I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's Cracked Frame for $500! Insurance Quoted $29,522!


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  • George Vandalay
    George Vandalay 18 timer siden

    I would have drilled the end of the crack at least. The most stress in any crack is at the very end of it. Drilling a hole at the tip of the crack, be it wood, steel, plastic, whatever, significantly reduces or eliminates the stress riser. It even appears the weld bead wasn’t taken back all the way to the very tip but hard to see, you could still do this and just spot weld it for peace of mind.

  • TheillogicalParadox
    TheillogicalParadox 22 timer siden

    Y’all are really in your feelings about him fixing his own car. Don’t act like y’all ain’t any shady shit once or twice either lol. It’s his car. If this how he chooses to run the show, let him do it.

  • Venom Vaping
    Venom Vaping Dag siden

    Thats funny I was thinking you should call vtuned lol

  • giannis pateras
    giannis pateras 2 dager siden

    Yeah go over 100 see what happens

  • Aminah Batiste
    Aminah Batiste 2 dager siden

    What about all the other parts that’s cracsam

  • Dan Lam
    Dan Lam 2 dager siden

    we replace the battery! looks like there's a few cracks.. we'll fix it next episode!

  • simon Smith
    simon Smith 3 dager siden

    Ouch dude you just broke your windscreen,thats not gonna be cheap.I feel your pain.I once botch repaired a salvaged porsche 944 many years ago because i didnt have the money to fix it properly and then a year later it was written off again by a kid cutting across my path but i had a lot of fun in that year

  • Jason Sun
    Jason Sun 3 dager siden

    isnt the thing aluminum? i shouldnt rust.

  • Bearded Ape Beard Care
    Bearded Ape Beard Care 4 dager siden

    How much did you buy the R8 for?

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson 4 dager siden

    “After two whole days of tugging it and beating it...”

  • Kevin Wright
    Kevin Wright 4 dager siden

    Can you Fix the Salvage Title Is the Question? its worth It to You But if They wont Change it its resale is still low right?

  • Earth Resident
    Earth Resident 5 dager siden

    the only crack this guy hasn't found is the one in his brain leaking cerebrospinal fluid...

  • Paul Huxley
    Paul Huxley 6 dager siden

    Interesting video. Awful music at times.

  • Richard Raucina
    Richard Raucina 6 dager siden

    No wonder the Germans lost the war. The fork on my bicycle would take more stress than that oem strut mount. $80,000 worth of pig vomit

  • michael stewart
    michael stewart 7 dager siden

    next time fuck off with the time laps

  • John Pero
    John Pero 7 dager siden


  • Ryan Traylor
    Ryan Traylor 7 dager siden

    *calls 19 year old kid*
    "hey man, can I start smashing this Audi R8 with a hammer?"
    kid - "yeah go for it"

  • Jonathon King
    Jonathon King 8 dager siden

    Just from being a car nut and safety. Either one found an authorized dealer for the replacement part and pay them little extra cash. Or completely cut that section out and fabricate identical piece. That whole area metal has been stressed multiple micro stress fractures. Almost makes me sick on how you went about fixing a structural piece of the body.

  • Alan Grey
    Alan Grey 8 dager siden

    Sounds like a lot of jealous haters on here. Labeling the car as unsafe or a waste of money is just a sad attempt to convince themselves that your amazing find is a bad thing. Now that is the definition of insanity.

  • Chris WY
    Chris WY 9 dager siden

    I would have thought the jack stand might kick out since he was pulling from the side

  • MarchVibes
    MarchVibes 9 dager siden

    That beat at 0:40 seconds!!? What is that from ?

  • WalkOn Bye
    WalkOn Bye 10 dager siden

    Phew. What a fup.

  • My Dick
    My Dick 10 dager siden

    Was the dog house square after the weld? Does the car track straight and tires wear even?

  • El Bill Burrito
    El Bill Burrito 10 dager siden

    I don't know anything about frame work, but would it have been a good idea to first reinforce the anchor point and then pull from it?

