My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman

  • Publisert 7. nov.. 2018
    Hello, this is Lisa, and for the last year, she’s been desperately trying to hold her family together until she realized that she wouldn’t succeed.
    One of Lisa’s earliest childhood memories is of going to a playground together with her parents. Nothing special happened, but for some reason, the joyful smiles of her parents that day stayed with her. It was a moment of pure happiness for all three of them.
    And this memory makes what happened to them later even worse.

    To cut a long story short, one day, after seventeen years of marriage, her father brought them together and, with tears in his eyes, told them that he was leaving Lisa’s mother for another woman. Well, how should you react to news like that? You think that everything is fine and your parents love each other and you get on with doing your own stuff, and then...this happens.
    She asked her father why, but the answer was quite obvious - he’d just fallen in love with another woman.
    And then he just, well...left. It was just Lisa and her mom crying. Their house seemed so empty and lifeless without him, and they both missed him.
    She tried to imagine how she would feel if her future husband ever left her like that after two decades of marriage. It’s really hard to imagine what to do next.

    After some time, her dad contacted her, and they met in a cafe. She thought that he wanted to come back. Maybe he had realized his mistakes, she thought, and it all was just a misunderstanding. She was wrong, of course. He just wanted to say that he still loved her and his leaving didn’t change things between them. Lisa begged him to reconsider and return to her mom, to think about it, to remember all the times they had together. He just smiled and said, “it’s not that simple.”
    Then he said that her mom was a strong woman and she would recover, and that Lisa needed to support her. But what about him, Lisa thought to herself. Wasn’t it his responsibility to support her, even if he was no longer in love with her? He then told her that he wanted Lisa and his girlfriend to meet at some point, because she was a good person and she would like her.
    He took her hand into his, and she just nodded silently. Maybe he was right. She didn’t want to lose her dad. She still loved him.

    It was hard to go home that day. Lisa’s mom was a shadow of her former self, not even bothering to brush her hair in the morning. It was hard seeing a person who you’ve looked up to your whole life like that. She felt like she hated her for being so weak.
    At one point, Lisa just snapped and told her mom that it was her fault that her dad had left. Her mom burst into tears and cried even more than before, and she felt horrible for saying it. She apologized at least ten times over the next half an hour.
    Her mom then started to reveal everything about their relationship, how it had became worse every year, and how she knew that this would probably happen eventually. She told her that she hated her dad and didn’t want to forgive him, but Lisa just couldn’t make herself agree with her, because she couldn’t hate her own father.

    Over the next few months, she tried to meet with her dad often, but each time the gap between their encounters grew a little bit longer. First one week, then two, then three. At one point, he called her by the name of his girlfriend’s daughter and didn’t even notice.
    At that moment Lisa realized what a big mistake she had been making the whole time. Instead of supporting her mom, she had been desperately trying to win back her father’s affection.
    He asked again if she was ready to meet with his girlfriend. And you know what? She said no. Because she didn’t want to meet her. Ever. And while she wanted to have a good relationship with her dad, it wasn’t him who was suffering most through this whole business - because at least he had a new partner, while there was just her and her mom in their old house.
    In the following weeks, she spent more time with her mom, trying to support her and take her mind off her dad. They became much closer.
    She finally found the courage to say to her dad that she didn’t want to meet his new girlfriend EVER. Yes, he was still family, but he wasn’t part of HER family anymore.
    Lisa is still very conflicted about the whole situation, but she’s glad to say that her mom looks and feels better nowadays. Last week she said that Lisa ought to stop thinking about it so much because she has to live HER OWN life. She had to study, have fun with her friends, maybe meet a guy, and not babysit her parents, because they were adults and they will manage.
    Lisa now thinks she was right. She hopes her mom will get better, and that she will manage to have a good relationship with her dad, but she also has to live her life and solve her own problems, while still supporting her mom, of course.
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    If my dad left me I love you so angry and I will let him go

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    I don’t need to worry about this my parents don’t live together. So sorry some dads r like this 💜

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    Yes he was still family....


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    I mean the parents relationship dwindled and became bad so what was the point If they became unhappy, i think it was a good thing they separated

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    My dad left me and my mom but I still get to see him

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    9 years ago, when I was 5, my father left my mum and I for another woman. I haven’t seen him or been in contact with him for years, 9 years. Yeah it’s great knowing your father probably doesn’t even remember you, and doesn’t care about you and you’ll have to go through another birthday where he isn’t there. He probably doesn’t even remember that it’s my birthday in 3 days. And to think, I was such a daddy’s little girl, how could you leave someone that loved you with all their heart? How could you leave your little girl?

