I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's Cracked Frame for $500! Insurance Quoted $29,522!

  • Publisert 7. nov.. 2018
  • My cheap salvage auction Audi R8 had one flaw, and that's a cracked front frame and an estimated repair cost of almost $30,000. We fix it now for way cheaper than any body shop would have.
    Thanks to Vtuned: goo.gl/mvyFZn
    Instagram: instagram.com/samcracc/
    Email Me: SamcracAuto@gmail.com
    Mail: Samcrac
    PO Box 713
    Odessa, FL 33556
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  • Garradouken
    Garradouken Dag siden

    Sick videos man. Loved watching this project. Also, go bolts!

  • Julien MR
    Julien MR 3 dager siden

    Seriously... You do 2 things in this video: use a hammer and break the windshield (which is more than 500$ anyway, so proves your video title is a big lie in itself), and spray some primer. You'd better let the professionals work ;)

  • 986C
    986C 3 dager siden

    I’ve also spent two full days of ‘tugging it and beating it’.

  • Sweeps Sweeps
    Sweeps Sweeps 4 dager siden

    12:49 que sweet home Alabama~😂😂

  • Misused Punctu-ation
    Misused Punctu-ation 5 dager siden +1

    All Americans please note, it’s aluminium and not aluminum. You say it how it’s spelt! Not difficult really 😂

  • Big Shasta
    Big Shasta 5 dager siden

    So, this was essentially a mechanical failure of a part the manufacturer designed. Meaning it didn't get damaged in an accident, it just failed due to poor design. Like say an engine blowing up or a trans going out way before it should. Since when does an insurance company pay for those types of things? Shouldn't this have been on Audi to fix or buyback? Why can't anyone with a Toyota truck that has a rotted frame just get the ins to total it, the OEM failed to design it so it wouldn't rust prematurely? I can imagine my ins company if I called them and said (for example, this common problem) my engine in my 1997 grand am has leaking intake gaskets because GM used dexcool and it ate the gaskets. I'd like you to pay for the repair. They would laugh and hang up. How is this different?

  • Joseph Otterbach
    Joseph Otterbach 5 dager siden

    Rob the welder, can he fix it, rob the welder ,yes he can!!!!!

  • xr500t
    xr500t 7 dager siden

    Amazing at how hard you have to hit something to cause that much damage.

  • checkmate1996
    checkmate1996 7 dager siden

    I do find it a bit amusing all the bantering of folks worried about the shock tower and it the repair being safe. The car was obviously NOT safe before the repair - FROM THE FACTORY. I'd like to see him track the car or do some DEs and show after results.

  • Mrvalle420
    Mrvalle420 10 dager siden

    Hey Samcrac when the welding was done with a tig welder did you have any issues with any of electrical modules I’m a Bodyman and we are told we can’t use tig welders because of the high frequency start but we weld aluminum with a pro spot mig welder I ask because I haven’t found any information any where providing that we can’t weld with a tig but everyone at my dealership and instructors from I-CAR say we can’t, we mig weld all our joints where we splice the panels in I didn’t hear you say you had any problems we always disconnected the battery for safety on steel and the aluminum trucks but was just wondering thanks for posting

  • Ryan Bertoldi
    Ryan Bertoldi 13 dager siden

    Crazy @tjhunt could repair an aluminum square-tube Ferrari 458 front end on the super cheap from pros, sourcing used parts..and yet, here you are hacking away with cheap welds. I get it's a "road car" , but the stupid factored into this fix is a bit overwhelming here.

  • M A
    M A 16 dager siden

    No frame apparatus? How do you know the car is straight?

  • Maine
    Maine 16 dager siden

    I'm not a mechanic or have much experience repairing cars, but this doesn't look safe at all. You didn't do a full disassembly or whatever to check the full damages in the engine. You just "repaired" the only visible damage you saw. I think the more you reveal, the more issues you'll find. I could be completely wrong. Hope everything worked out.

  • Area 11
    Area 11 16 dager siden

    This is actually the worst car repair I've seen. Never put this on the road.....

  • SharJ24
    SharJ24 17 dager siden

    Was anyone else waiting for him to hit the glass or rip that hole open? 😢
    I would have been done for the day. 😤

  • what dad
    what dad 17 dager siden

    your a fucking idiot

  • nitronikon
    nitronikon 18 dager siden

    I wonder if any measurements were made to make sure things were... square?

