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  • Publisert 5. jan.. 2019
  • Vacuum your hair away
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Kommentarer • 23 430

  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  2 måneder siden +22630

    L A U G H!

  • Ggnoode Man
    Ggnoode Man Dag siden


  • Devoted Fangirl
    Devoted Fangirl Dag siden

    How the fuck would a person even clean a URO Club? That’d be fucking “DISGUSTIN’!”

  • Goerge The Awesome Ocelot


  • Zoe Williams
    Zoe Williams Dag siden

    ok the first product, so fucking wierd but it comes with a get a grip which my great grandma has.....DOES SHE HAVE A COMFORT WIPE!?!?!?!?!

  • death 900
    death 900 Dag siden

    That does not look safe at all I don't want that on my face that's like a torture device or something

  • random stuff
    random stuff Dag siden

    I failed at 2:03

  • bananabuttersomethin
    bananabuttersomethin Dag siden +1

    How how how HOW is the comfort wipe so hard for him to understand

  • youssef sameh
    youssef sameh Dag siden

    The electric face mask looks like the villain from hush movie

  • Baillie McVittie
    Baillie McVittie Dag siden

    No afeans but 80’s America ads are very weird

  • Night shade
    Night shade 2 dager siden


  • Diamonyte
    Diamonyte 2 dager siden

    « Checking out your club » sounds like you’re checking out your penis

  • jacob
    jacob 2 dager siden

    9:12 **spit**

  • red flags
    red flags 2 dager siden +1

    So i wint in to a class room at church and on the wight board it said
    - jacksepticeye
    I could not stop LAUGHing.

  • Emma is a Tord Fangirl QwQ
    Emma is a Tord Fangirl QwQ 2 dager siden +1

    Well, you're the grown man talking to himself in a sound-proofed room making vid for kids sooooo.... (Lol no hate just kidding!😂)

  • FireDemon 119
    FireDemon 119 2 dager siden

    10:56 SuperMarioLogan uses that for his news

  • Ender Foxxy
    Ender Foxxy 2 dager siden

    Jack posted this 3 days after my 11th birthday in 2019!!

    • Ender Foxxy
      Ender Foxxy 2 dager siden

      13:14 I don't need this I already AM a insane Phycopath murderer

  • Ellie We
    Ellie We 2 dager siden +2


  • Junicorn TheUniDog
    Junicorn TheUniDog 3 dager siden +1

    Me: Yeah, I’m so sure that people would wanna use it as a brush after using it for your butt

  • Jonathan Petruska
    Jonathan Petruska 3 dager siden

    But, but, bathrobes...

  • Apav
    Apav 3 dager siden +1

    I find these even funnier cuz I remember seeing half these commercials when they were on TV

  • Patch phantom
    Patch phantom 3 dager siden

    hidemyass ad

  • Dani Instasi
    Dani Instasi 3 dager siden +1

    whoa... jack did you use glh??? 👌😂 your beard seems fuller

  • Joshua Emerson
    Joshua Emerson 3 dager siden

    Ha ha ha I loved this one

  • Miguel Redfoot
    Miguel Redfoot 4 dager siden

    I thought that was Bobby flay

  • mr. LittleDemon biker
    mr. LittleDemon biker 4 dager siden

    Are those real things 😂😂😂😂

  • Gracie Noel Designs
    Gracie Noel Designs 4 dager siden

    Caitlin Jenner is that you?! 3:01 😂😂

  • Wild_ Man
    Wild_ Man 4 dager siden

    The confort wipe us a rip off of when the romans wiped with sponges on sticks

  • Yvng Expedition
    Yvng Expedition 4 dager siden +2

    Every time I watch this video I taste cashew milk 🥛because the first time I watched it I drunk cashew 🥛

  • Undertale Master
    Undertale Master 4 dager siden

    It’s 2019 right now and i developed a stiy Over Spring break

  • Sco rch
    Sco rch 5 dager siden


  • TabbyclawProductions
    TabbyclawProductions 5 dager siden

    I kinda want the rejuvanique simply because is looks so creepy, with the mask, and the cord, and the control thing and stuff

  • TabbyclawProductions
    TabbyclawProductions 5 dager siden

    *_Wait a minute..._*

  • suck it.
    suck it. 5 dager siden

    Warning! Tricky people ahead!!!