  • Tabitha Rose
    Tabitha Rose 10 dager siden

    Big Ben long lost twin

  • otto von ottsville
    otto von ottsville 10 dager siden

    'Ill just release the tension here... that sound was the car moving...' on my foot

    BUILDING SOLUTIONS LTD 11 dager siden

    It’s ok for NOW! It’s been fixed.
    It’s a nice car put it back together see how it goes.... drive normally around town etc
    personally I would not drive fast in a public situation. unless it was on a track as the car moving
    the loading and de loading of the suspension MAY cause stress fractures etc.
    BUT I have seen some metal parts fixed that no one would thought work and it has so what do you do?
    Try it and see!

  • sat han
    sat han 11 dager siden

    You need to put next episode video link in description, it's very difficult to find.

  • Tyler Chrise
    Tyler Chrise 11 dager siden

    u dont have to worry about aluminum rusting... its aluminum man

  • Estrella
    Estrella 11 dager siden

    Barbarazooooooooooo coño

  • Jerzy Serbin
    Jerzy Serbin 11 dager siden

    What glasses are you wearing ar ~ 17:30?

  • Neil Yoder
    Neil Yoder 12 dager siden

    That's some shitty engineering on the part of Audi if you ask me. This could easily be reinforced to begin with to prevent the failure.

  • Obie Quan
    Obie Quan 12 dager siden

    I didn't see you measure the other side of car to ensure it is aligned, if it's off 1/16 you will have serious pull from one side or the other.

  • chad calico
    chad calico 12 dager siden

    I love all the annalist comments...lol... Its a simple physics and repair which in absolute no way affected the frame, squareness, suspension, handling, windshield, door seals / gaps, ect.. hence it will pass inspection easily... In all actuality the repaired driver side suspension area weld is 200 plus times stronger now than the right side.. only error i saw in video is while he was there I would've had him weld a support in on right side ?!? Nice work !!

  • monzadh
    monzadh 12 dager siden

    Definilty NOT a Steven Stamkos approved repair.....

  • Ron Valiquette
    Ron Valiquette 13 dager siden

    I would have put the shot bolt back in the top tower and attached the pull tool to the bolt.

  • Mason Holding
    Mason Holding 13 dager siden

    Never buy a car from this guy!

  • Mason Holding
    Mason Holding 13 dager siden

    Lol, this guy clearly has too much money and too much free time

  • Michael
    Michael 13 dager siden

    i like that you had your welder reinforce it and then repeat on the other side, technically making it a better than stock.

  • jjgbmw323
    jjgbmw323 14 dager siden +1

    For a repair like this, the car should go to a body shop that has a Frame Machine. So precise measurements can be taken and it pulled correctly. Then welded.
    Instead This is like a DIY driveway repair - which is dangerous. Its not repaired in the manner that is Safe!!

  • Nick B
    Nick B 15 dager siden

    Should have put a rectangular piece of metal with holes in it across the top of the frame rail and used that as a pulling point instead of the frame rail itself

  • carlos 123
    carlos 123 15 dager siden

    How much did uou pay for the r8.?

  • Oki_Dingo
    Oki_Dingo 15 dager siden

    I like your other parts of this build....this one was terrible. I am a metal smith by trade and was cringing at what you were doing. Leave work like this to people that know what they are doing.

  • Ian Curtis
    Ian Curtis 15 dager siden

    What’s your life worth? I’d suggest that you start with thinking PERIOD, rather than “thinking In reverse” high-performance sports cars with dodgy frame repairs = rip
    Why do you think it was totaled? Definitely wouldn’t buy a car from this guy....

  • eminemthekiing
    eminemthekiing 16 dager siden

    That is a very dangerous car, trust me.

  • Tekakwo Reynolds
    Tekakwo Reynolds 16 dager siden

    in your last video, people criticized you, that it was simply an ad for copart! and yet here you are we can all see the massive damage.....
    great fix

  • Ay-esem Com
    Ay-esem Com 17 dager siden

    this is junk repair,,, I would never drive this car over 40 M/h

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 17 dager siden

    If it only cost you 500 why not fix both sides u completely disassembled the whole front end so why not pay another 500 dollars and if the car was only 7000 dollars less why not just buy one that's not totaled without a salvage title I fixed my Dodge Ram finders on both sides and that cost more than that !

  • Big Lizard
    Big Lizard 17 dager siden


  • toastopia1
    toastopia1 17 dager siden

    SHOE MAKER HERE! harbor freight tools! serious, just going on what he thinks is dangerous!