  • Reneil Jazon Billones
    Reneil Jazon Billones 24 dager siden

    I think its not worth it tho it runs and still have a good paint job u still have to buy parts of the car that is expensive and u have to work to fix it and it takes time and tiring maybe if you go buy in copart i suggest to buy a brand new car

  • Matias Martin
    Matias Martin 26 dager siden

    7:07 reminds me of Electroboom lol

  • The Spiciest Meme Lord
    The Spiciest Meme Lord 26 dager siden

    Man i love this Video

  • Thomas Höflinger
    Thomas Höflinger 29 dager siden

    That´s how they repair cars in india back in the 70ies xd

  • Connor Deutsch
    Connor Deutsch 29 dager siden +1

    At 16:28 "Don't want anything rusting down the line"... Aluminum doesn't rust only oxidizes. Also hope the battery was disconnected while welding on the car. Interesting video anyway.

  • Michael Mackaman
    Michael Mackaman 29 dager siden

    If you are going to do the work on the drivers side, go ahead and get the material to do the passenger side and have your welder do both.

  • dat boi
    dat boi Måned siden

    The reason why it the insurance quoted so much is because they also charge for labor

  • a2cryss
    a2cryss Måned siden

    I bought that same Hydraulic Equipment Kit from HF but also got the 7 piece Hydraulic Auto Body/Frame Kit. HF #94681 it includes a 5ton pull back ram and 6 other rams. Used a 25% coupon for each one.

  • Matt Blanco
    Matt Blanco Måned siden +1

    This guy clearly hasn't been properly educated on auto collision repair. 3-6 months max under normal use and that 'repair' will fail. Whatever insurance agency handling the claim at that time might sue if not a party involved might depending on severity of injury. Happens all the time. Hope you have a good lawyer.

  • maseratirijder
    maseratirijder Måned siden

    Holy crap this is bad work , did you disconnect the battery before welding? Why would you work like this on such a nice car??

  • yimango
    yimango Måned siden

    Car lover and Lightning fan?! I wish you were my dad! 😂

  • scott findlay
    scott findlay Måned siden

    you got ripped off on your windshield price the NAGS price is only 354.00 and can find many new ones online for 300 to 777 bucks

  • Limitless Potential
    Limitless Potential Måned siden

    Thank you Audi for cutting a corner so you can continue to sell cars.
    Nice to see it's not only very wealthy people that can drive these types of cars.
    Great work. I'm glad you were able to fix it.
    Great channel man

  • Benji Franks
    Benji Franks Måned siden

    Who cars if it breaks hes making a killing off you clowns and your stupid ass comments. The car looks dope weather you drive it 25mph everyday you got your money's worth

  • Edward Myers
    Edward Myers Måned siden

    Bit of a bonehead when it came to pulling on it dude. Put the bolt through and pull from the middle not the outside.

  • Will La
    Will La Måned siden

    @samcrac what was that site again that checks the sales history? Salvage listings and such. Thanks!

  • Zane Turner
    Zane Turner Måned siden

    Turn off the music it is not necessary way to film this.

  • Kerim Mešić
    Kerim Mešić Måned siden

    Omg its amazing what this guy did with a salvage r8!!
    I cant belive he found it for a so low price

  • Valra Bellkeys
    Valra Bellkeys Måned siden

    For $1700, if you include windshield ;)

  • kimchee94112
    kimchee94112 Måned siden

    Brilliant, attach a come along chain to a jack stand supporting the car while pumping the hydraulic kit next to it. What can go wrong?

  • Sean Dobson
    Sean Dobson Måned siden

    Would the repair be any worse than the original Dodgy frame design!!!

  • Greg Rohde
    Greg Rohde Måned siden

    "I did spray some more etching primer, don't want anything rusting down the line" You realize aluminum doesn't rust, right?? haha

  • steady preppin
    steady preppin Måned siden

    How much did the car cost?

  • SirToasty 55
    SirToasty 55 Måned siden

    There are a ton of Audi certified mechanics here 😂 people saying they're gonna get you banned from NO-clip and shit 😂

    OMNI HALLS Måned siden

    That was a boneheaded move on steroids, bruh...

  • Andreas Hellwig
    Andreas Hellwig Måned siden

    Perfect method to repair a bobby-car...

  • Andreas Berg
    Andreas Berg Måned siden

    Dam, that’s some serious expertises hanging around on the NO-clip🙈😂🤣

  • Ankit panchal
    Ankit panchal Måned siden

    Hey please do tell me the website to buy salvage cars online from an auction.. Please

  • robinkrenk
    robinkrenk Måned siden

    the press attached to the support leg? retarded..