  • Jpz Yt
    Jpz Yt Dag siden

    Well it’s sad but he did the right thing instead of cheating he left and told the truth

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  • Health, Weight & Real Talk

    His girlfriend who messed around with a married man? Selfish prick

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    If my dad had a new wife and told me “respect me I’m your mom”. I would say:

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    idot stupid useless looser poop and pee bumer junk naked drunk crazy father

  • 2 dager siden

    idot stupid useless looser poop and pee bumer junk naked drunk crazy father

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    I guess this gives an explanation as to why my dad disappeared 13 years ago.

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    Those things happens, you dont need to try ro repare them or make them not happens ;but try every day to move on , to be strong.

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    Adultery is a sin

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    If my dad ever called me someone else’s daughters name I would never talk to him again. It just proves how little they care about you

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    I get how this person is feeling. My dad left my mum only last September. He left my mum with 5 kids. He hasn't got a girlfriend but we still all hate him. So long dad, you're a mid-life crisis man

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    Omg the same thing happened but I met my dad's girlfriend

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    0:42 And well how can you react to such news
    Me: Grab a shovel and hit him on the head then he won't be able to leave us for some woman

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    My father left my mom for my mom's younger sister seven years ago. It was heavy at first, but now im getting used to it, although i havent spoken to my dad and aunt in months, bc i still hate him for doing that.

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    Your not the only one my dad left me and my mom when I was 2

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    2:00 , When you flush the toilet and the water starts rising.

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    A white dad leaving a family? Damn the world is going crazy.

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    hi I'm Lizzie and this is my story
    it's was my 7th grade year and I was in junior high I was talking to my best friend at the time and having a nice conversation when a girl came over and said um summer I thought you hated her and I said what are you talking about and the girl said let me talk to you later. when I looked over at summer she was gone and only saw a brown ponytail go around the corner. the next day I saw the girl and she said Lizzie come over here and and she told me everything how summer used me to get friends with the popular girls and said rude things behind my back. she never really liked me she just used me to get popular. when she was bullied I stood up for her when she was sad I comforted her and all this time she just used me. I went up to summer and just said wow and walked away. I gave up my best friend from elementary school for her and was never able to talk to her again. I went through REALLY bad depression and had to go to counseling every day just to feel better. about 3 months later I started feeling better and even made up with my friend from elementary school! I was on Instagram that night and found an account I'd never seen before I went on it and I looked through the pictures but when I read the captions I started bawling. summer had made an account all about hating me and using me. I commented on all 500 posts and said wow on all of them the next day was my last day of councling but when I got there I asked for an extra 4 MONTHS but it's about 3 months after I found the account and I'm feeling much better here are the details on what we look like
    Me Lizzie: long blond hair blue eyes black pants gray sweatshirt long high ponytail
    summer: dark brown hair low ponytail brown eyes tan skin t-shirt shorts
    girl who told me about summer: long blue hair green eyes mini skirt tank top
    elementary school friend: short curly dirty blond hair t-shirt black pants
    counsler: long red hair green eyes and whatever counslers wear

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  • Micaylah Williams
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    Looks suspiciously like story booths art style

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    When i was about 2 years old my mom had a breast cancer,that time my father is acting weird like not going home early or dont go home, i live in my grandma house
    So my grandma is always arguing with my dad,after my after my 3 years old bday my mom died and my father become more weird i was desperate that my mom died father never come home, many years come when i was about 5-6 years old the friend of my father visit us she told my grandma about my father after that my grandma told me what the friend of my dad said to her and she said "ur father had a new wife since ur mother is still alive the girl of ur father is pregnant since ur mother died he left u and go with another woman" when i heard that story i was shocked but im not affected cause that was really long time many years come i become mature my told me that my father wanna see me my said meet me on these pplace" so i go i saw my father With his 3 kids i was shook omg i have brother and sister and its a little bit awkward and now im 12 years old i live with my aunt with my grandma and grandpa me and my father we still met im a little bit mad but yeah thats my family story😄😃😄☺️😪😫

  • ellie600
    ellie600 5 dager siden

    My dad abused my mom when they had Jayson there first kid, then they had josh and they were living in an old cheap apartment at the time then 2 years later they had me but my mom had left him by then she was done with the abuse, then my dad got married to a women named Karen who already had 2 children and had another named Liam so now I had a younger half brother and an abusive step mom who would take my hair, hold on to it and shove my face into the corner then later on they got divorced my dad went to jail for I don’t even know what then my mom got married to my step dad who I hated SO much from my past horror with my dad and my step mom so this kinda thing was scary but by now I have realized you can’t judge people from your own thoughts you have to get to know them first.

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    Yep that happened to me but in a different way

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    My parents split up when I was 5 and I'm 13 now

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    He could at least do a open marriage for u to be happy ? Open marriage is when ur married but allowed to date others .

