Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less


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  • Viva la Heidi
    Viva la Heidi 14 timer siden

    Wow I've never seem someone tear apart a movie so much and be so hateful for absolutely no reason

  • Mrrunnr
    Mrrunnr 14 timer siden

    only 72 sins, noice

  • Crash
    Crash 14 timer siden

    just to remind you that they are still making things that make noise when the whole planet is filled with these monsters?

  • Traijon Smith
    Traijon Smith 14 timer siden

    When he said I assume that is racist I caught weak 😂

  • Samuel Blair
    Samuel Blair 14 timer siden

    “Everything wrong with CinemaSins in 13 secs” should be your next video. It might be insightful and fun to critique your own work.

  • shaina franco
    shaina franco 14 timer siden

    I LOVED this movie!!!!!!you flippin ruined it for me!

  • Kayleigh Ward
    Kayleigh Ward 14 timer siden

    Why do we need to look for the bad stuff? It just ruins it! Movies aren't meant to be thought about with logic they're fucking movies

  • Jerrik Li
    Jerrik Li 14 timer siden

    Imagine if you gotta fart

  • Daniel Noud
    Daniel Noud 14 timer siden

    Cochlear implant not a hearing aid.

  • Skyla Thorpe
    Skyla Thorpe 14 timer siden +1

    You should do mean girls next

  • TK SI
    TK SI 14 timer siden

    This movie makes a little more sense if the creatures are actually just the pissed off ghosts of dead librarians. They seem to have no issue with electricity or printing presses, have a particular dislike for the activities of kids and they don't eat their prey, just shut them up :)

  • Camden Worthington Stoneman
    Camden Worthington Stoneman 14 timer siden +1

    I'd totally survive the quiet place
    *watches video and gets killed by monster*

  • Anneliese Wedertz
    Anneliese Wedertz 14 timer siden

    This was the first video I’ve watched of you. I think you’re absolutely hilarious. Thank you for making my day! I’m subscribing.

  • RiAd ViDs
    RiAd ViDs 14 timer siden

    Soooo, nobody tried shooting them besides a mother who just gave birth

  • Jalen Levenberry
    Jalen Levenberry 14 timer siden

    I applaud cinema sins for not making one single reference to the office during this video

  • Jill Fisher
    Jill Fisher 14 timer siden

    Dear cinema sins
    I understand that you dont understand why all that water scenes dont make sense but go watch a video called "how to beat the creatures from a quiet place "
    It will explain it all 😋

  • malcolm adderley
    malcolm adderley 14 timer siden

    Its Signs with a Married Couple #bulls___t

  • HomeDeath45
    HomeDeath45 15 timer siden

    Anyone else glad that the boy with the spaceship died

  • This Guy
    This Guy 15 timer siden +1

    2:40 they have solar panels

  • victoria hale
    victoria hale 15 timer siden

    This is some stupid nitpicking

  • Xtro -ChillZZZ
    Xtro -ChillZZZ 15 timer siden

    Imagine them eating doritos...

  • ZuBSuB 15
    ZuBSuB 15 15 timer siden

    Can u do a everthing good with

  • GuelphRacing
    GuelphRacing 16 timer siden +1

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
    Have an excellent day :)

  • monica webster
    monica webster 16 timer siden

    the leaves and the breaker switch was probably not loud enough for them to hear.

  • JNJ Stormtrooper
    JNJ Stormtrooper 16 timer siden

    The dad looks like Jim from The Office

  • Dylan Desker
    Dylan Desker 16 timer siden

    ‘13 minutes or less’

  • Claire Sutherland
    Claire Sutherland 16 timer siden

    Number 22 on trending

  • Hiraku
    Hiraku 16 timer siden

    i lasted like 30 min watching this movie. couldnt watch any more of it. this movie was a disaster.

  • Zuraaa
    Zuraaa 16 timer siden

    why is this trending and out now? the movie is old lol.

  • Halseyfan8 Fan8
    Halseyfan8 Fan8 16 timer siden

    I still want to see it .it looks like a badass movie

  • warmlittlediamond
    warmlittlediamond 17 timer siden

    Why did they have reproductive sex when that's the only kind of sex that poses the risk of pregnancy (a risk which eventuated) and when pregnancy literally put the woman's life at risk (can't run, is gonna be noisy during childbirth, the infant will cry...etc.)? If you wanna fuck there's other ways...eat pussy ffs. No one ever got knocked up from that. Dumbest couple alive.