  • George Vandalay
    George Vandalay 2 måneder siden

    I would have drilled the end of the crack at least. The most stress in any crack is at the very end of it. Drilling a hole at the tip of the crack, be it wood, steel, plastic, whatever, significantly reduces or eliminates the stress riser. It even appears the weld bead wasn’t taken back all the way to the very tip but hard to see, you could still do this and just spot weld it for peace of mind.

  • TheillogicalParadox
    TheillogicalParadox 2 måneder siden

    Y’all are really in your feelings about him fixing his own car. Don’t act like y’all ain’t any shady shit once or twice either lol. It’s his car. If this how he chooses to run the show, let him do it.

  • Venom Vaping
    Venom Vaping 2 måneder siden

    Thats funny I was thinking you should call vtuned lol

  • giannis pateras
    giannis pateras 2 måneder siden

    Yeah go over 100 see what happens

  • Aminah Batiste
    Aminah Batiste 2 måneder siden

    What about all the other parts that’s cracsam

  • Pixel Puppy
    Pixel Puppy 2 måneder siden

    we replace the battery! looks like there's a few cracks.. we'll fix it next episode!

  • simon Smith
    simon Smith 2 måneder siden

    Ouch dude you just broke your windscreen,thats not gonna be cheap.I feel your pain.I once botch repaired a salvaged porsche 944 many years ago because i didnt have the money to fix it properly and then a year later it was written off again by a kid cutting across my path but i had a lot of fun in that year

  • Jason Sun
    Jason Sun 2 måneder siden

    isnt the thing aluminum? i shouldnt rust.

  • Bearded Ape Beard Care
    Bearded Ape Beard Care 2 måneder siden

    How much did you buy the R8 for?

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson 2 måneder siden

    “After two whole days of tugging it and beating it...”

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright 2 måneder siden

    Can you Fix the Salvage Title Is the Question? its worth It to You But if They wont Change it its resale is still low right?

  • Earth Resident
    Earth Resident 2 måneder siden

    the only crack this guy hasn't found is the one in his brain leaking cerebrospinal fluid...

  • Paul Huxley
    Paul Huxley 2 måneder siden

    Interesting video. Awful music at times.

  • Richard Raucina
    Richard Raucina 2 måneder siden

    No wonder the Germans lost the war. The fork on my bicycle would take more stress than that oem strut mount. $80,000 worth of pig vomit

  • michael stewart
    michael stewart 2 måneder siden

    next time fuck off with the time laps

  • John Pero
    John Pero 2 måneder siden


  • Ryan Traylor
    Ryan Traylor 2 måneder siden

    *calls 19 year old kid*
    "hey man, can I start smashing this Audi R8 with a hammer?"
    kid - "yeah go for it"

  • Jonathon King
    Jonathon King 2 måneder siden

    Just from being a car nut and safety. Either one found an authorized dealer for the replacement part and pay them little extra cash. Or completely cut that section out and fabricate identical piece. That whole area metal has been stressed multiple micro stress fractures. Almost makes me sick on how you went about fixing a structural piece of the body.

  • Alan Grey
    Alan Grey 2 måneder siden

    Sounds like a lot of jealous haters on here. Labeling the car as unsafe or a waste of money is just a sad attempt to convince themselves that your amazing find is a bad thing. Now that is the definition of insanity.

  • Chris WY
    Chris WY 2 måneder siden

    I would have thought the jack stand might kick out since he was pulling from the side

  • MarchVibes
    MarchVibes 2 måneder siden

    That beat at 0:40 seconds!!? What is that from ?

  • WalkOn Bye
    WalkOn Bye 2 måneder siden

    Phew. What a fup.

  • My Dick
    My Dick 2 måneder siden

    Was the dog house square after the weld? Does the car track straight and tires wear even?

  • El Bill Burrito
    El Bill Burrito 2 måneder siden

    I don't know anything about frame work, but would it have been a good idea to first reinforce the anchor point and then pull from it?

  • Tabitha Rose
    Tabitha Rose 2 måneder siden

    Big Ben long lost twin

  • otto von ottsville
    otto von ottsville 2 måneder siden

    'Ill just release the tension here... that sound was the car moving...' on my foot

    BUILDING SOLUTIONS LTD 2 måneder siden

    It’s ok for NOW! It’s been fixed.
    It’s a nice car put it back together see how it goes.... drive normally around town etc
    personally I would not drive fast in a public situation. unless it was on a track as the car moving
    the loading and de loading of the suspension MAY cause stress fractures etc.
    BUT I have seen some metal parts fixed that no one would thought work and it has so what do you do?
    Try it and see!