  • Perfect gaming
    Perfect gaming 17 dager siden

    I would probs just duct tape it and then leave it
    Safe, right??

  • Aphony66
    Aphony66 17 dager siden

    Its called a cum-along FFS PS when you were hitting the frame I said to myself "don't hit that windscreen idiot" and what do you do? Hit the fucken windscreen. Moron.

  • Bruno Martins
    Bruno Martins 17 dager siden

    Its SAM CRAC not SAM FIX

  • What the f*ck did you just say?

    There is something seriously off about u, man.

  • 911 Driver
    911 Driver 18 dager siden

    Chop it out and either buy or make the pieces then weld them on.

  • john z
    john z 18 dager siden

    omg. Now the crackers become craps!

  • Just ME Onlyme
    Just ME Onlyme 18 dager siden

    6:09 you have NO business doing this. If you lay under that car, and use that tool.. you could die. IF this is how you get views... this is fkn dumb.
    Sell it for parts.
    People... In google Chrome, there are 3 dots next to your icon. There is Extensions... find NO-clip ad blocker extension. "AdBlock On NO-clip". Use it.

  • Dane Ta Tua Tonka
    Dane Ta Tua Tonka 18 dager siden

    If I had your money I’d burn mine 🤙🏼

  • v mann
    v mann 19 dager siden

    Rob the welder has skills and that frame is better than new

  • v mann
    v mann 19 dager siden

    Definitely enjoyed watching this

  • Lendvai Tamas
    Lendvai Tamas 19 dager siden

    Nice job you ripped even the hole for the shock absorbers. Imagine when you are driving this thing with 250 km/h and the suspension gets loose....

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs 19 dager siden

    PS i think you never mentioned the price on that r*?

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs 19 dager siden

    PS how would that hammer ever have more force than that pull thing which broke? That thing had none stop pull force and broke, how is that hammer than going to do any good? PS how the hell did ou knock on the glass, thats like 5inches off that strud?

  • jack meoff
    jack meoff 19 dager siden

    That was the most sloppiest weld I’ve ever seen

  • Rombout Versluijs
    Rombout Versluijs 19 dager siden

    Why not connect that top bold of the shock with the other big bolt on the lowr left. Like engine bar or those bars which go from strud to strud. That would be stronger than the weld i guess.

  • C Man
    C Man 19 dager siden

    Why did it crack in the first place?

  • Harold Hall
    Harold Hall 20 dager siden

    you in Tampa windshield ia free bud

  • Gord G
    Gord G 20 dager siden

    So its been 2 month, how is the car? Obviously the repair was an improvement over the original design (sorry Audiots) but are you back to driving on the bump stops?

  • Mike Ziemba
    Mike Ziemba 20 dager siden

    Interesting project. The biggest issue I see is that the frame structure of the car is not robust enough in the right places and that's a design issue. I would suspect that there are other areas that will also crack over time. If your car can't take a pothole or curb once in a while without catastrophic damage, what good is it? I would have tried to get the factory reinforcement panels to do the repair. I've repaired things before on boats and cars in a similar manner and what usually happens is that the repair fails and all of the time and money spend are for nothing. If it were my car, I would monitor that area periodically and see if it starts to crack again. If it does i think you part it out. I would buy a Corvette and enjoy the drive and the fact that you can get parts at Pep Boys...

  • Chungleas
    Chungleas 20 dager siden

    If you had bought the R8 and stripped it for parts, how much could you have made?
    I'm sure someone else has already asked this, but I can't be bothered trawling through all the abuse and nonsense bellow.
    I can't help thinking this whole thing is a financial/liability disaster on wheels and you'd have "beaten the insurance company" with far less personal risk simply by breaking an insurance write off for parts...

  • Fishy Hobby
    Fishy Hobby 21 dag siden

    "Ridiculous", I agree.. LOL

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson 21 dag siden

    Make sure you disclose this car was repaired after an accident....oh wait, will the salvage branded title make this obvious? Never mind.

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson 21 dag siden

    WOW, this comment section is filled with uninformed people. Thank goodness these people don't vote......or do they?