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    This is my story. My Dad has a Girlfriend, and he left my Mom for her. I don’t like my Dad. He wants us to go spend time with him. But I’m to upset and I don’t even want to see or talk to him. But he gets upset with my Mom if we don’t go with him. I wish that he didn’t meet that other woman. He tries desperately to connect with me and my sister. He takes his girlfriend on vacations and he won’t take us anywhere. I’m struggling with depression, but I know it’s not my fault. But a couple weeks ago my cousin told me that My Dad told my mother that he didn’t want the responsibility of a family. So he packed up his things and moved. It was hard for me to spend time with him after I knew. But I decided to stop worrying about it. He was happy with his girlfriend, and I’m happy with my family. And I still spend time with him, but not a lot.

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    How to be a jerk and ruin 2 lives

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    Are you serious? You call your own daughter your girlfriends daughter name...🚮

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    My mom did the same thing, people are just not trustable 🤜🏻

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    4:00 I thought she smashed the picture with a hamer

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    why is this so sad???

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    Aeriell Aguilar 6 dager siden

    This is what happened to me but my dad is to lazy and weak to show his love for me.

  • Lya Lopez
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    My dad left me when I was seven years old I’m now ten

  • Bella Moore
    Bella Moore 6 dager siden

    the only good thing in the start is he was a good man and didnt cheat on ur mother.

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    Narcissist dad

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  • David Scott
    David Scott 6 dager siden

    I've had lots of problems the first one is my stepmother she's been very mean to me and my grandfather just passed away and I haven't seen my anthem 5 months or 5 years so and I haven't seen my other aunt and a year so I really want to share my story and I hope you guys have a great time :-)

  • CallMiiCarson
    CallMiiCarson 6 dager siden

    C'mon vanessa! Dont be a -bitch!!-

  • Valerei Renfro
    Valerei Renfro 6 dager siden

    Your Dad was just selfish plain & simple. I'll be blunt he wasn't in love he was in lust! And what should have went down is that your Dad & your Mom should have been in marriage counseling. It seems like the good majority of men do this place their lustful needs ahead of the welfare of their just LEAVING! That leaves a psychological scar. Hope your Dad has bad things (karma) happen to him. Men fail to realize that marriage is for life. Funny how they forget their vows.

  • Azul Tequila
    Azul Tequila 6 dager siden +3

    24 years of marriage , at first told me not to work because it was best for our son so i become a housewife he told me it was not good for our relationship to talk to my friends from high school because friends are bad influence for me so i cut any relationship with my friends to please him,he did horrible things said things,i forgive all the time, suddenly he loved to travel alone to he’s country with out us he’s excuse “he had to fill it up some paper at the bank it was necessary “every year around Christmas time,always traveling alone,eventually I had the courage to leave him when I found out that he has a girlfriend and she’s pregnant and she had a small child from another men, he bought a house in hes country when i was with him,now she’s living there in our house, he’s 52 with a 25 year old woman , when we left he cut our phones so he doesn’t want any relationship with my younger daughter,it’s hurt to start all over again now I’m old i have a lot of regrets about my bad decision i shouldn’t have stop working ,if you read this please never ever stop working for any men even if he tells you is because he loves you ,becoming a housewife was a horrible choice no one respect you not your husband or society and there is no help either financially

  • ItsNocrustplzYT
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    One like = 1 bloody nose for dad

  • Bente Moonhunter
    Bente Moonhunter 6 dager siden

    This story reminds me of a book I love to read. It's called 'My Mother, The Clown' by Ellen Schreiber. It's also about a divorce and the oldest daughter in the family doesn't want to see her dad anymore, after she finds some panties from his new girlfriend. I liked the story a lot. Maybe you should give it a read.

  • Squid Animations
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    Well Lisa, Your Dad is a jerk :)
    2:35 Oh... You too

  • Vanessa Lepinna
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    My name is Vanessa

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    Oh no I am crying now

  • Jinnie_and_Joonie The best jams


    BLaCkPINk iN YoUr ArEa
    im defiantly the only one who thought this when she said my name is Lisa

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    My dad left me on my 3rd birthday

  • Mary Ann Quinn
    Mary Ann Quinn 8 dager siden

    How they hair blue like we're they born like that

  • Weirdo X
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    *Hey Lisa, where's Bart?*

  • Retrosteampunker
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    I had to help raise my younger siblings because my mom left. She never remarried or stayed with anyone, she just doesn’t seem to want anything to do with us

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    I absolutely would be furious I’d bite and shout and bite my dads girlfriend if this happened!im furouse!

  • Kevin The Cube
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    I would say FUCK U DAD

  • Kawaii Queen
    Kawaii Queen 8 dager siden

    almost all my friends parents are divorced but they can still tolerate them even though some hate each other this is just cruel. If you aren’t going to make time to spend with your daughter without her making plans first, I think that’s really rude

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    These have so much life lestons

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    *that's life sweetheart don't be so dramatic to make a yt video about it.*