. Good luck to the new owner. Just watch out for those city pot holes!!!!!!

  • Juan Ignacio Balaguero
    Juan Ignacio Balaguero 21 time siden

    Good luck with your R8 project. Regards from Argentina

  • Tyger
    Tyger 21 time siden

    That welding looked like pigeon shit - i wouldn;t trust that on a go cart let alone a supercar. Seriously - this car would not pass a VI

  • Crazy Awesomeness
    Crazy Awesomeness 21 time siden

    Prices smashed! Kinda like the front end of my Audi...

  • Markus Dmitri
    Markus Dmitri 21 time siden

    Arthur Tussik anyone?

  • Stanley Banks
    Stanley Banks 21 time siden

    Wouldn't take it over 120.
    There are more places that it will crack.. there is a reason they totaled it out. Not safe.

  • json sevenOseven
    json sevenOseven 21 time siden

    Who thinks fixing a car of this caliber with harbor freight tools is commendable or a good idea?

  • Sean Poyser
    Sean Poyser 21 time siden

    "Couple days of tuggin it and beatin' it". lol

  • STIHLable
    STIHLable 21 time siden

    Aluminium doesn't rust...

  • Johnny Exama
    Johnny Exama 22 timer siden

    Prices smashed like your frame 😂

  • trout211
    trout211 22 timer siden

    At this point, he might as well wrap that welded area in baling wire, too.

  • Phil J
    Phil J 22 timer siden

    Good luck with your DIY repair 🙄

  • Kryptos4u
    Kryptos4u 22 timer siden

    No hole that you cannot fill. yeah, thats what your boyfriend said.

  • LaBounti
    LaBounti 22 timer siden

    My testicles shrunk 30% after you hit the windshield

  • Griffin Glenn
    Griffin Glenn 22 timer siden

    That repair would never give a Rebuilt Salvage -title certificate in most states. It is an entertaining video though lol.

  • lost outdoors
    lost outdoors 22 timer siden

    This is ridiculous. I truly hope that anyone watching this doesn't think this is a correct of safe why to repair this car...

  • trout211
    trout211 22 timer siden

    Iron Man could fix it. He had an R8, too.
    Although, Aluminum Man would probably say that it wasn't repaired properly.

  • Dino Maxi
    Dino Maxi 22 timer siden

    Nice job but I would not let you fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich . :-)

  • Amit G1984
    Amit G1984 22 timer siden

    Putting aluminium in cars economically not viable. People buying alu cars economically stupid.

  • JHO Jr.
    JHO Jr. 22 timer siden

    How EXACTLY is aluminum going to rust genius?

  • TheCamshafter
    TheCamshafter 22 timer siden

    Remember its the shock mount, not the frame that is damaged. A good test is to test drive in all corners over different surfaces and speed and then stripe down and inspect to see if any cracking has occurred. The rest of the suspension arms are undamaged. Samcrac has replaced all 4 shocks and springs since this video. Maybe I would have beefed up the affected area more but that's me. Test of time to see if this re-occurs. That blow to the screen was a real schoolboy error.

  • navUgaming
    navUgaming 22 timer siden

    There is reason it's totaled. Aluminum needs to be correctly repaired and replaced... Audi is very strict trust me even with using correct tools and welders. Audi wound not approve. whatever floats your boat.

  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown 22 timer siden

    I certainly hope Samcrac doesn't think this type of repair will bring top dollar for the car. He bought a $29K car. It's now worth $30k and a hell of a lot of liability.

  • navUgaming
    navUgaming 23 timer siden

    This isnt how u repair aluminum overall yikes... :)

  • qwerty6801
    qwerty6801 23 timer siden

    Lmao. that repair job is something you do to a 1993 Ford Escort

  • Scott Jet
    Scott Jet 23 timer siden

    your an idiot...

  • Borys Mądrawski
    Borys Mądrawski 23 timer siden

    To show, that aluminium alloy aluminium alloy, and that the differences are horrendous:

  • Borys Mądrawski
    Borys Mądrawski 23 timer siden

    Sadly, after all you efforts, this car can be maybe used for a daily shopping, but not really for an extreme driving.
    I doubt you verified the geometry of the element after you bended it back.
    Bending it back probably caused a lot of damages as well to the places that wasn't touched by welder.
    The fact you haven't removed the tools during the welding process tells us that there was a lot of tension in the structure during welding, which will remain there, weakening the element.
    There is a lot of different kind of aluminium alloys which a very different characteristics and I'm not sure if welder was aware of that.
    Aluminium parts in plains, even these without any visible damages are regularly X-ray checked for internal and invisible structure damages and replaced - here we even opposite situation.