  • WarLead
    WarLead 17 timer siden

    How about instead of living in complete silence they live in constant noise? Make the whole world as loud as that waterfall that masked their talking

  • bookmaniac
    bookmaniac 17 timer siden

    "But you know, sometimes when you´re playing Dark Souls, you just realize it´s impossible and give up" Help me, I can´t breathe xD

  • Razick Amir
    Razick Amir 17 timer siden

    When u watched this movie in the theatre there was a child crying every 30 seconds and some one was shouting "ho" every 20 seconds...worst theatre experience ever.

    DENCER BOY ABHI 17 timer siden

    nc #jatadeboy plz subscribe

  • 0ldT1m3r G4m1ng
    0ldT1m3r G4m1ng 18 timer siden

    Pregnant ppl have a higher chance of giving birth at stressful moments

  • 0ldT1m3r G4m1ng
    0ldT1m3r G4m1ng 18 timer siden

    Some of these sins dont make sense

  • Skullcrush 13
    Skullcrush 13 18 timer siden

    #22 on trend!!!

  • Nightpony inRface
    Nightpony inRface 18 timer siden

    I know this video is not 100% accurate. But enough about it is so true, it reminds me of a big question about this movie. Why was it certified fresh by RT?
    Seems like it had way more cons than pro's. Much more than other films that RT did not give an extra special certifying.

  • Melody Headburn
    Melody Headburn 18 timer siden

    The old man screams to commit suicide after his wife is dead, it’s not random.

  • Geed VB
    Geed VB 18 timer siden

    Should of used flex tape

  • Sceptic Scythe
    Sceptic Scythe 18 timer siden

    Wouldn’t they constantly be following themselves seeing as they are attracted to noise yet make so much of it?

  • ZanLaPier
    ZanLaPier 18 timer siden

    What if you fart???????

  • Snaxol GS
    Snaxol GS 18 timer siden



  • Rose Ashley
    Rose Ashley 18 timer siden

    Lmfao ..... i still enjoyed the movie

  • Zac The corgi
    Zac The corgi 18 timer siden

    Hearing impaired is considered rude, just say deaf or hard of hearing. Sin!

  • Joe Swanson
    Joe Swanson 18 timer siden

    the endings was terrible add 5 sins

  • Psycho Nogitsune
    Psycho Nogitsune 19 timer siden

    I scream when I sneeze without even trying and according to a lot of people it’s really loud and with my positively great shucking luck I would sneeze before anyone even knew what was going on.

  • Calvin Jones
    Calvin Jones 19 timer siden

    Don't forget 10:19 Wakanda Forever !!!!!

  • James Breach
    James Breach 19 timer siden

    Full on f*ck u mode got me

  • BuSHidoZZe
    BuSHidoZZe 19 timer siden

    Lee doesn't had to died, he can distracted the alien like a fetch or something...they cannot see right...lol

  • Davorin Kuhar
    Davorin Kuhar 19 timer siden

    How did they planted Corn?

  • 5000 subs without vids
    5000 subs without vids 19 timer siden +3

    Im wondering why/how...
    How they had silent sex
    How they didnt burp fart cough sneeze snore for 400+ days
    Why the monsters dont hear other monsters making noise
    How they did not fall down , making noise for 400+ days

  • Neil gomillion
    Neil gomillion 19 timer siden

    The part of the nail sticking up through the step is what makes me hate some of these writers. Let me get this straight, the father has a family he presumably builds the step and for some reason decides to not check it....wow. Here’s another head scratcher, it’s not like the nail was off to the side of the step IT WAS IN THE DEAD MIDDLE. Wait there’s more, after being stepped on the first time no one hammered it down or removed it and the little girl step on it later in the movie🤦🏼‍♂️. This is the kind of stupidity that makes me hate movies at times.

  • Staedler Staedlerr
    Staedler Staedlerr 20 timer siden

    Rubbish movie

  • Robert e.lee
    Robert e.lee 20 timer siden

    11:00 murder aliens😂😂

  • Charli May
    Charli May 20 timer siden

    You missed the rabid fans who have to explain in minute detail why the obvious plot holes aren't actually plot holes everytime anyone dares to criticise this movie.

  • Andrew Gibson
    Andrew Gibson 20 timer siden

    Solar panels don’t make noise

  • L3TH4L1TY
    L3TH4L1TY 20 timer siden

    And this is why I haven't watched it

  • Martell
    Martell 20 timer siden

    To quote Luke Skywalker: Amazing, everything you just said, was wrong.

  • ShowMeYourCletus
    ShowMeYourCletus 20 timer siden

    After watching this movie in the theatre my friends dad complained about how there should be talking..


  • Michael Asher
    Michael Asher 21 time siden

    Hell yes dude Hell yes

  • BM
    BM 21 time siden

    KIDS ! ahahahaha

  • Ethan Shallcross
    Ethan Shallcross 21 time siden

    Sin 51
    They have a mattress cuz it is a good way to cover up sound so yeah... not hating or anything

  • Nick L
    Nick L 21 time siden

    Creatures than can be killed by a shotgun eliminated human race?