  • gabiology77
    gabiology77 21 dag siden

    Probably it will be ok for a decent time if job was done with the proper filler. Time will tell or Audi should. I would be merciful in traffic and cruel in tracks, polish the welds with my eyes.
    I've experience with a flexy carbon mt.bike bonded into rigid cast aluminium dropouts, so all the stress concentrated to the aluminium alloy.
    The drivetrain side dropout finally cracked. Despite I don't know too much about welding I try to repair it or at least extend the lifetime of the frame. I supposed in case of failure on the ride life not threatened.
    I. The first problem was that I don't know the exact alloy type to use for the filler rod (sampling and in house electric microscope element analysis would have been my easiest way). But even if I know theoretically which exotic alloy would be the perfect filler it gives no better way ahead. And there could be other hidden features of the damaged part like heat treatment, forging, accumulated stress.
    II. Second problem was the buildup of the heat, but "cold" laser-welding was given in house :)
    After the jobs the frame slowly developed the crack at the same spot twice and the 2nd cycle was shorter.

  • sean barman
    sean barman 22 dager siden

    Job interview: Frame builder... whats your qualification...... i build technical lego sports cars :) no-clip.com/video/9g5IFrmPNfM/video.html

  • Roger Dickinson
    Roger Dickinson 22 dager siden

    I don't know about the repair, it's probably OK. But I was worried about attacking a 5 ton puller to an axle stand clearly rated for 2 tons lol.

  • alec drown
    alec drown 22 dager siden

    The car is cool but this guy is a total moron never ever use a jack stand as an anchor point. dummy could have dropped the car on his foot and messed even more up. The hammer blow to the windshield was absolutely hilarious. More money than sense.

  • Steven Quigley
    Steven Quigley 22 dager siden

    I was cringing not just with the hammer blows and cracked shield but I was waiting for that strut mount to pop, we have R8's in the shop same problem we keep the shock in place but unbolted from the assembly and put the vehicle up on the ramp then tie a ratchet strap around the bottom of the shock mount and use one of the heaviest guys in the shop to put a foot on the strap and force down works every time to mate the material back for welding.Rob did an excellent patching in and welding always good to see a man that knows his craft, the repair was probably stronger than when she left the Audi factory good job.

  • Andy Peek
    Andy Peek 22 dager siden

    Dead hammer? Na A Rubber headed Hammer for the night shift workers, thats what we called it.LOL.

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans 22 dager siden

    Oh my fucking god you're so bad hahahaahahahahaah
    No I don't want a damn security system nor do I want to hear about it for 40 minutes

  • Rams Greave
    Rams Greave 22 dager siden

    Most experts would recognize that the previous Audi owner would have had to have stated what had happened in this accident & why they had issues & didn't want this Audi R8 Back. Did it have anything to do with THE FACT THEY HIT A POTHOLE AT OVER 50 MPH?? The Insurance Co knew right then & there being well aware that the AUDI R8 had weak strut towers & one look underneath they knew they had big issues, paid the claim out and filed a State Salvage Title and put the R8 up for auction to be forever out of their vehicle to insure network by way of VIN.. Funny NO repair expert has commented on the fact that INSURANCE CO's. write off a vehicle when its repair costs using only new parts reaches 70% of value. The insured may pay rates based on retail value, BUT Insurance never pays out a claim based on that supposed retail value, but subtracting your deductable, taxes, ect., much closer to the wholesale value of that vehicle..... Now this Audi R8 may see a retail of $80K+, but a wholesale closer to $65K. Now since the body parts were in such good shape & the engine & transaxle with under 45K miles showing, it should have fetched well over $45K on auction to the Insurance Co & not expecting a non recycling party to be in the bidding mix, SAM CRAC of FL got a break on that winning bid of $32,700. but he did use an PENN STATE agent/dealer to acquire this vehicle to circumvent this out of State & private bidder rule on Salvage vehicles that auctions will have... to stop these type of backyard repairs on salvage vehicles from returning back onto law abiding State roads by unlicensed, unqualified persons or body repair facilities that may operate in some US states.
    With a rebuilt Salvage Cert of Title on record for that AUDI R8's VIN, I don't think Sam Crac will get any great PLPD rates or below a $10K deductible from any of the USA Insurance Co's when they run that AUDI's R8 VIN in any State. Sam might even have to put up a liability bond to get insurance in case of an accident that could be attributed to this Salvage repair that was made to this R8..