  • Michael Angelos
    Michael Angelos 23 timer siden

    Steel is Real

  • strike9716
    strike9716 23 timer siden

    If it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't, that's how you learn. It's your car, do what you want with it. Don't listen to these idiots. All listening to them gets you is a lack of first hand experience.

  • geoffnepo
    geoffnepo 23 timer siden

    It’s like watching my boneheaded cousins working on their cars with unquestionable confidence of seasoned mechanic and skill set of really incompetent gorillas

  • andre p
    andre p 23 timer siden

    What if the new shock won't fit either? What are the odds you eyeballed an exact R8 frame, with a hammer...sorry. But let the pro's do this, it is expensive, but they do good work measuring the stuff and make it safe again.

  • At-M
    At-M 23 timer siden

    "Weld up all our cracks"
    No thanks, I'd like to keep my buttcrack as is

  • ChrisRants33
    ChrisRants33 Dag siden

    Next time, drill a hole at the end of the tear (crack). Would've never needed to hit it with a hammer.

  • geoffnepo
    geoffnepo Dag siden

    I’m not saying I could do better in any means but looks like a sloppy bonehead fix, 1/4 inch gap just filled with weld

    • geoffnepo
      geoffnepo 23 timer siden

      Some unlucky car buff will end up buying this at an inflated price without knowing the abuse a gorilla with a hammer did to it

  • Joey denardo
    Joey denardo Dag siden

    This car is designed horribly

  • Mickxal
    Mickxal Dag siden

    I saw him break the windshield miles away.

  • SUBARUWRC555Jiffy
    SUBARUWRC555Jiffy Dag siden


  • Eoin O'Connell
    Eoin O'Connell Dag siden

    Welders = Dentists for Metal

  • pvfinland
    pvfinland Dag siden

    Hey, remove the windshield before you ... Never mind.

  • BigBash
    BigBash Dag siden

    As long as you are comfortable with driving around in this car and show the people who are gonna buy it how you fixed I have no problem with this repair.
    Probably won’t have the exact same geometrical front end but bad design from the beginning is hard to fix it afterwards....

  • euskaldh mendi
    euskaldh mendi Dag siden

    Arthur Tussik wanna be!

  • Christian Guzman
    Christian Guzman Dag siden

    Don't listen to the negative comments on here. I wish I could've had the time for this kind of investment instead of outright buying the R8. You put both you hands on the back of the R8 and run with it!

  • Doug Richardson
    Doug Richardson Dag siden

    Clean up that garage you might have more room to work.

  • Jim
    Jim Dag siden

    The car is probably made of crap Chinese steel, full of sand and garbage. Buying a steel pig is like buying a pig in a poke because they counterfeit absolutely everything.

  • Scotch Budmeister
    Scotch Budmeister Dag siden

    Am I missing something - how are you supposed to re-sale a car like this? It has a history of damage...

  • Jake C. Outdoors
    Jake C. Outdoors Dag siden

    Definitely don’t want your aluminum frame to rust!

    He said it at the end of the video.... like bro cmon...

  • Banana juice
    Banana juice Dag siden

    Every mechanic cringing as we watch him wreak havoc

  • Arthur Smith
    Arthur Smith Dag siden

    Let me get this right. You hacked a FRAME structure repair together when structural engineers wanted done differently. You know better because what? This is why there are salvage titles. My doctor is wrong because I took enough aspirin so my headache is gone. Tumor is still there but I know better cause I made the pain go away. Please publish the VIN so I never might buy this POS

  • dlee4she
    dlee4she Dag siden

    Sam: I recommend no one at home does this, this is a complete hackjob
    Everyone at home: rabble rabble rabble!

  • lamalordddd
    lamalordddd Dag siden +1

    tried fixing a crack -> creates new crack in window by smashing it with a rubber hammer; that was hilarious

  • Posh panda
    Posh panda Dag siden

    Repair an R8 without tools? 🤔🙄

  • DavidDiSante
    DavidDiSante Dag siden

    "After 2 whole days of tuggin it and beatin it..." Hey, whatever floats your boat, brah. 🤣

  • WeLoveGoProHD
    WeLoveGoProHD Dag siden

    Should have atleast cleaned the welds up on the frame by grinding them down, I mean it is an Audi R8. Not a honda Civic.

  • doctorgenerosity
    doctorgenerosity Dag siden

    Hey Sam I spoke with a guy who knows aluminum fabrication and he thinks what you are doing is 100% unsafe. The weld will not hold under stress. Also, he suggested that Audi may be obligated to fix your car or buy it from you because it is a serious safety defect - even though you are not the original owner and it is out of warranty. talk to them. don't drive that car.

    • doctorgenerosity
      doctorgenerosity Dag siden

      One more note - this is a salvage title and car cannot be registered without a safety inspection - which it should certainly fail