THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!!! | Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos #13


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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  17 dager siden +20449

    L A U G H!

    • Ky0c3_Games
      Ky0c3_Games 13 dager siden

      You should of called this jacks funniest kommercials, for short, JFK

    • Citavalo
      Citavalo 15 dager siden

      Yeah at your patchy beard. Holy moly.

    • Matthew Bowen
      Matthew Bowen 17 dager siden +2

      Yes Boss

    • Connor Richardson
      Connor Richardson 17 dager siden

      Hey Jack jw when are you going to do the rest of the spiderman dlc? It's all out now

  • alicorn animations
    alicorn animations Dag siden

    LAUGH!😄😄😄 mup the irish

  • Natasha Stamper
    Natasha Stamper Dag siden

    Her saying it appears to other people that you are just checking out your club made it way worse

  • Marek Hoynoski
    Marek Hoynoski Dag siden

    Uro club lol

  • Liam Hobbs
    Liam Hobbs Dag siden


  • M J
    M J Dag siden


  • Sherify
    Sherify Dag siden

    What you do with the comfort wipe is you put toilet paper in the end then wipe your ass with it and it is supposed to make it easier somehow.

  • Snake Lancaster
    Snake Lancaster Dag siden

    My cosin made jack in ufc2

  • Cordelia Holland
    Cordelia Holland Dag siden

    I opened a new tab when I started this vid forgetting to pause it and your intro scared the crap out of me XD

  • Bubbled Cat
    Bubbled Cat Dag siden

    comfort wipe was based on a device disabled people use to wipe, since some people cant reach or wipe properly, arthritis and morbid obesity can make it otherwise impossible, most of these strange infomercial products are made for disabled people originally

  • troll guy 2.0
    troll guy 2.0 Dag siden

    damn those towels making them men look like they just gone straight from ancient greece

  • RavenJaws
    RavenJaws Dag siden

    "Your big dirty old butthole, Sandra."

  • Andrew Trost
    Andrew Trost Dag siden

    One bouncy motion is all it takes to change someone's life... kinky

  • Samurai Takuan
    Samurai Takuan Dag siden

    Orrrrrr instead of PISSING INTO THE GOLD CLUB idk use it for something more useful like a reservoir for water and it can detach from the actual club so you have water in your handles ik it’s not the best idea but no one wants to pee inside the same thing you’re hitting balls with, balls and your dick are touching the golf club

  • bunbun
    bunbun Dag siden

    1st one had me like: *confused noises*

  • Jokerfunland Films
    Jokerfunland Films Dag siden

    Jack is starting to dantdm

  • Kyle Nicodemus
    Kyle Nicodemus Dag siden

    Sean, real talk,
    The comfort wipe,
    It looked like a dildo,
    I think you put the clean toilet paper into it
    Somehow carefully and expertly wipe your ass with it
    Without damaging your rectum, while hoping you don’t get any shit on the toilet dildo
    Like if you agree

  • Soviet Salami
    Soviet Salami Dag siden

    the "oh" got me

  • King Haduj
    King Haduj Dag siden

    Sticky buddy

  • DayDreaming Whispers ASMR


  • Turtl3PlayZ
    Turtl3PlayZ Dag siden

    The fat guy was saying he was to fat to reach his arse

  • Demetris
    Demetris Dag siden

    13:07 she was chasing me in my nightmare

  • BCCubing
    BCCubing 2 dager siden

    i drank a lot of *S T R A I G H T F U C K I N G W A T E R* and i really have to go

  • EagleEye Vlogs Paranormal

    That was the mist funniest thing I have ever seen, and the creepiest. Hit the 👍 and the 🔔

  • Makayla Mudd
    Makayla Mudd 2 dager siden

    Give the electro face mask to Jason

  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes 2 dager siden

    11:26 LMFAO 😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂

  • Taylor Hughes
    Taylor Hughes 2 dager siden

    Just realised this was made on my birthday lol

  • Thisnamestillsucks
    Thisnamestillsucks 2 dager siden

    "It's your dirty ass, Sandra." I'm choking

  • Dahlia Cross
    Dahlia Cross 2 dager siden

    Rhett and Link got the golf club and if I'm not mistaken, the mask as well lmao

  • Sakura Shadow
    Sakura Shadow 2 dager siden

    Jack you have a contagious laugh.

  • Nightcore Demons Winterella

    Where'd the pewdipie beard come form!?

  • Aidan Ferguson
    Aidan Ferguson 2 dager siden

    I think sean is getting to serious about *jack smacks white board* " ! LAUGH ! ."

  • Caden Parker
    Caden Parker 2 dager siden

    What's scrunching gotta do with that? That's not why you scrunch??????

  • Niko Cintron
    Niko Cintron 2 dager siden

    Remember the old jack...

  • zlatko stojanoski
    zlatko stojanoski 2 dager siden

    jesus christ you scared the living shit out of me in the start and i died from laughing what if someone forgets to zip their pants and they swing the uroclub and a wiener just shows up out of nowhere

  • Ja'Nice Walker
    Ja'Nice Walker 2 dager siden

    pk Im sorry but youre not supposed to wipe back to front anyway... this product gave a lot of people a yeast infection

  • Dat One Guy Bobby
    Dat One Guy Bobby 2 dager siden

    Uro club 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • MicroMouse
    MicroMouse 2 dager siden

    Friend: "Hey can I borrow your golf club?"
    Me: "Sure."
    Friend: "Why is your golf club sloshing?"
    Me: :|
    Friend: :|

  • Platinum_Panzer
    Platinum_Panzer 2 dager siden


  • Tasha Jenkins
    Tasha Jenkins 2 dager siden

    How can a vacuum cut hair?

  • idoit 101
    idoit 101 2 dager siden

    The makers of this commercial. A TUNIC is NOT a DRESS! no where near it, people. Not.a.dress.

  • Máriám El Morśy
    Máriám El Morśy 2 dager siden

    Sean looks like a baby with a beard , or a 2yr old who hit puberty 😂

  • Emma AppleSpring
    Emma AppleSpring 2 dager siden

    10 seconds in and he already makes me laugh =3

  • Sprite cranberry
    Sprite cranberry 2 dager siden

    Great *L A U G H*

  • gacha potato
    gacha potato 2 dager siden

    My step dad has something that is kinda like the hair thing. It attaches to our vacuum

  • Thunder Stunt
    Thunder Stunt 2 dager siden

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Connor Steeves
    Connor Steeves 2 dager siden

    Whats your guys fav song mines 2nd hand

  • Patrick Urrutia
    Patrick Urrutia 2 dager siden

    I have a friend who calls my Giggly JigglyDick because I laugh at LITERALLY everything xDD

  • Ayden Mudge
    Ayden Mudge 2 dager siden

    only series on this channel I like