  • PugZilla Gamer
    PugZilla Gamer 5 dager siden

    The music you hear from the towel infomercial is used in my school student news...

  • Sawyer Nelson
    Sawyer Nelson 5 dager siden


  • amy stewart
    amy stewart 5 dager siden

    Straight fucking water

  • Swimming246 Aj
    Swimming246 Aj 5 dager siden

    11:30 "Feck!" And, as usual, Sean's true irish comes out.

  • Svbject 7 : E T
    Svbject 7 : E T 5 dager siden

    9:30 the discription of her hair

  • Roree Taylor
    Roree Taylor 6 dager siden

    Pretty please do another drumming video! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

  • CrazyRobotGaming
    CrazyRobotGaming 6 dager siden

    Comfort wipe was already in Ur channel

  • Corey Patton
    Corey Patton 6 dager siden

    That mask does not say a better face, it says “Hey have you played any recent Twisted Metal game? Yeah, you will be stuck in that mask forever”.

  • Impact _YT
    Impact _YT 6 dager siden

    Can anyone explain the comfort wipe. Please, sorry my iq is under 25

  • Galaxy Star Studios
    Galaxy Star Studios 6 dager siden

    Is it weird that my dad owns a FlowBee

  • Subscribe I’m Desperate

    sally face 5 leaked

  • kornxda kk
    kornxda kk 6 dager siden

    Song on 12:39

  • ExtraShifty
    ExtraShifty 6 dager siden

    The URO club is made to put your drink in it and just go pee in the bush anyway,

  • Rachel Crisp-Shima
    Rachel Crisp-Shima 6 dager siden

    was anybody counting how many times Jack said "WTF"?!LMAO

  • Connie Davis
    Connie Davis 6 dager siden


  • The Grammar Police
    The Grammar Police 7 dager siden +1

    11:34 ".. FOR I AM HERE!"

    if you get that reference, you're a weeb

  • Fazor
    Fazor 7 dager siden

    Vacuum your hair away😂😂😂

  • SunlightFire
    SunlightFire 7 dager siden

    Yeah, a lot of infomercials are meant for disabled people or the elderly (like that toilet paper thing), but they market them weirdly so most products just seem confusing and silly because they aren't straightforward with advertising.
    But if you think about it, a product like the Snuggie is super convenient for wheelchair users! Lots of infomercial products are actually useful for a certain audience.
    But that pee golf club is fucking ridiculous...

  • Epic bacon Strips
    Epic bacon Strips 7 dager siden

    “It’s your filthy ass Sandra that’s disgusting”


  • Lit Ruffintuff
    Lit Ruffintuff 7 dager siden

    Jack this is series is great
    Gary: yeah man kids are really weird

  • morty smith
    morty smith 7 dager siden

    then jack went on to change his hair cuz kids like it

  • SluisjeRL
    SluisjeRL 7 dager siden

    5:40 Perfect

  • Dominic Campanella
    Dominic Campanella 7 dager siden

    Uro clubs also for when your thirsty and don’t wanna live

  • RCS Computer Shop
    RCS Computer Shop 8 dager siden

    your the best jack

  • NataliePUPS2
    NataliePUPS2 8 dager siden

    12:41 sally face vfqkvfwkvtwkbtwhkwthkwykwyhkw

  • Sam Kibby
    Sam Kibby 8 dager siden

    Happy belated birthday to me, thanks Jackaboy

  • Jewelz 678
    Jewelz 678 8 dager siden

    oml your hair is my favorite christmas present my good god SOOO FLUFFY

    (i meant on his head i'm not a stalker)

  • triston Bell
    triston Bell 8 dager siden

    6:35 wtf lmao

  • triston Bell
    triston Bell 8 dager siden

    funniest video I've seen so far lmao

  • triston Bell
    triston Bell 8 dager siden

    "it is easier to use as ur brush"