  • sat han
    sat han 2 måneder siden

    You need to put next episode video link in description, it's very difficult to find.

  • Tyler Chrise
    Tyler Chrise 2 måneder siden

    u dont have to worry about aluminum rusting... its aluminum man

  • The Good and Bad
    The Good and Bad 2 måneder siden

    Barbarazooooooooooo coño

  • Jerzy Serbin
    Jerzy Serbin 2 måneder siden

    What glasses are you wearing ar ~ 17:30?

  • Neil Yoder
    Neil Yoder 2 måneder siden

    That's some shitty engineering on the part of Audi if you ask me. This could easily be reinforced to begin with to prevent the failure.

  • Obie Quan
    Obie Quan 2 måneder siden

    I didn't see you measure the other side of car to ensure it is aligned, if it's off 1/16 you will have serious pull from one side or the other.

  • chad calico
    chad calico 2 måneder siden

    I love all the annalist comments...lol... Its a simple physics and repair which in absolute no way affected the frame, squareness, suspension, handling, windshield, door seals / gaps, ect.. hence it will pass inspection easily... In all actuality the repaired driver side suspension area weld is 200 plus times stronger now than the right side.. only error i saw in video is while he was there I would've had him weld a support in on right side ?!? Nice work !!

  • monzadh
    monzadh 2 måneder siden

    Definilty NOT a Steven Stamkos approved repair.....

  • Ron Valiquette
    Ron Valiquette 2 måneder siden

    I would have put the shot bolt back in the top tower and attached the pull tool to the bolt.

  • Mason Holding
    Mason Holding 2 måneder siden

    Never buy a car from this guy!

  • Mason Holding
    Mason Holding 2 måneder siden

    Lol, this guy clearly has too much money and too much free time

  • Michael
    Michael 2 måneder siden

    i like that you had your welder reinforce it and then repeat on the other side, technically making it a better than stock.

  • jjgbmw323
    jjgbmw323 2 måneder siden +1

    For a repair like this, the car should go to a body shop that has a Frame Machine. So precise measurements can be taken and it pulled correctly. Then welded.
    Instead This is like a DIY driveway repair - which is dangerous. Its not repaired in the manner that is Safe!!

  • Nick B
    Nick B 2 måneder siden

    Should have put a rectangular piece of metal with holes in it across the top of the frame rail and used that as a pulling point instead of the frame rail itself

  • carlos 123
    carlos 123 2 måneder siden

    How much did uou pay for the r8.?

  • Oki_Dingo
    Oki_Dingo 2 måneder siden

    I like your other parts of this build....this one was terrible. I am a metal smith by trade and was cringing at what you were doing. Leave work like this to people that know what they are doing.

  • Ian Curtis
    Ian Curtis 2 måneder siden

    What’s your life worth? I’d suggest that you start with thinking PERIOD, rather than “thinking In reverse” high-performance sports cars with dodgy frame repairs = rip
    Why do you think it was totaled? Definitely wouldn’t buy a car from this guy....

  • eminemthekiing
    eminemthekiing 2 måneder siden

    That is a very dangerous car, trust me.

  • Tekakwo Reynolds
    Tekakwo Reynolds 2 måneder siden

    in your last video, people criticized you, that it was simply an ad for copart! and yet here you are we can all see the massive damage.....
    great fix

  • Ay-esem Com
    Ay-esem Com 2 måneder siden

    this is junk repair,,, I would never drive this car over 40 M/h

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 2 måneder siden

    If it only cost you 500 why not fix both sides u completely disassembled the whole front end so why not pay another 500 dollars and if the car was only 7000 dollars less why not just buy one that's not totaled without a salvage title I fixed my Dodge Ram finders on both sides and that cost more than that !

  • Big Lizard
    Big Lizard 2 måneder siden


  • toastopia1
    toastopia1 2 måneder siden

    SHOE MAKER HERE! harbor freight tools! serious, just going on what he thinks is dangerous!

  • Perfect gaming
    Perfect gaming 2 måneder siden

    I would probs just duct tape it and then leave it
    Safe, right??

  • Aphony66
    Aphony66 2 måneder siden

    Its called a cum-along FFS PS when you were hitting the frame I said to myself "don't hit that windscreen idiot" and what do you do? Hit the fucken windscreen. Moron.

  • Bruno Martins
    Bruno Martins 2 måneder siden

    Its SAM CRAC not SAM FIX

  • What the f*ck did you just say?

    There is something seriously off about u, man.