  • JuiceyJuiceJake JJJ
    JuiceyJuiceJake JJJ 22 dager siden

    That's a big flaw. No matter what the repair cost is, with the salvage title it's only worth about 35-40 K and that would be if it had be properly repaired.

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller 23 dager siden

    As in any repair have you enough reinforcement to withstand the pressure against it. It's that simple. One note if you weld on a firewall make sure you have a fire extinguisher ready the insulation tends to burn from the back side.

  • TheMSsea
    TheMSsea 23 dager siden +1

    hey samcrac, u might wanna know your front frame isn't the only thing thats cracked... see 3:32

    • James Maeding
      James Maeding 21 dag siden

      checked it, indeed a wardrobe malfunction. We'll just tig weld that back together, spray some paint on it....

  • Juan Cotto
    Juan Cotto 23 dager siden

    I think you did a great job, a lot of jealous... you make a great deal, have a nice car, enjoy your ride bro

  • TheShockmister
    TheShockmister 23 dager siden

    Should have taken it the experts in chassis repair ! They would have done it in 1/10 the time. Welded and gusseted! All that unsafe pulling on the jack stand! Are you crazy, Yeah you hit the windscreen WTF you are crazy !

  • Tomek Bidzinski
    Tomek Bidzinski 23 dager siden

    If in accident, this car's gonna fold like an origami. Plus the strenght of this weld is similar to if you just duct-taped it. Forces on these parts of a car are massive

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 23 dager siden

    I understand the horror of all the 'professionals' who have training & experience, however I take my hat off to Sam for having the balls to take a shot at something that in principle is not that difficult (welding up a crack) but fraught with risky probabilities. There are of course, only 3 obvious questions: Is the material actually repairable like this (ie. can it be re-welded?). 2. will it hold under the significant stresses placed on it (the original engineering and/or material was flawed and failed after all). 3. Will it pass an inspection & be registerable & insurable?
    I'd probably have had a go at this if it was steel rather than Aluminium and if I'd only paid $3000 for the car but it's a big risk on a $30k+ vehicle. Still, gets a lot of NO-clip traffic and it appears Sam has quite the car collection so overall it's probably worth it eh?.....

  • minor threat
    minor threat 23 dager siden

    Crac on crack on crack

  • xshanghu
    xshanghu 24 dager siden


  • Grant Keen
    Grant Keen 24 dager siden

    At 16.31 you said you didnt want anything rusting, correct? And it is aluminium correct?

  • Goce Pravulov
    Goce Pravulov 24 dager siden

    I was like, damn you are going to hit the windshield watch out.... yep you did it. :D :D :D

  • WolfGang
    WolfGang 25 dager siden

    I'd rather have a maserati or mustang over this cut 'n' shut car

  • grant houghton
    grant houghton 25 dager siden

    Sam, you have no idea, period.
    Please don't have children.

  • Kevin Coburn
    Kevin Coburn 25 dager siden +1

    Looks good! Only thing I'd of done different would have been to make it a single plate from the upper bolt hole across the crack but that's just me.

  • Kakabeka jerry
    Kakabeka jerry 25 dager siden

    The problem with this fix is that the metal that was still holding was bent and then straightened and could very well be cracked but you cant even see it. Welding and reinforcing what you could see is nice...its the fatigued metal that you can't see that is a concern. I think its best to use this car yourself with no passengers and never sell it . Beautiful car though.

  • C. Ö.
    C. Ö. 26 dager siden

    how retarded can someone be to destroy the glass and the hole ahahahah

  • Michael Lynch
    Michael Lynch 26 dager siden

    I have to say, I never plan to buy an audi. what a piece of junk. But good efforts.

  • Sandro Lee
    Sandro Lee 26 dager siden

    This is the kind of cottage home garage shop that we all try to avoid. The way you cheap out the repair is below the morale of a thief. You are taking the next buyer’s safety and life for granted because you just want to gouge some unreasonable amount of money. Bastard, may you rot in hell.

  • john mayfield
    john mayfield 26 dager siden

    Useing a angegrinder to level it off seamed a bit harsh, youv taken a lot of strenghth out of it with amount you removed