  • Ban Fox Sin of Greed
    Ban Fox Sin of Greed 8 dager siden

    Yeah you are just checking out your club in your pants

  • gachalover2242 2242
    gachalover2242 2242 8 dager siden

    Jack: LAUGH
    Me: *laughs before video even starts*

  • Lolmaster roach
    Lolmaster roach 8 dager siden

    You should change the name to Jacksepticeye’s L A U G H’s

  • GachaVid Love
    GachaVid Love 8 dager siden


  • Doggy 18
    Doggy 18 9 dager siden


  • Terrence :-P
    Terrence :-P 9 dager siden


  • spere43 gaming
    spere43 gaming 9 dager siden

    you could subscribe to me or could not. The choice is up to you

  • collaboration clarke
    collaboration clarke 9 dager siden

    2019 anyone

  • collaboration clarke
    collaboration clarke 9 dager siden

    Jack the first one is a poopstick

  • jay lynne
    jay lynne 9 dager siden

    comfort wipe, also would need cleaning i would think?

  • Caden Baker
    Caden Baker 9 dager siden +1

    It looked cool (it goes with the first question)

  • Caden Baker
    Caden Baker 9 dager siden +1

    What happened to your green hair 🙁

  • get wins Acevedo
    get wins Acevedo 9 dager siden +1

    Okay I was watching this when I was doing my bussness

  • Un Real
    Un Real 9 dager siden

    Indeed, I’m not.

  • under chills
    under chills 9 dager siden

    1:58 jack.exe has stopped working:(

  • Dragon LD5435
    Dragon LD5435 9 dager siden

    yes because i want to piss in a gulf club

  • Starsinge Studios
    Starsinge Studios 9 dager siden

    Comfort wipe. URO club. For old people! No one will notice! ;)

  • quarantined panda
    quarantined panda 9 dager siden

    Caterpillar brow looking ass

  • quarantined panda
    quarantined panda 9 dager siden

    Sideburn looking ass

  • quarantined panda
    quarantined panda 9 dager siden

    You look like the next generation of hipsters

  • quarantined panda
    quarantined panda 9 dager siden

    Sell out go back to playing actual games

  • Lily Kite
    Lily Kite 9 dager siden

    Why does the hair cut guy look like Bill Nye

  • TypicalEgg
    TypicalEgg 9 dager siden

    modern probelms require modern solutions

  • alexis chaffins
    alexis chaffins 9 dager siden +1

    8:09 is my favorite part

  • Patricia Krauza
    Patricia Krauza 9 dager siden

    12:42 SALLY FACE

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 9 dager siden

    *I thought she had a razor to her head*

  • angry nacho
    angry nacho 9 dager siden +1


  • Ellbro15
    Ellbro15 9 dager siden

    Are we just gonna gloss over the fact that the uroclub costs like $70?

  • True Drift/bryanDAman
    True Drift/bryanDAman 9 dager siden

    I’m just waiting for keemstar to come out at 10:55

  • prxncess liyah
    prxncess liyah 9 dager siden

    My grandma had a get a grip

  • joseph santoro
    joseph santoro 10 dager siden

    My mother had the flobie and when I was young she cut our hair with it so she wouldn’t have to pay a barber. That being said it actually worked pretty well that’s after your ears heal from the defining sound this fucking POS produced

  • Nickiminaj20687
    Nickiminaj20687 10 dager siden

    Easter to use a hover

  • Shawt Rawks
    Shawt Rawks 10 dager siden

    where did his “if liked it, punch that like button in the face, LIKE A BOSS! and, highfivs all around *whapooshh* *whapoosh* thank you guys and I’ll see all you dudes, in the next videoooooo” go?

  • iamthe1stGUYborn
    iamthe1stGUYborn 10 dager siden

    my question is why do you need 18 extra inches to reach your ass? like your whole arm can't reach and I go oh fu*k if only I had an extra 18 inches

  • Tyler Kennedy
    Tyler Kennedy 11 dager siden

    Omg at 2:54 jack sounded like a drunk version of jack sparrow. I love it

  • HuskyDogGamer !
    HuskyDogGamer ! 11 dager siden +1

    12:45 it's like looking into a killers eyes right before they kill you😕😢😨