  • Makenzie's Life
    Makenzie's Life 21 time siden

    Honestly I loved the movie it was scary because it was silent and the graphics but I even thought... why no sneezing no burping no coughing no fricking farting. THEY AINT HUMAN IF THEY DONT PEE OR POOP OR DO WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO.

  • lpward90
    lpward90 21 time siden

    This movie was executed so poorly & the logic in it is flawed.

  • cpallan
    cpallan 21 time siden

    Imagine being sick...

  • Samantha Evans
    Samantha Evans 21 time siden

    i just wanna know how they made the house

  • Aden Mabute
    Aden Mabute 21 time siden

    Emily Blunt with a shotgun, a lovely combination

  • Cody Gearheart
    Cody Gearheart 21 time siden

    Please. Do. Hereditary.

  • Ethena Black
    Ethena Black 21 time siden

    Did anyone just read the comments because you shitting yourself?

  • Ames E C
    Ames E C 21 time siden

    What always bugged me is that if its hearing is good enough to hear a frame smash etc from a great distance surely its hearing is good enough to hear a heart beat when it's in the same room?!

  • Rahimie Abdul Rahman
    Rahimie Abdul Rahman 21 time siden

    fun fact while watching this i need to be quiet cuz my parents is sleeping

  • Nick _
    Nick _ 22 timer siden

    Dude, this is genius. Like a true masterpiece in editing

  • Zoleroid
    Zoleroid 22 timer siden

    There are three nails on one step in my stairs that don't do anything to help hold the step in place.

  • Jess_ica hofm_ayer
    Jess_ica hofm_ayer 22 timer siden

    So at the end of the movie you make your own end?

  • Conlan Yuan
    Conlan Yuan 22 timer siden

    beat monsters by loud speakers and trap them

  • Yandere-Chan
    Yandere-Chan 22 timer siden


  • Da kiwi squad
    Da kiwi squad 22 timer siden

    That isn’t a hearing aid, it’s a cochlear implant, that’s why it’s so big

  • Denzel_in_Distress
    Denzel_in_Distress 22 timer siden

    How do the monsters mate?

  • Chista
    Chista 22 timer siden

    I sexuality identify as an dildo

  • Julezy
    Julezy 22 timer siden

    Johnny sins should host CinemaSins

  • Allen Winget
    Allen Winget 22 timer siden

    This whole movie was fucking ridiculous.

  • BrandonPrive1432
    BrandonPrive1432 23 timer siden

    sin #7 i think the reason so much stuff is left was because you only took what you needed so that neighbouring people could come and grab there stuff aswell, and on the fact of why candy packages were left maybe the same reason he said all the chips were left cause grabbing one would cause the bag to make lots of noise so that kind of stuff was left.

  • Randy Quintanilla
    Randy Quintanilla 23 timer siden

    This is more than 13 minutes I’m mad

  • Neck Rope
    Neck Rope 23 timer siden

    My problem with the movie is that it barely had any sounds.

  • Turbeau09s Gaming
    Turbeau09s Gaming 23 timer siden

    I died?

  • wate nallace
    wate nallace 23 timer siden

    Movie looked stupid glad I didn't watch it

  • Gerardo Galvan
    Gerardo Galvan 23 timer siden

    I like how he said 3 or 4 years ago when it was 390 days which is 1 year and 25 day it really simple math

  • Anarchy X
    Anarchy X 23 timer siden

    Did anyone else feel the need to be super quiet in the movie theater. I was trying to eat my popcorn but it was so damn quiet any noise I made felt awkward and people kept looking at me 😂

    DERP NEWS Dag siden

    12:12 there were only two bullets in that shotgun xd

  • Ijustlove Thots
    Ijustlove Thots Dag siden

    I assume thats racist😂😂😂

  • Chris Salazar
    Chris Salazar Dag siden +1

    13:00 I almost lost my shit

  • Christian Acaylar
    Christian Acaylar Dag siden

    I just saw this movie and this popped up WTF

  • Oswald Memesely
    Oswald Memesely Dag siden

    The monsters don’t actually eat what it kills, just rips them apart.

  • Morgan Kisiel
    Morgan Kisiel Dag siden

    Some of your sins are super biased

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops Dag siden

    Does anyone remember monster university when they did that think in the library like they made the Liberian go to one to one guy to another they should have just trolled the monster like that also how are babies born

  • BlindKid
    BlindKid Dag siden

    I absolutely hate that goddamn nail.

  • Gaming For Everyone
    Gaming For Everyone Dag siden +1

    You mean 13 minutes or more